Supernatural (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 4 - The Big Empty - full transcript

When multiple patients of grief counselor Mia Vallens turn up dead, Dean, Sam and Jack investigate the mystery surrounding the murders and, each inadvertently, are forced to deal with unresolved grief of their own.

My name is Dean Winchester.

That big fella in there
is my brother Sam.

We kill monsters.


So what are you,
some kind of superhero?

Well, goodbye, Cass.
Goodbye, Kelly.

Goodbye, Crowley. Goodbye, Mom.

- Dean, we don't know if Mom...
- Yeah, we do. They're all gone.

Jack doesn't have to be evil.
We can teach him not to be.

I know you think that
you can use him as some sort

of an interdimensional
can opener, and that's fine.

But don't act like
you care about him,

because you only care about
what he can do for you.

And what about Cass?
What about Cass?

He manipulated him.
He made him promises.

Said Paradise on Earth,”
and Cass bought it.

And you know what that got him?
It got him dead!





How? You're...


I was. But...

aren't you gonna say hi back?


I missed you, Baby Bear.


Hey. How you feelin'?

What you, what you working on?

Dead guy in Madison.

Police say it was
a home invasion,

but neighbor claims that
she saw the vic's dead wife

leave the crime scene.

Let's check it out.

What, you ready to ditch Damien?

What do you wanna do?
Leave him in a ring of holy oil

with some Netflix
and a frozen pizza?



Actually... I thought
we'd, bring him along.

Hell, no.

What, Adventures in
Babysitting” the Antichrist?

No, thank you.

Dean, we can't hide him forever.

And, you know, just keeping him
cooped up here isn't working.

Yeah, it is, actually.
You wanna know why?

Because as long as he's here,

he's not out there
doing God knows what.

So what, does this mean
that your plan

for bringing Mom back
isn't working?

'Cause I'll say it again...

Mom's dead, Sam.

Lucifer ripped out
her freakin' heart.

Now the sooner you can
wrap your head around that,

the sooner we can all move on.

So you're saying you want
to move on, from Mom.

Right now, I wanna kill
some dead guy's dead wife.

Dean, that isn't what
this is about.

Jack needs to get out.

He needs to get some air.
We all do.

He's a good kid.

He is. Just...

give him a chance, please.

For me.



Clone Wars”?

The computer said I'd like it.

I do like Ahsoka.

Kinda hate Anakin.

That's probably for the best.

Never mind. Um, hey.

You remember when I told you
what Dean and I do?

Our, our day job?

You kill monsters
because you're the good guys.

Right, right.

And we've got a case, so...

thought you might want
to come along.


Jack, I really think this
would be good for you.

You know, maybe a change
of scenery might...

Get my powers working again?

Yeah, maybe.

So I can be

your interdimensional
can opener”?

You're using me.


when you were born,

it ripped a hole in reality.

Like a... like a door from
this world to another,

to... a really bad, bad place.

So... so Dean and Cass and I,

we... we closed that door.

our mom, Mary,

she's trapped on the other side.

If we can get your powers back,

maybe we can open that door up.


You wanna save her.


Yeah, I do.


if this doesn't work,
if that can't happen,

that's okay,

because I do care about you.

But I should've told you.

I'm sorry. It's a lot and...

Dean can't even look at me.

He wants to kill me.

I won't let that happen.

Listen, if there's one thing
Dean respects, it's effort.

So come along, help us out.

Let's go be the good guys.

Agent Bonham, Agent Seger,

Special Agent Anderson...
These are you?

Yeah, sometimes.

I thought lying was wrong.

All right, here we go.
Victim... Wes Bailey.

His wife, Erica,
died six months ago.

Heart thing, out of the blue.
Question is,

why'd she come back from
the dead and knife his ass?

People come back?

When a person dies
and their soul can't move on...

They're called ghosts.

And hanging around makes them
go loony tunes.

They go crazy.

Yeah, question is, since when
do ghosts kill somebody

and walk out the front door?

