Supernatural (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 3 - The Bad Seed - full transcript

Sam and Dean try to help Castiel recover from Rowena's spell, while searching for Amara who has now grown into a young girl. Rowena tries to use her powers to protect herself from the Winchesters, while Crowley tries to use Amara for his personal gain.

Impetus bestiarum.

[ Groans ]

Dele malum hoc.

[ Growling ]


Where the hell are you,

I'm fine.
You don't sound okay.

Cass: What I have,
you can't help me.

Please tell Sam
that Rowena escaped

with the book of the damned
and the codex.

Mike: Her name is Amara.

We're bound, Dean.

We'll always be bound.

You helped me.

We will always help
each other.

Dean: I think Amara
is the darkness.


Whatever's in that house,

I can taste the power
radiating from it.

It's old, Dean...

The dark.

Where you going?

To see the child
that eats souls.

Stay away from her.

[ Whoosh ]

Crowley: I want that child,
and I get what I want.

My, haven't you grown into
a sweet young thing?

I feel the spell just cutting
deeper and deeper.

And I'm trying to fight it,
I'm trying.

[ Grunting ]

[ Groans ]
[ Screams ]

[ Breathing heavily ]
Help me.

And they shall know us
far and wide

and fear us.

And we shall be known
as the...

Mega coven!

Mega coven.

See, because it's greater
than grand coven.

So it's not grand,
it's mega.

It's the mega coven.
I don't think you're followin'.

And whyever would we join you
in such a thing?

Because that grand coven
of yours is obsolete.

Don't you see?

And utterly falling apart

since the high priestess
Olivette disappeared.

Which we hear you may have
had a hand in.

Idle gossip.
Cut the crap, Rowena.

You're just looking
for protection

from the hunter Winchesters

and all the rest
of your many enemies.

And, honey, you don't have
the guts or the chops

to pull this off,
so let's not kid ourselves.


It so happens,
I killed the king of hell.

My own son,
the king of hell,

and compelled an angel
to do it.

Guts? Chops?
I'd say that qualifies.

I have a friend who cut a deal
with Crowley only yesterday.

Crowley didn't look so dead.


You're as delusional as ever.
We'll be going.


We'll see.

[ Hand thuds ]

Vomicae, putramen, nex!

[ Whoosh ]

[ Women gasping and choking ]

[ Women screaming ]

[ Explosions ]

[ Exhales shakily ]
He lives?

[ Screams ]

[ Wind whistling ]

So that was the last
of the neighbors,

just like the rest.



You okay?


Yeah, I'm fine.

Just saying we got nothing.

No one saw anything unusual
going on at the house

the day the baby disappeared.

If this is truly the darkness
we're talking about,

it's more of a time bomb
than a baby.

Yeah, but it is
still a baby, right?

I mean, the darkness I saw
was an adult.

So it still has to, uh,
grow up.

The darkness is almost
infinite power.

I'm not sure what "growing up"
means in this case.

Well, God kicked this thing's
ass once before, right?

Yeah, it'd be nice
if he put down the Mai Tai

and show up for work.
I wouldn't count on it.

It's possible he's around.
Closer than we think, you know?

What makes you say that?
I believe he made

a fairly definitive statement
when we walked away.

[ Chains rattle and clank ]

[ Sighs deeply ]

Sorry about those, Cass.

Till we know
what's going on with you,

you're still a bit
of a wild card, you know?

[ Chains rattle ]

I hate to point this out,

but you both know
who we might need

to help deal with
the darkness.

Don't even say it.

He was God's scribe.
He did hear about everything.

That's just like saying it.

[ Growling, inhaling deeply ]

Cass, you all right, pal?
It's the spell.

We were hoping your angel wiring
would fight it off

or... Slow it down at least.

It appears I simply respond
differently from humans.

If you were you human,
you'd be gone.

With you, it's like
it's digging deeper.

You know, Rowena's the only one
who can remove it.

We're doing everything
to find her, okay?

But so far, we got nothing.

[ Lowered voice ]
Well, it's getting worse.

[ Grunting ]

[ Groans ]

[ Chains rattle ]

Yes, majesty,
my operative is certain.

