Supernatural (2005–…): Season 3, Episode 12 - Jus in Bello - full transcript

Sam and Dean are arrested by Agent Henriksen and thrown into a jail cell in Colorado just as an army of demons makes their first move under a new leader who wants Sam dead.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Any sign of it?
- Nothing.

Are you sure this is bela's room?

I'd say so.


Sweetie, are you there?

Where are you?

Two states away by now.

- Where?
- Where's our usual quippy banter? I miss it.

I want it back, bela... now.

Your little pistol, you mean?
Sorry. I can't at the moment.

You understand how many
people are gonna die if you do this?

What exactly is it that
you think i plan to do with it?

Take the only weapon we have against an
army of demons and sell it to the highest bidder.

- You know nothing about me.
- I know i'm gonna stop you.

Tough words for a guy
who can't even find me.

Oh, i'll find you, sweetheart.
You know why?

Because i have absolutely
nothing better to do

- Than to track you down.
- That's where you're wrong.

You're about to be quite occupied.

Did you really think
i wouldn't take precautions?

Hands in the air!

- That bitch!
- Turn around! Now!

Sam and dean winchester, you
have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used
against you in a court of law.

You have the right to speak to an attorney and
have an attorney present during any questioning.

If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be
appointed for you at government expense.

Hi, guys.

It's been a while.

- So, did you get them?
- Where is everyone? I asked for all your men.

And you got them.
They went with you on the raid.

Four men? That's all?

Everyone i could drum up
with an hour's notice.

We're a small town, agent henriksen.

- What's he in for?
- Drunk and disorderly.



What are you doing?

It is your lucky night, sir.
You are free to go.

- What the hell are you doing?
- This way.

Agent henriksen, you can't
just release my prisoners.

Agent henriksen.

- Look. I get it... you're may berry p.D.
- Excuse me?

And this isn't how i'd do it
if i had my choice,

But a tip's a tip,
and we had to move fast.

Look, agent, this ain't my first rodeo.

You've never been
to a rodeo like this before.

You have any idea who we're
about to bring in here?

Yeah... a couple of fugitives.

The most dangerous criminals you've
ever laid your eyeballs on.

Think hannibal lecter and his half-Wit little
brother. Do you know what these guys do for kicks?

Dig up graves and mutilate corpses. They're not just killers,
sheriff. They're satan-Worshipping, nutbag killers.

So work with me here. I'll get them out your hair
and on their way to supermax,

And you'll be home
in enough time to watch the farm report.

However we can help.

Those men of yours...
post them at the exits.

Yes, sir.

Reidy, bring them in.

I guess we're as ready
as we're gonna be.

Why all the sourpusses?

I'll show you to the cells.

Hey! Hey!
Watch the merchandise!

We're not the ones
you should be scared of, nancy.

Dean, come on!

All right.
All right.

- Sit?
- Yeah.

How we gonna
houdini out of this one?

Good question.

It's me.
Steven in?

Well, get him
out of the meeting.

- Groves.
- I got them.

Well, i'll be damned.

I was betting on your headstone reading
"couldn't catch the winchester boys."

- Well, they'll be at supermax by morning.
- How?

Armored bus, loaded with men.

A bus? What, are you trying
to give me another ulcer?

- Look, we're taking every precaution.
- Like the last time? And the time before that?

Screw that.
I'm sending a chopper.

- Whatever you think is best.
- Damn right. And i'll be on it.

I can't take you losing those boys again. They
have been a primary thorn in my ass for months.

- So, victor...
- Yeah?

Glue your eyeballs to them
till i get there.

- There's a chopper on its way.
- But we don't have a helicopter pad.

Then clear
the damn parking lot.

You know
what i'm trying to decide?

I don't know. What? Whether cialis will
help you with your little condition?

What to have for dinner

Steak or lobster. What the hell.

Surf and turf.

I got a lot to celebrate. I mean, after all,
seeing you two in chains...

You kinky son of a bitch.
We don't swing that way.

Now, that's funny.

You know, i wouldn't bust out
the melted butter just yet.

Couldn't catch us
at the bank.

Couldn't keep us in that jail.

You're right. Screwed up.
I underestimated you.

I didn't count on you
being that smart. But now i'm ready.

