Supernatural (2005–…): Season 15, Episode 8 - Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven - full transcript

Sam, Dean and Castiel's continued search for a way to defeat Chuck leads them to unexpected places and toward unlikely allies.

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Is this John?

John died.
Who is this?

I-I'm his son.

Adam was our brother.

He died like a hunter.
He deserves to go out like one.

Maybe we can bring him
back, get ahold of Cass,

call in a favor.

These angels tell me
that I'm chosen.

Michael I'm his
sword or vessel.

Hey, ass-butt!

-We're brothers.
-God is doing this to us!

God was
supposed to be gone.

What if I'm
seeing Chuck's endings?


we can bring you back.

Ex spiritu incarnatum est.

Chuck is weak.
I think we can beat him.

I can see it now
"Supernatural: The End."

It's God, Sam.
How the hell are we

supposed to fight God?

You went easy on the rum
this time, right?

Okay, cool.

'Cause, you know,
you don't want me cranky.

Keep 'em coming.

That's a winner!

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Were you tailing me?

You could have
left a note.

You're worried about me.

You You think I'm being

A little bit.

I got it!

The answer to all of our

So, we know that
Chuck is weak, right?

If we're to take our shot,
now's the time.

But a weak God
is still God.

So, how the hell are we
supposed to take him down?

Well, I was
doing some thinking.

What if the answer is right
under our noses?

The demon tablet?


This was dictated by
God Himself

instructions on how
to seal angels and demons

back into heaven
and hell if

if they ever tried
to take over Earth.


But if Chuck was
so freaking invincible,

then why wasn't he able
to protect us

from the dick demons
or even the dickier angels?

'Cause, remember,
these babies were dictated

before he took a powder.

So, he was worried
about humans,

if he couldn't
protect them?


Like, if, for some reason,
he were out of commission.

Which is weird,
considering that he's

supposed to be

unless he is not...

So, he has
an Achilles heel.

Well, I'm saying
he has a weak spot.

Yeah, that's that's...

These hunks of rock,
they're they're like a

they're like an advanced
directive, okay?

In case something happens
to Chuck because there is

a crack in his
invincibility shield.

So, you guys
can read that?


But I've got that handled.

I know you're in there.

would you please?

Go away!

I'm not sure
I'm ready for this.

What you're trying to do, it
it doesn't sound possible.

Look, we know that
Chuck overpowered his sister,

the Darkness,
and locked her up, so...

We may be able to
lock him up, too.

Why don't you
just kill him?

God has to exist to maintain
the balance of the universe.

Without him, creation
would fall apart.

Right, so, the best thing
to do is toss him in

solitary and throw away
the key.

but the last time,

it took the power of God
to do this?

I mean, even if he has
a hidden flaw,

do you have
the power of God?

You know what?
Uh, one step at a time.

You figure out how
to lock him up,

we'll take care
of the rest.


And, guys,
when I go crazy again,

just shoot me.

Stop it.


This is interesting.

-What is it?

There appear to be annotations,
uh, personal observations.

By Metatron?

By the scribe, yes.

Uh, as if he were trying to give
some context to God's actions.

For example?

"The Almighty guards
his secret fear,

but it is always there."

Fear of what?

"Fear of what,
I do not know.

This he shares only
with his favorite."


Wait, his favorite...
at the time at the time

this was written,
Lucifer had been cast down.

Michael sealed him
in the Cage.

So Michael
was the favorite.

Oh, yeah,
a real daddy's boy.

But if Michael
helped Chuck overpower Amara,

then maybe he also knows
how to lock him up.

Perhaps, but even
if we could get to him,

he wouldn't tell us.

I don't know.
But I mean, if my dad kept me

locked up in a cage for
10 years, I might be looking

to get some payback.

It's worth a shot.


So, you guys
talk to Michael.

Problem solved, right?!

Not exactly.

Michael's in hell.

Yeah, he was
possessing Adam,

Sam and Dean's half-brother,
when he fell into hell with Sam,

who was possessed
by Lucifer,

and then they were
all sealed in the Cage.

What is it
with you people?!

Can anything
you do be easy?!

I mean...

But where's
the fun in that?

This story just gets
better and better.

Donny, you going
crazy again?

Oh, Donatello's
not here any longer.

Hey, guys.

It's Chuck.

Prophets speak the word of God,
sometimes indirectly.

