Supernatural (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 11 - Regarding Dean - full transcript

Rowena helps Sam find a powerful family of witches when a spell is placed on Dean that's quickly erasing his memory.

Hex bag.

Aw, gross.

So we're thinkin' witch?

Uh, yeah.

Dean: I hate witches.

They're always spewing
their bodily fluids everywhere.

And why does a rabbit always
get screwed in the deal?

Poor little guy.
Witches. They're murderers.

Burn, witch, burn.

[ Gasps ] Aah!
[ Crackles ]

[ Gasps ] Oh!

Oh, my God! Aah!

These are
witch-killing bullets.

[ Grunts ]


[ Screaming ]



Told you you'd need me.

Are we not a team?
Both: No.

[ Panting ]

[ Cellphone beeps, line rings ]

[ Panting ] You have to. No!

Listen to me...
[ Inhales sharply ]

[ Groans ] Get out of there.

[ Gunshot ]

Just go! Now! [ Groans ]

[ Rustling ]

You people.

You never learn, do you?

Always trying to run.

[ Whoosh ]


[ Grunts ]

♪ Supernatural 12x11 ♪
Regarding Dean
Original Air Date on February 9,

[ Sniffs ]

[ Swallows ] Ohh.

[ Sighs ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Groans ]

[ Breathing heavily ]


Hey, buddy.

[ Groans ] Mm.


Wow. [ Inhales deeply ]

[ Sighs ]

Oh, come on.

[ Chuckles ] And I was like,
“Andy, the dog's vegan.”

Hey, hey.
“How could you give him...”...

Excuse me.
Do you mind if I...

[ Gasps ]

Just don't buy a drink.

[ Baby coos ]
I-I know, Stacey.

[ Dog barks ]

Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Excuse me.

Look, uh, uh, I'm not a...
not a bum, okay?

Just somebody who really needs
to use a phone. Do you mind?


Thank you. [ Sighs ]


[ Ducks quacking ]

[ Line rings ]
[ Sighs ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]


Dude, where the hell
have you been?

I'm not really sure about that.

You... well,
where are you now?

I'm not real sure
about that either. I, um...

[ Truck horns blaring ]

Oh. Ha ha.

I'm starvin'.
How you feel about waffles?

[ Grunts ] What?

Dumb question. Right. What
psycho doesn't love waffles?

I mean, they're fluffy.

You got the little pockets
full of syrup.

You just cover 'em
in whipped cream. Am I right?

Anyway, meet me at Waldos',

Hey... M... [ Sighs ]

[ Bell dings ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Door closes ]

Oh. Hey, did you bring
any, um...

[ Pills rattles ]

Sounded like
you could use it.

Oh, man.
Rough night?

Rough morning.

[ Chuckles ] W-what happened?

I mean, you just went out
to get some food.

I don't know.

What does that mean?

I-I guess I blacked out.

And judging from this hangover,
it was epic.

Well, I tried to call you.


[ Cellphone clatters ]
Not sure how that happened.


All right,
well, I'll text Mom,

make sure she knows
to get ahold of me

in case of an emergency.

And Cass, in case
he tracks down Kelly.

The mother
of Lucifer's love child?

Right. Right.

Yes, the Devil baby mama drama.

[ Chuckles ] Say that
five times fast.

Devil baby mama drama.

All right, Dean, you know, uh,
you had a good run,

but maybe let's pump the brakes
a little bit.

I mean,
you're not 20 anymore.

Okay, one,

the Rat Pack partied
till the day they died.

And B, I can still
kick your ass.

[ Scoffs ]


[ Mouth full ] Got a man who
needs some waffles down here.

- Oh, no. I'm... I'm fine. I'm...
- You can just take these if you want.

No, Dean. Look, the morgue opens
in, like, 10 minutes.

The morgue?

The autopsy results.

Are you still drunk?

I don't think so.

[ Sniffs ]

All right, our... our case?

The dead guy, throat stuffed
full of money.

Any of this ring a bell?
Right, yes. Right.

Um... the accountant.
Barry Gilman.


Uh, and you think he got
his ticket punched by a demon.


Okay, but when we went over
to his place yesterday,

we got a whole bunch of jack
and a little bit of squat.

There was no hex bags,
no EMF, no sulfur,

which means no case.
[ Sighs deeply ]

Yeah, but if it's not a case,
then what is it?

