Supernatural (2005–…): Season 15, Episode 14 - Last Holiday - full transcript

Dean and Sam discover a wood nymph living in the bunker who is determined to protect her family, at any cost.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Cuthbert Sinclair.

Welcome to the collection, Dean.

He designed most of the warding

separation from Men of Letters, 1956.

He was the Master.

According to Dad's journal...

...Abaddon is a Knight of Hell.

Hello, boys.

God is extinguishing galaxies.

We need to be prepared.

Feels like we're taking
a big, probably stupid risk.

It feels good.

The first quest was
meant to strengthen Jack's body.

Step two, Jack needs
to find the Occultum.

"The Occultum must be in you."

Leave me alone!

His soul is back.

Please forgive me.

You hear that?

What's with the apron?

Uh. Burgers.

Yeah, but the pilot light
keeps going out.

It's, like,
the third time this week.

I mean, between that and
the... the hot water...

I thought this place was
supposed to be state-of-the-art.

It was, in the '50s.

Hmm. Yeah.

Uh, Jack come out
of his room yet?

No. I mean, can you blame him?

His soul's back, you know?
Everything's hitting him...

Everything he's done,

everything he has to do,

Yeah. Well, I mean,
even Billie said it...

To kill Chuck,
you got to kill Amara, too.

Yeah. Cass is still looking,
but you know what?

Say... Say one of his angel
contacts does find her.

What then?

Then we do what we got to do.

Oh, come on. Now the air?

Alright. Well, let's go.

- Go where?
- To...

Dude, we fought the Devil, okay?
I've killed Hitler.

I think we can handle
a few old pipes.

The gas and water
converge down here. Maybe.

It's too bad we can't
just call a plumber.

Oh, yeah...
"Uh, hey, Mario Brothers?

Yeah, could you come
to the most secretive,

secure, supernatural hideout
in the world?

Great. Thanks. Go, Luigi!"

What is this?

This is the bunker...

center thing... I... thingy.

Yeah. Of course.

"Reset." "Standby." What?

Why? What do I do
when, uh, you know,

my computer
has too many pop-ups?

Turn it off,
turn it back on again. Hmm?

No, I don't think that's...

I was gonna say
I don't think that's a...

Shh, shh, shh... good idea.



Now... burger time.

Meat man! Comin' to town!

Oh. Hello, dear.



How you've lived in this filth
is beyond me.

Lady, who the hell are you?!


That's it. I'm getting my gun.


Yeah, hey. I was, uh...

Uh... hi? Wh...

Dean, what's going on?

Well, I was walking
into my room,

about to, uh,
dive into my Dean Deluxe.

I look up, and there she is,
folding my, uh, underthings.

- Your underthings?
- My...

Well, if you'd folded them
properly to begin with.

I'm sorry. Who are you?

My true name is...

Oh, it's hardly decipherable
in your tongue.

Mr. Ganem called me
Mrs. Butters.

Oh. Mrs Butters.

Wait. Our tongue?

So, w-what? You're not human?

Oh, no. No, no.

I'm a wood nymph.

Okay, well, shouldn't you be in
the woods somewhere, nymphing?

Well, alas...

that is a young one's game.

But, no, no, I have much
more important things to do.

And besides, I live here.

Okay. So...
So you're a Man of...

Uh, you're a Lady of Letters?

Oh, God, no.

I was never a member, no.

No, no.
No, I was more of a helper.

I, uh, took care of the cleaning
and laundry and the cooking.

The Men of Letters,
though highly intelligent,

were oblivious
to the necessities of life.

But they were my boys.

My family.

Well, that's very progressive.

Uh, okay, well,
we don't want any trouble,

so you can just leave.



this is... this is my home.

Well, I have worked
for the Men of Letters

since before the war.

The war?

What year do you think it is?


- Oh.
- Oh.

Well, afraid to tell you,
but it's, uh... it's 2020.


Well... then...

Well... Where is Mr. Markham?
Mr. Ackers?

Where... Where are the rest
of the Men of Letters?

You're looking at 'em.

The rest of them are, um...
They're dead.


A demon named Abaddon
killed them, all of them.



That's why
they didn't come back.

When the lads
left for the ceremony,

I was told to stay behind,
guard the bunker.