So maybe it's a revenant.

Wait. What's a revenant?

A revenant's more like
aa zombie.

Hey, there's our witness.

Jack, we're gonna talk
to the witness,

check out the crime scene.

You stay. Sit.

Now you're sure it was his wife?

I've lived next to Erica
for six years.

I watered her plants every time
she and Wes took vacation.

What about that night?

You notice anything else?

Maybe, flickering lights,
cold spots?


I think a street light
did flicker.



We got a runner.

Thank you.

Hey! I told you to wait
in the car.

What the hell are you doing?

I'm trying to help out.

How is this helping out?
Hey, Dean.

Thank you, Jack.
Did you find anything?

Just this.

All right. Jack, look.

This is an EMF meter.

Okay, so spirits, ghosts,

they put out
electromagnetic interference.

If one's here,
this will tell us.

What's it saying?

It's saying it's a revenant.

We gotta check her grave.

Come on.

All right, well,
you said you wanted to help,

so... dig.

Dean, what's up with
all the orders?

You're starting
to sound like Dad.

That a bad thing?
I'm just saying

his... his drill sergeant act
worked with you...

but it didn't work with me.

And that's not the way we're
gonna get through to Jack.

Look, you wanted the kid here,
he's here. All right?

But I'm not gonna hold his hand
and tuck him in at night. Pass.

I'm not gonna be his mother,
and neither are you.

And the kid can dig,
so I'll give him that.

All right, I guess
we're back to ghost.


So a body rules out revenant.

All right, I don't get it.

I mean, a ghost that won't
show up on EMF?

Doesn't make any sense.

Yeah, well,
what does these days?

You know, I mean, we...

We've got portals
to apocalyptic worlds.

We've got, shapeshifting demons.

Dealing with a whole new set
of tiddlywinks.

I say we just... do what we do.

My mother...
Could she be a ghost?

No, we, um...

we burned the body.

That's right,

and what gets burned...

stays dead.





assistance. May I help you?

I blew a tire, out on Route 19.

Okay, no problem. We'll get
someone right out there.



Thank you.

Well? Get anything?

Yeah, cops found the victim,
Gloria Simon, about an hour ago.

Something ripped her apart.

Our kind of something? No.

Gloria was on the phone
with roadside assistance when she died.

Operator said she was talking
to someone named Scotty.


According to the cops,
Scotty is her son.

Was her son.

He drowned in '96.

So we got two ghosts
in two days, and...

no EMF.


So, aside from getting dead,

what do Gloria and Wes
have in common?

Where's Jack?

Across the street. Food run.

Dean, he's not our intern.

I asked you to keep
an eye on him.

I can see him.

He keeps staring at me.
Yes, he wants you to like him.

All right, whatever.
Here, take a look.

What's this? Her diary?
It's a grief journal.

Cops found one at
the first crime scene also.

Wes and Gloria were both seeing
the same grief counselor...

Mia Vallens.

And apparently,
she gives homework.

Shrinks. Snake oil for the mind.

Or how healthy people deal.

All right, let's see how good
old, Gloria was dealing.

Here you go.

And now that
I've achieved catharsis,

I can truly see
the program works.”

The program ?? Come on, man.

I mean, she's one KoolAid
away from Jonestown.

What'd Wes' journal” say?
More of the same.

Um, he was really into
the whole catharsis thing.

Yeah, sure. Who wouldn't be?

I mean, it's like another word
for happy ending. ?

Hi, Jack.

What took you so long?

The man in front of me
wanted extra kraut,

but the hot dog man
didn't have any.

He was really angry.

That's a cool story.

So let's say that Hannibal chick
is, um, a medium, right?

She's talkin' to spirits,
she's pissing them off somehow.

A ghost shows up,
notches a kill, and takes off.

Yeah, but then, what?
Once it's gone, no EMF?

This woman can talk to ghosts?

If she's the real deal,

mediums can do all kinds
of freaky crap.

All right, say you're right.