Sometimes they're
my bluetooth.

So, here's the thing.

Usually, I really love
our little...process.

I toss something at you guys,
and you slam it right back.

It's fun, like tennis.

With monsters.

But this
Let this one go.

Or what?

Or I go all-powerful.

Maybe not on you.

Not right away.

But, let's see, there's...

Jody, Donna, Eileen.

Pretty much everybody
on your speed dial.

So drop it.


Well, the bunker's
warding is intact,

but it clearly doesn't
withstand God.

How much do you
think he heard?

He heard enough.

do we...drop it?

Donnie, I think
it might be safer

if you went on home.

Really? I have to leave?

Oh, that's too bad.
I'll, uh

I'll just get my stuff.


Like hell we're
dropping this.

Donna, Jody
They're not safe.

They'll never be safe.

As long as Chuck is out there,
it's only a matter of time

Before he rounds
them up and offs them.

Just to watch us

The only way to keep
them safe

to keep everyone safe
is to take Chuck down.

Which is exactly
what we're gonna do.

Are we seriously
talking about going to hell

to try to speak
to Michael?

Michael, who is in
the Cage, and insane?

Yeah, and who
told us that?


And Chuck.

Now, I trust them as far
as I can throw them.

But, Cass,
if you wanna stay here,

why don't you
stay here?

Here. Allow me.


Well, I think
we're done.

It's exactly
the spell Rowena used.

Just...without Rowena.

Alright, let's do 'er.

"Initium ad inferna...


Now where?

This way.




Look, we're not looking
for trouble, okay?

We just wanna talk


Are any of us winning?!


Hello, boys.

You did say you wanted
to see the one in charge?

Rowena, we thought
you were dead.

Oh, I am, dear.
Pretty much everyone here is.

When I closed the fissure,
it did cost me my life,

and my soul went to hell.

Big surprise.

And the demons just...
handed you the throne?

No one hands you
anything, darlin'.

I took it.

So, why are you here?


He back,
and he's outta control,

and we need to
rein him in.

You want
to rein in God.

We think
there's a way.

Listen, we just need to
speak to Michael.

Michael, the out-of-his-head

This just gets better.


Well, anyway,
it doesn't matter.


He won't be in the Cage.

Every door here
was flung wide

when Chuck opened
the fissure.

Your archangel could
be anywhere in hell,

or out of hell,
for that matter.

Rowena, we're running
outta time, okay?

We need
Michael yesterday.

Did you not hear
the man?

Find him!


Oh, my God!

I didn't know
if you'd pick up.

People are
saying you're...



Didn't take.


Uh, anyway, do you

I'm Sue...Barrish.

We worked that
ghoul case.

Yeah, I remember.

I'm, uh, following
this vamp's nest.

They're migrating, looking for
decent feeding grounds,

and, well,
when they get stopped,

I'm gonna need help
cleaning them out.

Where are they now?

Moving down I-80,
towards Omaha.

I'm close to there.'re in?

I'm kinda in
the middle of something.

But if I'm free...

Uh, I'll call you.

Rowena, I...

Samuel, please.

You killing me
was one of the best things

that ever happened.

Yes, there are things
I miss about being alive.

Flesh-on-flesh sex.

Amazon doesn't deliver

But, lads, I'm queen.

My subjects revere me.

Well, fear me,
which is better.

I should have died
a long time ago.

Samuel, be a dear.


What am I picking up
from you two?

A wee tiff?

Tell your Auntie Rowena.

It's fine.
Don't worry about it.

It's fine.

Boys? Fix it.

I don't have many regrets,
but the few I do still haunt me.

Making Napoleon so short
was just bitchy.

Telling Mick Jagger he had
no future when I dumped him.

And, well, everything
with dear Fergus.

Then one day, you die,
you go to hell,

they make you queen, and...

you can't make it right.

So fix it!

Thank you, my dove.



Michael he's...

nowhere to be found.

Then where is he?

You know that stuff
will kill you, right?

Worth it.

Michael, I haven't
seen a burger in 10 years.

You know, I know
I don't need to eat.

It just tastes
so damn good.

I wouldn't know.

I don't know much
about any of this.

You'll be my guide.

Thank you.

You got it.

So, what about you?

You gonna
go back to heaven?

Uh, I don't know.

My brothers are dead.

