Supernatural (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 5 - Thin Lizzie - full transcript

Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders at a local B&B that also happens to be Lizzie Borden's old home. When a man tells them he saw a little girl around the B&B around the time of ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Here, ghosty,
ghosty, ghosty!

Come out, come out,
wherever you are!

[ Screaming ]

Man: I don't believe
in ghosts.

Man #2: The camera caught
a ghost on film.

Spirit photography.

Woman: How do you think
angry spirits are born?

They can't let go,
and they can't move on.

And they stay here
for years.

They all feel disembodied,

Talking about ghosts.

The Darkness...
She saved me.

We're bound, Dean.

She thanked me.

Sam: For what?

Setting her free.

I think Amara
is the Darkness.

The devil's in that girl!

Jenna: Amara's hungry.
She's a growing girl.

So we have some ancient evil
out there,

just getting stronger
by the day.

I want that child.

I'm hungry.

The child eats souls.

I'm hungry.


I said...

I'm hungry.

This place is way creepier
in person.

[ Chuckles ]
Hell, yeah, it is.

Ghost facers can't capture
the... rage vibes.

You think
we'll see anything?

You know why
I got this room?

[ Click ]

It's supposed to get the heavy
paranormal action.

And now we're in
"The Shining."

[ Electricity crackling ]

Oh, crap.
[ Chuckles ]

♪ Daisy, Daisy ♪

♪ planted one day
by a glancing heart ♪

♪ planted by Daisy bell ♪

♪ whether she loves me... ♪

She's coming to get you.

Shut up.

Don't worry. I'm here.

This is what we came here
for, right?

♪ A beautiful Daisy bell ♪

♪ Daisy, Daisy ♪
[ Creaking ]

♪ Give me your answer do ♪

♪ I'm half crazy ♪

♪ over the love of you ♪

[ Floorboards creak ]

♪ It won't be
a stylish marriage ♪

♪ I can't afford a carriage ♪

[ Sighs ]

The hinges are falling.


[ Blood splatters ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Blood splatters ]

[ Grunting ]

♪ Supernatural 11x05 ♪
Thin Lizzie
Original Air Date on November 4, 2015

Sam: Yo.

Don't suppose you got a 20
on the Darkness.

Uh, well, I thought I had
something earlier.

Half a town flipped their gourds
and started attacking people,

but it turns out they'd eaten
rabid possum meat.

Okay, they do realize that
possum is a giant rat, right?

It's a marsupial.


Not the point.
Look, check this out.

Um, "a couple was ax-murdered
in Fall River, Massachusetts,

at"... wait for it...

"The Lizzie Borden
Bed and Breakfast Museum."

A B&B and a museum.

That doesn't sound like
a tourist trap at all.

I mean, the thing is,

the inn was Lizzie Borden's
actual house.

In 1892, she hacked up her dad
and stepmom there.

Or... or allegedly
hacked them up.

She was acquitted,
ended up spending

the rest of her days
in Fall River

hounded and persecuted
by the townspeople.

So you're thinking
revenge killing?

Why now?

It was probably just
some psycho fan

who's seen too many slasher flicks.
Could be,

but the inn was locked up,
no signs of entry or exit,

a half a dozen guests,

none of whom saw or heard
any intruders.

Well, maybe the murderer
was actually competent.

Wait a minute.
I know what this is.

This has something to do with
your freaky fetish for...

For serial killers.

It's not a fetish.

You've always wanted
to see that house.

Dean, two people are dead

in Lizzie Borden's home.

We got no leads on Amara.
I say we check this out.

Besides, the entire Borden clan
are buried in Fall River,

including Lizzie.

What do you want to do
about Cass?

Oh, he's knee-deep in
binge-watching "The Wire."

Just started Season 2.

Oh, yeah, he's not coming out
any time soon.

All right.

[ Engine shuts off ]

Mason: Borden B&B.
How may I help you?

So I guess now Lizzie Borden
has her own doll.

Yeah, went a little overboard
on the crazy eyes.

No, it's absolutely not
a crime scene anymore.

Look, the room's been cleaned,

and you're not even
on the same floor.

Th-there's no reason
to canc...

