Supernatural (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 9 - O Brother, Where Art Thou? - full transcript

Amara (guest star Emily Swallow) unleashes her power on the local townspeople as she issues a shocking challenge. Dean (Jensen Ackles) tries to better understand the hold Amara has on him, while Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) come up with a plan that could have disastrous consequences.

Something's changed. It's big.
Big as God, big as Lucifer.

Someone's gotta
do something.


Amara, I am what you are

God locked me away.
All for his own ego.

You must stay fixed
on our purpose.

What's that?
Settle an old score.

Hello, Dean.

[ Groans ]
[ Glass shatters ]

My girl's grown up.

I'll spare your life
on one condition...

Safe passage for Dean
out of here.

[ Strained voice ] Yes.
[ Groans ]

Sam: Amara is in the wind.
How'd she get away?

What part of "God's frickin'
sister" did you not understand?

We will always help
each other.

I don't suppose God's decided
to share any wisdom

on the matter.

There's this cage in hell,

and it's where
they keep Lucifer,

and I've been in it,

and I think God wants me to go back.
[ Screams ]

Not happening.
We'll find another way.

What is the other way?

[ Amplified voice ]
Repent your sins!

Man: Yes!

Beg for his divine mercy.

That's right!
When the end comes...

Man: Save us, Lord!
And come it will,

only the forgiven
will ascend to holy grace.

He's watching. He's waiting!

This is God
you're speaking of?

Do you really think
he's watching?

Deciding which of us
is worthy.

Only the chosen
will be raised to heaven.

Oh, and that's... You?

Truthfully, I don't think
he's all that interested.

He doesn't even seem
to be around.

Believe me, I've searched.

Stop right there, sister.

Beg for his forgiveness
or face his terrible wrath.

Man: That's right!
Really? Gets annoyed, does he?

His wrath comes in many forms.

But only God is able to create

the fearsome plague and destruction...
Woman: That's right.

That all on earth must
bow before.

Man: Justice is waiting!
You mean something like this?

All: Oh!
[ Thunderclap ]

Is it... You?

Are you testing us?
[ Thunderclap ]

God, you mean? No.

But let's just say

he's not the only game
in town.

[ Thunderclap ]


Man: Oh, no!

[ Thunderclap ]

[ Men screaming ]


[ Grunting ]

[ Thunderclap ]

[ Thunderclap ]

[ Sizzling ]

Oh, honey, you wish.


[ Thunder rumbling,
lightning crackling ]

[ Inhales sharply ]

[ Birds chirping ]

Is this really the answer?
Is this what you want?

[ Flames whoosh ]

Because it's crazy, okay?
And it's not gonna happen.

How many times do I have to say
that this is a horrible idea?

About as many times
as I have to say,

"okay, then what else
we got?"

Listen, I'm all ears.

Dean, ordinarily,
I'd agree with you.

But the visions only happen
when I reach out to God.

I asked him for a way
to beat the Darkness,

and the visions got
more specific.

And... I was in the cage.

Yeah, with Lucifer,

the biggest monster
ever hatched.

You know what?

Lucifer was the biggest monster
ever hatched,

until you and I hatched one
that's even worse.

Listen, in the vision,

Lucifer... [ sighs ]

Touches me.

And I feel... Calm,

like things will be
all right.

And that's not something
I would ever come up with.

I mean, that is the last thing
I would ever think.

If Lucifer touched you,

it would be the last thing
you think, ever.

[ Sighs ]

Why would God even
ask this of you?

And you know what?
What proof do we have

that any of this is actually real?
[ Sets down glass ]

[ Liquid pouring ]

There was a burning bush.

A burning bush?

Like in the Bible.

You were in the forest.

There are bushes there
and sometimes they burn.

You know what, man?

Maybe there is something
to it all. Maybe.

And maybe there's not.

Dean, doesn't it make sense?

I mean, Lucifer would know
how God ended the Darkness.

He was there.

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

So God assured you
of this, did he?

Let's say
you're making this up.

I mean, I never think of you
as imaginative.

We're not saying
it's gonna happen.

We just wanna know...

if it's possible.

The cage is a can of worms
you do not want to open.

- I believe this conversation is over.
- Is it?