But they never returned.

So, to keep the bunker safe,

I placed it and myself
in standby mode.

I never dreamed...

it would take this long
to be reactivated.

Yeah, we don't totally know
everything about this place yet.

It's kinda been one apocalypse
after the other.

Oh, no, it's fine.

I know how busy
your work can be.

If you're anything
like the others,

then it has been an age

since you had a home-cooked meal
or celebrated the holidays or...

Oh... ahem...

Washed your clothes.

Yeah, we're not really
holiday people.

It's worse than I thought.

You said, uh, that...
That we were on standby mode.

So, this entire time,

we've been operating
on, uh, like, half power?

The Men of Letters used my magic

to give the bunker
an extra oomph.


- Hmm.
- What's that?

Oh. The radar, of course.

We have a... monster radar?

The chime indicates something
relatively nearby.

And by the color...

it looks to be
a nest of vampires.

50 miles away. 725 Black Drive.

We have a monster radar.

Yeah. Well, if you boys hurry,

I imagine you can
clean out that nest

and make it back here
in time for supper.

Oh, hell yeah! Ohh... Ooh.

Heck... Heck yeah.


Dean, hold up.

How do we know we
can trust her? You...

Look at her.

It isn't that big of a stretch
to think that

the Men of Letters wouldn't have
found somebody to help out.

I mean, they were basically

a bunch of uppity, preppy
bachelors, you know?

Having a... whatever she is...
It's almost required.

- Yeah, but...
- Look, why don't...

Why don't we go
check it out, alright?

If the nest is real,
then she's telling the truth,

and we know we just
caught a serious break,

and we have not been
catching those lately.

And if it isn't?

Then we deal with it.

What about Jack?

Hey, Jack?


Uh, listen, me and
Sam... we got to head out.

Um, but, uh, we have a guest

that's staying here... kind of.

She's, uh...
She's probably harmless,

but just in case,
watch yourself, alright?

And if anything happens,
obviously, give us a call.

And she's, uh...
She's making cookies.


So if you want some...


Even if she is what she says
she is, some kind of...

Magic Roomba? Whatever.

Do you think it's a good idea
having her around?

W... I mean, we do have

the son of Satan
living down the hall.

I'm serious. I mean,
Chuck is deleting worlds.

Amara is... somewhere.

And Jack... he's...

A mess. Yeah.

He'll be fine. I mean,
I've been through worse.

Look at me.
I'm the picture of health.

Ignoring your trauma
doesn't make you healthy.

Sure, it does.

Right. I don't know.

Feels like Jack
is hiding something.

He just needs some time,
you know, some space.

It's the only thing that works.

I hope you're right.

Hello, Jack?

Jack, Sam and Dean told me

you were going through
a hard time.

And I thought
I'd make you a sandwich

in case you were hungry.

Well, I'll just...

I'll leave it outside the door

in case you change your mind.

Mr. Barnabas.

Where are you going, Ben?

Hey, how come vampires
like that live in mansions

and we live here?

In my new life,
I have been discovering

that I have some strange
and remarkable powers.

What kind of powers?

You will find out soon enough.

Where have you been?

- Digging a grave.
- Whose grave?


Any bloodsuckers in here?!


Well, that's gotta be a record.

I mean, no investigation,
no dead ends.

Just... ding! Bloodsuckers.

That monster radar rules. Yeah.

Merry Christmas!

Ha-ha ha!

Ha-ha ha!


We are so keeping her.

Much time killing monsters,

it seems like
you haven't had a chance

to celebrate much of anything.

So that's why
we're doing Christmas?

Oh, pbht!

Don't be so dour, Samuel.

Take a breath. Smile!

Enjoy the world
you're fighting for.

Ohh, we have so much lost time
to make up for!

Christmas and Easter
and Thanksgiving.

I make a mean
apple-cranberry sauce.

Jack. Hey, uh, this is, uh...

Oh. This is Jack.

What are you?

He's a millennial.
Don't let that throw you.

He's a good kid.

Are you wearing...
Oh. Dude, you gotta
see this thing.

It's like I'm wrapped in hugs.

- Oh!
- You gotta feel this thing.

Look at this. The... Oh. Heh-ha!

