Supernatural (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 14 - The Raid - full transcript

A chance to take out a nest of vampires backfires when the alpha-vamp shows up and turns the tables on Mary and The British Men of Letters, who are doing their best to recruit Sam and Dean.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Gets funnier
every time I hear it.

Vampires nest in groups
of 8 to 10.

Victims are taken to the nest
where the pack keeps them alive,

bleeding them for days or weeks.

We don't decapitate vampires.

We irradiate them.


The toys are the fun part.

For obvious reasons,
we don't trust the Brits.

What the hell? Aren't we
supposed to be on the same team?

I know all about the Colt.

You know, there's only
five things in all creation

it can't kill.

You think mom would've
wanted this for us?

Nothing comes before my family,
not with me.


Or is that just what
you want to believe?

You're an excellent liar, Mary.

Too bad mom couldn't make it.

Yeah. I feel like something's
going on with her,

and she ain't talkin' about it.

I have sort of been working with
the British men of letters.

So where does that leave us?


Hear me out.



Just wow.


What the British men of letters
are doing...

What we're doing,
it's a better way.


Look, I'm not blind
to who they are

or what they've
done, but... when?

When? When did you start
working with them?


Before the lake house.

It wasn't Wally.

They brought me that case.

You were runnin' an errand
for the Brits.

You kept it from us.

Cass almost died.

A hunter got killed.

Think I don't know?

I'm the one who burned his body.

I'm the one who told his wife.

I watch him die every night.


Nice work today.

I must say,

this little beauty
certainly worked as advertised.

We barely had to lift a finger.

Ah, the AVD.

I do love a new toy.


Everything all right?

I'm fine.

- Ketch.
- Serena.

Oh, you're headed past the
armory. If you wouldn't mind.

Unpack, reshelve,

and my SIG Sauer could use
a good scrubbing.

I have three PhDs.

And we're all very proud
of you, luv.

I'm doing this for you.

I'm playing three decades
of catch up here.

And we're not?

How do you think this has
been for us?

We're your sons,
and you've been gone.

Our whole lives,
you've been gone.

You said that you needed time.
No, you said you need space.

So we gave you your space.

But you didn't need just space.
No, you needed space from us.

That's not true.

Dean, I'm trying...

How 'bout for once,
you just try to be a mom?

I am your mother,

but I am not "just a mom."

And you are not a child.

I never was.

So between us and them...

It's not like that.

Yeah, Mary, it is.

And you made your choice.

So there's the door.


You should go.

Another nest terminated.
No complications.

Bit... Boring, really.

Good. Well, boring's good.

And how's Mary?

Excellent. As always.

She say anything about her boys?

As I've said many, many,
so many times,

we don't need them.

We already have
the best Winchester.

Yes. But that's not
your call, is it?

Or mine.

The old men want them on board.

As far as London's concerned,

where Sam
and Dean Winchester go,

the rest of the American hunters
will follow.


Dead guy in Akron.

Body found two days ago.
Throat ripped out, ear-to-ear.

Well, good morning to you, too.

Read it.

The guy was a-a known
drug dealer with enemies.

His throat wasn't ripped out.
It was slit with a knife.

I'm not really sure
this is our kind of thing.

We don't know that.
His blood could've been drained.

It could've been?

You know what?
You find us a case.

'Cause I need to hit something.

You wanna talk about it?
Not really.

What was she thinkin', man?

I don't know.

Maybe we should ask her.


I-I am pissed

and... and frustrated
and confused, too.

But we've frozen her out
for days.

She lied to us, Sam.
I know.

For months.
I know, but it's mom!

I mean, whatever she was doing,
she must've had a good reason.

A good reason? A good reason for
working with those ass clowns?

Look, I hear you, all right?

But... but at the end
of the day, she's family.

We owe it to her to at least...

All right, you know what?
Screw it. I need a drink.


No, I need drinks. Plural.

And this...

