Supernatural (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 20 - Unfinished Business - full transcript

Gabriel is back and drags Dean and Sam into his plot for revenge on the demigods who sold him to Asmodeus. Meanwhile, Jack's growing confidence leads to reckless decisions that could put others in harm's way.

They call me Gabriel.

I thought you were dead.

- We saw him die.
- Please.

You can't take the trick
out of The Trickster.

Trickster's like
a Hugh Hefner type, right?

Wine, women, song. Maybe he
doesn't want the party to end.

I mean, maybe he hates
this angels and demons stuff

as much as we do. Let me guess.

You two muttonheads
broke the world,

and you want me
to sweep up your mess.

Yes. Why don't you sack up
and help us take down Lucifer?

I can't kill my brother.

Can't or won't?

Guard this with your life.

If you're watching this,
I'm dead.

Without me, you got zero shot
at killing Lucifer.

But you can trap him.

I know you think
it's safer inside.

I broke you!
No more torture. No more pain.

I've been there.

I can feel him!

Sammy's long gone.

But, Gabriel,
the world needs you.

Please, help us.

There was a demon
incursion led by Asmodeus.

And Gabriel killed him.

Where is he?

We asked Gabriel
to help us, and he said no.

Son of a bitch!

Every time!

Fenrir Odensbane!


I assume you're not here
to apologize.

Ya think?

I vowed to do this honorably.

No gimmicks.

No tricks.

Just mano...



Here, boy.


Aah! Aah!

Never known an archangel
to bleed.

Ya got me.

Yeah. No, we just got in.

What are you doing?
Don't unpack.

Dude, we could be here for days.

No. No. Hey, hell, no.
Hey... No, not you. That's...

Just call us when you get
to Amarillo, all right?

All right, look,

Rowena's spell said that
Gabriel would be here.

Yeah, here or in Texas.

Yeah, she tracked his essence...
Which, gross... to both places.

So Cass is gonna hit up
the Lone Star State

in a few hours, and we will
check this place out.

- Okay. And that could take some time.
- Which we don't have.

Look, I know you know that
we've been following leads

for the past two weeks.
We have nothing to show for it.

Meanwhile, Mom, Jack,
they could be hurt.

Or worse.

And we're stuck here in
this stupid motel room...



Looking for some runaway,
dumb-ass archangel

who doesn't wanna be found.

Hey, fellas.

Looking for me?

Balthazar's army attacked,
but we were ready.

And then I...

I killed him.

And Bobby?

Well, he'll be back
in a few days

with the people that we saved.
How many?

30 at least.

You're not happy?

This is the third battle
in a row that we've won.

Jack, I know. I...

We're running out
of space and supplies.

And now with
all those new people,

I just... don't know how we're
gonna take care of everybody.


Didn't mean to startle you.

What is it, Jakob?

Just got word from the eyes
outside Michael's fortress.


They're saying the angels,
they're leaving.

Why would they leave?

All right, this is
gonna hurt a little bit.

A little?

How'd you know we were here?

Come on. I felt
your witch's tracking spell

the second she laid it on me.

Tasted like haggis.

So now you're in trouble?

What gave you that idea?

You show up on our doorstep,
bleeding like a stuck pig.

This? You know, you...

roll into town for a little R&R,

stumble into
the wrong poker game,

take a guy's money, his wife...

things get messy.

You're trying to tell us
you came here for R&R?

Yeah, this isn't exactly
the Riviera.

I know, right?

Yeah, so anyway, um...

I don't suppose you guys have

any more of my grace
laying around, right?

'Cause, the tank's a little low.

Did you drain it
killing Asmodeus?

And ditching you.

It'll recharge. Eventually.

But, until then...

Whatever we didn't use on you,
we used to open up a rift.


Superdupes. Okay. Well,

in that case, gentlemen,

I must bid you a fond adi...

Yeah, nope.

Maybe after a...

little siesta.



Aw, crap.

Died as he lived...

Side by side with the bottle.

So little respect
for our brother.

Well, at least
he got a few licks in

before the shivving.

This is archangel blood.

Better call father.

It's all empty.

You're sure?

There are a few angels
guarding the perimeter,

but inside...

they're gone.

What is going on?

Maybe... maybe he's scared.

We've been fighting Michael
the better part of eight years.

There is nothing
he is scared of.

He's scared of me.

I'm winning.


I think we should go, see if
Michael left anything behind,

something that can tell us

where he's gone,
what he's planning.

It could be a trap.

It's all right.
I'll keep you safe.

Until his grace levels
come back up,

I-I just...

I don't get it.

Yeah, well, right now,
don't care.

He's here, and we're gonna
keep him here.

Where?! Where am I?



