Supernatural (2005–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - Bad Day at Black Rock - full transcript

The Winchesters are called regarding a robbery of their father's storage unit, and track down the robbers to find the item stolen is a cursed rabbit's foot, which provides great luck until ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Look, Dad's gone now.

We have to carry out his legacy,

And that means hunting down as many
evil sons of bitches as we possibly can.

Did I die?

Did you sell your soul for me?

How long do you get?

One year.

You shouldn't have done that.

I guess I got to save
your ass for a change.

What kind of blade can kill a demon?

Yesterday, I would have
said there was no such thing.

Who was that masked chick?

You ever run across a
guy named Gordon Walker?

He is dangerous to everyone
and everything around him.

This demon tells me they have soldiers..

To fight in this coming war.

Humans fighting on hell's side.

I know about Sam's visions.

I know everything, and
your brother's fair game.


Gordon should be reaching for the
soap for the next few years, at least.

Tell me who you are!

You're a demon.

I'm here..

Because I want to help you.

What could
you possibly --

I can help you save your brother.

It's true.

The devil's gate was opened in Wyoming.


St. Helens big.

There's no solid fix on
how many demons got out,

But it's in the
hundreds -An army.

Sam Winchester was there,

Wasn't he?

Talked to a guy who knows
guy who knows Bobby Singer,

And, yeah, looks like the
Winchesters were at ground zero

When the gate was popped.

But Singer said they
went in there to stop it.


Bobby's edge ain't what it used to be.

Sam could have him
believing anything by now.

Listen, Gordon.

As far as talk goes,

Sam Winchester checks out.

He's a hunter. That's all.

That's all?


I'm not even sure he's human.

Think I'm crazy?

I told you there was a war coming..

Six months ago.

Take a look around.

It's here.

Now I'm telling you
this boy is a part of it.

Track him down, Kubrick.

You'll come to see it, too.

Sam Winchester must die.

Because demon, that's why.

I mean, the second you find
out this ruby chick is a demon,

You go for the holy water.

You don't chat.
No one was chatting, Dean.

Oh, yeah? Then why didn't
you send her ass back to hell?

Because -Because she said she
might be able to help us out.


Oh, really, Sam? How? How
could she possibly help us?

She told me she could help you, okay?

Help you out of the crossroads deal.

What's wrong with you, huh? She's lying.

You got to know that, don't you?

She knows what your
weakness is. It's me.

What else did she say?


Nothing, okay?!

Look, I'm not an idiot, Dean.

I'm not talking about trusting her.

I'm talking about using her.

I mean, we're at war, right?

And we don't know jack about the enemy.

We don't know where they are.

We don't know what they're doing.

Hell, we don't even know what they want.

Now, this ruby girl

Knows more than we will
ever find out on our own.

Now, yes, it's a risk. I know that.

But we need to take it.

You're okay, right? I
mean, you're feeling okay?

Yes, I'm fine! Why are
you always asking me that?

It's not mine.


Check the glove compartment. It's dad's.


I keep it charged in case
any of his old contacts call.


Yes, this is Edgar Casey.

Nono, no, no. Don't -Don't call
the police. I'll handle this myself.


You know, can you just -Can
you just lock it back up for me?


Uh, I, uh -I don't have
my-My book in front of me.

Do you -Do you have
the address so I can...

Sure. Okay.

Go ahead.


Thanks a lot.

Dad ever tell you he kept a
container at a storage place?

Outside of buffalo.

No way.


And someone just broke into it.

So, you've got no hard
evidence on this Winchester guy?

You're just working
off Gordon's instincts.

You ever hunt with Gordon?

No. I heard he's good.


He's the best.

Saved my ass more
times than I can count.

So, if he says Sam
Winchester's dangerous,

I believe him.

He's gonna be covering his tracks.

Won't be easy to find.

Last I got puts him in
Nebraska three weeks back.

Not exactly a fresh lead.

He ain't invisible, Creedie.

Some hunter out there knows something.

So we start calling our contacts.

All we need is one break.

Don't play with my jesus.



Just dad. You know, him and his secrets.

We spent all this time with this guy,

And it's like we barely
even know the man.

Well, we're about to learn something.

No demons allowed.


Check this out.

Whoever broke in here got attacked.

Dear, old dad.

I got two sets of boot tracks.

It looks like it was a two-Man job.

And our friend with
the buckshot in him --

It looks like he kept walking.

