Supernatural (2005–…): Season 2, Episode 19 - Folsom Prison Blues - full transcript

When an old block is reopened in the Green River County Detention Center after thirty years, a fiend is released, killing the inmates. Three months later, Dean and Sam are arrested during a...

Dad wants us to pick
up where he left off

Saving people, hunting things...

The family business.

You were the bank robber
on the 11:00 news, not me.

Yeah. This is special
gent Victor Hendrickson.

It's my job to bring you in
alive's a bonus but not necessary.

I've been looking for you for weeks now.

And, yes, I know about sam, too.

I know about the murder in st. Louis,
the houdini act you pulled in baltimore.

I know about the
desecrations and the thefts.

I know about your dad.

You don't know crap about my dad.

We are so screwed.

So, this makes a lot of sense.

First, they close down this cellblock,
and now they open it back up again.

There's your tax dollars at work.

You got that ready?


Would hate to have
gotten thrown in here.

Hey, you feel that, man?

Who is that?


Hey, guard! Hey!

Come on, man!

Hey! Guard!

Come here! Hey!

Going down to "b" block.
Randall again. Copy that.

Hey! Guard, hey! Shut up

Come on, randall, I'm trying to sleep.
You're telling me you didn't see that?

Are you blind?Hey!

Randall, cool it.
"Cool it," my ass, man.

There's somebody out there. Randall,
turn out your light and go to sleep.

I'm not gonna say it again.

Lights out, "b" block.
Copy that. Lights out


No! No!No! No!


No! No! No!

No! No! Nooo!Aah! Nooooo!

This way.

I hate this plan, dean. Yeah, I got
that the first 10 times I heard it.


I said, "freeze"!

Put your hands behind your
head! Get down on your knees.


To the front.

To the right.

I call this one the blue steel.

Yeah, that's right.

Okay, back to the line up.

Wait, who looks better,
me or nick nolte? Shut up.

Well, it's about time.I'll
have a cheeseburger.

Extra onions.

You think yo're fine.
I think I'm adorable.

It is a pleasure to finally
meet you in person, dean.

I'm special agent Victor Hendrickson.
This is my partner special agent Reidy.


Not the milwaukee agent
Hendrickson. Live and in person.

Oh, nice shot.

You can hang that up in
your cell at supermax.

Maybe we can just forget
the cheeseburgers, huh?

Oh, yeah. Keep that game face on.

Try and cover up how cornered you are.

Read him the charges.

You got mail fraud, credit
card fraud. Grave desecration.

Skip to the good ones.

Armed robbery, kidnapping, and, oh,

Three counts of first degree murder.

And after milwaukee, your brother is
now a suspect in a murder case himself.

I'd say, for you two

"Screwed to hell" is
a major understatement.

Well, where there's
life, there's hope, huh?

Aw. See, that's what I kept thinking as I was
searching for your asses all over hell and gone.

Your dad taught you well.

The way you cover your tracks,
and, after milwaukee, the way you


Near went nuts trying
to find you. Ask him.

He near went nuts.

And after all of that, you get
tripped upon a motion detector.

Pretty rookie move.
I got to say, I was...


Dean winchester? In the flesh.

And you are? Mara daniels
public defender's office.

I've been assigned you
and your brother's case.

Are you hendrickson? Yeah,
and we're not quite done here.

Uh, yeah, you are, and
if you don't mind...

I would like to meet
with my clients privately.

Unfortunately, your arraignment
on the breaking and entering charge

Won't be until tuesday.

They'll keep us in
county jail? That's right.

Green river county detention center? Yes

And considering the
charges you're facing,

No judge in his right mind
is going to grant you bail.

Yeah, we figured that.

Extradition papers have already
been filed from five separate states,

Missouri and wisconsin being the biggest
concern the bank robbery and the murder raps.

How long can we stall extradition?

A week. Maybe less.

All right.Let's go.

Don't worry, sam. I promise
I won't trade you for smokes.

I call top bunk.


My roommate doesn't
say much. How's yours?

Just keeps staring at me...

In a way that makes me really uneasy.

Sounds like you're making
new friends. Dean...

This is, without a doubt, the
dumbest, craziest thing we've ever done

And that's in a long, storied
career of dumb and crazy.

Calm down. It's all part
of the plan. Oh, really?

Hendrickson showing up
was part of the plan?

Yeah, that guy moves a
little faster than I thought.

All we got to do is find this ghost

Put the sucker down, then grab ourselves
a couple of those tear drop tattoos.

That's not funny.

Dean, what about this escape plan?

It's a sure thing. I wouldn't
have gone in if it wasn'T.

