Supernatural (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 13 - Love Hurts - full transcript

Sam and Dean investigate a set of murders on Valentine's Day and discover they are dealing with an ancient curse. Once kissed by the curse, the person is marked to die.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- It's Halloween, man.
- For us, every day is Halloween.

Sam: Samhain is the damn origin
of Halloween.

Celts believed that October 31st
was the one night of the year

when the veil was thinnest
between the living and the dead.

- We should have one this year.
- Have one what?

A Christmas!

We'll get a tree,
a little Boston Market.

Just like
when we were little.

It's Valentine's day,
your favorite holiday, remember?

I mean, what do you
always call it?

Drifter Christmas"?

Your people
called him Cupid.

He's actually
a lower order of angel.

Technically, it's a cherub,
third class.

Yes, yes, yes!

Is this a fight?
Are we in a fight?

This is their handshake.

- What was that?
- The future.

Amara: We're bonded.
You're the one who set me free.

No, that was an accident.

You and I will be together.

No, that's...
that's not gonna happen.

We will become one.

Why wouldn't you want that?

♪ Heartbreak ♪

♪ you always know it ♪

♪ when you get it ♪

♪ Heartbreak ♪

♪ Always take another one
with it ♪

Here, honey.
Let me.

Thanks, babe.

As handsome
as the day I met you.

[ Both chuckle ]

♪ 'Cause my heart is breaking
in two ♪

[ Doorbell rings ]

Doesn't Staci know
to knock?

She'll wake Teagan!

♪ Heartbreak ♪


I remembered after I rang.

So, where's Melissa?

She's getting ready.

Eww, I can taste
her mom lipstick.

[ Scoffs ] You're telling her
tonight, right?

It's Valentine's day.


So, that's heartless.

Can't we talk
about this later?

I'm tired of waiting.

I-I told you
it's not that simple.

Mel and I, we've been together
since we were your age.

We... we have a house,
a baby.

We have
a whole life together.

Dan, don't you get it?

That's what I want.

Either tell her tonight,

or what?
[ Footsteps approaching ]

you look so pretty!

I love your lipstick.

You ready?


Man #1:
True love, all right?

So everyone just, uh,
go back to your sloppy tots.

Man #2: Is he gone?
Like, gone, gone?

Man #3: True love
can get us out of here?


[ Indistinct conversations ]
H-hey, listen.

Yeah, I've been in love a million times.

Man #4: Oh, it's beautiful, Mike.
It really...

boom, boom!

This bramble Grey tea
is simply divine, Cindy.


I would like to apologize
for being so insensitive

to your grieving
emotional state.

Beautiful artwork,
by the way.

Rick: You say it is
is how it is,

but I think
a blind man could see

that Beth is looking
for the door.

I barely have a reason to care
and even I noticed.

Morty: Come on, Rick! Don't talk
about my parents like that!

Listen, Morty,
I hate to break it to you,

but what people call "love"
is just a chemical reaction

that compels animals
to breed.

It hits hard, Morty,
then it slow fades,

leaving you stranded
in a failing marriage.

I did it.
Your parents are gonna do it.

Break the cycle, Morty.

[ Screams ]

[ Sighs ]

You scared the hell
out of me!

What are you doing here?
[ Chuckles ]

Jerry: Check on your mom.

hand me that screwdriver, huh?

That feels good.

I'm almost finished mang
my ionic defibulizer, Morty.

It's gonna be great.

Hey, listen, Rick.
You know...

♪ Supernatural 11x13 ♪ Love Hurts
Original Air Date on February 10, 2016

- Morning.
- Mm.

[ Coughs ]

[ Sniffs ]

Is that a hickey?


It was Valentine's day.


Can't help it
if I'm a hopeless romantic.

You got half of that right.
[ Clears throat ]

- Just doing my civic duty.
- [ Chuckles ]

all the single ladies.

You know the best thing
about February 14th?

You don't have
to be Mr. Right...

just Mr. Right Now.

That's classy.

What'd you do, judgy?

Curl up in your snuggie?

Watch "50 Shades" on cable?


[ Slurping ]

Check this out.

