Supernatural (2005–…): Season 14, Episode 8 - Episode #14.8 - full transcript

stole Jack's grace.

I know this must be
so hard without your grace,

but you can get past this.

[ Coughing ]


# #

Ishim: Lily Sunder.

She was a professor
of Apocalyptic Literature.

All my life,
I dreamed about angels.

I had a life,

a wonderful life.

They took everything from me.

[ May screams ]

Ishim said you made
some kind of pact,

that you're using
dark magic.

I use their magic.

Every time I use
one of their spells,

a piece of my soul burns away.

It's all right, Jack.

Jack, hey, we're
right here, buddy.

He's in good hands.
Don't worry.

Jack's in total
systemic failure.

His body's in the process
of shutting down.

When Jack's grace
was taken from him,

his being fell into chaos.

The -- The cells
are gobbling each other up.

Jack is part archangel.

He needs
a much stronger force

and probably
some kind of magic,

and he needs it quick.

[ Coughs ]

- Jack.
- Jack!

So, what can we do?

Watch over him.

Stay by his side...

as he dies.

# #

Hey, hey, hey,
it's all right.

Take -- Take it easy.
Take it easy.

It's all right.
It's all right.

[ Groaning ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

Please don't be sad.

Maybe -- Maybe this is how
things are supposed to be.

Don't give me that
"meant to be" crap.

This isn't part
of some damn plan.


[ Coughing, gasping ]

[ Coughing continues ]

[ Breathes sharply ]

[ Fist pounds ]

# #

Can you tell him...

[breathing heavily]
it's okay?

Tell him yourself.

He'll be back in a minute.

# #


...what happens next...

for someone like me?

I don't know.

Then it's gonna be
an adventure.

# #

[ Coughs ]


I can't.

# #

It's not right,
Cass, you know?

It's just -- It's not --


It's not fair?

I know that.

But he needs you.

# #

# #

# #

He's gone.

# #

# #

# #

# #

# Supernatural 14x08 #
Original Air Date on December 6, 2018

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# #

Maybe we should...start
thinking about next steps.

# #

Wake and a bonfire,
Hunter style.

It's what Jack would've wanted.

# #

your brother's in pain.

Just let him be.

If he needs his space,
we're gonna give it to him.

# #

[ Keypad beeping ]

[ Line ringing ]

This is Mary Winchester.

You know the drill.
[ Line beeps ]

Hey, Mom, it's me.

Sorry to lay this
on your voicemail, but, uh...

it's Jack.


He got sick, um,

and he, uh -- h-he died...

this morning.

I would have called you sooner,
but, um, it --

it happened so fast.

And we thought we could fix it,
you know [chuckles] like always.

Anyway, Mom, I'm sorry.

I know how much he meant to you
and, uh, to all of us.

to tell you the truth,

it would really be nice
to hear your voice.

If you could, uh,
just call us back.

# #

[ Cellphone beeps ]

# #

# #

[ Door creaking ]

[ Door thumps shut ]

Hey, you seen Sam?

How could you just
let him leave, man?

You saw what he was like.

Dean, you said
to give him space.

Yeah, space, in the bunker,
with us, not this.

Dean, look.

# #

# #

[ Brakes squeal,
gearshift clicking ]

Tell me
you didn't make a deal.

A -- A -- A deal? What?

[ Vehicle door closes ]

I --

I was trying
to build a pyre.

# #

[ Trunk closes ]

# #

[ Grunts ]

# #

# #

# #

[ Ax clatters ]

# #

[ Bird calling ]

# #

I couldn't -- I-I couldn't
even do that for him.

[ Scoffs lightly ]

I should've done more.

- Sam --
- I should have tried harder.

You know, I mean,
everything we got --

the spells, the lore --

what good is any of it
if we couldn't even save him?

At least you were
there for him.

This doesn't feel right.

It's just not how I thought
Jack's story would end.

Yeah. None of us did.

The certainty...of death,

even for angels,
it's always felt natural,

but this doesn't.

# #

Jack being taken
before his time.

I mean, taken before me.

# #

So, what do we do?

Say goodbye...

# #



we get loaded.

[ "Please Call Home" plays ]

# #

# Take one last look #

[ Glasses clink ]

# Before you leave #

# 'Cause, oh, somehow #

# It means so much to me #

# And if you ever need me,
you know where I'll be #

# So please call home #

# If you change your mind #

# #

# Oh, I don't mind #

[ Laughs ]

# So go on #


# I won't say no more #

For Jack!