Crowley, you know that
the Darkness is gonna

pound on everything,
and that includes you.

Yeah, and you had a shot
at taking her out

when she was with you,

but apparently, you thought that
sucking up was the way to go.

And that didn't work out
so well.

Because she chose you.

And you couldn't control
your girlfriend.

What happened in that room?

Why did she insist
on sparing you?

What is she to you?

You wanna know
what she is, Crowley?

How about God's sister?

God's sister?
He has relatives?

I had that kind of leverage
under my thumb

and I let it slip away.

Can we focus on
the big picture here, okay?

Can Sam meet with Lucifer
or not?

In the cage.
No, not in the cage.

That's not gonna happen.

Okay, then I don't meet
with Lucifer.

Dean, we can't let him out.


There may be a way.

[ Thunder rumbling,
lightning crackling ]

Clearly, if Sam enters the cage,
he's gone.

I mean, yes,
it's on my bucket list,

but now's not the time
to be selfish.

Need a secure site,

a way to neutralize
Lucifer's powers.

Sam: In hell?

Yes, in hell.

So we have a modicum
of control.

You think I want
that abomination

running amok upstairs?

Is it possible
to control the situation?

Because if Sam's not safe,
it's not happening.

Goodness mummy,
loosen the grip.

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

Theoretically, it's possible.
There are challenges.

I can arrange a transit
into hell.

Opening the cage,
that's another matter.

You're the king of the joint.
Don't you have a key?

It was sealed by God himself.
Of course I don't "have a key."

The mechanism is
of divine manufacture.

I believe its secrets,

along with the spells
for warding Sam,

are recorded where
many such mysteries are found.

The Book of the Damned.

[ Bell tolling ]

[ Tolling stops ]

[ Men speak indistinctly ]

Oh, that's wonderful.
Thank you.

Good to see you again, yes.

Oh, hello, Mary. How are you?
[ Door opens ]

Oh, better. Thank you.
Good. Good.

[ Door closes ]

Agnes, always a pleasure.
Good to see you.


Are you in charge here?
I'm looking for God.

Oh, of course.

We all look for God
in all things.

No, I need an actual meeting,
in a room.

Well, it's the right place.

This is his house.

And the way to reach him
is through prayer.

Like them, you mean?


Go ahead.
Take her out for a spin.

[ Pew creaks ]

[ Speaking indistinctly ]

It's not working.

Oh, of course it's working.
He heard you.

How do you know?
Because he promised.

Oh, so you have
seen him then?

Well, no one has.

A-at least, no one alive.

Wait. So only dead people
get to see him?

And this makes sense
to billions of you?

It is the nature of faith.

It's... it's all here.

The mercy of God,

his love the world
and mankind,

his... his perfect plan
for us.


You only believe
what he wants you to believe.

You don't know what he is like at all.

We certainly do.

God is the light.

And it is the light
that vanquishes the Darkness.

[ Door closes ]

[ Chains rattling ]

Good of you to stop by.

Unhand me, you... Goons.

[ Sighs ]

So, Fergus, think you've won?

Lay a hand on me,

and my followers will swoop down
on this tin can palace of yours

with all the power
of the Book of the Damned.

Stow it, you lying bitch.

If you could do that,
you'd have done it.

If I wanted to kill you,
I'd have done that.

Not that you haven't tried.

You tried to kill me twice.

What is it they say?
Third time's the charm.

[ Door creaks open ]

Oh, you're not handing me over
to them?

It's beneath even you.

They're your enemies as well.

All right, Rowena, we get it.
We're all enemies. Okay?

But right now,
we got bigger fish to fry.

Then we can go back
to killing each other.

Ah. The chicken's come home
to roost.

This ghastly force set free
when the mark was removed.

So you know.

I've heard whispers.

As bad as they say?

Well, let's just say that
everyone in this room

might hold a piece of the puzzle
to corking it back up.

Oh, really?

And what happens to me
once the danger's past?

How do I know I can trust
any of you?

You don't.

None of us do.
It's a devil's bargain.

This is a time for all angels
to pull together,

to put aside
our disagreements,

and show the big bosses
how to save heaven

from being taken over.
[ Train whistle blowing in distance ]

'Cause it's grunts like us
who'll get kicked aside.

