Superman and Lois (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Girl... You'll Be a Woman, Soon - full transcript

While the Kents host Lana's quinceañeraat their barn, Lana discovers the secret that Kyle has been hiding. Superman goes toe-to-toe with his dark counterpart, while Lois and Chrissy learn more about Ally and her possible connection to the creature.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- I know you're nervous,

but everything's
gonna be okay.

You just have to be brave.

- Sorry for the wait.

Let's start
with the big parts of the will.

A trust has been established
to cover all living expenses,

and the title of the house
will be in her name.

to receive your inheritance...

You must agree
to look after this.

- But that thing is poisonous.

It's what killed her father--

- I'm afraid it was
a very firm point.

No pendant, no inheritance.

- Ally...

listen to me.

This pendant's destroyed
our family for generations.

We can end the cycle.

You and me.

- The choice is yours,
Miss Allston.

Now, if you'd please leave,

Ally and I
have much to discuss.

Your father
would be very proud.

He was so close,

and now it's up to you
to finish his life's work.

- Ms. Allston?

- Prepare some tea.

We have a very
important guest coming...

And I wanna show her

- Do I smell banana muffins?

- Those are for Nat,

since you're going
to the hospital today

to see Tag.

I figured you could bring
her a care package.

- Not a bad idea.

Although, I'm not sure
what you could put in there

to have her forgive me
for what I did to her dad.

- You didn't do anything
to John, Clark.

What happened to him
is not your fault.

- I pulled him into this mess.

- Well, technically,
I pulled him into it

when I asked him
to look into the mines.

So if you're gonna feel guilty,

then I have to feel guilty,

and I feel guilty enough
about my sister, so...

- Why should you
feel guilty about Lucy?

She betrayed you,
not the other way around.

- Unless I was wrong.

This whole time,
I assumed that

everything that came out of
Ally's mouth was a lie.

This talk about shadow
dimensions and mirror selves--

it sounded crazy.

But then this
bizarre version of you

busted through
the earth's crust,

and now I'm wondering
what if the two are related?

- You think this thing
could be my shadow self?

- Maybe,
and if that is the case,

then maybe
Ally's theories are true

and I really did destroy
Lucy's life for no reason.

- Your sister almost died.

You had good reason
for what you wrote about Ally.

- What if I didn't
have all the facts?

I gotta go back
through my notes

and see
if I missed anything.

- We smell banana muffins.

- They're for Natalie.

- Well...

- Ooh...ooh!
- Hey...yah!

- Whoa, whoa!
Not fair.


- So, uh, any updates
on John Henry?

- Yeah, I talked
to the doctors this morning.

He's out of the ICU,
but he does have

a tough recovery ahead.

- So it take it that means
that Nat won't be making it

to Sarah's quinceañera?
- Unfortunately not.

Probably not the best time
to be hosting a party, but--

- We're not canceling,right?

I mean,
it's kind of a big deal.

It's not just a normal party.
She's, like, studied for this.

- We wouldn't do that to Sarah.
There's just a few things

I have to take care of first.

- Yeah, and I have to go
to the office for a little bit,

So I need you two to stay here.

There's people coming soon
to set up the barn,

so make sure they have
everything they need.

- Okay.
- Don't worry.

- Dad, loosen up.
You're dancing like a tin man.

- Yeah, well, that's how
you're supposed to dance.

Spaghetti arms are bad.

See, I learned that
from Patrick Swayze.

- Who?

You guys are weird.

Whoa! Dad!

- Maybe.

But we sure know
how to dance good.

- Oh, please don't make out
at my quinceañera.

I'm already nervous enough
as it is.

- Mmm.

- You got nothing

to be nervous about.

You just wait till
you hear your mama's toast.

- Please don't get sappy on me.

I will kill you if you cry.

- If that's your mother,

tell her that I bought

the bouncy house
for the cousins,

so they better be coming.

- Uh, no. It's--
it's just work.