Can't go in as FBI,

not with doctor/patient

All right. So we have to
go in as something else.

- This is a dumb idea.
- Just follow my lead.

Yeah, doctor's gonna eat
our liver

with some fava beans
and a bottle of Chianti.




Can I help you?

Yeah, we're...
hoping to see the doctor.

I'm sorry. You caught us
right at the end of our day.

Maybe tomorrow.

No, today's good.
Like right now.

He... We just need
a moment of her time.

You've lost someone recently?

No. My mother.

Um, our mother. We're having
a difficult time.

Mia Vallens.

Hi. Dean.

That's our little brother Jack,
and I'm Sam.

I see. Please, this way.


Listen, Mr. Spock,

you speak when I tell you
to speak, okay?

- Yes.
- Good.

Your mother...
She passed suddenly?


Most of the people I see
are in the same boat.

No warning,

no goodbye,

no closure.

Right, yeah. Pretty much
the same for us. Um...

So how does this usually work?
You know, with your patients?

Usually, they just start talking
about the person they've lost.

All right, well, Mom was great,
now she's dead.

What's the deal with catharsis?

I'm sorry?

We... we were wondering
what that is.

Um, a patient of yours,
Gloria Simon,

she referred us.
She's a family friend.

I don't talk about my patients,

and Gloria wasn't supposed
to talk about me.

Sure. Um, got it.

But your process...

My program is a range of things.

Talk therapy, meditation.

You ever journal?

Our dad did.


You journal?

Ever since I was a little girl.

You think this shrink stuff
is a load of crap. Am I right?

How'd you guess?
Then why are you here?

Because, we all agreed
we'd give it a shot, right?


My brother, he's not,

he's not processing his grief.


No, I'm...
No, I'm good, actually.

With death, closure,
whole freakin' bottle of Jack.

Are you?

Yeah. Because I know
that Mom's dead,

and I know that
she's not coming back.

Okay, I hear what you're saying.
I just wish...

You wish he'd be more open
to therapy?

Sure. Exactly.

All right, this is
a safe place, right, Doc?

Okay. My brother's delusional.


You said you wanted to
give this a shot, right?

Here we go.

He won't even admit that
Mom's dead. Won't even admit it.


Because if he admits it,
then it's real.

If it's real, then he has
to deal with it,

and he can't handle that.

Right, because this is
so easy for you?

No, it's not easy.

Yeah, but at least you had
a relationship with Mom.

I mean, who would she
always call?

Who did she look to for everything?

You had something with her
I never had.

And now I'm just supposed
to accept that

I never will have it?


You just upset
your brother so much,

he had to leave the room.

And Jack? Look at him.

He's terrified of you.

Nah. No, we're simpatico.
Right, kid?

We're simpatico.


You're angry, Dean.


And if you don't want
to do anything about it,

that's your business.

But you're aiming it
at everyone in your life.

She's a shapeshifter! No, no.

I found hair and... teeth.

You must've shed your skin,
what, couple hours ago?

And here, I just thought
she was annoying.

What's going on?
Doc's a monster.

She killed her patients.
No! No. No.

I am what you say,

but I have never killed anyone.

Then what are you doing here?
I'm helping people.

My patients.

I just miss her so much.

I shift into the person
that they've lost

so that they could see them
one last time,

so that they can say goodbye.

My God.

Well, Wes Bailey...

Gloria Simon...

they're both dead.


Gloria was killed by her son,

or at least someone
who looked like him.

Three nights ago,
Wes was killed by somebody

who looked like his dead wife.

So you wanna tell us how
you're innocent again?

Okay, I, um...

I have an alibi for Wes.

I volunteer at
the women's shelter downtown.

I was there that night.
You can call them.

I know you guys are Hunters.

But please, I am
telling you the truth.

I know you're there.

I can feel you.


What are you?

I'm just your friendly
neighborhood cosmic entity.

Why do you look like me?

Yes. Yes, yes.

