Supernatural (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 12 - Stuck in the Middle (With You) - full transcript

Sam & Dean join Mary on a hunt for a particularly demon, but things aren't what they seem as they are soon joined by Crowley and his demons. As Castiel is taken out and may be doomed~! Who is the Prince of Hell? What is it that makes him the scariest most deadliest demon they have ever faced~?

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
I'm sorry. Who the hell are you?

Arthur Ketch.
British Men of Letters.

Was that
a grenade launcher?


We're eager to collaborate.

But you haven't exactly seen us
at our best.

She tried to kill us.

And all you wanna do is help
these American hunters

to clear this country
of monsters?

We can offer
expertise, weaponry.

The toys are the fun part.

So you're gonna pop Lucifer
out of the President with that?

We know you're pregnant.

This is not a baby.
This is the spawn of Lucifer.

I can't do it. I'm its mother.

Let me paint you a picture of
a world where no one has to die

because of the supernatural.

I'm listening.



Tell me a story.

That short for Amanda?


Yeah, I'll... I'll go with
the cheeseburger.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, what's the, uh,
Wi-Fi password here?

Extra cheese.

No, no. Just, uh, as it is,
is fine.

That's the password.
“Extra cheese.”

You know what?
That sounds good.

I'm gonna change mine
to a cheeseburger as well.

Extra cheese.
I wanna carbo-load.

Cheese isn't a carb.
Cheese isn't a carbohydrate.

Mnh. Well....

Order up.

Steak and eggs. Bloody.

And how 'bout you, handsome?


Um... uh...

uh, Sunrise Special, please.


Oh, dude, she is into you.


No, this is good. We've been
looking for teachable moments.


Everything all right, Mom?

Yeah, just a hunter,
needs some help.

Another one?

Can't have too many friends
in this line of work.

The Internet here sucks.

I downloaded all the bunker's
files to a new archive,

but we're not getting
any signal, so I'm j...

Nobody cares.

Cass, here's the thing you need
to know about waitresses, okay?

They get hit on all day long,
so you gotta bring you A-game.

But upside?
They always smell like food.

They always smell like food.

- Okay... Okay...
- Why is upside they smell like food?

Right? It's great.

Why would you want them
to smell like food?


Screens down, eyes up,
shut up.

- Sorry, Mom.
- Sorry.

Okay, here's what we know.

Our target keeps
a tight schedule.

He leaves every day at 8:00 p.m.

He gets back exactly at 8:45.

What's he doin'?
Night fishing.

Wait a minute,
you called us to --

to kill a demon
that likes to fish?

Yes, I did. Look, guys,
this is all new to me.

All right,
you got a rugaru problem?

I'm your guy. But demons?

Hell. Look, I was
just passing through

and I heard about
some cattle mutilations.

Classic demon sign.

I started to dig.

A lot of virgins go missing
around here, too.

Classic horny demon sign.

Which is why Wally called us,
asking for help.

So are we all clear on the plan?


Hey, Mandy? Question for you.

My shy but devastatingly
handsome friend here

was, uh, just wondering,

when do you get off?

Whenever I can.

- Zing.

Point 1 for her.
Just dropped that on the table.

- Right in front of all of us, too.
- Ooh-hoo!

Wow. All right, Internet's up.
We're in business.

I'm so nervous,

I don't even know
if I can eat.

Everything's gonna be fine.

♪ Walk with a winner ♪

♪ Come on, girl,
and walk with a winner ♪

Where's Sam and Dean?

♪ And walk with me ♪

♪ You and me ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

No! No!

♪ Walk with a winner ♪

♪ Come on, girl ♪

Wally? Is that a -- No!

♪ For you and me, ooh ♪

I'm gonna be famous.

The demon that killed
Sam Winchester.

They're gonna tell stories
about me.

Oh, no, they won't.

♪ Supernatural 12x12 ♪
Stuck in the Middle (With You)
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Each of us has a time when
the physical body dies

and we all face God's judgment
in the end.

There's not one of us alive
walking on this earthly plane

that will not pay the
consequence for their actions.