Staci Altman,
19-year-old babysitter

from Hudson, Ohio,
was murdered last night.

Well, that blows.

But if her name's not Amara,
how is that us?

Because her heart
was ripped out.

- On Valentine's day?
- Yeah.


Was it, like,
an ironic werewolf?

All right,
we'll check it out.

But, first, I need bacon.

No, first,
you need a shower.

- Is it...
- Yeah.

[ Sniffs ]

You're not wrong.

[ Scoffs ]

Dan: It's like
we told the cops.

Staci came over
around 6:00.

We went to dinner,
and by the time we got home...

We, uh... we found Staci
in the living room

in a pool blood and Teagan,
in her crib, hysterical.

It was awful.

Can you think of any reason

why somebody would want
to hurt Staci?


Staci was super-sweet
and popular and pretty.

Anyone who met her
fell in love with her.

Well, maybe it was
a crime of passion.

Uh, did Staci have
any crazy ex-boyfriends?

N-not that I know of.

[ Sniffles ]

W-why would I
have any idea?

Was anything stolen?

Any chance this may
have been a robbery gone wrong?

I don't think so.

I mean, nothing was missing

except for the nanny cam
in the living room.

Thank you for your time.

Give us a call
if something comes up.

Okay, thank you.

Is it just me, or is that guy
acting a bit hinky?

Yeah, I was thinking
the same thing.

Let's split up.

You drop me at the morgue,

and you can hit Dan
at the office.

Yeah, and maybe
he'll be a little bit

more open
without wifey around.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah.

Based on the autopsy,

the Vic was conscious
when her heart was ripped out.

[ Scoffs ] Wouldn't want
a front-row seat to that show.

Any ideas
what could have done this?

I'd assume animal attack.

- In a house?
- Exactly.

Plus, no claw marks.

I'll be honest
with you, Agent.

Been doing this
for some 20-odd years,

and I'm stumped.

All right.
[ Clears throat ]

[ Camera shutter clicks ]


Someone's here
to see you, Mr. Harper.

an Agent Weller?

Send him in, please.

Have a seat, agent.

What can I help you with?

I need you be straight
with me, Dan.

I'm not sure
what you mean, Agent.

Oh, I think you do.

I think
you're hiding something.

And you didn't want to talk
about it in front of your wife.

You're schtupping
the babysitter.

[ Laughs ]
Excuse me?

Oh, don't act
all fake offended.

I'm actually trying
to help you out here, okay?

Now, personally, I don't a give
rat's ass who you screw.

But I would just hate for your,
uh, extracurricular activities

to get you involved in
a federal murder investigation.

Or I could just go talk
to your wife.

[ Telephone ringing
in distance ]

I want to be straight
with you, Agent.

I really do, but I can't.

Sure you can.

No, really, I mean,
this is just too damn weird.

you'd never believe me.

Try me.

[ Drawer opens ]

Let me guess...
the missing nanny cam?

I was having an affair
with Staci.

I only took the nanny cam

because she kissed me
in front of it.

I forgot
the damn thing was there.

Anyway, I was gonna erase it
as soon as we got home.

[ Sighs ]

But then
we found Staci's body.

Melissa went upstairs
to the baby, and I...

Ran for the cam?

I know it was a dick move,

but I also know the cam
must have recorded the murder.

As soon
as I erased the kiss,

I was gonna turn it over
to the cops.

I swear.

Until I saw what was on it.

I know that's me,
but I swear it wasn't me.

I would never hurt Staci.

I loved her.

I was at a dinner
the entire time.

If you don't believe me,
ask Melissa or the waiter.

Or any of the 75 other people
that were there.

You got to believe me.


I do.

You do?

I need you to sit tight.

Keep a lid on this
for the time being, okay?

[ Door opens ]


Find anything?

Uh, yeah... Jack.

Absolutely nothing points
to a werewolf.

Well [Clears throat]

Step aside, Urkel.

It was Dan
that stole the nanny cam.


He was schtupping
the sitter.


Wait a second.

I thought Dan was at dinner
with Melissa.

That's not Dan.

