Supernatural (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 16 - Safe House - full transcript

After dangerous creature is released into an old house, a mother and child are comatose. Sam and Dean find that Bobby and Rufus tracked the same creature so the Winchesters look to the past to catch the monster before any one dies.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[ Pounding on door ]

Oh, good, you're home.

Listen, you got to help me
bury a body.

His real name's
Rufus Turner.

He's a hunter.

One of your old friends?

Have you seen this man?

I ain't asking for no help.

Never seen that dick.

I'm not asking
for your permission.

How you know he's a dick?
Lucky guess.

Miss me?

He always used to pull

the old “can't work
on the Sabbath” card

whenever we had to bury
a body.

Taught me a thing
or two about...

what's really out there.

Pretty soon,
we were riding together.

Worked like that for years,

kind of like
you two knuckleheads.

Just like old times.

Long as I get to drive.

[ Laughs ]

Hell no.

[ Insects chirping,
dog barks in distance ]

[ Scraping ]

I'm not mad, honey.
I'm just outnumbered.

This place is way more of
a fixer-upper than we thought.

Like, I'm starting to see

why it was
on the market for so long.

No, I know.
You're right.

You're right.
One room at a time...

with this awful wallpaper.

[ Chuckles ]

Thank you.

Yeah, love you, too.
Love you, too, Maya.

Okay, bye.
[ Cell phone beeps ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Child screams ]



[ Sighs ]

Something... something bad is
in the house.

It was just
a nightmare, honey.

But I heard footsteps.

Why did we have
to move here?

And why is it so cold
in my room?

Yeah, it is cold
in here, huh?

But the furnace is going
to be fixed tomorrow, so...

just got
to be patient, okay?

We all do.

- Can I get you anything?
- I'm thirsty.

Okay, one glass
of water coming right up,

but then back to sleep.



[ Sighs ]

[ Electricity crackles ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Door hinges creak,
door slams ]

[ Footsteps approach ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Door knob rattles,
hinges creak ]

[ Screams ]

♪ Supernatural 11x16 ♪
Safe House
Original Air Date on March 23, 2016

[ Indistinct conversations ]

All right.

Nothing on Amara.

Nothing on Cass.

[ Sighs ]

Keep your head up.
We're gonna win this, remember?

Yeah, that was
before two weeks of squat.

Yeah, well, look, nobody said
it was gonna be easy.

You know the drill...
meantime, we hunt.

Check this out.

Naoki Himura said
her little girl was attacked

by an entity.

- Kid's in a coma?
- Yeah.

Only sign of trauma is
what the mom is describing

as a handprint
from the alleged attacker,

but no one else was
in the house at the time, so...

So a vengeful spirit,

It's worth finding out.
It's only a couple hours away.

You really think now is the time
to take our eye off the prize?

Dean, we can't just sit around
and... and wait for a lead.

Plus, it'd be nice
to get a win.

This case seems like
a layup.

Yeah, when was the last time
we had a layup?

My wife is flying back,

but her flight's been delayed
in London, so...

[ Sighs ]
I'm alone in all this.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Well, we're to help
however we can.

I appreciate that, but...

why would the FBI have
any interest in this?

Just... doing
our due diligence.

You know what?
Why don't you go ahead

and tell us
about the night of the attack?

Naoki: [Sighs] Nobody believes
there was an attack.

E-Even the Internet thinks
I'm crazy.

Well, we don't.

Okay, well,
Kat woke up screaming.

I thought she was
just having a nightmare.

But she said
she heard footsteps

and that she felt
something... bad in the house.

Did you
also hear footsteps?


Sam: Did you notice
anything else...

cold spots
or flickering lights?

Yeah, actually.

The lights were out
in her room,

a-and it was cold
in there.

W-What does that mean?

Would you mind if we went
and had a look at your house?

Sure, yeah, I mean,
if you think it's gonna help.

There's a-a hide-a-key

under a painted rock
by the front door.

Thank you for your help.

Yeah, sure.

[ Beeping continues ]

Woman: Excuse me.

Can I help you boys?


Special Agent Rizer.

This is my partner,
Special Agent Bean.

- We, uh...
- Why do the FBI

keep coming
back to that house?