Your mother has been found.

Then move.

the treacherous bitch.

She's making impressive progress
in her studies,

considering just days ago
she was in diapers.

Watch her.

She speaks to no one
outside the court.

If she's half as powerful
as I think she is,

I want her on my team.

Amara's a pretty name.
Did you name her?

That's what the lovely Jenna
called her,

just before Amara
sucked out her soul.

What do we have her
watching now?

Hitler's Nuremberg speeches.

We had them translated.


Amara, sweetie?

You can take a little break if you like.
[ Speaks indistinctly ]

Nanny said you're doing
very well with your schooling.

[ Crowd cheering ]

I want you to be happy
in your new home.

Whatever you want,
whenever you want it,

you just have to ask.

I just want you to save me,
from him.

From God?

He's been very mean
to my little girl, hasn't he?

He tricked me.
He's a wily one.

He sealed me away.

And how exactly
did he manage that?

I don't want
to talk about it.

Of course.

You're a very lucky girl.
I'm a king.

And if anyone can protect you
from that rascally deity,

it is I.

Thank you.

"Thank you, Uncle Crowley."

[ Speaking indistinctly ]

[ Speaking German ]


"How did this happen?"
I kept asking myself.

Witchcraft was a proud
and adventurous calling.

But the grand coven
let it collapse in disgrace.

Cowardly witches
hiding in shadows.

Well, we were being burned
or hung by the thousands.

It put a lid
on our enthusiasm.

Nonsense. Poor leadership.

Our people deserve
a renaissance.

And I'm looking for
the best of the best

to leave the grand coven

and join me

in... The...

Mega coven.


[ Woman laughs ]

You hear what I said,

[ Indistinct conversations ]

My... Look at the time.


Did I mention I have
in my possession

the book of the damned?

Aye, written by
crazy sister Agnes herself,

on her own flesh.

Its secrets are making me
a force of nature, girls.

A force of nature.

And you'd
share these secrets

with the... Mega coven?

I've always been a giver.

Is there a chance
I could be an officer?

In the grand coven, I never
made it past sergeant-at-arms.

You have no idea
the rewards headed your way.

[ Knife clicks ]
[ Gasps ]

Defende nos.
[ Slashes ]

[ Gasps ]
[ Woman screaming ]

[ Grunts ]
[ Squish ]

Meatus impeditus.
[ Table scrapes ]

[ Furniture clattering ]

Come on, Crowley, pick up.

I've left you
a dozen messages.

Why isn't he answering the phone?
[ Cell phone beeps ]

Because he's a dick,
and that's not breaking news.

[ Exhales ]

He's gotta have Rowena
in his sights, right?

I mean, she did try
to take him out.

He's not gonna deliver
Rowena to us

just so she can lift the spell.

He'd rather let it do
whatever it's gonna do to me.

He's gotta be up to something.

Again, not breaking news.

Metatron is also off the grid.

He stole your car
in Blaine, Missouri, right?


Yeah, uh, no accidents,
incidents, violations,

or anything
remotely interesting

involving a crappy
'78 Continental Mark V.

You think it's crappy?

Eye of the beholder.

[ Typing ]

A shut-in for centuries,

former scribe of God.

You wouldn't think
he would be a good driver.

You know what? I'll look for
unusual occurrences

at places he might hang out.
[ Types ]


Places metatron might
hang out.


I mean, he loves waffles.

You could try places
that have those.

Okay, so, every restaurant
in the entire country.

[ Typing ]

[ Groans ]

[ Grunting, gasping ]


[ Continues gasping ]

Aah! [ Groans ]

Cass? Cass, hey!

Easy! Easy! Cass?!

[ Voice echoes ] Cass? Hey.

Are you okay?

[ Breathing heavily ]
Relative to what?

You know where you are?
What's the date?

[ Exhales slowly ] Earth.

Several billion years
from the beginning.

Come on, buddy.

[ Groans ]
Come on.

It's like I was...
Inside a blender

that was set to purée
for a tomato salsa.

And you're the tomato?

In this analogy, yes.


Cass, what was that?

You scared the crap
out of us.

I blacked out for a lot of it.

