Supernatural (2005–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Dead in the Water - full transcript

Something, in the lake of a small town, is killing innocent people.

Previously on Supernatural.

Take your brother outside as fast
as you can ! Now Dean ! Go !

Mary ! No !

Dad's on a hunting trip.

And he hasn't been
home in a few days.

I swore I was done hunting,

I can't do this alone.

We got work to do.

This is dad's single

most valuable possession.

Everything he knows about
every evil thing is in here.

I think he wants us to
pick up where he left off.

You know, saving people,

hunting things...

Family business.


I gotta find Jessica's killer.

It's the only thing
I can think about.

Sam, you know we're
gonna find dad, right ?

Yeah, I know.

Morning, daddy.

Morning, sweetheart.

All these workouts,
Soph, I don't know.

Guys don't like buff girls.

Yeah, well, girls don't like
guys who still live at home.

Be careful.

I will.

Can I get you anything else ?

Just the check, please.


You know, Sam, we are allowed
to have fun once in a while.

That's fun.

Here, take a look at this.
I think I got one.

Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin.

Last week, Sophie Carlton,

18, walks into the lake,

doesn't walk out.

Authorities dragged the water.


Sophie Carlton is the third
Lake Manitoc drowning this year.

None of the other bodies
were found, either

They had a funeral
two days ago.

A funeral ?

Yes, they buried an empty coffin.

for closure or whatever.

Closure ?

What closure ?

People don't just
disappear, Dean.

Other people just stop
looking for them.

Something you want
to say to me ?

The trail for dad.
It's getting colder.

every day.

- What are we supposed to do ?
- I don't know.


- Anything.
- No one.

I'm sick of this attitude.

You don't think I want to find
dad as much as you do ?

Yeah, I know you do it.

I'm the one that's been with him
every single day for the past two years.

While you've been off to
college going to pep rallies.

We will find dad,

but until then, we're
gonna kill everything bad,

between here and there.

Okay ?

All right, Lake Manitoc.


Huh ?

How far ?

Will Carlton ?

Yeah, that's right.

I'm agent Ford.

This is agent Hamill.

We're with the U.S.
Wildlife service.

She was about 100 yards out.

That's where she
got dragged down.

And you're sure she
didn't just drown ?


She was a varsity swimmer.

She practically
grew up in that lake.

She's as safe out there
as in her own bathtub.

So no splashing,

no signs of distress ?

No, that's what
I'm telling you.

Did you see any
shadows in the water,


some dark shape
breach the surface ?

No, again, she was
really far out there.

You ever see any strange
tracks by the shoreline ?

No, never.

Why ?

What do you think's out there ?

We'll let you know
as soon as we do.

What about your father ?

Can we talk to him ?


If you don't mind,
I mean,

he didn't see anything, and
he's kind of been through a lot.

We understand.

Now, I'm sorry, but,

why does the wildlife service
care about an accidental drowning ?

You sure it's accidental ?

Will Carlton saw
something grab his sister.

Like what ?

Here, sit, please.

There are no indigenous
carnivores in that lake.

There's nothing even big
enough to pull down a person,

unless it was the Loch Ness monster.

Yeah, right.

Will Carlton was traumatized, and
sometimes the mind plays tricks.


we dragged that entire lake.
We even ran a sonar sweep,

just to be sure, and there
was nothing down there.

That's weird, though.

That's the third
missing body this year.

I know.

These are people from my town.

These are people I care about.

I know.

Anyway . . .

All this.

It won't be a problem
much longer.

What do you mean ?

Well, the dam,
of course.

Of course.

The dam.

It's, uh...

It sprung a leak.

It's falling apart,

and the feds won't give
us the grant to repair it,

so they've opened
the spillway.

In another six months,

there won't be
much of a lake.

There won't be much
of a town, either,

but as federal wildlife,

you already knew that.


Sorry, am I interrupting ?

I think come back later.

Gentlemen, this is my daughter.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm Dean.

Andrea Bar. Hi.


They're from the
wildlife service,

about the lake.

Oh, hey, there.

What's your name ?

His name is Lucas.

Is he okay ?

My grandson's been through a lot.

We all have.


if there's anything else
I can do for you,

please, let me know.


You know, now that
you mentioned it,

could you point us in the direction
of a reasonably priced motel ?

Lakefront motel, go around
the corner, it's two blocks up.


Would you mind showing us ?

You want me to
walk you two blocks ?

Not if it's any trouble.