I don't know where you got this,
Mrs. B, but...

best gift ever.

Ohh. You're welcome, dear.

Well, if they vouch for you,

then it's okay by me.

Oh, good heavens,
you must be starving.

Uh, I'm not that hungry.

Oh, poppycock.
A young boy like you.


Try this.

You'll love it.

Smoothie! I want one.

You... may have tomato juice.

I'm worried about your
cholesterol. Tsk-tsk-tsk.

Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho! We got one!

- No crusts.
- Ohh! Mrs. B, you're the best.

Samuel, the radar says
it's a lamia.

I put blessed knives
in the trunk.

And tell Dean to take it easy
on the car. I just waxed it.

Should I come or...?

Wha... No, no.
Jack, it's fine. We got it.



What shall we do with you?



your father is Lucifer.

Hmm! Oh, my.

What's that like?

Well, I didn't really
know my father very well.

The only family
I've ever really had

is Sam, Dean, Cass,
and, uh... Mary.


Oh. It's alright.

You don't have to talk about it
if you don't want to.

Mary was Sam and Dean's mom

and my, um...

She was a good friend.


She sounds lovely.

She was.

But, um...

I killed her.


I-I didn't mean to.
It... It was an accident.



We all do things,
things that we are not proud of.


life gives us second chances.

And it is our obligation

to hold onto them.


Would you like another smoothie?


Oh, Mrs. B,
when it's my birthday,

can I put in the request
to have the, uh,

Rice Krispie treats?

Oh. Dear, at your age,

I wouldn't think you'd want
to celebrate your birthday.

There's an extra batch
just for you next to the fridge.


You are the best!

Mrs. Butters?

Oh. Y-Yes, dear?

I was just wondering
if you could, um...

make me another smoothie.

Of course.

Anything for my boys.

Cuthbert Sinclair,
Men of Letters, File 5150.

As you know,
Henshaw was successful

in retrieving the wood nymph
from the Thule's laboratories.

After encountering
a Nazi battalion,

Subject B, casually referred
to as "Mrs. Butters,"

destroyed upwards of 200 men
before she was restrained.

Wood nymphs, it would seem,
though naturally docile,

react violently when home
or family are threatened.

To that end, I have conducted
a series of, uh, experiments

designed to show
this strange and magical being

the importance of our mission.

And Mrs. Butters
has agreed to join

the Men of Letters family
for service and security.


is a member of the Thule,

who, after
a very thorough interrogation,

is no longer of any use.

Mrs. Butters, if you would.

Would anyone like
tea or cookies?

Son of a bitch.

Oh. Slow down, dear.
Is everything all right?

Uh, yeah. I was just...
looking for Sam.

He'll be here any minute.
He's got a big date.

Oh. That's, um, nice.

Are you sure you're alright?

Can I get you some soup
or something?

I feel silly. Are you
sure I don't look ridiculous?

I feel like I look ridiculous.

Not at all. You look dashing!

Let me see. Yes, yes.

Now, are you sure I couldn't
just trim the ends?

- Stop it.
- Oh, wow.

Somebody's shopping
at Abercrombie & Bitch.

Oh! Language!

- Well...
- Don't you listen to him.

You look very handsome.

Eileen's in town.

So I thought, after
everything that's happened,

you know, we could
go out on a date.

Dinner and privacy, something.

- Heavy on the something.
- Oh, Dean!

Now, here.

I want you to take one of
the old cars from the garage.

They're all in
tip-top condition now.

She'll be very impressed.


Oh, and, Sam, one more thing.

Have fun!

Go get 'em, tiger.

You should be nicer
to your brother.

Well, now, why would I do that?


Oh, Dean, I noticed
that there was a broken TV

in one of the rooms, and I took
the liberty of fixing it.

The Dean Cave?

You fi... Ha! Yes!

I know what you are.

- And what's that?
- I saw the film.

And how did it make you feel?


I-I don't understand.

Ohh. Of course you do.

You enjoyed seeing that man...

Well, no,
Nazis are hardly men...

That dog's death.

You relished his pain,
didn't you, Jack?

What? No.


You wanted me to find...

Is this some kind of test?

To... To what?

See if I'm bloodthirsty?

Aren't you?