[ Scoffs ]

[ Sighs ]

A shapeshifter.


It is okay if I head out?


Are you okay,
Mr. Harper?

I'm happy to stay
if you need me.

Or maybe
you should go home.

Be with your family.

I'll be okay, Gladys.

You have a good night.


[ Elevator bell dings ]

Excuse me.

[ Door closes ]

Did you forget something?



What the hell is going on?

I want you
to give me your heart.

You're dead.

this is impossible.

[ Gasps ] I saw your...

your heart ripped
out of your chest!



What are you doing?

What do you want?

[ Groans ]

[ Camera shutterttlicks ]

Dean: You were the last person
to see your boss alive.

Did you notice
anything unusual?


Nothing unusual, per Se.

Just kind of rude.

This young girl...
brunette, buxom,

couldn't have been
more than 19...

barreled out of the elevator
as I was leaving.

Nearly knocked me over.

Is this her?

Yeah, that's the girl.

Thank you
for your time, ma'am.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

Well, it confirms
we're dealing with a shifter.

Yeah, who's upping its game
by impersonating dead people.

I'm guessing it's the wife.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

I'm so sorry for your loss.

I just can't...
I just can't believe it.

I mean...
how is this even possible?

That's what we're trying
to figure out.

Where's the baby?


she's with my mom.

[ Clears throat ]

I hate to have to ask this,

but I-I need to ask you
a difficult question.


Were you aware
that your husband

was having an affair
with your babysitter?

[ Sighs ]


I knew.

I know
what you're thinking...

jealous wife kills
her cheating husband.

But that couldn't be further
from the truth.

I loved Dan.

I still do.

It may sound pathetic,

but I thought
we still had a chance.

thank you for your time.

We'll leave you alone,
let you get some rest.

Before we go, would you mind
just writing down

a phone number
where we can get ahold of you

in case we have
any more questions?

Yeah, sure.

[ Both sigh ]

And if anything strange
or out of the ordinary comes up,

don't hesitate to call.

We're staying
at the motel on Main Street.


All right,
so Melissa's not the shifter.

We are back
to square zilch.

I need a beer.
Regroup, maybe get lucky.

- Didn't you just get lucky?
- That was in Kansas.

What do you say? You with me?
[ Laughs ]

Let's go scrape a few hearts
off the barroom floor?

Uh, I think I'll pass.

I'm gonna hit the lore,
but you go be you.

Suit yourself.

[ Door closes ]
[ Engine starts ]

[ Panting ]

Hey, it's me.

I-I-I think I messed up.

I-I don't what happened,
but something went wrong.

Now Dan is dead and the FBI
are asking questions.

Just call me back ASAP.

[ Garbage disposal grinding ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

Who's there?

[ Knocking continues ]

Agents, is that you?

Honey, let me in.

[ Gasps ]

Baby, it's me.

No, it's not.

[ Doorknob rattles ]

[ Gasps ]

Honey, please let me in.

I love you.


[ Screams ]

[ Gasping ]

Don't worry, honey.
I'm not gonna hurt you.

I'm your husband.
[ Screams ]

[ Panting ]

[ Engine shuts off ]

[ Train whistle blowing ]

- Hey, any luck?
- No.



Hey, what's a "Dad bod"?

[ Chuckles ]
[ Frantic knocking ]

Hey, there, uh...

Everything okay?

No, Dan tried to kill me.

your dead husband, Dan?

You told me to come to you

if anything strange
or out-of-the-ordinary happened?

Well, it did, and I think
it's all my fault.

Okay, why don't you sit down?
Come on.

I swear.

I really did love Dan,
maybe a little too much.

I just...

I wanted him
to love me back.

So I got some advice

and I confided in my hairdresser
about the affair.

Women actually do that?

And she told me that there was
a way to get him back.

I... I knew she, uh,
dabbled in stuff.

Wait a second.

What kind of stuff
are you talking about here?

She calls herself a...
White witch.

Listen, I don't know if you
believe in that sort of thing.

I normally don't,
but I was desperate.

Let me guess.
She, uh, gave you a spell.

A return-to-love spell.

