Supernatural (2005–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Faith - full transcript

After Dean is fatally injured on a case, Sam thinks he's found a cure in a preacher who performs miracles. However, after they discover that these miracles are not as 'holy' as advertised, ...

Previously on Supernatural:


Take your brother outside
as fast as you can! Go!

Dad's on a hunting trip.
And he hasn't been home in a few days.

DEAN: This was Dad's book. l think he
wants us to pick up where he left off.

Saving people. Hunting things.
The family business.

I gotta find Dad.

It's the only thing I can think about.


-What do you got those amped up to?
-A hundred thousand volts.

-l want this Rawhead extra crispy.

Now remember, you only get one shot
with these things.

So make it count.


On three.

One, two, three.


Is it still here?

Grab your sister's hand. We're gonna
get you out of here. Let's go.

All right, go.



-Sam, get them out of here.
-You take this.


Come on.


Dean! Dean!

Hey. Hey, hey.

I'm so sorry to ask. There doesn't
seem to be any insurance on file.

Right. Um....


Okay, Mr. Burkowitz.

-Look, we can finish this up later.
-No, no, it's okay.

We were just taking a shortcut
through the neighborhood...

...and our windows were down
and we heard some screaming.

-And we stopped, ran in.
-You found the kids in the basement?

-Well, thank God you did.

-Excuse me.
OFFlCER: Sure. Thanks for your help.

-Hey, doc. Is he--? And?
-He's resting.

The electrocution triggered
a heart attack.

Pretty massive, l'm afraid.

His heart, it's damaged.

-How damaged?
-We've done all we can.

We can try and keep him comfortable
at this point...

...but l give him a couple weeks at most,
maybe a month.

No, no, there's gotta be something
you can do, some kind of treatment.

We can't work miracles.

I really am sorry.

Have you ever actually watched
daytime TV?

It's terrible.


I talked to your doctor.

That fabric softener teddy bear. Ooh.
I'm gonna hunt that little bitch down.


All right, well, looks like you're gonna
leave town without me.

What are you talking about?
I'm not gonna leave you here.

You're gonna take care of that car
or l swear I'll haunt your ass.

-l don't think that's funny.
-Ah, come on, it's a little funny.

Look, Sam, what can l say, man?
It's a dangerous gig.

I drew the short straw.
That's it, end of story.

Don't talk like that,
all right?

-We still have options.
-What options?

You got burial or cremation.

I know it's not easy...

...but l'm gonna die.

And you can't stop it.

Watch me.

JOHN [ON MACHlNE]: This is
John Winchester. l can't be reached.

If this is an emergency,
call my son, Dean, 866-907-3235.

He can help.


Hey, Dad, it's Sam. Uh....

You probably won't even get this,
but it's Dean.

He's sick and the doctor said
there's nothing they can do.


But they don't know
the things we know, right?

So don't worry, because l'm gonna do
whatever it takes to get him better.

All right, just wanted you to know.


-What the hell are you doing here?
-l checked myself out.

Are you crazy?

I'm not gonna die in a hospital
where the nurses aren't even hot.

You know, this whole
"I laugh in the face of death" thing...'s crap. l can see right through it.

Yeah, whatever, dude.

Have you even slept?
You look worse than me.

I've been scouring the Internet
for the last three days.

Calling every contact
in Dad's journal.

-For what?
-For a way to help you.

One of Dad's friends, Joshua,
he called me back.

Told me about a guy in Nebraska.
A specialist.

You're not gonna let me die in peace,
are you?

I'm not gonna let you die, period.
We're going.


-l got you.
-l got it.

Man, you're a lying bastard.

You said we're going to see
a doctor.

I believe l said a specialist.

This guy's supposed to be
the real deal.

I can't believe you brought me to see
some guy who heals people out of a tent.

WOMAN: Reverend Le Grange
is a great man.

Yeah, that's nice.

I have a right to protest.
This man's a fraud.

He's bilking all these people
out of their money.

SHERlFF: Sir, this is a place of worship.
Let's go, move it.

I take it he's not part of the flock.

When people see what
they can't explain, there's controversy.

But come on, Sam, a faith healer?

Maybe it's time to have
a little faith, Dean.

You know what l got faith in? Reality.

Knowing what's really going on.

How can you be a skeptic
with the things we see every day?

Exactly. We see them.
We know they're real.

SAM: lf you know evil's out there,
how can you not believe good's out there?

-l've seen what evil does to good people.
-Maybe God works in mysterious ways.

Maybe he does.