Yes. You are.

And Sam and Dean...

No, that's not... They know...

Know what?

How powerful you are?

How powerful you've become?

Because I do.

They should be scared of you!

I would never hurt them.

You have before.

Haven't you?

Have you ever thought that
Sam and Dean keep you here,

closed in, secure,
because they're scared

you'll do to someone else
what you did to their mother?

Now that I'm here,

they will never have to
worry about you again.

What are you doing?

What I've always done.

I'm protecting my family.


What... What...
What did you do to me?

Well, you didn't think

those smoothies were
for your health, did you?

I've learned a few things

while I was doing
the dusting around here.

A little yarrow root,
some ground jawbone for texture,

and, voilà, you are
as weak as a puppy.


To make the bunker safe again.

To get rid of all the monsters!

Oh, Mrs. B, I'm starving.

Do you have any... Oh-ho!

You are a dream!

Oh. Well...

Eat up, dear.

You'll need your strength
so we can go kill Jack.

Excuse me?

I've got him
downstairs, trapped.

Oh. You and Sam

don't need to be afraid anymore.

I will not let what happened
to the others happen to you.

Damn it!

Yeah, we had a good thing going,
and, of course...

Of course... you had to go
full Nurse Ratched.

Well, I don't know
what that means,

but, Dean, he is a monster.

He killed your mother,
for heaven's sake!

Yeah. That's, uh...

Tell you what we're gonna do.

We'll go downstairs. Right.

We'll let Jack go and
forget this ever happened.

I'd hoped for better
from you, Dean.

Obviously, he's infected you.

Just like the serpent
in the garden.

Hey. Wait. No, no, no, no!

Just like his father!


Bit past your curfew, Samuel.

Yeah. Right.

Where are, uh, Jack and Dean?

Uh, well...

I have some good news...

and some bad news.

So Jack has taken over
Dean's mind.


- And they're both downstairs.
- Mm-hmm.

Right now.
Ready to be killed by us.

You were always
the smart one. Yes.

Yeah. Okay. Um...

I am really glad
you caught them.

Oh, it's no trouble.


You know, uh, I'm gonna,
uh, get my gun in my room,

and I will meet you downstairs,
and we can...

get to the killing.


Yeah, wonderful.


How was the date?

Dean, hey. It's me.

I'm back in the bunker,
and you got to listen.

Mrs. Butters...
Went psycho. We know.

Why didn't you call me?


I mean, I, you know,
figured you were...

"practicing your sign language."

And that's more important
than coming to save you?

- Hmm...
- Dean?

It's been a while for you,
man, you know?

Hey, come on.
Alright, alright. Whatever.

Just how do we stop her?

I don't know. Try shooting her.

Right. Of course.

Alright. Got it.


Will that even work?
Wha... How do I know?

You were the one that was
gonna look into this.

W-What? No, Dean... Dean.

"We" were gonna look into that,

and then, you know,
we had Christmas...

and Thanksgiving and...

that breakfast for Boxing Day.

Oh, that was the best omelet
I've ever had in my life.


Okay, okay. Go down
to the boiler room, right?

'Cause if hitting
"standby" pulled her

into some sort of
suspended animation, then...

Right. Of course. Alright.
I'll call you back.

What now?

Well, now we got to figure out
a way out of this room.

I could use my power.

No. The amount of power it'd
take to get out of those cuffs,

that'd be like sending up
a flare for Chuck,

so don't... don't do that.

I have a job, a mission!

Jack, stop.

Do you still think
I'm a monster?

Okay, I'm just gonna say this,
okay? Just get it out there.


I'm trying, okay?

I really am.

But what you did...

that's not easy to forget.

Now, I was angry with you...

for a while.

And maybe I still am
a little bit, okay?

But I'm gonna let some
Evil Mary Poppins take you out.

Do you understand?

Mrs. Butters?

Samuel? What are you doing?

Mrs. Butters.

What is taking so long?

Oh, I-I just, um...


Tsk. Oh, Samuel.

Now, I'm not mad.

I'm... disappointed.


You know,
when they first found me,

I didn't really understand
the importance

of this place either
or of your jobs.

But after Mr. Cuthbert
explained it to me,

I realized that
keeping you boys safe

was the most worthwhile
occupation in the entire world.