- Does Abuelita know that
I'm taking back our last name?

- Uh, no,
I hadn't told her yet.

Just in case you,
uh, change your mind.

- Why would I change my mind?

The fact that Abuelito

thought that he couldn't
get a job in Smallville

without changing his name

from Cortez to Cushing,
it's just...

it's so wrong.

- Yeah, well,
times were different then.

- Well,
I'm proud of who we are

and where we come from, so...

I mean, isn't that what
tonight's all about?

- Mm-hmm.

- What did I do to deserve you?

- Mm.
- Hmm?

- Come on.


- And you.

- Hey.

- Superman.

- Easy.


You got a lot of broken ribs.

How you feelin'?

- Better than the others.

- I'm sorry for your loss, Tag.

- That thing's
still on the loose.

Isn't it?
- Yes.

But I can find it.
- How?

- That pendant that you took.
Where is it?

- I gave it to General Anderson
during my debriefing.

I-I had to follow protocol.

- I know, Tag. It's okay.
You did the right thing.

Just rest up.

I'll come back
and check on you soon.

- Superman.

Thank you...

for saving my life.

- Grandpa's not coming
to the quinceañera, is he?

- Uh, no.
He's here for me.

- What?
You two have plans?

Did you lose a bet?

- Uh, no. We--we hang.

- Uh, since when?
Name one time.

- A-a-all right, so we don't,
like, normally hang, but, uh...

- Bro, why are you
being so sketch?

- Fine. He's training me.

- For what?

- To help, like,
sharpen my powers.

But look,
you can't tell Mom and Dad.

- Boys.

- You're training this guy?

- Jordan,
you'd make a terribly spy.

- I sh--okay,
I don't get why

does this need to be
like a big secret?

- Because your parents
aren't ready to deal

with the reality
of Jordan's situation.

Whether your father
wants to hear it or not,

one day,
he may need Jordan's help,

and I want him to be prepared,
should that be the case.

- Oh. Have fun.

- Actually,
we could use you today.

Help us figure out what
your brother's baseline is.

I assume I can count on you
to keep this between us.

- Sure.

- All right then.
Follow me.

- The truth is we are
all born incomplete.

There's nothing
we can do to change that.

- Hey. Just going over
some of my old Ally videos.

Trying to see
if I missed anything.

You wanna help?

- Can't.
I have an appointment.

I just came by
to grab some notes.

- Chrissy,
I know that you're mad at me,

but we're supposed to be
working on this story together.

- Except we aren't.

whenever I work with you, Lois,

I can't help but feel like
I'm working foryou.

- That's not fair.

- May not be fair,
but it's the truth.

Everything with you
is on a need-to-know basis--

you deciding
what I need to know.

Why didn't you tell me
the whole Lucy story?

- I didn't think
it was relevant.

- To whom?

You can't just pick and choose

what facts
you think are important.

You did the same thing
with Morgan Edge.

You only give me
the information

that you want me to have,

I wind up looking
like an idiot.

Makes it really hard
for me to trust you.

- I'm sorry that
you feel that way.

- It's fine.

Just confirms
what I've always known.

- Which is what?

- If you want the truth,
you have to find it yourself.

- Is that...

Dr. Faulkner?

- You were supposed
to alert me when you found it,

not send in your own team.

- I believed that they were
my best option.

- And how many times did I have
to tell you they were kids

who weren't ready
for something like this?

- They were soldiers...

trained to protect this country

against every threat

Except ones
that look like Superman.

Why didn't you tell me

that that thing
you were chasing was you?

- It's not me.

I don't know what that thing is
or where it's from,

but I promise you,
I'm gonna stop it.

- Then why are you still here?

- Because I need
something first.

- The pendant...

that Private Harris
brought me.

What is it, exactly?

- I don't know.

But sometimes,
I can see what he sees.

If you give it to me, I think
I can use it to find him.

- And that's all?

- What are you implying?

- This energy field--

it appears whenever
you two are together.

