Supernatural (2005–…): Season 10, Episode 15 - The Things They Carried - full transcript

Despite Dean's directive to forget about looking for a cure for the MOC, Sam continues to do research. Dean suspects Sam is hiding something but decides to focus on a murder case where they run into Cole.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
So, what is it?
What? What? What?

Spirit, demon, what?

[ screams ]

I don't know.

- What is it?
- I don't know.

Oh, yeah, we're
goo positive.

What does that mean?
What does that mean?

It's not like it's an exact science.
[ screams ]

[ groans ]

[ growls ]

Dude, what the hell?

[ screaming ]
I don't know.

[ screams ]

No, seriously,
what the hell?

I don't know.

One theory, any theory.

Sam: Who are you?
Name's Cole.

I did two tours in Iraq.
Special Ops, Darfur...

And your older brother,

Where is he?!

He and I, we go way back.

What I do...
Is hunt monsters.

Sam: You've got
a family, Cole.

I'm guessing
they need you to come back,

And they need you
to come back whole.


Dean Winchester
murdered my father.

That was not
your father, Cole.

Your dad was a monster.

What kind of monster
was he?

I don't know.

Never seen that kind before,
never seen it again.

[ groaning ]

[ thud ]

[ whimpering ]

[ muffled screaming ]

[ gasping ]

[ muffled screaming ]

Hey, check it out.


No. I-It's nothing.

Hey, look,
no judgment from me.

Just, you know,
not where we eat.

Dude, it wasn't porn.

Okay, "erotica."

Zip it up.
Check this out.

[ clears throat ]

The vic was trained
in Krav Maga and jiu-jitsu.

Still ended up
with her organs drained,

And the marrow was sucked
completely out of the bones.

So... Cannibalism.

You thinking a Rugaru?

Or a god, maybe.

I'll go dig up
my pencil-neck suit.

Wait, wait, wait.

What, is this not weird enough
for you?

Well, yeah, it's weird,
but, um, I mean, we... we...

I mean...

[ sighs ]

Great. 10 minutes.
I'll meet you in the car.



I know what you're doing
over there, and it ain't porn.

[ beep ]

Look, man, we have checked
every website, okay?

We've checked it twice.

Sammy, when we work a case,

There's always that...
That point...

When we have to
face the truth, right?

Even if we don't like it.

Well, truth is...

There's no way around this.

We saw what happened
to Cain, okay?

I'm not happy about it.
But I got to move on.

So I'm gonna keep doing
what we do...

While I still can.

And I'd like you
to be there with me.

All right.

[ indistinct conversations ]

[ indistinct conversations ]

Agents, I gather.

Uh, was it the suits,

Or do we give off
some sort of a fed stench?

[ chuckles ]
I-It's the suits.

What can I do for you boys?

Well, uh,
we are here investigating

the death
of private Jacki Prescott.

Shoot. You drove
all the way down from D.C.?

Yeah, we did.

Well, then sorry
to waste your time, agents,

But we wrapped that one up.

Guy that did it was
a special forces officer...

Rick Willis.

What makes you so sure
it was him?

His fingerprints were
all over the storage room

out on the base
where he did it.

He even left his dog tags
by the body.

So, is he in custody?

No, bastard drank
a boatload of gasoline,

Then lit himself on fire.

Well, that's a hell
of a way to go.

No kidding.
Left a wife and a baby.

Third suicide we seen
in six months.

Military town.

Would you like some cake?

Mm. Yeah.

No, uh, y-you know what?
Uh, we're okay.

No, it's really good.
My partner made it.

It looks great, but we're...
No, we're all right.

Uh, we do have
one more question.

Were there any bite marks
found on the body?

No. Vic was killed
with a bowie.

Well, sheriff,
thank you for your time.

[ clears throat ]

No bite marks.
That rules out Rugaru.

So what? A god?

I don't like
the sound of that.

The guy Molotov-cocktailed

That's bonkers.

That's like
demon-possession bonkers.

Beth: Rick did it.

I'm not trying to say
that he didn't.


I mean, he just got back
from deployment,

And we've all seen what
it can do to a soldier's mind.

My Rick...

[ sniffles ]

When he's home and good...

I have to kill the spiders,
you know?

Rick was a kind soul.

[ cooing ]

He never took more life
than he had to.