Well, I show up in my real form,

and you freak out, rip out
your own eyes, et cetera.

That would be embarrassing,
wouldn't it, for both of us?

What is this place?

Yes. Excellent question.

You see, before God and Amara,

creation, destruction,
Heaven, Hell,

your precious little Earth,
what was there?


Yes. That's right. Nothing.

Nothing but Empty.

And you are soaking in it.

Angels and demons, you all
come here when you die.

Every angel that ever died
is here?


sleeping an endless
peaceful sleep.

You know, I...
I was sleeping, too.

Hey, since we're pals,

there's something
I've gotta know.

I've just gotta ask.

Why are you awake?

'Cause fun fact...

In all of forever,

nothing ever wakes up here.

I mean, ever. Ever.
And second fun fact...

When you woke up, I woke up,
and I don't like being awake.

So... what's up, smart guy?

I don't know.

Well, think!

The Winchesters.

Sam and Dean,
they must've made a deal.

No. No, no, no.

Not with me, and I'm...

I'm the only one that has
any pull here.

Not Heaven, not Hell,
not GOD himself.

So think harder.

Rack that perky little brain
of yours.

Stay away from me.

Okay, fine.
I'll rack it for you.

All right. Alibi checks out.


Yeah, I'm surprised, too.

Okay. Well, if you're not doing
this, then who is?

God. I think I know.


His name's Buddy.

When we got together,
I was young and stupid.

He's a shifter, like me.

The only one I'd ever met
other than my mother.

But he liked hurting people.

Did he hurt you?

I left.

Changed my face, my name.

Buddy wouldn't just kill people.

He'd ruin their lives.

He said he liked to see
the look on their face

when they realized
they had nothing left.

What I'm doing here...

I know it can't make up
for what... what he...

what we did, but I'm trying.

If Buddy is doing this,
he's targeting your patients.

So who else has access
to this office,

your notes, your appointments?

Patients and staff
are in here all day.

If you had to pick one.

Tom, my assistant.

I'll check it out.
I'll come with.

Fine. Whatever.

All right, stay in the car.

Dean, II just... I wanna help.

Sam told me about the plan
for your mother.

Well, there's something
you should know.

Sam's plans don't always
work out.

Wait here.

Yeah, yeah, no. I...
All right. Got it. Thanks.


Dean says Tom is in the clear.

How do you know?

He, he handed him
a silver dollar. Didn't burn.

Turns out your assistant's
just a nice guy with five cats.

What are you doing?

I'm scrubbing your
security cam footage.

If anyone's eyes flare...
Then they're the shifter.

- Exactly.
- Right.

So... tell me,

how exactly does this work
with your patients?

You show up as their dead
relatives, and they think what?

They don't really care.

They chalk it up
to hypnotism, a lucid dream.

They explain it away
because at the end of the day,

they get to say goodbye.

And that works?

People? We're hardwired
to want closure.

You know?

You never got a chance
to say goodbye either, did you?

Whoa, whoa. Check this out.

There. Who's that?

That's John Driscoll.

I only started seeing him
a few weeks ago.

What did...

What did you do to me?

II read your mind,
such as it is.

What do you want?

What do I want?
I want you to shut up.

I want...

Having you awake, it's like
a gnat flew right up here

and it's trapped
and it's buzzing.

Having me awake causes you pain.

If you can't sleep,
I can't sleep. Yeah?

And I like sleep. I need sleep.

Then get rid of me.

I should, should I?

Send me back to Earth.

Or I throw you so deep
into the Empty

that you can't bother me

Except you know that won't work
or you would've done it already.

Pretty smart.

Pretty smart, Dummy.

Send... me... back.

That's not part of the deal.

Mnhmnh. No, no. Besides,
you don't want to go back.

Yes, I do.

Sam and Dean need me.

Save it.

I have tiptoed

through all your little tulips.

Your memories,
your little feelings, yes.

I know what you hate.

I know who you love,

what you fear.

There is nothing for you
back there. No.