Excuse me?

A handful of years ago,
the FBI came here.

I'm the head of the
Neighborhood Watch, you know?

So I asked the two agents
what they were doing here.

And what'd they say?

Not a thing.

They were two of
the rudest people I'd ever met.


By any chance,
were these agents, um...

elder statesmen?


Friends of yours?

[ Snoring ]

[ Engine turns off,
car door opens, closes ]

[ Door slams ]

[ Pistol cocks ]

Why are you sleeping in your car, Bobby?
[ Pistol clicks ]

It's lunchtime.

What the hell
am I doing here?

You're helping me
with a case...

like I told you
on the phone.

You okay?

[ Sighs ]

The Apocalypse is
on the horizon,

and you want to hunt
a damn ghost?

Well, unless you found a way
to stop the end of the world

during your little siesta,
we got jack all

on any of that business.

- [ Sighs ]
- You know, I knew you were

in the area.

Heard about
this possible little gig...

I thought
a win would be nice.

Oh, wait.

I'm supposed to be
your friggin' backup?


Well, if by “backup”"
you mean you do

all the heavy lifting
while I watch.

I-It's Shabbat.

- Are you serious?
- Deadly.

You drove over here!
Ain't that against the rules?

Ah, ah, ah!
Less talking.

More hunting.

Excuse me.

What are you gentlemen...
here for?

FBI, ma'am.

Special Agent Riggs.

My partner,
Special Agent Murtaugh.

on official FBI business.

Nothing to worry about.

Well, I am in charge of the
Neighborhood Watch here, sir.

I would like to know
what this official business is

you're here about.

It's officially none
of your damn business, ma'am.

Were you ever nice?

Worst year of my life.

[ EMF meter clicks, warbling ]


[ Warbling continues ]

[ Warbling intensifies ]

I'm getting hits
everywhere down here.

Yeah, upstairs, as well.

All right, so, what?

Bobby and Rufus worked
a case here back in the day?

[ Sighs ]

I mean, we've had houses
with multiple ghosts before.

I don't know, Dean.

I mean, the world is small,
but it's not that small.

I've got a couple of Bobby's
old journals in the trunk.

Why don't we dig into those,

dig into the history of the
house, see what's what?

It was our first night
in the house.

We had all gone to bed,
and then Will,

my son,
he called out for help.

Said he heard a strange noise,
sounded like footsteps.

My husband
and I ran to his room,

but, uh,
by the time we got there,

my baby was on the ground

Bobby: Did you notice
anything else that night...

cold spots
or lights flickering?

Actually, yes.


Will's room was cold,
and the lights were out.

The doctors don't know
what's wrong with him.

Apart from the strange mark
on his ankle,

there's no sign of trauma.

How do you mean
“strange mark”?

It looks like a handprint.

Well, thank you very much.

Uh, do you know of any
affordable motels in the area?

Get this...

The manager said two FBI agents
stayed here years ago,

so I got the same room
for luck.

Sorry to disturb reading time,
Your Holiness.

Do not religiously persecute me,

Tell me something, man...

Why were you sleeping
in your car earlier?

Cops got nothing.

Oh, you're really
not gonna answer me, huh?

But I got the Realtor's report
on the house.

'Cause they legally have
to tell you who died in a house

before you buy it.

Look at you being
all smart.

So, who died?

[ Can clicks ]

There were two deaths
at the house.

The first was accidental...
and don't laugh...

a dude choked
on a chicken bone.

And the other was a murder.

a man shot his wife.

Well, Bobby and Rufus were...
[ clears throat ]

Definitely on a ghost hunt.

Uh, “Grand Rapids,

Possible ghost hunt
with jackass.” [chuckles]

That's all he wrote?

Yeah, I guess Bobby never
got around to finishing it...


Okay, so, they were
either hunting chicken bone

or asshat.

One ghost breaks bad
back then.

The other's been marinating
until now.

- Um...
- The only problem I see is

that we don't know what bones
Bobby and Rufus burned,

so we might have to...
dig up two graves.

[ Sighs ]
I don't know, Dean.

I think there's more to it
than that.

I mean... I mean,
something's not right.