But I...

I don't know.
It overwhelmed me.

I-I couldn't control it.

Let's get him up.
Come on, come on.

[ Grunts ]

[ Chair scrapes ]

Here you go.

We gotta find that witch.

What can I do to help?
No, no, no,

you just, uh, sit there
and take a breather,

try and put yourself
back together.

[ Whispers ] Okay.

[ Normal voice ]
I'll do my best. It's...

[ Groans ]

It's difficult
with these voices.

[ Chains rattle ]

Now there are voices?

Are these voices telling you
to hurt someone?

No. Guys, I'm...
I'm hearing angel radio.

It's a lot of chatter.

They've been looking for me
ever since I escaped,

as well as scouring the earth
for the perp.

It's slang
for "perpetrator."

Yeah, thank you.

Um, a-any... "Perp"
in particular?


They're doubling the effort
to find him, so...

If we need to get hold of him,
we better do it soon.

Yeah, before
the God squad does.

All right, well,
first thing's first.

[ Typing ]

Listen to this.
May be something here.

Uh, in Denver, three women
were at this Café Elta,

when their waiter,
for no apparent reason,

stabbed and killed one.

One survived
and the third vanished

after furniture seemed
to slide around by itself.

[ Cell phone beeps ]
[ Chuckles ] What do you think?

Hi, who's your lead
on the Café Elta investigation?

[ Tapping key ]

[ Whoosh ]

You look confused.


God did all of this
after he locked me away.

I didn't know
it was so much.

All for his own ego.

And no matter what he made,

that doesn't excuse
what he did to us.

I know.


You must stay fixed
on our purpose.

Even we cannot undo
what's already done.

But as you grow
and become stronger,

your true destiny
will become clear to you.

I am what you are becoming.

And we are mightier
than God.

[ Doors open ]

Not in bed yet?

Not yet. Soon.

Working on your studies.
Good girl.

Learning anything interesting?

I think so.


[ Door opens ]




Pretty bad in heaven?

Yep. How 'bout downstairs?

Yeah, don't get me started.

Alarms go off?

You wouldn't believe.

I know, right? Us, too.

Something's changed.

Something's here.

It's big.

Big as God. Big as Lucifer.

They doing anything about it
on your end?

[ Scoffs ] Zip.

How 'bout upstairs?

Ah, business as usual.

You'd think there'd be
an executive order, but...

The king's holed up
doing who knows what.

After Hannah died,

heaven's pretty much been
a suck sandwich.

You know who gets squeezed?
It's grunts like us.

Yeah, punch a clock,
you're expendable.


[ indistinct conversations ]

You know, our two operations
will always butt heads.

That's the set up.

[ Sighs deeply ]
But this?

We could be out of work.

Yeah. We get knocked out,
it takes over.

Someone's gotta do


If management won't,
it's up to the little guy.

[ Exhales deeply ]
Yeah. I hear ya.

Power to the people,
my friend.

Well, not actually people.

You know what I mean.


[ Siren wailing ]

Man in distance: Sheriff's station.

[ Telephone rings in distance ]

Man: Agents, here you go.
We got it. Yep.

Hello. [ Clears throat ]

So, ladies lunch goes South

when a waiter,
who reeks of sulfur,

attacks with a blade,
killing one of you,

while the redhead
who invited you

yells something in Latin,

and the furniture forms a pile.
That about right?


Any idea why a demon would
wanna attack three witches?

I-I don't know
what you're talking about.

The waiter was possessed

by a demon assassin
who was gunning for Rowena,

since she tried to kill
her son Crowley,

who just so happens to be
the king of hell.

[ Huffs ] Why do I think
you're not F.B.I.

Like the police said?

Let's cut to it.

The cops say that
you're so scared,

you don't wanna leave here.

Well, you should be,

'cause Crowley's not only
going after Rowena,

he's going after every witch
that she hangs with.

I-I'm no witch.
Sure, you are.

And your pal Rowena, she's
recruiting a new coven. Hmm?

You can't do this.
I have rights.

And I have a fake badge.
[ Objects clatter ]

Look at this.

Chicken bones.

Hex bags.

