Supernatural (2005–…): Season 14, Episode 13 - Lebanon - full transcript

Sam and Dean look to occult lore for a solution to their latest problem, but instead of a resolution, they find much more than either of them had anticipated.

Dad's on a Hunting trip,

and he hasn't been home
in a few days.

We got work to do.

That door is giving.
I can feel it giving.


I know once you go Casper,
things can be a little...

Well, a lot crazy.

Sam: You came out here
to see Mom?

Winchester Surprise?

I take all of that bologna,
all that sliced cheese,

and I put it onto a hot plate.

Dad comes home,

and he picks up everything,
chucks it in the trash.

Probably reminded him of you.


It's a Ma'lak box.

Secured and warded.

Once inside...
nothing gets out.

We're the guys
who save the world.

We don't just check out of it!

Let's go home.

Howdy, fellas.

Anything on the shelves,
20% off.

Today only.

Well, actually, we are, uh...

We're looking
for the good stuff.

The really good stuff.

Everything back here
is one of a kind.

You got your basics...
Hands of glory,

your gris-gris bags,
your anointed dove's blood.

And then...

we have the more premium items.

You boys ever mess
with dragon's breath?

Actually, we're, uh...
We're searching

for something pretty specific.

How specific?

The skull of Sarah Good.

She was executed
during the Salem Witch Trial.

Oh, I know who she was.

And I think I can help you.



I wouldn't do that.



I'll tell you what.

I'll make you a deal.

I got this for a song at
a flea market up in Pawtucket...

No, you didn't.

Belongs to Bart Kemp.

See, he was a friend
of ours... a Hunter.

Worked out of Boston
up until last week.

Somebody killed him...

Cut him clean in half.

See, when they, uh,
found the body,

his place had been emptied out,

but I guess you already knew
that, didn't you?




Now, this...
It's called Chrysaor.

Supposed to be able
to cut through anything.

Sliced up your pal real good
with just one swing,

but you... oh, you're a big boy.

You might take some work.

They always talk too much.

Sam: Whoa.
Dean, according to this,

he's got a ton
of occult objects here.

What do you want to do
with all this crap?

I don't know.

I mean, I-I guess we, uh,
take it home, right?

Right, yeah.

Good plan. Home.


Nima Winchester

Nima Winchester
instagram: @Free.Tinymoviez

Eliot: People say
they're brothers.

All I know is I was standing
right here

when I heard this... bam!

From the trunk of their car.

And then this, like,
shallow breathing.

No way.

Eliot, you're creeping Max out.


That's them.

So what... you're saying
all this stuff is lethal?

Yeah, it looks like.

The Campbell brothers.

Lemme guess... the usual?

Make it a double.

Dean, listen to this...

Uh, hangman's rope, fairy dust,
John Wayne Gacy's cigar box.

So we're talkin', like,
31 Flavors of weird, huh?

Pretty much, yeah.

Listen, Jack and Cass
are out with Jules and her crew,

but when they get back,
they can give us a hand

cataloging of all of this.

Oh, cataloging, fun.

Something like this...
Maybe it's what we need,

you know, to... to...

take your mind off things.

Things? What things?

Oh, you mean that thing that's
riding shotgun up in my head?

That thing?

I mean, think about it.

Where did they even come from?

Them or their weird sidekick
with the trench coat.

And what about that kid
with the dumb Bambi look

on his face all the time?

So what?

That doesn't mean that they
kidnapped Bigfoot or whatever.

You guys are dicks.

Gotta bounce.

See you later?
At the thing?

Sure, yeah.

- Yeah.
- Us, too.

- Bye.
- Later.

Whatever their deal is,
they got an awesome car.



You're not gonna believe this.

It's called the Baozhu.

It's one of eight
ancient Chinese treasures.

I-It's a pearl
that grants wishes.

Sort of.
Sort of?

Well, technically,
it's supposed to give you

"what your heart desires."

That would be Michael
outta my friggin' head.


So, you're telling me

that the answer
to all of our problems

is sitting right outside
in the ca...

No, no, no, no, no!

What the...

Hey, hey, hey!

Hey, hey!
Don't move!

I didn't see anything, I swear.

Okay. Listen,
that car is dangerous, okay?

Swear to God, if anything
happens to that car...

