Supernatural (2005–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - Roadkill - full transcript

Molly and her husband are driving along a long deserted highway at night when they come upon a farmer in the middle of the road who Molly tries unsuccessfully to not hit. Next thing she ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Storm's coming and you boys,
you are smack in the middle of it.

Dad wants us to pick up where
he left off. Saving people, hunting things.

- The family business.
- We gotta save as many people as we can.

Dean, you and I have seen things
most people couldn't even dream about.

If it's supernatural we kill it.
That's our job.

No, Dean, that is not our job.
Our job is hunting evil.

Well, they're all the same, Sam.
They're not human, okay?

We have to exterminate them.

Our lives are weird, man.

You're telling me.

- We're lost.
- No, this is a shortcut.

Babe, it's just we've been on this road
over an hour. We haven't seen a single car.

Molly, I know how to read
a frigging map, okay?

We passed that gas station.
Let's just go ask someone.

That was 40 minutes ago.
We're not turning around.

Come on.
Isn’t this argument a little archaic?

- Men can ask directions these days.
- Oh, no, no, we can't.

It's against our genetic code.
Look, I know exactly where we are.

Oh, yeah, where?

Highway 99, okay? It cuts right through.

Highway 99?

Okay, so we're taking the scenic route.


It's our anniversary and we're spending it
stuck in the car.

I know. I'm sorry.

Hey, let me make it up to you, okay?
Come here.

No. Stop. I'm mad at you.

Oh, come on, Molly.

Hey, you love me.

No, I don't. You're a jerk.

- David, I mean it.
- Ha, ha-- Molly!

Look out.










Is anyone here?


It's you.

You're okay. I'm so sorry.
I didn't see you there.

Are you--? Are you hurt?





You've gotta help me.

Please, please.

All right, all right, calm down. Calm down.
Tell us what happened.

I swerved and we crashed.
And when I came to...

...uh, the car was wrecked.
My husband was missing.

I went looking for him
but that's when the man from the road...

...he started chasing me.
He's-- He--

Did he look like he lost a fight
with a lawnmower?

How did you know that?

Lucky guess.

Ma'am, what's your name?

Molly. Molly McNamara.

Maybe you should come with us.
We'll take you back into town--

I can't. I have to find David.
He might've gone back to the car.

We should get you somewhere safe.
Dean and I will come back here.

- We'll look for your husband.
- No. I'm not leaving here without him.

Would you just take me back
to my car, please?

Of course. Come on.

It's right over there.

I don't understand.

I'm sure this is where it was.
We hit that tree right there.

This doesn't make any sense.

We gotta get out of here.
Greeley could show up at any second.

- What're you gonna tell her?
- The truth.

She's gonna take off running
in the other direction.

I know it sounds crazy,
but I crashed into that tree.

I don't know who could've taken it.
It was totaled.

Please, you have to believe me.

Listen, we do believe you, all right?
That's why we wanna get you out of here.

But what about David? Something must
have happened. I have to get to the cops.

Cops. That's a great idea. We'll take you
down to the station ourselves.

So just come with us. It's the best way
we can help you and your husband.


We're supposed to be in Lake Tahoe.

You and David?

- It's our five-year anniversary.
- A hell of an anniversary.

Right before, we were having
the dumbest fight.

It's the only time we ever argue,
when we're stuck in the car.

Yeah, I know how that goes.

You know the last thing I said to him?

I called him a jerk.

Oh, God.

What if that's the last thing
I said to him?


We're gonna figure out what happened
to your husband. I promise.

- Did you--?
- No.

Great. I was afraid you'd say that.

This song...

- What?
- It was playing when we crashed.

She's mine.

She's mine. She's mine.

What is that?

Hold on.

What are you doing?

What the--?

- What the hell just happened?
- Don't worry, Molly. Everything's all right.

I think you spoke a little too soon,

I don't think he's gonna let her leave.

This can't be happening.

Well... me, it's happening.

Well, okay, thanks for helping,
but I think I got it covered from here.

- Wait, Molly, wait a minute.
- Just leave me alone.

- No. You have to listen to me.
- Just stay away.

It wasn't a coincidence
that we found you, all right?

What're you talking about?

We weren't cruising for chicks
when we ran into you.

We were already out here. Hunting.

Hunting for what?


- Don't sugarcoat it for her.
- You're nuts.

Really? About as nuts as a vanishing guy
with his guts spilling out.

You know what you saw.

We think his name is Jonah Greeley.

He was a local farmer
that died 15 years ago on this highway.

Just stop.

One night a year,
on the anniversary of his death...

...he haunts this road.

