Supernatural (2005–…): Season 2, Episode 21 - All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1 - full transcript

The Yellow Eyed Demon transports Sam, Andy, and Ava along with other "Special Children" Jake and Lily to the remains of a ghost town to initiate the first steps of his war against mankind. ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Storm's coming. And you boys,
you are smack in the middle of it.

You know the truth about
Sammy and the other children.

SAM: Andrew Gallagher.
-Ava Wilson.

-I didn't hurt anybody.
-Not yet.

Max, your abilities started
seven months ago, right?

-How'd you know that?
SAM: The same thing killed our mothers.

-You and I were chosen.
-For what?

I don't know.

I saw this guy die,
days before it happened.

SAM: You can make people do things.
You can tell them what to think.

-Cherry ride. Can I have it?
-Sure, man.

You must be one of us. The psychics.

Screw you, buddy, because I'm a secretary
from Peoria and I'm not part of anything.

This demon tells me they have soldiers
to fight in this coming war.

Psychics fighting on hell's side.

The yellow-eyed man tells me
to do things, awful things.

-He told me he's got big plans.
-Maybe this is his plan.

-Maybe we're all supposed to be--
-What? Killers? Give me a break.

No one's heard anything about Ava.
She just into thin air, you know.

-It's sulfur.

The demon's been here.

There's something big and bad coming.
Their side holds all the cards.

You can't run from this.
And you can't protect me.

Damn it, Sam, this whole thing is
spinning out of control.


Don't forget the extra onions
this time, huh?


...I'm the one who's gonna have to ride
in the car with your extra onions.

Hey, see if they got any pie.

Bring me some pie.

I love me some pie.





















What are you doing here?
What am I doing here?

-I don't know. Just--
-Where are we?

-Andy, look, calm down.
-I can't calm down.

I have just woke up
in frigging Frontierland.

What's the last thing you remember?



My fourth bong-load.

It was weird.

All of a sudden, there was this
really intense smell, like, uh--

-Like sulfur?
-How did you know that?

-Your brother, is he here?

I don't know where he is.

I don't know if he's--


Help me, please. I'm locked in here.


Help. Help me.

SAM: Okay. Okay. I'm here.
We're gonna get you out, all right?

-Just hold on a second.
WOMAN: Please.


-All right, one second.
WOMAN: Please.

-Oh, my God. Sam.


-I guess you know each other.

How did you--? I mean--

-Ava, have you been here this whole time?
-What whole time?

-I just woke up in there a half an hour ago.
-Well, you've been gone for five months.

My brother and I have been looking
for you everywhere.

Okay, that's impossible,
because I saw you two days ago.

You didn't. I'm sorry.

But that makes no sense. It's--

Oh, my God.

My fiancé, Brady, if I've been missing
for that long, he must be freaking out.



Andy. Also freaking out.

Okay. What's happening?

I don't know. I don't really know yet.

But I know one thing. I know what
the three of us have in common.

Hello? Is anybody there?

-Maybe more than three.



-Hey, are you guys all right?
-I think so.

I'm Sam.

-I'm Jake.

-Are there any more of you?

How did we even get here?
A minute ago I was in San Diego.

Well, if it makes you feel any better,
I went to sleep last night in Afghanistan.

Let me take a wild guess.
You two are both 23?

We all are. And we all have abilities.

-It started a little over a year ago...

...when you found you could do things.
Things you didn't think were possible.

I have visions.
I see things before they happen.

Yeah, me too.

I can put thoughts into people's heads,
like, make them do stuff.

But don't worry,
I don't think it works on you guys.

Oh, but get this, um,
I've been practicing.

Training my brain,
like meditation, right?

So now, it's not just thoughts
I can beam out but images too.

Like, anything I want.
It's like, bam! People, they see it.

This one guy I know, total dick.

I used it on him.

Gay porn, all hours of the day.

It's just like--
You should have seen the look on his face.

Oh, okay.

So you go, "Simon says give me
your wallet," and they do?

You have visions? That's great.
I'd kill for something like that.

-Lily, listen. It's okay.
-No, it's not.

I touch people...

...their hearts stop.

I can barely leave my house.

My life's not exactly improved.

So screw you.

-I just wanna go home.
-And what, we don't?