The Lord will hold us
in the palm of his hand

and he'll weigh our souls.

Brothers and sisters,
are you worthy?

Hey, Mom.




These are my sons.

Glad to meet you.
She said a lot of good things.

Yeah. Right back at you, man.

Your, uh, your mom's
real proud of you boys.


Thanks for coming.
I know you're busy.

Well, not really.

So, what? No luck with
Lucifer's kid?

No, Kelly Kline --
it's like she's...

just disappeared.

Lucifer's kid.
That's a joke, right? The...

It's not a joke.

All right, ramblers,
let's get rambling.

Lucifer has a kid?

Hey, what's the, uh,
Wi-Fi password here?

Extra cheese.

Everyone is clear on the plan?
At 10:45, demon comes home.

Sam and I will be waiting
for him.

I'll pop him with
a Devil's Trap bullet.

I'll finish him off
with a demon blade.

And I will wait
at the back with you

in case he comes in
that way.

Cool, cool. What do I do?
Keep a lookout. Don't die.

Everything is gonna be fine.


Where were you?


I get nervous sometimes.


I understand.


Heads up, Mary.
He's coming back early.

You mind explainin'
why you broke into my house?

I know it wasn't just
to ruin the evening catch.


Well, that didn't work.



Hiya, sweetheart.




Guys, we got a problem.

- Yeah, we know.
- No, you don't. Demons incoming.

All right, get to Mom and Cass.
We got this. Go.

You ready?

First time for everything.

Been a long time since
I've seen an angel.



But not long enough.

Is that a -- No! No! No!


Where do you think
you're going, huh?

Come on.

Cass. Oh, my...

Where is he?
I don't know.

Where is he?
Come on.

Can you heal yourself?

I tried. Something's wrong.

How bad is it?

Oh! Sam.

Hey, where are you?

Farm down the road.
It looks abandoned.

Take your first left and drive
until you see a barn.

Yeah, okay. We're on the way.
Are you okay?



What the hell just happened?

Where's Wally?

Wally, uh...

Oh, God.


Mom, where did those
other demons come from?

I don't know. I...

The target. Did you see --

He brushed off everything
we threw at him.

- Did you see his eyes?
- What?

They were yellow.

He had yellow eyes.


what the hell
did you get us into?

♪ Ballads are being sung ♪

♪ But not for me ♪

♪ Church bells are being rung ♪

♪ But not for me ♪

That's him?

That's the big bad demon
you need help with?

Just some old guy.

♪ Love can be ♪

Technically, I'm in my 60s.

♪ For some, but not for me ♪

Okay, then.

Hell, what do I know?

I've never gone after
a demon before.

I don't even know why
you called me.

Because if Sam and Dean think
they're helping you and not me,

they won't ask
the wrong questions.

It's safer that way.


You get those from
your new limey friends?

Them fancy Men of Letters?

I did.

You trust 'em?

I-I just mean, I-I heard
the sales pitch --

money, gear.

It all sounds swell,

but someone walks up to you
and offers you something

that sounds a little too good
to be true?

I wonder, what's the catch?

Since I've been working
with them,

we've taken out more than
a dozen vamp nests,

four werewolf packs,

and a ghoul who was eating
his way through Arlington.

We saved a lot of people.

Right, so you do trust them.

Let's go.

♪ But not for me ♪


Hey, Mandy, when do you get off?

Whenever I can.

You meet them fancy
Men of Letters?

British Men of Letters?

Yeah, they got gear,

but, uh, you know, they tried
to kill my brother.

All right, Internet's up.
We're in business.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Doesn't appear
to be warded.

Okay. Let's get to work.


Where's Dean?

Uh, he's out
stashing the car.

Wait, Mom?


I just wanted to make sure
that, um...

you're okay.

I mean, I know...

you never really wanted this.

Since when is life about
getting what you want?


Where were you?


I get nervous sometimes.

Well, that didn't work.





How you feeling?

What the hell just happened?

Where's Wally?

Wally, uh...

Oh, God.


Mom, where did those
other demons come from?

I don't know.
Hey. Wow.

