Supernatural (2005–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Home - full transcript

Following visionary Sam's recent nightmare about the former Winchester home in Lawrence, Kansas, where the present dwellers, Jenny from Wichita and mother to two small kids, are ...

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Previously on Supernatural:

-Let's say good night to your brother.
DEAN: Good night, Sam.

JOHN: Hey, Dean.

Hey, buddy.

Sweet dreams, Sam.

Dad's missing. Help me find him.

The trail for Dad,
it's getting colder every day.

-l wanna find Dad as much as you do.
SAM: l know you do.

DEAN: We'll find Dad.
-Mom's gone, and she isn't coming back.

Don't talk about her like that.


Hey, sweetie.

-Why aren't you in bed?
-There's something in my closet.

See? There's nothing there.

-You're sure?
-l'm sure.

Now, come on. Into bed.

I don't like this house.

You're just not used to it yet.

But you and your brother and me,
we are going to be very happy here.

I promise.

I love you.

-The chair.
-Okay. Right.

The chair.

Just to be safe.


Please, God, don't let it be rats.







DEAN: All right. I've been cruising
some websites.

I think I found a few candidates
for our next gig.

A fishing trawler found off the coast
of Cali, its crew vanished.

And we've got some cattle mutilations
in West Texas.


Am l boring you
with this hunting-evil stuff?

No. I'm listening. Keep going.

And here, a Sacramento man
shot himself in the head.

Three times.

Any of these things
blowing up your skirt, pal?

-Wait, l've seen this.
-Seen what?

What are you doing?

Dean, I know
where we have to go next.

-Back home.

Back to Kansas.

Okay, random.
Where did that come from?

All right, this photo was taken
in front of our old house, right?

-The house where Mom died?

It didn't burn down, not completely.
They rebuilt it, right?

I guess so.
What are you talking about?

Okay, look.
This is gonna sound crazy...

...but the people
who live in our old house...

...l think they might be in danger.

Why would you think that?

Just-- Look, just--

You gotta trust me on this, okay?

-Okay, whoa, whoa. Trust you?

You gotta give me
a little more than that.

-l can't really explain it is all.
-Well, tough.

I'm not going anywhere until you do.

I have these nightmares.

I've noticed.

And sometimes they come true.

-Come again?
-Look, Dean...

...l dreamt about Jessica's death
for days before it happened.

Sam, people have weird dreams, man.
I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

I dreamt about the blood,
her on the ceiling, the fire.

I didn't do anything
because l didn't believe it.

Now I'm dreaming about that tree,
our house...

...and about some woman
screaming for help.

That's where it all started, man.
This has to mean something, right?

I don't know.

What do you mean, you don't know?

This woman might be in danger.

-This might be the thing that killed Mom.
-All right. Just slow down, would you?

I mean, first you tell me
you've got the Shining...

...and then you tell me
that I've gotta go back home.

Especially when....

When what?

When I swore to myself
that I would never go back there.


Dean, we have to check this out.

Just to make sure.

I know we do.

You gonna be all right, man?

Let me get back to you on that.


DEAN: Sorry to bother you, ma'am.

-We're with the--
-l'm Sam Winchester.

And this is my brother, Dean.

We used to live here.

You know, we were just driving by...

...and we were wondering
if we could come see the old place.


Yeah, that's so funny.

You know, I think I found
some of your photos the other night.

You did?

Okay. Come on in.

Juice. Juice. Juice.

That's Richie.
He's kind of a juice junkie.

But, hey,
at least he won't get scurvy.

Sari, this is Sam and Dean.
They used to live here.

-Hey, Sari.

-So you just moved in?
-Yeah. From Wichita.

You got family here, or...?

No, I just...

...needed a fresh start, that's all.

So new town, new job--
I mean, as soon as I find one.

New house.

So how you liking it so far?

Well, all due respect
to your childhood home--

I mean, l'm sure you have
lots of happy memories here.

--but this place has its issues.

What do you mean?

Well, it's just getting old.

Like the wiring, you know?
We've got flickering lights almost hourly.

That's too bad. What else?

Sink's backed up.
There's rats in the basement.

-l'm sorry. I don't mean to complain.

Have you seen the rats
or have you just heard scratching?

It's just the scratching, actually.


Ask them if it was here
when they lived here.

-What, Sari?
-The thing in my closet.

Oh, no, baby.
There was nothing in their closets.

-Right. No, no, of course not.

-She had a nightmare the other night.
-l wasn't dreaming.

It came into my bedroom,
and it was on fire.

You hear that? A figure on fire.

-That was the woman in your dreams?

She was talking about
scratching, flickering lights.

Both signs of a malevolent spirit.

I'm just freaked out
your weirdo visions are coming true.

Forget that a minute.

The thing in the house,
think it killed Mom?

-l don't know.
-Has it come back?

-Has it been there the whole time?
-Or it's something else entirely.