A pentagram.

Still sticking with, uh...
[ Object thuds ]

Not a witch?

Abite, ab oculis meis...

Ah, ah, ah, ah.

Listen, before you finish
what you're about to say,

know that we are the only thing

between you
and Crowley's ninjas.

But I didn't try to hurt him.

I mean, I am nobody.
I-I'm worse than nobody.

I-I'm nobody's third cousin

who doesn't even get invited
to dinner.

We don't care.

We just need to know
where Rowena is.

I have no idea.

But you do know how to scry,
is that right?

Scry? What's that?

Exactly what you know it is.
A locating spell.

When you witches
use crystals and then prisms

and mirrors to divine images
of who you're trying to find.

We're trying to get
our hands on Rowena.

Okay, now with her
out of the picture,

Crowley has no reason
to go after you.

You got it?

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

I don't have my crystals.



This ought to work, huh?

I'll get the light.

[ Switch clicks ]

Ostende mihi

illum quem quaero.

I see her.

She's packing a bag.

[ Doors creak, clank ]


I have a gift for you.

Two, actually.

Is that... Blood?


[ Bag rustles ]

You have to forgive me
for being the tiger mom,

but it's never too soon
to improve your mind with books.


but I like the one
nanny gave me more.

"Dante's inferno"?

[ Book thuds ]
In the original Italian.

Has nanny been teaching you
other things about our world?


Doesn't work very well,
does it?

That's God for you.
Not really thought out.

The whole big bang thing?
More of a big bust.

I mean, boom, bang,

stars, evolution,
Taylor swift.

I'm guessing you'd have
done things differently.

I sure will.

I've had a lot of time
to think it through.

Any... Specifics that
we have to look forward to?

I'm hungry.

Of course.


[ Gasping ]

[ Roaring ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Body thuds ]

I killed her.

[ Sighs ] Not... Quite.

The meat suit
was already dead.

It was just the soul
that was inside it

that was keeping it alive.

Not anymore.

Thank you, Uncle Crowley.

[ Exhales sharply ]

You're welcome.

[ Horn honks in distance ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Breathy voice ] Airport.

And be careful with the bags.
They're antiquities.

[ Normal voice ]Abi!
Uhh! Aah!

[ Groans ]

Just my way of giving you
the finger...

Mr. Winchester.

I don't suppose you're here

to thank me for removing
the mark of Cain,

which, by the way,
you're welcome.

[ Whoosh ]

Let's just take things
up a notch.

[ Breathy voice ]
What do you say?

[ Shackle clicks ]
[ Grunts ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

I think you'd know by now,

these things don't
hold me long.

I just need to hold you
long enough.

Well, they do say
blondes have more fun.

[ Chain rattles ]

"To pull up information
on a car,

"select search box,

"type in violations.

"And enter license plate number,


[ Beeps ]

[ Tapping keys ]

[ Woman moans, gong crashes ]

Woman: Fortune nookie,

your premiere web site for all
your Asian girl fantasies.

We have hundreds
of lovely girls

just waiting to chat with you

24 hours a day.

[ Sighs ]

What could "fortune nookie" be?

[ Gasping ]

Impetus bestiarum.
[ Echoing ]

[ Echoing ]

[ Growls ]

Dele malum...

[ Grunts ]
[ Gasps ]

[ Inhales sharply ]

[ Roaring ]
[ Gasping ]

[ Groans ]

[ Body thuds ]

Cafeteria is serving
dead meat suits, right?

Yes, majesty.

No chance of soulless lunatics
roaming the halls.

Did I hear someone mention

In a minute, sweetheart.

Now, what were we just
chatting about?

How when God created mankind,
he really screwed it up.


Is that any way
for a primal force to speak?

Every time I take in a soul,

I feel how much emptiness
there is.


God made a world
where people have to suffer,

and then they die.

But frankly,

why would they want
to live in such a world?

[ Chair scrapes ]

I salute your insight,

Yes, God's plan is
hideously flawed.

But you and I together?

Well, we can shape things
to our own world view.

A place where,
like the dinosaur,

virtue is extinct,

where the very air
that we breathe is pure evil.

Would you like that?

