Supernatural (2005–…): Season 1, Episode 21 - Salvation - full transcript

Meg turns to killing John's friends in order to get the Colt. Sam and Dean stakeout the Demon's next target; a family with a six month old baby showing signs of special abilities. John heads off alone to confront Meg.

Dad's missing. I need you to help me.
I can't do this alone.

DEAN: Dad's given us a job to do.
He wants us to pick up where he left off.

Saving people, hunting things.

This demon killed Mom and Jess.

I gotta find Dad.
I gotta find Jessica's killer.

MEG: I'm Meg.
-So where you headed?

No way l'm telling you.
You could be some kind of freak.


JOHN: In 1 835, Samuel Colt made
a special gun.

They say this gun can kill anything.

SAM: l have these nightmares.
And sometimes they come true.

You two are all I've got...

...but l guess we are stronger
as a family.

We go after this damn thing. Together.

Yes, sir.

Good morning. Can l help you?

I kind of--
I need to talk.

Well, that's what I'm here for.

I've done some things.

Not good things.

Well, there's always forgiveness
for us if we seek it.

For everyone? Are you sure?

I like to say:
Salvation was created for sinners.

Tell me what's on your mind.

Well, l--
I've lied a lot.

I've stolen.

I've lusted.

And the other day, l met this man.
A nice guy, you know?

And we had a really good chat.
Sort of like this.

Then l slit his throat and ripped
his heart out through his chest.

Does that make me a bad person?

I know what you are.

You can't be here.

This is hallowed ground.

Please. Maybe that works in
the minor leagues...

...but not with me.

You throw like a girl.

What do you want?

The Winchesters.

I haven't spoken to John
in over a year.

You're wasting your time.

Even if l did know where they were,
I'd never tell you.

I know.


So this is it. This is everything l know.

Look, our whole lives we've been
searching for this demon, right?

Not a trace, just nothing.

Until about a year ago.
For the first time, l picked up a trail.

-That's when you took off.
-Yeah. That's right.

The demon must have come out
of hiding or hibernation.

So, what's this trail you found?

Starts in Arizona,
then New Jersey, California.

Houses burned down to the ground.

It's going after families,
just like it went after us.

-Families with infants?

The night of the kid's
6-month birthday.

-l was 6 months old that night?
-Exactly 6 months.

So basically, this demon is going
after these kids for some reason.

The same way it came for me?

So Mom's death...

...Jess, it's because of me?

-We don't know that.

-l'd say we're sure.
-For the last time...

-...what happened is not your fault.

-lt's not my fault, but it's my problem.
-No, it's not, it's our problem.

Okay. That's enough.

So why is it doing it?
What does it want?

Look, l wish l had more answers. I do.

I've always been one step behind it.

Look, l've never gotten there
in time to save....

So how do we find it
before it hits again?

There are signs.

It took me a while to see the pattern...

...but in the days before these fires,
signs crop up in an area.

Cattle deaths,
temperature fluctuations...

...electrical storms.

And then I went back
and checked, and....

These things happened in Lawrence.

A week before your mother died.

And in Palo Alto...

...before Jessica.

And these signs,
they're starting again.

-Salvation, lowa.

-Goddamn it.
-What is it?

-Son of a bitch.
-What is it?

-l just got a call from Caleb.
-ls he okay?

He's fine. Jim Murphy's dead.

Pastor Jim?

-Throat was slashed.

He bled out.

Caleb said they found traces of sulfur
at Jim's place.

A demon.

-The demon?
-l don't know.

Could be he just got--
He got careless, he slipped up.

Maybe the demon knows
we're getting close.

-What do you wanna do?
-Now we act like every second counts.

There's two hospitals and
a health center in this county.

We split up, we cover more ground.

I want records. l want a list
of every infant...

...that's gonna be 6 months old
in the next week.

That could be dozens of kids.
How the hell are we gonna know...

-...which one's the right one?
-We'll check them all, that's how.

You got any better ideas?

No, sir.



It's Jim.

You know, I can't....

This ends now. I'm ending it.

I don't care what it takes.

Here you go, officer.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

Hi. ls there anything I can do for you?

Oh, God, yes.

Only I....

Working right now, so....





A train.




Hi. Here, let me hold that. You look like
you don't need that anymore.


She's gorgeous. Is she yours?


I'm sorry, I'm rude. l'm Sam.
I just moved in up the block.

-Oh, hey. l'm Monica.

-This is Rosie.

-Hi, Rosie.
-So welcome to the neighborhood.

Thank you.

-She's such a good baby.
-l know, she-- l mean, she never cries.

She just stares at everybody.

Sometimes she looks at you
and l swear it's--

It's like she's reading your mind.