It looks to me like
the two of you are powering up.

Private Harris
confirmed as much.

- If that thing
made me stronger,

why would I have told
Tag to take it?

- Again, Private Harris
said it landed at his feet.

You simply told him to run--
perhaps you didn't realize

it was in his possession.

- We're on the same side here,

- Every day, I believe that
just a little bit less.

- This doesn't have to be hard.

Just give me the pendant
so I can track this thing down.

- Sorry.

That's not possible--
chain of command and all.

I'm afraid
you'll just have to use

your own superpowers
this time.

- You're making a mistake.

- Bring me
the other Superman...

and maybe we can discuss
getting your jewelry back.

- 48, 49, 50, stop.

- Not bad.

Not remarkable either.
- What?

What are you talking about?
50 pushups in a minute?

That's like way above average.

- I'm sure your coach
would be impressed,

but we're talking about
a whole different

kettle of fish here, son.

Listen to me.

This is not
some dumb competition

between you and your brother.

This is a test
to see how special you are.

- Yeah.
You're right.

I could've done better.

- Good. I'm gonna give you
another chance to prove it.

Give me everything
you have this time.

- Yes, sir.

- John.

How about you
go grab some water

while I give Jordan here
a couple of pointers?

- Sure.

- Do you need any help?

Is it the dress?

- No, just general
motor functions--ugh.


- Oh my God.

- No crying.
You promised.

- Oh, but sweetie,
you look so beautiful.

- Even though I can't,
you know,

move like a normal human being?

Don't worry, sweetie.

It just takes
a little practice.

- I haven't had to practice
walking since I was a toddler.

- The changing of the shoes
is tradition,

but if you don't want to--
- No, no, I can handle it.

I mean, Dad's so excited
about all the symbolic stuff,

and honestly,
it's the only thing

keeping me going right now--

seeing how happy
this all makes him.

- Mm-hmm.
He loves you so much.

He just wanted to do something
really special for you.

- Yeah, who knew
he was such a softie?

- I did.

- Well, when he sees you
in that dress,

he's gonna, like, pass out.

- He better,
after what I paid for it.

- Oh!
- Whoa.

Okay, I got you honey.

If you fall, I'll always
be there to catch you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- How's Tag?

- He's in rough shape,
but he'll be fine.

I never should have put him
in that situation.

- Did Anderson at least explain
why he sent them and not you?

- He has it in his head
that I'm using that pendant

to empower myself somehow.
He refused to give it to me.

- Then I'll just call my dad.
- No, no, no.

Let's just leave him
out of this for now, okay?

It's between me and Anderson.

- Fine.

- You heading home?
- No, the mines.

It turns out that
Amertech scientist that's there

is also
one of Ally's disciples.

- That's a strange coincidence.

- And you know I don't believe
in coincidences.

I think she's the reason
that thing is here.

Maybe she sent for it.

- Want me to come with you?

- As much as
I would love your company,

we have a quinceañera happening
in the barn in five hours,

and I haven't been
to the dry cleaner.

- Ah.

You know,
I am really looking forward

to seeing you
in this dress again.

- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.

- You better bring
your A-game, Kent.

- Okay.

- Mmm.

This tea is delicious.

Where did you get it?

- The lobby.

- Hmm.


So if I understand correctly,

The Ascension is something
your father came up with.

Is that right?

- Actually,
it's a belief that my family

has passed down
for generations.

We were chosen.

- Chosen?
You mean like how


type chosen?
- You don't believe me.

- It doesn't matter
what I believe.

I'm just here
to report the facts.

- That's all I want.

I want people to be able

to learn the truth
for themselves.

- Um, but just to say it,

- Your whole belief system--
it's more about faith

than it is about fact.

- Ah, well, that,
that is where you're wrong.

And I can prove it.

- Uh...


- You're about to find out,
Ms. Beppo.

- You drugged me.


Oh, you bi--
- Whoa, whoa, whoa...

- It won't be long now.

- Dr. Faulkner?

