Supernatural (2005–…): Season 14, Episode 1 - Stranger in a Strange Land - full transcript

Sam enlists everyone's help in trying to track down Dean, who can literally be anywhere. Meanwhile, Castiel may be in over his head after meeting up with an unreliable source. After being ...

Remember when you
asked if we could stop it,

all the evil in the world?

If we could really change things.

Maybe we can.

We're going to that place,
and we're gonna save Jack and Mom.

Let's do this.

I'm Jack.

You sent me to kill her.

I can hardly look at the kid.

All I see is everybody we've lost.

I killed my Lucifer.

Dave, no!


They saw how we do the spell.

We could've been something.
I just need your power.

If we do this, you're the engine
but I'm behind the wheel.

It's a one time deal.

We had a deal!


Thanks for the suit.


Hello, Jamil.

Who are you?

Oh, we've never met.

But you've read all about me.

How does it go?

You're... God?

Close, but...

Not quite.


The other one. The better one.

- Michael.
- There we go.

No, no, no...

Why are you here?

Well, that is the question, isn't it?

Why are we here?

I know why I'm here.
To ask you a question.

What question?

The same question I have spent weeks
traveling around this world,

asking all sorts of people.

Holy men. Leaders. Killers.

And now, I come to you,

Jamil Hamed.

What do you want?



Do you want? Exactly.

If you can have anything, name it.

Peace. And love.

If you cared about peace,

you never would have left Syria.

You never would have ran,
and abandoned your friends to die.

And they did die.


And if you cared about love,

you never would have gone into
that broom closet with...

What was her name?


Your wife never would have left,

and you wouldn't be
living in this rat-hole.


And that's the problem with you.

You're lost.

And not worth saving.

What do you want?

What I've always wanted.

A better world.

Hey, so I got some, uh...


You got silver. Devil's trap. Holy oil.

And these here,
they're dipped in dead man's blood.

Basically, you need some freak dead?

I got you.

A Rawhead did this?

Yeah, outside Phoenix.

They're faster than they look.

Meaner, too.

So, so gross.

- Soup's on. Who's eating?
- Oh, I am.

- Right here.
- Yeah, I'll taste.

Yeah. Right here.

How about you guys?

I'll have some.


Hey, Mom.

How was Atlanta?

It was, uh... It was a bust.

The woman who claimed
she saw an angel...


Let's just say, I think she had one too
many hits of the brown acid, you know?

Sam, we're gonna find him.

Ketch is working that thing in London,
Castiel's is in Detroit.

I know it's been
three weeks since Dean...

Something'll break.

It has to.

Yeah. Yeah, you keep saying that.

Have you slept? At all?

- Sam, you need to rest. Go on.
- Mom, come on...



Good to have you back.


Don't thank me yet. Word is, we got some
vamps heading East on I-90.

Gypsy types.
Pickin' off truckers mostly.

Last body got drained
and dropped just outside La Crosse.

Six hours ago.

Okay. Um, all right.

Give me teams of two.
I want watch points every 50 miles.

If you see something, say something.

Maggie, can you hack
the traffic cams on the freeway?



Right. Right, of course,
I'm sorry. Uh, I got it.

Thank you. Uh, please...

Would you call in Sharon and her crew?
We're gonna need all hands on deck here.

- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.

- Sam...
- I'm good.

I'm good. I am.

Hey. How's Jack?

Watch for that left.

I never had to fight before.


Life's a little different when you
can't just zap people around, huh?

A lot different.

Yeah. You'll get used to it.

Truth be told,

this stuff didn't come all that easy
for me either.

Had my ass handed to me more times
than I can count.

But you kept fighting?

You got to. As a wise man once said,

"It ain't how hard you hit.

It's how hard you can get hit
and keep moving forward."

Was that Gandhi?

Probably. Yeah,
something like that. Yeah.

So, what're you gonna do?

Watch the left.

Attaboy. Attaboy.

Ah, that's sick.

Castiel, darling.

Oh, God.

Sweetie, fix me a coffee, black,
and a Texas trinity, necked,

with some bark.


And for my friend...



All right.

What did you just order?

Oh, sausage, and brisket,
pork ribs, no sauce, well done.

My apologies for the lingo,
but when in Rome...

I was surprised you wanted to meet here.

I'm surprised you wanted to meet at all.

Didn't think that you consorted
with my kind.

Yes, well. I need information.

Of course, you do.

Does any demon know
where Dean Winchester is?

I'm sorry. Did you just say
that you lost a Winchester, because one,

that's interesting.

And two, how is it that you lost Dean?

I thought the two
of you were joined at the...

You know, everything.

Thank you, darling.

Just answer the question.

You see... I could.


Not to be crass,
but what's in it for moi?

Your life.

Come again?

- I'll speak slower.
- Mmm.

And you will tell me everything you know

or I will burn you to ash.