I don't know. Death by money?

You know, maybe the guy
got whacked by, uh,

some mob dude with
an ironic sense of humor.

[ Chuckles ] All right. Well,
I'm gonna go scope out the body.

If you wanna spend
some more alone time

with, uh, your waffles...
All right.

Have fun.

Fine, hold up.
[ Clears throat ]

[ Sighs deeply ]
Did you pay?

Oops, no. Right.

You got it?
I got it.



And who are you?

[ Smack ]
Woman: Oh! Ah!

[ Woman laughs ]


Epic night.

[ Indistinct conversations ]


Uh, thank you.

Great. We'll let you know
if we need anything else.


All right.

[ Door closes ]

So cause of death was
suffocation. Officially.

Okay. We already knew that.

“See evidence bag B 1-4.”
All right.


Mm. [ Groans ]

[ Plastic crinkles ]

[ Groans ]

Says they pulled all this
from his stomach.

Mm-hmm... Mm.

[ Grunts ] Big breakfast.

[ Inhales deeply ]

[ Clears throat ]

All right.

Mm. [ Coughs ]


Well, well.
[ Clears throat ]

You were saying about
an ironic mobster?

[ Sighs ] All right, so...

a witch force feds
old Barry here a hex bag

and then casts a spell.

Yeah, a spell that pumps him
so full of cash,

he dies choking on it.

Ugh. Witches.

Well, I guess it's true
what they say. [ Sighs ]

Mo' money, mo' problems.

Right? [ Chuckles ]

I hope you're still drunk.

Dean: So why would somebody
want Barry dead?

I mean, what, did he screw up
a tax return?

He's actually more of
a money manager.

Well, whatever he was,

looks like he, uh, certainly
made one hell of a...



Enemy. Yeah. Those guys.

Maybe he blew
the wrong person's savings.

All right, well,
let's check out his clients.

Which one? Barry worked for
the richest families in town.

[ Car doors close ]


Man, you were serious
about epic. It's the square one.

Yeah. I know.

[ Engine starts ]

[ Gear shifts ]

[ Tires peal ]

Son of a bitch.
Woman: Come on!

What the...

Sorry! Our fault.

I... [ Sighs ]

R for “reverse,” Dean.

[ Engine idling ]

Listen, man, I-I know we haven't
had it easy lately.

This thing
with the Devil's kid

and getting tossed into
West Guantanamo

makes me wanna crawl into
a bottle, too, sometimes, but...

[ Voice echoing ]
Dude, you're wrecked.

And we got a case to work,
so get it together, all right?

[ Engine idling ]

[ Normal voice ] Dean?


Who's Dean?

I told you, I'm fine.

Dean, you forgot
your own name.

For a second. Okay, yeah,
that was weird.

All right, look, we know we're
dealing with a witch, right?

Maybe you got hexed.

Dude... [ Chuckles ]

If a witch got a clear shot
of me, I would be dead, okay?

I wouldn't be
freakin', uh... Dory.


I'm not gonna apologize
for loving that fish.

Not to you, not to anyone.

Right. Okay. All right.
[ Clears throat ]

If you're doing so well, name
all the members of Bon Jovi.

[ Scoffs ] Okay.

Uh, we talkin' circa 1983?

Done. We got Bon Jovi.

Whatever. This is stupid.

Sam, I'm fine. Okay?
I feel great.

Look, uh...

[ Claps hands ]

This is a gun.

This is a coat.

This is a... a... a...

light stick.

A light st...

All right.

We're gonna get you
some help.

Look, we could
figure this out, okay?

Don't go callin' Mom
or Cass with this.

Fine, but until
you get better...

[ Snaps fingers ]
Lamp. Right.

So close.

[ Chips clink ]

Shall we end the suspense?

[ Chuckles ]

What's that? Six in a row?

Beginner's luck.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Ring, beep ]

Gentlemen, if you don't mind.

I'm a wee bit occupied
at the moment.

Yeah, well,
we need your help, Rowena.

Oh, really?
Come on, man.

Rowena? I mean...
Yes. Really.


Tiny vodkas. Score.

Am I saved
to your contacts now?

Tell me. Have I got
my own ringtone?

This is serious.

Look, I think
Dean's been hexed, okay?

He... he's been
forgetting things.