Oh my God...

- Are you okay?

- Yeah,
I'm just a little shaken up

after seeing
what your look-alike did.

- Do you think this was him?
- Must've been.

Dr. Faulkner was dead
when I got here.

I think I startled him.

- He was still here?
- Yeah.

He looked at me,
and then he just flew off.

Why would he kill her
and spare me?

- I-I-I don't know.

Maybe he's married

to some version of you
in his world.

- Maybe he and I
are chasing the same enemy.

- It's been seven minutes
since I felt anything.

- Every journey
has its own pace.

Let the pendant guide her.

- I'm gonna get the
defibrillators just in case.

What was that?

- The truth.

You have ascended.

- Put some mustard on it, son.

That's it.

- Well, I guess
if Dad's ever up against

giant corn bag aliens,
then Jordan's got you covered.

- Not helpful.

- Look, I think, honestly,
at this point,

the only way he's gonna learn
to fight a real bad guy...

Is to spar me.

- I'm afraid
that's not an option.

- What? Why? 'Cause what,

too strong or something?Come on.

He'd be lucky
to get one hit in.

- Where's this
coming from, John?

- Just wanna see
how I stack up

against Super Boy,
you know?

Come on.
What, are you...

scared or something?

Come on.

- It's your call.

- Yeah, whatever.

- All right, let's go.

Oh, come on.
Don't tell me that hurt.

Come on. Come on.

- Are we done yet?

- Hey, hey, hey.
That's enough.

That's enough.

- What is wrong with you?
- You're done here.

- Maybe you're just training
the wrong kid.

- How on earth did my son
get such a beautiful family?

- Well, I married
the right woman for starters.

- I need a picture before mass.

- Do we have to, Abuela?

This dress
feels like cardboard.

- Sophie, we discussed this.

Tonight, you're a team player.

- Okay...
One, two, three, smile.

- I was me, but not me...

More like this
bizarro version of myself.

Does that even make any sense?
- Yes.

Yes, it does.
That was your other half,

the part of you
that's been missing.

- And the world...

It was so strange.

Everything in it was just...

off, somehow.

But you...

you were everywhere.

- What are you doing here?

- Chrissy...
- Is some kind of a trap?

- No, I'm just as surprised
as you are.

What's Superman doing here?

- Ms. Allston, we believe
you may be in danger.

- The only threat
I see is Ms. Lane.

- This has nothing
to do with us.

Kit Faulkner was murdered.

- Murdered by whom?

- He's coming.

- What the hell was that?

- We need to get out of here.

- I'm not gonna let you
kill anyone else.

- You're the opposite of me.

- ♪ I'll replay this moment
for months ♪

♪ Alone in my head
waitin' for it to come ♪

♪ I wrote all your lines
and the script's in my mind ♪

♪ I hope that you'll follow
it for once ♪

- Oh my God.

I can't believe that
man actually showed up.

- Yeah, well, I told you
not to invite him.

- I was being polite.

- That'll teach you.

- Hi.

- Hello.
- Hey.

- Um, no--no parents?

- Oh, they're just
gettin' dressed, and, uh--

Y--You look, um,

- I think the word he's
reaching for is "stunning."

- That's not the word.

- Hey.
You watch it, Rico Suave.

- I'm sorry.
I would've invited Candice,

but, you know, with my court,
we kind of hit our guest limit.

- It's all good.
Don't worry about it.

- Sarah, why don't you
go show the boys the table?

- Okay.

Come on.

- Have fun, you guys.
- All right, thanks.

- Hey.

- Everything okay?

- He's at the fortress.

My mom's gonna see
what she can learn.

What was Chrissy
doing with Ally?

- I'll find out.
She's gonna be here.

- Did I miss anything?

- You're good.

- Hey.


♪ Hanging low while I pop
a bottle off a yacht ♪

♪ Chain swanging, cling-clang
and it cost a lot ♪

♪ I'm always after guala,
yeah ♪

♪ And you are not bad

♪ Keep it goin'
till you hit the spot ♪

- Hey, um,
I'll just do a mango.

