Supernatural (2005–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Crossroad Blues - full transcript

The people of a small town have been selling their souls to a crossroads demon.

what's going on?
Oh, my God.

Get a doctor.


What happened?
Talk to me.


Stay with us, baby!

Dogs -- Black dogs.


don't you die on me!

Supernatural 208

capture:[email protected]
sync:[email protected]

so much
for our low profile.

You got a warrant
in st. Louis,

and now you're officially
in the feds' database.

Du, I'm like dillinger
or something.

Dean, it's not funny.

It makes the job harder.
We got to be more careful now.

what do they got on you?

I'm sure they just haven't
posted it yet.

No accessory, nothin
shut up.

[ chuckles ]
You're jealous.

No, I'm not!

All right, what do you got
on the case there,

you innocent,
harmless young man, you?

"Architect Sean boyden
plummeted to his death

"from the roof
of his home --

a condominium he designed."

Build a High-rise
and jump off -- that's classy.

When did he call
animal control?
Two days earlier.

Did he actually say
"Black dog"?

"Vicious, wild, Black dog."

The authorities couldn't find
it, and no one else saw it.

In fact, the authorities
are a little confused

as to how a wild dog
could get past the doorman,

take the elevator up,

and start roaming the halls
of the cushiest joint in town.

After that, no more calls.
He doesn't show up for work.

Two days later,
he takes a swan dive.

You think we're dealing
with an actual Black dog?

Well, maybe.

What's the lore on it?
It's all pretty vague.

There are spectral Black dogs
all over the world,

but some say they're animal
spirits, others say death omens.

But anyways, whatever they are,
they're big, nasty...

Yeah, bet they could hump
the crap out of your leg.

Look at that one.
Huh? [ chuckles ]

What? They could.

So, you and Sean boyden
were business partners

for almost 10 years, right?

That's right.

Now, one more time,
this is for...

A tribute for mr. Boyden --
architectural digest.

Funny to you?

No, it --
it's just a tribute.


See, Sean always got
the tributes.

He kills himself, leaves me
and his family behind,

but he gets another tribute.


Any idea why he'd do
such a thing?

I have no clue.
He lived a charmed life.

How so?

He was a flat-out genius.

I mean, I'm capable,
but, next to him, uh...

It wasn't always that way

You want to know the truth?

There was a time where he
uldn't even design a pup tent.

Hell, 10 years ago,
he was working as a bartender

at ts place called lloyd's,
a complete dive.

So, what changed?
You got me.

But overnight he gets
this huge commission,

and he starts designing --

he starts designing
the most ingenious buildings

anyone has ever seen.

It was like the level
of van gogh and Mozart.


It's funny --
true geniuses,

they seem to die young,
don't they?

To have that kind of talent,

Why just throw it away?


The secretary's me is carly.
She's 23.

She kayaks...

And they're real.

You didn't happen to ask her

if she's seen any Black dogs,
did you?

Every complaint called in
this week

about anything big, Black,
or doglike.

There's 19 calls in all,

and, uh, i don't know
what this is.

You mean,
carly's MySpace address?

Yeah, MySpace --
what the hell is that?

Seriously, is that like
some sort of porn site?

I swear, if this is
another freakin' pomeranian

in the neighbor's yard...

Afternoon, ma'am.

Uh, animal control.

Oh, someone already came

Oh, we're just following up.

We're looking
for dr. Sylvia perlman.

The doctor, well, she --

i don't know exactly
when she'll be back.
She left two days ago.

And you are?

I'm miss perlman's maid.

So, where did the doctor go?

I'm not sure.

She just packed and went.
She didn't say where.

That stray dog,
did you find it finally?

Uh, not yet.

You didn't ever happen to see
the dog yourself, did you?

Well, no.
I never even heard it.

I was almost starting to think
the doctor was imagining things,

but she's not like that,

You know, i read she was the
chief surgeon at the hospital.

So she's got to be,
what, 42, 43?

That's pretty young
for that job.

Youngest in the history
of the place.

She got the position
10 years ago.

An overnight success,
10 years ago.

Yeah, we know a guy like that.

Oh, look at this.

Lloyd's bar.

Miss perlman?

I've been calling for hours!

You need to vacate the room,
or you got to pay for the night!

Okay, no problem.



That's weird.

Think someone planted these?

In the middle
of all these weeds?

These are, uh,
what do you call them?

Yarrow flowers?

Used for certain rituals,
aren't they?

Yeah, actually,
summoning rituals.

So, two people become sudden
successes about 10 years ago,

right around the time they were
hanging out here at lloyd's.

Where there just happens to be
a crossroads.

You think?
Let's find out.

Seem about the dead center
to you?


I'd be willing to bet
that's graveyard dirt.

