Supernatural (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 6 - Tombstone - full transcript

Castiel is reunited with Jack and together with Sam and Dean, they head to a sleepy old western town to investigate a murder. Dean gets to live out his boyhood fantasy when he comes face to face with a famous, gun-slinging outlaw.

I can't control...

Mom! ...Whatever this is.

Jack is a nephilim.

He's Lucifer's son.

- I'm sorry.
- What?

Will you tell them
that I'm sorry?

Jack is not evil.
He's just a kid.

We need to help Jack learn
how to control his powers.

So I don't hurt anyone anymore.

See this pencil?

I want you to move it
with your mind.

I... can't.

I can't do the one good thing
you want me to.

I must be evil. No!

It doesn't matter what you are.

It matters what you do.

You did good today.

There are zombies here...

which means head shot.

People come back?


What gets burned stays dead.

- Goodbye, Cass.
- Castiel.


What is this place?

Angels and demons, you all
come here when you die.

What are you?

I'm just your friendly
neighborhood cosmic entity.

Having you awake,
it's like a gnat.

If having me awake
causes you pain,

send me back to Earth.
Pretty smart.


What the hell?

Come on.

Where'd he go?

He's messin' with us.

He's too damn fast.

Not faster than bullets.

All right, you wait here.

I'ma flush him out.



Aw, hell.

Cass, is that really you?

No. You're... you're dead.

Yeah, I was.

But then I... annoyed
an ancient cosmic being so much

that he sent me back.

I don't even know what to say.

I do.

Welcome home, pal.

How long was I gone?

Too damn long.

Where were you? In Heaven?


No, I was in the Empty.


Apparently, it's where angels
and demons go when they die.

What was it like?

Well, it's dark

and... nothing.

It's like... nothing.

I was sleeping,
and then I heard a voice

that said my name,
and I woke up.

I thought you...
had done something.

No, we...

we didn't even think
we could bring you back.

So who was it?

Chuck... God?


No, he has no power
in the Empty.

Well, then, who does?


How'd it go?


Jack, um...

What's wrong?

Hello, Jack.


Yeah, it's me.


We burned your body,
and what's burned stays dead.


Well, that's the question
we've been askin'.


did you...

Did you bring Cass back?

I don't know.

I wanted him back. I...

begged for him
to come back, but...

Well, here he is.

Because of me?

We don't know.
We don't know, Jack.

But we... we... we think maybe.

Thank you, Jack.

I missed you so much.

Sam and Dean tell me
you're doing well.

I am.


Watch this.


I can move the pencil.

And... I found a case.

Hunter's case.

What kind of a... Zombies.

I know what zombies are now.

You see?

Wait. Where'd you learn
to do that?

By watching you. And Sam.

Three days ago,
a vintage pocket watch

with a personal inscription
was sold at a pawn shop.

But when they went to
authenticate it,

they found out that it'd been
buried with its owner...

20 years ago.

And when they checked out
the grave, it was empty.

Which means...

the dead are rising
in Dodge City, Kansas.

Right. Oor maybe it's
aa grave robbery, but...

Yeah, but we should
probably check it out.

Wait. Really?

Yeah, we've done more on less.

Besides Dodge City's kind of,
kind of awesome.

All right, well...

two salty hunters,

one halfangel kid,

and a dude who just
came back from the dead. Again.

Team Free Will 2.0. Here we go.

All right,
this is supposed to be

the best room in the joint.


The Wild Bill suite.


Pretty cool, right?

Dude! Check it out,
check it out, check it out.

Clay Allison...

Gun fighter extraordinaire,

And, Curly Bill Brocius,
which... now, now, now,

little fun fact here...

Was killed by Wyatt Earp

Not kidding.

Johnny Ringo,

Billy the Kid. Look!
He really likes cowboys.

Hey, big guy. How you doin'?

What's going on, Calamity Jane?
Yes. Yes, he does.

Doc Holliday! Hey!

This is awesome.

All right, I say quick shower,
steak dinner,

and then tomorrow,
we hit up the cemetery.

Sounds like a plan.

Yes! Stirrup hangers!

You can have the couch if you want.

I don't sleep much.

I don't sleep at all.

Still can't believe
you brought your own hat.

Well, I can't believe
you didn't.

You're in a good mood,

Yeah. And?


No, no, III just...

you've been having
a rough go, so it's...

it's good to see you smile.

Well, I said I needed a big win.

We got Cass back. That's
a pretty damn big win.


