Supernatural (2005–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Bloodlust - full transcript

The Winchester brothers enjoy Dean's new baby: a shiny newly restored car, while checking out a report of two recent human deaths and over a dozen split-open cows in the small town of Red ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Saving people, hunting things --
family business.

I don't understand the blind
faith you have in the man.

It's called
being a good son.

You were just pissed off
you couldn't control me anymore.

* ...sleet and rain

* don't think I'm ever
gonna make it home again *

if only your boys knew how much
their daddy loved them.

* it's kissing the day

* ooh, the wheel in the sky
keeps on turnin' *


* ...where I'll be tomorrow

* wheel in the sky
keeps on turnin' *

did he say anything to you?


* o-h-h-h-h

I'm dealing
with dad's death.

Are you? present

[ gasps ]

[ intro to ac/dc's
"back in Black" plays ]

* back in Black

* i hit the sack

* I've been too long,
I'm glad to be back *

* yes, I'm let loose
from the noose *

* that's kept me hanging about

* I've been looking at the sky
'cause it's gettin' me High *

* forget the hearse
'cause i never die *

* i got nine lives

* cat's eyes

* abusin' every one of them
and running wild *

* 'cause I'm back


Listen to her purr.

You ever heard anything
so sweet?

If you two want to get a room,
just let me know, Dean.

Oh, don't listen to him,

He doesn't understand us.

You're in a good mood.

Why shouldn't i be?

No reason.

I got my car, got a case.

Things are looking up.


You hear of a couple of severed
heads and a pile of dead cows,

and you're mr. Sunshine.

[ chuckles ]

How far to red lodge?

Uh, about another 300 miles.


[ engine revs ]

The murder investigation
is ongoing,

and that's all i can share
with the press at this time.

But just for the record,

you found the first head
last week, correct?


And the other,
a Christina flannigan --

that was two days ago.

[ knock on door ]

Sorry, boys, time's up.

We're done here.
One last question.

What about the cattle?
Excuse me?

You know, the cows found dead,
split open, drained --

over a dozen cases.

What about them?

So, you don't think
there's a connection?

Connection with...

First cattle mutilations,
now two murders?

Kind of sounds
like ritual stuff.

You know, like satanic cult
ritual stuff.

[ laughs ]

You're not kidding.


Those cows
aren't being mutilated.

You want to know
how i know?

Because there's no such thing
as cattle mutilation.

Cow drops,
leave it in the sun,

within 48 hours the bloat
will split it open so clean

it's just about surgical.

The bodily fluids fall down
into the ground, get soaked up,

'cause that's
what gravity does.

But, hey, it could be satan.

What newspaper
did you say you worked for?

[ clears throat ]

Orld weekly news.

Eekly world news.

Orld -- weekly world.

I'm new.

Get out of my office.



Jeff, i know that.

Dr. Dorkin needs to see you
in his office right away.

But dr. Dorkin's
on vacation.

He's back, and he's pissed,
and he's screaming for you.

So, if i were you, i would --


[ door closes ]

those satanists in Florida,

they marked their victims,
didn't they?

Yeah, reverse pentacle
on the forehead.

So much f'ed up crap
happens in Florida.

All right. Open it.

You open it.


Well, no pentagram.

Wow. Poor girl.

Maybe we should, uh,
look in her mouth,

see if this wacko stuffed
anything down her throat,

you know, kind of like the moth
in "silence of the lambs."

Yeah, yeah, go ahead.

No, you go ahead.


"Put the lotion
in the basket."

Right, yeah,
I'm the wuss, huh?


[ sighs ]

[ clears throat ]

Dean, get me a bucket.

Find something?

No, I'm gonna puke.

[ sighs ]

All right,
lift her lip up again.


You want me to throw up.

i think i saw something.


Is that a hole?

It's a tooth.

Sam, that's a fang.

Retractable set
of vampire fangs.

You got to be kidding me.

Well, this changes things.

You think?