Well, those people
are in danger, Dean.

-We have to get them out.
-And we will.

-No, I mean now.
-How you gonna do that?

-Got a story she'll believe?
-What are we supposed to do?

We just gotta chill out, that's all.

If this was any other kind ofjob,
what would we do?

We'd try to figure out
what we were dealing with.

We'd dig into the history of the house.

Except we already know
what happened.

Yeah, but how much do we know?
How much do you actually remember?

-About that night, you mean?

Not much.

I remember the fire.

The heat.

Then l carried you out the front door.

You did?

Yeah. Why, you never knew that?


And, well, you know Dad's story
as well as l do.

Mom was....

Was on the ceiling.

Whatever put her there was long gone
by the time Dad found her.

And he never had a theory
about what did it?

If he did, he kept it to himself.

God knows we asked him
enough times.


So if we're gonna figure out
what's going on now...

...we have to figure out
what happened back then...

...and see if it's the same thing.


Talk to Dad's friends, neighbors.
People who were there at the time.

Does this feel like
just another job to you?

I'll be right back.
I gotta go the bathroom.


This is John Winchester.

If this is an emergency,
call my son, Dean. 866-907-3235.


...l know l've left you
messages before.

I don't even know if you get them.

But l'm with Sam...

...and we're in Lawrence...

...and there's something
in our old house.

I don't know if it's the thing
that killed Mom or not...


...l don't know what to do.

So whatever you're doing,
if you could get here....


I need your help, Dad.

No, sir. Nothing weird down there,
I promise.

-Sink just backed up on its own.
-Well, l'll take a look.


Oh, okay. l'll get out of your way.




So you and John Winchester,
you used to own this garage together?

Yeah, we used to. A long time ago.

Matter of fact, it must be 20 years
since John disappeared.

So why are the cops interested?

We're reopening some unsolved cases,
and the Winchester disappearance is one.

-Well, what do you wanna know?
-Whatever you remember.

Whatever sticks out in your mind.

He was a stubborn bastard,
I remember that.

And whatever the game,
he hated to lose, you know?

It was the whole Marine thing.

But he sure loved Mary.

And he doted on those kids.

-But that was before the fire?
-That's right.

He ever talk about that night?

No. Not at first.

-l think he was in shock.

But eventually?

What did he say about it?

He wasn't thinking straight.
He said....

He said something caused that fire
and killed Mary.

He ever say what did it?

Nothing did it.
It was an accident.

An electrical short in the ceiling
or walls or something.

-l begged him to get some help, but....
-But what?

-He just got worse and worse.

Oh, he started reading
these strange old books.

He started going to see
this palm-reader in town.

Palm-reader? Do you have a name?


So there are a few psychics
and palm-readers in town.

There's someone named El Divino.

There's the mysterious Mr. Fortensky.

-Missouri Mosley. Some dude named--
-Wait, wait.

-Missouri Mosley?

-That's a psychic?
-Yeah. Yeah, l guess so.

Dad's journal.

Come here. Look at this.

First page, first sentence. Read that.

"I went to Missouri
and l learned the truth."

I always thought he meant the state.

All right, then.

Don't you worry about a thing.

-Your wife is crazy about you.
MAN: Well, thank you.

Poor bastard.

His woman is cold banging
the gardener.

Why didn't you tell him?

People don't come here for the truth.

They come for good news.

Well, Sam and Dean, come on already.
I ain't got all day.

Well, let me look at you.

You boys grew up handsome.

And you were one
goofy-looking kid too.


Oh, honey.

I'm sorry about your girlfriend.

And your father.

He's missing?

-How did you know all that?

You were just thinking it, just now.

Where is he? Is he okay?

-l don't know.
-Don't know?

You're supposed to be
a psychic, right?

Boy, you see me sawing
some bony tramp in half?

You think I'm a magician?

I may read thoughts
and sense energies in a room...

...but l can't just pull facts
out of thin air.

Sit. Please.

You put your foot on my coffee table,
I'm gonna whack you with a spoon.

-l didn't do anything.
-You were thinking about it.

Okay. So our dad,
when did you first meet him?

He came for a reading.

A few days after the fire.

I just told him
what was really out there in the dark.

I guess you could say
I drew back the curtains for him.

What about the fire?

Do you know about
what killed our mom?

A little.
Your daddy took me to your house.

He was hoping l could sense the echoes,
the fingerprints of this thing.

-And could you?
-l don't....

-What was it?
-l don't know.


But it was evil.

-Juice. Juice. Juice.
-l feel awful about the poor man's hand.

Wait, but how can I be held liable?

Yeah, but l can't afford a lawyer.


Okay, listen.
You just gotta let me call you back.

Richie, Mommy's gonna
be right back, okay?


So you think something's
back in that house?


I don't understand.


I haven't been back inside...

...but l've been keeping an eye
on the place, and it's been quiet.