I'm headed that way anyway.

I'll be back to pick up lucas at 3:00.

We'll go to the park,
okay, sweetie ?

Thanks again.

So, cute kid.


Kids are the best, huh ?

There it is.

Like I said, two blocks.


Must be hard with
your sense of direction,

never being able to find your
way to a decent pickup line.

Enjoy your stay.

"Kids are the best" ?

- You don't even like kids.
- I love kids.

Name three children
that you even know.

I'm thinking.

So there's the three
drowning victims this year.

And before that ?

Yeah, six more,

spread outover the past 35 years.

Those bodies were
never recovered, either.

If there is something out there,

it's picking up its pace.

So we got a lake monster on a binge ?

This whole lake monster
theory, it just bugs me.

Why ?

Loch Ness, lake Champlain

there are literally hundreds
of eyewitness accounts,

but here, almost nothing.

Whatever it is out there,

Noone's living to talk about it.

Wait, Bar,

Christopher Bar, where have
I heard that name before ?

Christopher Bar,
the victim in may.

Christopher Bar was
Andrea's husband,

Lucas' father.


he took Lucas out swimming.

Lucas was on a floating wooden
platform when Chris drowned,

two hours,

before the kid got rescued.

Maybe we have an
eyewitness after all.

No wonder that kid
was so freaked out.

Watching one of your parents die
isn't something you just get over.

Can we join you ?

I'm here with my son.

Mind if I say hi ?

Tell your friend this whole "jerry maguire"
thing's not gonna work on me.

I don't think that's
what this is about.

How's it going ?

Oh, I used to
love these things.

So crayons is
more your thing ?

That's cool.
Chicks dig artists.

Hey, these are pretty good.

You mind if I sit and
draw with you for a while ?

I'm not so bad myself.

You know, I'm thinking
you can hear me.

You just don't want to talk.

I don't know exactly
what happened to your dad,

but I know it was
something real bad.

I think I know how you feel.

When I was your age,
I saw something.

Anyway . . .

Maybe you don't think
anyone will listen to you.

Or, uh...

Or believe you.

I want you to know that I will.

You don't even have to

say anything.
You could draw me a picture,

about what you saw that day,

with your dad,

on the lake.


no problem.

This is for you.

This is my family.

That's my dad.


That's my mom.

That's my geek brother,

and that's me.

All right, so I'm
a sucky artist.

I'll see you around, Lucas.

Lucas hasn't said a word,
not even to me,

not since

his dad's accident.

Yeah, we heard.


What are the doctors saying ?

That it's a kind of
post-traumatic stress.

That can't be easy

for either of you.

We moved in with my dad.

He helps out a lot.

It's just...

when I think about what Lucas
went through, what he saw...

Kids are strong.

You'd be surprised
what they can deal with.

You know,

he used to have such life.

He was hard to keep up with,
to tell you the truth.

Now he just sits there,

drawing those pictures,
playing with those army men.

I just wish.

Hey, sweetie.


Thanks, Lucas.

Hey, dad.

You should probably
eat something.

I'm gonna make
some dinner, okay ?


I think it's safe to say
we can rule out Nessie.

What do you mean ?

I just drove past the Carlton house.
There was an ambulance there.

Will Carlton is dead.

He drowned ?

Yep, in the sink.

What the hell ?

So this isn't a creature. We're
dealing with something else.

Yeah, but what ?

I don't know.

A water wraith maybe ?

Some kind of demon ?

I mean, something
that controls water...

...water that comes
from the Same source.

- The lake
- Yeah

which would explain why
it's upping the body count.

The lake is draining. It'll be dry in
a few months. Whatever this thing is,

whatever it wants,

it's running out of time.

And if it can get
through the pipes,

it can get to anyone,

almost anywhere.

This is gonna happen again soon.

And we do know one other thing for sure.

We know this has got
something to do with Bill Carlton.

It took both his kids.

And I've been asking around.

Lucas' dad, Chris

Bill Carlton's godson.

Let's go pay
Mr. Carlton a visit.

Mr. Carlton ?

We'd like to ask you
a few questions,

if you don't mind.

- We're from the department
- I don't care who you're with.

I've answered
enough questions today.

Your son said he saw
something in that lake.

What about you ?

You ever see anything out there ?

Mr. Carlton,

Sophie's drowning
and Will's death.

We think there might
be a connection,

- to you or your family.
- My children are gone.


It's worse than dying.

Go away...


What do you think ?