I mean, come on, man.This place
has all the signs of a haunting.

Innocent people are dead four
so far. Oh, yeah. Innocent.

What, are you from
texas all of a sudden?

Just 'cause these people are in
jail doesn't mean they deserve to die

And if we don't stop this thing,
people are gonna continue to die.

We do the job wherever
it takes us. Look, dean.

Just be straight with me, all right?

You're doing this for
deacon? Damn right.

But we barely even know the guy.

We know he was in the corps with dad. We
know he saved dad's life. We know we owe him.

Yeah, all right. But don't you
think he's asking a little much?

Doesn't matter.

We may not be saints, but we're
loyal, and we pay our debts.

Now, that means something to
me, and it ought to to you.

I'm not thrilled about this either, man,

But deacon asked upto
hunt this thing down.

That's exactly what we're gonna do.

You know, this chicken isn't
half bad. Great. Finish mine.

All right, so let's go backover this, dean.
Spirit suspect number oneis mark moody, right?

Yeah, psycho killer extraordinaire

Satanism, ritual murderer, died in jail.

You sure it's him? Pretty sure.

Dean, considering our circumstances,
I'm gonna need better than "pretty sure."

Really pretty sure.

Moody diedof a heart attack, which is
what all the victims in here are dying of.

He died in the old cell block,which they
closed after he croaked, 30 years ago.

They just opened that back up.
That's when the killings started.

So you think his spirit
was released somehow?

But what if he was already cremated?

I'm guessing there's something in the
old block that's keeping him around.

And what ever it is, we got to find it.
And, uh, you know the rest. I'm done.

Sorry. I watch where you're going.

Yeah. Sure.I just

He said he was sorry. Dean...

You talking to me?

Are you talking to me?

Great, another guy who's seen"taxi driver"
too many times. Yeah, I'm talking to you.

Trust me.Let it go.

Dean, come on.

See, that's how you got
to talk to these guys.

Instant respect.

You were saying?

Oh, great.

That's enough!

On your feet, lucas.

Yes, sir, boss.

What's your name? Winchester.

Well, winchester... not a good start.


You too, lucas. Yes,sir.

Are we having fun yet,huh?

I wish I had a baseball.

What? What'd you say?

I said, "I wish I had a baseball."

You know, like like steve mcqueen. Yeah?

Well, I wish I had a bat so I
could bash your fricking head in.


Well, so much for the
bonding in solitary moment.


Lucas, listen to me.Stay very still.

Hey, daniels.

Can I have a word? Have a seat.

What's on your mind? I've been
going through the winchester charges

And I got to say

There are some weird in
consistencies. Welcome to my world.

I talked to a cop in baltimore
who swears up and down

These boys saved her life
and helped her catch a killer.

And there's a witness to your bank robbery in
milwaukee. She swears sam and dean saved her life.

Saved her from what? She
was a little unclear on that.

That's because she's nuts.

Look, I was in milwaukee. I spoke
to her. I spoke to all the witnesses.

And? And

All I know is,wherever
these guys go, people die.

It's that simple. I
don't know that it is.

They just don't seem
cut and dry guilty to me.

I think there's more to this. Like what?

I don't know.

Can't put my finger on it.

It's just...

Strange. Strange.

Yeah. Okay.

Grown ups are trying to get
some work done here, so...

If you don't mind...

How you doing?

I'm 54 years old, mopping the floor
of a crapper with bars on the windows.

How you think I'm doing?

All right. Bad icebreaker.

I'm sam. Randall.

Nice to meet you.Randall.

Hey, weren't you there the
night that guard died? Yeah.

Well, what happened?

They say the stress of
the job got him. Yeah?

What do you say?

Why are you inside, kid?

'Cause I got an idiot for a brother.

That'll do it. Yeah.

Well, this place ain't so bad. Compared to
the old cellblock, this is the damn hilton.

You spent time in the old block?
Oh, yeah, I was a regular customer.

Didn't they have mark moody
there for a while? He was there.

I was there, too, the night
that lunatic bought it.

Yeah? It was a heart attack, right?

Sure, his heart stopped right after the guard
stopped using his head for batting practice.

The next morning, I was in his cell,
mopping up the blood. What a mess.

Wait. So he he was beaten
and nobody reported it?

You kept your mouth shut, unless you wanted
to die from the same heart attack, you know?

Randall, exactly how
much blood was there?

Call. Three aces.

That's a bad beat.

That is a bad beat,
but, see, I'm full...

3s over aces.

Sorry. Hey, it's a
cruel game, my friend.

Sorry, guys.