[ sighs ]

[ Receiver hangs up ]

People still freaked out
about the murders, huh?

Some find it exciting.

Can I help you boys?
Sam: Yeah.

We'd read about the tragedy,
and I'm a bit of a history buff.

And I just wanted to ask,

do you think the killings

had anything to do
with Lizzie Borden...

I mean, her ghost,
or whatever?

Probably just some crazed fan
broke in, right?

These are great questions,

Ones we usually answer
for our paying guests.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]


You forgot to cancel the bakery order!
Mom, I'm with customers.

$200 worth of Danish
and no guests to eat it!

These guys
can put away a few.

It's coming out
of your paycheck.

[ Sighs ]

Of course it is.

[ Whistles ]

Working with family
can be tough.

20 years.

[ Clicks tongue ]
And you have your pick of rooms.

We'll take the one
the couple was in.

The deceased couple?


We came a long way
to see some ghosts.

We figured there's
the most unrest there.

Uh, we're not renting
that room right now...

Out of respect.

But you got to get back
on that horse sometime.

We redid the room.


And now that we are
paying guests,

did you hear or see
anything unusual that night?

Not till we heard
the screams.

I told mom to stay downstairs,
and I ran up there.

Oh, God. Blood.

And who was the couple?

Local kids.

I mean, nothing special
about the girl, but the guy...

He was a descendant
of the original Bordens.

Mm. Thanks.

I don't know where
to put my eyes.

I think I'm gonna throw up.

[ Chuckles ]
We're surrounded by doilies.

They're everywhere.

Okay, you think
the innkeeper

might have mentioned this
before he ripped us off.


I guess you're gonna have to
get yourself another room

because this was Lizzie's
original room,

and I'm not giving it up.
What are you, 4?

[ Warbling ]
Look at that.

That jibes with what
people online

have been saying about
the upstairs...

Crying in empty rooms,
footsteps, buzzing lights.

[ Warbling continues ]

[ Warbling stops ]


No secret panels or passageways
in the closet.

Well, the world's smallest
bathroom is clean.

[ Spraying ]
What is that smell?

I think it's this.
[ Sniffs ]

It's like a lavender
toilet water.

Bottled toilet water?

Why do you keep
spraying it?

I just wanted to see if
the squeezy thing worked.


I think it was supposed to be
a perfume or something.

All right, I'm gonna go
check out the rest of the inn

'cause now I got grandma
all over me, so...

[ Warbling ]

[ Warbling stops ]

[ Warbling resumes ]

[ Door creaks ]

[ Electricity crackling ]

[ Crackling continues ]



[ Gasps ]

[ Warbling ]

[ Warbling stops ]

[ Electricity humming ]

Yeah, no Lizzie
in the attic.

But I did find a homemade
EMF generator.

Turned that beast off,

and what do you know...
No more signal.


The, uh,
flickering lights...

Wired to timers
buried in the walls.

Come on.

Oh, and check out
this baby.

[ Grunts ] Huh?

Covering up
our very own sound system.

I, uh, fished this
out of the wall.

[ Woman sobbing ]

[ Scoffs ]

Crying in empty rooms.
[ Click ]

And there's more...
Running footsteps,

uh, creepy whispers
you can't quite make out,

one flushing toilet... not quite
sure what that's about.

The whole place
is a hoax, man.

It's a tourist trap,
just like I said.

Yeah, but we still don't know
how that couple got axed.

I mean, how did the killer
get in and out?

I don't know.
Why don't we Sherlock that

over a beer
and a lobster roll, okay?

I got to get out of
this doily coffin.

[ Door opens ]

[ Screams ]

[ Blood splatters ]

[ Body thuds ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]


Detective Madsen?
Agent Collins.

You weren't Feds earlier.

Well, um, my partner and I

were undercover investigating
the original murders.

Where the hell were you
when my mom was being...


I'm so very sorry,
Mr. Kemper.

[ Sobbing ]

We're gonna find the son
of a bitch who's doing this.

[ Crackling ]

He had just
finished locking up.

No one was inside but him
and Mrs. Kemper.

Staff went home hours ago.

And no suspects for
the first murders, either?

Hi. I'm Agent Gabriel.