Whole peacemaker shtick
that you've been running,

first with Cass, now with mom,

it's getting old, man.
What's that supposed to mean?

You're always playing
the middle, Sam.

For once, why don't you
pick a side?

Thanks for coming.

What's so urgent?

Sam... I messed up.

I know I messed up.

But what the British
men of letters are doing,

this is bigger than us, Sam.

We've got a real shot here.

Shot at what?

A world without monsters.

A world where you and Dean
don't have to hunt,

where you can have normal lives.

I chose this life.

I know.

But you were going to school,

to college.

And I get why you gave it up.

But what if you didn't have to?

What if there was
a different future for you,

for us?

That's why I'm doing this.
That is what I'm fighting for.

I am not trying to recruit you,

but you need to know.

Things are changing.


Just let me show you.

It's, uh, just in here.


Believe it or not, this is
just their temporary base.

The Brits talk like
they're roughing it.

Sam Winchester.

You didn't tell me your son
was stopping by.

Didn't know I had to.

Anyway, welcome.

Yeah, um, you know,
I really dig the whole

low-budget mission impossible
vibe, but I'm gonna head back.

You sure?

You're just in time
for the briefing.


I mean, that is,
if you wanna hear

how we're gonna exterminate
every last vampire in America.


Lucy! I...

"Went out. Back later."


Oh, no.

Where's ketch?
I don't know.

He wasn't in his room and isn't
answering his mobile.

Should we wait?


What'd, you forget your key?

Hello, mate.

How'd you find us?

Well, this is
a men of letters bunker.

The location's no secret to us.


Cool. Well, good talk.

And whilst I understand
that you're not feeling...

Warmly disposed to me, I wonder,

what's your disposition
to this incredibly rare,

unspeakably expensive,

bottle of barrel proof scotch?

Before we get started,
we've got a few new faces.

This is Pierce Moncrieff,
a hunter out of Baton Rouge.

Pierce meet Alton Morehead,
our head of R&D...

Weapons development,
spell work, that sort of thing.

And Serena Colman,

our head of security
and surveillance.

And, of course, you know
Mary Winchester

and her son.

Sam, please. Plenty of seats.

I'm fine.

All right, then. Let's begin.

As most of you know, phase one
of project V is nearly complete.

Over the past months,
we've focused our efforts

on the NWR.
Midwest region.

When we started our operation,
there were 241 vampires

active across 12 states.

We've killed all...

But 11.
Wait, what?



You American hunters

tend to see vampires as
criminals, rogues.

One gets out of line,
you show up,

lop off its head,
and leave town.

We treat them more like

Uh, vampires may typically
hunt alone

or in small nests.

But scratch the surface,
and they're all connected,

from the lowest drone

all the way up the chain
to the top.

To the Alpha.

When we find a nest,

we don't just charge in
a la John Wayne, guns a-blazing.

We wait, we watch.

We determine the size
of the nest,

its relationships
to other vampire groups.

They tend to trade amongst

Information, victims.

We're constantly expanding
and refining our intelligence.

And when we've learned
all we can, we go,

we assemble a team...
And wipe them out.

Now all the remaining
NWR vampires have bunkered up

in an abandoned building
near Wichita...

The Morest hotel.

They think they're safe.

We've got the AVD
locked and loaded.

Anti-vamp device.

Tomorrow, we ship out,

raid the compound,

terminate the colony,
and, uh, complete phase one.

And then we move on
to the rest of the country.

By the time we're done,

there won't be a single
bloodsucker left in America.

They're dead.

They're all dead.

My whole nest.

I know, dear.

They got them.

Get your strength back.

It's human and fresh.

You're safe,

you and all the others.

See, I didn't choose this place
for its ambiance.



It's a fortress.

No one gets in here
without me knowing about it.

No one.

Is that so?

Hello, my children.


Nice place. Quaint. Cozy.

Not much for small talk, are we?


Well, surely,
you have some questions.

Why I'm here, for instance.

You're here to recruit us.