It's like picking low hanging
fruit. You don't even smoke.

This is the currency of the realm.

Look. I got a good
lead on moody. Me too.

His spirit paid a little
visit last night. What?

The clock stopped, the flickering lights, cold
spot I mean, he did everything but yell boo.

Well, what happened?
He walked right by me.

Lucas wasn't so lucky. I mean,
the way he was screaming...

Guy was a jerk, but he didn't
deserve to go like that.

What'd you find out on moody?

Yeah, I think I know where
we might find his remains

Blood in his old cell. The blood?
I thought it was a heart attack.

It was, after the
guards worked him over.

I mean, there was so much bloodin
there, they had trouble mopping it out.

How we gonna get in? I got a plan.

That's the sammy I know.You're like clint
eastwood from "escape from alcatraz."

The problem is if even if we do find
something, how are we gonna burn it?

We don't have any accelerant.

Good thing I'm like james
garner from "the great escape."

Hey, fellas! Who's ready to deal?

You sure about this? Pretty sure.

Yeah, well, considering our circumstances,
I'd like a little better than "pretty sure."

Okay really pretty sure.

I'd like mine al dente.


Save room for dessert,tiny.

Hey, I wanted to ask you, 'cause I couldn't
help but notice that you are two tons of fun.

Just curious is it like a thyroid problem,or
is it some deep seated self-Esteem issue?

'Cause, you know, they're,
uh they're just dough nuts.

They're not love.

Guys, give me a hand.

If we'd waited any longer,you'd be dead.

You waited long enough.

Do yourself a favor.Don't talk.

Take them both up to the infirmary.

Hey, tiny. Yeah?

Hey, sorry about the
things I was saying earlier.

Can't really tell you why
but I had to get you angry.

So, uh...

Anyway, sorry. It's okay.

Truth is, I have low
self-Esteem issues.

My old man treated meand
my brother like crap,

Right up till the day he died.

How'd he die? My brother shot him.


Oh, crap. What is it?

What is going on?

What is it?

Oh! No! No! Tiny! Tiny!



Wait. So you're telling
me it wasn't moody?

Not unless he liked going
around dressed like a nurse.

Poor tiny, man.Poor giant tiny.
Wait, so this is this is, like

The ghost of some nurse who worked here
or something? I don't know, man.I guess.

At this point, "I don't
know" isn't working for me.

See, uh,I thought we were done.
I called Deacon.It's happening.

We're getting out tonight.

I guess we got to do
some quick research, then.

How?! I mean, maybe you haven't noticed

We're in jail.

You want to know about some nurse?

Why you want to know?
We got our reasons,

But, uh, we'll make it worth your while.

So, this nurse,she would have white hair,one
screwed up eye is that ringing a bell?

Yeah.Yeah, I remember
her. You remember her name?

No, that's still kind of fuzzy.

Give it to him.

I earned these. Dean.

Glockner nurse glockner. Nasty
old bitch worked here in the '70s.

You knew her? I met her once.

Had to geta tetanus shot.She damn
near jabbed the needle through my arm.

At least I got out of there
alive. What do you mean?

I've heard these stories.I
don't know if they were true.

Cons love to talk,but we're
all liars. What kind of stories?

Guys would go up with a cold. Next
thing you know, they're in a body bag.

A whole rash of heart
attacks young guys, old guys.

Heart attacks? Yeah.

The story was glockner
had it out for cons

And she did this, uh,charles
bronson thing with a hypodermic.

Anyway, that was the rumor.
Nobody ever proved anything.

Whatever happened to
glockner? I don't know.

I finished my bit and left.Next time
I landed back in here,she was gone.

Okay, so let's say those
stories on glockner were true.

It's a thought.

But how is she tied in
with the old cellblock?

And if she's going after
cons,why kill that one guard?

I did hear in the yard that that
guard wasn't exactly squeaky clean,so

Maybe she's going after anybody
that breaks a law,like me.

You heard in the yard? Yeah.

Does it bother you at all how
easily you seem to fit in here?

No, not really.

All right. Either way,we
need more info on glockner.

If she's buried if so, where?

And we got five hours to get it.

No, no.Don't give me that "we got
to see this thing through" look.

We are leaving tonight,no matter what.

I don't want to let Deacon down.We do owe
him. Yeah,but we don't owe him our lives, dean.

Where you going?

I'm gonna go talk with our lawyer.

You want me to what?
Her name was glockner.

She worked here as a nurse in the '70s.

I need you to find out everything you
can about her but, most importantly

How she died and where
she's buried. Are you nuts?

Do you have any idea the
kind of trouble you're in?