I think the poor guy's
been through hell.

I also think he's not
telling us something.

So now what ?

What is it ?

Maybe Bill's not the only
one who knows something.

I'm sorry, but I don't
think it's a good idea.

I just need to talk to him,

just for a few minutes.

He won't say anything.

- What good's it gonna do?
- Andrea,

we think more people
might get hurt.

We think something's
happening out there.

My husband, the others,
they just drowned.

That's all.

If that's what
you really believe,

then we'll go,

but if you think
there's even a possibility

that something else
could be going on here,

please let me talk to your son.

Hey, Lucas.

You remember me ?

You know, I, uh...

I wanted to thank you
for that last drawing...

...but the thing is

I need your help again.

How did you know
to draw this ?

Did you know something
bad was gonna happen ?

Maybe you could

nod yes or no

for me.

You're scared.

It's okay.

I understand.

See, when I was your age,

I saw something real
bad happen to my mom,

and I was scared, too.

I didn't feel like talking,

just like you,

but, see, my mom,

I know she wanted
me to be brave.

I think about
that every day.

And I do my best
to be brave.

And maybe your dad

wants you to be brave, too.

Thanks, Lucas.

Andrea said the kid never drew
like that till his dad died.

There are cases going
through a traumatic experience

could make certain people more sensitive
to premonitions, psychic tendencies.

What if Lucas is
tapping into it somehow ?

It's only a matter of time
before somebody else drowns,

so if you got
a better lead, please.

All right.

We got another house to find.

There's about a thousand yellow
two-stories in this county alone.

See this church ?

I bet there's less than
a thousand of those around here.

Oh, college boy
thinks he's so smart.

You know, um...

What you said about mom.

You never told me that before.

It's no big deal.

Oh, god, we're not gonna have
to hug or anything, are we ?

We're sorry to bother you, ma'am,

but does a little boy
live here by chance ?

He might wear

a blue ball cap,

has a red bicycle.

No, sir.

Not for a very long time.

Peter's been gone 35 years now.

The police never

I never had any idea
what happened.

He just disappeared.

Losing him,

you know,


It's worse than dying.

Did he disappear from here,

I mean, from this house ?

He was supposed to

ride his bike

straight home

after school,

and he never showed up.

"Peter Sweeney and Billy Carlton,


You've taken everything,


I've got nothing left.

I didn't understand.

I didn't believe.

Now I think I do.

I think I finally
know what you want.

Okay, this little boy,
Peter Sweeney, vanishes,

and this is all connected
to Bill Carlton somehow.

Bill sure as hell seems
to be hiding something.

And Bill, the people he loves

they're all getting punished.

So that Bill did
something to Peter.

What if Bill killed him ?

Peter's spirit
would be furious.

It'd want revenge.
It's possible.

Mr. Carlton !

Hey. Check it out.

Mr. Carlton !
You need to come back !

Come out of the water !
Turn the boat around !

Baby, what's wrong ?

Sam, Dean.

I didn't expect
to see you here.

So now you're on
a first-name basis.

What are you doing here ?

I brought you dinner.

I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I don't really have the time.

I heard about Bill Carlton.

Is it true? Is something
going on with the lake ?

Right now, we don't
know what the truth is,

but I think it might be better
if you and lucas went on home.

Lucas, hey, what is it ?

- Lucas.
- Lucas.

Lucas, it's okay.
It's okay. Hey,

Lucas, it's okay.
It's okay.

Okay, just so I'm clear,
you see . . .


attack Bill's boat,

sending Bill,

who is a very good
swimmer, by the way,

into the drink,

and you never
see him again ?

Yeah, that about sums it up.

And I'm supposed
to believe this,

even though I've already
sonar-swept that entire lake

and what you're
describing is impossible

and you're not really
wildlife service ?

That's right,

I checked.

The department's
never heard of you two.

See ?

- Now, we can explain that.
- Enough,


The only reason
you're breathing free air

is one of Bill's neighbors saw him
steering out that boat just before you did.


we have a couple
of options here.

I can arrest you for
impersonating government officials

and hold you as material witnesses
to Bill Carlton's disappearance,


we can chalk this
all up to a bad day,

you get into your car,

you put this town
in your rearview mirror,

and you don't ever
darken my doorstep

again !

Door number two sounds good.

That's the one I'd pick.


What are you doing up ?

Come on, let's go to bed.


What ?

Light's green.

Ah, the interstate's
the other way.

I know.