You look like hammered crap.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Let's see.



All right, okay.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, hey, you know what?

I've had worse.
Oh, yeah? When?

- Dean, something's wrong.
- I...

I can't heal myself.

I think the...

I think the demon's s-spear
was poisoned.

I don't...

I-I think I'm dying.

No. No, you just need
some time, okay?

You'll heal up
the old-fashioned way.


what the hell
did you get us into?



You idiots!

You're all going to die.

You idiots!
You're all going to die.

Well, this day just keeps
gettin' better.


You're him?

The King of Hell?

You must be Mother Winchester.

Pleasure. I've heard so much.

Touch me and I'll kill you.

What's up with Feathers?

What are you even
doing here?

- How'd you find us?
- Wait a second.

The demons. They were yours.

They killed my friend.

Your friend was stupid.
You're all...

Do you know what you've done?

Does the name Ramiel mean
anything to you?



Ramiel, Prince of Hell.

Ramiel, Prince of Hell.
It's catchy. It rhymes.

And he's going to kill
each and every one of you.

No. The Princes are all dead.

That's what we told people
to stop them looking.

But in reality, not so much.

W-what the hell
is a Prince of...Hell?

The oldest of the old demons.

The first generation
after Lilith.

Lucifer turned them him himself,

before the oceans
drank Atlantis.

They were trained
to be generals,

to lead demonic armies
in the war against Heaven.

Like Azazel.

They even have his eyes.

Who are you?

And what do you want?

The name's Crowley.

King of the Crossroads?

I've been sent by Hell.

And what? Don't they teach you
how to knock in hell?

For that, I apologize.
But I do come bearing gifts.

The first
is from all demonkind.

We heard that
you collect weapons --

the more ancient and arcane,
the better.

So may I present

the Lance of Michael,
the Archangel.


This beauty,
she kills the bad ones fast

and the good ones slow
and painful.

Ironic, seeing as it was
made by an angel.

There's only one angel
Michael wanted to kill,

and he wanted that
son of a bitch to suffer.

Ah, the magic.

It's all in the runework.

The craftsmanship.


Oh, the second gift
is from myself.


Something I thought
you might like.

Where did you get this?

It's amazing what some people
just leave laying about.

Consider it
your coronation present.


Brings me to
your final gift --

the Throne of Hell.

You want me to be king?

Well, with Lilith
and Azazel dead,

and Lucifer back in his box,
we need a ruler.

You are next in line,

Prince of Hell.

It's just a name.

Doesn't mean anything.

Still, the crown is yours
if you want it.

I don't.

You take it.



You seem ambitious enough,

conniving enough,

slimy enough.

So take it!

Go for the glory, kid.

I mean, one dares to dream,

but what about the others?

You're not the only prince.

Azazel was a fanatic,

a true believer
in Lucifer's master plan.

But the rest of us?

Well, the truth is, we stopped
caring a long time ago.

Asmodeus has his hobbies.
Dagon has her toys.

We're happy where we are.

So if you want the crown,
it's yours.


Oh, hell, ye--

I'll take it.

I mean, I graciously accept.

but there is one thing.

Nothing comes
without a price.

Well, this should be
easy enough.

Leave us alone.

And make sure everyone else
does the same.

If anyone -- anything --
bothers a Prince of Hell,

that's gonna be
on your head, Crowley.

And you don't wanna know
what happens

when you piss us off.

I humbly accept your terms.

My demons were there to keep
people away from Ramiel.

Believe me,
that's a hornet's nest

you do not want to be kicking.

Too late.
What happened to Cass?

You tell me.

He got stabbed with some kind
of silver-tipped spear.

It's not a spear.

It's a lance.

The Lance of Michael.


As in Michael Michael?

Nasty bit of business.

Kills everything it touches.

If you're a demon, you go up
in a puff of smoke.

If you're an angel,

you just...rot away.

Sorry, Castiel.

No. No.

There's a cure.

There's always a cure,
and we will find it.

We trap Ramiel.

And we beat his ass
until he gives it up.

It's not gonna work.