What about you?
Have you lived here long?

My husband and l, we bought our place
just before Rosie was born.

-How old is Rosie?
-She's 6 months today.

-She's big, right? Growing like a weed.


Just.... Just take care
of yourself, okay?

Yeah. You too, Sam.
We'll see you around.

-Yeah, definitely.


Oh, there's Daddy.





What are you--?




-A vision?

I saw the demon
burning a woman on the ceiling.

You think it will happen to
this woman because...?

Because these things happen
exactly the way l see them.

Yeah, they started out as nightmares.

Then they started happening
while he was awake.

Yeah. lt's like-- I don't know.

It's like the closer I get to
anything involving the demon...

...the stronger the visions get.

All right, when were you gonna tell me
about this?

We didn't know what it meant.

Something like this
starts happening to your brother... pick up the phone
and you call me.

Call you?

Are you kidding me?

Dad, I called you from Lawrence.
All right?

Sam called you when l was dying.
I mean, getting you on the phone?

I got a better chance
of winning the lottery.

You're right.

Although I'm not real crazy...

...about this new tone of yours,
you're right. l'm sorry.

Look, guys, visions or no visions,
the fact is...

...we know the demon
is coming tonight.

And this family's gonna go through
the same hell we went through.

No, they're not.

No one is, ever again.


MEG: Sam?

-Who is this?
-Think real hard. It'll come to you.


Last time l saw you,
you fell out of a window.

Oh, yeah, thanks to you.

-That really hurt my feelings, by the way.
SAM: Just your feelings?

That was a seven-story drop.

Let me speak to your dad.

My dad? l don't know
where my dad is.

It's time for the grownups to talk, Sam.
Let me speak to him now.

This is John.

Howdy, John. I'm Meg.

I'm a friend of your boys.

I'm also the one who watched
Jim Murphy choke on his own blood.

Still there, John boy?

-l'm here.
-Well, that was yesterday.

Today, l'm in Lincoln...

...visiting another old friend of yours.

He wants to say hi.

John, whatever they do, don't give--



You listen to me.
He's got nothing to do with anything.

You let him go.

We know you have the Colt, John.

-l don't know what you're talking about.
-Oh, okay.

So listen to this.



JOHN: Caleb.
-You hear that?

That's the sound of your friend dying.
Now let's try this again.

We know you have the gun, John.
Word travels fast.

So as far as we're concerned,
you just declared war.

And this is what war looks like.
It has casualties.

I'm gonna kill you. You know that?

Oh, John, please.
Mind your blood pressure.

MEG: So this is the thing:
We're gonna keep doing what we're doing.

And your friends,
anyone who's ever helped you...

...gave you shelter,
anyone you ever loved...

...they'll all die
unless you give us that gun.

I'm waiting, Johnny.
Better answer before the buzzer.

-Sorry, l didn't quite get that.

I said, okay. I'll bring you the Colt.

There's a warehouse in Lincoln
on the corner of Wabash and Lake.

You're gonna meet me there.

It's gonna take me
about a day's drive to get there.

-Meet me there at midnight tonight.
-That's impossible.

I can't get there in time
and l can't just carry a gun on a plane.

Oh, then I guess your friends die,
don't they?

If you do decide to make it,
come alone.

What the hell are you looking at?

-So you think Meg is a demon?
-Either that, or she's possessed by one.

-lt doesn't really matter.
-What do we do?

-l'm going to Lincoln.

Doesn't seem like l have a choice.

If l don't go, a lot of people die.
Our friends die.

Dad, the demon is coming tonight
for Monica and her family.

That gun is all we got.
You can't just hand it over.

Who said anything
about handing it over?

Besides us and a couple vampires,
no one's really seen the gun.

-No one knows what it looks like.
-So, what, you're just gonna...

-...pick up a ringer at a pawnshop?
-Antique store.

You hand Meg a fake gun
and hope she doesn't notice?

Look, as long as it's close, she shouldn't
be able to tell the difference.

For how long?
What happens when she figures it out?

I just-- l just need to buy
a few hours, that's all.

You mean, for Dean and me.

You want us to stay here...

...and kill this demon by ourselves?

No, Sam.

I wanna stop losing people we love.

I want you to go to school.
I want-- l want Dean to have a home.

I want Mary alive.

I just--

I just want this to be over.

Did you get it?

You know this is a trap,
don't you?

That's why Meg wants you
to come alone.

I can handle her.
I got a whole arsenal loaded.

-Holy water, Mandaic amulets....


-Promise me something.
-What's that?

This thing goes south,
just get the hell out.

Don't get yourself killed, all right?
You're no good to us dead.

Same goes for you.

All right, listen to me.

They made the bullets special
for this Colt.