No sudden deaths, no freak accidents.

Why is it acting up now?

I don't know.

But Dad going missing and Jessica dying
and now this house...

...all happening at once,
it feels like something starting.

That's a comforting thought.


Oh, baby, either we have rats
or Mommy is going crazy.



Baby, where are you?

RICHlE: Mama.
-Oh, my God.


Sam, Dean.

-What are you doing here?
-Hey, Jenny.

This is our friend, Missouri.

DEAN: We were hoping to show her
the old house.

You know, for old times' sake.

You know what?
This isn't a good time.

-l'm kind of busy.
-Jenny, it's important--

Give the poor girl a break.
Can't you see she's upset?

Forgive him. He means well. He's just
not the sharpest tool in the shed.

But hear me out.

-About what?
-About this house.

What are you talking about?

I think you know
what I'm talking about.

You think there's something
in this house.

Something that wants
to hurt your family.

Am l mistaken?

-Who are you?
-We're people who can help.

Who can stop this thing.

But you're gonna
have to trust us just a little.

If there's a dark energy around here,
this room should be the center of it.

-This used to be your nursery, Sam.

This is where it all happened.

-That an EMF?


I don't know if you should be
disappointed or relieved...

...but this ain't the thing
that took your mom.

Are you sure?
How do you know?

It isn't the same energy l felt
the last time l was here.

It's something different.

What is it?

Not it. Them.

There's more than one spirit
in this place.

What are they doing here?

They're here because
of what happened to your family.

You see, all those years ago,
real evil came to you.

It walked this house.

That kind of evil leaves wounds.

And sometimes wounds get infected.

I don't understand.

This place is a magnet
for paranormal energy.

It's attracted a poltergeist.

A nasty one.

And it won't rest until Jenny
and her babies are dead.

You said there was more
than one spirit.

There is.

I just can't quite make out
the second one.

Well, one thing's for damn sure.

Nobody's dying in this house
ever again.

So whatever is here,
how do we stop it?

So, what is all this stuff, anyway?

Angelica Root, Van Van oil,
crossroad dirt.

-A few other odds and ends.
-What are we supposed to do with it?

We're gonna put them
inside the walls... the north, south, east, west corners
on each floor of the house.

We're gonna be punching holes
in the drywall, Jenny's gonna love that.

She'll live.

-And this will destroy the spirits?
-lt should.

It should purify the house completely.

We'll each take a floor.

But we work fast. Once the spirits
realize what we're up to...

...things are gonna get bad.



Look, l'm not sure I'm comfortable
leaving you guys here alone.

Take your kids
to the movie or something...

...and it will be over
by the time you get back.







You sure this is over?

I'm sure.

Why? Why do you ask?

Never mind.

It's nothing, l guess.



We're home.

What happened?

Hi. Sorry.

We'll pay for all of this.

Don't you worry.
Dean's gonna clean up this mess.

Well, what are you waiting for, boy?
Get the mop.

And don't cuss at me.




-So, what are we still doing here?
-l don't know. I just....

-l still have a bad feeling.

Missouri did her Zelda Rubinstein thing.
This should be over.

Yeah. Well, probably.
But l just wanna make sure, that's all.

Well, problem is,
I could be sleeping in a bed right now.

-[MOUTHS] Helo.
-Dean. Dean!

You grab the kids, I'll get Jenny.

Come on.

JENNY: Come on!

-l can't open the door!
-Stand back.

-Come on.
-No, my kids!

Sam's got your kids. Come on.



Come here. Come here.
Don't look. Don't look.

Sari, take your brother outside
as fast as you can. Don't look back.


-Are you okay, baby?
-Sari, where's Sam?

He's inside.
Something has got him.

Are you okay?




-No! Don't! Don't!
-What? Why?

Because I know who it is.

I can see her now.




I'm sorry.

For what?

You get out of my house.

And let go of my son.


Now it's over.

Thanks for these.

Don't thank me. They're yours.

Well, there are no spirits
in there anymore.

This time for sure.

-Not even my mom?

What happened?

Your mom's spirit
and the poltergeist's energy...

...they canceled each other out.

Your mom destroyed herself
going after the thing.

Why would she
do something like that?

Well, to protect her boys, of course.

Sam, l'm sorry.

For what?

You sensed it was here, didn't you?

Even when l couldn't.

What's happening to me?

I know l should have
all the answers...

...but l don't know.

Sam, you ready?


Thanks, Sam.

-Don't you boys be strangers.
-We won't.

See you around.

That boy.

I mean, he has such powerful abilities.

Why he couldn't sense his own father,
I have no idea.

Mary's spirit?

Do you really think
she saved the boys?

I do.

John Winchester,
I could just slap you.

Why don't you go talk
to your children?

I want to.

You have no idea
how much I wanna see them.

But l can't.

Not yet.

Not until I know the truth.