Listen, I saw a guy
hanging around earlier,

uh, snapping some photos,

and he ran away when I tried
to make contact.

Let me guess...
Short, chunky, baby-faced?

Yeah, that's him.

[ Chuckles ] That's Len.
Total Teddy bear.

I went to high school
with him.

Obsessed with ghosts,
but harmless.

Ghosts? Hmm.

Is that a real issue
around here?

According to the chamber
of commerce, absolutely.


I'll send an officer over to
Len, get a statement from him.

You know what?
You guys got your hands full.

We'll, uh... we'll drop by.

Mm-hmm. You betcha.

Well, so far we got squat
that says ghost

or anything remotely us.

So maybe it's not our usual
kind of gig.

Maybe we're dealing
with a serial killer.

Oh, yeah, you'd love that,
wouldn't you?

[ Cellphone ringing ]
[ Sighs ]

[ Beep ]

Agent Collins.

This is Detective Madsen.
There's been another victim.

Accident next county.

God. [ Sighs ]
I'm there now.

No. Thanks
for letting me know.

You're welcome.

[ Beep ]

Another ax Vic.

This one miles
from the B&B.

Lizzie left home.


All right,
I'll take the crime scene.

You take Len.

[ Police radio chatter ]

[ Siren wails in distance ]

Who found the body?

Babysitter was home
with the kid,

found dad in the driveway.



[ Siren chirps ]

I heard Jordie's dad
pull up outside,

and then there was
this shout.

I went to look,

and I saw
the blood before I saw him.

I thought someone
had spilled paint.

And what about before?

I mean, did you notice anything
out of the ordinary?

Uh, a sound, smell?
There's no detail too small.

No, it was like
any other night.

[ Door opens ]


Are you all right?

Did he see anything?

No, he was inside
the whole time.

Ma'am, um,
Agent Collins with the FBI.

I understand this is
a terrible time,

but if you can manage,
I would love to ask you a few...

You need to get out of my house
is what you need to do.

Of course.
Uh, we can do this tomorrow.

Get out!

[ Clears throat ]

[ Door opens ]


Didn't expect
to see her here.

got to live your bliss.

[ Chuckles ]

Well, you are
a Lizzie Borden...

I don't think "fan"
covers it.

A... Superfan.

[ Chuckles ]
A-and curator.


And is that what you were doing
tonight at the B&B?

Uh, curating?

Oh, I-I, uh...

Len, it's best just to go
with the truth here.

I-I was trying to get a picture
of Lizzie's ghost.

And is that what
I saw you with?

Yeah, it's, uh... it's what
the Victorians used for,

uh, spirit photography.

Uh-huh. And have you captured
any Caspers on that thing?

Well, I've seen Lizzie
at her house.

She's this wispy,
gray shadow,

but she never shows up
on film.

Maybe I should go

Why not go inside?

I'm not exactly allowed
at the inn anymore.

There... there's a minor
restraining order.

And there's a gag order
not to...

talk about
the restraining order.

But you're a federal agent.

Buried the lead there
a little, Len.

Why don't you tell me about
the restraining order?

It was Lizzie's
155th birthday.

I couldn't get
Lizzie's room,

so I stayed
in the basement...

for a couple days.

I wasn't bothering anybody.

So it's safe to say that you
know the inn pretty well.

Let me ask you...

Did anything about tonight
strike you as weird?

Just you banging
on the window.

Your chat room is open.
Oh, God, no.

I'm supposed to lead
a live chat

about the ax murders
in Fall River.

I'm not Lizzie CNN!

Yeah, I don't know why anyone
would think that.

I'll close it down.
Be right back.


Four ax murders in two days,
no leads.

The whole town's panicking
like it's the purge.

Yeah, not the whole town.

Mrs. Pinski doesn't seem
too broken up

over the fact that her husband
was butchered in the driveway.

You saw the body.
She's in shock.


People have freaky-ass
reactions to loss.

Where did you see this?

A site about ghosts?

Th-the paranormal.

Len, you might be the worst liar
I've ever met.

Tell me where you've seen
this symbol.


I can take you down to the
station and ask you there,

but then we've got to involve
the local police,

your restraining order.


Okay, uh...