It's all a little too easy.

Hey, easy like Sunday morning
works for me, okay?

We can wrap this up quick,
get back to hunting Amara.

Get Cass back.

I mean, hey,
you said it yourself...

this case is supposed
to be a layup, right?

Yeah, but, as much as I hate
to admit it, you were right.

You know, I mean, when have we
ever had one of those?

Come on.

You think Bobby
and Rufus wasted any time

about this kind of crap?

Let's go.

Damn it, Rufus,
why do you have to make

so friggin' complicated?

[ Door closes ]
What's complicated?

I'm just saying
it's not a ghost.

It's a Baku.


A Japanese...

I know what a Baku is,
you dumb-ass.

We hunted one together
in Alaska.

All right, I'll bet you
a bottle of Johnnie

that it's a Baku.

Well, get ready
to buy me a bottle of Johnnie

'cause it ain't a Baku.

It's a ghost,
plain and simple,

and the sooner
we get to burnin' bones,

the sooner we can get back
to figuring out

how to save the world.

Now, come on.
We got diggin' to do.


[ Car door closes, engine turns on ]
How many times do I got to tell you, man?

Would it kill you to
at least wash this damn thing?

It smells like
roadkill casserole in here.

Just shut up, you idjit.

[ Wood cracks, creaks ]

Son of a bitch!

Sam: Ashes.

[ Breathing heavily ]

There's got to be an easier way
to dig graves.

[ Sighs ]

[ Engine shuts off ]

Why are you stopping?

[ Sighs ]
'Cause it's your turn.

What... What my turn?

Hey, yo, yo, Bobby,
Bobby, read my lips, Bobby.

I cannot help you,
all right?

It is Sabbath.

It is after sundown,
so get to diggin'.

Good catch.

[ Grunts ]

[ Sighs ]

can I ask you something?

As long as it's not about...
[ sighs ]

Why I was sleeping
in my car earlier.

Why were you sleeping
in your car earlier?

[ Sighs ]

Been burnin'
the midnight oil...

last couple of weeks.
[ Sighs ]

Up for days...

looking for ways
to stop the Apocalypse.

Looking for... anything.

Sam and Dean are right
in the middle of this thing.

[ Sighs ]

I'm worried
about my boys, Rufus.

Your boys?

Hey, hey.
All right. Okay.

Papa Bear.

But you know
more than anyone, Bobby...

even if we find a way
to keep the world spinning...

not everyone's gonna be
on that bus ride home.

Sacrifice, greater good...

all that jazz.

I know.

Oldest rule
of hunting, Bobby...

You can't save everyone.

[ Thud ]

[ Shovel clanks ]

[ Wood cracks, creaks ]

- [ Grunts ]
- Oh, come on!

Oh, come on.

[ Both breathing heavily ]

Yeah, Bobby
always was thorough.

[ Sighs ]

Two ash cans, which means
we're not hunting a ghost.

I told you.

Yeah, yeah, you...
You were right for once.

So, then, what the hell
are we hunting?

[ Electricity crackles ]

[ Creaking, footsteps ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Screams ]

[ Monitor beeping ]



Thank you. I appreciate it.
All right.

Both: This has happened before.
You first.

Just... come here.

Dr. Richards?

This is my partner,
Special Agent Rizer.

This is Dr. Richards.
Now, she's retired, but...

I still have friends
on staff here,

so when I heard
that two family members

had lapsed
into unexplained comas,

I came in
to see if I could help.

So, you were here
when this happened before?


Two FBI agents spoke to me
about that case, too.

Dr. Richards:
Mary Henderson went home

to get
her son's favorite doll.

When she didn't answer
any calls,

her husband phoned
the police.

They found her.

And she's...

Same as her son.

Weird mark on the ankle.
That's it.

So, it's some kind of coma?

None like I've ever seen.

How do you mean?

Well, their vitals are
fading rapidly.

If they don't show
some signs of rallying soon,

I'm worried
we may lose them.

So, what happened?

What happened?
I have no idea.

Dr. Richards: The next day,
mother and son woke up,

both perfectly fine.

Obviously, I hope
the same thing happens here,

but these two...

Their vitals are failing,
as well, so...