[ indistinct conversations ]

How's it going?

Living the dream.
What can i get for you?

Two beers, please.

So, we're looking
for some people.

It's hard to be lonely.

Yeah, but, um,
that's not what i meant.


So, these people would've moved
here about six months ago,

probably pretty rowdy,
like to drink.

Yeah, real night owls,
you know?

Sleep all day,
party all night.

Barker farm got leased out
a couple months ago --

real winners.

They've been in here a lot --
drinkers, noisy.

I had to 86 them
once or twice.



Show us
those pearly whites.

For the love of -- you want to
stick that thing someplace else?

I'm not a vampire.

Yeah, that's right.

I heard you guys in there.

What do you know
about vampires?
How to kill them.

Now, seriously, bro,
that knife's making me itch.

Hey! Whoa.

Easy there, chachi.




who the hell are you?

Sam and Dean Winchester.

I can't believe it.

You know,
i met your old man once --

hell of a guy,
great hunter.

I heard he passed.

I'm sorry.

It's big shoes,

but, from what i hear,
you guys fill them --

great trackers,
good in a tight spot.

You seem to know a lot
about our family.

Word travels fast.

You know how hunters talk.
No, we don't.

I guess there's a lot
your dad never told you, huh?

Sam: So, um...

So, those two vampires,
they were yours, huh?

Been here two weeks.

Did you check out
that barker farm?

It's a bust.
A bunch of hippie freaks.

Though they could kill
with that patchouli smell alone.

Where's the nest, then?

I got this one covered.

Look, don't get me wrong.

It's a pleasure
meeting you fellas,

but I've been on this thing
for over a year.

I killed a fang
back in Austin,

tracked the nest
all the way up here.

I'll finish it.

We could help.

Thanks, but, uh, I'm kind of
a go-it-alone type of guy.

I've been itching
for a hunt.

But, hey, i hear there's
a chupacabra two States over.

Go ahead
and knock yourselves out.

It was real good meeting you,

I'll buy you a drink
on the flip side.

[ engine turns over ]

[ dog barking ]

[ door opens ]

[ click ]

[ screeching ]

[ motor whirring ]

[ howling ]

[ bones crack ]

So, uh, i guess i got to buy you
that drink.

No, no, i got it.

Come on.
I insist.

Thank you, sweetie.

[ chuckles ]

Another one
bites the dust.

That's right.

[ sighs ]

Dean [laughs]

You gave that big-ass fang one
hell of a haircut, my friend.

That was beautiful,
absolutely beautiful.


You all right, Sammy?

Yeah, fine.
Lighten up a little, Sammy.

He's the only one
who gets to call me that.


No offense meant.

Just celebrating a little --
job well done.


Well, um,
decapitations aren't my idea

of a good time,
i guess.

Oh, come on, man,
it's not like it was human.

You got to have more fun.

See, that's what I've been
trying to tell him.

You could learn a thing or two
from this guy.

Yeah, i bet i could.

Look, I'm not gonna
bring you guys down.

I'm just gonna go back
to the motel.

You sure?


Remind me to beat that buzzkill
out of you later, all right?

Something i said?

No, no.

He just gets
that way sometimes.

Tell you what,

match quarters
for the next round.

So i picked up this crossbow,
and i hit that ugly sucker --

silver-tipped arrow
right in his heart.

Sammy's waiting in the car,

and me and my dad
take the thing into the Woods,

burn it to a crisp.

I'm sitting there,
and I'm looking into the fire,

and I'm thinking to myself,
"I'm 16 years old.

"Kids my age are worried
about pimples, prom dates.

"I'm seeing things
that they'll never even know,

never even dream of."

So right then,
i just sort of --

embraced the life?




[ chuckles ]

How'd you get started?

First time i saw a vampire,
i was barely 18.

Home alone with my sister.

I hear the window break
in her room.

I grabbed my dad's gun, run in,
try to get it off her.

It was too late.