That's why we're here, Molly... try and stop him.

Yeah, I suppose this ghost
made my car disappear too.

Crazier things have happened, huh?

You know what? I'm all filled up on crazy.
I'm gonna get the cops myself.

I don't mean to be harsh,
but I don't think you're gonna get too far.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means that plan A
was trying to get you out of here.

Obviously, that didn't go over too well
with, uh, Farmer Roadkill.

Molly, we're telling the truth.

Greeley's not gonna let you leave
this highway.


You're serious about this, aren't you?


Every year, Greeley finds someone to punish
for what happened to him.

Tonight, that person is you.

Why me? I didn't do anything.

It doesn't matter.

Some spirits only see what they want.

So you're saying this Greeley,
he took my husband?

Oh, God.

Molly, look, we're gonna help, all right?

But first, you gotta help us.

Help you?


This is it. This is where I saw him.

Must've been his hunting cabin.


Seemed like a real sweet guy.

- No markers or headstones outside.
- You're looking for Greeley's grave?

- Yeah.
- Why?

So we can dig up the corpse
and salt and burn it.

Oh, sure. Naturally.

It's a way to get rid of a spirit.

And that'll save David?

Well, this is what'll help both of you.
Provided there's a corpse to be found.

So how do we find it?

I'm not sure. After Greeley died,
his wife claimed the body.

That's the last anyone saw of her.
Good guess she brought him back here...

...but they had a thousand acres.
He could be buried anywhere on them.

So this is really what you guys do.
You're like Ghostbusters.

Yeah, minus the jumpsuits. Look,
this is a fascinating conversation and all...

...but this highway's only haunted
once a year.

We got till sunup to wrap this thing up.
What do you say we move it along? Great.

What are we looking for?
- Greeley's house.

Maybe he's buried there. Look for roads
or paths or something. Stay close.

Yeah. Okay.


Help me. Molly.


David? David?


Hey, are you all right?

What has that son of a bitch
done with my husband?

Just take it easy, all right?
You're gonna see David again.

- You will.

Follow the creepy brick road.

Go ahead.

That thing shoots rock salt?


And plain salt keeps away spirits?

Simple remedies are always the best.

Most cultures, salt's a symbol of purity
so it repels impure and unnatural things.

Same reason you throw it
over your shoulder.

You know, just once I'd like
to round the corner and see a nice house.

Any headstones outside?
Yeah, right. Is it ever that easy?

I guess not.

You two check upstairs. See if you can find
notes or records where he's buried.

- I'll just check down here.
- All right.


Look at this.

It's Greeley and his wife.

It's a love letter he wrote her.

My God, it's beautiful.

I don't understand how a guy like this
can turn into that monster.


...spirits like Greeley are, uh... wounded animals.


In so much pain that they lash out.

Why? Why are they here?

Well, there's some part of them
that's keeping them here.

Like their remains, or, um...

...unfinished business.

"Unfinished business"?

Yeah, uh...

It could be revenge.
It could be love or hate.

Whatever it is,
they just hold on too tight.

Can't let go.

So they're trapped.

Caught in the same loops.

Replaying the same tragedies
over and over.

You sound almost sorry for them.

Well, they weren't evil people.
You know, the--

A lot of them were good. Just...

Something happened to them.

Something they couldn't control.

Sammy's getting a little J. Love Hewitt
when it comes to things like this.

Me, I don't like them and I sure as hell
ain't making apologies for them.

There's nothing downstairs.
You find anything?

Uh, just about every piece of mail
or receipt they ever had.

Looked through a couple,
but nothing about a grave so far.

- What?
- There's something behind here.


It's locked from the inside.

It smells like old lady in here.

And that would explain why.

Well, now we know why nobody
ever saw her again.

She didn't wanna live without him.

Dean, give me a hand.


What are you gonna do?

- We can't leave her like this.
- Why not?

She deserves to be put to rest, Dean.

Son of a...

So if you manage to put Greeley
to rest too...

...what happens to him?

Lady, that answer
is way beyond our pay grade.

You hunt these things
but you don't know what happens to them?

They never come back.
That's all that matters.

After they let go of whatever
is keeping them here...

...they just go.

I hope someplace better,
but we don't know.

No one does.

What happens when you burn
their bones?


Well, my dad used to say that it was like
death for ghosts, you know?

But the truth is, we still don't know,
not for sure.

I guess that's why
we all hold onto life so hard...

...even the dead.

We're all just scared of the unknown.

The only thing I'm scared of
is losing David.

I have to see him again.

I have to.

- We should tell her about her husband.
- We can't.

Dean, it's cruel,
letting her pine for him like this.