Right here and right now.

I think we can do better.



- You saved me, Sister.
- Thank you. God bless you.

He does. Every day.

Hey, Jo.

Who are you?

You don't you recognize me
with this pretty face?

You're not...
You're not Dean Winchester, you're...

Oh, God.

People keep calling me that.


We need to talk.

You're the Archangel Michael
from another world.

And you're possessing Dean Winchester.

Sounds more complicated than it is.

Why would he say yes to you?


Really? It's very Hallmark Channel.

So, I'm just gonna go now.

No, you're not.

Not until I ask you...

What do you want?

I don't know.

Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton...

You think this is a joke?

I don't know what this is.

You asked. I answered.

We done?

No. I asked and you lied.

I didn't.

I know about you, Jo.

Because he knew about you.

You're the rebel, the angel who

doesn't like playing by Heaven's rules,
or whatever.

You pretend to care about these things.
Pretty things.

But that's all it is. Pretending.

These trinkets,
they don't make you happy.

They just pass the time.
They're not what you really want.

Then if you're so smart,
what do I really want?

Love. To belong. To have a place.

A home. A family.

It's very...

Very human of you.

And so...

So disappointing.

I can sense how
many angels are in this world.

There aren't many left.

I thought maybe I could help.

But if they're all these sad, lost,
fallen things,

things like you.
Maybe they're not worth saving either.



I, uh...

Chatted with Bobby.

He said you may have
had a rough day today.

It was fine.



I know this must be so hard.

Without your grace, without your powers,

it's a lot, I'm sure.

But you can get past this.
I know you will.

I have faith in you, Jack.
And I believe in you.

- And...
- Hey.

Sam, um... He's awake.

I have to, uh...

I know.

We'll talk later, all right?

Did he say anything?

I didn't talk to him.
I can barely look at him.


Oh, hey, Sam.

Hey, Nick.

Nick! Nick!

I'm an angel. My name is Lucifer.

I need to take control of your mind
and your body.

Nick, I need you to say yes.


How'd you sleep?

Uh, yeah, um...

Okay. Didn't wake up screaming,
so that's a plus.


So no more nightmares?

They're getting better.


May I, um... May I see it?

Look at that.

Looks like it's healing.

Yeah, it itches a lot,
doesn't really... Hurt!




I don't get it.

I don't understand how Lucifer
could die and I could live.

Yeah, um, I think that maybe
it's because the archangel blades

were made to kill the archangel inside
and not the person they, uh...

Possesses and uses
to almost end the world? Twice.

Yeah. That.

It must be weird,
you looking at me and seeing him.


But... I'm really glad it's you.

I'm glad Lucifer's dead.

Me too.

And you still, um... You still remember...

I mean, just little

bits and pieces here and there.
Nothing... Nothing about your brother.


And, uh, Michael?

Did he tell Lucifer anything?

Anything about his plan?

I mean, I remember him saying...

That he wanted to do it right this time.

- Hey, Cass.
- Hello, Sam.

Who is this?


I'm the boy who's got your angel.

And if you wanna see him again,
you know, alive,

we should probably chat.

It's a trap.


- This guy is a...
- Demon.

He just told you he was a demon?

Yeah. Seemed pretty proud of it, too.

Yeah, they ain't a real humble bunch.

So, what do we do?

We get Cass back.

All right. Grab holy water,
Devil's trap bullets,

angel blades because
whatever we're walking into...

It's gonna suck.


Maggie, you're with Bobby.
Mom, you're with me.

I'm coming too.

I know I'm not as strong
as I used to be, but I can help.

I have to.

Listen, kid...

Okay. Grab your gear.

Sam, I mean, Jack's a worker,

but he ain't ready for
a full-on demon smackdown.

So, we keep an eye on him.

He needs this, Bobby.

And danke, sweetie.

Castiel, you're sure I can't get
you anything hot and black?

Coffee has no effect on me.


Me either.

Yeah, not anymore,

but it's like
saltwater taffy or infants.

You know, I just like the taste.

Why are you doing this?

I'm just trying to be a good host.
Like mother would've wanted.

No, why...

Why are you using me as bait?

I mean, it's kind
of what you're for, isn't it?

And I need something
from Sam Winchester.

You really think
that he's gonna make a deal with you?

Oh, he's dealt with worse.

You see, recently, I had a revelation.

You know, somebody asked me
what it was that I wanted.

And I realized that after 600 years
as a demon, walking the planet,

destroying, drinking, defiling.
You know, the three D's...

I didn't know.

So I sat back,
and I gave it a good think,

and I realized exactly what I wanted.

And what is it?


Sam, it's gonna be fine.

Stop saying that, please.


It's gonna be fine,
that everything's gonna be fine.

- We're gonna find Dean, and...
- We are.

But you don't know that. You...

Dean's gone.

And we have no idea where he is,

or if he's even still alive,
you know.