Gabriel, look,

we don't really know
what's going on here...

We need your help.

Yeah, not a big joiner.

So you got better things
to do than save the world?


Look, this has been...
great, a real thrill.

But, I just came here
for the silver stuff.

And since you two are
all fresh out,

it's time for me to say


We're here for the angel.

The hell are you guys?
The hell are these guys?

Just a couple of Norse demigods.


Gabriel, little help in here!


Hiya, handsome.

You ready to die?


You okay? Yeah.

I'll go after him in a sec.
I just... need a minute.


You're not goin' anywhere.

Clear over here.

All clear.

Jakob, take the others.
Check the warding.

Really hate this place.


Well, those are
Michael's armies.

Why are they all over there?

I don't know.

Look who we found
in the dungeon.

The prophet.

Kevin Tran.

He's a traitor!

I'm... I'm a prophet
of the lord.

I was serving God...
You serve Michael.

Prophet here turned his back
on own kind.

I didn't have a choice! I...

Y-you don't understand. I... I...

I never used to believe
in anything.

Well, ex-except science...

Quantum mechanical

But then the end
of the world happened,

and everyone around me...
My friends, and my... my mom...

They all started to die.

But God chose me? What...

What does that even mean?!

Michael said he wanted to save
the world, not kill it.

But he...

he hurt so many people.

When I couldn't perfect
the spell,

Michael, he got mad
and threw me in the dungeon.

And I was so scared,
but I fixed it.

B-but I...

I couldn't do it anymore.

Kevin... And then he... he...

What spell?

What's Michael planning?

There's a place in the south

where the walls
between worlds are thin.

Michael's gonna use a spell
from the angel tablet

to open up the rift,
and then he's g...

He'll invade our world.

You know...

you guys are lucky
I'm low on juice,

considering what I did to
the last guy who locked me up.

You know what?
We said we'd let you go,

just as soon as you tell us
what the hell is going on here.

Yeah, it...

it's not a fun story.

Well, we just broke into
a junkyard

and stuffed the body of
a demigod into a car crusher,

so I think you owe us
some answers.

Okay, they're not really

Look, the Norse pantheon
is its own weird thing.

Think of 'em more like,
god-begotten monsters.

What did they want with you?

I killed their brother.


Remember when I told you
what happened

after I faked my death
at the Elysian Motel?

Yeah, of course.

You went to, Monte Carlo
with a bunch of porn stars.


well, I left a few parts out.

After Lucifer, quotation marks, killed me,

I needed to lay low.

Luckily, I used to hang
with a pretty resourceful crew.

Found me a real
top-shelf hideaway.

I'm calling it.
I'm calling, all right?

Aw, come on!

Skol. Gentlemen...

No! What?!

No! Come on.

I thought this story had porn stars.

Good catch. My bad.

I'm... I'm calling, all right?

Aw, come on!

Skol. Gentlemen...

Ooh! You're kidding me!

Ho! I knew it!

Hey, come on.

I had it made...

All the booze I could drink,

all the, entertainment
I could handle.

Okay! Why don't we just
skip to the end?

So this is how it ended.

Aah! By the time I came to,

they had sold me to Asmodeus.

Why would they do that? Hello?


In case you don't remember,

there was an apocalypse
brewing at the time.

We remember.
Well, Vegas odds had my bro

pulling off a big win.

Yeah? And whose fault was that?

Fenrir, Sleipnir, and Narfi

were just trying to cover
their keisters.

They needed to get rid of me

before Lucifer figured out
where they had me hidden.

But selling me to
that Kentucky Fried B-hole?

For them? That was all profit.

So you want revenge.

Well, obviously.

Roasting Asmodeus was,
satisfying for a hot minute.

But you know one thing better
than killing him?

Slaughtering them all.

But since you're low on grace,
you had to do it

the old-fashioned way...
With wood.

Don't let anybody ever tell you
you're just a pretty face.

All right, anyway,
if there are only,

three gods or monsters
or whatever,

how come there are four swords?

That top one?

That is for
the man with the plan,

the architect of my torture,

and my own personal
public enemy numero uno.

Their papa...


Jakob's right.

Leaving his plans like this?
It's too sloppy.

- Or he doesn't care.
- Doesn't care?

He knows we can't stop him.

He's probably making his move
as we speak.

No, I can go, right now.

If I can surprise Michael,
I can kill him.

- Jack, no.
- No, we can't let him cross over.

I know, but...
We know where he is.

Do we? Michael could've
left this map as bait.

Bobby's only a day out.

We should wait.

Mary's right.

Michael, he... never does
anything without a reason.

I say we let the archangel go.

Let Michael be some other
world's problem for a change.

How can you even say that?

That's 7 billion
innocent people.

Jack, listen to me.