Did you, um, notice
anything strange, weird,

Like, uh...
Violent mood swings?

Or weird smells?

No. But...

Rick was... he was so...
[ sighs ]

He was thirsty.

Thirsty for what?


He'd spend half the day drinking
from the garden hose.

And then, one night,
I caught him in the tub

drinking the bathwater.
[ sniffles ]

When I told him to stop,

It was like
he couldn't even hear me.

And his skin,
it got so dry it bled.

Did he see a doctor?

I took him to the V.A.,

But he just got on a list
to get on a list.

And then,
he stopped talking...

And just wasn't himself.

[ sniffles ]

I thought maybe it was PTSD.
[ sniffles ]

Uh, we're very sorry.

You said that Rick
was recently deployed.

Do you have any idea where?

No, that stuff is classified.
[ sniffles ]

They don't even
let the wives in on it.


Okay, well, we'll, um...

We'll leave you alone now,
but if something comes up,

Anything at all,
just give us a call.

There's one other thing.

I ran into my friend Jemma
at the supermarket.

She's married to Kit Verson,
a guy from Rick's team.

She thinks Kit came back
different this time.

Kind of felt like we were
dealing with the same thing.

Thank you.

Kit's been going
through some stuff for sure.

Um, you know,
it takes him a while

- to get back to normal, but he always does.
- Thanks.

And what about you?
How are you holding up?

I'm okay...

For the most part.

You know, what happened
to Rick and Beth, it...

[ breathes deeply ]
It's been hard.

"There but for the grace
of god," you know?

Um... May we speak
with your husband?

He, um...
He went out last night,

But he should be back
any minute.

You know, Kit, he comes back
from these deployments,

And he needs his space.

So he's been out all night?

Well... Yeah.

[ sighs ] God.

I can't even
convince myself.


I'm worried.

This isn't like him.
[ sighs ]

Has he been thirsty,

Like "drink out of the dog bowl"

How did you know?

[ helicopter blades whirring ]

Recognized your wheels.

[ sighs ]

What the hell
are you doing here?

Jemma called me in.

I've known Kit
since we were military brats

raisin' hell
on the same base.

He's a good man.

Well, no one's saying
he's not.

Oh, really, now?

So, what are you two, uh,
here for, Jemma's sweet tea?

You want to tell me
why you're really here?

We're working a case.

Oh, Kit's case?

we're not sure just yet,

But, um,
it's looking like it.

Mm. Says you.

There's a murder-suicide
in town.

Your buddy Kit?
Same unit as the killer.

Same whacked-out antics.


Look, we're not
going anywhere, all right?

And if you care
about your buddy,

You'll let us handle this.


Nah, I think
I'm gonna be coming with you.

Oh, the hell you are.

I got contacts.
I can help.

You really can't.

For example, a friend of mine
works military intelligence...

Owes me a favor.

Would he know what Rick
and Kit's mission was?

Sure. And he'd tell me
all about it.

Okay, fine.

No, it ain't.

You know, I figure
what's going on here...

I stick to you two
like flies on roadkill,

Make sure my buddy
comes home in one piece.

Look, I know what you two
are thinking,

But we are not gonna
hunt my best friend,

Who happens to be
a frigging war hero, by the way.

We are gonna find him.

And that's the difference.

Hey, man, we're right there
with you, okay?

Kit's a hero, but...
But you got to prepare yourself.

Kit might not be Kit anymore.
[ sighs ]

[ breathing heavily ]

[ bell dings ]

[ door opens, bell dings ]

[ door closes ]

[ breathing heavily ]

[ cap thuds ]

[ door closes ]

[ cap thuds ]

Uh, sir?

[ gulping ]

Sir, you have to pay
for that first!

[ breathing heavily ]


Now, look what you ma...
[ sighs ]

[ grunts ]



[ gurgling, groaning ]

[ gasping ]

[ grunting ]

This guy just came in.
Get to the store, man.

You got to hurry.

Here you go.

Yo. Sustenance.

Listen, I got nothing
on cattle deaths,

Freakish weather...
None of it.

Probably not a demon.

So maybe it's just not
your kind of thing at all.

when in doubt... Eat.

[ beep ]

Okay, here we go.

I got an encrypted
e-mail here

from my friend
at the M.I.


[ sighs ]

Kit and Rick were sent
to rescue an American P.O.W.