You already got Mary
playing your game.

You want me. And Sam.

Well, I don't, but the old lads
have taken quite a shine to you.

Mm. Well, maybe they shouldn't
have sent some chick

to try to kill us.

Yes... Toni.

No one predicted she would
go rogue. No one but me.

I had a sneak peak at what
a neurotic, overreaching,

time bomb she was.

We used to date.

Huh. Yeah, I can see that.

Dean, I don't give a toss
if you sign up.

Honestly, I don't care
if you live or die.

But since we're such
jolly good pals now...

Jolly good, huh?

Let me just say that
the men of letters

is an excellent fit

for someone with our...


"Our"? As in you and me?

You're a killer,
Dean Winchester,

and so am I.

And if we go too long without
something to track or trap

or punch or gut,
well, things get a bit ugly.

Don't they?

The men of letters keep me busy.

They point me in a direction
and bang. Off to the races.

It's not a bad life.

Speaking of...



Now that you've heard
what I have to say,

places to be,
vampires to behead.

You got a line on vamps?

I do.


Damn. Sam Winchester.

Rufus told me all about you.

See, him and me worked a case
together down the Atchafalaya.

I heard.

I tell ya, sure do miss that
crotchety old son of a bitch.

Pierce? Mary? A question.


Thoughts on
our little operation?

Mm-hmm. And our team?

Serena and Alton seem smart.


You know he calls himself

"the hunter king of
Baton Rouge"?

I do. Unfortunately.

A buddy of mine knew him.
They worked together.


Right, you see, truth is,
your mother excepted,

we've struggled
to attract the, uh,

top shelf of American hunters.

Like you.

So what do we got?

10 bloodsuckers, give or take.

2 against 10.
I like those odds.

Yeah, the sun'll be down
in an hour,

so we should move fast.

Keep the rats
from fleeing the ship.


You're right.
This is too easy.

Got another of those?


Place seems empty.



Sam, this is why
I asked you to come.

Even if you want no part of it,
you needed to know.

So it wasn't a sales pitch?

Ha. 'Cause it was a good one.

I checked the areas upstairs.
This place is a ghost town.

You got anything?

I found her hiding in
the basement with the corpses.

Let me go!

Where are your friends?

I don't know.

Where are they?




Okay. All right, that's enough.

Enough? She's a monster.

I know.

Just... Let me.

You're gonna need to tell us
where your friends are.

And you'll let me go?

I'll make it quick.

Hunting. They went hunting.

Hunting whom?

The hunters.

Where's McGillicuddy?

What's happening?

It's the Morest vampires.

They're here.


We gotta lock
this place down, asap.

Fall back.

Lock this place down now!

Fall back.
Secure all exits.

Do not engage. Fall back now.




Doors locked?
For now.

The rest,

they're spreading out,
surrounding the building.

How'd they find us?

How'd they even know who we are?

He told us.

He's back to save us all.

Our father.

Your father?

The... the Alpha?

No, that's impossible. Our intel
has him in... in Morocco.

He's been there
for at least a decade.


I met him five years ago
in Hoople, north Dakota.

You're dead.

You're all dead.

Your, uh, extermination plan,

did it have any contingencies
for this?


Comm's still out.

What about a scrying spell?

If we can get a message
to England...

No, we can't wait for backup.
No, he's right.

This place was not built
for defense,

and those doors will not
hold long.


Who here has ever killed...



All right, we gotta arm up.

Everybody, weapons on the table.

Blades, guns, spells.

Is this it?

That's not enough.

Most of our weapons are in
the armory, including the AVD.

We could set it off
in the vents.

Maximize coverage, use the gas
like the bug bomb.

Will that kill the Alpha?

Kill? Doubt it. Hurt? Maybe.

You got anything stronger?

Where is it?

Where'd you get this?

I stole it.

From Ramiel.

Yeah, but it doesn't work.

We've no bullets.


You're right.

Right, um...

Okay. We make some, then.

