Supernatural (2005–…): Season 10, Episode 20 - Angel Heart - full transcript

When Claire Novak gets a lead on her mother, Amelia, who has been missing for years, Castiel asks Sam and Dean to help her. Castiel feels guilty for what he did to the Novak family and wants to make amends by reuniting Claire with her mom. However, when they find out what took Amelia, they realize there is a chance Claire may not get her happy ending.

My name is Jimmy Novak.
God has chosen me for a higher purpose.

You can never be with your family.

Castiel, promise my family
will be okay and I'll do it.

-I am not your father.

-Castiel, you took everything from me.
-Who's this girl?

Claire Novak. Claire's troubled.
She needs a father.

-She's got issues.
-Because of me.

First, I lose my first dad...

and then lose my second.

And who killed him and trashed my life?
Dean Winchester.

We'll take care of them,
so they won't bother you anymore.


-Where's your mother?
-She went to go find herself.

You promised, Cass.

-I have a responsibility to help you.
-I still gotta go alone.

But I could maybe call sometime.

-Aargh! No.
-Dean's in trouble. He's not getting better.

Mother says the Mark is just a curse.
It can be removed.

If there's a cure, we'll do it
and deal with the consequences later.

I can't lose you.





Is it you?

Castiel's gone. It's me.

-I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I never--
-I looked everywhere for you.

I thought I lost you again.

It's okay.

It's okay, Ames.

It's okay.

I'm home now.

What's happening?

How's our girl?

How's Claire?


Not again, no. No.



Shh, shh, shh.

You're safe, Amelia.

You're home.




Is it you?

I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I left.

I looked everywhere for you.

It's okay, Ames.

# Supernatural 10x20 #
Angel Heart
Original Air Date on April 29, 2015

# I'm gonna catch that train at midnight #

# I don't care where it's going #

The hell you think you're doing in here?

-Come on. It's my birthday tomorrow.
-How old you gonna be, 12?

More like 50.

I'm looking for a guy
named Ronnie Cartwright.

Supposed to be a regular around here.

And my blues keep getting darker

Oh, Lord, I think these
Blues done turned black

Ronnie Cartwright?

Whatever you're selling,
I ain't buying, sweetheart.

I need your help, Ronnie.

I'm trying to track somebody down.

Ain't never seen her before in my life.

Her name's Amelia.
She's been missing for a few years.

But according to her diary,
she was supposed to meet up with you.

-I never met her. -You were
introducing her to a miracle worker.

I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

I don't know that lady.

And I for damn sure
don't know no miracle worker.

If I did, you think
I'd be in a dump like this?

Now, piss off.

Go back to your Girl Scout troop.

-She's my mother.
-I don't care.

-Can you just take another look? Maybe--
-I told you I ain't never seen her before.

And I better never see you again.

-I told you to stay away from me.
-You were the last person to speak to my mom.

-I need to find her.
-I don't know Amelia Novak. You got it?

I never told you her last name.

Wait. Unh!

Come on.

911, what is your emergency?

Oh, yeah. I found some girl passed out
in the alley by Susie's Bar on Overland.

We'll send an ambulance right away, sir.

Can you tell me if she's still breathing?

-Thanks for coming.
-Yeah, of course.

We're glad to help, but Claire and I aren't
on the best of terms. Should I be here?

I need help from both of you.
You were troubled teens.

-You speak her language.
-All right.

How is she?

I haven't gone in yet.
I was waiting for backup.


Three men and a lady. Let's do this.

What are you doing here?

And why the hell did you bring him?


Um, the police found my number
in your emergency contact list.

Yeah, well, that was a mistake.

You can go now.


why were you at a bar?

I wasn't.

Claire, what were you doing
in an alley outside of a bar?

Wrong place, wrong time. Story of my ife.

Look, we're not leaving until you
tell us what the hell really happened.

So if you want us gone...


I was looking for my mom.

I wanna find my mom and
tell her she ruined my life.

-Your mom didn't--
-She left me.

And so did my dad.

But Jimmy's gone, right?

Has it easy up in heaven?

So Mom's the only one left I can tell off.

When's the last anybody heard from your mom?


When I was living with my grandmother,
she used to send me postcards.

This is the last one.

I got it just before my grandma died.

Two years ago.
Nobody's heard from her since.

It was sent from a motel here in town.
That's where I've been crashing.

I was at Susie's Bar looking for
a loser named Ronnie Cartwright.

Mom's diary said she was gonna meet him
around the time she disappeared.

Before he knocked me down, he...
He remembered her name.

He knows something.

Why was Amelia looking for him?

She went looking for miracles.

She went looking for you.

This is all my fault.

You know, Cass, say it is.
What can you do about it?

-Find Amelia? -She disappeared
trying to hunt down an angel.