Fair enough.

Run that plate, would you, Sophie?

Copy, Carl. Will do.

Let's see who this pile
of junk belongs to.

Carl, we got a match
on that plate.

Looks like the truck was stolen.


Carl? Carl?

Is everything all right?

Carl, do you copy?

And then there were these angels

and they tried to kill me,

I thought angels were good?

Well, in Heaven,
“good's” a relative turn.

What's it like? Heaven?

Well, that depends.

But it's nice?

It can be.

That's good.

My mother's in Heaven.

Yeah, I know she is.

Kelly was...

She was a very brave woman.

She left me a message.

She said I had an angel
watching over me.

Jack, I'm so sorry.
II should've been here for you.

No. It's okay. It's just...

I understand
why she trusted you.

Why I trusted you.

You remember that?

I remember feeling... safe.

Jack, your mother,

she believed that you would
do amazing things.

She said that you would
change the world for the better.

And now,

looking at you, talking to you,

I know that she was right,

that we were right.

Kelly would be so proud of you.


I'll go tell them. Jack. Jack!

Dean? Dean?
Jack, I wouldn't do that!


No, no, no!
Dean, it's me. It's me.


Who's making me coffee?

I told you.
He's an angry sleeper.

Like a bear.

Okay, so “code three”
means an officer down.

Looks like the victim was...
Covered in bite marks.

Like from a zombie.

Or anything else that has teeth.

All right, change of plans.

Jack and I will hit
the graveyard.

You and Cass hit up
the crime scene.

Works for me.

Al right, listen,
these Dodge City cops

aren't likely to trust
big city folks,

so we're gonna have to blend.

Which is why you're making me
wear this absurd hat.

It's not that bad.

Well, actually, yeah,
it kind of is. Hang on.

All right. That's better.

Is it?


Look, just act like you're
from “Tombstone,” okay?

The city?

The movie.

With Kurt Russell?
I made you watch it.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

The one with the guns
and tuberculosis.

“I'm your Huckleberry.”

Yeah, exactly.

Well, it's good
to have you back, Cass.

All right, follow my lead.

We'll fit right in.

Howdy, pardner.

Who's in charge here?

Much obliged.

Sheriff Phillips?

It's Sarge.
Sergeant Joe Phillips.

Sheriff's on vacation.

Well, I'm Agent Russell.
This here is my associate.

Kilmer. My name is Val Kilmer.

Yeah, okay. What do you want?

Well, we heard about the attack
over the wire last night.

Wondering what you can
tell us about the victim.

His name was Carl Phillips.
Deputy Carl Phillips.

He's... was my nephew.

Some psycho slit his throat

and left the body out
for the coyotes to chew on.

I knew that boy since he was
a day old.

Well, we're deeply sorry
for your loss.

Anyway, what the hell's
the Texas Rangers

even doing up here?

Well, actually, we're FB...
Rangers. That's right.

Texas Rangers.

We've been tracking a fugitive
who skipped across state lines.

He's a real mean son of a gun.

He's been robbing graves.

We got us one of them.

Carl was the one
looking in on it.

You think there's a connection?

Could be.

Well, you boys are more than
welcome to poke around, but...

I catch up with
your runner first,

there ain't gonna be much left
of him to take back to Texas.

You can count on it.

Dude! What the hell?

Sorry. Sorry, II didn't mean
to scare...

Um, there was no one upstairs.

Yeah, it's just me.

And you are...

Athena Lopez, undertaker.

And you are?

Agent Elliot.

That's Agent Paxton. FBI.

He's an FBI agent?

Did his parents
sign a permission slip?

He's a trainee.
Top of his class.

Anyway, we're here about
the grave robbery.

You live on the premises, right?

All my life.

But according to
the police report,

you didn't see anyone
that night.

I was out.
Amanda Palmer concert.

Amanda Palmer?

What about anything weird?

Cold spots? Strange smells?

I just said, I wasn't here.

Right. We're just trying
to figure out what happened.

That's all. You and me both.

Look, if you guys wanna
check out the grave,

the cops have it roped off,
over on the west plot.

Great. Thanks. Again, sorry.

There's something here.

No, wait. There.

Jack, put that away.
We're in a graveyard.

There's gonna be EMF everywhere.

The police report said
something about

rats damaging the coffin.

That's one big rat.


All right.

Here goes nothin'.

What's that?

I think it's...


Yeah, bite marks.
Looks like a ghoul.

A ghoul is a monster
that feeds on the dead.