So, what's the deal?

Dad would do work here or something?

Living the high life, as usual.


No way!

That's my division
championship soccer trophy.

I can't believe he kept this.

It was the probably the closest
you ever came to being a boy.

Oh, wow!

It's my first sawed-Off.
I made it myself.

Sixth grade.

Holy crap.

Look at this. He had land mines...

Which they didn't take.

Or the guns.

Guess they knew what
they were after, huh?

Hey, Dean, check this out.

See these symbols?

He used binding magic.

These are curse boxes.

Curse boxes?

They're supposed to keep
the evil mojo in, right?

Kind of like the pandora deal.

Yeah, they're built to contain
the power of the cursed object.

Dad's journal did mention
a whole bunch of stuff,

You know, dangerous,
hexed items, fetishes.

He never did say where they ended up.


This must be his toxic-Waste dump.

One box is missing.


Well, maybe they didn't open it.

Come on, man. Let's open it.

Shut up about the damn box!

Do you see what's happening here?

I'm literally bleeding to death.

I'm gonna open it.

Look, what if this is
really worth something?

What, we should just
hand it over to her?

We took all the risk.

Hell, Wayne,

You got shot,

And all for a lousy few hundred bucks.

Now, we could make more selling
whatever it is ourselves.


Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?!

It's a rabbit's foot.

It's a rabbit's foot, grossman!

I'm gonna die for a damn rabbit's foot.


Hey, foster.

Hey, listen, guys, not
to be a drag or nothing,

But it's 6:00 in the morning.

Can't you guys keep it down?

No, we just got a situation
here is all. Sorry.

What the hell happened to you?

A shotgun happened to me.

Hey, grossman,

Under my sink, there's a medical kit.

And get some water boiling.

I used to be an army
medic, you know, in nam.

So, I guess this is your lucky day.


Last three
digits 8-8-0.

Yep. That's it.

Should have blacked out their plates

Before they parked in front
of the security camera.

Four kings.

You see that?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Deal it up again.

Royal flush.

Grossman, that's the second
royal flush in eight hands.

I can't lose.

I mean, really, i-I can't lose.

I think this thing really works.

You know what I'm saying?

I'll tell you one thing
-There's no way in hell

We are handing it over
to that stuck-Up bitch.


Nobody move!

Don't move.
Don't move!

What is it?

All right. Give us the box.

Please tell me
that you didn't --

Oh, they did.

You opened it?!

Are you guys cops?

Are you guys cops?!

What was in the box?

Oh, was that it, huh? It was, wasn't it?

What is that thing?



I got it.

No, you don't.




That's a lucky break.

Is that a rabbit's foot?

I think it is.


I'm not finding anything
on it in dad's journal.

Dean, come on.

Hey, that was my gun he
was aiming at your head.

And my gun don't jam, so
that was a lucky break.

Not to mention them taking
themselves out -Also a lucky break.

Here. Scratch one.

Come on, Sam.

Scratch and win.

Look, Dean, it's got
to be cursed somehow.

Otherwise, dad wouldn't
have locked it up.


You just won $1,200.


I don't know, man. It doesn't
seem that cursed to me.


Grossman, get up.


Grossman, get up.






Oh, man.

Now, look, Bobby, we didn't know.

You touched it? Damn it, Sam.

Well, dad never told
us about this thing.

I mean, you knew about a
storage place in Black Rock?

His lockup? Yeah, I knew.

Hell, I built those curse boxes for him.

Listen, you have got a serious problem.

That rabbit's foot ain't
no dime-Store notion.

It's real hoodoo
-Old-World stuff.

Made by a baton rouge conjure
woman about 100 years ago.

It's a hell of a luck charm.

It's not a luck charm. It's a curse.

She made it to kill people, Sam.


You touch it, you own it.

You own it, sure, you get a run
of good luck to beat the devil.


You lose it, that luck turns.

It turns so bad that
you're dead inside a week.

So, I won't lose it, Bobby.

Everybody loses it!

Well, then, how do we break the curse?

I don't know if you can.

Let me look through my
library and make some calls.

Just sit tight.


We're up 15 grand.

Don't worry.

Bobby will find a way to break it.

Till then, I say we hit vegas,
pull a little "rain man."

You can be rain man.

We just lay low until
Bobby calls back, okay?

Hi. Uh, table for two, please.


Say that again?

You are the one millionth guest of
the Biggerson's restaurant family.