So i shoot the damn thing,

which, of course,
is about as useful

as snapping it
with a rubber band.

It rushes me, picks me up,

flings me across the room,
knocks me out cold.

When i wake up,

the vampire's gone...

My sister's gone.

And then?


Try explaining that one
to your family.

So i left home...

And then bummed around
looking for information --

how you track them,
how you kill them.

And i found that fang.

It was my first kill.

Sorry about your sister.


She was beautiful.

I can still see her, you know,
the way she was.

[ sighs ]

But, hey,
that was a long time ago.

I mean, your dad --
it's got to be rough.


Yeah, you know,
he was just one of those guys.

Took some terrible beatings --
just kept coming.

So you're always saying to
yourself, "he's indestructible.

He'll always be around.
Nothing can kill my dad."

And just like that...

[Snaps fingers] He's gone.

I can't talk about this
to Sammy. [ chuckles ]

No, i got to keep
my game face on.

But, uh...

Truth is,
I'm not handling it very well.

I feel like i have this --

hole inside you?

And it just gets bigger and
bigger and darker and darker?


You can use it.

Keeps you hungry.

Trust me, there's plenty
out there needs killing,

and this will
help you do it.

Dean, it's not a crime
to need your job.

[ telephone ringing ]

Hardrails roadhouse.

Hey, Ellen --
Sam Winchester.

it's good to hear from you.

You boys are okay,
aren't you?

Yeah, yeah,
everything's fine.

Got a question.

You ever run across a guy
named Gordon Walker?

I know Gordon.

He's a real good hunter.

Why you asking?
We ran into him on a job.

We're kind of
working with him.
Don't do that, Sam.

I-i thought you said
he was a good hunter.

Yeah, and Hannibal lecter's
a good psychiatrist.

He is dangerous to everyone
and everything around him.

If he's working on a job,
let him handle it and move on.

Ellen --

no, Sam, you just listen
to what I'm telling you, okay?

Right, okay.

You know why
i love this life?


It's all Black and white.

There's no maybe.

You find the bad thing --
kill it.

Most people spend their lives
in shades of Gray.

Is this right?
Is that wrong?

Not us.

Not sure Sammy would agree
with you, but, uh...

Doesn't seem like
your brother's much like us.

I'm not saying he's wrong --
just different.

You and me,
we were born to do this.

It's in our blood.

Step back, eli.

My name's lenore.
I'm not gonna hurt you.

We just need to talk.

Talk? Yeah, okay.

But i might have a tough time
paying attention to much

besides eli's teeth.

He won't hurt you, either.
You have my word.

Your word?
Oh, yeah, great, thanks.

Lady, no offense, but you're not
the first vampire I've met.

We're not like the others.

We don't kill humans,
and we don't drink their blood.

We haven't for a long time.

Is this some joke?
Notice you're still alive.

Okay, uh, correct me
if I'm wrong here,

but shouldn't you be
starving to death?

We found other ways --
cattle blood.

You're telling me you're
responsible for all the --

it's not ideal.
In fact, it's disgusting.

But it allows us
to get by.

Okay. Uh, why?


No deaths, no missing locals,

no reason for people like you to
come looking for people like us.

And we blend in.

Our kind
is practically extinct.

It turns out,

we weren't as High up
the food chain as we imagined.

Why are we explaining ourselves
to this killer?

We choke on cow's blood
so that none of them suffer.

Tonight, they murdered Conrad,
and they celebrated.

Eli, that's enough.

Yeah, eli, that's enough.

What's done is done.

We're leaving
this town tonight.

Then, why did you bring me here?
Why are you even talking to me?

Believe me, I'd rather not.

But i know your kind.

Once you have the scent,
you'll keep tracking us.

It doesn't matter
where we go.

Hunters will find us.

So you're asking us
not to follow you.

We have a right to live.
We're not hurting anyone.

Right, so you keep saying.

But give me one good reason
why i should believe you.


You know
what I'm going to do?