I was outside Lizzie's house
a couple nights ago

t-trying to catch a picture
of her.

Ohh. [ Sighs ]

For a second, I thought
you were... never mind.

Um, are you lost
or staying at the inn?

I wish I were.

I want to see where Lizzie
axed her folks.

Oh! Well, uh,
you were looking at it.

Half of it.

That's where they found
Andrew Borden

slumped over the couch
in the sitting... room.

I'm sorry.
Uh, how old are you?

Poor Lizzie.
I've been reading up on her.

Her parents sucked.

I totally agree!

Lizzie has been so misunderstood
by history.

It's pretty obvious
her uncle

had the stronger motive
and opportunity.

Oh, no.

Lizzie definitely
hacked them.

You can see it in her eyes...
Serial-killer eyes.

I-I ditched her quick
after that.

And you didn't tell
the police.

Restraining order.

"B"... what am I
supposed to say?

I was hanging out
talking murder

with a 12-year-old girl
in the middle of the night?

Where does the symbol
come in?

She had it on her shoulder.

I don't know if it was a scar
or... or a birthmark.

What did this girl
look like?

Um, a girl?


That's what she said
her name was.

You know her.

You said she was 12?

Well, maybe a little younger,
or older.

Who is she?

She's a runaway.

Do you know
where Amara is now?

Is she still in town?

I don't know.
Why are you looking for her?

I'm not at liberty
to discuss that with you.

You have to tell me.

I-I need to find her!


You won't believe me.

Okay. Well, uh,

enjoy your Lizzie fest.

Oh, hey, uh, no touching.
[ Chuckles ]

I-I never touched you.

[ Whooshing ]

I don't know what that girl
did to me,

but I haven't been
right since.

I can't eat or sleep.

I-I don't dream.

And all the things
I used to love...

My Lizzie blog,
the ghost conventions...

They leave me cold.

I-I put this whole collection
on eBay last night.

Now it belongs to some
machinist in Ohio.

Well, what about the superfan
curator living the bliss?

Just playing the part
of what I used to be.

You know,
fake it till you make it.

[ Chuckles weakly ]

Or feel it.

So, is that what you were doing
at the inn tonight...

Faking it?


I was looking for Amara.

I want her to put me back.

I've always been... odd

and quirky.

But I had a life, friends.

And now I remember
how to talk to people,

what to say,

but I feel like I'm acting,

going through the motions.

I'm like
a robot puppet man.

Wait, Amara was here?

Oh, and the real crazy...
Apparently, she's like 12.

How is that even possible?

It ain't Wheaties she's eating.
I'll tell you that much.


He ain't doing so hot.

I think Amara
sucked out his soul.

So, Amara's growing like
a radioactive weed?

Yeah, by stuffing her face
with souls.

Does that mean she's gaining
more power, too?

And for what?
I don't know.

That Tsunami's gonna hit us
sooner or later.

Right now we've got to deal with
what we can deal with...

All these spent shells
Amara's leaving behind.

You don't think Len's
our Lizzie Borden, do you?

No, I-I talked
to his neighbors,

and except for me seeing him
at the B&B,

he's been here all night.

So, we can't kill him 'cause
he hasn't done anything yet.

Dean, we don't... want
to kill him.

We want to save people,

[ Snaps fingers ]
Right, your new rules.

Why hasn't he
offed anybody?

I mean, it took Jenna all of
walking downstairs

to slit her grandmother's

I don't know.
Maybe not everybody

who gets their soul sucked out
turns into a killer.

Or maybe he just hasn't
gotten around to it yet.

All right, well,
I think the best thing is

we just stick close until we
figure out how to help him out,

which starts by you telling him
he's got no soul.


Why do I have to do it?

because you've been there.

You speak the language.

He doesn't even know
he's been hoovered yet.

Yeah, but you have a better
relationship with him than I do.

Yeah, but you're better

with that whole sensitive
verbal massage.

There is no sensitive way
to tell somebody

their soul has been sucked out
by a prehistoric tween!

Shh, shh, shh, shh.
And even if Len does believe us,

is that supposed to make him
feel better?

[ Sighs ] Fine.

Probably couldn't handle
the truth, anyway.

He's a little...
Little fragile right now.

