Supernatural (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 17 - The British Invasion - full transcript

Sam and Dean get a lead on Kelly Kline's whereabouts. Mick drops by the bunker unexpectedly and decides to join the hunt.

This vessel...

it's been warded with
spellwork from the cage.

I own you.

I think I have a lead
on Kelly Kline.

She's with Dagon,
prince of hell,

in Coeur D'alene, Idaho.

Eileen Leahy.

Feel free to drop a line,
even if you just wanna hang out.

I did extensive research
at Kendricks. It's like our...


Great. Who you gonna call?


We're working
with these people now.

The better they are,
the better we are.

- What did you do to her?
- I had orders.

So you killed her?

We'll give you a second chance.

Just don't mess it up.
There won't be a third.

What do you think she wants?

Nothing good.

Going home for Christmas?

Sorry. Forgot.

I'll be here, as always.



Come with me.



you have both conquered
many trials here at Kendricks,

either through natural talent

or good old-fashioned hard work.

But today,

today we'll learn which of you

matriculates to the next level
of training.

This organization does
important work, gentlemen...

Work which allows
millions of people

to sleep safely in their beds
at night.

But in order to do this work,

to protect those people,

we need cadets who will employ
their skills

and execute orders
without question.

And so...

only one of you
will be leaving this room.

Good luck.

He... he fought well.

He didn't want to die.

Yet the code demands otherwise.

Well played, Mr. Davies.

So, uh, after we talked,
you went back

to Coeur D'alene, Idaho?

The last place anybody saw
Kelly Kline go...

I figured I'd take a look.

Hmm. And?

And turns out,
right after she left,

somebody burned down
an old warehouse.

I did some digging.

Check your phone.


What are those?
Security shots?

Oh, yeah.
There's Kelly goin' in.


- Nice work, Eileen.
- Thank you.

So this chick with her,
that, uh, Pat Benatar wannabe?

It must be Dagon, I guess.

Awesome. Okay, so...


Kelly and Dagon go crash
this place,

and then it gets torched.

Hell, no.

All right, well,
what are we lookin' at here?

Working on it.

Well, go get 'em, Eileen.

That's the plan.

Bye, Sam.


That's cute.
Come on.

Just saying, Dean,

even with Cass and every hunter
we know working this,

we still got basically nothing.

At least, you know,
maybe Crowley...

No, dude, we're not
calling Crowley...

Hello, boys.
Do come and have a drink.

Did you break into our house?

Our house. Men of letters.

Did you know your key opens

every chapter house
in the world?

Well, you did say you'd give me
a second chance.

Yeah, that doesn't mean
we wanna hang out.

You here for a reason?

I am, and it's a bit urgent.

Some time ago,
the home office recorded

some sort of cosmic shock wave.

Very rare.

And after a few months of...

You knew?

Yeah, we knew.

Sort of a long story.

Well, I've got time.

Well, Lucifer jacked
the president...

And then knocked up
his girlfriend.

And now, she is on the run
with Dagon,

who is a prince of hell.

I see. And you didn't tell me
this because...

'Cause it's kind of
a need-to-know kind of thing.

The devil is having a...


It seems like something
we'd need to know.

Where is this woman now?

Not sure.

We had her.

Tried to help her,
but, she, uh...

We lost her.

I'm sorry. You... you had her?
And you let her live?

Look, it's not
Kelly's fault, okay?

She didn't know Lucifer was
her boyfriend.

Oh, sure, yeah.
It could happen to anyone.

Plus, she'd agreed
to end the pregnancy.

And I guess she changed
her mind.

Even with everything
Kelly knew, it...

It was still her kid.
She couldn't.

Then you should have!

You should've shot her
between the eyes immediately.

Oh, why? 'Cause that's what
you would've done?

Kind of like you killed
that werewolf?

'Cause from what I remember,
that really messed you up.

Yeah, 'cause you're so big
on second chances and all.

Yeah... yes.

I'm not saying
it was gonna be easy,

but the code demands it.

Oh. "The code."

This is not some werewolf.

Do you have any idea
what will happen

if this abomination is born?


We're handling it, all right?
We'll find her.

So until then...

I say we drink.



Hear me.

I do, sire.

News of my son...

All is well?

As can be expected.

And the, uh... Container?

She should last
as long as needed.

Well, she better.

Don't fail me, Dagon.

Not again.

Mick, no one's out there.

If we run,
we might not get caught.

We can go to my father. He'll
close the door, Timothy.

We need cadets
who will execute orders

without question.

Mick, we have to go.