# My heart ain't in it #

# But I'll hold the door #

[ Speaking indistinctly ]

# But just remember
what I said before #

# Please call home #

# If you change your mind #

[ Vocalizing ]

# #

We did everything
we could, right?

[ Vocalizing ]

# #

# #

Here's to you, Jack...

wherever you are.

# #

Jack, take it easy.

You don't have to cram it
all in at once, right?

Still no signal.

Yeah, 'cause I told you,
that app blows.

I found this
in the glove compartment.

Ah! Old school!

A real map.
[ Car door closes ]

Let's find our way
to Dodge City.

C'mere, Jack. I'm gonna
teach you how to read a map.

So, rule number one --
rule number one --

rule number one --


North is usually up.

# #

Something's wrong.

# #

[ Door closes ]

# #

# #

# #

# #

[ Glasses clink ]
[ Sighs ]

Sam: Man, haven't seen
this stuff in years.

Woman: And what language
is this technically in?

We're not sure, but it's --

it's written in cuneiform.

Kevin was very thorough.

Yeah. We kept it all --
the translations,

his notes on his translations,

You name it.

Ohh. Whoa, ohh.

Is this it?

Uh, yeah,
this is everything.

You think it's possible?

I think so. Maybe.

Dean: Maybe what?

Hello, Dean.

you remember Lily Sunder.


You got old.

Did I?
[ Chuckles ]

An unfortunate side effect
of giving up magic, I suppose.

What are you doing here?

- I called her.
- You --

Okay. Last thing
I remember

was her killing
a whole bunch of angels

to get revenge
for her daughter.

She tried to kill you.

Yeah. I remember.
Sam: That's not --

Dean, listen, last night,

after about whiskey number five,
it hit me.

I mean,
we've torn through all the lore

looking for a way
to cure Jack, right?

But we've never looked through

Kevin's angel tablet

'cause they're worthless.

I mean, Kevin translated
them into --

to crazy scribble
only a prophet can read.

And last I checked, we can't
exactly ask Donatello.

Maybe I can read them.

Oh, so, what,
now you're a prophet?

She's the next
best thing.

I mean, Lily is an angel expert
who tapped into their magic

in ways we didn't even
know existed.

So, if she can read
the translations,

then maybe we can
pull off a miracle.

What kind of miracle?

A way to bring Jack home.

Okay. Go for it.

[ Papers rustling ]

So, can you read --


[ Papers rustling ]

I'm sorry. I can't.

Oh. All right.
Well, thanks for stopping by.


You can use my magic.

Your magic?

The magic I used,
as you so sensitively put it,

to get revenge
for my daughter.

You said your nephilim boy --
Jack --

without his angel grace,
his human body died?

My magic draws power
from the soul, the human soul.

It could save him.

You'd give your soul up?

Not my soul.


It's not his entire soul,

How much of it?

As long
as he's only using it

to sustain his body,
it won't cost much.

He'll never miss it.

What are we even
talking about?

I-It's too late.
Jack's dead.

His soul's gone, right?

Maybe not.
If Jack is in Heaven,

I might be able to pull
his soul into his body.

It would only be
for a few seconds.

That's all the time
I need.

If I can open the door,

your boy can use my magic
to stay alive.

[ Chuckles ]
Resurrection and a cure.

You're welcome.

And you would do
all this for us, huh?

Eh, for what? Out of
the kindness of your heart?

No. But I'm willing
to trade.

Trade for what?

I'm old, and I'm dying.

And when my life is over,

I'm pretty certain
I'm going to Hell.

Why is that?

Well, I murdered
a lot of angels.

I don't expect them
to welcome me with open arms.

So, if you want my help...

...get me into Heaven.

We're talking about
that kid's soul.

Not all of it.

Oh, okay, then.

Tell me you're
not cool with this.

Don't you think Jack should
decide for himself?

Listen, I know
how important a soul is.

Believe me. I do.

But if we have a shot at saving
him and bringing him --

Look, if we do this --
if --

how are we supposed to
get her upstairs, hmm?

What, do we talk to Death?

Kidnap a reaper?

Death is powerful,
but she and her reapers --

they don't decide
who goes up or who goes down.