I'm going to let you go.

Take him back.

Not a mark on him.

[ engine turns over ]

This is the best pattern
i can establish.

It's sketchy, at best.

Looks like it's all coming
from this side of town,

which means the nest would be
around here someplace, right?

that's what I'm thinking.

Problem is,
there's 35, 40 farms out there.

I searched about half of them
already but nothing yet.

They're covering their tracks
real good.

I guess we'll just
have to search the other half.

What time is it?
Where is Sam?

Car's parked outside.

Probably went for a walk.

Seems like
the take-a-walk type.

Yeah, he is, but...

Where you been?

Can i talk to you alone?

You mind chilling out
for a couple of minutes?

Dean, maybe we got to rethink
this hunt.

What are you
talking about?

Where were you?

[ sighs ]

In the nest.

You found it?

They found me, man.

How did you get out?

How many did you kill?


they didn't just let you go.

That's exactly
what they did.

All right,
well, where is it?

I was blindfolded.
I don't know.
You got to know something.

We went over that bridge
outside of town, but we
shouldn't go after them.

Why not?
I don't think
they're like other vampires.

I don't think
they're killing people.

You're joking.

Then, how do they stay alive
or undead

or whatever the hell
they are?

The cattle mutilations.

They said they live
off of animal blood.

And you believed them?

Look at me, Dean.

They let me go
without a scratch.

Wait, so you're saying --

no, man. No way.

I don't know why they
let you go. I don't really care.

We find them,
and we waste them.


What part of vampires
don't you understand, Sam?

If it's supernatural,
we kill it. That's our job.

No, Dean, that is not our job.
Our job is hunting evil.

And if these things
aren't killing people,

they're not evil.

Of course, they're killing
people. That's what they do.

They're all the same, Sam.
They're not human, okay?

We have to exterminate
every last one of them.

No, Dean, i don't think so,
all right? Not this time.

Gordon's been on those vamps
for a year. He knows.

Gordon? You're taking
his word for it?

That's right.
Ellen says he's bad news.

You called Ellen?

And I'm supposed
to listen to her?

We barely know her, Sam.
No thanks. I'll go with Gordon.

Right, 'cause Gordon's
such an old friend.

You don't think i can see
what this is?

What are you talking about?

He's a substitute for dad.
A poor one.

Shut up, Sam.

He's not even close, Dean,
not on his best day.

You slap on this fake smile,
but i can see right through it

'cause i know how you feel,

Dad's dead.

And he left a hole, and it hurts
so bad you can't take it.

But you can't just fill up that
hole with whoever you want to.

It's an insult to his memory.


You can hit me all you want.

It won't change anything.

I'm going to that nest.

You don't want to tell me
where it is. Fine.

I'll find it myself.



You think
he went after them?


we have to stop him.

'Cause i say we lend a hand.

Just give me the benefit
of the doubt, would you?

You owe me that.

Yeah, we'll see.

I'll drive.
Give me the keys.

He snaked the keys.

[ engine sputters ]
I can't believe this.

I just fixed her up, too.

[ engine turns over ]

So, the bridge,
is that all you got?

The bridge was 4 1/2 minutes
from their farm.

How do you know?

I counted.

Took a left
out of the farm,

then turned right
onto a dirt road,

followed that
for two minutes slightly uphill

then took another quick right,
and we hit the bridge.

You're good.

You're a monster
pain in the ass...

...but you're good.

In the truck, thank you.

We can't leave like this.

Lenore, listen to me.

We need to stay and fight.

They were my friends, too, eli,
my family.

That's not
what I'm talking about.

This is self-defense --
kill or be killed.

They can't hunt us
if they're dead.

Killing those three
wouldn't solve anything.

There's more
where they came from.

We're outnumbered.

This...this is all we can do.

Try and reason --

you can't reason
with these people.

They're gonna
kill us all anyway.

We should at least take
a few of them with us.

I'm not giving up hope.