There's only four of them left,
and without them this gun is useless.

-You make every shot count.
-Yes, sir.

I've been waiting
a long time for this fight.

Now it's here,
and l'm not gonna be in it.

It's up to you boys now.

It's your fight. You finish this.

You finish what I started.
You understand?

We'll see you soon, Dad.

I'll see you later.


Maybe we could tell them
there's a gas leak.

Might get them out of the house
for a few hours.

Yeah, and how many times
has that actually worked for us?


We could always tell them the truth.

-No, I know, l know.

I know. I know. I just....

-With what's coming for these people....
-We only got one move and you know it.

We gotta wait for that demon
to show itself and then...

...we get it before it gets them.

I wonder how Dad is doing.

I'd feel a lot better
if we were there backing him up.

I'd feel a lot better
if he were here backing us up.


This is weird.


After all these years,
we're finally here.

Doesn't seem real.

We just gotta keep our heads
and do our job, like always.

Yeah, but this isn't like always.



I wanna thank you.

For what?

For everything.

You've always had my back,
you know?

Even when l couldn't count on anyone,
I could always count on you.

And now....

I don't know, l just wanted
to let you know.

-Just in case.
-Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Are you kidding me?

-Don't say, "Just in case...

...something happens to you." l don't
wanna hear that freaking speech, man.

Nobody's dying tonight.

Not us, not that family, nobody.

Except that demon.

That evil son of a bitch isn't getting any
older than tonight. You understand me?


John. You made it.

Too bad, really.

I was hoping to kill more
of your friends.

Sorry to disappoint.

I can see where your boys
get their good looks.

Though l must admit...

...considering what they say about you,
I thought you'd be taller.

Well, aren't you the chatty one.

You wanna get to business?


Why don't you hand over the gun.

If l give you the gun,
how do l get out of here?

If you're as good as they say you are,
I'm sure you'll figure something out.

-Maybe l'll just shoot you.
-You wanna shoot me, baby?

Go ahead. lt won't end anything.

There's more where l came from.

Who the hell's that?

He's not nearly as much fun
as l am, I can tell you that.

So l suggest you give us the gun.


This is the Colt?

What do you think?

You shot me!

I can't believe you just shot me!

It's a fake.

-You're dead, John. Your boys are dead.
-l've never used the gun.

-How could I know it wouldn't work?
-l'm so not in the mood for this.

I've just been shot.

Well, then l guess you're lucky
the gun wasn't real.

That's funny, John.

We're gonna strip the skin
from your bones, but that was funny.



Holy water, John.

Real cute.


Dad's not answering.

Maybe Meg was late.

-Maybe cell reception's bad.
-Yeah, well....


Dean, wait.


It's coming.

Damn it.

Get out of my house!

-Get out of my house!
-Please. Please.

DEAN: Be quiet and listen to me.

Be quiet and listen.
We are trying to help you.

MONlCA: Charlie.

MONlCA: Everything okay down there?
-Monica, get the baby!

-Don't go in the nursery!
-You stay away from her!

What are you--?




-Where the hell did he go?
MONlCA: My baby!

-No. Wait.
-Get her out of here. I got it.

DEAN: Take her and go.
MONlCA: Rosie!

-Come on.
MONlCA: My baby!

Dean's got her.




-You get away from my family.
-No, Charlie, don't. They saved us.

I mean, they saved us.

Thank you.

-lt's still in there.
-Sam. Sam, no.

-Dean, let me go. It's still in there.
-lt's suicide.

-l don't care.
-l do.


DEAN: Come on, Dad.
Answer your phone, damn it.

Something's wrong.

-You hear me? Something's happened.
-lf you had just let me go in there...

...l could have ended all this.

Sam, the only thing
you were gonna end was your life.

You don't know that.

So, what, you're just willing
to sacrifice yourself, is that it?

-Yeah. Yeah, you're damn right l am.
-Well, that's not gonna happen.

-Not long as I'm around.
-What are you talking about, Dean?

We've been searching
for this demon our whole lives.

It's the only thing
we've ever cared about.

Sam, l wanna waste it. l do. Okay?
But it's not worth dying over.

-l mean it.

If hunting this demon
means you getting yourself killed...

...l hope we never find
the damn thing.

That thing killed Jess.

That thing killed Mom.

You said yourself once...

...that no matter what we do,
they're gone.

And they're never coming back.

Don't you say that. Not you.

Not after all this. Don't you say that.

Sam, look...

...the three of us...

...that's all we have.

And it's all I have.

Sometimes I feel like
I'm barely holding it together, man.

And without you or Dad, l--


He should've called by now.
Try him again.


You boys really screwed up this time.

Where is he?

You're never gonna see
your father again.