Only one of you
will be leaving this room.


Good luck.

I'm... I'm sorry.


You didn't report in last night,
Mr. Davies.

Is there a reason?
No, ma'am.

No, I was, uh, I was still
in investigation mode.

I was gonna inform you.
And the Winchesters?

Making some progress.

Come in, Mr. Rawlings.

You are aware that lady Bevell
feels that they are hopeless.

I'm the one
cleaning up her mess.

Dr. Hess, last I heard,

you and the rest
of the leadership felt

getting the Winchesters
was key to bringing

the American hunters on board.

I'm just trying to make
that happen.

Yes, well, things change.

And that means?

This... Nephilim.

Something big and bad

is on its way, Mr. Davies.

We need the situation
in America settled now.

What? I don't understand.

Then let me make it
blisteringly simple.

We don't have time

to court a handful
of mangy colonials.

Not anymore.

So either Sam and Dean and
the rest of their ill-bred lot

learn to obey,

or you turn them over
to Mr. ketch...

and start fresh.

Look, I don't think...

This is not a discussion.

It's an order.

Are you hearing me, Michael?

Assimilate or


Do you need a pillow
or... Whatever?

What's wrong?

I keep getting
these weird little pains.

I'm sure everything's fine.

Why? Because this is
how you felt

all the times you were pregnant?

I need to see a doctor.

No doctor will understand
this child. You barely do.

We've been here too long.
We should go.


You said that you would help me.
I wanna see a doctor.

I'm not going anywhere until
I know my baby's safe.


You look like crap.

Yeah, you look crappier.

I gotta hand it to Mick.

Man, you get him started,
that guy can drink.

I mean, we can drink,

but he's got, like,
the "can drink" gold medal.

Hey, you talk to mom lately?

Oh, shouldn't worry about
your mum.

Her and ketch make
quite the team.

Would you want your mom
working with him?

Well, I can't say.

I never really knew my mum.

Or my dad.

I was on the streets till
the men of letters found me.

How did they find you?

I, uh, picked a member's pocket.

Not on purpose. I was just after
a couple of quid.

But I got a cursed coin
from ancient Babylon instead.

Yeah, sure.
That could happen to anyone.

The men of letters decided
I showed promised

and signed me up.

They gave me a life.

They, um...

You all right?

Yeah. Always.

Got any vodka?


You must be Kelly.

And you're her... Partner?


Birth coach.


Well, Kelly's vitals
and preliminary labs were great.

So we're just gonna do
a quick sonogram.

Is that really necessary?

Of course it is.

Want the baby to be
a happy camper.

Right over here.

Okay, Kelly.

Just lift up there, please.
Thank you.

I'm gonna put a little bit
of gel on the camera,

so it might be
a little bit cold.


Say "cheese."


Okay. Uh-huh.

Ah. It's looking good.





Everything looks a-okay.

Everything looks a-okay!

See, Kelly?

Your baby is a little angel,
just like I've been saying.

Now I know this can be
a little bit awkward,

but for the little champ's
medical record,

what can you tell me
about his father?

How the mighty have sunk, eh?

Good puppy.

Puppy want to play?

What's the matter?

What are you doing?

I'm giving you what you want...


Why not?

I figured out the rules
of the house,

and... Well,
all things considered,

I think I'd rather be here
than rotting in the cage

with my drooling, insane...
And not in a fun way...

Little bro Michael.



It's your game,

your rules, so, uh...

I figure I can work with that.

You win.

What now...


Quick update... the Skels

turned out to be

Killed a clan of seven.

Eight, she says.

I've learned not to argue.

Um, you'll make with

the typey typey, yes?
I'll file the report.

Splendid. Ciao.

So you and Mick...

Longtime friends?

More... Survivors
than friends.

We were in school together.

Ah. Major in murder,
minor in mayhem? Mm.

Yeah. Mm.

I gather your training was
a bit more... Improvisational?

We learned on the job.

And then you...
Gave it all up.

I wanted a quiet, normal life.


And yet, there you were,

up to your elbows
in shifter guts.

Mrs. Winchester...

I believe you're drawn
to danger.


Sorry to interrupt.

There's really no need
for that, Mr. Davies.

We know each other?

I'm Renny. Rawlings.

I've been working directly
for Dr. Hess

since I graduated Kendricks.

Top of my class.

Oh. Cheers.

What do you want?

Dr. Hess sent me on
the overnight.

Thought you could use
an extra set of hands.


Oh, to put it another way,
you're her lapdog.

Here to keep an eye on me.