Okay, well, great.

Looks like we're babysitting
a 30-year-old man.

There may be someone else
Amara got to, as well.

Our hatchet man.

So, the murders started

right around the time
Len saw Amara, right?

Well, the wife of the last
victim... Dawn Pinski...

Had this bizarre reaction

to hearing her husband
got minced.

I mean, like
she couldn't care less.

That's kind of the way I felt
the whole time I was soulless.

Oh, yeah,
you were one chilly droid.

Anyways, detective thinks
it's shock,

but I think maybe mom lost
her soul and picked up an ax.


[ Doorbell ringing ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Ringing ]


This is Agent Collins.

We're trying to find
Mrs. Pinski.

Do you have any idea
where she might be?

Um, no.

She, uh... she didn't
mention anything.

Dawn didn't want me
to come over today.

Sydney, you are a part of a
federal murder investigation.

You do not want to hold
anything back from us.

[ Sighs ]

Okay, there might be one place
that she could be.

Dawn has a friend... Nate...
A special friend.

I'm reading your mail.

Look, I don't want to get dawn
in trouble.

Do you have an address?

Len: Kitten videos,
chicken and waffles,

eucalyptus scent...
Don't care for it anymore.

Used to swoon
for dark, curly hair.

Now... not so much.
[ Engine shuts off ]

Do you think I had a stroke?
Or maybe it's a brain tumor.

What's really freaky is
all the stuff

that used to make my skin crawl
now seems... Eh.

I couldn't shake
a guy's hand before.

God, that wetness.

Now I could lick the sweat
off a stranger's...

Yeah, any body part.

I'm serious.
I-I feel weird, man.

"Weird" how?

Like, something's hatching
inside of me...

Something dark,

with... wings.


But... no, you looked
at Sam like...

You guys know what's wrong
with me.

[ Handcuffs click ]

You don't have a soul,
all right?

Amara sucked it out.


Sam: Dean.

You want to be
a little more blunt?

H-how is that
even possible?

Look, this is just so you don't
get in trouble, all right?

We'll be right back,
and then

we'll figure out
what to do with you.

Well, how do... how do I get it
back... my soul?

Generally, you don't.

It feels good
to finally know.

[ Doorbell rings ]


Something happened in here.

Well, the blue car's the mom's.
I saw it last night.

[ Clicking ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Creaking ]

[ Whimpers ]


Hey, buddy.

You all right?

Give me a sec.

[ Screams ]

[ Gun cocks ]

Sydney: Oh, thank God.

I thought you were dead.

[ Chuckles ]

I can't believe that I bagged
both of you guys.

Yeah, so it's, uh, Sydney,

the killer babysitter,
not the mom.

So, what's the story?

Are you gonna hack us up
like the others?

I'm... I'm past that.

You two are an offering
to my new friend.

Let me guess.

Is your new bestie Amara?

You know her?

[ Scoffs ]
Oh, yeah, we're tight.

How did you two meet?

A couple nights ago,
I got pretty sloshed.

This, uh, smug, little
trust-fund dirtbag

just dumped me.

Excuse me?
Drunk girl?

You shouldn't be driving.

You could put your head
through a window.

Uh, where are your parents?

They bring you to this dump
on a school night?

My parents used to do that.

I found this place
on my own.

I like dark places.

You're here alone?

Okay, let's, uh...

Let's get you inside.

I'm Sydney, by the way.

I'm going to help you,

You think I need help?

Well, um,
maybe you're right.

Tonight, anyway.

[ Indistinct whispering ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Laughs ]

How did...

How did you do that?

Oh, I feel like...

[ Laughing ] I feel like
ecstasy-orgasm chocolate cake.

You're an angel.

Do I look like a whiny,
winged suck-up?

Well, then, what are you?

[ Whooshing ]

Have you guys ever seen
the iced-tea commercial

where the lady is lying
on the inflatable raft,

and she's just drifting
along a sparkling pool?

That's what it was like
being with Amara...


No hurting, no sadness,

no memories.

So you don't want memories?

Did you have
nice parents, Sam?

Because my folks treated me
and my sister

like human ashtrays.

I used to have to drink myself
blind to even look at these,

let alone show anybody.