-Might be a case.
-We don't know that.

Close enough. Come on.
Give me something to punch already.

Kidding. I'm fine. I'm just-- I'm fine.

Why don't we go back to the bar,
see if we can't track down Ronnie, huh?

-We should let Claire know we're going first.


-Damn it. -She either went
looking for Ronnie again, or...

Yeah, or she went to go grab
her stuff before taking off again.

She's got a concussion.
Maybe that'll slow her down.

All right. I'll head to the motel.
You'll check out the bar.

Hey, Cass, listen. What you're doing
for Claire, helping her find her mom...

it's good. It's a good thing.

-Well, where does it end?

I'm not trying to be a dick,
but the truth is...

you're not her dad.

In fact, you're not anything to her except
a constant reminder of someone that's gone.

No, I'm responsible for
everything that's happened to her.

I'm just saying, she's been surviving
on her own for quite a while now...

and I think partly because she
doesn't have anybody to answer to.

You know, there's...

-There's nobody holding her back.
-We just found her in a hospital.

You telling me that she'd
be better off on her own?

I'm saying she might be stronger on her own.

You like when I take you shopping
# For all the pretty things I do #

What's the rush, huh?
Heading out to beat down another teenager?

That bitch attacked me.

Poor choice of words, pal.

Now. Amelia Novak, where is she?


-Listen, Ronnie, what do you say, huh?

We could do this all day. Unless you wanna
tell me everything you know about Amelia.

Okay. Okay.


I met Amelia.

But she was the last one. I swear.

The last one of what?

I worked for a faith healer.

No, he was the real deal.

Hey, I was blind, and he healed me.

Give us a name.

-Peter Holloway.


Yeah, after he gave me my sight back, I--

Well, he made me work for him, as payment.

I recruited candidates.

He had a specific type.

Young, but, uh...


Wouldn't be missed.

And Amelia was one of these candidates?

Some people he healed.

But others, he...

Look, man.

Look, I saw him one night.
It looked like he was. uh...

I don't know how to describe it, but he was

He'd tied one of them up...

and he was, uh...

cutting on them.

Look, after that I was done, okay? I quit.

Haven't heard from Holloway since.

Took you long enough.

How did you--?

Also, you checked in
under the name Claire Novak.

A little pro tip: use an alias.


Claire, we just wanna help.

I didn't ask for your help.

You know, this is good. I was impressed.

How did you get the information that--?

It's mostly empty promises and regret...

but there were enough
bread crumbs to get me here.

How did you get your mom's diary?

The motel manager sent Mom's stuff to her
last-known address after she disappeared.

It bounced around. Eventually found
its way to me at one of the foster homes.

You came all this way just to tell her off?

You always get along with your mom?

Never got the chance to find out.
My mom died when I was a baby.

-Um... I'm sorry. didn't-- -No, it's okay.
I got to know her later in life.

And, yeah, I suppose we got along okay.


In this line of work,
death isn't always goodbye.

Well, this is different. My mom left me.

"Claire, I'll be home soon.

We'll be home soon".

Doesn't sound like somebody
who wanted to abandon you.

-Did you check her credit cards?
-They wouldn't send me her records.

Okay, I know you need to be
somewhere far away from all of us...

but let me get my laptop, I'll teach you
how to hack into her credit-card records.

It'll help you get a lead on your mom.

Show me. But then I'm gone.

Hey, listen. I don't think
these guys snooping around are FBI.

-No, I think they're--
-They're hunters.

I'm sorry.
I wanted to give you the heads-up.

I wouldn't need a heads-up
if you'd kept your mouth shut.

Hey, come on.

Don't you see that?

Come on. No, man--

My eyes. Come on, man.

I can't see.

There we go.

Seriously? It's that easy?

Yes. I can also show you
how to set up fake credit cards.

It will make life on the road a lot easier.

-You guys are credit-card scammers too?
-Hunting monsters doesn't exactly pay the bills.

Then why do you do it?

To help people. Make a difference.

That's it?

That's not enough?

-Are you all right? -I will be
when nobody ever asks me that again.

-You guys find Ronnie?
-Yeah. Yeah, he gave up a name.

-Peter Holloway. He said he was a faith
healer. -So, what, you thinking angel?

Maybe. By the sound of it, he has healed
some people, but he may have fed off others.

Yeah, that's weird.

All right, let's look into
this Peter Holloway guy.

Claire. um...

happy birthday.


I got it at the Hot Topical.

Right. Um...

Thanks, I guess.


Just got an alert from local P.D.

-Ronnie's body was found outside Susie's Bar.
-You were just supposed to talk to Ronnie.

-What did you do?
-I didn't lay a hand on him.

-Dean, that isn't exactly true.
-Well, I didn't kill the guy.