All I had to do
was chant it and...

Seal it with a kiss.

[ Sniffles ]

But I didn't mean
for any of this to happen.

I swear I...
I just wanted my husband back.

Do you happen to have a copy
of the spell on you?

Um, yes, yes.


Okay, for starters,
not a spell.

More like an Aramaic curse.

- What?
- This...

Roughly translates
to "The kiss of death""

I swear
she never told me that.

What does the lore say?

As far as I can tell,
there is no lore.

My best guess is this was
the White witch's home cooking.

All right, so what do we know?

Um, if you kiss someone,
then they die.

I guess.
Wait a second.

You didn't kiss Staci.

No, of course not.

No, but Dan did.

So the curse
is transmittable?

Like a magic STD.

Okay, that works.

Kind of makes you nostalgic
for good, old-fashioned herpes.

Oh, God.

I killed Dan and Staci.

You didn't kill anyone.

This is all on that witch.

Riddle me this.

Why did Staci die first
if she was kissed second?

I don't know. Maybe you're safe
if you can pass the curse on?

And then if that person dies,
then it comes back to you?

I mean,
that would make sense.

That would explain
why whatever this is

is working its way
back to Melissa.

I'm sorry.
I'm confused.

Yeah, 'cause it's
freaking confusing.

Look, the long and short...
it's like a game of hot potato.

You got to keep
paying it forward.

If you don't, you die.

this curse started with you.

And I think it wants
to end with you.

But don't worry, okay?
We're not gonna let that happen.

[ Glass shatters ]
[ Screams ]

[ Groans ]

What the hell did you do?!

Come on.
Let's just go.

[ Melissa whimpers ]

[ Engine starts ]

[ Tires screech ]

[ Engine shuts off ]
[ Sighs ]

I'd say
that went pretty well.

What do you think?

Sam: Wait a second.
Are you serious?

You think it's a-a good idea
to give yourself a fatal curse?

Hold that.

Well, target's off her back,
ain't it?

I'm just saying you don't have
to do this... be the guinea pig.

- What?
- The martyr.

Try and carry the weight
by yourself... do this.

I'm gonna be fine, okay?

And as long as I'm good,
she's good,

and that's
the important thing.

Besides, it proved our theory,
didn't it...

that this whole "kiss of death"
curse is transmittable?

I'm not asking
for the Nobel here,

but, uh, you know,
thank you.

- How long do you think we have?
- I don't know.

It's not like this thing
is exactly following a pattern.

I don't even know
what I'm looking for here.

[ Car door opens ]
But we cut out of there pretty quick...

What was that?
So maybe that bought us some time.

Um, we think it was something
called a shapeshifter,

but, uh, it can't be
because I pumped the thing

full of silver
and it didn't even flinch.

What kind
of FBI agents are you?

The fake kind.

We're hunters.


Look, all you need to know
is that we save

people like you
from things like that.

Even if it's not a shapeshifter,
it's still shifting shapes.

If we can figure out what it is,
we can find out how to kill it.

All right, what do you know
about the White witch?

Um, n-not much.

Her name is Sonja.

She's kind of weird.
I don't know.

She's only been my hairdresser
for a couple of months.

- Do you know where she lives?
- Uh, not a clue.

Where did she give you the spell?
In the basement of her salon.

[ Engine shuts off ]

The art of dyeing.

Well, can't say
she didn't warn you.

All right,
just keep the doors locked

and stay put
until we get back.

Unless Sonja shows up,

and then use this on her.

It won't kill her,
but it'll slow her down.

Are you serious?
I can't stab anyone!

- Come on.
- Listen to me.

Sonja's not just anyone.

She is a wicked witch
who offed your husband

and tried to kill you,
so if she shows up here,

you punch her,
you stab her,

you drop a freaking house
on her if you have to.

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Gun cocks ]

Witch killing bullets.

We got to come up
with a better name than that.

[ Door creaks ]


Locked cabinet.

[ Grunts ]

- Looky there.
- Hey, hey.

All right.

Got it.

All right, it looks like
we're dealing with a Qareen.

Never heard of it.