But, Dean, this job,
I think it's over.

I'm not so sure.

If bill murdered Peter Sweeney
and Peter's spirit got its revenge,

case closed.
The spirit should be at rest.

All right, so what if we take off
and this thing isn't done ?

What if we missed something ?
What if more people get hurt ?

But why would you think that ?

Because Lucas
was really scared.

That's what this is about ?

I just don't want to leave town
till I know the kid's okay.

Who are you,

and what have you
done with my brother ?

Shut up.

Are you sure about this ?

It's pretty late, man.

Lucas ? Lucas !

Lucas !

Can you tell me ?


It doesn't make any sense.

I'm going crazy.

No, you're not.

Tell me what happened.


I heard...

I thought I heard...

there was this voice.

What did it say ?

It said

it said, "come play with me."

What's happening ?

Do you recognize the
kids in these pictures ?

What ?

No, I huh...

I mean, except that's
my dad right there.

He must have been about

12 in these pictures.

Chris Bar's drowning

the connection wasn't to Bill Carlton.
It must have been to sheriff.

Bill and the sheriff,

they were both
involved with Peter.

What about Chris ?

My dad, what are
you talking about ?

Lucas ?

Lucas, what is it ?

Lucas, honey ?

You and Lucas get back to
the house and stay there, okay ?

Peter's bike.

Who are you?

Put the gun down, Jake.

How did you know
that was there ?

What happened ?

You and Bill killed Peter,

drowned him in the lake,
and then buried the bike ?

You can't bury
the truth, Jake.

Nothing stays buried.

Go to your room, sweetie.


Lock the door and wait
for me. Don't come out.

I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

You and Bill killed
Peter Sweeney 35 years ago.

that's what the hell
I'm talking about.


And now you got one
seriously pissed-off spirit.

It's gonna take Andrea,


everyone you love.

It's gonna drown them,

and it's gonna drag their
bodies god knows where.

So you can feel the Same
pain Peter's mom felt.

And then after that,

it's gonna take you,

and it's not gonna
stop until it does.

How do you know that ?

Because that's exactly
what it did to Bill Carlton.

Listen to yourselves,

both of you.

You're insane.

I don't really give a rat's ass
what you think of us,

but if we're gonna
bring down this spirit,

we need to find the remains,

salt them,

and burn them into dust.

Tell me you buried
Peter somewhere.

Tell me you didn't just
let him go in the lake.

Come play with me.


is any of this true ?

No. Don't listen to them.

They're liars,
and they're dangerous.

Something tried
to drown me.

Chris died on that lake.

Dad, look at me.

Tell me you

you didn't kill anyone.

Oh, my god.

Billy and I were at the lake.

Peter was the smallest one.
We always bullied him,

but this time...

It got rough.

We were holding his
head under the water.

We didn't mean to,

but we held him
under too long,

and he drowned.

We let the body go,

and it sank.

Oh, Andrea.

We were kids.

We were so scared.

It was a mistake,

but, Andrea,

to say that I have anything
to do with these drownings,

with Chris,

because of some ghost

it's not rational.

All right, listen to me,

all of you.

We need to get you
away from this lake

as far as we can right now.

Lucas !

Come play with me.

Lucas !

Lucas !
Stay where you are !

Oh, my god !

Andrea, stay there.

No, Lucas !

We'll get him.
Stay on the dock.

Lucas ?

Sam ?

Lucas, where are you ?


if you can hear me,

please, Peter,

I'm sorry.

- I'm so...
- Dad, no !

I'm so sorry.



he's j... he's
just a little boy.

Please, it's not
his fault. It's mine.

Please take me !


no !

Listen, let it be over!


Daddy !




we're not gonna
save everybody.

I know.




We're glad
we caught you.

We just, um,

we made you
lunch for the road.

Lucas insisted on making
the sandwiches himself.

Can I give it
to them now ?

Of course.

Come on, Lucas,
let's load this in the car.

How you holding up?

It's just gonna take a long time
to sort through everything, you know ?

Andrea, I'm sorry.

You saved my son.

I can't ask
for more than that.

Dad loved me.

He loved Lucas.

No matter what he did,

I just have to...

hold on to that.

All right,

if you're gonna
be talking now,

this is a very important phrase, so
I want you to repeat it one more time.

Zeppelin rules !

That's right.
Up high.

Take care of
your mom, okay ?

Thank you.

Sam, move your ass.

We're gonna run out of daylight
before we hit the road.