My father
never returned.

In so many ways,
I'm alone.

Yeah. Same here.

It's not like I have family
waiting to see me.

You have the Winchesters,
your brothers.

I met them once.

And they let me
rot in hell.


Family sucks.

Donnie, hey.
How you doing, pal?

Listen, uh, we got ourselves
a little situation here.

I thought I was
off the case.

Off the case?
No, come on, pal.

You're part of the team.

Oh. Gratifying.

Listen, have you, uh,
sensed anything lately?

Uh, like...?

Like a-a surge
of power?

But not not God-like.

But almost God-like.

Uh, no,
I don't think so.

Okay, well, we've kind of
got ourselves an emergency here,

so, uh, if anything tickles
your brain,

you let us know.

Tickles my
Gotta go.


Well, Donnie's got zip.

What about you?

Nothing that screams


Eileen did good, right?

Getting us
back from hell.

She doing okay?

Yeah. I guess.

You guess?

If she needs something
from me, she'll tell me.

We have an agreement.

You have an agreement?

That's adorable.

Look, man, I didn't want
to say anything, okay,

'cause I was kind of in a
in a bad place,

and, uh, yeah, I didn't
want to jinx it or whatever,

but, you know, I tried
the family thing, right?

Yeah, me too.

And that's not for us.

No, not really.

But I'm just saying
if it was to work,

Eileen, you know,
she gets it.

She gets us.
She gets the life.

She's hot.

I mean, I'm not even

Look, all I'm saying is you
you could do worse, okay?

And she could
certainly do better.

Like, so much better.

I'm happy
for you, Sammy.

Maybe I should pick up
some kinda little job.

A little job?


Yeah, I mean, these are the same
clothes we went to hell in.

We're gonna have
expenses, right?

And whatever change I had,
I spent on food,

so, it's not like
I can go back to college.

Not with
an archangel inside of me.

Hello, Michael.


You're dead.


Now I'm back, baby.

And I've been sent
to fetch you.

I'm not accustomed
to being fetched.

Who sent you?

You have to ask?

Your daddy.


He'd like a word.

You're lying.

Really not.

Then why would
he send you,

a demon, a speck
of infernal bile?

One, ouch.

Two, maybe because
we worked together before.

Setting off the Apocalypse?

To try and bring
God back.


Didn't work then, but then
he came back on his own.

So, win?

If that's true

if he can come
talk to me himself.

Yeah, except

I'm not supposed
to leave without you.

Get out.


I can't fail him.


Remember nothing.

Yo, Donnie?

I know where he is.

I think he's in Whoa!


No, there!

No, there!

Damn it, Donnie!

He's hurtling
all over, Dean.



He stopped.

He seems
to be staying put.

Okay, where?

Cairo. Egypt.

Excuse me.

I need Bourbon.


Alright, well, good news is
we know where he is.

Bad news is we can't
get to him in time.

Not before
he moves again.

Then we bring
him to us.



This is Castiel.

We didn't know each
other very well,

and our last meeting

But I know you have
been through

a terrible ordeal
for many years.

You've been beyond
the reach of heaven.

Been beyond
the reach of Earth.

Much has changed with both.

Heaven is not what it was.

And your father your father
is certainly not who you knew.

Michael, there's a battle
raging, and you are a warrior,

but you must know
the nature of this fight.

I'm not your enemy anymore.

Now we all have the same enemy.

God Himself.


Thank you.

Thank you for coming.

Do you remember me?

You called "ass-butt"
and set me on fire.

And then you helped
send me to hell.

I did.

And now what?

You've come to tell me
that God, my father,

creator of all things,
is my enemy?

Or maybe you just came
to beg forgiveness.

Oh, I didn't
come to beg.

Castiel, what have you done?

Even for you especially
for you, this is stupid.

Good to see you,

You look well.

Last time I saw you
in the Cage...

Yeah, it doesn't

We need your help.

I've heard.


Well, then you're
aware that

I'm not aware
of anything.

You're asking me to trust you
you, who doomed me,

you, who let Lucifer
walk free while

your own brother
sat in hell.

Doing what we do,

we've had to get used to
losing people.

Probably too used to it.

With Adam, we said goodbye
because we thought we had to.

We were wrong.

Well, don't tell me.

Tell him.

Hey, Sam.




Wait, Mic Michael

I mean, he lets you be?