Being held in Iraq...
The Najaf cemetery.


Bastards use 'em as a, uh...
As a prison.

[ sniffs ]

I got some footage here from
the camera on Willis' helmet

during his last mission
with Kit.

Okay, go!

[ shouting in native language ]

Down. Get down.

[ indistinct shouting ]


Major Jones?!

Major Matt Jones?

[ distorted audio ]

Hey, right here.
Hey, major Jones, is that you?

Hey. Hey,
I'm captain Kit verson.

We're here
to bring you home, man.

[ screaming ]

Oh, what the hell?!

What the hell was that?!

[ screams ]

I'm guessing that didn't
have a happy ending.

No, it did not.
Mission failed.

[ beep ]

And that P.O.W.
Got shot by guards.

[ stammers ] Really?
That's what happened?

[ sighs ]
That's the official story.

All right, so, Kit and Rick
came back screwed-up.

We know that much.

Well, and then Rick jumped
the high dive.

God, Kit.

[ cellphone chiming ]

What was that?

I set my phone
to get local alerts.

Is it bad?

It's bloody.

All right,
let's get out of here.

[ police radio chatter ]

He licked the blood
off the floor?

Yeah, the soda jockey back there
seemed pretty shook up by it.

Now, the description he gave...
Medium build, brown hair...

That sound
like the Kit you know?

Yeah, it does.

So still sound like
it ain't our kind of thing?

[ cellphone ringing ]

[ beep ]

Hey, Jem.

Cole, uh, the news said
someone was killed

at the Gas 'n Sip
on Kenton.

Yeah, I know.
I'm here right now.

You are?

are they saying?

Not much. Look, Jem.

Um, I really can't talk
right now. I'm sorry.


Do they think that he...
That... that Kit...

Did this?

I don't know.

[ sighs ]

If he did,
he isn't in his right mind,

And you know that, Cole.

You got to save him.

[ sighs ]
I will.

I know. And, uh...

And that's the only thing
keeping me sane right now.

I was thinking,
you know, sometimes,

When Kit
wanted to be alone,

He would head up north
to his dad's old cabin.

Maybe you could
go check it out,

And... and... and I'll stay here
in case he comes home.


Hey, kung-fu grip,
you coming?

Hey, Jem, I got to go.

[ beep ]
So, what next?

We hit every cop shop
within a 10-mile radius,

Put the word out, see
if we can't track him down.

And if you find him,
what then?

Kit needs help.

He doesn't need a bullet,
and he doesn't need a knife.

You know what, Cole?

We know you want to
protect your buddy, but...

If he's a monster...
We got to put him down.

[ engine turns over ]

That's the way
it's gonna have to be, huh?

That's the job.

So, you in or out?

Thanks for the lift.

It's better this way,
all right?

You keep her calm.
We'll keep you posted.


Hey, Cole.

He shows up,
don't try and be a hero.

Call us.

You got it.

[ dog barking in distance ]

[ engine turns over ]

And you bought him dinner.

[ engine turns over ]

[ engine shuts off ]


Hey, Kit?
Are you here?

It's Cole.

There's some real serious people
looking for you, Kit.

And they won't
just want to talk.

It's bad, Kit.

And it's either me...

Or them.

[ coughing ]

Hey, Kit.
[ coughing ]


Hey, Kit.

[ grunts ]

- I'm sorry. I can't stop.
- Aah!

[ retching ]

[ gagging, coughing ]

[ screeching ]

Wait, wait, wait!

[ gagging, coughing ]

[ strained ] Oh, god.

[ gagging, coughing ]

Oh, god.
[ gagging, coughing ]


Something went down
my... Throat.

All right, Cole,
just try and stay calm.

Oh, god.

Something moved.
It's alive, Sammy.

All right, well, we're gonna
get it out of you, okay?

[ groans ] How?!
We'll figure it out.

[ groaning ]

Man, that was a dumb-ass move
coming here alone.

You know that, right?

Oh, I'm sorry. I should have
let the machete brothers

cut my buddy's head off.

Well, if you did,
maybe you wouldn't be

choking down
a damn Khan worm right now.

What's a Khan worm?

You think
that's what it is?

Or some sort
of freak cousin.

Freak cousin of what?

[ sighs ] A couple years back,
Dean and I worked a case.