Then who does?

Guardian of the Dead.

The Ancient Egyptians
believed that when you die,

Anubis would weigh your heart
on his scale

against justice's feather.

Yeah, the -- the weighing
of the heart ceremony, right,

but that wasn't Anubis.

That was Osiris.
We met him.

Major dick.

Osiris is Anubis's father,

and Heaven passed over him
when they enlisted his son.

Anubis works for Heaven?

He doesn't work for Heaven.
He works with Heaven.

When God left --
sorry, long story --

we needed a new judge,

and Anubis was
the obvious choice.

So, Heaven hired a temp

to make sure the soul trains
kept running on time?

Right. Great.
So, we summon him.

You can do that?
You can summon a god?

Done it before.

[ Water burbling ]

[ Birds chirping ]

Here, boy! Here, boy!
[ Barking ]

Go long!

[ Dog barking ]

[ Birds chirping ]

# #

# #


# #

# #

# #

Who are you?

I'm Jack.

# #

I'm your son.

# #


# #


It's you.

[ Laughs ]

# #

[ Laughs ] Oh.

I don't understand.

You were just a baby.
[ Chuckles ]

I-I grew up.

[ Breathing deeply ]

Do you know
where you are?

[ Sniffles ]

[ Dog whines ]


He was hit by a car
when I was in high school.

How in the world...

You're in Heaven.

You're in your memories,

your best,
best memories because...

I died.

The day you were born.

[ Sniffles ]

Why are you...

# #


No, no, no.

Baby, no, no.

Castiel -- he was --

he was supposed to
take care of you.

And he did.

He and --
and Sam and Dean --

they tried their best.

But things didn't go
as planned.

That's why I had to see
if you were okay.

Jack, what's wrong?

# #

All right, Lily
should be done in a second.

She's writing instructions for
Jack so he'll know how to, uh...

Use the soul-sucking magic?
Boy, that lady's a peach.

- Listen, we talked about this.
- I know.

Gotta happen.
It's the only way. Right.

But I don't like
rollin' the dice

on the word
of a psycho ex-angel killer.

I don't love it, either,
but taking risks,

making crappy deals --
that's what we do.

Yeah, and they usually
bite us in the ass.

So, what do you
want to do about it?

Leave Jack in the morgue?
Burn him?

I didn't say that.

Because, for me,
not doing this -- that --

that would be like letting him
die all over again.

I want Jack back,
too, okay?

I do.

I just don't trust Lily.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

You got a 20 on Jack?

Not exactly.

Angel radio is playing
a distress signal.


All of Heaven's gates
are open,

even the ones
that Metatron closed.

What could that mean?

I don't know,
but it's not good.

More awesome.

All right, well, you go.
We got Lily.

When we're ready,
we'll pray.

# #

# #

# #

# #

The instruction manual.


All right,
we're almost set.

Just got to get
one more thing.

I'm gonna go grab it.


[ Dish taps lightly ]

You know, maybe we
got off to a bad start.

Um, guess I should be
thanking you.

Apology accepted.

Except something's
been bothering me.

Uh, you know,

if this magic of yours
is so great...

why'd you stop using it?

# #

You're letting yourself
get old.

# #

You're letting yourself


Why risk going to Hell
if you don't have to?

There's something
you're not tellin' us.

# #

When Ishim
took my daughter,

I swore I'd kill him,

even if it meant
burning my entire soul.

But it didn't.

I have a sliver,
a whisper of my soul left.


May --

my daughter,
my little girl --

is in Heaven.

[ Voice breaking ]
And if there is still

a piece of my soul...

# #

[ Breathes sharply ]
Now do you understand?

# #

Castiel: Hello?


# #

# #


# #

[ Gasps ]

[ Coughs ]

[ Gasping ]



What happened?

I don't know.

We were just -- Sorry.

[ Gasps ]

That stuff --
when it touched me,

just went black.

I thought you were
supposed to be on Earth.

I'm looking for someone.


I have to find him.

Don't leave me.

# #

Can you walk?

# #


[ Gasping ]

# #

# #

[ Birds calling ]

It's cold.

He's not here.

Hello, Castiel, Dumah.

Jack's gone.

How is that possible?

Perhaps the angel
side of him

knew he was in Heaven.

In any case, he left.

what is happening here?

We're under attack.