Please, I don't wanna die!

Die? Why...
Why would you...

Just tell us what you saw.

I don't wanna narc.

You don't have a choice.

It's this girl Max.

She's new in town,

so I don't even know
where she lives.


Help you?
I hope so.

Um, I'm looking for a...
A local kid, a teenager...

Max something.

I feel bad.
I paid her to wash my car,

but she took off
before I could tip her,

and I figured you knew
everyone in town...

So you want me to give you

an underage girl's address?

No, uh...

It's not like that.


How's that grandson of yours?

Oh, he's a spoiled
little jerk, but I love him.

'Course you do.

Uh, listen, my brother and I,

we just need to talk
to this girl, okay?

So, if you could help us out,

I would... I would
really appreciate it.

Oh, now, Dean,
I-I-I can't just go around

handing out addresses
all willy nilly.

I-I-I-I took a vow.



But, um...


I can tell you
where to find her mother.


All right.


I'm gonna kill her.

Does Max have a phone?

O-Or do you have any idea
where she might have gone?

She's supposed to be in school.

Skip day.

What day?

February 7th... that's skip day.

Kids ditch school.

Some of them head out
to this old house on Route 36...

Throw a party.

It's a small town, man.

Kids got to blow off steam.


What is all this stuff?

Found it in the back of the car.

Ugh, creeeepy.

No. It's awesome.

Young man: Pizza's here.

Oh, thank God.

- Oh, I'm so excited for pizza.
- Me too.

- I haven't eaten all morning.
- Oh, well,

I haven't had pizza...




Th... Those guys,

they're after Max,
and they said something about...

Dude, one...
You're not supposed to be here.

Two... chill.

Max can handle herself.





♪ You know you're gonna
get the best of me ♪

Oh, baby.

Baby, baby, please tell me
you're not hurt.



Back seat.

It's empty.

Bea: Ethan?

Ethan, wait!

Ethan, wait!

- Wait, wait.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on.

What's going on?
What happened?

He said he saw a ghost.

It was a clown.
He said it tried to kill him!

Everybody out!

Let's go!
Move, move!


Hey, let's go.
Come on, huh?

All right.

Any of this stuff
scream "clown" to you?


John Wayne Gacy's cigar box.


I mean...

We should burn that right now.

Oh, yeah.

A serial killer clown.

I mean, this is, like,
the best/worst thing

that's ever happened to you,
you know,

'cause you love serial killers,

but... but you hate clowns.

Yeah, I get it, Dean.

Yeah, just saying.


Come on.

Sam... today.




Screw this.

Eliot, no!





That was a ghost.

Yeah, yeah, okay, listen.

I-I know you need... or you want

some sort
of rational explanation

for what happened here, but...

there isn't one.

My brother and I,
we hunt things.

Evil things
that shouldn't exist.

Dean: And we are damn good
at what we do.

I knew it!

Yeah, but if most people
out there knew the truth,

if they knew
what was out there...

They'd lose
their freaking minds.

So what you saw here today,

we're gonna keep that
our secret.





John Wayne Gacy's ghost.

Well, that's one
for the record books.



I think this is it.

The pearl?

Let's do it.

Are you... Are you sure
you don't want to call Mom

or... or wait for Cass?

No, 'cause, you know,

if this mojo works
like you say, great.

If not...
why get their hopes up?



So, what do I...

I don't know.

I-I guess you...
You hold the pearl

and... and concentrate
on what your heart desires.

Michael outta my head.

Got it.




Don't you move.







What in the hell?


Aren't you supposed to be
in Palo Alto?

Palo Alto?

What happened to you?

What year is it?

It's 2003.

It's 2019.



We, uh...

I-I think we summoned you.


You boys better tell me what
the hell is going on right now.


So, you saved the world?

More than once.

Then it's all true.

God, the Devil,
you boys smack in the middle.

Now you live in a secret bunker

with an angel and Lucifer's kid.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

And you've done this whole
time-travel thing before?

A few times.

Actually, uh, our grandfather,

your dad...

He's the one that helped us
find this place.

I think he'd be real happy
to know you're finally here.

Right. Man 'a Letters.


W-We're legacies...

because of you.

So, you've, um...
You've been busy.

A little bit.

I-I don't...