And a Black cat bone.

That's serious spellwork.

I mean, that's deep South
hoodoo stuff.

Used to summon a demon.

Not just summon one.

are where pacts are made.

These people are actually making
deals with the damned thing.

[ sarcastically ] You know,
'cause that always ends good.

They're seeing dogs,
all right...

But not Black dogs.

They're seeing hellhounds --
demonic pit bulls.

Whoever this demon is,
it's back and it's collecting.

And that doctor Lady,
wherever she's running,

she ain't running
fast enough.



I want to play guitar.

I want to be
the best in the world.

If that's what you want. do we --
do we shake on it?

Sam: So, it's just like the
Robert Johnson legend, right?

I mean, "selling your soul at
the crossroads" kind of deal?

Except that wasn't a legend.
You know his music.

You don't know
Robert Johnson songs?

Sam, there's occult references
all over his lyrics.

I mean, "cross road blues,"
"me and the devil blues,"

"hellhound on my trail"?

Story goes that he died
choking on his own blood.

He was hallucinating and
muttering about big, evil dogs.

And now it's happening
all over again.

We got to find out if anyone
else struck any bargains.

Right, so, we got to clean up
these people's mess for them?

They're not exactly

Nobody put a gun
to their head

and forced them to play
"let's make a deal."

So, what, we should
just leave them to die?

Somebody goes over niagara
in a barrel,

you gonna jump in
to try to save them?


All right...fine.

Rituals like this,

you got to put your own photo
into the mix, right?

So this guy
probably summoned the thing.

Let's see if anyone inside
knows him...

If he's still alive.

What's this guy's name,

George darrow.

Apparent quite the regular
at lloyd's.

This house probably ain't up
next on "mtv cribs," is it?

[ chuckling ] Yeah.

So, whatever kind of deal
he made...

Wasn't for cash.
Ah, who knows?

Maybe his place is full of babes
in princess Leia bikinis.

I'm just saying, this guy's got
one epic bill come due.

Hope at least he asked
for something fun.

Look at that.

What is that, pepper?

Who the hell are you?

George darrow?

I'm not buying anything.

Whoa, looks likeou went
for the wrong shaker, there.

Usually, when you want to keep
something evil out,

you go for the salt.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Talking about this.

Tell me...

You seen that hellhound yet?

Look, we want to help.

Please, just 5 minutes.

So, what is that stuff
out front?

Goofer dust.

What, you boys think you know
something about something,

but not goofer dust?

Well, we know a little
about a lot of things,

just enough
to make us dangerous.

What is it?


My grandma taught me.

Keeps out demons.

Demons, we know.

Well, then, keep it.

Maybe it'll do you
some good.

4 minutes left.

Mr. Darrow...
We know you're in trouble.

Yeah, that you got yourself

But it's not hopeless,
all right?

There's got to be something
we can do.

Listen, i get that you boys
want to help,

but sometimes a person
makes their bed

and they just got to lie down
in it.

I'm the one called that demon
in the first place.

What'd you do it for?

I was weak.

I mean,
who don't want to be great?

Who don't want their life
to mean something?

I just... [sighs]

I just never thought
about the price.

Was it worth it?

Hell, no.

Course, i asked for talent.

Should have gone for fame.

I'm still broke...and lonely.

Just now i got this pile of
paintings don't nobody want.

That wasn't the worst.

Go on.

Demon didn't leave.

I never counted on that.

After our deal was done,

the damn thing stayed at lloyd's
for a week,

just chatting,
making more deals.

I tried to warn folks,

but who gonna listen
to an old drunk?

How many others are there?

Uh, this architect,
a doctor Lady.

I kept up with them.
They been in the papers.

[ sighs ]
At least they got famous.

Who else, George?
Come on, think.

Oh, one more.

Uh, nice guy, too.

Hudson -- evani think.

I don't know what he asked for.

Don't matter now.
We done for.

No, there's got to be a way.

You don't get it.

I don't want a way.

Look, you don't --

look, i called that thing!

I brought it on myself!

I brought it on them.

I'm going to hell,
one way or another.

All i want is to finish
my last painting.

Day or two, I'm done.

I'm just trying to hold him off
till then,

buy a little time.

Okay, boys, time you went.

Go help somebody
that wants help.

We can't just --
get out!

I got work to do.

You don't really
want to die.

I don't?

I'm tired.


Are you spying
on the neighbors?

No, i, uh, i thought i heard
something in the yard,

but it's nothing.

You all ready to go?

You know,
if i didn't know better,

I'd say that you want me
out of the house.

Of course not.

It's just, you've --

you've barely seen your sister
since she had the baby.

Well, what are you going to do
all weekend?

Um, not much.