Thank you for your time.

So, Bobby and Rufus' case?

- Yeah, it's back.
- Huh.

Whatever it was... is.

What did you find?

I talked to the local P.D...
the actual cops

that found Mary Henderson
back in the day

and brought
her to this hospital.

Are the Hendersons
still around?

[ Engine shuts off ]

Mary Henderson?

[ Car door closes ]

- We're Special Agents...
- Oh, God.

Is it happening again?
Am I...

Is my son in danger?

No, no.

Everything's fine.

But we... we would like
to talk to you

about what happened
with your son.

Next thing you know,
I woke up in the hospital,

and one
of the FBI agents told me

to never touch the wallpaper
in the sitting room.

Two people are
in great danger.

A-Anything you can remember,
any little detail...

I, um...

When I was in the coma,
I had a dream.

I mean, it was
more like a nightmare.

It was...

like I was in the house,
but it wasn't the house.

Everything was dark.

And it looked faded.

And at first, I was alone,

but then I-I started
to see things.

What did you see exactly?

My husband.

He was dead.

I closed my eyes,
and when I opened them...

he was gone.

I tried to leave the house,
but I couldn't,

and then that's
when I started to see them.

Spirits or something.
I don't know.

Like I said,
it's all... faded now.

It was just...
a bad dream.

And what happened
when you woke up?

Well, we tried
to move on, you know?

But I couldn't shake
the bad feeling.

So we put the house
up for sale.

Then, the market crashed.

So, finally, we just walked
on the mortgage...

which is why we now rent
and probably will forever.

Destroying our credit was
worth it, though.

Anything to get away
from that damn house.

Sam: Dean.

Check this out.

Look at this.

You recognize that?


Sam: Looks like they broke the seal
when they were redecorating.

What the hell
are we hunting?

[ Willie Nelson's
“Night Life” plays ]

♪ When the evening sun
goes down ♪

♪ You will find me
hanging 'round ♪

♪ Oh, the night life ain't
a good life ♪

♪ But it's my life ♪

I got it... I think.

A Soul Eater?
The hell is that?

Undead creature that feeds
on souls, hence the name.

They exist in a place
between our world and another.

A Soul Eater moves
into a house, and once it does,

it makes what the lore refers to
as a Nest.

“A place that exists
outside of time and space”...

Sam: The Nest looks
and feels like

whatever house
the Soul Eater is in.

So, Mary didn't have a nightmare
when she was in her coma.

Remember, she said
that she was in her house

but it wasn't her house...
She was in The Nest.

The Soul Eaters aren't
really here or there,

but apparently
they can muster enough strength

t-to yank
their vics' souls

out of this world
and into their Nest.

And then, as soon
as the vic's in The Nest,

t-they're outside
of our space and time.

Okay, well,
what about Mary, uh, seeing

her dead husband
and her son?

Apparently, The Nest messes
with their victim's head,

shows them things they love,
parts of their soul in distress.

It keeps
the victim's soul vulnerable.

So, what happens to the
meat suits in the real world?

Bobby: They wither and die
in the real world.

Which explains Mary
and her son's failing vitals.

And the Soul Eater...

closes up The Nest
and moves on to the next house.

What happens to the remains
of the souls in The Nest?

Well, they wither, too,

but they stay
with the Soul Eater,

keeping it fed
in lean times,

sort of like a cud.


Well, that sounds
perfectly awful.

We got to kill this bastard

before the Hendersons'
bodies wither and die.

According to the lore,
they can't be killed.

But I'm pretty sure
they can be trapped.

I think I've faced
one of these Soul Eaters before.

You serious?

It was a case down
in Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

Bobby got a call
from another hunter,

a guy named Harvey.

Uh, he was hunting a case.

House was rumored to be
chock-full of poltergeists.

But he couldn't find
the bones to burn,

so he calls Bobby
for backup.

Bobby hightails it
down there.

He goes into the house,
buckshots, guns blazing.

No, no, no, no, no!

Do not tell me
how you tell it.

Tell me
how it really happened.

I stepped one foot
inside that house

and filled my drawers.

You could feel
the badness, Rufus.

I found Harv on the floor,
in a coma.