I'm gonna get suited up and head back over.

-I'm coming with you.
-I'm coming with you too.

-You wanna get in on this? -No, I should
stay here and research Holloway.


Hey, Cass?

What happened in the bar?

Dean snapped.

He's getting worse.


Agents Clapton and Page.

-And your little friend?
-Oh, uh...

It's "Bring Your Daughter to Work"
day at the bureau.

Uh, vic was a, uh, person of
interest in a missing-persons case.

What do you got?

Stab wound.

Clean through.

No sign of robbery.

Wallet and everything
was still on his person.

What are the red marks there
on the point of entry?

Burn marks, maybe. Don't know.

We pulled his cell-phone records.

He made two calls to the
same number prior to the attack.

We tried the number, but the
line's dead now. Probably a burner.

-Will you excuse me?

Sheriff Coltrane.

The wound looks like an Angel Blade,
but the point of entry is wider.

I can't explain those marks.

It's the best birthday ever.

Okay, all right. Come on.

Hey. I, uh, got a lead on Peter Holloway.

Oh, good, because he's
probably about to split town.

Ronnie made a few phone calls
before he got shish-kebabed.

-You think he gave Holloway a heads-up?
-If he did, that's what got him killed.

We gotta track him down before he bails.

Great. According to county records...

Holloway owns a farmhouse
about 30 or 40 miles from here.

So I cross-referenced it with
Amelia's credit-card receipts.

The house is about right there.

She's been hitting up Biggerson's
and Gas-N-Sips all around the area.

-Probably staking the place out.

-What are we waiting for? Let's go.
-You're not going out there.

-She's my mother.
-That house could be empty and a trap.

It's too dangerous.
I can't let anything happen to you.

-Anything else, you mean.
-You're not going.

You're not either, Dean.

-Back at the bar, with Ronnie...

Oh, come on, Cass.
He wasn't gonna talk. I just...

helped him talk.

Dean, Cass is right.

We need to keep the Mark in check.

And we don't know what's out there.
You know, maybe you should...

Maybe you should stay here.

So you wanna bench me again?


All right, fine.

I'll stay and babysit...

but if anything happens, anything at all--

Yeah, we'll call you. No fighting.

Yeah, tell her that.

Both of you.


Can I have one?

Like you never had a beer
before you were 21.

All right, you know what? If we stay cooped up
in this room all night, I'm gonna lose my mind.

Spoiler alert: You already have.

Oh, ha-ha-ha.

Come on.

Let's go.

When this is over...

should I...?

Should leave Claire alone?

What? No, man. She's family.

Well, I mean, she's not exactly
family, but she's close enough.

I mean, you two have history. Simple as that.

So you don't think
she's better off on her own?

Cass, she just turned 18.

Well, you were alone when you left
for college at that age, weren't you?

Yeah, but that's different.

How, Sam?

Look, here's all I know.
Going it alone, that's no way to live.

You being there for her, even if she thinks
she doesn't want you to be there for her...

that's good. For both of you.

Maybe. In the end.

In the end.

"It's in the hole. It's in the hole."

Bill Murray?


-It's a classic.
-Never seen it. Not a fan.

How dare you?

-You done?
-Yeah, I'm done.

I'm done with your whole generation.

"Did you--? Did you see that?
Did that go in the hole?

-I wasn't watching. Did the ball go in--?"
-"Happy Gilmore". Well played.

-Thank you.

"Did it go in? Did that go in?"

It looks abandoned.

Only one way to find out.

This is what you guys do?

Stay at cheap motels, steal credit cards...

play mini-golf?


Actually. We haven't played
mini-golf in a while...

but, uh, yeah...

that about sums it up.

You take the barn, I'll take the house.

We help people. At least we try to.

Like, uh, Castiel helped my dad?

Claire, what happened to your dad...

I'm sorry, okay? I really am.

But, uh, there's something you gotta know.

Your dad's sacrifice was not meaningless.

Okay, he gave up his body, his vessel.

And because he did that, Cass...

Cass was able to save the world.

The world.

Your father's a hero.

He did not die in vain.

Last hole.


Yeah. See?

They take your ball on the last one.

Drop it in the bottom like so.

Are you okay?

You're not stroking out, are you?

The red marks.

What red marks?

Claire, you're a genius. Come on, let's go.

What? Wait. Why am I a genius?

So this is hunting? Homework?

Ronnie's wound looked like an Angel Blade...

but the red marks didn't
match up with an Angel Blade.

If it was an Angel Sword, that would explain
the size of the wound and the red marks.

Because a sword would have a hit on it
which could cause the... the marks.

You got all that from a putter?

Is--? Is this what you mean?


The Watcher Angels.

So are they good or bad?