It's a "creature,
corporeal in form,

a slave to your commands".

Kind of like a genie.

I guess.
Here we go.

Uh, someone chants the curse
and lays a wet one on you.

Then the victim is seduced
and killed by the Qareen.

But instead of taking
the form of Barbara Eden,

they present themselves
as your deep, darkest desire.

So it makes sense why the sitter
was killed by the husband

and the husband
by the sitter.

Yeah, and why Melissa
was attacked by Dan.

She really loved him.

- [ Chuckles ]
- What?

Well, the silver lining about
being cursed?

I'll finally get some face time
with Daisy Duke...

my deepest, darkest desire.

- Seriously?
- Ever since I was 7.

So Bach, not Simpson.

[ Scoffs ]


Guess I wouldn't say no
to either.

All right,
how do we kill it?

By stabbing it
in its heart.

Uh, well, given
that it's got a giant hole

in its chest,
does it even have a heart?

Apparently not in him.

The person who possesses
the Qareen's heart

is the one who commands it.

So Sonja the hairdresser.

All right,
let's find us a heart.

I'll take upstairs.


[ Scoffs ]

[ Gasps ]


I'm going upstairs.

[ Vehicle passing ]

[ Speaking Aramaic ]

[ Panting ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

You find anything?

I understand, Dean.

Is that right?

The longing
in your heart...

I feel it, too.

Well, that's touching...

Considering that you don't have
a heart...


I'm guessing
you're not really FBI.

You're what?

A hunter?

And you're a witch

hocking death curses
as love spells.

Someone has to punish
these men.

But, you know, the only thing
worse than a cheating man

is one who gets away
with it.

[ Scoffs ]


You're practically
a feminist.

Who I am doesn't matter.

The real question is,
who are you?

What do you mean, who am I?

You're a mystery.

I can see
inside your heart.

Feel the love you feel,

It's cloaked in shame.

When it comes to this...

You can't help yourself.

So why fight it?

Just give in.

Why hurt Melissa?

She only wanted
to save her marriage.

They all do.

Hundreds of heartbroken women
come to me,

but they never learn.

I mean, a month, a year,
however long later,

they all come back...
same story, different man.

So you tweak the curse?

Now it not only
punishes the cheaters,

but the foolish women
who want them back.

Guess I'm just weeding out
the idiots.

And you're next.

Yeah, you know what?
You're right.

The real Amara
does have a hold on me,

but you are nothing
but a cheap imitation.

[ Groans ]

[ Speaking Aramaic ]

[ Gasping ]

Sonja, stop!
[ Gasps ]

Enough is enough.

[ Screams ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Cracking ]
[ Groans ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Gasping ]

[ Screams ]

[ Gasps ]

Sam: Dean?


So... I got it.

- Yeah?
- It's done.

- You good?
- Yeah.

Are you good?


So, are you gonna keep me
in suspense here or what?

About what?

Who was it?

Bach or Simpson?



It was Amara.

[ Clears throat ]

Does that surprise you?

That doesn't surprise you?



What, you seriously think
the sister of God

is my deepest,
darkest desire?

- She isn't?
- No.

She can't be.

- Why not?
- Why?

Because if she was,
then that means I'm...

Means you're what?

Complicit? Weak? Evil?

For starters, yeah.


Do you honestly think you
ever had a choice in the matter?

She's the sister of God.

And for some reason,
she picked you, and that sucks,

but if you think I'm gonna
blame you or judge you...

I'm not.

You know
that I want her ass dead.

Yes, of course.

A-and I know you've also
probably beaten yourself up

a million times over it,
but where has that gotten us?

[ Sighs ]

Just how bad is it?

Standing here right now?

Every bone in my body
wants to run her through.

Send her back to that hole
she crawled out of.

But when I'm near her...

I don't know...
something happens.

I can't explain it.

But to call it desire or love...
it's not that.

I'm screwed, man.

We want
to kill the Darkness.

We need
to kill the Darkness.

And I don't think I can.

I'm sorry to do that to you,
you know?

But when it comes down
to it...

I got it, Dean.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Car door closes ]

[ Engine starts ]