Maybe he's just drunk. Oi!
He's not drunk.

We need ice.

We could do a memory spell.
But did his hair fall out?

His body, too?

From the neck down,
is he smooth like a Ken doll?

I don't know. Uh, and I'm not
checking either.

Rules out a mnemonic curse.

The oblivate spell wipes
the memory clean over time,

but it's intricate magic.

How do I break it?

Kill the witch.

Got it.
[ Cellphone beeps ]

All right. So... Dean?
[ Door creaks ]




Dude, what are you doing?
[ Beep, buzzer ]

Getting ice.
What are you doing?

That's not our room.

All these dumps look
the same.

So this spell, I'm stuck
in some sort of “Memento” crap?

Right. The fix sounds
fairly simple.

You just find the witch
who did it and kill it.

Oh, Halle-freakin'-lujah.

- I think you got hexed last night.
- Yeah?

Yeah, we need to retrace
your steps.

All right, think.

What's the last thing
you remember you did?

[ Taps bucket ]

I got some ice.

Dean: Okay, from yesterday,

the last thing
I kinda sorta remember is

us being here

in, um...
[ Snaps fingers ]

Big guy's office. Uh...

Barry Gilman.
Yes. And...

we were here and we were, uh,
we were looking for leads.

[ Chuckles ]

Yeah. Douche tax.

Yeah, you did that
yesterday, too.

All right, come here.
Check these out.

Do these shake anything loose,
these pictures?

No. None of them.

Okay, think hard.
What happened next?

I went to hit the lore.
You went out for a burger. So...


What do you want me to say?
I-I ate 'em?

Okay, okay. You know what?
It's not a big town.

How many burger joints
can there be? Come on.

[ Billiard balls clatter,
cheering ]

All right. Anything?

No. I mean, this is
the third place we've been to.

I-I... No. It's...


It's... it's her from, uh,
from the waffles.

All right, come on.

Excuse me. Hi.

If you're gonna apologize,
you better make it quick.

Me apologize?
Uh, you smacked me.

- You were being a dick. We're even.
- Even for what?

That's none of your...
Who are you? [ Bell dings ]

Okay, look, whatever happened
with us, um, I'm sorry. Okay?

See, here's the deal.
We're, um, we're...

We're FBI.
Uh, Agents Moon and Entwistle.


Last night, you told me
your name was Springsteen.

Like The Boss.

Uh, yeah, see, sometimes,
we have to lie in order to, uh,

to... [ Inhales deeply ]
protect our cover.

No way.

Okay, listen,
this is actually sensitive.

We... we think my partner
may have been roofied.


[ Bell dings ]

If you can tell us anything
about what happened that night,

it would be a big help.

Sure. I...

[ Cheering ]

He ordered burgers to go.
[ Bell dings ]

It was gonna be a minute.
We were slammed.

Then you knocked back...
four shots of tequila?

Put some “sick jams”
on the juke,

and then you hit the bull.

He what?
I what?

Oh, yeah,
you had the hots for Larry

as soon as you walked in here.
[ Cheering ]

He... You rode Larry?

Was I good?

You were... amazing.


[ Cheering ]


we got to talking, and...

you know.

We blew off some steam.


Did you see him talk
with anyone else?

My bartender said she saw him
run out of here

like his pants caught fire.

We were supposed to meet up
after close-up,

but you never showed.
[ Bell dings ]

Oh. Poor thing.

You were all roofed up.

I didn't...

I am so sorry

if I took advantage of you.

It's okay.

Does this place have
security cameras?


[ Mouths word ]

First action in
I don't know how long,

and it's like it never
even happened. Figures.

Ha. See, now that's comedy.

[ Sighs deeply ]

Okay, whoa. There I am.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

What are you doing?

I'm trying to read my lips.

“Now salsa you mittens”...

You can't read lips.

I can't read lips.

You see that?

Yeah, of course.
I think we got our witch.

What, you don't remember
any of this?

It's like watching myself
on Netflix.

[ Taps key ]

That guy look familiar to you?
That jacket?

[ Mouths word ]

Never mind. Stupid question.

I think Barry had a picture
of him in his office.

It might be how you recognized
him last night.

[ Taps key ]

And I take a shot.

I know how to shoot a gun?

[ Bell dings ]

All right, so...

you crashed there.