They can take the form
of whomever they've eaten.

Decapitation kills them.

Yeah, or bashing
their brains in.

So like a...
zombie shapeshifter?

Pretty much, yeah.

And he could have tunnels
all over that graveyard.

But if it could be anyone,
how do we find it?

Can I just say I'm getting
real sick and tired

of fighting things
that look like other things?

Maybe the ghoul is this Athena.

Yeah. Aa ghoul who owns
a mortuary.

That's smart, but...

No. She's got access
to the bodies

before they're ever
in the ground.

Anything she wants,
she would just take.

She doesn't have
to dig 'em back up.


I think I found something.

I tracked the plates
on the stolen truck

from the crime scene,
and I went through

the city's traffic camera
footage, and look.

This is it.

From yesterday,
before the deputy was killed.

Well, then, who's drivin'?

Holy crap.

That's Dave Mather.

Who? Dave Mather.

Dave! Not cool.

What? It's your own fault,
bent over all sexy.

I don't like when you do that.

You do like it. Sometimes.

Cowboy. Outlaw.

One of the Dodge City gang.

Come here.

He was one of the greatest
gunfights ever.

I mean, he died in 1886,

which makes this
a little weird, but...

Mysterious Dave Mather.

I'm gonna get my boots on.

One of the best
gunslingers ever! Whoo!

You got a letter,

and it's from
that makeup school.

Thought you said
you weren't gonna apply.

Changed my mind.

And it's not
“that makeup school.”

It's the Ben Carruth Makeup
and Special Effects Program.

It's the best.

The Carruth Program. Got it.

“Dear Ms. Lopez, after
reviewing your portfolio,

we've decided to accept you
into our fall semester.”

Babe, I got in.


Don't get too excited.

No, I...

I think it's great that
you got in that.


But it's in Los Angeles,

and we're not exactly
swimming in cash here.

City living, it's expensive.

Yeah, and they've got loans.

I could sell this place
if I needed to.

Athena, don't you think
we have a good thing here?

Why do you wanna go mess it up?

Whatever. I have to work.


Two FBI agents came by today.

What for?

It was about the grave robbery,

but they asked
these weird questions

about cold spots,
strange smells.

So our ghoul ate some Old West
gunfighter and stole his face?

That's what it looks like. Ha.

I think I've seen him before.

There was a picture
at the mortuary.

He's Athena's boyfriend.

All right.

So what do we tell Athena?

Well, we keep it simple,

tell her the guy she's banging

eats dead people,
and we're here to kill him.

Or we could lie.
Yeah, we definitely lie.


What the hell are you doing
in my house? Again.

Look, II'm a...

I know who you are.
Answer the question.

Okay, my... my associate and I,

we're... we're looking
for your boyfriend.

Why? Is this about
the grave robbery?

And a murder. A what?

Sheriff's deputy
was killed last night.

We just wanna talk to him.
That's all.

So... do you know where he is?

He said he had to go
to the bank.

Have a good night, ma'am.

Hey, Shawnte. Locking up.

Okay, sounds good.

Howdy, pardner.

You hit that alarm, you die.

You hand me
that funny wad of cash

with the dye pack in it,
you die.

You. You try and play hero,
big boy, you die.

You got me?

Dave Mather.

Robbing a bank.
That's a bold move.

You must be the Hunter.

And you must like
to play cowboy.

It's my favorite suit.

You know, I like to keep
a little piece

of old Dave on me
just to gnaw on.

Let's make it two, three,

four Hunters!

Whoo! Must be my birthday.

Look, why don't you come
with us someplace else?

We can do this quick and quiet.

Are you all right? Yeah.


Okay, you stay here.
No, it's okay. I've got this.

No, Jack. Jack!

Stay here.

Jack! Jack! Hey!

What the hell?


Check the guard.


No. No, no, no, no.

Cass, II didn't mean to.
Castiel, you have to heal him.

I can't.

Why... why not?

He's dead.

Is this the first time
he's hurt anyone?

No. No, but it is the first time

he's hurt someone
that didn't get back up.

All right, you two should get
Jack back to the bunker.


The cops are gonna be
on their way.

We gotta get him out of town.

Okay, but what... what about
the ghoul? I can stay here.

No, I'll handle it.

Besides, you need to be with
the kid in case he... you know.

Okay. All right.


Hey, baby.

Dave, what happened?

I got shot.

My God.

It's not a big deal.

Hey, I robbed a bank for you.