I tried to help,

but it looked like
he'd been there for days.

And then,
I heard footsteps.

I was trapped.

But I had
this old Celtic sigil.

Sort of a...

“break glass in case
of emergency” sort of thing.

Supposed to trap monsters,
but to be honest,

the damn thing
never worked before.

But it was all I had,
so I started.

And this house is bad juju?

It just got
a hell of a lot worse.

Then, I finished the sigil,
and once I did,

the house went back
to normal.

And, um...


He never did wake up.

Yeah, well...

oldest rule, Bobby.

Oldest rule.

So, uh, you actually trapped
a Soul Eater?

Bobby and Rufus put up
their sigil

and trapped the Soul Eater
in its Nest.


Yeah, and it stayed there
until Naoki accidentally broke

the sigil's seal
when she redecorated.

Right, which set
the Soul Eater free.

Okay, but if their sigil
only trapped it,

then how did Mary
and her son's souls get

out of The Nest?

Maybe the trap forced
their souls out?

I don't know.

You know, there's got
to be more to this.

You know, it's too bad Bobby and
Rufus aren't around to see stuff.

They'd have been great
Men of Letters.

[Chuckles] Grumpy,
old Men of Letters, but, yeah.

Wait a second.

Check this out.

Looks like
the Men of Letters found a way

to kill Soul Eaters.


Well, looks like
it's another sigil...

more complicated,
uh, made from blood.

You cut your hand,
and you paint this bad boy

inside the house while
the same thing is painted...

inside The Nest.

Which means one of us has
to go in there?

- Yeah.
- Not it.

Uh, dude...

[ Scoffs ]

We are never settling

with that stupid game
again... ever.

All right.
I'll paint here, so...


paint yours here.

Now, your sigil sets
the table.

Mine actually kills it.

All right.
You got your blood?

Right here.

[ Creaking ]

- All right, let's do this.
- Yeah.

If memory serves, things are
about to get hairy.

You want to hold my hand?

[ Creaking, footsteps ]

Keep painting, Picasso.

[ Creaking, footsteps continue ]

[ Electricity crackles ]

[ Creaking, footsteps continue ]

[ Creaking, footsteps continue ]

Come get me, you son of a bitch.

Stay away from me,
you son of a bitch.

[ Creaking, footsteps continue ]


- Aah!
- Aah!

[ Grunts ]

[ Echoing ] Sam?


[ Door bangs ]

[ Breathes deeply ]


[ Sighs ]

[ Echoing ] Rufus?

[ Gasps ]
Oh, God.

[ Gasps ]

Boy: [ Echoing ]
Are you real?

Will Henderson?

Yes, sir.

Am I in trouble?

No, no, no, son,
not at all.

My name is Bobby Singer.

And I'm...
I'm here to...

Well, I'm...
I'm stuck here, too.

But, uh, I'm gonna
take care of you, okay?

Have you seen your mother?


H-Have you seen
anyone... strange?

You mean the sad people?

The who?

They're right behind you.

They look sick.
You don't see them?


But, uh, we're gonna get
out of here.

My friend is gonna help us.


Bobby? Bobby?


[ Creaking, footsteps ]

[ Sighs ]

Oldest damn rule, Bobby.
Oldest rule.

I'm sorry.

[ Breathing heavily ]

Sam: [ Grunts, sighs ]

All right, I got you.

Stay with me.
There we go.

I'm getting too old
for this.

What are you doing?

It's Kat, right?

It's nice to meet you, Kat.

Not supposed
to talk to strangers.

And that...
that is a solid rule.

My name is Dean Winchester.

Now I'm not a stranger.

I'm here to get you
out of this place.

Have you seen your mom?

I can't see her.

It's too crowded
in here now.

I-I don't see anybody.

You'll see them soon.

How about we get you
out of here instead?

[ Door hinges creak ]

Your mom is
around here somewhere.

We'll look for her
and stick together, okay?

Will: Mommy!

No, wait.
I said “stick together”...

What the?

[ Gasps ]

[ Creak ]



Shoot me,
you kill your friend.

Rock salt...
Bobby can handle it.

Now, now.

No need to hurt anyone.

Just come along with me...

into The Nest.