-Don't talk to me like that--
SAM: Hey.

Look, whether we like it or not,
we're all here.

And so we all have to deal with this.

Who brought us here?

It's less of a who. It's more of a what.

What does that mean?

It's, uh--


It's a demon.


This is it.

All demonic signs and omens
over the past month.

-You're joking, there's nothing here.

Come on. There's gotta be something.
What about the normal, low-level stuff?

-Exorcisms, that kind of thing.
-That's what I'm telling you. Nothing.

It's completely quiet.

How we supposed to look for Sam?
Close our eyes and point?


Ash, what do you got?

Okay, listen, it's a big negatory on Sam.

Come on, you gotta give us something.
We're looking at a 3000-mile haystack here.

Listen, Dean...

...I did find something.

Well, what?

I can't talk over this line, Dean.

-Come on, I don't have time for this.
-Make time.

Okay, because this--

What's up? What's going on?

Not only does this almost definitely help
you find your brother, this is....

It's huge.

So get here. Now.

I guess we're going to the Roadhouse.
Come on.


So we're soldiers in a demon war
to bring on the Apocalypse?

When you put it like that.

-And we've been picked?

-Why us?
-I'm not sure.

-Okay, but look, I just know--

I'm sorry, psychics and spoon bending
is one thing. But demons?

I know it sounds crazy.

-It doesn't just sound it.
-I really don't care what you think.

If we're all gathered here
that means it's starting. We gotta--

The only thing I gotta do is stay away
from wack jobs, okay?

I've heard enough.
I'm better off on my own.

FYI, so are you.

Jake. Hold on.






It's all right. Don't be scared.

Are you lost?




Get back.


Just so you know?

That was a demon.

That thing, I'm not sure,
but I think it was an Acheri.

A demon that disguises itself
as a little girl.

Still doesn't tell us where we are.

-Andy, are you with me or what?
-Give me a minute.

I'm still working through
"demons are real."


I've seen that bell before.

I think I know where we are now.

Cold Oak, South Dakota.

A town so haunted,
every single resident fled.

Swell. Good to know
we're somewhere so historical.

Why in the world would that demon
or whatever put us here?

I'm wondering the same thing.

You know what? It doesn't matter.

Clearly, the only sane thing to do
here is get the hell out of Dodge.

Wait, hold on. Lily, the only way out's
through miles of woods.

Beats hanging out with demons.

Lily, look, we don't know
what's going on yet.

We don't even know how many
of them are out there right now.

-Yeah, he's right. We should just--
-Don't say we.

I'm not part of we. I have nothing
in common with any of you.

-Okay, look, look, I know that--
-You don't know anything.


I accidentally touched my girlfriend.

I'm sorry.


I feel like I'm in a nightmare
and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

I've lost people too.

I have a brother out there
right now. I--

He could be dead for all I know.

We're all in bad shape.

But I'm telling you, the best way out of this
is to stick together.


SAM: We're looking for iron, silver, salt,
any kind of weapon.

-Salt is a weapon?
-It's a brave new world.

Well, hopefully there's food in your world
because I'm frigging starving.


What the hell?

My God.

You see Ellen?


No Ash either.

Oh, Ash. Damn it.



Hey. You all right?

Yeah. I'm just--

I don't know, a little dizzy.

-Are you sure it's not some kind of--
-What? Some kind of freaky vision thing?

No. More like, I'd kill for a sandwich.

I haven't eaten since--

Well, who knows.

No, it's-- Don't worry. I'm fine,
except for every thing that's happening.


You guys? I found something.


SAM: That's great, Andy.

Now we all--

Where's Lily?




Oh, my God.

Okay, that's--

That's officially--

Sam, she's dead, she's dead.

You said we were chosen for a reason.
That is not chosen. That's...


Okay, yup.
We have to get out of here.

-Yeah, I second that emotion.
-Not sure that's an option.

-Lily was trying to leave.

The demon's not gonna let us
get away that easy.

We gotta gear up for the next attack.

-Oh. Gear up?

Okay, well, I'm not a soldier.
I can't do that.

Look, if you wanna stay alive,
you're gonna have to.

Let's go.

I'll get her down.


You know, I'm just thinking about
how much Dean would help right now.

I'd give my arm for a working phone.