Got the recipe from my buddy.

Bobby singer?

All right, Mick,

you're gonna need holy oil,
Sage, and myrrh.

Do you have that here?

Okay, uh, make a tincture,
coat a silver bullet.

Use this spell. It'll mimic
the original etchings.

- And that'll work?
- It better.

If not, start praying,
'cause we'll need a miracle.

Where's the armory?
I'll take you.

I got your back.

Get to work.
Keep that door locked.

This way!

The armory's out there.

Is there another way?
Is there another way?!

Back there!

Go! I got 'em.

Come on, come on, come on!

All right.

Let's get this spell going.

Got it.

Signum est im...


Signum est imitandum.

It's me!
Open the damn door!

What happened?

It's bad out there.

Pretty bad in here, too, huh?


Pierce, you're a hunter.

Yes. My hunter.

Pierce and I have
an arrangement.

He keeps me off the radar,

and I pay him very, very well.

Alimony's a bitch.

I'm old.

I like living quietly.

You've been making my life
awfully noisy lately.

You've killed so many
of my children.

I've seen your work.

In England,

I didn't get involved

because, well...

It's England.

But America...


America is my home.

And it's time

that you... Get... Off... My lawn.

Mom? Mom.

Mom, hey. Are you all right?


What happened?

Got it.

All clear here, big daddy.

We have to go.

Yeah, right. All right.

I got you.

Here's what you're going to do.

We will bring
your communications back online.

You will make a call
to your superiors in London.

You'll admit defeat.

You will tell them to cancel
this American incursion.

Then they'll watch

as I devour you, live, onscreen.

Hmm, yes, it's a bit messy,

but sometimes one does have
to make a point.


Ah, my, my.

The Colt.

Powerful weapon.

Sam, you are aware that
there are five creatures

on this earth that gun
cannot kill.

I'm one of them.

If that were true,
I'd be dead already.

That gun can't save all of you.

Who said I was here
to save all of us?

My family and I, we kill vamps
when they get out of line.

And you've let us.

I have many children, Sam.

What's one, two, here or there?



Let my mom and me go.

We'll walk away,

go back to the way things were,

to the way things
are supposed to be.

Hunters and vampires,
cops and robbers,

a fair fight.

And the Brit?

You can have him.

Sam. What are you doing?

Picking a side.

You bastard.



You and I both know
that gun isn't loaded.

You sure?

The gun can't save all of you.

Who said I was here
to save all of us?



Clever, clever boy.



All clear out there.

Took out a few stragglers.

The rest must've run
when we dropped the Alpha.

Come on.

Where were you?

Following orders.

That's not...
People died.

Yes. Well, I don't know
how it is in your ivory tower,

but down here in the muck,
people die.

The old men want
the Winchesters,

so I made a play for Dean,

and it was working until
your operation went sideways.

Oh, well.

Better luck next time.

So "went out, back later," huh?

Just getting a drink, huh?

I was with him when we heard
this place was under attack.

We drove like a bat out of hell.

How come?

I mean, you don't care
for these guys.

You didn't even know I was here.

Right, of course.

When I thought something
might've happened to you,

nothing else mattered.

Dean, the things I said...

No, mom, you were...

It's not your job
to make my lunch and...

Kiss me good night.

We're adults.

You're gonna make
your own choices,

even if I don't like 'em.

Even if I really, really
don't like 'em.

That's just something
I'm gonna have to get used to.

Okay, mom?


Where you takin' him?

We have ways of dealing with
hunters who go rogue.

They aren't pleasant.




If you hadn't been there

Yeah, we got the kill.
That's what matters.

Hardly an advertisement

for the British men of letters,

Or my leadership.

Caught unawares with
our proverbial pants down.

Believe it or not, Sam,
we're not... I'm in.

Look, tonight was bad, no doubt,

but the Alpha vampire is dead.

You're changing the world,
and I wanna be a part of it.

And your brother?

Give me some time.