So you can show me a bunch
of messed-up stuff in there

while my fabulous body rots
out here?

I don't think
I want to take that ride.

It's pretty.


I don't like it here.

Yeah, me, neither.

And my brother...

he's making a painting
just like this one.

And when he's done...

we're out of here, okay?

Come on, Sam, the table is set.
Let's do this.

There's more of them now.

[ Creak, footsteps ]

[ Groans ]

[ Creak ]


I can't let you finish
that finger painting, boy.

Just come with me
into The Nest.

I can keep you safe
from The Darkness.

Dean, listen to me.
I know you're in there.

Fight this!


I can't let you trap me.


Then, we got a problem then,
don't we?

Dean, stop this!

Your brother wants
to go to The Darkness.

He needs to go,
but I can keep you safe...

both of you... forever.

[ Rumbling ]

[ Creaking, footsteps ]

[ Rumbling intensifies ]

Yeah, that can't be good.

[ Rumbling subsides ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Grunts ]

They're leaving.

Rufus: Bobby?

[ Breathing heavily ]

You okay?

[ Sighs ]

What the hell
just happened?

[ Grunts ]

Hey, hey.
Dean, Dean?

Are you good?
Are you good?

All right, I got you.
[ Groans ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Cell phone beeps ]


Well, everybody's awake...

and happy.

So, what happened?

It was a trap spell.
We should be trapped, too.

It was a Baku, Bobby.

I killed it
while you slept.

That'll be
one bottle of Johnnie, please.

It wasn't a damn...

The trap sigil pushed
your souls out.

Case closed.
You're welcome.

Uh, I don't like it.

Who gives a damn
what you like?

Take the win.

[ Sighs ]
Yeah, yeah.

You okay, Bobby?

I'm fine.

You saw something...

in The Nest, didn't you?

What'd you see, Bobby?

My boys.

Both of them.

Both of them dead.

And then, I saw...

[ Sighs ]

Well, I don't know
what the hell I saw.

Rufus: Yeah, well...

forget the oldest rule,

Are you gettin' soft
on me, Rufus?

Yeah, soft this.


Will: No, no, I'm okay.
I can't wait to go home.

Yeah, I [chuckles]
still don't understand

what the hell
just happened.

Sam: All you need to know is
that your house is safe now.

Your kitchen may need
a remodel, though.

Mm, that's okay.
I think we're selling.

Fair enough.

All right,
take care of yourself.

Thank you...
for everything.

[ Cell phone beeps ]

[ Cell phone beeps ]

[ Car door opens, closes ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

You boys okay?

Dean: Yeah, We're fine, Bobby.
Where the hell have you been?

- I've left three messages.
- Well, I was...

Look, I got a possible lead
on Lilith in Maine,

but we're on a case
in Reno.

I texted you the address.

So, if you're done sitting
on your ass...

[ Engine starts ]

And here's another classic

as our Flashback Lunch

[ The Allman Brothers Band's
“Midnight Rider” plays ] Idjits.


You know, Bobby's journal never
mentioned him going into The Nest.

It didn't say anything

You think
it was really him or...

I don't know.

Maybe it's like...
like you said before,

that Bobby and Rufus'
trap sigil forced their souls

out of The Nest back then
and that the Soul Eater was

just making me see things.


if Bobby did go
into The Nest back then...

And you said
that The Nest exists

outside of space and time...

Well, theoretically, couldn't he
and I have been there

at the same time?

My head hurts.
[ Chuckles ]

Well, let's get drunk and not
think about this ever again.

First, we got to stop
in Tennessee, though...

old Soul Eater case.

He wouldn't want any unfinished
business on the books, you know?

[ Sighs ]


But this time,
you're going in The Nest.

[ Laughs ]

Hey, you said the Soul Eater
made you see “things,” plural.

So, what else did you see?

[Sighs] I saw you
dead on the floor.

[ Scoffs ]



how messed up are our lives
that you seeing

a vision of dead me is
actually kind of comforting?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Engine starts ]

Man: And here's
the last classic of the day.

Let's take it on the road
with the Allman brothers.

[ The Allman Brothers Band's
“Midnight Rider” plays ]