Supernatural (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 22 - Exodus - full transcript

Sam and Dean devise a plan that will save innocent lives. Meanwhile, Jack continues to wrestle with the consequences of his decisions.

We must assemble
our most powerful allies

to rescue our family and confront
the archangel Michael.

DEAN: Mom and the kid,
they're not with Michael anymore.

SAM: Dean, we're going to that place,

and we're gonna save
Jack and Mom. Together.

And if we die,
we'll do that together, too.

We need archangel grace.

- No.
- I don't like it either

but there is no other way.

We need Lucifer.

- Hey, brother.




SAM: We got a lot of work to do
back in Apocalypse World,

but not a whole lot of time to do it.

We could use you.

Notjust to crack the door open,
but to keep it open.

So we're gonna drain you,
and we're gonna keep on draining you.

When we get back,
then we'll kill you.




Red. You shouldn't have made me mad.
Step into my office.






- Which way you headed?
- North.

To Dayton? We'd heard the rebels,

Jack and Mary, set up
a satellite colony there. An outpost.

We were crossing north,
through the Morehead Tunnel.

DEAN: This tunnel?
Is it the only way north?

MAGGIE: Tunnel's the quickest route.



- Sammy!

- Dean!
- Sam!

He's gone.

Dean, we can't save him.


- Boo!

- Hey, Sammy.
- You brought me back.

- I did.
- Why?

I want what you already have.

A relationship with my son.

- And you're gonna help me.
- And what if I say no?

You coming with? Or that.


LUCIFER: Your move, champ.


What happened?


He brought me back.

It's what I do.

It is not what you...

How did you get in here?

VIP pass. I'm with the band.

Come on, shouldn't you be thanking me?

I gave Sammy an extra life.

Besides, what with little bro here
being a hot mess,

I figured you need me.

So I'm here to join the team.

Your name is Jack.

And yours is Lucifer.

No, no, no, no.

You don't talk to him.
And you, don't listen to him.

- Um, don't you think that's his choice?
- No.

Are you trying to keep me from my son?

Oh, this is Kelly Kline's son.

He's nothing like you.

Don't say he's nothing like me.

I'm the only one who understands him.

This power he has? I'm powerful.

Dangerous. Ruthless.

In the best sense though.

No. Kill him.

(CHUCKLES) He can't.
He's not strong enough.

- Dean.
- You've got the blade!

- Stop it.
- He's the Devil! Kill him!

Stop it!

Oh, great! He does that
when he's scared. Way to go, Dad.


I'll go look for him.

LUCIFER: I don't understand
all the hostility.

You need me.

I am a walking weapon,
I know this Michael.

Heck, I beat him!
So, how about a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

In case your innate evil overwhelms
this newfound team spirit,

you won't mind wearing these, then,
will you?

You're not at full power,
they should hold you.

Slap them on.

So if you're here, is the rift closed?

No, it's open.

I left Rowena some grace.

So you have

I'm thinking, 31 hours, give or take.


Hey, listen,
I'm sorry about all of this.

Are you good?

I'm alive, yeah.

Well, then you got nothing
to apologize for.

I thought I'd lost you, man.

What are we gonna do about Lucifer?

I'll handle it.

I will, Dean. Let me handle him.



KELLY: Hi, Jack.

I'm your mom.

I daydream about my baby.


I wish I could see you grow up.

No one would blame you

if one day you went looking
for your dad.

Jack, don't let anyone tell you
who you're supposed to be.

You are who you choose to be.

JACK: Maybe I'm not worth all of this.

Your mom thought you were.

So did Cass.

So do I.


JACK: Why are you being so nice to me?

Because I know what it feels like.

To feel like you don't belong.



- I'm sorry.
- Don't.


Hey, Momma.

Miss me?

Is that a yes?

CASTIEL: Let's go.

DEAN: Nice shot.
SAM: Yeah. No kidding.

Hey, we really should go look for Jack
and get back home, before it's too late.

I, uh... Boys, um...

About that...

(SIGHS) I'm not going back.

I'm sorry, what?

I fought beside these people.

I respect them. I respect their cause.

You can't expect me
to just abandon them.

No, Mom, that's not...
You heard what Lucifer said,

we have 31 hours.



I know what you went through
to come find me.


But these people are being slaughtered.
They need me here.

No, we need you, Mom. We do.

Come on, Cass, old sport...

I am not your sport.

And I will not broker a relationship
between you and...

Speak of the not Devil.


It's Jack.

Jack, talking with Lucifer,
it's not a good idea.

JACK: I'm not going to talk.

- I'm going to listen.

He's gonna listen.

We've been mopping up
the world for years.