What are you talking about?

I changed my mind.

You can go to that school,
and I'm gonna come with you.

Okay? But we gotta leave now.
So big city, here we come.

Are you insane?

No, look, I can pawn jewelry

for stuff like concert tickets.

But if we're skipping down,

digging up a few bodies
just ain't gonna cut it.

You're the grave robber?

But that would mean...

- That cop that got killed?
- That... that pissant Deputy Carl,

he was tailing me.
I had no choice.

I had to do it. I had to do it.
You killed someone.

Who had it coming. But it
doesn't matter now anyways.


We need to leave. Now. Okay?

Don't touch me. Hey!

I'm the one that's
giving you everything

that you ever wanted.

So how 'bout you stop
being a bitch, okay?


you're with me,

and I will always
take care of you

and I will always protect you.

But we need to get the hell
out of Dodge now.

Just get away from me.

Baby. Baby!


Y'all looking for someone?
'Cause I am.

Bank in town just got robbed.

Turned into a real
O.K. Corral type of deal.

Big old shootout.
I heard about that.

Shawnte, the clerk,
recognized the perp's voice.

She said he sounded
just like the fella

that's been dating Athena.
That so?

And we got prints back
from the murder.

They matched prints
from the bank.

That boy's been busy.

I already checked his place.
It's cleaned out,

but I figure he ain't goin'
nowhere without his best girl.

So that's why I'm here.

Why are you here?

Same thing.
Trying to get the bad guy.

Where's your badge?

I don't need one.

This is family business.

Well, I should tell you
I'm not taking him alive.

Neither am I.

All right, then.

Aim for the head.

What the hell?

Come on.

All right, you wait here.

I'ma flush him out.



Aw, hell.

No, I don't wanna... Okay.


Yeah. Sure.

Come to Dodge City.

We'll have some laughs.

Jack, you...

you okay?

Jack, I've killed people
who didn't deserve it...

my friends...
I've killed people I loved.

I wish I could tell you
that it... that it gets easier,

that with time, it hurts less,
but that would be a lie

because it...
It never gets easier.

And those moments,
they never stop hurting.

But that doesn't mean
that you should stop fighting.

Doesn't mean that just because
you made a mistake...

And that's what this is, Jack.
It's a mistake.

That doesn't mean that
you can't...

Can't be better, do better.

I believe that.
I have to believe that.

And we still believe
in you, Jack. We...

Stop. Just...

Please stop.


Hey. Hey.


You okay?

No. What the hell is going on?

Okay, well, your boyfriend,
is not exactly human.


Hey. Hey, Sarge.

Hey, hey. Hey, you okay?

Still kickin'.


Just barely.

That sumbitch
dragged me down here,

tossed me around like
I was a damn rag doll.

You got any idea where he is?

A little bit.

Hands up.

I think you heard me.

Raise 'em!



Dave? Don't.

It's okay.
I'm doing this for us, baby.

There is no “us.”

Ooh. Ouch.

Breakups can be a bitch.

Shut up. Or what?

Or I'm gonna put a bullet
right between your eyes.

I mean, what'd you think was
gonna happen here?

You come down with no gun.

Like it matters anyway.

You ain't fast enough.

No, but he is.

Happy trails, cowboy.

So, you mind telling me

exactly what went on back there?


Guy named Dave killed
your deputy.

He tried to kill you,
and you shot him dead.

And I was never here.

Fair enough.

And the, security guard
at the bank,

Dave killed him, too.



How'd it go?


Killed the bad guy,
saved the girl.

What about the...

Took care of it. Good.


How is that good?

I killed someone.

What was his name? The guard?

Did he have a family?

Jack, don't do this to yourself.
No, did he?

Yes, he did.

Jack, look, this life,
what we do, it's...

it's not easy.

And we've all done things
we regret.

Just don't.

You're afraid of me.

Jack, no.

No, maybe you're right.

Maybe I'm just another monster.

No, you're not.

I thought you were.

I did.


Like Sam said,

we've all done bad.

We all have blood on our hands.

So if you're a monster,
we're all monsters.

No, you don't...

Every time I try and do
something good,

people get hurt.

I thought I was getting better.

I'm not...

I don't know what I am,

but I know I can't make
the world a better place,

not like this.

I can't even do one good thing.

And I know that if I stay,

I'm gonna hurt you.

All of you.

And... I can't.

You're all I have.

Jack, listen... I have to go.

No, Jack.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.




He's gone.

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