You know, you may not need one.

I, uh-- I mean, I've never tried it
long distance before.

But do you have anything of Dean's on you?
Like something he touched?


-I got a-- I got a receipt. Will that work?

"D. Hasselhoff?"

Yeah. That's Dean's signature. It--

It's hard to explain.

All right.

This is--

What the hell did Ash know?

We got no way of knowing
where Ellen is or if she's even alive.

We got no clue what Ash was gonna tell us.
Now how the hell are we gonna find Sam?

We'll find him.



What was that?


I don't know. Headache.

You get headaches like that a lot?



Must be the stress.


I could have swore I saw something.

What do you mean, like-- Like a vision?
Like what Sam gets?

-What? No.
-I'm just saying.

Come on, I'm not some psychic.




Are you with me?

Yeah, I think so.

I saw Sam.

I saw him, Bobby.

It was a vision.

I don't know how.

But, yeah. Hoo.

That was about as fun
as getting kicked in the jewels.

What else did you see?


-There was a bell.
-What kind of bell?

Uh, like a big bell with...

...some kind of engraving on it,
I don't know.


Was it a tree? Like an oak tree?

Yeah. Exactly.

I know where Sam is.


I'm-- I'm not Superman or anything.
It's no big deal.

-You were in Afghanistan when this started?
-Yeah, I started getting headaches.

And then, uh...

...there was this accident.
This guy flipped his vehicle on a bad road.

He got pinned underneath.

I lifted it off him like it was nothing.

Everybody said it was
a fluke adrenaline thing.

-But then you did it again, right?
-Bench pressed 800 pounds...

...stone-cold calm.

I never told anybody, of course.
It's just too crazy.

Yeah, but crazy's relative.

I'm starting to get that.


By the way, I, uh-- I appreciate
what you're doing here.

-What am I doing?
-Keeping calm.

Keeping them calm.

Especially considering how freaked
to hell you really are.

I've been in some deep crap before myself.
I know the look.

You wanna know the truth?

I got this brother, right? He's always telling
me how he's gonna watch out for me... everything's gonna be okay,
kind of like I'm telling them.


I don't know if I believe it this time.

I mean, the size of what's coming.

It's bigger than anyone's ever seen.

I mean, it's gonna get bad.

And I-- I don't know if--

If we're gonna make it?

Doesn't matter if we believe it.

Only matters that they do.


My horoscope said
I shouldn't have gotten out of bed.


How you doing?

-Holding up?
-I'm okay.

What about you?

Not so okay.

Why us, Sam?

What did we do to deserve this?

Just lucky I guess.

Wasn't for bad luck,
wouldn't have no luck at all.


I just can't wait for this all to be over
so I can just pretend it never happened.

I just want to curl up with Brady
and watch bad TV.

What is it?


Do you...

...know something that I don't?

Look, Ava. I--

-I'm sorry, I wish I didn't have to tell you.
-Tell me what?

When the demon...

...broke into your house to take you...

...your fiancé didn't make it.

I'm sorry.

No, it's--


Jake. Behind you.

Howdy, Sam.

I'm dreaming.

What do you say... and I take a little walk?

You're awfully quiet, Sam.

You're not mad at me, are you?

-I'm gonna tear you to shreds, I swear.

When you wake up, tiger,
you give it your best shot.

-Where's my brother?
-Quit worrying about Dean.

I'd worry more about yourself.

What, you gonna kill me?

I'm trying to help you.
That's why we're talking.

You're the one I'm rooting for.

What's that supposed to mean?

Welcome to the Miss America Pageant.

Why do you think you're here?
This is a competition.

Only one of you crazy kids
is gonna make it out of here alive.

-I thought we were supposed to be--
-Soldiers in a coming war? That's true.

You are. But here's the thing.

I don't need soldiers.

I need soldier.

I just need the one.

-Well, I couldn't just say that, could I Sam?

I had to let everyone think
they had a fighting chance.

But what I need... a leader.

To lead who?

Oh, I've already got my army.

Or, I will...

...soon anyway.

You son of a bitch.

Honestly, I'm surprised
you hadn't guessed.

I mean, why do you think so many
children flamed out already?

Max Miller and Andy's brother,

They weren't strong enough.