We've been knocked down,
we've been possessed,

we've lost friends, we've lost family,
we've lost each other.

And we never walk away, ever.

And sometimes we should've.

Because not every fight,
everywhere can be won.

It just can't, right? Tell her.

- I think Mom made up her mind.
- See?

Wait. What?

Mom doesn't want to leave these people,

so let's take them with us.

They'll never leave their home.
They'll never leave their cause.

I'm not saying abandon the fight.

I'm saying we get them somewhere safe

and then we all figure out a way
to take down Michael.

Then once we do they can come back,
and save their world.

You'd do that for them?

Well, we got, what, nine busting out,
what's a few more?

How many are we talking?

It's, uh, 25.




I've been waiting
for this moment for so long.

I just don't know what to say.

This dad thing is sort of new to me.

So, um,

do you have any questions
that you wanna ask?

Don't let my status as a legend,
hold you back, man.

Just fire away.

Why does everyone hate you?

Huh. Wow, he just got
right to the point.

That's good. That's good.
Good question. Um...

So you've, uh, probably
heard the stories, right?

Anything ugly happens,
any evil befalls the world,

it's my fault.

- Fake news.
- And that's not entirely...

I mean, yes, I have done things
that I'm not entirely proud of.

I have led the occasional soul to ruin.
This is true.

But Jack, it's because humans
are so messed up.

They're so willing to be led.

My mother was human.

Awesome lady. Incorruptible.

Not like that, great kisser.

And, uh, lost my virginity to her.

No? Too soon?

I mean, the point is,


humans are not perfect.

They are hard-wired to fall.

And when they do, they need a fall guy.

That's a vast oversimplification.

Okay, so true or false, Cass.

Um, for almost, like, ever,
I have been locked away in a cage.

- Yes.
- True. It's true.

So how did I do all this evil
for all these centuries, I wonder.

- Who locked you up?
- My dad.

Because I told the truth.

See, he loved humans so much,
he couldn't see their flaws.

And I told him about it and he got mad.

Yeah. He felt like I was

personally dumping on his masterpiece.
And so he kicked me out.

No time-out, no go in the corner,
you know, anything like that.

Just gone. Banished.

And, yes, as Cass says,
I have done some "bad" things.

I have my reasons and I just want
the opportunity to get better.

Doesn't everybody? Don't you?

Okay, well,
getting an extra 25 through that rift,

that may not be possible.

SAM: Cass, hey.

- Any update on Jack?
- He's back.

Great. Where is he?

He's with Lucifer.

LUCIFER: So I want you
to think about this.

Your grandfather is God.

Think about that.
Of all the powerful families in history.

Forget the Tudors, Trumps, Jackson Five.

We're numero uno.

What's he like? God.

DEAN: Hey, hey.

I told you no talking.
And I told you no listening.

Dean, he's in chains.

His mouth isn't.
We should've gagged him.

I need to know about my powers.
My family.

Jack. We are your family.

We've been protecting you.

We've been honoring
your mother's wishes.

We're your family.

Jack, you have no idea
who Lucifer really is.

And I never will unless I talk to him.

- Jack.
- Dean!

He's my father.

MARY: (SIGHS) We should reach base camp
in a couple of hours.

MAN: You know, you combine...

DEAN: Sam, go back there and check out

what Helter Skelter's saying
to the damn kid?

SAM: Yeah.

Take it easy on Jack.

He's been fighting a war.

He's trying so hard
to prove himself, but...

He's lost people, friends.

It's gonna take a minute
to get through it.

I was just telling my dad
that now that he's here,

we have enough power to kill Michael.

Jack, that's not really the plan.


This is our chance.

Dean, like it or not,
Lucifer is Jack's father.

He's going to take an interest in him.

So what, we're supposed to just let
Lucifer drag him over to the dark side?

Jack isn't going to the dark side.

He'll see Lucifer's true nature.

And he'll see it through his own eyes,
not yours.

Hey, find him?


Gabriel went ahead to scout him.
He should be back by now.



Kill them on my command.

LUCIFER: Oh, yeah, about the cuffs.

I knew they wouldn't hold me
in this world.

Long story short,
I didn't want your impotence

to get awkward, so I just went along.

You're welcome, you're welcome.

Right, don't thank me at once.

See? Team player.


Creeps me out. You know?

Yeah, but it's no Sioux Falls.

Why should it look like Sioux Falls?

SAM: It's just our Bobby
back in our world. He, uh...

He liked to freeze
his ass off every winter?

Yeah, well,
this Bobby's gonna pass on that.

Anyhow, it's good to see you boys again.

I knew you couldn't stay away.

Yeah, you know where we can find
Charlie or Ketch?