I'm here to help.

You want to help?

Stay out of my way.

I'm afraid that's not an option.

Sorry, we're closed for the day.

Those your patient files?

My patient history is
none of your business.


This is my voicemail.
Make your voice a mail.

Come on, Cass. I've called you
three times now.

Will you call me back?

We've got a line on Dagon.

We need your help.

So you ran the plates
of every car that drove past

that warehouse in Idaho
just before it burned down?

Yeah. Most of them
were local, but one wasn't.

It came up registered
to Dermott Culp.


So he went missing a year ago.


I tracked his car to Iowa.

Found him coming out
of a building

carrying a dead body.

So Dermott's a killer?

Dermott's a demon.



Uh, one of Crowley's?

Works for Dagon.

Covers her tracks.


Dude, don't compliment
the bad guys.


So do you know where
Kelly is now?

No, but before Dermott got

stabbed in the heart...


Mm-hmm. He gave me
her phone number.

Yeah, nice.

My loyal... ish subjects,

these troubled times,

I'm aware there might be
some confusion

as to where you're supposed
to place your loyalty.

Even with Lucifer back
in the cage,

there are those of you
who would try to help him...

Because he scares you

or engorges you.

Just the chance
that Lucifer could come back,

the rumor, would've been enough
to keep some of you

working against me,
undermining me,

being a royal pain in my...

Pert, royal ass.

But lo, the beast has
been humbled.

From his own lips,
you will hear proclaimed

the one, true leader
of all hell.


I didn't just beat the devil.

I tamed him.

This is all done of your own
free will, is it not?

Yes, my lord.

Look, kids.

He goes where I tell him.
He does what I tell him.

He is my dog.

Showtime, Marmaduke.

Yes, my lord.

He's right, my friends.

There is only one
true ruler of hell.

And that is me, is it not?
Oh, yes.

And you surrender your heartfelt
support to that one true ruler?


And what do you have to say
to those who are still unsure

of whom they must obey?

I say this...

Anyone who does not support
this one true king,

can be assured
of suffering unendurable

and everlasting agony.

I don't hear applause.

Dr. Turner was very specific.
I need zinc and iron.

Yeah, got it.

And this article says calcium.

Cool. Bye.

Ms. Kline.

This is Oliver
in Dr. Turner's office.

He'd like to see you
in the office today.

I, uh, I was just in there.
He said everything was fine.

All right, well, he looked back
through your test results

and there are some things
he'd like to discuss.

Does 5:00 P.M. work
for you?

I-I-I don't think
I can get away.

Well, he said
it's very important.

5:00 P.M.?
Um... Sure.

Good, see you then.


I thought you'd be coming alone.

Well, I thought we'd gotten past
our trust issues.

Look, if Dagon shows,

we're gonna need all the help
we can get.

Renny Rawlings.

New man.


I'm Sam.
This is Eileen Leahy.

Ah, the banshee girl.

We have a file.

From what Mick tells me, neither
of you have any formal training.


I was top of my class at
Kendricks... no one cares.

I, uh, brought the Colt
just like you asked.

But it's gotta go back to HQ.

Gee, Mick, I thought we'd
gotten past the trust issues.


Stay cool. Walk with me.


This everyone?

Still no word from Cass.

Right. Great.

Who's this?

He's with Mick.
I'm Renny Rawlings.

Graduated Kendricks top of my... right.
I don't care.

Come on.



Listen, we... we all know

you're in a really...
Difficult situation,

and we... we just...
We wanna help.

You call this helping?

Look, Kelly, that kid, it's...

I mean, it can't...

I mean, it's Lucifer's.

Yeah, I know.

You think
I wanted this to happen?

He used me.

But I love this child.

You will mean absolutely nothing
to that child.

That child will kill us all.


That's... that's not happening,
okay? We're...

We're gonna figure
something out. We will. We...

This is absurd.

She's here.


I didn't...
I didn't mean to.

I was shooting at the demon.

No, no, wait up.

It was an accident.

It's all right.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing?


She killed a man of letters.

S-she has to die.

It was an accident!
It doesn't matter!

The code.

No, hey, screw the code.

Don't make this harder
than it already is.

Mick, you don't have to do this.

Yes, I do!




Please don't.

The code demands otherwise.



Mick, Mick, listen to me.

Mick, look, I-i know you guys
h-have this men of letters code

you blindly answer to, but...

Look, you don't have
to do that, Mick.

You're better than that.

You only have to answer
to yourself.

You only have to do
what you know is right.

You only have to answer
to your own code.

Just go.