I think you turned me around
on the subject.

Yeah, l'm sure.

-l'm Dean, this is Sam.

So if you're not a believer,
then why are you here?

Well, apparently my brother here
believes enough for the both of us.

-Come on, Layla, it's about to start.
-All right.


Well, l bet you she can work
in some mysterious ways.


Yeah, peace, love and trust all over.


-Come on.
-What are you doing? Sit right here.

-We're sitting up front.
-What? Why?

-Come on.
-Oh, come on, Sam.

-You all right?
-This is ridiculous.

I'm-- Dude, get off me.

-Yeah, perfect.

You take the aisle.

Each morning my wife, Sue Ann,
reads me the news.

-Never seems good, does it?
ALL: No.

ROY: Seems like there's always someone
committing some immoral...

...unspeakable act.

-But l say to you: God is watching.
ALL: Yes, he is.

God rewards the good
and he punishes the corrupt.


It is the Lord who does
the healing here, friends.

The Lord who guides me in choosing
who to heal... helping me see
into people's hearts.


-Yeah, or into their wallets.
-You think so, young man?

ROY: No, no, don't be.

Watch what you say around
a blind man. We got real sharp ears.


What's your name, son?


I want you to come up here with me.


Dean, go on.

-lt's okay.
-What are you doing?

You've come here to be healed,
haven't you?

Well, yeah, but--

Maybe you should
just pick someone else.

No, I didn't pick you, Dean,
the Lord did.

-Get up there.
MAN: Come on, son!


Praise the Lord, amen.

ROY: You ready?
-Yeah, look, no disrespect...

...but l'm not exactly a believer.

You will be, son. You will be.

Pray with me, friends.

All right now.





Say something.

-So you really feel okay?
-l feel fine, Sam.

Well, according to all your tests
there's nothing wrong with your heart.

No sign there ever was.

Not that a man your age
should have heart trouble...

-...but still, it's strange. Does happen.
-What do you mean, strange?

Just yesterday, a young guy like you, 27,
athletic. Out of nowhere, heart attack.

-Thanks, doc.
-No problem.

-That's odd.
SAM: Maybe it's a coincidence.

-People's hearts give out all the time.
-No, they don't.

Do we have to look this one
in the mouth?

Why can't we be thankful the guy
saved your life and move on?

Because I can't shake this feeling,
that's why.

-What feeling?
-When l was healed, I just--

I felt wrong.

I felt cold and for a second
I saw someone, this old man.

I'm telling you, it was a spirit.

If there was something there,
I would've seen it too.

I've been seeing
an awful lot of things lately.

Oh, well, excuse me, psychic wonder.

You're gonna need
a little faith.

Sam, l've been hunting long enough
to trust a feeling like this.

Yeah, all right.
So, what do you want to do?

Check out the heart-attack guy.
I'm gonna visit the Reverend.

I feel great.

Just trying to, you know,
make sense of what happened.

A miracle is what happened.

Miracles come so often around Roy.

When did they start, the miracles?

Woke up one morning stone blind.

Doctors figured out I had cancer,
told me l had maybe a month.

So we prayed for a miracle.

I was weak, but l told Sue Ann,
"You just keep right on praying."

I went into a coma.

Doctors said I wouldn't wake up,
but I did...

...and the cancer was gone.

If it wasn't for these eyes,
no one would believe I'd ever had it.

And suddenly you could heal people.

I discovered it afterwards, yes.

God's blessed me in many ways.

And his flock just swelled overnight.

And this is just the beginning.

-Can l ask you one last question?
-Of course you can.

Why? Why me?

Out of all the sick people,
why save me?

Well, like I said before,
the Lord guides me.

I looked into your heart
and you just stood out from all the rest.

What did you see in my heart?

A young man with
an important purpose, a job to do...

...and it isn't finished.

Telling you, he seemed healthy.
Swam every day, didn't smoke.

You know, so a heart attack
just kind of seemed bizarre.

You said he was running
right before he collapsed.

Yeah, yeah, he was freaking out.

Said that something was after him.

-Did he say what?
-Well, thin air is what.

I mean, there wasn't anything.

All right, thanks.

Hey, buddy, your clock's busted.

Oh, yeah, we can't get it working.

It just froze at 4:1 7.

Is that the same time Marshall died?

How'd you know?

-Dean, hey.

-How are you feeling?
-l feel good. Cured, I guess.

-What are you doing here?
-You know, my mom...

-...she wanted to talk to the Reverend.

Yes, we're here again.