I have a vague notion. Good

So let's forget about some random
nurse and talk about your case.

Mara it's mara, right? Yeah.

I get that you're trying to help me.

I do, but believe me when I say that
this is the best way that you can help.

Really? How?Explain that to
me. I wish I could,but I can'T.

I'm just gonna have to ask
you to trust me on this.

Why should I?

Hendrickson says you're
a monster. I'm a monster?

Well, hhe's wrong, okay?

I'm not what they say I am.

Everybody says that. Yeah.

If you're as smart a
P.D.As I think you are,

Then you can tell with just one look whether
or not your clients are guilty, just like that.

So I want you to look at me,really look,

And you tell me am I guilty?

We're not the bad guys.

Did she go for it? No. No, not so much.

But maybe she'll still come
around. We can't wait to find out.

We could give it another day. No, no,
no. We're leaving tonight, and that's it.

So we're just gonna let these people
die? Don't give me that,all right?

This was your stupid plan.I went along
with it,but we're sticking to the plan.

Okay.Uh, you leave.I'm gonna stay.

Don't turn away.Don't turn
away from me. Screw you.

What?!Screw you!

All right, hard case.I see the usual
methods ain't gonna work with you.

You too, sweetheart.

Take off.

I want to handle this alone.

Deacon, you are beating the
holy hell out of me, man.

Sorry, dean.

I thought I was going easy on you.

Just, uh,trying to make it look real.
Yeah. Well, mission accomplished.

Thanks. So, is it over?

No.Turns out, it wasn't moody. What?

Yeah. Then who?

Uh, we think it's some nurse who used to
work here,but we're shy on all the intel.

Which is why we should stick
around. Until we find it.

Oh,hey guys. You want to have
this fight for real, dean?

We got to go.We've got to go now!

Guys. We are leaving dean.

Otherwise, we'll be leaving in shackles
for milwaukee,with hendrickson as company.

Oh, come on. Guys!

What?! What?!

Your lawyer left this for you.

Would you look at that. Man,
I am freaking velvety smooth.

You want to, maybe,open it up after
you're done patting yourself on the back?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Wow. What?You want to
share with the class, dean?

Glockner died in the old
cellblock after moody bit it.

Seems they had a little inmate uprising.

She got caught in the middle.

They dragged her to a solitary cell
gave hera severe cerebral edema.

Someone bashed her head in. Yeah.

Does it say where she's buried? Yep.

All right, then, let's get
you the hell out of here.

Don't worry, Deacon.We'll
get rid of this thing.

Good, 'cause I want it out of my prison.

Boys, uh...

I can't thank you enough for this.

I know it was asking a lot
but you still came through.

Your daddy raised you right.

Well, we owed you. Right.

Hope to see you again,huh?
Just not in here,okay?

Yeah, we'll do our best.


Where do you want it? What?


Make it look real, son.

Oh, man, are you a sight for sore eyes.

You know, I almost wish I
could see hendrickson's face.

Really?'Cause I'd be happy
if I never saw him again.

We're not really out of the
woods yet, dean, you know? Yeah.

Good point.

I told you.One of
them came up behind me.

You let them get the drop on you. Yeah.

I screwed up, all right?
What do you want me to say?

I want to know where they're headed.

How the hell would I know?
Let's start over again.

For god's sake. Again

I want to know everything they did
today,from the minute they woke up.

Got up...

Breakfast,visiting hours,rec time.

Any visitors? Just their lawyer.

It's an easy question. What
did you and Dean talk about?

I have already told you.It was a private
conversation between me and my client.

Right, and three hours later
he just happened to bust out.

Now,tell me what he said.

We got to move it.If
hendrickson gets to the lawyer...

I thought she couldn't say anything you know,
that whole lawyer client privilege thing.

The privilege doesn't
apply, dean. So she'll talk?

She has to.

That's freaking super.

Let me make this simple.

You don't come clean,I will put you
on the hook for aiding and abetting.

That is ridiculous. You
don't think that I can?!

You think this is some
kind of game, lady?!

I am the last person
you want to screw with.

Now, tell me...

What he said.

He wanted me to do some research

On a prison nurse that
died in 1976. What? Why?

I don't know. What else?

They wanted to know where she was
buried. Did you find out where?

Yeah. Did you tell them?


Tell me.

Mountainside Cemetery

Got her.

You let those two go.

Are you sure this is
the right damn cemetery?

She said mountainside
mountainside cemetery.

Thought we were screwed
before? Yeah, I know.

We got to go deep this
time. "Deep," dean?

We should go to yemen. Ooh, I'm

I'm not sure I'm ready to go that deep.