Believe me.

The Darkness has a plan for
every one of God's creations.

Take over heaven?
How is that even possible?

Yeah, who made her God?

Come on, Daniel.

You know the stories
as well as I do.

All powerful, all consuming.

Her beef is with God, not us.

He locked her away.
It's on him to make this right.


And you tell him that

next time you see him.

Oh, oops! He's not around.

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

Yeah. He locked her up.

And you don't think
she's gonna wanna get even

by tearing apart
anything he ever made?

And you're gonna lead us
against her?

You've never led anyone.

None of us have.

How is that a bad thing,
when our leaders do nothing

but pit the factions against
each other?

This is in our laps, guys.

So spread the word.

We get past our differences.

We stand united.

And we move.


Can this be true?

His sister?

Oh, in my day, we'd all be
burnt at the stake

for even thinking
any of this.

You see then, mother,
the need for urgency.

Well, if my deciphering
of the book is so pivotal,

I'd like to know
what's in it for me.

You mean,
other than your life?

Speaking of which,

I'll make you a little deal,

You pitch in,
like a good girl,

I'll call off my assassins.

No more looking over
your shoulder... For now.

I'll need the codex,
of course.

And the code breaker
Charlie devised.

Yeah, you'll get
limited access. Supervised.

We need to know exactly this...
How to open the cage

and how to protect Sam
once it is.

Just what's in this cage
that's so dangerous?



The original dark prince?

Yes, an archangel so badass

that he was personally dumped
into the cage by God himself.

[ Stifles squeal ]

Let's get to it then, lads.


[ Wind gusts ]


[ Whoosh ]
[ Gasping ]

Do you see what's happening?

All your favorites,

all your chosen,

they are suffering!

Show yourself!

Hey, Sammy.

Sorry to stick you
with witch duty,

as fun as that sounds.

Every bit.

But the stuff we're looking for
is definitely in the book.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
No snooping around there.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Sighs heavily ]

You find anything
at the church?

Uh, just got here.
The cops said that the, uh,

the last time the vics were
seen alive,

one of them a priest,

they were talking
to some mystery woman.

She was not killed.

Yeah, I'm bettin'.

Apparently, it's a massacre.
The place is covered in blood.

She's upping her game.

She's gonna pass the point
where we can deal with her.

Listen, are you sure
that you're...

You're okay
with this whole deal?

[ Exhales sharply ]

No. Not even a little.

But what choice do we have,
you know?

Okay, well, for the record,
I hate it.

Just wait for me. Don't do
anything until I get there.

Right now it's just research,
but you got it.

Nothing without you.
All right.

You talk about trust.

No, I don't.

You and your bloodthirsty
brother say we're partners

in this holy war
against Amara,

and yet...
[ Chains rattle ]

Trussed like a chicken.

[ Chains rattle ]

You're sitting there
with the Book of the Damned

and the means to read
every word,

and you think I'm gonna
set you free?

Do I look crazy?

Well, you do have
unresolved issues

with your domineering
older brother

and the abandonment
by your father.

You know what? Just get back
to work, all right?

[ Chuckles ]

We're running out
of time here.


What? What now?

Well, I'll need
some ingredients,

but you may summon Fergus.

And tell him to bring
a handcart.

A handcart?

We are going to hell.

[ Both speak indistinctly ]

Man: I'm okay with that.

[ Car doors open and close ]

[ Police radio chatter ]

Man: Okay, so...
[ Speaks indistinctly ]

[ Indistinct conversations,
dog barks ]

[ Children shouting playfully ]

Hot dog?

Yeah. Uh, one.

[ Cell phone rings ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]

[ Ring ]


Sam, everything is in order.
Fergus is coming.

[ Ring ]
I promised Dean I'd call.

I promised Lincoln a fun night
at the theater. [ Ring ]

Things change.
It's now or never.

[ Cell phone beeps ]

You felt my presence.

That's why you came here.

[ Wind blowing ]

[ Bird calling ]

You grew up.


So this is you now?

At least for today.

[ Thunder rumbling,
lightning crackling ]

Flop sweat, Sonny?
Dread of what's to come?

Can it.

Your barbs may amuse
your circle of hags,

but you have no idea
what you're tampering with,

what Lucifer is capable of.