We took down the Darkness
and the Devil.

It took you years
to defeat Lucifer,

and the power of God
to stop the Darkness.

Maybe if you had more time,
you could manage Ramiel.

But right now, in this barn...

Hey, I was growing fond
of the choir boy, too.

Shut up. Shut up.

We don't have time, okay,
for your -- for you.

So either help us
or get the hell out of here!

Yeah, figures.

What can I do to keep you
out of that barn?

I smell the angel.

He's rotting.

These people --

they your friends?

I don't have friends.

I make deals with those
I can use.

Every kingdom needs allies,
even Hell.

Allies. Is that what you call
three humans

with one good liver between them
and a busted up angel?

I admit, they don't sound
like much.

But every Armageddon,

every bloody “this is the end
of all things,”

a Winchester stopped it.

Like it or not, they're an asset
we can't afford to lose.

We had an agreement, Crowley.

No one bothers us.

You remember?

We made one deal.

Let's make another.


What do you say?



We don't have time, okay,
for your -- for you.

So either help us
or get the hell out of here!

Yeah, figures.

Cass, how bad is it?

Crowley's right.
You should go.

Cass, come on.
No, you listen to me.

You -- Look, thank you.

Thank you.

Knowing you, it...

it's been the best part
of my life.

And the things that...

the things
we've shared together,

they have changed me.

You're my family.

I love you.

I love all of you.

Just please...

please, don't make
my last moments be spent

watching you die.

Just run.

Save yourselves.

And I will hold Ramiel off
as long as I can.

Cass, no.


You need to keep fighting.

We are fighting.

We're fighting for you, Cass.

And like you said,
you're family.

And we don't leave
family behind.


What's the play?

We hit him with everything
we got.


You stabbed
one of our friends.

Your friend was trespassing.

Tell us how to cure him.

There is no cure.

You have any idea who we are?

I don't care.

I don't care who you are.
I don't care why you're here.

I don't care about Heaven
or Hell or anything.

I don't even care that
Lucifer's got a bun in the oven.

You know about that?

My sister Dagon,
she's taken an interest.

- But me? Eh.
- Let me guess.

You don't care.

All I wanted
was to be left alone.

But then you come.

You...steal from me.

And that? Ooh.
That I cannot abide.


Give me back what's mine,

or I take it off
your lifeless bodies.

You've got...

30 seconds.

Obviously, we got no idea
what you're talking about.

20 seconds.

Have it your way.




Hey, buddy.
Hey, we're here, Cass.

We're right here, buddy.

Ah, the magic.

It's all in the runework.

The craftsmanship.

Hang in there, all right?
What do we do?

The magic's
in the craftsmanship.


Oh. You're welcome.'re good?

I guess so.

What did he...

What did he mean about
somebody stealing from him?

Who knows what that crazy man
was talkin' about.

Let's go home.

Well, that's...

quite a story.

You did well.

You sent me after
a damn Prince of Hell.

Well, we didn't know
what he was.

We just knew he had
the item.

That's not good enough.

I lost a friend.
I almost lost one of my boys.

And we apologize --
Shut up.

Anything like that
happens again -- anything --

and I will burn you down.

All of you.

Is that a threat?

It's a promise.

We made a mistake.

I'm sorry.

Can I...see it?

Hello, beautiful.

My father used to tell me
stories about this thing.

You know there's only five
things in all Creation

it can't kill?

Oh, yes.

I know all about the Colt.

Search that house.

Search it again.

Find me that gun.

♪ Oh, there was a gun
that won the West ♪

♪ There was a man
among the best ♪

♪ The fastest gun
or man alive ♪

♪ A lightning bolt
when he shot that Colt ♪


♪ Forty five ♪


I suppose you think that's funny.


I know that look.

Sam and Dean have
got you down.

Well, I still can't believe
that you're working

for the Dukes of Haphazard.

Do you really think
they care about you?

I mean,
think about it, Crowley.

They kill your kind.

It's in their blood.

And you know...

you know...

it's only a matter of time
before they come...

for you.

Shut your mouth, dog.

That's not my name.

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