Supernatural (2005–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - The Benders - full transcript

After following a history of disappearances in Hibbing, Minnesota, Sam finds himself locked in a cage and Dean must team up with a by the book sheriff to find him......before the hunt begins.

Previously on Supernatural:


Take your brother outside
as fast as you can. Go!

Dad's on a hunting trip.

And he hasn't been home
in a few days.

This is Dad's book.

I think he wants us to pick up
where he left off.

You know, saving people,
hunting things.

The family business.

I gotta find Dad.
It's the only thing I can think about.

It's coming across the bridge.

Hurry. Hurry!




Ah! No! No!


WOMAN: l know you're just doing your
job, but police have been here all week.

I don't see why we have to
go through this again.

The more he tells the story,
the more he believes it's true.

Mrs. McKay...

...we know you spoke
with local authorities.

But this seems like a matter
for the state police. So....

Don't worry how crazy it sounds, Evan.

You just tell us what you saw.

I was up late watching TV...

...when I heard this weird noise.

-What did it sound like?
-lt sounded like a monster.

Tell the officers
what you were watching on TV.


...Godzilla vs. Mothra.


That's my favorite Godzilla movie.

-So much better than the original, huh?

Yeah. He likes the remake.

-That's what I--


Evan, did you see
what this thing was?

No. But I saw it grab Mr. Jenkins.

-lt pulled him underneath the car.
-Then what?

It took him away.

I heard the monster leaving.

It made this really scary sound.

What did it sound like, Evan?

Like this whining growl.

Thanks for your time.

So the local police
have not ruled out foul play.

Apparently, there were signs
of a struggle.

You know, they could be right.
Could just be a kidnapping.

Maybe this isn't our kind of gig.

Yeah, maybe not.

Except for this.
Dad marked the area, Dean.

Possible hunting grounds
of a phantom attacker.

Why would he even do that?

Well, he found a lot of local folklore...

...about a dark figure
that comes out at night...

...grabs people, then vanishes.
He found this too:

This county has more missing persons
per capita than anywhere in the state.

-That is weird.

Don't phantom attackers usually
snatch people from their beds?

Jenkins was taken from a parking lot.

Well, there are all kinds.
Spring Heeled Jacks, phantom gassers.

They take people anywhere, any time.

I don't know
if this is our kind of gig either.

Yeah, you're right.
We should ask around more tomorrow.


I saw a motel about five miles back.

Whoa, whoa, easy.
Let's have another round.

We should get an early start.

You really know how to have fun,
don't you, Grandma?

All right.

I'll meet you outside.
I gotta take a leak.




Hey. Hey.

You guys been outside around here
in, like, the last hour or so?




WOMAN: So, what can we do for you,
Officer Washington?

I'm working a missing persons.

Didn't know the Jenkins case
was being covered by state police.

Uh, no. No. This is someone else.

Actually, it's my cousin.

We were having a few last night
at this bar by the highway.

I haven't seen him since.

-Your cousin have a drinking problem?

Two beers, and he's doing karaoke.

He wasn't drunk. He was taken.

All right. What's his name?


Sam Winchester.

-Like the rifle?
-Like the rifle.

"Samuel Winchester."

So you know that his brother,
Dean Winchester, died in St. Louis...

...and was suspected of murder?

Yeah, Dean.

Kind of the black sheep of the family.

-Handsome, though.

He's not showing up
in current reports.

Oh, l already have a lead.

I saw a surveillance camera
out by the highway.

-Uh-huh. County traffic cam?
-Right. Yeah.

I'm thinking the camera picked
up whatever took him. Or whoever.

Well, l have access to the cam footage
down at the County Works Department.

But, well, in the meantime,
let's do this the right way.

Why don't you
fill out a missing persons report...

...and sit tight over here?

Officer, look, he's family.

I kind of....

I kind of look out for the kid.
You gotta let me go with you.

I'm sorry. I can't do that.

Well, tell me something.

Your county has its fair share
of missing persons.

Any of them come back?

Sam's my responsibility.

And he's coming back.
I'm bringing him back.


Greg. I think we got something.

These traffic cams take an image
every three seconds.

It's part of the Amber Alert program.

These images were all taken
around the time your cousin disappeared.

-This really isn't what I'm looking for.
-Just wait. Wait. Next one.

This one was taken
right after Sam left the bar.

Look at the back end of that thing.

Now look at the plates.

The plates look new.
It was probably stolen.