Uh... you ran that way.

Uh, shot, uh...



[ Voice echoes ]
Witch-killing bullet.


Wait, wait, wait, wait.

There are witches?


witches are real.

Vampires, werewolves, witches,
they're all real.

And we kill them.

Awesome. That's awesome.

Right. Right.

Come on.


[ Click ]

Okay, so wait. So...
so djinns don't grant wishes,

and sirens aren't all
hot chicks?

Sorry to break it to you.


[ Scoffs ] This is crazy.

Me giving you “the talk”...

You know how many times
we've had to tell some civilian

that monsters are real?
Yeah, but monsters are real.

And we're the guys that
kill 'em, man.

I mean, come on.
Best job ever.

Yeah. If you like
greasy diner food,

crappy motels rooms,
more than one Apocalypse.

I don't know. We kinda sound
like heroes to me.


[ Whispers ] Whoa.

And our best friend's
an angel.

[ High-pitched voice ]

[ Laughs ]
We just gotta get you cured.

Yeah. Okay.


Dean: Whoa.

Okay, now, these? Freaky.
[ Laughs ]

No, they're just, uh, glyphs.

Witches use them in spells,
but I've actually

never seen
anything like this before.

Maybe Rowena will
recognize 'em.

Maybe. Who's Rowena?
That's a weird name.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]




Is that a dead guy?

I think that's our witch.


No, Dean. Killing the witch
was supposed to be the cure.

So if he's already dead,
then why aren't you...


Not cool.

Okay, what now?

Now we get out of here.
Let's go. Come on.


Oh, hunters!

Poor Gideon.

This is why he told us
to leave the accountant alone.

That tub of guts
stole from us.

He deserved what he got.

They're on us, Cat.
We have to run.

I am not going to run!

And I don't care what
Gideon said.

So what?
You wanna kill them, too?

[ Exhales ]

I want my family back.

Dean: Is that a dead guy?


Never seen
a dead guy before.

[ Chuckles ] Uh, yeah,
you have. Trust me.

[ Knock on door ]

Hey! No, D-Dean,
wait a second.

Who are you?

Spell's progressed, I see.


I wanted Intel, Rowena,
not a house call.

Oh, I have a feeling
you'll come to thank me.

Mm, your hair,
it's all so bouncy.

Why, thank you.

Do we have to fix him?


Those glyphs you found
are an archaic form of Celtic.

Ogham Chraobh.

The Druids used it
in their rituals,

calling it
the “Language of the Trees.”

Wait, wait. Now the trees
are talkin'?

Uh, Dean,
do you remember HBO?




Great. All right, come here.

We're just gonna...

We're gonna sit you down
right here.

And, uh, yeah, go ahead.

This like live Skinemax or...

[ Turns on TV ]
Fred: How 'bout two?

Hey! Fun.
Scooby-Doo: Three?

Stay there.
Fred: Okay, three.

Come here.

There's only one family
of witches

versed in this kind
of magic.

I thought them all dead
for years,

but when I saw
those glyphs...

Is this one of 'em?

Gideon Loughlin.

Did you know him?

A bit.

All right, tell me about
this family.

A hundred years ago,

the Loughlins came over
from the Old World

and turned a small town
on the Mississippi Delta

into their own
personal fiefdom.

Their children... Gideon,
Boyd, and Catriona...

were like three
rotten little peas in a pod.

The family possessed
a powerful spell book,

a tome of Druidic magic
called the Black Grimoire.

Witches came from around
the world to live with them

and study its secrets...

for a price.

So what happened to 'em?

Hunters happened.

Of course, I'd heard rumors
one or two survived,

stealing away with their book,

but I-I dismissed them
as gossip.

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughter ]

[ Laughs ]

Scooby-Doo: Hmm.
[ Sighs ]

With Gideon dead, if you want to
break the curse on your brother,

we need to find that book.

Wait a second.
So you can't break it?

Oh, of course I could,

but witchcraft this complex
would take time,

more than Dean's got.

He's already begun
to forget himself,

everyone he's ever known,
ever loved.

Even you.

Soon he'll forget how to speak,
how to swallow,

and then...

Dean Winchester's going
to die.

Sucks for that guy.

- Scooby-Doo: Three?
- Fred: Okay, three.


[ Cartoon continues
on television ]

[ Sighs deeply ]

So after everything...