It stormed the gates.
It defeated our defenses.

There are so few of us left,
we couldn't even stop it.

It? What --
What do you mean by "it"?

The shadow, the thing
that rules the Empty.

I'm surprised you didn't
recognize its handiwork,


I thought
you were old friends.

# #

What is this place?

Nothing but Empty.

Angels and demons, you all
come here when you die.

How did you know?

You're the only one of us
who ever escaped.

What does it want?

The boy.

The Empty considers
Jack its property.

And who knows?
Maybe it's right.

He is half-angel.

So, what do we do?

Give it what it wants.

You're joking.

Tell me --
what choice do we have?

If we don't meet its demands,
Heaven will fall.

46,750,000,000 human souls
will be cast in the wind.

What's one nephilim boy
against all that?

You know I'm right,

This is what we have to do.

Help me.

Castiel --

[ Gasps ]


Castiel, run!

Ya 'anubays,
yda 'uwzuris.

Astamae 'iilaa suti.iel, run!

Ya 'Anubis,
'ant min yazan alqulbu.

Astamae 'iilaa suti.

Ya 'Anubis,
dalil almawtaa.

Aleawalim bayn
alealamin maftuhatan,

wa'amrak 'an tuqadim

nafsak fi eini.

# #

Give it a second.

# #

[ Rustling ]

# #

The brothers Winchester.

I must say, your files have
come across my desk many times.

We never met?
I mean, we've died.

Yeah. A lot.

I'm more of a "back of
the house" kind of guy.

Death and her subordinates
get all the face time.

I get stuck with
the paperwork.

Pushin' pencils,
damning souls.

Tough work.

[ Laughs ]

Just as snappy
as advertised.

What do you want?

It's me.

I need to know where
I'm going when I die.


That's unorthodox.

Against protocol.

But I suppose
we're already here.

[ Latches click ]

An abacus?

You were expecting
a scale and a feather?

May I?

# #

# #

# #

I'm sorry.


Change it.

I can't.

Well, looks like
you're not goin' anywhere.

Yeah. The lore
was pretty clear --

Anubis can be bound in
a ring of foinik?laio.

Aka palm oil.

Just so happens
we had some laying around.

This is a miscalculation.

Fine. Then change it.
Let her into Heaven.

I'm an accountant.

I don't have
that kind of power.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah, right.
Like you or --

or God has never
made an exception?

That's right.

Because God doesn't decide.

I don't decide.

You do, each of you,

your individual choices
all tallied up

at the precise moment
of your death.

# #

Keep me here.

Try and kill me.

It is not going to change
Lily Sunder's fate.

But it might change yours.

# #

[ Sighs ]

Smart boy.

[ Rustling ]

[ Sighs heavily ]

# #

[ Breathes shakily ]

[ Birds chirping ]

You're sure?

I know him.

He's here.

[ Chirping continues ]

See anything?

Whatever comes through
that door,

I'll distract it
so you can run.

I'm not going anywhere.



[ Doorknob rattles lightly ]

# #

[ Door closes ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

# #

Hello, Castiel.


# #

I'm so sorry.

# #

I failed you.

You didn't.

You didn't.

Jack -- he's wonderful.


We've been getting
to know each other.

What are you doing here?

Sam and Dean and I -- we
found a way to bring you home.

[ Sighs deeply ]

So, I'll be alive again?

Yeah. But to do so,
we -- we need to use magic

that will draw
on your soul.

W-What do you mean,
my soul?

It'll be just
a small piece.

And I know it's too much to
ask, but it's the only way.

No. I-I don't know.

It's not just Jack's life
that's at stake.

It --

The Empty
has invaded Heaven

because it wants you.

Why him?

Because Jack
is half-angel,

and we angels -- when we die,
we go to another place.

It's a place that's
just endless nothing.

And this entity --

it won't stop
until it finds you,

but if you're not here,
if you're alive...

Then it'll leave Heaven.

Dumah: Smart.


Try again.

# #

# #

Lily, I --
I know you're upset,

but you can still
do the spell.

That wasn't the deal.

I've got to go.

We have nothing
to offer you, noth--

nothing to say, but...

He's our kid!

I'm sorry.

# #

You know what I think?

# #

Burning all that soul?

You're not even human
anymore, not really.

Dean --

how could you ever,

ever let anyone go through
what you went through?