I'm looking for the best and brightest...

...of your generation.

My generation?


There's other generations.
But let's just worry about yours.

That's why I'm here, Sam.
I wanna give you the inside track.

You're tough, you're smart,
you're well-trained.

Thanks to your daddy.



You're my favorite.

You ruined my life.

You killed everyone I love.

The cost of doing business, I'm afraid.

I mean...

...sweet little Jessica?

She just had to die.

You were all set to marry
that little blond thing.

Become a tax lawyer with two kids,
a beer gut and a McMansion in the suburbs.

I needed you sharp, on the road,
honing your skills...

...your gifts.

What about my mom?

-That was bad luck.
-Bad luck?

She walked in on us.
Wrong place, wrong time.

-What does that mean?
-It wasn't about her. It was about you.

It's always been about you.



Okay. You caught me... a charitable mood.

I'll show you.

Look familiar? It should.


Relax, Sam. This is just
a hi-def instant replay. Enjoy the show.


Is he hungry?




What did I just tell you, Sam,
she can't hear you.

This isn't real.

-What the hell are you doing to me?
-Better than mother's milk.

Does this mean I have...

...demon blood in me?


Answer me.

-It's you.
-She knew you.




I don't think you wanna see
the rest of this.


Sam. Wake up.

Ava's missing.

I'll take the barn and the hotel,
you take the houses.

All right. Meet back here
in 10 minutes, okay?




Where'd you go?

-Didn't you hear us yelling?
-Yeah, I heard you.

What are you doing?







Sam. I just found him like this.

-What happened?
-I don't know.

How'd that thing get in?

Where were you?

I just went to get
some water from the well.

I was only gone maybe,
like, two minutes.

You shouldn't have gone outside.
Ava, we have to stay in here.

Who did that?

-I don't know, maybe Andy--
-Andy wouldn't do that.

Ava, that line wasn't broken when I left.

-Why? You don't think that I--

I'll tell you what I think. Five months.

You're the only one with all that time
you can't account for.

And that headache you got.

-Right when the demon got Lily.
-What are you trying to say?

-What happened to you?


I had you going though, didn't I?


I've been here a long time. And not alone,
either. People just keep showing up.

Children, like us.

Batches of three or four at a time.

You killed them? All of them?

I'm the undefeated heavyweight champ.

Oh, my God.

Don't think God has much
to do with this, Sam.

How could you?

I had no choice.

It was me or them.
After a while, it was easy.

It was even kind of fun.

-I just stopped fighting it.
-Fighting what?

Who we are, Sam.

If you just quit your hand-wringing
and open yourself up... have no idea what you can do.

The learning curve is so fast, it's crazy.
The switches that just flip in your brain.

I can't believe I started out
just having dreams.

Do you know what I can do now?

Control demons.


You are quick on the draw.

I'm sorry, Sam...

...but it's over.

It looks like the rest
of the way's on foot.

Let's go.

-I think we can make it out of here now.
-But the Acheri demon--

No, no. Ava was summoning it,
controlling it.

It shouldn't come back
now that she's dead. We gotta go.

Not we, Sam.

Only one of us is getting out of here.
I'm sorry.

-I-- I had a vision.

That Yellow-Eyed demon or whatever.
He talked to me. He told me how it was.

-Oh, no Jake, you can't listen to him--
-Sam, he's not letting us go.

Only one.

Now, we don't play along,
he'll kill us both.

Now, I like you, man, I do.

But do the math here.
What good's it do for both of us to die?

Now, I can get out of here.
I get close to the demon.

-I can kill the bastard.
-You come with me, we kill him together.

-How do I know you won't turn on me?
-I won't.

I don't know that.

Okay. Look.

Just come with me, Jake.

Don't do this.

Don't play into what it wants.






Sam. Look out.





Sam. Sam.

Sam. Hey.

Hey, come here. You're okay, champ.

Hey. Look. Look at me.
It's not even that bad.

It's not even that bad, right?

Sammy? Sam. Hey, listen to me.
We're gonna patch you up, okay?

You'll be good as new. Huh?

I'm gonna take care of you.

I got you. It's my job, right?

Watch out for my pain-in-the-ass
little brother.


Sam. Sam.


No. No, no, no.

Oh, God.

Oh, God.