We got stuck in a cannery
with this worm.

It would get into people's bodies and...
It was freaking awful.

- All right, so you've been to this rodeo before.
- How do we kill it?

[ breathing heavily ]

[ groans ] Worst case...
Headshot the person it's in.

Worm crawls out,
we stomp it like a bug.

Is there a version
where you don't cap me?

Yeah, uh, last time,

Electrocution made the worm
leave the body.

All right, fine.
Electrocution it is. I'm game.

[ breathing heavily ]

All right.
You two get to work.

I'll go look for Kit.

Hey, hey, Sammy?

If we can fix me,
we can save Kit, right?

That's the idea.

[ inhales sharply ]

You know that this is gonna hurt
like a son of a bitch?

[ breathing heavily ]

Hell, I have a wife, a kid,

And an upside-down mortgage
to get back to.

Whatever it takes,



So, last time
you saw this thing,

It turned people
into killers, too?

Yeah, except that one did
a mind-control number on us.

[ sighs ] Damn.
[ exhales sharply ]

Day in, day out, you and Sammy
saving people from things

they just can't
wrap their minds around...

Hell, and nobody
even notices it.

Hell, at least I get a medal
for my efforts.

But you...
[ chuckles ]

I tried to kill your ass.

Well, good times.

I almost
took you off the map.

Who would be saving me now?

Yeah, well, let's not get
too sentimental about it.

All right,
let's fire this puppy up.

Well, you say that
like it's just another Tuesday.

Oh, buddy,
it's only Monday.

[ electricity crackles ]

[ breathes deeply ]

All right.

[ electricity crackling ]
[ grunts ]

[ breathing shakily ]


Last time,
it came out of our ears.


I'm not
seeing anything yet.

Do it again.

[ breathing heavily,
grunts ]

[ electricity crackling ]

[ gagging ]

[ panting ] All right, that sucker
should have crawled out by now.


I keep going,
this is gonna kill you.


[ breathing heavily ]

[ screams ]

[ electricity crackling ]


[ spoon clatters ]
Hey, hey.

Come on. Come on.


Hey! Hey! Okay!

[ breathes deeply ]

All right. Again.

No. No, we're done
playing "operation."

I zap you again,
you're toast.

[ breathing heavily ]

Just take a knee.

[ coughing ]

[ cellphone ringing ]

[ beep ]

How did it go?
Worm was a no-show.

That doesn't make any sense.
Last time...

Well, this ain't
the last time.

I mean, maybe this is
a whole new species, you know?

All I know
is that sparky struck out.

Well, there's got to
be something.

I mean, everything
has a weakness, right?

Well, what about you?
Any luck?

I'm on my way to Kit's.

Thought I'd check
there first.

All right, well...
Hurry up, man.

You got it.

[ engine revs ]

You okay?

So this is what
in over your head looks like.

[ sighs ]

Just got to keep your head
in the game.

[ sighs ]

Okay, what do we know
about this thing?

Uh, sucker dries you out.

I'm thirsty already, man.

It likes water.

Then when
that's not enough...

Blood. I don't know.

Maybe lack of fluids
makes the thing hostile.

So it's like a parasite.

It wrings you dry,
and then it moves on.

So if I dry myself out,

The son of a bitch wouldn't like
that very much, now, would he?

No, he'd want the hell out.

You'd be
a hostile environment...

Well, more than
you already are.

Well, to be fair, you really
haven't seen my chiller side.

[ chuckles ]

What do you think
about rapid dehydration?

[ sighs ] Big fan.

Just make sure you squash
that sucker when it goes awol.

Sounds like a plan.

All right.

Nothing like a sweat lodge
in the woods, huh?

[ crickets chirping ]

[ Kit groaning ]


[ breathing heavily ]


Look at me.

What's happened to you?


Whatever happened,
whatever you...

You did...

We're gonna fix this, okay?

We're gonna get you well.

[ sighs ] Baby.

[ gasps ]
Kit! Aah!

Kit, stop!

I can't... Stop.

[ screams ]

[ panting ]

Are you okay?

[ weakly ] Yeah.

[ coughing ]

Sam: You're in a...
Sweat lodge?

Well, you're the one

who said everything
has got a weakness.

So I figure take a Schvitz,
kill a freak.

Call that a good day.