Right. If you hear
anything, give me a call.

Well, that clears my book.

The word's out.

Now we wait.

Now we eat.

Good idea.

What do you like? I
got canned everything.

No, no, man. Not eating in the r.V.

Look, I know a good place.

Wide menu, good service,
homey atmosphere...

Garlic knots.

The menu's on their website.

Bobby's right.

This lore goes way back.

Pure hoodoo.

You can't just cut one off any rabbit.

It has to be in a cemetery

Under a full moon on a friday the 13th.

I think from now on,

We only go to places with Biggerson's.

Can I freshen you up?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.



Oh, I -No, don't worry.
That's okay. That's -I got it.

It's no trouble, really.


Sorry about that.

It's all right.


If you were ever gonna get lucky...

Chill out.

Oh! Oh, jeez!


How was that good?

Son of a bitch.

Come on.



You suck.

So, what, now your luck turns bad?

I guess.

I wonder how bad.

Looks good.

I like that when they drop
the whole onion in the fryer.

Nearest location...

You seeing that?

Yes, I am.

Adios, compadre..

Oh, man.

What do you want?

Heard about your friend.

It's bad luck.

Piss off.

We know someone hired you
to steal the rabbit's foot --

A woman.


How do you know that?

Because she just stole it back from us.

Listen, man,
this is --

Sam, you okay?

Yeah. I'm good.

I want you to tell us her name.

Screw you.

It wasn't a freak accident
that killed your partner.


It was the rabbit's foot.

You're crazy, man.

You know I'm not.

You saw what happened,
what it did --

All the flukes, all the luck.

When you lose the foot,
that luck goes sour.

That's what killed your friend.

And my brother here is next,

And who knows how many more
innocent people after that.

Now, if you don't help
us stop this thing,

Then that puts those
deaths on your head.

Now, I can read people...

And I get it.

You're a thief and a scumbag.

That's fine.

But you're not a killer...

Are you?

No one saw which way they went,

And their meal was free, so
there's no credit-Card trail.

Don't worry. We'll find them.

What makes you so sure?

'Cause there's a higher
power at work here.

I know it now.


Dean, great news.

Wasn't easy, but I found a heavyweight
cleansing ritual that should do the trick.

Bobby, that's, uh,
great, except Sam, uh...

...Sam lost the foot.

He what?

Bobby, listen, listen.

This hot chick stole it from him.

I'm serious.

In her mid-20s, and
she was sharp, you know?

Good enough of a con to play us.

And she only gave the
guys she hired a name --

Probably an alias or something.

Luigi or something.




Oh, crap. It's probably Bela.

Bela Lugosi? That's cute.

Bela talbot's her real name.

Crossed paths with her once or twice.

She knew about the rabbit's
foot. Is she a hunter?

Pretty friggin' far from a hunter,

But she knows her way
around the territory.

She's been out of the country.

Last I heard, she was in
the middle east someplace.

I guess she's back.

Which means seriously bad luck for you.


But if it is Bela,

At least I might know some
folks who know where to find her.

Thanks, Bobby, again.

Just look out for your
brother, you idjit.


I lost my shoe.

All right, Bobby, thanks.
Hey, we owe you...another one.

All right, Bobby's got it
on pretty good authority

That this Bela chick lives in queens.

So it will take me about
two hours to get there.

So, what are we doing then?

You, my brother, are staying here,

'Cause I don't want your
bad luck getting us killed.

What am I even supposed to do, Dean?

Nothing. Nothing. Come here.

I don't want you doing anything.

I want you to sit right here

And don't move, okay?

Don't turn on the light.
Don't turn off the light.

Don't even scratch your nose.

Because you shook on 1.5.

Well, maybe I should just
take it somewhere else.

Don't threaten me, luke.

Despite your reputation,
you don't scare me.

Well, I'm glad you see it that way.

I'll see you at the airstrip in an hour.


Oh, come
on. I--

didn't --


You're gonna give it back.


No, I'm not.

Yeah? We'll see.

Bela, right?

That's right...


You know the thing's cursed, don't you?

You'd be surprised what some people
would pay for something like that.


There's a lucrative market out there.

A lot of money to be made.

You hunters, with all those
amulets and talismans you use

To stop those big,
bad monsters --

Any one of them could put your
children's children through college.

So, you know the truth

About what's really going on out there,

And this is what you
decide to do with it?

You become a thief.