That's it.
This is what nails me.

No. No, no, Dean, it...
[ Inhales deeply ]

It's not gonna happen,
all right?

Well, you just told me
my whole life story.

And I gotta be honest, man,
I... I can feel it,

slipping out of my head.

I mean, ganking monsters
is one thing. But this...

You know, uh,
we're gonna, um...

We'll figure it out.
All right?

We will.
[ Sniffles ]

[ Door creaks ]

How is he?

Like you care.


[ Sighs ]

You know, I've seen
my brother die,

but watching him become...

not him... [ Scoffs ]

This might actually
be worse.

Ahh. [ Exhales heavily ]

Okay. [ Sniffs ]

My name is Dean Winchester.

Sam is my brother.

Uh, Mary Winchester is my mom.

And Cast...

Cass is my best friend.

[ Inhales deeply ]

We need to find
that grimoire.

Of course.

Of course. [ Sighs ]
That's your angle, isn't it?

Oh, come on, Rowena.

A powerful spell book shows up
and all of a sudden,

you're here to help?

Altruism isn't exactly
your style.


Also, it never hurts to have
a Winchester owe you one.

My name is Dean Wi...


My name... my name is...

My... [ Clears throat ].

My name is... is...

Gideon Loughlin's address was in
his accountant's file.

If the book is there,
I'll find it.

Of course, you'll need me
there to help...

No, no, you're staying here
with Dean.

I most certainly am not.

Well, he can't come with me,
and I'm not leaving him alone.

And I obviously don't
trust you.

Well, obviously.

The Black Grimoire's written
in ancient Druid.

How do you propose to find
a proper spell

without me there to...

Well, you said a few of
the Loughlins survived, right?

That was the rumor?

So you expect one of them
to... to what?

Translate their ancient super secret
family spell book for you?

You just killed
their brother.

They'd sooner use your skin
as an outfit.

They can try.
[ Sighs deeply ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

My... my...

I don't know.

Stop touching everything.


Ugh. Here.

Play with this,

and I'll tell you a story.


Once, a beautiful witch

was, again,
run out of her homeland

by those pompous, self-righteous,
murderous hooligans.

You know them as
The British Men of Letters.


She sought refuge
with a family of witches.

All she wanted was
a roof over her head

and a safe place to
hone her magic.

Yet, they threw her out

like common trash.
Said she wasn't up to snuff.

Oh, these witches sound
like dicks.

I think you got
plenty of snuff.

[ Laughs ]

You can really remember nothing,
can you?

What a gift not to recall
the things you've done.

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

What have I done?

Oh, you're a killer,
Dean Winchester.

[ Crows cawing ]

[ Gun cocks ]

Who's inside?

[ Flask thuds ]

Wait, I... I kill people?

Rowena: Scores.

But... but...

though you may be
a stubborn pain in the arse

with the manners of
a Neanderthal

and the dining habits
of a toddler,

everything you've done,
you've done...

[ Sighs ]

For the greater good.

Oh, and that's supposed
to make it okay?

[ Scoffs ] I wouldn't know.

You help those
other than yourself.

But me?

I've done horrible things,

and I told myself
it was fine.

It was the price of power.
And power's what matters, right?

Then I met
God and his sister.

The two most powerful beings
in the universe,

wasting it on squabbling
with each other.

I thought, if... if they
can't be happy,

or at least satisfied,

how can there be any hope
for me?

Why are you telling me this?

Because I know you won't

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring, beep ]

You're in?

[ Whispers ]
Shh. Yeah, I'm in.

All right.

As soon as I get
the translation,

you cast the spell.


This gun is full of
witch-killing bullets.

So why don't you go
to your grimoire

and tell me how to break
the memory spell?

I told him you'd come.

Boyd wanted to go after you,
but I said, “Why bother?”

You're hunters.

You'll hunt us down,

right at our doorstep.

Hot and... [ Sniffs ]
fresh like pizza.

I'm not asking you again.


[ Books clattering ]

[ Groans ]

Age nunc intellectum.

Age nunc intellectum

atque voluntatem omnem meam.

[ Exhales ]

[ High-pitched ringing ]

[ Groans ]
[ Catriona laughs ]

[ Screams ]


[ Groans ]


♪ ♪

Hmm? [ Inhales deeply ]

[ Crows cawing ]

[ Clears throat ]

“Your brother's been kidnapped
by a witch.