They ain't back yet.

But we got a tip on an angel kill squad

looking to execute some resistance.

They want to head 'em off at the pass.

You let Charlie go with Ketch?

She let Ketch go with her.
It's her operation.

Bobby, we're gonna have
to hit the road soon.

We're running out of time.

About that.

Mary said you wanna take
a bunch of our people

back to this other earth?

Yeah, yeah. That's the idea.

Well, no offense,

but that may be
the dumbest frigging idea

in a landfill of dumb ideas.

So there's Michael, your other uncle.

Sort of the studly-type.
You know, warrior-guy.

I met Michael here. He tortured me.


We owe him one, right? High-five.

Right here, yeah.

That's your uncle Gabe.

JACK: We sort of met.

Let's go say hi.

So the thing about Gabe, class clown.

And you're an assclown.

(LAUGHS) You hear that, he's such
a cut-up. I mean, I can't...

Yeah, I guess your time with Asmodeus

didn't do you any favors,
did it, brother?

Well, my time with you was worse.

- You recall...
- I recall nothing.

I don't recall anything at all.
Happy endings.

All good. Happy endings.
Uh, meet Gabriel, your uncle.

- Hello.
- Hello.

So I was just shaking up
the old family tree for young Jack here,

you know,
talking about the good old days.

How tough Pop was, right, G?

I mean, we butted heads a lot, you know,

but I think in hindsight
I should've given him some slack,

because he's a... Being a dad is tough.

Okay, you think dad was the bad guy,
and you were a victim?

You are not a victim.

That was just your excuse.

- My excuse for what?
- For it all, Lucifer.

For it all.


For high crimes against the realm

and its exalted ruler, Michael,

the prisoner is condemned to death.

That will do.


We're gonna take you out of here.


No, you aren't.

Drop the gun.

You're coming with us.

So let me get this straight.

You want us to follow you
through a "magic door"

that's gonna blast us
the hell out of here

and into some kind of Fairy Tale World
where everything's pretty?

Okay, that's not exactly
what I was trying to say, that...

Andy, look, I get that
you don't know my sons,

but you do know me.

That world does exist. Hear them out.

No one here's running out
on our buddies.

Running out on the fight.

Nobody's saying run out.


I don't know if you've noticed,
but you're losing, okay?

You're out-manned, you're out-gunned.

SAM: My brother and I...

Back home, we are sitting
on the biggest collection

of lore and weapons in our world.

Now, something in there,
it might be enough to even the odds.

DEAN: So we find that.

Then you come back here with a plan.

A plan to beat Michael and his armies

and then you win.


You may think you don't know us,
but you do.

We've been where you are.

Hell, we are you.

We'll talk to our people. Take a vote.

- That's all we ask.
- Thank you.

Just got news about Charlie and Ketch.

Going after that execution squad
went sideways.

They're the ones who got ambushed.

Where did they hear
about this execution?

- Let's try this again, shall we?



How many fighters do you have?


Where is the battalion based?

Are you familiar
with a place called "Boardwalk?"


Well, it's very near Park Place.

Go to Oriental Avenue
and take the B and O Railroad,

straight to Hell.



(SNIFFLES) Mmm. Mmm.

Is that all you've got to make me talk?

I've sent for an expert
in these matters.

No talking will be required.

Good evening, Castiel.




What do you want from me?
I didn't do nothing.

We're thinking you did.

Did you tell Charlie and Ketch
about the Angel Kill Squad?



So, you set them up?

I don't know what you're talking about.



You want to try that again?

LUCIFER: This is so stupid.

Dean said to stay behind.

Any angels show up,
we gotta to defend this place.


GABRIEL: It is really killing you,

you're not out there
impressing your kid, huh?

Lucifer, do you really see
a version here where he sticks by you?

I think the kid is pretty blown away
by his old man, so,

yeah, I do.

He's a kid.

He likes shiny objects and magic tricks.

But he's not like you.

I can see it in his eyes.

His mother's bloodline,
the Winchesters' influence...

- I can be an influence.
- Oh. (SCOFFS)

He's not gonna want that!

He'll see who... What you are.

I'm changed.

Dude. It's me.

I've known you
since the stars were made.

You can't change.

You are incapable of empathy or love.

You live to be worshiped.
Or feared. Or both.

Okay. All right. I see
that you've drunk the Kool-aid, fine.

Oh, is this the part
where you tell me that

Dad made up all those so-called lies
about you?

- Got it.
- Yeah.

Yeah. Pop locked me up okay.

Don't you get it?

Humans were innocent and beautiful.

(SCOFFS) But you couldn't stand

that the old man loved them
more than he loved you.