Would you?

You'd really be happy
if everyone...

Was evil?

Well... Actually,
now I come to think of it,

if everyone was dark
and damned,

wouldn't be
much of a challenge.

Watching a human
reject the light

and embrace depravity...
Yes, well,

that's where the gratification
really is.

Never gets old.

This bemuses you?

Good, evil, heaven, hell,

It all seems so unimportant.

Well, I don't know
that I'd say that.

I don't think you're seeing
the big picture.

Meaning what exactly?

Guess what, Uncle Crowley?

I'm hungry.

Man: No.

[ Grunting ]

[ Whimpering ]

[ Grunts ]
[ Chair scrapes ]

[ Sighs ]
[ Chains rattle ]

Mind the undergarments, Samuel.

Imported, of course.

Where is it?
[ Shackle clicks ]

Where is what, dear?

The book!

The book of the damned.

The codex is in there,
but the book is not.

So where the hell is it?

Do you take me for a fool?

Like I'd run around with those
two spectacularly powerful items

anywhere in proximity.

now we've got the codex

and Charlie's code-breaking,

so the book isn't
as useful to you as it was.

Or so you hope.

That's what I admire in you,

That plucky optimism.

That plucky,
stupid optimism. [ Laughs ]

Sam, why don't you
go grab Cass

so Florence nightingale here
can do her stuff?



[ Codex thuds ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Groans ]

[ Thud ]

You do recall our deal, eh?

First I de-spell the angel,
then I go free.

Mm, except for one thing.

There were no exceptions
in our arrangement.

The book.
Gonna need that baby back.

The book was never mentioned
in our negotiations.

Well, now it is.

Our deal says...

Our deal says whatever
I want it to say.

You're gonna play
by my rules

because I have your son
on speed dial.

Call him.

If I'm dead, you've got
a big fat pile of nothing.

No book ever.

And your friend
with the bent halo?

He goes foaming-at-the-mouth mad
and dies.

Your turn!
[ Chain rattles ]

[ Chuckles ]

Your eyes...

So burdened.

What happened precisely when
I removed the mark?

The book wasn't specific.

Yes, I read
quite a bit of it.

What new hell has
Dean Winchester unleashed

upon the world?


Hey, I can't find Cass.

He's not there. He... he... he broke free.

He's gone.

[ Steam hissing ]

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

So absurd, driving in circles
looking for your unhinged angel.

We're not driving in circles,
all right?

We're locked onto
his phone's G.P.S.

We're tracking his location.

I have no idea
what you just said,

but I'm sure I could
do it faster.

Yeah, maybe you could,

but you would
have to do a spell,

which means we would have to
take the cuffs off,

and we are not going to
take the cuffs off.

There's no trust?
Are we not a team?

Sam and Dean: No.

[ Sighs heavily ]

You sent for me, sire?

I wanted to commend you

for how well you've stepped into
your new role as nanny

after the last one
became indisposed.

"Indisposed"? She's dead.

At any rate, you seem to be
cut out for this kind of work.

Amara clearly responds
to you.

She looks at me
like she wants to eat me.

She wants to eat everyone.
Don't take it personally.

Majesty, uh, I have
no experience with children.

Um, is there nothing else
I can do?

Apparently not,

seeing as you failed
to assassinate my mother.

I'd hate to be disappointed

[ Chair scrapes ]

I'm aware.

So, here's the thing.

[ Pen cap clatters ]

Amara seems to be growing
in leaps and bounds.

Not just in maturity,

but in strength
and confidence, too.

I don't want her
to get out of hand

before I'm sure
of her loyalty.

I need you
to stop overfeeding her.

But you said to give her
whatever she wants

whenever she wants it.

Well, now I'm saying something
different, aren't I?


We don't want a generation

of entitled, pudgy kids,
do we?

No, we do not.

So simple inform her

that we're cutting back
on her soul food.

It's, uh,
it's the healthier choice.

You want me
to tell her this?

[ Clipboard thuds,
chair creaks ]

You are her nanny,
aren't you?

'cause if you're not the nanny,

then what are you?

Oh, I know...

Roasting on a spit
until the end of time.