Oh, l'm sorry, but Roy's resting.

He won't be seeing
anyone else right now.

Sue Ann, please.

This is our sixth time.
He's got to see us.

Roy's well aware of Layla's situation
and he very much wants to help...

...just as soon as the Lord allows.
Have faith, Mrs. Rourke.

Why are you still even here?

-You got what you wanted.
-Mom, stop.

No, Layla, this is too much.

We've been to every single service.

If Roy would stop choosing
these strangers over you...

...strangers who don't even believe.

I just can't pray any harder.

Layla, what's wrong?

I have this thing.

It's a brain tumor.

It's inoperable.

In six months, the doctors say....

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

No, it isn't.

Why do you deserve to live
more than my daughter?

What did you find out?

-l'm sorry.
-Sorry about what?

Marshall Hall died at 4:1 7.


-The exact time l was healed.

So l put together a list.

Reverend Roy's healed six people
over the past year...

...and l checked them
with the local obits.

Every time someone was healed,
someone else died.

And each time the victim died of the
same symptom Le Grange was healing.

DEAN: Someone's healed of cancer,
someone else dies of cancer?

SAM: Somehow Le Grange is trading
a life for another.


Wait, wait, wait.
So Marshall Hall died to save me?

Dean, the guy probably
would've died anyway...

...and someone else
would've been healed.

-You never should have brought me here.
-Dean, l was just trying to save your life.

But, Sam, some guy is dead now
because of me.

I didn't know.

Pray with me, friends.

SAM: The thing I don't understand is,
how is Roy doing it?

How's he trading a life for a life?

Roy is not doing it.

Something else is doing it for him.

SAM: What do you mean?
DEAN: The old man l saw on-stage.

-l didn't want to believe it, but l knew it.
-What are you talking about?

Only one thing can
give and take life like that.

We're dealing with a reaper.




SAM: You really think it's
the Grim Reaper..., Angel of Death, collect your soul,
the whole deal?

No, no, no, not the Reaper,
a reaper.

There's reaper lore
in every culture on earth.

Go by different names. lt's possible
there's more than one of them.

You said you saw a dude
in a suit.

What, he should've been
working the black robe thing?

You said it yourself
that the clock stopped.

Reapers stop time.

You can only see them
when they're coming at you...

...which is why l could see it.

-There's nothing else it could be, Sam.

The question is, how's Roy
controlling the thing?

-That cross.

There was this cross.
I noticed it in the church tent.

I knew l'd seen it before.



DEAN: A tarot?
-lt makes sense.

Tarot dates back to
the early Christian era...

...when priests were using magic
and a few veered into the dark stuff:

Necromancy and how to
push death away, how to cause it.

So Roy's using black magic
to bind the reaper.

If he is, he's riding the whirlwind.

Like putting a dog leash
on a great white.

Okay, then we stop Roy.

-You know how.

What the hell are you
talking about?

We can't kill Roy.

Sam, the guy's playing God.

He's deciding who lives and dies.
That's a monster.

No, we're not gonna kill
a human being, Dean.

We do that,
we're no better than he is.

Okay, so we can't kill Roy,
we can't kill death.

Any bright ideas, college boy?

Okay, if Roy's using some kind of
black spell on the reaper...

...we gotta figure out what it is
and how to break it.

If Roy's using a spell,
there might be a spell book.

See if you can find it.
Hurry up too.

Service starts in 1 5 minutes.
I'll try to stall Roy.

-Roy Le Grange is a fraud. He's no healer.
-Amen, brother.

-You keep up the good work.
-Thank you.



What do you got?

Roy's choosing victims
he sees as immoral.

And l think l know who's next
on his list. Remember that protestor?

DEAN [ON PHONE]: In the parking lot?

Yeah, l'll find him. But you can't let
Roy heal anyone, all right?

Layla. Layla Rourke.
Come up here, child.


-Mom. Thank you.
-l love you.

Oh, man.

Layla, listen to me.
You can't go up there.

Why not? We've waited for months.

You can't let Roy heal you.

I don't understand.
Roy healed you, didn't he?

Why won't you at least
let him try?

If you do, something bad
is gonna happen.

I can't explain.
I just need to you believe me.


-l'm sorry.
-Layla. Layla!

Dear child.

You deserve this.

I knew the Lord was planning.

I knew it was just a matter of time.


Pray with me, friends.

-l hope you're ready.
-l am.

Help! Help me, please!

-Where is he?
-lt's right there!

Fine, come on.