I found your stupid car
and left you here.”




Boyd, you promised.

Without Gideon,
we are not a family.

Well, you should've thought
of that before you went

behind his back and piñata'd
the accountant.

[ Scoffs ]
Gideon told you to let it go.

And let us be cheated by some
sniveling, weak human nothing?

You got our brother killed.


Well, we...

can bring him back.

[ Door closes ]

Do it.

Please. For me?

Catriona Loughlin.

The years have not been kind.

Who are you?


Rowena MacLeod?

You don't wanna do this.

Well, well, well.

Look who's awake.

Okay, so whatever your sister
has planned,

you don't have to do it.

You mean, swapping your soul
for his?

I'm afraid I do.

Raggedy Ann.

Excuse me?

I remember you...

a rag doll all huddled up
on our doorstep.

I swore I could see the fleas
nibbling away

at whatever the hell
was left

of that dirty little body
of yours.

And still...

still, you thought
you were worthy of our magic.

And when we disagreed...

Oh... how you begged,

how you threw yourself down

offered yourself
to each of us.

Boyd almost took you up
on it, too.

But I told him, it would be
cleaner with the pigs.

You know what they say?


Nothing heals old wounds
like opening fresh ones.



[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Laughs ]

♪ I'm just a little girl,
I'm Raggedy Ann ♪

♪ Oh, Raggedy Ann ♪

♪ Falling apart ♪
[ Shards crunching ]

♪ At the seams ♪

[ Thud ]

[ Breathes heavily ]

I've never been very good
at darts.

Do over.

♪ Just a little girl,
Raggedy Ann ♪

♪ Oh, Raggedy Ann ♪

[ Gun cocks ]

[ Chuckles ] A gun?

You really think
that's gonna work on a...

[ Scoffs ]

[ Gunshot ]

[ Grunts ]
[ Knife clatters ]

[ Knife clatters ]

[ Groans ]

No, no, no.
Brother. Witch.

[ Exhaling sharply ]

[ Whoosh ]

[ Rowena speaks
foreign language ]

Hey. Is that it?
Is... is it done?

Who's this hippie?

[ Laughs ]

Look at his face.

Oh! Kind of like the time when
I ate all your Halloween candy.

You remember that?
[ Whispers ] Classic.

[ Exhaling sharply ]

Not funny.

I can't believe
you called Rowena.

I can't believe you rode Larry.

Hey. I was awesome
on that bull.

[ Car door opens ]
I was like a god.

Now, should you experience
any odd memories

from when you were hexed,

you let me know?

It's blank, mostly. Really.

Oh, just a second.

If you want to thank me, you can
send a wee gift basket.

The book.

[ Sighs ]

You're no fun.

We owe you one. Small one.

So how you holding up
after the spell?

That thing kicked my ass.

You know, I gotta be honest.

I was actually, uh,
a little jealous at first.

[ Chuckles ] Of what? The curse
that nearly killed me?

No, just, you know...

some of the things we've done,
we've had this weight for...


And seeing it gone, uh,
you looked happy.

Huh. Well, look, was it nice
to drop our baggage?

Yeah, maybe. Hell, probably.

But it wasn't just the crap
that got lost.

I mean, it was everything.

It was us, it was what we do,
you know? All of it.


that's what being happy
looks like?

I think I'll pass.

It's the, uh,
the shiny one that's...

Get in the car.

[ Engine starts, gears shift ]

[ Bobby Goldsboro's
“Broomstick Cowboy” playing ]

♪ Dream on,
little broomstick cowboy ♪

♪ Of rocket ships and Mars ♪

♪ Of sunny days
and Willie Mays ♪

♪ And chocolate candy bars ♪

♪ Dream on,
little broomstick cowboy ♪

♪ Dream while you can ♪

♪ Of big green frogs
and puppy dogs ♪

♪ And castles in the sand ♪

♪ For all too soon,
you'll awaken ♪

♪ Your toys will all be gone ♪

♪ Your broomstick horse
will ride away ♪

♪ To find another home ♪

♪ So dream on,
little broomstick cowboy ♪

♪ Dream while you can ♪

♪ For soon,
you'll be a dreadful thing ♪

♪ My son, you'll be a man ♪