And now I don't know
what Amara did to me,

but it's just skin.

Right, well, that's
really... Good for you.

No more waking up screaming
from nightmares.

No more flashbacks.

Amara took away the pain.

She lightened something
in me.

Except now you're
an ax murderer.

I'm free.

Before, there was always this
constant voice in my head,

"you can't do that.
It's wrong.

What if you get caught?"

And now it is quiet.

It is just me
and what I want.

And when you can do
whatever you want,

you don't have
to get caught.

And then you
can really fly.

Were you flying when you diced
up that couple at the inn?

[ Chuckles ]

When I found out
that that pus hole

was taking another girl
to the B&B...

That's his
deal-closing move...

I didn't have to sit at home
and cry about it.

And what about
the innkeeper's mom?

That piece of jerky...

She screwed me out
of two weeks pay.

I used to fantasize
about killing her,

and now I am
living the dream.

So that's how you
got in and out...

You worked there.

Just for one summer.

What about Jordie's
parents, huh?

What, did they screw
you over, too?

Not me. Jordie.

[ Scoffs ]
Where to start?

Meth-dealing dad,
slut mom.

No, I saved Jordie.

And I'm gonna take better care
of him than they ever did.

Well, you said that we were,
uh... we were an offering.

Well, how are you planning
on bringing Amara here?

Don't tell me that girl's
got a cellphone.

I've been praying,

and I know
that she can hear me.

I can feel it.

She's close.

She hasn't left me.

Well, bring her on out.

We've been hunting that bitch
for weeks.

She is a goddess!

Holy crap.
I just did that.

Hey. Hey.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

Take this away.

[ Exhales sharply ]

The Darkness is coming.

It's so peaceful.

It's coming for all of us.

[][ Birds chirping ]

Jordie, you have any, uh, family
you can stay with?

When I was 6 months old,
my mom died,

and my dad was...

was never really
around much.

I realize that's nowhere close
to what you've lost,

but... you're gonna
survive this.

People are gonna help you.

There's Aunt Kathy.

She comes at Christmas.

First of all, I ripped my hand
out of the cuff.

Well, you saved us, Len.

Yeah, that's not why
I mauled myself.

I-I wanted to see
if I could do it.

It hurt like a mother,

but it didn't
wig me out at all.

I picked up my thumb like it was
a mini hot dog.

Len, I'm not gonna lie.
That's worrisome.

And that girl...

My brain said
I should help you,

but I-I didn't really feel

For you or her.

What kind of person can murder
and feel nothing?

Len, whatever Darkness
you have inside you,

if there's a shred
of conscience,

then there might be hope.

No, Sam said
once your soul is gone,

you can't get it back,

And I-I know for sure now
if I'm not stopped,

there'll be another kill.

I can feel it.

Like a bubble rising up.

So, what do you want to do?

You could kill me.

No, I can't... I...

No, I don't want
to do that.

Then there's only
one thing.

I'm gonna turn myself in.

I'll confess
to all the murders.

That way, I can't get out.


there's not too many...

soulless killers
that would give themselves up.

I remember what it was like
to do the right thing.

So I'm... I'm going
through the motions

for as long as I can.

So, I can't believe Len
turned himself in.

I mean, it kind of
makes sense, you know,

people having different
reactions to losing their souls.

I did.

Everyone's got their own
history, right?

Len loses his heart.

Sydney loses her head.

What are we looking for,
the cowardly lion next?

You know, I get this, like,
pit in my stomach

any time I think of her...

The Darkness...

Like, we only know the tip
of what she is,

what she does to people.

You know,
Len was freaked out by her,

but Sydney...

Sydney couldn't get enough.

The... Bliss she was talking
about, you know?

What was it like for you?

Did you feel like that
with Amara?


No, I mean, it was quiet,

you know, till,
uh [Chuckles]

Till she started
hatching killers

and rallying monsters
to raise armies.

So that's how we have
to find her, huh?

Follow the bodies?

You got a better idea?

We could follow the crazy
you've been seeing.

Look, at the rate
Amara's growing,

sucking souls
and getting stronger,

she might not be
that hard to find.

Come on.

[ Engine turns over ]

Bye, Dean.

I'll see you soon.