- I don't like keeping her in the dark.
- It's for her own good.

I know you feel guilty,
but let's just stick to the plan.

- Let's get her out of here, then we'll tell.
- Tell me what?

What aren't you telling me?

It's about David.
You know what happened to him.

- Molly--
- Sam, don't.

Don't what?

Don't tell me
because I'll mess up your hunt?

- You don't care about me or my husband.
- That's not true.


Then whatever it is, tell me, please.

He's coming.

Stay with her.

She's mine.

Dean! He's got Molly.

This guy is persistent.

We gotta find Molly.
- We gotta find Greeley's bones.

And, uh, no pressure or anything...

...but we got less than two hours
before sunrise.


What do you got?

Uh, "February 6, 1992." That was like
two weeks before the accident, wasn't it?

Yeah. I mean, it looks
like the hunting cabin...

...but I swear there's a tree there
right where they're standing.

- I should've thought of it.
- What?

It's an old country custom, Dean.
Planting a tree as a grave marker.

You're like a walking encyclopedia
of weirdness.

Yeah, I know.

Where's David? What did you do to him?

You shouldn't worry about him anymore.

Oh, my God.

You should worry about yourself.

- I didn't do anything to you.
- Oh.

No. I know about your wife.
Hurting me won't bring her back.

My wife is gone.

All I got left's hurting you.

Please. Please, just let me go.


You're not gonna leave.

You're never gonna leave.

Go get Molly.

Oh, thank God.

Yeah, call me Dean.

This guy's really pissing me off.

Hurry up, Sam!

Oh, baby, it's been a long night.

All right...

...let's get you out of here.

I'm not going anywhere until you tell me
what happened to my husband.

- Molly.
- All this time...

...I've been looking for him
and you knew that...

You knew that Greeley killed him,
didn't you?

He's dead.

No, Molly.

David's alive.


You're sure?

I'm sure.

We'll take you to him. Come on.

He's in that house, right there.

I don't understand.

You will.

That's not...

It can't be.

What's happening?

Who is that?

That's David's wife.

I'm sorry, Molly.

Fifteen years ago, you and your husband
hit Jonah Greeley with your car.

David survived.

What are you saying?

We're saying that there isn't just one spirit
haunting Highway 41.

There are two.

Jonah Greeley and you.

For the past 15 years, one night a year
you've been appearing on that highway.

No, that's not possible.

It was our anniversary, February 22nd--

- Yes.

Molly, it's 2007.

Oh, God.

- All right, tell me about Highway 41.
- Twelve accidents over 15 years.

Five of them fatal.
All of them happening on the same night.

What are we looking at?
Interstate dead zone? Phantom hitchhiker?

Not quite.

I mean, year after year, witnesses said
the same thing made them crash:

A woman appearing in the middle
of the road...

...being chased by a man
covered in blood.

Two spooks?

Now, where is Molly buried?

She-- She wasn't buried anywhere.

She was cremated.

- So much for burning her bones.
- Yeah, but then what's keeping her here?


Some spirits only see what they want.



Stop! Stop!

- Holy--!

You have to help me.

Dean, I don't think she knows
she's dead.

Please. Open up, please?

Okay. All right, just calm down.
Tell us what happened.

- What are you gonna tell her?
- The truth.

She's gonna take off running
in the other direction.

Some spirits hold on too tight.

Can't let go.

And Greeley?

Each year he punishes somebody
for his death.

Uh, chasing them...

...torturing them.

And each year...

...that somebody is you.

But I don't remember any of it.

Because you couldn't see the truth,

So that's why he won't...

...let me off the highway.

Because I...

I killed him.

I killed us both.

Why didn't you tell me
when you first saw me?

- Why wait until now?
- You wouldn't have believed us.

And you needed me for bait.

Well, we needed you.


Molly, we brought you here
so you could move on.

No, I have to tell him.

Tell him what?

That you love him? That you're sorry?

Molly, he already knows that.

If you wanna go in there,
we're not gonna stop you.

Yeah, but you are gonna freak him
right out...

...for life.

David's already said his goodbyes, Molly.
Now it's your turn.

This is your unfinished business.

What am I supposed to do?


...let go...

...of David, of everything.

You do that...

...we think you'll move on.

But you don't know where.


Molly, you don't belong here.

Haven't you suffered long enough?

It's time.

It's time to go.

I guess she wasn't so bad for a ghost.

You think she's really going
to a better place?

I hope so.

I guess we'll never know. Not until
we take the plunge ourselves, huh?

Doesn't really matter, Dean.

Hope is kind of the whole point.

All right, Haley Joel.

Let's hit the road.