So whoever's driving that rust bucket
must be involved.


-Hear that engine?

Kind of a whining growl, isn't it?


I'll be damned.


You're alive?

-Hey, you okay?

Does it look like l'm doing okay?

-Where are we?
-l don't know.

The country, I think.
Smells like the country.

-You're Alvin Jenkins, aren't you?

Wow. l was looking for you.

-Oh, yeah?

Well, no offense,
but this is a piss-poor rescue.

My brother's out there right now too.
He's looking for us. So....

So he's not gonna find us.

We're in the middle of nowhere...

...waiting for them to come back
and do God knows what to us.

-What are they? Have you seen them?
-What are you talking about?

Whatever grabbed us.
What do they look like?


See for yourself.

Leave me alone. Don't you touch me.
You leave me alone!

I'll be damned.

-They're just people.

What did you expect?

-How often do they feed you?
-Once a day.

They use that thing over there
to open the cage.

And that's the only time
you see them?

So far. But l'm waiting.

-Waiting for what?
-Ned Beatty time, man.

-l think that's the least of your worries.
-Oh, yeah?

-What do you think they want, then?

Depends on who they are.

They're a bunch of psycho,
hillbilly rednecks, you ask me.

Looking for love in all the wrong places.


Okay. The next traffic cam... 50 miles from here
and your pickup didn't pass that one.

-lt must have pulled off somewhere.

I don't see any other roads here.

A lot of these backwoods properties
have their own private roads.



-So, Gregory?

I ran your badge number.

It's routine when working a case
with state police...

...for accounting purposes,
and what have you.


And, they just got back to me.

Says here your badge was stolen.

And there's a picture of you.

I lost some weight. And l got
that Michael Jackson skin disease.

Okay. Would you
step out of the car, please?

Look, look, look.

You want to arrest me? That's fine.

I'll cooperate, l swear.

But first, please, let me find Sam.

I don't even know who you are.

Or if this Sam person is missing.

Look in my eyes and tell me
I'm lying about this.

Identity theft?
You're impersonating an officer.

Here's the thing.

When we were young...

...l pretty much pulled him from a fire.

And ever since then,
I've felt responsible for him.

You know, like it's my job
to keep him safe.

I'm just afraid
if we don't find him fast....


He's my family.

I'm sorry.

You've given me no choice.

I have to take you in.

After we find Sam Winchester.

ALVIN: What's your name again?
-lt's Sam.

Why don't you give it up, Sammy.
There's no way out.

Don't call me Sammy.


What is it?

It's a bracket.

Oh, thank God, a bracket.
Now we got them, huh?

Must have been a short.

Maybe you knocked something loose.

-l think you should get back in, Jenkins.

-This isn't right.
-Don't you want to get out of here?

Yeah, but that was too easy.

I'm gonna get out of here.
Gonna send help. Don't worry.

No. I'm serious. Jenkins.

This might be a trap.

Bye, Sammy.


Thank you.





Okay, officer.

-Look, I don't mean to press my luck.
-Your luck is so pressed.


I was wondering, why are you
helping me out anyway?

Why don't you just lock me up?

My brother Riley disappeared
three years ago.

A lot like Sam.

We searched for him, but nothing.

I know what it's like to feel responsible
for someone, and for them....

Come on. Let's keep at it.

DEAN: Wait, wait, wait.
Pull over here. Pull over.

This is the first turn-off
I've seen so far.

-You stay here. I'll check it out.
-No way.


You're a civilian. And a felon, I think.
I'm not taking you with me.

You're not going without me.


All right.

You promise you won't get involved?
You'll let me handle it.

-Yeah. I promise.
-Shake on it.

Oh, come on.

This is ridiculous.

Kathleen, l think
you're gonna need my help.

I'll manage, thank you.

I gotta start carrying paperclips.


Is anybody home?


How are you?

Who are you?

I'm Kathleen, I'm a deputy.
What's your name?


Missy. That's a pretty name.

Missy, is your mom home?

She's dead.

I'm sorry. What about your dad?


Can l come in for a minute?

I just want you to look at a picture.

You seen that guy?

Look at that picture.

-That's gonna hurt.

Missy, sweetheart...

...go tell your brothers
I wanna see them.

Yes, Daddy.


Son of a bitch.



But l've never seen him
so angry before.

Well, Lee, never been followed
by the police before.

You all right?

Are you Sam Winchester? Aren't you?



Your cousin's looking for you.