Yeah, if it works.

[ sighs ] Well,
you got a better idea?

Yeah, I do, actually, Dean.

We know how to end this.

[ coughs ]

plan "B" for "bullet."

But we're not quite there yet,
so just hold tight.

All right.

How's the wife?

She's barely holding on.
How's Cole?

[ coughing ]

He's going strong.


Look, Dean,
Kit is gonna come to.

And when I got here,
it was bad.

We're on the clock.
I get it.


[ beep ]

[ sighs ]

[ Cole coughs ]

Just keep sweating, man.
You're doing great.


I don't understand.

On Kit's last mission,
on his deployment with Rick,

There was an incident,
and something got inside Kit.

I mean,
h-have you seen anything?

I mean, y...
I saw something, okay?

But it... it was...

It was a monster.

It was a real-life,
actual, honest-to-god monster.

And your husband...

It changed him.


Who are you?

My dad... He got something
inside him, too, right?

You think this is what
he felt like when he turned?


I mean, he was human
before he was... A monster.

I get it...

Why you did it, Dean.

My dad wasn't
my dad anymore.

If I go down
that same road...

I want you
to do that to me, too.

That road?

That means giving up.

If you think
that's where you're headed,

Then you've got it

You're gonna fight harder
than you ever have.

You understand?



[ sighs ]

Will you do me the honor
of tying me to this chair?


[ panting ]


Come on. We both know
you're not gonna do it.

You are gonna sweat
this one through.

I can't, Dean!

[ breathing heavily ]
Yes, you can.

Listen to me.
Yes, you can.

Think about
your family, hmm?

Your wife, your kid.
You hear me?

I appreciate the talk,

But honestly,
all I can think about

is slicing your wrist and
drinking you like a fountain.

[ breathing shakily ]

I guess that makes me
a monster, don't it?

[ laughs ]

Jemma: So,
you're a hunter.

Sam: Right.

I'm sorry. This is gonna
take me a minute.

It's, uh...

It's crazy, right?
It sounds crazy? I know.

But it's the truth.

[ sighs ]

I don't care if he's
what you say he is, okay?

[ breathing heavily ]
He's my husband.

he tried to kill you.

Was that your husband
when you looked into his eyes?

Was that the Kit you know?

Look... Dean is working
on it.

Dean and Cole
will figure it out, okay?

Let me check in with them.

All right.

Sam. Sam.

[ electricity crackles ]
[ gasps ]

[ gasps ] Sam.

[ screams ]

[ growling ]

[ both grunting ]

[ cellphone ringing ]

[ ringing ]

[ coughing ]

Come on, Sammy!
Pick up!

[ both grunting ]

Don't make me
pull this trigger.

I already did.

[ inhales sharply ]

[ gagging ]


[ retching ]

[ gasping ]

[ screeching ]

[ coughs ]

[ groans ]

[ panting ]

You okay?

Oh, thank god.

Thank god.

[ beeping ]

[ ringing ]

Sam: Hey.

Sammy, we did it.
Cole's all right.

Get Kit over here
as soon as you can.

It's too late.

[ sobbing ]

[ sighs ]

Hey, Cole.

Listen, uh, I, uh...

For whatever it's worth...

I really wish
it hadn't ended this way.

[ sighs ]
Yeah, me, too, Sammy boy.

I mean, Kit...
He was gonna kill her and...

I know.
Jemma told me everything.

[ sighs ]
[ door opens ]

Solider goes crazy,
attacks his wife.

[ door closes ]
She had to kill him.

Or at least that's the story
that she's got to tell.

[ sighs ]

I guess
I've seen it all now.

Some. Not all.

[ breathes deeply ]

I just want to go home,
see my family.

I want to thank you, Dean-o,
for keeping me standing.

Well, all it took
was a little

blood, sweat,
and, uh, more sweat.

[ chuckles ]

You take care of yourself,
you hear?

All right, I will.

But I still hope I don't
see the two of you anymore.

No offense.

None taken.

[ car door closes ]

[ engine turns over ]

Don't blame yourself
for Kit, man.

I can't help it, Dean.
It feels crappy.

I know it does.

I tried. I did.

I tried. I just...
[ sniffs ]

I couldn't save this one.

You know,
you can do everything right.

And even still,

The guy still dies.

[ car door opens, closes ]