I procure unique items
for a select clientele.


A thief.


A great thief.

Oh, he's awake.

Back with us, eh?

We didn't even have to touch you.

??? And knocked yourself out.

It was like watching jerry
lewis trying to stack chairs.

Who are you?

What do
you wan--

I used to think your
friend Gordon sent me...


Oh, come on.

...because he asked me to track you down

And put a bullet in your brain.

Great. That sounds like him.


As it turns out...

I'm on a mission from god.

Look, Bela.

My brother, he... touched the foot.

And when you took it from
him, his luck went from --

I know how it works.

So, then you know he's gonna
die unless we can destroy it.


You can have the foot...

For $1.5 million.


Yeah. I'll just call my banker.

How'd you even find the damn thing,

Stuck in the back of some storage place,

Middle of nowhere?

I just asked a few of the ghosts
of the people it had killed.

They were very tuned in to its location.

So you're only after yourself, huh?

It's all about number one.

Being a hunter is so much more noble?

A bunch of obsessed,
revenge-Driven sociopaths

Trying to save a world
that can't be saved.

Well, aren't you a glass half full.

We're all going to hell, Dean.

Might as well enjoy the ride.

I actually agree with you there.

Anyhoo, this has been charming,
but, uh, look at the time.

Oh, and...


You're not the only
one with sticky fingers.

If it's any consolation, I think
you're a truly awful person.

You were a part of that demon
plan to open the gate, weren't you?

We did everything we could to stop it.

Lie, lie, lie!

You were in on it.

You know what they're next
move is, too, don't you?

No, I don't, okay? You're
wrong about all of this.

Where are they gonna hit us next?


Gordon told me about you, Sam,

About your powers.

You're some kind of
weirdo psychic freak.

No, not anymore.

I have no powers, no
visions -Nothing.

It just

Now no more lies.

There's an army of demons out there,

Pushing at a world already on the brink.

We're on deck for the
end game here, right?

So maybe,

Just maybe you can understand

Why we can't take chances.

Whoa! Okay, okay.

Now, hold on a minute.
Kubrick, get...

No! You saw what happened, Creedie.

yourself --

Why are we here?

Because you saw a picture on the web?

Because we chose this
motel instead of another?

Luck like that doesn't just happen.

Look, I can explain all of that.

Shut up.

It's god, Creedie.

He led us here
for one reason --

To do his work.

This is destiny.



No destiny.

Just a rabbit's foot.

Put the gun down, son,

Or you're gonna be
scraping brain off the wall.

Oh, this thing?

Yeah, that thing.


But, you see, there's something
about me that you don't know.

Yeah? What would that be?

It's my lucky day.

Oh, my god! Did you see that shot?!

I'm amazing.

I'm Batman.


You're Batman.

All right.

Bone ash,

Cayenne pepper.

That should do it.

One second.


Hey, back off, jinx.

I'm bringing home the bacon.

All right.

Say goodbye to "wascawy wabbit."

I think you'll find that belongs to me.

Or, you know...


Put the foot down, honey.


You're not gonna shoot anybody.

See, I happen to be able to read people.

Okay, you're a thief.
Fine. But you're not --


of a --

Back off, tiger.

Back off.

You make one more move,
and I'll pull the trigger.

You've got the luck,
Dean. You I can't hit.

But your
brother --

Him I can't miss.

The hell is wrong with you?!

You don't just do around
shooting people like that!


It's a shoulder hit. I can aim.


Who here hasn't shot a few people?

Put the rabbit's foot on the ground now.

All right!

All right.

Take it easy.

Think fast.



What do you say we destroy that
ugly-Ass piece of dead thing?

Thanks very much.

I'm out $1.5 million

And on the bad side of a very
powerful, fairly psychotic buyer.


I really don't feel bad about that.



Not even a little.

Maybe next time,

I'll hang you out to dry.

Oh, don't go away angry. Just go away.

Have a nice night, boys.

You good?

I'll live.

I guess we're back to normal now, huh?

No good luck.

No bad luck.


I forgot. We're at $46,000.

I almost forgot about the...

Scratch tickets.

Son of a bitch!

You were right about everything.

Sam Winchester is more than a monster.

He's the adversary.

And what was it that convinced you?

God led me to him...

And his will is clear.


That's great.

I'm glad to have you on board.

But, uh, first things first.

We got to get me the hell out of here.

'Cause like I told you before,

Sam Winchester must die.