Well, some of the lore says
that they, uh, help people...

and some says that they prey
on people, so keep digging.



Jim...? Jimmy.



-Amelia. It's okay.
-I looked everywhere for you.

-It's okay.
-I tried to find you.

-You attacked my husband.
-It's okay. It's okay.

Cass isn't answering his phone either.

I don't understand.
Grigori Angels went rogue?

-Started feeding on people? Why?
-Don't know. Don't care.

I'm heading over to Holloway's
to end that son of a bitch.

Let me guess, you want me to stay here?

Happy birthday. Don't shoot me.

Let's go.

I'm sorry.

I'm usually able to heal any wound, you're...

I was dreaming.

This whole time I was dreaming...

of finding Jimmy, of putting
my family back together.

You're not him anymore. I can tell.


Where's Jimmy?

Your husband is in heaven.

Amelia, I promised to protect your family...

and I failed.

Not if Claire's alive.
She's all that matters.

Claire is alive.

She's grown up to be a very
strong-willed young woman.

That's my girl.

I just should--
I shouldn't have left her.

I just thought if could find Jimmy,
I would make everything right.

But I should have never
left her. I shouldn't--

it's okay.

So you must be Holloway.

For the last 50 years or so, yes.

Before that I was a Jenkins.

And before that, a Miller.

My real name is Tamiel.

I'm a Grigori. A Watcher Angel.

Since when do angels feed on humans?

Since the dawn of man.

What are you talking about?

Your souls...

are little slices of heaven...

that are, if properly kept...

delicious meals that can last for years...

decades even.

You're not an angel.

-You're a monster.


I prefer to think of myself as a gourmand.

I make heaven a place on earth.

Keeps me alive and hidden
from the rest of the failures...

that call themselves angels.


Oh, they are failures? Yeah, because
you're living so large on your own, right?

There were hundreds of us.

But now...

Each of our names inscribed on our swords.

A brotherhood of perfectly
crafted engineered beings...

sent to protect you pathetic,
bottom-feeding disasters.

All right, let's stick together.
First the barn, then the house.

If you have to shoot, aim for the chest.

It won't drop an angel,
but it'll slow him down. You got it?


Are they...?

I don't know. We will get them help.

-How long have I been like this?
-Two years.



I'm so sorry.

Baby, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

It's okay.

Let's go find Sam.

Claire. Hey, listen to me.

Stay here, okay? Do not move.

Okay. Thank you.

Thank you both.

-Hey. Hey.
-Mom. Mommy.


What the hell happened?

-Listen, Holloway is a Grigori.
-A Grigori.


No. They were some of
the first angels on Earth.

It was an elite unit that went bad,
but they're extinct, they were destroyed.

No. some survived.
And they've been hunting humans...

making them create heavens
in their minds and feeding off them.

Where is this abomination?

I don't know. I looked everywhere.
He must have left.

Mom. Come on, Mom, you have
to stay with me, okay?

Come on, stand up.
Mom, it's gonna be okay.

Okay. Okay.

-Thank you, sweetheart.
-You know there's no fixing her, right?

You really think...

that's gonna hurt an angel of the Lord?


Mom. Mom.



Mom. Mom, please stay with me, okay?

Mom? Mom, Mom. Mom.


I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.




Is it really you?

Is this...?

It's heaven, heh.

I've waited for you for so long, I...

How is she?

-How's Claire?
-Oh, Jimmy.

She grew up so beautiful.

She's so strong.

Like her mom.

-I love you.
-I love you too.

So, what, this is some sort of
halfway house for wayward girls?

Huh. No, not at all.

Jody Mills is good people. And she'll give you
a place to crash until you get back on yourfeet.

It's not forever, you know?

What are you gonna do about Claire?

It's not up to me.

You said sometimes death
isn't always goodbye, right?

So goodbyes aren't always forever.


Take care of yourself, Claire.

I felt bad about taking the gun back, so...

-Heh, heh.

But I don't think I'm
interested in any more homework.


Did you honestly think
I didn't see you take this?


I'll just put this in here.

You know, Claire...

you already got your revenge.

You go down this path, our path...

it's not a long life.

I don't know. You seem pretty old.



what I did, setting you up...

-I'm sorry. I just-- I shouldn't--
-Forget it. It's in the past.

-Are you gonna be okay?

I don't know.

But I will keep fighting.

I'll keep swinging until I got nothing left.

Will you keep an eye on him?

He's been through enough.

So have you.

Claire, do your homework before
you do anything stupid, okay?

And we're here if you need us. Anytime.

I'll get you loaded up.


If you, um...
If you need anything, ever, I...

I just wanted you to know that--

Someone just tell me she's gonna be okay.

Yeah, Cass, of course.

She'll be okay.

So will you.

Going home or leaving home?

Just going.

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