If we can change,
they can change.

Now, go into town
and gather the others.

We leave before sunrise.

Dead man's blood, bitch.

Sam, Dean, come on in.

Gordon, what's going on?

Just poisoning lenore here
with some dead man's blood.

She's gonna tell us where
all her friends are, aren't you?

Want to help?

Look, man --
grab a knife.

I was just about to start in
on the fingers.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hey,
let's all just chill out, huh?

I'm completely chill.
put the knife down.

It sounds like
it's Sam here needs to chill.

Just step away from her,
all right?

You're right.

I'm wasting my time here.

This bitch will never talk.

Might as well put her
out of her misery.

I just sharpened it,
so it's completely humane.

I'm letting her go.

You're not doing
a damn thing.

Dean: Hey, hey.

let's talk about this.

What's there to talk about?

It's like i said, Dean --
no shades of Gray.

Yeah, i hear you.

And i know how you feel.
Do you?

The vampire that killed your
sister deserved to die, but --

[ chuckles ]

Killed my sister.

That filthy fang
didn't kill my sister.

It turned her,
made her one of them.

So i hunted her down,
and i killed her myself.

You did what?

It wasn't my sister anymore.
It wasn't human.

I didn't blink.

And neither would you.

So you knew all along, then.

You knew the vampires
weren't killing anyone.

You knew about the cattle,
and you just didn't care.

Care about what?

A nest of vampires
suddenly acting nice,

taking a little time out
from sucking innocent people,

and we're supposed
to buy that?

Trust me.

It doesn't change
what they are.

And i can prove it.

[ gun cocks ]

Let him go.



If i wanted to kill him,
he'd be on the floor.

Just making a point.

[ gasping ]

[ hissing ]


Think she's so different?

[ hissing ]

Still want to save her?
Look at her.

They're all the same --
evil, bloodthirsty.



You hear her, Gordon?



We're done here.

Sam, get her out of here.

Unh-unh. Unh-unh.

Gordon, i think you and i
got some things to talk about.

Get out of my way.


You're not serious.

I'm having a hard time
believing it, too,

but i know what i saw.

If you want those vampires,
you got to go through me.


What are you doing, man?

You doing this for a fang?

Come on, Dean,
we're on the same side here.

I don't think so,
you sadistic bastard.

You're not
like your brother.

You're a killer like me.


Oh, sorry.

You know, i might be like you,
i might not.

But you're the one
tied up right now.

I miss anything?

Eh, not much.

Lenore get out okay?

Yeah, all of them did.

Then, i guess our work here
is done.

How are you doing, gordie?

Got to tinkle yet?

All right.

Well, get comfy.

We'll call someone
in two or three days,

have them come out
and untie you.

Ready to go, Dean?

Not yet.

I guess this is goodbye.

Well, it's --
it's been real.

[ sniffles ]

[ clears throat ]


I'm good now.

We can go.

[ chuckles ]



Clock me one.


Come on.
I won't even hit you back.

Let's go.

[ chuckles ]


Let's go.
You get a freebie.

Hit me. Come on.

You look like
you just went 12 rounds

with a block of cement,

I'll take a rain check.

I wish
we never took this job.

It just
jacked everything up.

What do you mean?

Think about all the hunts we
went on, Sammy, our whole lives.

What if we killed things
that didn't deserve killing?

You know?
I mean, the way dad raised us.

after what happened to mom... did the best he could.

I know he did.

But maybe he wasn't perfect.

And the way he raised us,
to hate those things --

and, man, i hate them.

I do.

When i killed that vampire
at the mill,

i didn't even think about it.

Hell, i even enjoyed it.

You didn't kill lenore.

but every instinct told me to.

I was gonna kill her.
I was gonna kill them all.

Yeah, Dean, but you didn't,
and that's what matters.


'Cause you're
a pain in my ass.

[ chuckles ]

I guess i might
have to stick around

to be a pain in the ass, then.


Don't mention it.