I-I just...


I just wish that I had
been there to see it.


Dad, none of this would have
happened without you.

It's good. It's fine.

I-I went out takin' out
Yellow Eyes.

I mean, that was the point,

I mean, get the thing
that killed Mom.


Yeah, yeah, uh, Dad.

About Mom...

Mary: Sam? Dean?





It's Dad.

This is amazing, man.
I'm... I'm... I'm freaking out.

Yeah, I know.
But, Dean... Dean, listen.

What? What?

How did this happen?

I-I-I don't know.

You said that the...
The pearl gives you

what your heart desires, right?

So, my heart desired...

I... I've wanted this, man.

I've... I've wanted this
since I was 4 years old.

Okay, I know, and
I-I-I-I love this, too, Dean.

I do, honestly, but...
But messing with time...

No, no, no, Sam.

You know how this ends.
Things change.

Yeah, great... we got
our family back together.

I'll take that change.
That's not what I mean.

Just stop, okay?

Look, can... can we
just have one family dinner?

Just one?

Us... all of us together.

That's all I want.
Can you just give me that?



This place...
I don't even know.

Yeah, yeah.

Uh, when we... we, uh,
first moved in,

I-I think it
kind of blew our minds, too.

Um, where's... where's Mom?

Oh, she's, uh, gettin'
your brother a shopping list.

She's gonna make that
casserole of hers.

Yeah, Dean and I tried
to make that once.

I, um... I remember.

I screwed up with you a lot,
didn't I?



No, that's okay.

No, it's not.

Sammy, tell me the truth.

I don't want to talk about that.

You didn't have a problem

talking about it
before you left.




For me?

That fight...


That was a lifetime ago.

I don't even remember
what I said, and...


I mean... yeah.

You know what?

You did some messed-up things.


But I don't...


I mean,
when I think about you...


And I think about you

a lot...


I don't think about
our... our fights.


I think about you...

I think about you
on the floor of that hospital.


And I think about how
I never got to say goodbye.




I am so sorry.


I'm sorry, too.


But you did your best, Dad.


You fought for us,
and you loved us, and...


That's enough.




Sam: Dean.
Hold on. Hold on.



You, um...

You're right.

You want some company?

All right.

I'll get the booze...
You get the food.

All right, Jackson.
It's celebration time.

Give me your best stuff.

Uh, do I know you?

It's Dean.


I come in here, like, always.


Oh. Right.




Sam: Hey, Max.










Dean, we have a problem.

Yeah. Yeah, we do.

Check this out.

Is that me?

According to the Internet, you
run a law firm and love kale.

Wait till you check out your,
uh, wannabe TED Talk.

Invest in a treadmill desk,
don't drink coffee,

and stick to a raw food diet.

I mean, God bless kale...
Am I right?

Truth is...

All right...
No, no, it gets worse.

And this is hard to hear...

Performing at your best

requires all
of your mental energy.

- Every last drop.
- Okay.

You see,
it's just not compatible

with something like, uh...

hobbies or, uh...
Or even having a family.

- Okay.
- That's enough of that.

Listen, Dean,
there is a wanted poster for you

hanging in the post office.

Oh, yeah, no,
I-I Googled me, as well.

Um, lotta beheadings.

I was right...

Messing with time
changed things.

Well, I mean, I'm still hunting,
but you're Internet famous.

So, what... is there two of us
running around here?

No, I don't think so.
I think it's a temporal paradox.

We pulled Dad here
from 2003, right?

So time is self-correcting.

Our timeline is changing
to this new one.

So, what do you mean?

It means, I think, that,
if we don't fix this,

then we become those
other versions of ourselves.

Like, for real.

Okay, well, I'm cool,
but you're... ugh.

That's not the point.
The point is,

if... if all this is different,
then what else changed?



Earth... where you're always
stepping in something.

Come on, Constantine.

I don't understand
that reference.

You wouldn't.

How are we gonna tell Dad?

I don't know.

How are we gonna tell Mom?


It's been hard moving around,
but I'm happy.

Can I help you?

Bet you can.

See, I need to know...

who's been messing with time.

I'm sorry?

Yeah, we sensed a...

Well, let's call it
a disturbance in the Force.

And in Heaven, well,

we're... we're
not super fond of those.