- Yeah, ready to lose us again?
- Ready like a court order to keep you

In a supermaximum prison in nevada till trial. Ready
like isolation in a soundproof, windowless cell

So small that, between you and me...

Probably unconstitutional.

How's that for ready?

Take a good look at sam.

You two will never
see each other again.

Where's that smug smile, dean?

I want to see it.

- You got the wrong guys.
- Oh, yeah. I forgot. You fight monsters.

Sorry, dean. Truth is, your daddy brainwashed
you with all that devil talk

And no doubt touched you in a bad place.

- That's all. That's reality.
- Why don't you shut your mouth?

Well, guess what. Life sucks. Get a helmet.
'Cause everybody's got a sob story,

But not everybody
becomes a killer.

And now i have two less
to worry about.

It's surf-And-Turf time.



What's all this?

What can i say? The fbi
didn't invent bureaucracy. We perfected it.

- You want me to do all this now?
- Sorry. Now, victor.

I'm gonna go take a good,
long gander at our fugitives.

Sam and dean winchester.

I'm deputy director steven groves.

This is a pleasure.

- Well, glad one of us feels that way.
- I've been waiting a long time

For you two to come out of the woodwork.

Sorry. Got to cut this short.
It's gonna be a long night, fellas.

What the hell
was that?

- Put the gun down!
- Wait. Okay, wait.

- He shot him!
- I didn't shoot him. I didn't shoot anyone.

- He shot me!
- Get on your knees now!

Okay, okay, okay.
Don't shoot. Please. Look. Here. Here.

We didn't shoot him. Check the body.
There's no blood. We did not kill him.

- Vic, there's no bullet wound.
- He's probably been dead for months.

- What did you do to him?
- We didn't do anything!

- Talk, or i shoot.
- You won't believe us.

He was possessed.

Possessed? Right.

Fire up the chopper.
We're taking them out of here now.

- Yeah. Do that.
- Bill?

Bill, are you there?

They're dead.
I think they're all dead.

What the hell was that? Reidy?



What the hell was that?

- Hello?
- My men. Agent henriksen?

- What the hell's happening out there?
- I can't get a line. All the phones are out.

Four of my men!

The internet, my cell... it's all dead.
How can it all be dead?

- That can't be good.
- Oh, my god.

No. It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. We're
gonna go. We're gonna go... right now.

Nobody's going anywhere.
Everybody, calm down.

Your partner is out there!
My men are out there!

I know. We go out there,
we're asking to die, too.

- Don't you get it?
- Get what?

They're out there, and they're coming
in here. This is a siege.

So this might be a good time for you to
lock the doors and the windows, take a breath,

And maybe deal with this like trained
professionals with some sense in their heads.

You okay?

I wouldn't think so. Nancy, right?

I'm gonna get you through this.
You got my word.

You got that?

All right,
don't be such a wuss.

What's the plan?

Kill everyone in the station, bust you two out?

- What the hell are you talking about?
- I'm talking about your psycho friends.

I'm talking about a bloodbath.

Okay, i promise you, whoever's out
there is not here to help us.

Look, you got to believe us. Everyone here
is in terrible danger.

Why don't you let us out of here
so we can save your asses?

From what?

You gonna say "demons"?

Don't you dare say "demons."

Let me tell you something.

You should be
a lot more scared of me.

How's the shoulder?

It's awesome.

I'll live.

You know,
if we get out of here alive.

So, you got a plan?

Uh, please. Please. We need your
help. It's... it's nancy. Nancy, right?

Nancy, my... my brother's been shot.
He's... he's bleeding really bad.

You think maybe you could get us
a towel? Please? Just one clean towel?

Look. Look at us.
We're not the bad guys, i swear.

Nice try.

Thank you.

It's okay.

Thank you.


Let her go!
Let her go!

You okay, nance?

Try something again,
get shot. And not in the arm.

What the hell was that?

We're like sitting ducks in here.

Yeah, i know.

Would it kill these cops
to bring us a snack?!

- How many you figure are out there?
- I don't know.

However many there are, they could be possessing
anyone. Anyone could just walk right in.

It's kind of wild, right?

I mean, it's like
they're coming right for us.

They've never done that before.

It's like we got
a contract on us.

Think it's because we're so awesome?

I think it's 'cause we're so awesome.

Well, howdy, there, sheriff.