Let me show you.


- Hey.
- Hi.

Where's Sam?

Buddy's posing as
one of my patients.

Sam traced his phone.
I let him take my car.

He left about 10 minutes ago.

He didn't call me.
Well, can you blame him?


Could I talk to you?

Yes, of course. This way.

Sam and Dean aren't
my real brothers.

Sometimes we have to lie.

I'm still trying to understand.

Come on, Sam. Pick up the phone.

My mother died when I was born.

Hi, Jack. It's...

I 'm your mom.

I never met her.


This is all I have.

And I just...

I need to...

see her, just once.


Shut your eyes.

You can look now.


Hi, Jack.

It's okay.

It's okay.

I'm afraid.


Why are you afraid?

Sam thinks you were right,
that... that I'm good.

He wants me to believe it,
and I wanna believe it, too.

It's just, I...

I've hurt people.

I didn't mean to.
It was an accident.

And I know I should feel bad,
and I say I feel bad,

but most of the time,
I mostly...

I don't feel anything.

And that's why I think maybe...

Maybe I'm a monster.


It doesn't matter what you are.

It matters what you do.

And even monsters can do good
in this world.

You really believe that?

I have to.

I have to.

Hey, what's up?

Hey. I, I was too late.

Shifter's gone. Driscoll's dead.

Damn it. All right.
Well, get back here.

Yeah, on my way.

Well, that was
too freakin' easy.

Thank you.

I... Thank you.


Hey, baby.

Come on, Castiel!

Wouldn't you rather be
a fond memory

than a constant, festering

Just let's lay down.

Let's just try and sleep.

Think about it.

Infinite peace, yes?

No regrets.

No pain.

Kiddo, save yourself.

I'm already saved.

You can prance

and you can preen

and you can scream and yell

and remind me of my failings
but somehow, I'm awake.

And I will stay awake
and I will keep you awake

until we both go insane.

I will fight you.

Fight you

and fight you for... ever.

For eternity.



Release me.

Release... me.

Buddy, what are you doing?

- What am I doing?
- Yeah.

What am I doing?
What are you doing?

You think you can just leave?

Build this whole new life
for yourself without me?

Kid. You're up.

Wait, no, no, no, no, no!
Don't hurt them.

Begging for Hunters?
That's not my girl.

I'm not your girl.

You always did think
you were too good for me,

even though I gave you

Jack. You used me!

Yeah, well, welcome
to the world, sweetheart.

Everybody uses everybody.

You gotta snap these cuffs.

I never stopped looking for you.
I can't.

And when I found this place,
when I saw all that...

Yes, you can.

Warm, fuzzy good
you were doing...

I couldn't let you have that.

Sammy believes in you,
and when he believes,

he'll go Hell for leather...

So I took it all away,
and it was fun.

But you gotta try. You're...

you're a...

What? A monster?

Well, so are you.

And it's about time
you embraced that.

So I'm not gonna kill
those boys.

You are.

You end them, or you die,

courtesy of Tweedledee's
silver bullets.

So what's it gonna be, Princess?

Shoot me.

Shoot me!

Look. Baby brother.

No. No!


Like shooting Hunters
in a barrel.

Sam, no!



- We're in here!
- Stop.



You sure about this?

What Buddy did was my fault.

I should've...

You guys can go.

I'll take care of him.

You know, I just... I just
wanted to help people.

You did.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You did good today, Jack.

Listen, man, back at, Mia's,

I was out of line.

I'm sorry for being a...

a dick lately.


And maybe you're right,

about the kid.

I mean, he tries.
I'll give him that.

And he tapped his powers,
saved our ass,

so that's a win.

Yeah. I guess.

What's up?

What if you're right?

About Mom.

What if she is dead,
and I'm just in denial?

Don't say that.


You've been wanting me to
admit that since it happened.

I know I have,
but don't say that.

I need you to keep the faith,

for both of us.

'Cause right now, I...

Right now, I don't believe
in a damn thing.

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