Okay, this isn't how...

Oh! Mm-hmm, it is.


Hm, but because
you are my favorite,

I won't give up on you.

Not yet.

That is why I am going to
help you understand

just the way
Mr. Cuthbert helped me.

Okay, wait. You're sure
this is gonna work?

Let's say yes. Hmm?



- Dang it.
- Ugh!

Dang... Damn it. Damn it!!

"Language," my ass.

Come on, pal. You... You... Oh.

Okay, look, there's no way

those things are coming off
without the key.

Should we wait for Sam?

Yeah. Sam should've
been here by now.


I have another idea.


Now, lesson one...
Jack is Lucifer's son.

Therefore Jack is a monster!

I have already had one monster
take my family from me.

I won't have it happen again.

Jack's not a monster.

Jack is a kid.

A-A kid who... who's gone

from one tragedy in his life
to another!

No! He is not a "kid"!

He has blood on his hands.
I can smell it.

Now, Mr. Cuthbert taught me

that pain...

...can be a wonderful teacher.

Let's see if it can't
correct your ways.


This is gonna hurt me
a lot more than it hurts you.


Alright, now, remember...

Pain is just weakness
leaving the body, mm?

On three. Here we go.

One, two...


Hey. Hey.

Yeah. See? Not so bad, right?

Huh? Come on. Let's go.

Jack may not want
to kill you now, but he will.

It's in his nature!

The sooner you accept this,
the sooner we can be done!

- Dean.
- She gone?

- Uh, yeah.
- It worked!

Yeah, it worked.

Ah-ha-ha! Problem solved.

Yeah. Ohh. Ahh. That is...

Yeah. Thanks.

You have all been very bad!

I am not gonna fail. Not again!

You thought you could
destroy us?

Destroy our family?!

- No.
- I wasn't there for them before.

But now I am going to
stop you from hurting them!

No, no, no, no, no, no.
Mrs. Butters. Don't.

Oh. Samuel, you will
thank me eventually.

You hurt him, you hurt us.

No, he's infected you!

I have to keep you safe.

By trying to kill the people
we care about?

I... He's... He's a monster!

That's why Mr. Cuthbert said

I couldn't go back to my forest,
because of things like that!

No. Mr. Cuthbert used you, okay?

He lied to you.

Mr. Cuthbert tortured you.

- He could save the world.
- What?

He can save the world.


That's why we're here, isn't it?

Us, the Men of Letters.

That's the whole mission,
is saving the world.

He can do exactly that!

I just...

I miss them so much.

I miss them so much.

There you go, sweetie.
I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry about everything.

It's okay. Really.

Thank you.

Mrs. Butters, uh, you said

Cuthbert convinced you
to come work for them,

but, really, you just
wanted to go back home.

Oh. Yes, I did.

And now?


I would love to see
the... the woods again,

see the sun streaming
through the trees.

Oh, you boys would love it.

Creeks and animals, snow and...

Oh, I'm getting carried away.

Then it's settled.


Sadly, without my magic,

the bunker will revert
to standby mode.


Ah, well, things were getting
too easy anyway, you know?

Who needs a monster radar?

Or whatever that
telescope thing is.

It's an interdimensional

It... It's a... what?

- A...
- I looked in it earlier.

I didn't see anything.

Ohh. Oh, that's not good.


Oh, look what you've done.

Oh, I shall treasure it always.

Well, I guess it's time.

It... Oh. Dean.

Eat your vegetables.

And, Sam...

cut your hair.

And, Jack...

go save the world.

Well. Goodbye, boys.

Are you, uh...

You know, if...
If there's anything

you want to talk about...

I know.

It's just...

I'm supposed to kill God,

and I got...

She got me.

Because I was stupid and...


Do you really think
I can do this?

Jack, you're the only one
who can.

Alright, alright! Heh heh!

He loves that apron.

Boom. Now, Mrs. Butters
was right, okay?

We are busy.
Sometimes a little too busy.

But right now...


I made it myself. Obviously.

I mean, it's, you know,

not like Mrs. Butters
makes it, but...

It's great.

Alright. Here we go.

Happy birthday, Jack.


Make a wish.