Michael could have burned him out,
or worse, and...

I know.

I know he's out there.

Scared and alone.

I know.

I know he might never come back.

Never think I don't know that.

But I can't...

I have to think about the good, Sam.

Because if I don't,
I will drown in the bad.

For Dean's sake, I can't do that.

We can't do that.

Listen, Jack. On the other side,

you saved me and mine a dozen times.

You know, things may have changed,
but whatever happened,

whatever happens,

we've got your back.


The demon-killing knife.

You sure?

Yeah. They'll search me.
It's safe with you.

All right. You know what to do.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the great Sam Winchester!

I have heard so much about you.

You are a damn legend, Sam. An icon.

The shoulders, the... the hair.


You are my Beyoncé.

Cass, you okay?

Of course, he is.
I don't damage the merchandise.

I'm more embarrassed than I am hurt.

And you are?


Uh, Kip for short.

Cool. Kip. I'm here,

like you asked. So...

Yeah, you're here,
but not exactly as I asked.

You see, I told you to come alone,


Found them outside.
They didn't even put up a fight.

I'm sorry, Sam.

It's fine. You tried.

But I'm gonna need a little bit
more now, you know, not to...

Eat them.

It's just, you know,
late capitalism. You understand.

So, Sam, let's make a deal.

You're looking to make a deal?

I'm a demon. That's how we do.




Suit yourself, barbarian.

What do you want?

That is a very good question.
What do I want?

You know, I don't know
if you're aware or not, Sam.

But Hell's in a bit of a pickle.

You know, with Crowley dead, and
Asmodeus Kentucky Fried which means...

I don't care.

Yes, you do.

Or, you will.

See, for the first time in a very
long time, Hell is without a king.

And that... That's just not right.
So, I...

So you volunteer.


Why are you telling me all this?

Because I want to work with you, Sam,

not against you.

And is that why you took me hostage?

It's exactly why you're still breathing.

It gives me a chance to show Sam
and friends that I can hurt them...

But choose not to.

You see, I want the Crowley deal.

I give you information,
a spot of help every now and again.

And in return, you just turn
a blind eye to the crossroads deals,

and demon-on-demon violence, et cetera.

We never gave Crowley that deal.

How exciting.

Then I would be breaking new ground.

All right, you've got some good lines,
I'll give you that much.

But you're no Crowley. I know that.

So do they.



I know that I'm not
that ponce-y son of a bitch.

You see, in life,
I rode with Genghis Khan

and I burned half the world. So please!

Do you think that I like prancing
around like this?

Please. If I had it my way,
I would eat your heart.

But a king has an image to maintain.

And I'm not afraid of you.

But they are.

So, take the deal, Sam.
Before I stop trying to be Crowley,

and I show you who I really am.

So, what do you say, darling?


Are you sure? Because I know things.
All sorts of things.

Yeah. So do I.




Stay low.

All right.

Hey! Get away from him!

Oh, balls.

Take this. You know how to use it?

I stab them with the pointy end?

- Pretty much.
- Okay.



There will be no new King of Hell.

Not today. Not ever.

And if anybody wants the job,

they can come through me.


So, what's it gonna be?

That's what I thought.


Yeah, yeah. I... No, I don't care, I...

Just keep looking. Yeah, thanks.

Who's that?

Uh, Ketch.

He's in London,

searching for the
Newton-Dee Hyperbolic Pulse Generator.

The what?

It's a... it's a magic egg that kicked
Lucifer out of the president.

I thought we could use it on Michael,
but Ketch can't find it.

So, that's another dead end,
which is just awesome.

Sam, are you all right?

Yeah, I've been better.

I've been worse.


I'm just sorry. I should never
have gone to those demons.

Cass, I... No, I don't blame you, I...

Honestly, I... I wish
I would've thought of it first.

If it meant finding Dean,
I... I'd work with...

I'd do anything.

Not bad today, old man.

You too, sunshine.

- Hey, Jack.
- I'm fine.

You did well.

All I did was get punched.

In the face.

To be fair,
we all got punched in the face.

That's not...
Before, when I had my powers,

I... I could have done something and...


You don't... You don't
have your powers, and you...

Your grace should regenerate in time.
But until then...

I'm useless.

I can't kill demons. I can't find Dean,
and Michael is in our world,

and I can't stop him.

I can't do anything.

I don't have anything.

Oh, Jack, that's just not true.

You've got me.

You have all of us.

You have your family.

And we are going to find Dean.

And we are going to beat Michael
and we're going to do it together.

Because that's what we do.

- Hello?
- Sam?


Yeah. We have a problem.

Now, you...

You know exactly what you want.

You don't pretend to wanna help people

or save the world.

Your want is pure. And simple.

And clean.

And that's why you are worth saving.

That's why we are going
to work so well together.

Because you...

You just wanna eat.