I'll, uh, do my best.

Good man.

And you look wonderful
in an apron.

[ Sighs heavily ]

You wouldn't think a road trip
with two such strapping lads

could be this tedious.

Shall we have a wee sing-song?

Sam and Dean: No!

I have myself to blame.

Should never make deals
with Winchesters,

since they seem unable

to hold up their end
of the bargain.

Meaning what?

Oh, just that thing between
Sam, Crowley, and myself.

What's she talking about?

Oh, surely, you knew
Sam made a deal with me

to kill my son

if I removed the mark of Cain
from your arm.

[ Chuckles ]

Well, is the mark gone? Yes.

Is Crowley dead? No.

Mm. Oh, he didn't know?

He didn't know!

Look, I was gonna tell you.

nothing ever came of it,

so I-I figured there was
no point, you know?

No point, huh?

I-I mean,
I see what Dean's saying.

Your wee pal Castiel
wouldn't be in this pickle

if you'd done
what you'd promised.

I would've had no reason
to cast the attack dog spell

if Crowley were already dead.

Excellent point.

It's not my point.

Sam knows my point.

Keyword... secrets.

Ah, well, I'm just glad
I got the conversation flowing.

Family relations
are a speciality of mine.


Did he stop?
Yeah, he stopped.

And he's close.

[ Screams ]
[ Cell phone clatters ]

[ Turns off engine ]

Come on.

All right, he's gotta be
around here somewhere.

So I'll head up the street,
you guys head the other way.

Are you joking? I'm in heels.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Chain rattling ]


[ Panting ]

[ Door rattles ]

[ Door rattles ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Loud thud ]

[ Banging on door ]

[ Growls ]

[ Grunts ]
[ Objects crash ]

[ Running footsteps ]

Get a life.

Hi. Ugh.

[ Objects crashing in distance ]

[ Metallic clank, crash ]

[ Objects crashing ]

[ Door creaks ]

[ Loud crash ]

[ Screams ]

[ Choking ]

[ Growls ]

[ Loud thud ]

[ Continues choking ]

[ Growls ]
Cass! Cass!

Don't do this.

Okay, this isn't you.
It's the spell.

You can beat this.

[ Groans ]

Let her go.

[ Continues choking ]
[ Growls ]

[ Gasping ]

Go, go, go, go.

[ Running footsteps ]

Hey. Okay, okay.
[ Growls ]

It's gonna be okay, buddy,
all right?

[ Growls ]
[ Grunts ]

[ Growls ]

[ Fence rattles ]

[ Grunting ]

Rowena: Desiste.
[ Whoosh ]

Do I need to remind you
these are witch-killing bullets?

Finish it!

Yes, yes, all right.

Adlevo onus tuum.

[ Grunting, groaning ]

[ Choking ]

[ Groans ]

[ Whoosh ]

[ Grunts ]


[ Whispers ] Hey, hey, hey.

Come on. Come on. [ Grunts ]



Permitte telum.
[ Gun thuds ]


[ Grunts ]



[ Loud clank ]

I'm sure you had
every intention

of honoring our deal.

But why take chances?

[ Birds chirp ]

[ Sighs ]


[ Ice cubes crunch ]

You should keep applying that.

Thanks, mom. You just keep
the beers comin'.

[ Chuckles ]
Dean, I...

There aren't words.

You're right.
There aren't words, Cass,

'cause there's no need.

You were under a spell.
It's fine.

Yeah, but you had Rowena.

Because of me, you...

You know, Cass,

we've got the codex.

That's a start. You know,
it'll slow Rowena down some.

If we'd killed her,

the book of the damned
would've been lost.

Besides, we got
bigger fish to fry.

The darkness.

What does she want?

Well, the big question is,
where the hell is she?

[ Groans ]

Dean, I can fix that.

No, no, no. No, no.
It's fine, Cass.

Besides, I had it comin'.

[ Ice cubes crunch ]

Hereby command and decree...

Blah, blah, blah.

Hung on hooks
for all eternity...

Entrails removed...


I'm hungry.

Of course, pumpkin.

But tell you what, maybe we
should have a chat first.

I said

I'm hungry.