Well, dear, if you can't
stand the heat,

get out of hell.

[ Lightning crackling ]

I must say, it's not as scenic
as I'd expected.

We're in the furthest reaches
of hell... limbo...

Where I send unruly souls
for time-outs.

This is where
I meet with Lucifer?

What it lacks in ambience,
it makes up for in security.

[ Thunder rumbling ]

Makes your flesh crawl,
doesn't it, moose?

I get it.

I'm the king of this place.

Still not my cup of tea.

[ Chuckles ]

I don't know, Crowley.
I'd say it suits you.



the utter contempt,

when I'm in the midst of
saving the Winchesters' bacon.


The point of this
is to save everyone's bacon,

including yours.

Let's just hope
she knows what she's doing.

The cell won't hold crap
if the warding's not right.

Don't you worry about me,

I'm a professional.

You're certain
you can do this

without actually opening
the cage?

We're about to find out,
aren't we?

Foro dega LA moray.

[ Whooshing ]

Mah ho tah!


Now... Let's have a go
at that cage.

Foh reh say-lah!

[ Thunder rumbling,
lightning crackling ]

It begins.

You misunderstand
my purpose on earth.

Well, do I misunderstand

the people you butchered
in that park?

Or in that church?

I had to get his attention.


I tried praying,

calling out in need.

He ignored me.

He forced my hand.

I had no other reason
to harm his chosen.

My issue is with my brother,

not his creation.

Whatever the deal is
between you two,

whoever threw the first punch,
whoever was daddy's favorite...

There was no daddy.


That mess is your mess.

It's between you two.

You're taking people's lives.
You're taking their souls.

I consumed their souls.

They aren't gone.

They're a part of me.

And in that way,
they live forever.

[ Thunderclap ]


[ Inhales deeply,
exhales slowly ]

My old friend Crowley.

A mere acolyte,
carrying your torch.

[ Chuckles ]

You're too kind.

To yourself.

What do you want of me?

[ Whispers ] Sam Winchester.

My old roomie.

Hug it out?

I gotta say, I'm a little
in the dark about this meeting.

Am I up for parole?

Time off for bad behavior?
[ Chuckles ]

I don't really get visitors.

If it weren't for
the crisis topside,

you wouldn't
be getting one now.


He's so Alpha, isn't he?

Probably not
relationship material, though.

Mother, you're drooling.

Get ahold of yourself.

You're aware of the Darkness?

[ Inhales sharply ]

Yikes. That...
That doesn't sound good.


I'm aware of what she was,
but that was eons ago.

She's been released,

so now she's somewhere...

Or everywhere on earth.

[ Bites nail, spits ]

However did that happen?

Point is,

she poses a threat
to all that exists,

including you.


Well, that leads me
to my next question.

the big burrito himself?

Where's God in all of this?

All current indications
of his presence

are that there are no current
indications of his presence.


Caught the fun bus
out of town?




Recently he has reached out
to an interested party.




He answered my prayers.

Did he now?

And what was
dad's suggestion?

To seek out you.

[ Chuckles ]

Get outta town.


[ Laughs ]

Who'd have thunk it?

I see the weariness
in your eyes,

the mistrust.

I don't blame you.

Don't you?

[ Chuckles ]
It's incredible.

How it endures,
the propaganda.

He was so threatened by me,

fearful that I would make
a more perfect creation than he,

so he exiled me.

Virtually erased me.

Passed on stories
that I was a threat.

While your brother was
going all kanye,

blowing his horn?

He encouraged religions
as monuments to his ego,

promised the fearful safety
if they'd adore him.

His way or the highway.

Some people find comfort
in that.

Golden rule,
brother's keeper.

It is his universe,
his rules.

What if there were no rules?

No pain? No prayer?

Just... Bliss.

That feeling that you have
when you're with me.

For everyone, forever.

Crowley: Can you hear
what they're saying?

Rowena: I could
if you'd just shut it.

I completely get
why you came to me.

Can't ignore God, right?

God says, "jump,"
everybody says, "how high?"

So does this mean
you're on board?


I did help dad seal up
the Darkness

all those years ago.

She's quite a force.

Determined to take over
everything even back then.