Hurry! Tent's on fire!

Fire! Everybody get out of here!

No. No, please.

Please don't stop. Please?

Reverend, please, please.

Please don't stop. Please!

Friends, if you'd all just leave the tent
in an orderly fashion...

...and we'll figure out what's going on
out there and we'll come back--

-l did it. l stopped Roy.
-David, l think it's okay.

-Dean, it didn't work.

The reaper's still coming.

I'm telling you. I'm telling you,
it must not have worked.

Roy must not be controlling
this thing.

Well, then who the hell is?


Sue Ann.

Help! Help me!


I got you. I got you.

Thank God.

I just don't understand.

After everything we've done for you,
after Roy healed you.

I'm just very, very disappointed, Dean.

You can let him go.
I'm not gonna press charges.

The Lord will deal with him
as he sees fit.

We catch you around here again, we'll
put the fear of God in you, understand?

Yes, sir, fear of God. Got it.


Why would you do that, Dean?
And it could have been my only chance.

-He's not a healer.
-He healed you.

I know it doesn't seem fair
and l wish l could explain...

...but Roy is not the answer,
I'm sorry.

Goodbye, Dean.

I wish you luck. I really do.

Same to you.

You deserved a lot more than me.

ROY: Private session tonight,
no interruptions.

I give you my word,
I'll heal your daughter.

Thank you, Reverend. God bless you.

So Roy really believes.

I don't think he has any idea
what his wife's doing.

Well, l found this
hidden in their library.

It's ancient. Written by a priest
who went dark side.

There's a binding spell in here
for trapping a reaper.

-Must be a hell of a spell.

You gotta build a black altar
with seriously dark stuff:

Bones, human blood.

To cross a line like that--
That preacher's wife....

Black magic, murder. Evil.


Her husband was dying. She would've
done anything to save him.

She was using the binding spell
to keep the reaper away from Roy.

Cheating death, literally.

Yeah, but Roy's alive,
so why's she still using the spell?

Right. To force the reaper to kill people
she thinks are immoral.

May God save us from half the people
who think they're doing God's work.

We gotta break that spell, Dean.

Sue Ann had a Coptic cross like this.
Once she dropped it...

-...the reaper backed off.
-So you think we gotta find the cross...

-...or destroy the altar?
-Maybe both?

Whatever we do,
we'd better do it soon.

Roy's healing Layla tonight.

That's Layla's car.
She's already here.


If Roy picked Layla
instead of me...

-...she'd be healed right now.
-Dean, don't.

And if she's not healed tonight,
she's gonna die in a couple months.

What's happening to her is horrible...

...but what are you gonna do?
Let somebody else die to save her?

You said it yourself, Dean:
You can't play God.

ROY: Gather around.
Please, everyone gather around.

Come in closer, come on up.

-Where's Sue Ann?

Go find Sue Ann. l'll catch up.

What are you--?

Hey. Gonna put that
fear of God in me?

-See him?


Psycho mutt.

I gave your brother life
and l can take it away.

Sam, can't you see?

The Lord chose me to reward the just
and punish the wicked...

...and your brother is wicked...

...and he deserves to die
just as Layla deserves to live.

It's God's will.

Goodbye, Sam.

Mrs. Rourke, pray with me now.

Pray with me, friends.

All right now.

All right now.




-l don't understand.
-l don't feel different.

My God. What have you done?

He's not your God.

-Sue Ann?


You okay?

Hell of a week.


All right, come on.
We should get going.

-What is it?

What is it?

-We did the right thing here, didn't we?
-Of course we did.

It doesn't feel like it.


I got it.

-Hey, Layla, come on in.

Hey. How did you know
we were here?

Sam called. He said you wanted
to say goodbye.

I'm gonna grab a soda.

So where are you going?

Oh, don't know yet. Our work
kind of takes us all over. So....

-You know, l went back to see Roy.
-What happened?


I mean, he laid his hands on my forehead
but nothing happened.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry it didn't work.

And Sue Ann....

She's dead, you know? Stroke.

Yeah, l heard.

You know, Roy's a good man.

He doesn't deserve
what's happened.

It must be rough
to believe in something so much...

...and have it disappoint you like that.

You wanna hear something weird?


I'm okay. Really.

I guess if you're gonna have faith... can't just have it
when the miracles happen.

You have to have it when they don't.

So, what now?

God works in mysterious ways.

Goodbye, Dean.


You know, I'm not much
of the praying type...

...but l'm gonna pray for you.


...there's a miracle right there.