Uh, yeah.

In the Cage, we came
to an agreement.

We only had each other.

Adam, look, I know
we bailed on you, okay,

and there is nothing that
we can say to fix that.

How about, uh...

"I'm sorry"?


Why am I here?

Michael, we needed
to speak with you

because God is back.

You didn't think
the Cage just opened

on its own,
did you?

If my father is back,
he will usher in Paradise.

No, he won't.

Because Paradise is boring,
and your dad

he's just looking
to be entertained.

Which means
we're his puppets.

All of us, especially you.

I won't hear this.

You're lying.

I don't know what your
agenda is, but you're lying.



It's Adam.

I'd give it a rest.

He's not listening.

So, I've been thinking.

Maybe they're not lying.

H-Hear me out.

Sam and Dean try to be
on the right side of things.

They actually do.

They tried to talk me out
of taking you on,

for example,
out of all of this.

So, you forgive them?

Oh, hell, no. No.

But that's not what
this is about.

It's Look, if they tell you
something's off with God,

it's because they
believe it's true.

And if they believe it,
it probably is true.

You and I have been
together for years.

My father and I have been
together for eternity.

I exist because
he willed it.

So he's having
a mid-eternity crisis.

Or Or, maybe
you don't know your dad

as well as you
think you do.



The point is parents
keep secrets, right?

Does it hurt to ask
the question?


It would.

It would mean
that I doubt him.

The good son, the favorite,
doubts his father.

You still care
about that?

After he left you
in the Cage?

The vamps have stopped
moving just outside Omaha.

They'll start
setting up a nest.

We need to move on them
before they get

their defenses
in place.

Can you help?



Do you have to ask
for permission?

Send me the directions.

I just texted them
to you.

Son of a bitch!



I was talking
to a friend.

She's working
a vamp case.

She's in trouble.

Okay. Let's go.


Not this time.

I'll spare you
the effort.

I'm not gonna betray
my father and everything

I've believed in.

Why not?

You know,
he betrayed you.

You know, Michael,
I never really liked you.

Even when I was
just another angel,

I thought you were
too haughty, too...

To paraphrase a friend,

you had an entire oak tree
shoved up your ass.

But now?

I'm looking at you,
and I...I just pity you.

Because you were never
God's favorite.

You were just
a little part of his story,

a tiny part
of his story.

You weren't even a star.

At least Lucifer knew
that God can't be trusted.

But I guess he was
always the smart one.

See the truth for yourself.

I'm a writer.
Lying's kinda what we do.

Of all the Sams and Deans
in all the multiverse,

you're my favorite show.

And you were right.
I am a monster.

Wait, you're
enjoying this.


This isn't how the the story's
supposed to end!

The story?
Wait, what are you saying?

He's saying he's
been playing us.

This whole time.

This is all you because
you wrote it all, right?

Because we're your
favorite show?

Because we're part
of your story?

The Apocalypse,
with Lucifer and Michael,

you knew everything
that was going on.

Why didn't you just snap your
fingers and end it?!

That's the way you want it?!

Story's over.

Welcome to the end.

Maybe you went too far.


I mean, he's been
in lockdown for

quite a while,
you know?

Maybe you just,
uh, went too fast.

What's he doing now?

No idea.
He was very distraught.

Yeah, but what exactly
did he say?

"Leave. Get out.
I want you dead."

We didn't bond.

Where's Sam?

Eileen hit a snag
with a case.

So, he won't be
gone long.


God lied to me.

I gave everything for him.

I loved him.


I'm not even
the only Michael.


She said she saw
vampires here?

It looks empty.

Look again.

Sue. You're okay.

Thank God.

Any time.

Hi, Sam.

So, yes,
I will help you.

What was done in the darkness
can be done to God,

if he's as weak
as you say.

And I know how.

That's the spell.

And the ingredients?

Myrrh, cassia,

We've got that.

And, to bind
the spell together,

the nectar from
a Leviathan blossom.

A Leviathan blossom?

What is that,
like a flower?

A flower that only
grows in one place.


That's the door.

It'll remain open
for 12 hours.

Now, if you'll please...

You coming with us?


Before you go...

can I talk to him?


Adam, I want you
to know...

we are sorry.

What happened to you...

You're a good man.

You didn't deserve that.

Since when do we get
what we deserve?