In Heaven?

Yeah, yeah.
In Heaven.

This town...

It's always been
a little... muddy for us.

Some sort of... interference.


So, I'm going to ask
one more time...

Who's been playing
"Back to the Future"?

And you're going to tell me,
or he...

What's the phrase
I'm looking for?

He... oh...

Murders you all.


My name is Castiel.

I'm an angel of the Lord.


Let's get out of here.

What the hell?


Get out. Go, go!

The Winchesters?


Now, I-I-I know
we had big plans for you,

and then your daddy just up
and disappeared, which...

Oh. You.

This is all you.

Cass, you know us.

I don't know you.


Kill them.


Cass, don't!


What did you do, Sam?



What did you do?


Speak, Ubu, speak.


What is it?











No. No, no, no,
no, no, no!



Stop it.



A "temporal paradox"?

That's what Sam's calling it.


Basically, uh,
if you don't go back,

Sam never gets
back into the life,

um, and Mom, she, uh...


Well, without everything
that we did...

With God, The Darkness...

She never comes back.

Sam thinks that
she'll just fade away.



I mean, me versus your mom?

That's... That's
not even a choice.


Does she know?



Uh, the, uh...

the lore is pretty clear.

We destroy the pearl,
and it unwinds all of this.

Dad goes back...

and so will everything else.


And he won't remember anything?



Sam, I can't.

I know.
I know, Mom.


You want to give
your mom a hand?




I, uh... I never meant for this.

Dad, we pulled you here.

No, son.

My fight.

It was supposed to end with me,
with Yellow Eyes.

But now you...
You are a grown man,

and I am incredibly
proud of you.


I guess that I had hoped,

you would...

get yourself a normal life,
a peaceful life, a family.


I have a family.




All right.
What's next?


We eat.

Instagram: @Free.Tinymoviez

All right.

Near as I can tell,
we have two choices.

All right, we can think
about what's coming.

Or we can be grateful

for this time
that we have together.

Now, me...

I choose grateful.

So, to whatever
brought us together,

we owe you one.








♪ I've been too long
on these islands ♪


♪ I've been far too long alone ♪

♪ I've been too long
without summer ♪

♪ In this winter home ♪


♪ Still,
if we can make the effort ♪

♪ If we take the time ♪

♪ Maybe we can leave
this much behind ♪


♪ Till it shines ♪


♪ Mm, till it shines ♪


Did you see them at dinner,
way they looked at each other?

They just seemed happy,
you know?

It doesn't feel fair
to get all this

and have to throw it away,
and I know we have to.

But it just feels like,
you know...

Once we send Dad back...

it's like none of this
ever happened.

He... He just goes back
to... to...

to being Dad.

You saying you wish things
would be different?

Don't you?

Can you imagine...

Dad in the past,

knowing then what he knows now?


I think it would be nice.


I used to think that, too.

But, uh...

I mean, look, we've been through
some tough times.

There's no denying that.


And for the longest time,
I blamed Dad.

I mean, hell,
I blamed Mom, too, you know?

I was angry.

But say we could send Dad back
knowing everything.

Why stop there?

Why not send him
even further back

and let some other poor
sons of bitches save the world?

But here's the problem.

Who does that make us?


Would we be better off?

Well, maybe.


But I got to be honest...

I don't know who that
Dean Winchester is.


And I'm good with who I am.

I'm good with who you are.


'Cause our lives...
They're ours.

And maybe I'm just too damn old
to want to change that.


I hate this.

So do I.




My girl.


I miss you so damn much.

Me too.




You two.


You take care of each other.


We always do.


Good to see you, Dad.


I am so proud of you boys.



I love you both so much.


I love you, too.




I'm ready.













Those guys hunt monsters!

That is so cool.



Mary, Sam, Dean.


What happened?

What happened?


Well, there's a story.






No, I'm okay.

I just...

I just had one hell of a dream.


No, it was a good one.

I'm on my way back.

I'll see you soon.

Nima Winchester
instagram: @Free.Tinymoviez

Nima Winchester
instagram: @Free.Tinymoviez

Nima Winchester
instagram: @Free.Tinymoviez

Nima Winchester
instagram: @Free.Tinymoviez

Nima Winchester
instagram: @Free.Tinymoviez