- Uh, sheriff?
- It's time to go, boys.

Uh... you know what?

We're just comfy right here.
But thank you.

What do you think
you're doing?

We're not just gonna sit around here and
wait to die. We're gonna make a run for it.

- It's safer here.
- There's a swat facility in boulder.

- We're not going anywhere.
- The hell we're not.

Stay back!

- Hurry up!
- It's too late.

I already called them.
They're already coming.

Is he...

Is he dead?


Is that you in there?

I shot the sheriff.

But you didn't shoot the deputy.

Five minutes ago,
i was fine, and then...

Let me guess...
some nasty black smoke

Jammed itself down your throat?

You were possessed.

Possessed like...


That's what it feels like.
Now you know.

I owe you the biggest
"i told you so" ever.

Officer amici.


All right.

So, how do we survive?

Well, that's nice.
It's not gonna do much good.

- We got an arsenal here.
- You don't poke a bear with a bb gun.

- That's just gonna make him mad.
- What do you need?

- Salt. Lots and lots of salt.
- Salt?

What, is there an echo in here?

There's road salt
in the storeroom.


Perfect. We need salt
at every window and every door.

How you holding up,


When i was little,

I would come home from church
and talk about the devil.

My parents would tell me
to stop being so literal.

I guess i showed them,

That should hold.

Thank you.

Hey, where's my car?

Impound lot out back.


You're not
going out there?

Yeah. I got to get something
out of my trunk.

They're coming!


- Everybody okay?
- Define "okay."

All right, everybody needs
to put these on.

They'll keep you
from being possessed.

What about you and sam?

- Smart.
- How long you had those?

Not long enough.

Hey, that's jenna rubner.

It's not jenna anymore.

That's where all that
black demon smoke went?

Looks like.

Shotgun shells full of salt.

- Whatever works.
- Fighting off monsters with condiments.

So, turns out
demons are real.

ghosts are real, too.

So are werewolves,
vampires, changelings,

Evil clowns that eat people.

Okay, then.

If it makes you feel better,
bigfoot's a hoax.

It doesn't.

How many demons?


No clue.

A lot.

You know what my job is?

You mean besides
locking up the good guys?

I have no idea.

My job is boring.

It's frustrating.

You work three years for one break,

And then maybe you can save...
a few people. Maybe.

That's the payoff.

I've been busting my ass for 15 years

To nail a handful of guys,
and all this while,

There was something
off in the corner so big.

So, yeah.

Sign me up for that big, frosty
mug of wasting my damn life.

You didn't know.

Now i do.

What's out there?

Can you guys beat it?

Can you win?

Honestly, i think
the world's gonna end bloody.

But it doesn't mean
we shouldn't fight.

We do have choices.

I choose to go down swingin'.

Plus, you got nothing
to go home to but your brother.


What about you? You rockin'
the white picket fence?

Empty apartment,
string of angry ex-Wives.

I'm right where you are.

Imagine that.

- How do we kill her?
- We don't.

- She's a demon.
- She's here to help us.

Are you kidding?

Are you gonna let me out?

And they say chivalry's dead.

Does anyone have a breath mint?
Some guts splattered in my mouth

While i was killing my way in here.

- How many are out there?
- 30, at least. That's so far.

Oh, good. 30.
30 hit men, all gunning for us.

Who sent them?

You didn't tell dean?

I'm surprised.

- Tell me what?
- There's a big new up-And-Comer.

Real pied piper.

- Who is he?
- Not he.


- Her name is lilith.
- Lilith?

And she really, really wants
sam's intestines on a stick.

'Cause she sees him as competition.

You knew about this?

Well, gee, sam, is there
anything else i should know?!

How about the two of you
talk about this later?

We'll need the colt.

Where's the colt?

- It got stolen.
- I'm sorry. I must have blood in my ear.

I thought i just heard you say
that you were stupid enough

To let the colt get grabbed out of
your thick, clumsy, idiotic hands.


This is just peachy.

- Ruby...
- Shut up.


Since i don't see
that there's any other option,

There's one other way i know how
to get you out of here alive.

- What's that?
- I know a spell.

It'll vaporize every demon
in a one-Mile radius...

Myself included.

So, you let the colt out of your sight,
and now i have to die.

So, next time, be more careful.

How's that for a dying wish?

What do we need to do?