The pain of losing a kid?

Don't do this to us.

# #

You're the Empty.

Pretty good, huh?

You ready to go?

You stay away from him.

[ Sighs ]

you know how this goes --

the good souls here,
the bad souls there.

The angels are mine.

Stop interrupting!

# #

Start paying attention.

[ Breathing shakily ]

I'm taking him.

And where I'm taking you
is worse than Hell...

because at least Hell
is something.

# #


Ohh, God,
they look scared.

[ Gasping ]

Does that hurt you?

# #


because I want it to.

[ Grunts ]


# #

# #

[ Sighs ]

[ Smooches ]

# #

[ Breathes deeply ]

I'm ready.

[ Groaning ]




[ Dish shatters ]
[ Groaning ]

I hope you can hear me.

We've got Jack.

His shell --
it's ready to go.

Here's hoping that you're
staring at him right now.

So, if you are, then, uh,
do your thing, okay?


# #

[ Chanting ]
Oh-doh oh oh-zah-zuhm-ah,

oh-ee, ah-oh-ee-vee...

# #

[ Grunts ]
[ Gasping ]

# #

Take me.

A little louder,

[ Sternly ]
Take me in his stead.

Take me.


I'm the one you want.
I'm the one who woke you up.

# #

[ Choking ]

[ Gasps ]


But you're
already mine.

Not for years...

eons maybe.

But if you'll agree,
I will go now,

and I will go willingly.

# #


# #

[ Chuckling ]
Oh, but not now.

No, no, no, no, no.

No, you see,
I-I meant what I said.

I-I want you to suffer.

# #

I want you to go back to --
to your normal life

and -- and then forget
about this and forget about me.

And -- And then,
when you finally

give yourself permission
to be happy

and let the sun shine
on your face,

that's when I'll come.

That's when I'll come
to drag you to nothing.

# #

I accept.

[ Chuckles ]

# #

# #

[ Gasping ]

Where am I?

Easy. It's all right.

# #

Why did you do that?

Because I made a promise.

# #

Because I love you, Jack.

# #

And Sam and Dean --
they love you.

And they are fighting for you
at this very minute.

Lily: [ Chanting ]
Oh oh. Oh-doh...

I hope that...

# #

They don't need to know
what happened here.

What I did -- I'm -- I'm --
I'm at peace with my choice.

I don't want them
to worry.

# #

I won't tell them.

# #

I promise.

Then we should go.

# #

[ Sniffles ]

We didn't get
enough time.

Shh. It's okay.


Have a great life.

I'll be waiting.

# #

I love you so much.

# #

# #

You ready?

# #

# #

[ Gasps ]

[ Coughs ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

- [ Coughing ]
- Jack.

- Hey.
- Hey, hey, hey.

Sam: Read this.
Jack, read this.

Oh, koh-nuh-ga-ma-

ah-oh-ee-vee-ah-ee... [coughs]
[ Gasping ]



[ Coughs ]

[ Breathes deeply ]

# #

Was that my soul?

How do you feel?

# #


I feel...good.

[ Chuckling ]

# #

It's good to have
you back.

# #

Lily, thank you.

Yeah. Lily --

# #


# #

# #

[ Clanking in distance ]

[ Clock ticking ]

I don't understand.
Why am I here?


Care to try
your luck again?

[ Ticking continues ]

# #

# #

# #

I'm curious.

Did you know what doing
the spell would cost you?

# #

Say hello to
your daughter for me.

# #

[ Chuckles ]

# #

Hello, Castiel.

# #


I'm here to thank you.

What you did --

I know it wasn't
for our benefit...

but you saved us.

# #

You're welcome.

I think that deserves
a reward, don't you?

# #

Like, for example,

the archangel Michael's

# #

You know where he is?

We have an idea.

And word is,
you've been looking for him.

# #

# #

# #

Is, uh, something wrong?

No. [ Chuckles ]

No, not at all.

Just damn glad
to have you back.


# #

And we know
where Michael is.

Not quite sure how
you pulled that one off.

# #

Well, we, uh --

we still don't know where
Dark Kaia is or the spear.

Yeah, but we will.
We'll figure it out.

We'll find her.
I mean, we found her before.

That's right.

And then Michael --

and that son of a bitch
is gonna pay.

# #

Come on.

[ Bottles clinking ]

# #

# #

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