This is Michael
we're talking about.

He's killed everyone that's
ever stood against him.

We have to think this through.

I'm asking for a day.


Hold on.

I thought Loki was you.

It's trippy, I know.

Look, remember when I told you
I went into witness protection?

Well, who do you think
put me there?


You and Loki are friends?


We were.

A few thousand epochs ago, I was
out for a hike in the fjords.

Came across
Loki bound in a cave,

snake dripping venom
into his eye.

Apparently, he had
some spat with his pops.

Anyhoo, I freed him.

Saved his life.

Then my real brothers
started going at it.

I wanted out.

Loki owed me one, so...

he helped me ditch Gabriel
and become him.

So then you took on his whole...
trickster vibe.

What did Loki do while
you were impersonating him?

Well, he had his own
family drama to worry about.

It was in his best interest
to go off the grid for a while.

But you saw him in Monte Carlo.

Well, I needed
someplace to hide.

He'd already helped me the once.

You know, none of this would've
happened if you'd had just...

stuck around and helped us
fight Lucifer.

Hey, I did help you.

“Casa Erotica”?

You call that help?
I call that art.

But yes, without me,

you two chuckleheads
never would've known

how to throw Lucifer
back in the Cage.

But instead of giving us
a hand, you ran.

And you just did it again when
you ditched us in the bunker.

All right, Dean...
I have more important things to do

than to join your little
band of merry men.

Hey, what you're doing? This?
This is not important.

Every day, Asmodeus tortured me.

Every... day!

He fed off my grace for years!

He used me, he debased me
until I was...

What I went through...

you don't forgive.

Everyone who had
a hand in it will die.

Get me?

Yeah. We do.

Okay, you went through it.

We get it. All right?

But killing Loki?
Not gonna change any of that.

It's not. In fact, probably not
even gonna make you feel better.

Well, agree to disagree, Dean-o.

We all have our demons.

Mine are here, in this town.


But... you're low on grace.

And Loki knows you're coming.



Not like I care about
killing gods, okay?

But this whole revenge kick?
It's a waste of time.

What if it's not?

You've seen it, Sam...
With me, with Dad.

Revenge only ends
one way... ugly.

Well, maybe it doesn't have to.

Okay, I think I know
what this is.

Okay, what is this? You.

You're you're so hopped up on
this “Kill Bill” fantasy of his.

No, no, no. This has
nothing to do with me.

If you had a shot at Lucifer,
you wouldn't take it?

Of course I would.

But this is about Gabriel.

He needs our help.

Gabriel, you agree to help us,

we'll agree to help you.

All right, Uma, what's the plan?

Well, Sleipnir's a lot
of things,

but mainly, he is a coward.

I will bet all the personal
lubricant in the S.F.V...

that after we killed Narfi,

he ran straight back
to papa's skirts.

So he and Loki will be together.

That's great.
How do we find them?

They're about a...

5-minute drive from here.

Penthouse of the Ophidian Hotel.

You've known this whole time?

Sure. That's what Loki does.

He rolls into a dump town,
finds the seediest motel,

then uses some mojo to give it

his patented
Cinderella treatment.

Loki has his fun,
then he moves on.

I've been tracking him
since Amarillo.

And you didn't go after him.

'Cause that's...

For the most satisfying
retributive experience,

everyone knows you don't take on
the Big Bad from the jump.

You work up to him, like so.

What am I lookin' at?

You... you've never seen
a kill list before?



There's Fenrir, Narfi,

Sleipnir, and then last
but not least, Loki.

I'm killing all of his sons
in order.

And then, when he's got
nothing left,

I take him out.

This is so stupid.

Really? Is it?

'Cause let me tell you something.

Seven years is a long-ass time
for me to plan

my own personal brand
of vengeance.

So if you guys aren't
gonna get on board...

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

We're 'rboard. Right, Dean?

I'm sorry. What was that?



So here's what we're gonna do.

We go in, we kill Sleipnir,
and then,

we surprise Big Daddy
in the penthouse.

Easy peasy like a breeze-y.

I know I said I'd wait, but...

You're going after Michael.

I have to. You can't.

You don't think I can win.

I think we don't know
how strong Michael is.

And he doesn't know
how strong I am.

I know you've been winning
all these fights,

and you want
to take him on so bad.

I was just like you,
with hunting.

But I learned the hard way...

Thinking you can win
all the time,

running in blind into
every fight?

That's how you make mistakes.

And the people here, they...

I'm doing this for them.

You can't help them
if you're dead.

And I can't lose another boy.

You won't.

I'll come back, for all of you.

I promise.



You can't go.


he told me to wait...

For Bobby,

for all of you to be
together... but I can't.

He wanted you to see.