You can't do anything. This spell
is very specific.

It calls
for a person of virtue.

I got virtue.

Nice try.
You're not a virgin.

Nobody's a virgin.


No way.

- You're kidding me. You're...
- What? It's a choice, okay?

So, y-You've never...

Not even once?

I mean, not even...

So, this spell...

What can i do?

You can hold still.

While i cut your heart
out of your chest.

- What?
- What are you, crazy?

- I'm offering a solution.
- You're offering to kill somebody.

And what do you think's gonna happen to
this girl when the demons get in?

- We're gonna protect her. That's what.
- Very noble.

- Excuse me.
- You're all gonna die. Look, this is the only way.

- Yeah, yeah. There's no way that you're gonna...
- Would everybody please shut up?!

All the people out there...

Will it save them?

It'll blow the demons out of their bodies.

So if their bodies
are okay... yeah.

I'll do it.

- No, no. You don't need to do this.
- Hell no!

- All my friends are out there.
- We don't sacrifice people.

We do that,
we're no better than them.

We don't have a choice.

- Yeah, well, your choice is not a choice.
- Sam, you know i'm right.


What the hell is going on?
Sam, tell her.

It's my decision.

Damn straight, cherry pie.



Nobody kill any virgins!

i need to talk to you.

Please tell me you're not
actually considering this.

We're talking about holding down a
girl and cutting out her heart.

And we're also talking about
30 people out there, dean...

Innocent people who are all gonna die,
along with everyone in here.

It doesn't mean that we throw away the
rule book and stop acting like humans.

I'm not gonna let that demon
kill some nice, sweet, innocent girl

Who hasn't even been laid.

I mean, look, if that's how you win
wars, then i don't want to win.

Then what?
What do we do, dean?

I got a plan. I'm not saying
it's a good one.

I'm not even saying that it'll work.
But it sure as hell beats killing a virgin.

Okay, so, what's the plan?

Open the doors,
let them all in...

And we fight.

- Get the equipment to work?
- Yeah.

- So?
- So, this is insane.

You win "understatement of the year."
Look, i get it. You think...

I don't think... i know.

It's not gonna work.

So long, boys.

- So, you're just gonna leave?
- Hey.

I was gonna kill myself
to help you win.

I'm not gonna stand here
and watch you lose.

And i'm disappointed...
because i tried.

I really did.

But, clearly,
i bet on the wrong horse.

Do you mind letting me out?

I'm leaving.

Who wants to stop me?

All set?!


Let's do this!

i hope this works.

Go! Go! Go!

When this is over,
i'm gonna have so much sex.

But not with you.

We better move.

Henriksen, now!

I better call in. Hell of a story
i won't be telling.

So, what are you
gonna tell them?

The least ridiculous lie i can come up
with in the next five minutes.

Good luck with that. Not to pressure
you or anything,

- But what are you planning to do about us?
- I'm gonna kill you.

Sam and dean winchester were in the
chopper when it caught on fire.

Nothing's left. Can't even identify them
with dental records.

Rest in peace, guys.

Now get out of here.


Oh. Hey, there.

Excuse me. I'm looking for two boys.
They're brothers.

One's really tall,
and one's really cute.

What's your name,


Turn on the news.

The community
is still reeling

From the tragedy that happened
just a few hours ago.

Authorities believe a gas main ruptured,
causing the massive explosion

That ripped apart the police station
and claimed the lives of everyone inside.

Among the deceased, at least
six police officers and staff,

Including sheriff melvin dodd, deputy phil
amici, and secretary nancy fitzgerald,

As well as three fbi agents, identified as
steven groves, calvin reidy, and victor henriksen.

Two fugitives in custody were also killed.

We'll continue to follow the story here
at the scene, but for now, back to you, jim.

- Must have happened right after we left.
- Considering the size of the blast...

... smart money's on lilith.

- What's in these?
- Something that'll protect you,

Throw lilith off your trail...
for the time being, at least.

- Thanks.
- Don't thank me. Lilith killed everyone.

She slaughtered your precious little
virgin, plus a half a dozen other people.

So, after your big speech
about humanity and war,

Turns out your plan
was the one with the body count.

Do you know how to fight a battle?

You strike fast, and you don't leave any survivors,
so no one can go running to tell the boss.

So, next time... we go with my plan.