Thank God. Where is he?


I cuffed him to my car.



-Are you hurt?

Damn, it's good to see you.

How did you get out of the cuffs?

I know a trick or two.

All right.


These locks look like
they're gonna be a bitch.

There's some kind
of automatic control right there.

-Have you seen them?

Dude. They're just people.

And they jumped you?

Must be getting
a little rusty there, kiddo.

-What do they want?
-l don't know.

They let Jenkins go,
but that was some sort of trap.

It doesn't make any sense to me.

Yeah, well, that's the point.

You know, with our usual playmates,
there's rules. There's patterns.

But with people, they're just crazy.

See anything else out there?

Uh, there's a dozen junked cars out back.
Plates from all over.

When they take someone,
they take their car too.

Did you see a black Mustang?
About 1 0 years old?

Yeah, actually l did.

Your brother's.

I'm sorry.

Let's get you guys out
and take care of those bastards.

This thing takes a key? Key?

-l don't know.
-All right. I better go find it.


Be careful.



I'll say it again.

Demons, I get.

People are crazy.



What the...?


It's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you.

I know.


Daddy! Daddy!




I'm gonna kick your ass first.

And then yours.

Come on. Let's hunt him.

Yeah, this one's a fighter.
Sure would be fun to hunt.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

That's what this is about.
You-- You yahoos hunt people?

You ever killed before?

Well, that depends on what you mean.

I've hunted all my life.

Just like my father, his before him.

I've hunted deer and bear.

I even got a cougar once. Oh, boy.

But the best hunt is human.

Oh, there's nothing like it.

Holding their life in your hands.

Seeing the fear in their eyes
just before they go dark.

Makes you feel powerful alive.

You're a sick puppy.

We give them a weapon.

Give them a fighting chance.

It's kind of like our tradition.

Passed down father to son.

Course, only one or two a year.

Never enough to bring the law down.

We never been that sloppy.

Oh. Yeah, well, don't sell yourself short.
You're plenty sloppy.

So, what, you with that pretty cop?

You a cop?

If l tell you... promise not to make me
into an ashtray?

Only reason l don't let my boys
take you right here and now... that there's something
I need to know.

Yeah, how about
it's not nice to marry your sister?

Tell me.

Any other cops gonna come
looking for you?

Eat me. No, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait. You actually might.


You think this is funny?

You brought this down on my family.

All right.

You wanna play games?

We'll play some games.

Looks like we're gonna have
a hunt tonight, after all, boys.

And you get to pick the animal.

The boy or the cop.

Okay, wait, wait, wait. No.

Look. Nobody's coming for me,
all right? lt's just us.

You don't choose, l will.


You son of a bitch.

Next time, I'll take an eye.

All right. The guy, the guy,
take the guy.


Go do it.

Don't let him out, though.

Shoot him in the cage.


You were gonna hunt him.
You were gonna give him a chance.

Lee, when you're done with the boy,
shoot the bitch too.

We gotta clean up this mess up before
any more cops come running out here.

What are you doing?


If you hurt my brother,
I'll kill you, l swear. I'll kill you all.

I will kill you all!




Jared, you come with me.

Missy... watch him, now.

Lee? Where are you?


Damn it. Jared, get the lights.

They must have pulled the fuses.


You stupid....


I'll watch this one. You go ahead.

Go ahead.

You hurt my family,
I'm gonna bleed you, bitch.

You killed my brother.

Your brother.


Now I see.

Just tell me why.

Because it's fun.

-Where's the girl?
-Locked in the closet.

What about the dad?

Shot. Trying to escape.

-l think the car's at the police station.

backup units
en route to your location.


...state police and the FBI
are gonna be here within the hour.

They're gonna wanna talk to you.

I suggest that you're both
long gone by then.


I don't mean to press our luck,
but we're in the middle of nowhere.

Think we could catch a ride?

Start walking.

Duck if you see a squad car.

Sound great to me. Thanks.


...sorry about your brother.

Thank you.

It was really hard
not knowing what happened.

I thought it would be easier
once I knew the truth.

But.... lt isn't, really.

Anyway, you should go.

-Don't ever do that again.
-Do what?

Go missing like that.

You were worried about me.

All I'm saying is, you vanish
like that again, l'm not looking for you.

-Sure you won't.
-l'm not.

SAM: So you got sidelined
by a 1 3-year-old girl?

Shut up.

Just saying, you're getting rusty, kiddo.

Shut up.