So you tempted them and corrupted them

just to prove how flawed they were.

You better be careful, man.

Dad saw your evil
was like the first cells of cancer.

That it would spread like the disease
unless he cut it out.

That is why he locked you up.

To stop the cancer.

But it was too late then.

And guess what,
it's too late for you now.


We've been studying you.

Pure steel.


I haven't seen many like you.


But you have to understand

that everyone has a breaking point.

A point of pain.


Particular primitive fear, maybe.

But it's a nerve

so raw

that your will, grit,

they cease to be factors.

And then all of your little secrets

will flow from your mind to mine.

Until your mind

no longer exists.


Secure the area!







More than one of us.


I've gotten used to it.

- I got you.

Oh, sorry.


Well, hello.

You actually saving me.

It's about bloody time.

You align yourself with the humans.

I vastly prefer them to angels.

Don't think that you are better than me.

Well, we are the same.


We are.



- Bobby.
- Good work.

Good work. Got a win.

Don't get many these days.

Real proud of you boys.

And I got some news.

We took a vote to see
who was idjit enough

to go off to this "Other Earth"
with you.

Yeah? Any takers?


Me included.

For whatever reason,
I got a good feeling about you two.


Dean, that's great,

but how the hell are we gonna do this?

- We only have a few hours left...
- Yeah, no, I know, I've no...

Hey, Bobby.

Tell me about that bus.



You're gonna let Lucifer drive?

This we way we know what he's doing
and Cass can keep an eye on him.

We're running out of time.

Hey, guys, we're down
to one hour 57 minutes.

- Yeah.
- All right.

Jack. Jack.

Hey, where you headed?

Hold up.


Before I go,
there's something I have to do,

something I promised myself I'd do.

Kill Michael.

Jack, you can't... Look, we have to...

We have to get these people to the rift.

We'll seal Michael up
and leave him here.

No. Look, I've seen what he's done,
the people he's killed...

- He deserves to be punished.
- Yeah, I got this.

See, I think what Sam's trying to say
in his own

super-simplistic and silly way

is, maybe you should give
this a re-think.

I mean, I know I've been encouraging you

to take down Michael out,
but it ain't easy.

I tried it.

And if he catches you,

then we're all gonna have to waste
a lot of time trying to rescue you,

and that puts pretty much
everyone in danger.

Look, I know you feel like
you're doing the right thing,

but sometimes doing the right thing
can go wrong.

My father makes a valid point.


Good boy. Wanna come?
Let's do this. Come on.

Kids, I mean, you just gotta,
you gotta know how to talk to them,

you know what I mean?

It's closing.

We're running out of time. Come on.




Oh, hell, yeah.

How's that possible?

Lucifer! Let's go!

Let's go. Come on.

Hey. Come on!

Cass, Ketch, show them how it's done.

Follow me!

Momma, Bobby. Charlie, you're with them.

See you on the other side, bitches.

- Ah.
- Hmm.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up.
- I want to be with my son.

We need you and Gabriel here
in case something goes wrong.

Wasn't that the whole point
of you being on the team?


It's about bloody time.



Come on, let's go.

Go through the fire.



Lu, you don't really want
to try this again, do you?

Um, yeah.




Can it be?


Go. I can buy some time.

Gabriel, don't.

All I did on Earth was run.

I'm not running anymore.




Gabe, no!

Go. Go!


Sam, what're you doing, man?
I'm hurt. Please.

How did you think this was gonna end?




No. No! No!



It kept closing. I couldn't keep
it open another five seconds.

Well, you did it, Rowena, (CHUCKLES)

you got us all here.

We owe you one.

Don't think I won't collect.

Gabe... He'd been on the run
for so long.

He sacrificed himself.

I mean, he's the reason
Sam and I got out.

We owe him everything.

And what about Lucifer?

Sam handled it.

BOBBY: All right, listen up.

We made it.

Don't know much about this place,

but it's a place without Michael,

so that's a turn for the better.

I don't want none of you
going soft on me,

because we are gonna get
ourselves ready and go back home,

and set our people free!

ALL: Yeah!

We've been here for five minutes
and look who's taking over the joint.

And while we're celebrating,
let's not forget

our brothers and sisters
who didn't make it.

They will never be forgotten.

And we will do right by them.

ALL: Yeah!

And now, a toast to our new brothers,

Sam and Dean Winchester.

Thanks, boys.

Welcome to the family.

MAN: Sam and Dean.



MICHAEL: Why should I trust you?

I saw how they do the spell.

I know what it takes.

It's some blood, some fruit,

a glowy rock and then...
we step through. Both of us.

And then?

And then I get my son. And you get...

Everything else.

Are we agreed?