Well, that was unexpected.

But invigorating.

I must say, when I first met
you, I didn't see this coming.

My thought at the time was,

"I'll end up shooting this one."

Life is full of surprises.



You're not... Reading anything
into this.



It means anything.

Oh. It...

You really needn't worry.

Truth is, I'm not...

Built for that.

And I suspect you aren't either.

You're wrong.

But that was a long time ago.

So we're good?

We are.

And I notice you took my advice.


You had a choice to make...
Your work or family ties.

You know what?

It's not either/or.

I have the same discussion
with my boys.

I'm not choosing hunting
over them.

Why does it have to be
one or the other?

So you want to have it all?

Tryin' to.

Good for you.

So how we lookin'?

You're sure Crowley is
occupied elsewhere?

Yeah, he's on his rounds.

Crowley's got, like,
two and a half more hours

of gettin'
his pert, royal ass kissed.

Well, upper left quadrant
is sound.

Restoration's holding.
No laminations detected.

Lower left, likewise.

You made the right decision,
you know.

'Cause when the dust settles,

there's only gonna be
one of us standing...

And it ain't gonna
be the guy with the accent,

if you know what I mean.

I'm very, very impressed.


You'll be happy to know the...

The vessel is completely sound.

The repairs are secure.

And the security system?

Whatever it is that
lets Crowley turn me into

his own personal sock puppet.

I don't hear words.

The... the s-system is
very much I-intact.

But you can disarm it?

I'm not really known
for my Patience.

I don't quite have the means...

Who does?
Spivak. He designed...

Where is he?




Uh, yeah, after the system
was installed,

Crowley killed Spivak
to safeguard its secrets.



You can crack it, right?

Y-yeah. I just need some time.

I'll... I'll be quick.


'Cause I am gettin' stir crazy.

And I'm about to be a dad.

You okay?


He wasn't a monster.

He was...



It was a mistake.

Why are you doing this?

Oh, don't even.

I tried, but clearly,
you can't be trusted.

I was worried about the baby.

I'm trying to protect him.

Oh, honey. You can't.

I mean, you don't need to.

I wasn't lying.

Your baby's strong, so strong.

Whatever happens, he is going
to be just fine.

But you...


Yeah, those weird little pains?

Just a taste of what's to come.

'Cause, you know,
birthing a nephilim?




Why'd you call me here?

Oh, I didn't.

Mr. Davies.

Dr. Hess.

I didn't think you left London.

I don't.

But I have been tasked
by the other elders

to fix this rapidly
deteriorating situation.

Ma'am, please. I'm...
Are you about to tell me

that you are doing
the best that you can?

Two days ago,

according to your own report,

you let a prince of hell escape

and the mother
of Lucifer's child.

And one of my best men was
murdered by an American hunter,

whom you allowed to live.
If I might...

These hunters
are out of control.

The brothers Winchester,
in particular,

which lady Bevell has
exhaustedly documented.

Ma'am, if... if you could
just listen...

To what? More excuses?


I don't think I will.

Hunters are dogs,
Mr. Davies.

You give them an order,
and they obey.

That's how it works.

So tell me, do they?

Do they obey you?


Of course not.


This Eileen Leahy
will be found and killed

in accordance with the code.

As for the Winchesters,

like any rebellious hunter,
they will be investigated.

And, if found guilty, executed.


If they're found guilty?

Aren't hunters always
found guilty?

Be careful, Mr. Davies.


My entire life
with the men of letters,

I never broke a rule.

And yes, at first I was shocked
at how Sam and Dean operate.

But what lady Bevell
doesn't mention

is the lives they've saved,

monsters destroyed,

and outcomes made better
not because of the code,

but because of Sam and Dean
Winchester's sense of what's right.

And that is the crux
of the matter.

The code is not a suggestion.

It's an absolute.

The code is what separates us
from the monsters.

It is the order
by which we all live.


The code is what makes
a young boy

kill his best friend.

When I was a child,
I had nothing.

I owed you everything,
and I obeyed.

But I'm a man now, Dr. Hess,

and I can see the choices,

and I choose to do
the right thing.



Hey, you, uh, you hear anything
from Cass yet?

Mm. No. Still Mia.

You think he's all right?

I don't know.

Where's Eileen?

She took off.

Uh, said she's heading back
to Ireland for a while.

Just needs some time, I guess.


Yeah, I get that.



Welcome back, sweetheart.

It's over.

The grand experiment recruiting
American hunters has failed.



What would you like me to do?

Exterminate them.

Every... Last... One.