I got some Bills to pay.

Come here.

I'll miss you.

You better.

You know i love you, right?


Of course.
Evan, are you okay?


Yeah, I'm fine.

Now, get going.

Okay, I'll call you
when i get there.

Hey, sweetie?

I love you, too.


Evan Hudson?

You ever been to a bar
called lloyd's?

Would have been
about 10 years ago.

Come on, we're not demons.

Any other bright ideas?


Don't hurt me.

We're not gonna hurt you,
all right?

We're here to help you.

We know all about
the genius deal you made.

What? How?

Doesn't matter.

All that matters is
we're trying to stop it.

How do i know you're not lying?

Well, you don't,

but you're kind of running low
on options, there, Buddy boy.

C-can you stop it?

Don't know.
We'll try.

I don't want to die.

Of course you don't.
Not now.

Dean, stop.

What'd you ask for,
anyway, ev, huh?

Never need Viagra,
bowl a perfect game, what?

My wife.

Right, getting the girl.
That's worth a trip to hell for.

Dean, stop.

No. He's right.
I made the deal.

Nobody twisted my arm.

That, uh, woman,

or whatever she was,
at the bar,

she said i could have
anything i wanted.

I thought she was nuts,
at first, but...

I don't know.
I was -- i was desperate.


Julie was dying.

You did it to save her?

She had cancer.
They had stopped treatment.

They were moving her
into hospice.

They kept saying,
"matter of days."

So, yeah, i made the deal...
And I'd do it again.

I'd have died for her
on the spot.

Did you ever think about her
in all this?

I did this for her.

You sure about that?

I think you did it
for yourself...

So you wouldn't have to live
without her.

But, guess what, she's gonna
have to live without you now.

What if she knew
how much it cost?

What if she knew
it cost your soul?

How do you think she'd feel?

Okay, that's enough.

Evan, sit tight, all right?
We're gonna figure this out.

You all right?
Why wouldn't i be?

Hey, i got an idea.

You throw George's hoodoo
at that hellhound,

keep it away from Evan
as long as you can.

I'm gonna go to the crossroads
and summon the demon.

Summon -- are you nuts?

Maybe a little.

But i can trap it.

I can exorcise it,

and i can buy us time to figure
out something more permanent.

Yeah, but how much time?
I don't know. Awhile.

It's not easy for those suckers

to claw their way back from hell
and into the sunshine.

No. No way.

Not allowed to say no, Sammy,
unless you got a better idea.

Dean, you can forget it,
all right?

I'm not letting you summon
that demon

because i don't like where
your head is at right now.


You've been on edge ever since
we found that crossroads, Dean,

and i think i know why.

We don't have time
for this.


You think maybe dad made
one of these deals, huh?

Hell, I've been thinking it.

I'm sure you've been
thinking it, too.

It fits, doesn't it?

I'm alive, dad's dead.
Yellow-eyed demon was involved.

What if he did?

What if he struck a deal?

My life for his soul.

Evan: Hey, guys, i think
i hear it! It's outside!

Just keep him alive, okay?



So, what brings a guy like you
to a place like this?

You called me?

I'm just glad it worked.

First time?

You could say that.

Oh, come on, now.

Don't sell yourself short.

I know all about you,
Dean Winchester.

So you know who i am.

I get the newsletter.

don't keep me in suspense.

What have you heard?

i heard you were handsome.

You're just edible.

What can i do for you, Dean?

Maybe we should do this
in my car.

Nice and private.

Sounds good to me.

What is that stuff?

Goofer dust.

Are you serious?

Yeah. Afraid so.

Look, believe me,
don't believe me --
whatever you want.

Just whatever you do, stay
inside this circle, all right?

So, i was hoping
we could strike a deal.

That's what i do.

I want Evan Hudson released
from his contract.

So sorry, darling.
That's not negotiable.

I'll make it
worth your while.

Oh, really?

What are you offering?


Well, well, well.

You'd sacrifice your life
for someone else's.

Like father, like son.

That's the last of it.

You did know
about your dad's deal, right?

His life for yours.

Oh, i didn't make the deal

but, boy, i wish i had.

After you.

Such a gentleman.

A devil's trap?

You've got to be kidding me.

[ growling ]

You hear that?

No. Where?

Right outside the door.

Just don't move, all right?

Stay where you are.

You stupid, stupid...

I should rip you
limb from limb.

Take your best shot.

No, i don't think so.

I'm not gonna put you
out of your misery.

Yeah? Why not?

'Cause your misery
is the whole point.

It's too much fun to watch.

Knowing how your daddy died
for you,

how he sold his soul.

I mean, that's got to hurt.

He's all you ever think about.

You wake up,
and your first thought is

"i can't do this anymore."