Prone to tantrums.

I can see why pop is
laying low.

A lot of blabber going on.

Surely Sam knows better
than to cut some sort of deal.

You know, Fergus,

sometimes striking a deal,
even a painful one,

may be the only option.

Like the hit you took out on me,
for instance?

It's not easy being
a parent,

knowing when to hug your child,
when to kill him.

Now that sis is here,

God's not the only circus
in town.

Is she equal to him
in power?

Raw power? Sure.

But she's got none of the...


God is a master strategist.

That's why you're here.

And why is that?

Well, 'cause God needs me

to help put the cat
back in the bag.

[ Chuckles ]
Can't do it by himself.

Seen that movie.


And I need a ride
out of here.

I mean, I look swell in here
and everything,

but I'd be so much smoke

You want a vessel.

One who's...

Strong enough to hold me,


and available now.

Catch my drift?

What is it exactly
that you want?

When you make the world
of "bliss" and "peace,"

what's in it for you?
What I deserve.

Which is?



I was the beginning,
and I will be the end.

I will be all that there is.

So you're...

You're it.

That would make you God.

No. [ Scoffs ]

God was the light.

I am the dark.

Then what?

That's all you need
to know for now.

[ Blade shatters ]

[ Hilt thuds ]

You had to know
that was pointless.

I know that you're a warrior
and your instinct is to resist,


I can't be resisted.

[ Thunder rumbling ]

Did you really expect me
to agree to this?

[ Scoffs ]

So, what, I just disappear,
while you take my body

and get set loose
on the world again?

I know. I know, Sam.
It's a lot to ask.

But desperate times
require desperate measures.

That's not desperate.
That's certifiable!

Okay, hold on there a second,
cowboy. Take a breath.

You have been working
with Crowley.

You passed certifiable
three off-ramps again.

And look, I'm no fan
of the ruler of the universe,

but here I am,
ready to pitch in.

Sam, why do you think
God sent you to me?

To get my help,
which I only now just offered.

Sam, your visions
were the word of God.

You can't say no to that.

What was that?

The future.

The inevitable result
of our first meeting.

What you've been feeling
since that moment.

What we both felt,

that we're bonded.

You're the one
who set me free.

No, that was an accident.

It was destiny.

You bore the mark.

I am the original mark.

You and I will be together.


No, that's...
That's not gonna happen.

It's so simple, Dean.

We will become one.

Why wouldn't you want that?


You're going to surrender to us
and to the judgment of heaven.

Why ever would I submit
to anything of God's creation?

Tell your master
to come fetch me himself.

All of heaven's on high alert.

If you resist, each and every
angel in the skies

will smite you
in a single unified blow.

Not even you
could survive it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, fellas,
dial it down a bit, okay?

Look, if you take her down,

a whole bunch of people
are gonna die.

We're at the point where
sacrifice is inevitable.

Amara, no!

[ Screaming ]

[ Thud ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Thud ]

What have you done?

[ Thunderclap ]

It's coming.

They will smite you.

Maybe now he'll hear me.

[ Thunderclap ]


Thank you.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

So have you thought
about it, Sam?

Do I have an invitation
to look forward to?


I won't do it.

There has to be another way.

[ Whoosh ]

What the hell's going on?

Why did the warding fail?

What's happening?

Follow me, Fergus.

Together again.

Hey, Sam Winchester,
you miss me?

I bet you did.


[ Inhales deeply,
exhales slowly ]

I have to say, you're...
You're extraordinarily calm

given the circumstances.

It's pretty much exactly
how God told me it was gonna be.

Guess I just have to
go with it and play my hand.

[ Clicks tongue ] And that
would make so much sense

if it was God that was
doing the talking.

You see, Sam,
when the Darkness descended,

the impact on hell
was massive.

The cage was damaged.

Through the fissures,
I was able to reach out.

It wasn't God
inside your head, Sam.

It was me.

So you see,

he's not with you.

He's never been with you.

It was always just... Me.

[ Chuckles ] So I...

I guess I am your only hope.

It's never gonna happen.

Ah. Well...

Settle in there, buddy.

Hey, roomie...

Upper bunk? Lower bunk?

Or do you wanna share?


[ Exhales sharply ]