Whatever Michael said,
he was lying.

No! Michael says...

that when I get to Heaven...

When he lets me into Heaven...

I'll get to see my mom again.

I've been to Heaven,

and what's there...

it's just memories.
Nothing's real.

I don't care!

You don't understand. I...

You don't know
the things that I've done.

I just want this to be over.

Your spell won't kill me.

Michael doesn't want
to kill you.

He wants to break you.

He said for me to tell you that,

“Even if you win,

you still lose.”

I'm sorry.


I'm sorry!

One last thing,
just so we're clear.

Take out the bodyguards,
take out the bystanders,


But when it comes
to Sleipnir and Loki,

I'm the one who delivers
the coup de grace.

I want my beautiful face to be
the last thing that they see.

Okay, no, you know what?

No more plans, no more rules.

You want Loki
dead on the ground?

That's what you're gonna get.

Get him!







He left.

Big bros, right?

Always think they know best.

The penthouse.

He went after Loki!


No, Loki's mine!


So you are Dean Winchester.

And you're the annoying god

that we're wasting our time
tryin' to kill.

And did Gabriel tell you
why he wants me dead?

I don't care.

Yes, you do.

Little bit.

Our treatment of your friend

is payback for a slight
of a more personal nature.

The death of my father, Odin.

That wasn't him.
Lucifer did that.

But why was my father there
in the first place?

To parlay,

to deal with Gabriel's brothers.

When we first made terms,
I had only one condition...

I would give him my face,

teach him to be me,
the trickster,

if he agreed to abandon

the more... volatile affairs
of his family.


When he hit that hotel,
he broke that promise,

and it cost my father his life.

The world was coming to an end.

That never mattered
to him before.

Gabriel had to be punished.

Odin was a salty,
disagreeable bastard.

Truth is...

he despised me.

But he was my father.

I'm sure you understand.

What would you do
for your father?

Hello, Gabriel.

So you can hit me,
but I can't hit you?

Mess with the real Trickster...

get the real tricks.

No, no, no!

It's Loki magic.
He's a hologram.

All right, if we can't kill him,
we gotta kill the real Loki.

You don't have my wooden sword?


Wanted to do this one
old school.

With your...

“archangel” powers?

This is for my father.

You think you're some...

poor, innocent victim?


with his deadbeat daddy
and his mean older brothers.

“Who will help me?”

“Who will save me?”

I did!

But you...

you couldn't keep one promise.

And then you had the audacity

to ask me to help you again?!

You think I deserve to die

for your spinelessness?!

That my sons deserved to die?!



Of course, of course

you would need someone
to swoop in

and save your pitiful ass.

Shut up! Face it, old friend,

you're a joke.

You're a failure.

You live for pleasure.
You stand for nothing.

And in the end,

that's exactly what
you'll die for.

You first.


I know you two weren't the,
eagerest of beavers

when it came to
helping me out back there,


I-I just wanna say... thanks.


this other world Michael...

how we doing this?

Wait, you're...
actually gonna help us?

Yeah, no tricks?

A deal is a deal.

And if I'm being
perfectly honest,

tricks are for kids.


How you feeling?
Now that... you...

Got my sweet,
sweet vengeance on?

Yeah, sure. I guess.

Swell, Sam.

I'm a whole new guy.

That's what I thought.

It's my fault.

I said I'd protect them.

We can prepare
and we can fight...

and sometimes,

things happen
we'll never see coming.

If I can't keep them safe,
then what's the point?

All right, so Cass is helping
Gabriel settle in.

Rowena's boning up
on the demon tablet.

So... once Gabe's
grace levels are back up,

we... we should be good to go.





back at the hotel...

why did you go after Loki
without us?

Saw an opening, so I took it.

So you left us?

You guys were handling
those goons just fine.

I just figured I'd...


That's not...

I'm saying this has become
a whole thing with you lately.

A whole thing? Yeah.

Since when?

Since the last time
we opened up a rift.

Since you decided to sideline me

and then head to
Apocalypse World with Ketch.

Okay, well...
we talked about that.

Did we?

Because I gotta be honest,

after everything,
you're treating me like.

I-I deserve to be back at
the kid's table or something.

Sam, I'm not gonna apologize
for protecting you.

So that's what you think
you're doing here?

You remember what happened

the last time we had
front row tickets

to the Lucifer/Michael show?

'Cause I do.

You died...

and went to Hell.

But see, this time,

the apocalypse isn't
looking for us.

We're actually looking for it.

I don't care what happens to me.

I never really have.

But I do care about
what happens to my brother.

Dean, we're going to that place,

and we're gonna save
Jack and Mom.


And if something happens,

we will deal with it together.

And if we die?

We'll do that together, too.

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