You're all lit up with pain.

I mean,
you loved him so much.

And it's all your fault.

You blew it, Dean.

I could have given you
what you need.

What do i need?

Your father.

I could have brought him back.

Your loss.

See ya, Dean.

I wish you a nice, long life.

Hold on.

Do you still hear it?

Is it over?

It's here!

You're lucky I've got
a soft spot

for lost puppies
and long faces.

I just can't leave you
like this.

Besides, you didn't call me here
to bargain for Evan.

Not really.

Can you bring him back,
my dad?

Of course i can,
just as he was.

Your dad would live
a long, natural life,

like he was meant to.

That's a promise.

What about me?

I could give you 10 years,

10 long, good years with him.

That's a lifetime.

The family could be together
again --

John, Dean, Sammy.

The Winchester boys
all reunited.

Look, your dad
is supposed to be alive.

You're supposed to be dead.

So, we'll just set things

put things
back in their natural order,

and you get 10 extra years
on top.

That's a bonus.

You think you could...

Throw in a set
of steak knives?

You know, this smartass
self-defense mechanism
of yours...


Now you're really trapped.

That's got to hurt.

Let me out now.


We just got to make
a little deal here first.

You call off your hellhound
and let Evan go.

Then I'll let you go.

I can't break
a binding contract.

And by "can't,"
you mean "don't want to"?

Last chance.

Evan and his wife get to live
to a ripe old age.


Let's talk about this.
Okay, gone.

Evan: Can't you see it?
No.stay inside the circle!

Come on, Dean.

What are you doing?

Oh, you're just gonna go
on a little trip.

Way down South.

Look, forget Evan.
Think of your dad.

Egna terrae, cantate deo,
psallite domino.

Ui fertur super caelum caeli
ad orientem,

ecce dabit vocem suam,
vocem virtutis.

Ribuite virtutem deo.

Ui fertur super caelum caeli
ad orientem,

ecce dabit vocem suam,
vocem virtutis.

Circle's broken! Come on!

Egna terrae, cantate deo,
psallite domino.

Ui fertur super caelum caeli
ad orientem,

ecce dabit.

Ade, satana,

inventor et magister
omnis fallaciae,

hostis humanae salutis.

Umiliare sub potenti
manu dei.


What the hell was that for?

Sealing the deal.

I usually like to be warned

before I'm violated
with demon tongue.

Evan Hudson is free.

He and his wife
will live long lives.

How do i know
you're not lying?

My word is my Bond.

Oh, really?
It is when i make a deal.

It's the rules.

You got what you wanted.

Now let me go.

You're gonna double-cross me?

Funny how
I'm the trustworthy one.

You know, you renege,
send me to hell,

sooner or later
I'm gonna climb out,

and skinning Evan Hudson will be
the first thing that i do.

I got to tell you,

knew what?

Where your dad is.

You should have made
that deal.

See, people talk about hell,
but it's just a word.

Doesn't even come close
to describing the real --

shut your mouth, bitch.

If you could see
your poor daddy,

hear the sounds he makes
'cause he can't even scream.

How about i send you
back there?


How did i get here?

Demons lie all the time,

Maybe she was lying.

Come on.
Is that really what you think?

How could he do it?

He did it for you.


How am i supposed to live
with that?

You know,
the thought of him,

wherever he is right now...

I mean,
he spent his whole life

chasing that yellow-eyed
son of a bitch.

He should have gone out

That was supposed to be
his legacy, you know?

Not bargaining
with the damn thing.

Not this.

How many people
do you think dad saved total?

That's not the point, Sam.

Evan Hudson is safe
because of what dad taught us.

That's his legacy, Dean.

Now, we're still here, man,
so we got to keep going.

For him.


When you were trapping that
demon, you weren't...

I mean, it was all a trick,

You never considered actually
making that deal, right?

I swear it's not in me.
It's not in me, i swear.

We're all gonna die.

We got no choice.

Now, Dean, they say you can't
protect your loved ones forever.

Hands where i can see 'em!

Dean: A demonic virus?
Sam: Yeah, more like
demonic germ warfare.

I feel like Chuck heston
in "the omega man."

They're infected,
not me!

You've known me all your life!

Let's just go.

We can't, 'cause
those things are everywhere.

Man: She bled on him.

He's got the virus.

I need a nationwide search.

What am i looking for?

Psychics, like me --
as many as possible.

The yellow-eyed man...
Comes to me in my dreams

and tells me to do things,
awful things.

I had this one dream

where i saw this guy get stabbed
in a parking lot.

He has plans for me.

What kind of plans?

Last night i saw you die.

Right before dad died,
he told me something.

He told me something
about you.

Dean, what did he tell you?