- John.
Could you get me a lime soda?

- What am I,
your drink boy now?

- It's for Sarah.

What's your problem?
- What?

- You go all aggro on me
during training, for what?

To show Grandpa that
he's wasting his time?

- Do you
hear yourself sometimes?

- What are you talking about?
- I'm talking about you,

and how you think that
everything is about you

all the time,
and for the record,

I didn't go all aggro
to make you look bad.

I'm just better than you,

and I think
you should get used to it,

because I'm only
getting stronger.

- Excuse me, sorry.
- Hey.

- Can we get out of here?
I need some air.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Thanks.

- Wow.
- Oh! Hey, wow.

Well, y'all sure know
how to make an entrance.

I'll give you that.

- We are so sorry we're late.

- Oh, no apologies needed.

We're just getting started.

Um, you know,
actually I'm gonna run out,

check on the kids
in the, uh, bouncy house--

Make sure
there's no broken limbs.

Make yourselves at home.

- God,
my feet are killing me.

I don't know why anybody
would willingly wear those.

- Want me to, like,
massage them or something?

- Maybe later,

when we're old and,
like, in our 40s.

Oh, God.

Being the center
of attention is exhausting.

- No, I get it.
I'm exactly the same way...

which is funny,
because John just accused me

of the opposite.

- You guys like in a fight?

- I guess.

I don't even know
what about though.

He's just been acting like
a totally different person.

It's hard to explain.

- Well,
there's gotta be a reason.

People don't just suddenly
change their personalities

unless something's going on.

- I don't know.
He could just be in a bad mood.

- Maybe.

But I remember right before
my depression fully set in...

it was just like you said--
a bunch of days in a row

where I just thought
I was in a bad mood.

But then one day,
a switch just turned off.

Bad mood became
deeper and painful,

and I felt like a--
both: totally different person.

just don't let it go.

That's all.

- Does having a quinceañera
make you totally smart?

- Yeah.

I'm an adult now, you know?

I know adult stuff.

- How much adult stuff?

- What are you doing here?

- I didn't know
what else to do.

You won't respond to my texts

or answer any of my calls.

- Yeah, 'cause there's
nothing to talk about, Tonya.

All right?
I didn't come by

the other night
to start things up again.

- Yeah.
You made that pretty clear.

- What do you want?

- Look,
when you came to the bar,

I got upset all over again.

So I called my girlfriend--

- H-hold up.

You told your
girlfriend about us?

- Yeah, I did.

'Cause back
when we were together,

I stupidly thought you were

gonna actually leave your wife,

because you said you wanted to.

And when you ended things,

my friend was there for me.

So yes,
I called her and told her

how you came by all worried
about Lana's campaign,

which she felt
pretty crappy of you.

Can't say I disagree.
- Okay, look. Tonya--

- She thinks the Dean campaign

would pay
for this kind of info.

I asked her
not to say anything.

- You think she sold
them the story?

- Money's tight.
People do stupid things.

- I thought you should know,

because I would never
do anything to hurt you, Kyle.

All I wanted was
to be with you.

- Hey, Kyle,
this food is incredible.

- Thanks, Kent.

- Hey, it's good
to see your mom again.

She was always
one of my favorites.

Aww, damn it.

- Everything all right?

- No.

Not even close.

I made a huge mistake,

and, uh,

I think my family's
about to pay for it.

- That is
the God's honest truth, Lana.

Well, if it isn't
the man of the hour himself.

We were just talking about you.

The resemblance between Sarah
and your mother is striking.

Some good genes
in the Cushing family.

- Oh, it's actually
the Cortez family now.

Isn't that right, babe?

- Um, yeah.

- Well,
that's awfully progressive.

Guess your family's just
full of surprises, huh?

- Honey, have you seen Sarah?

It's almost time
for the father-daughter dance.

- Uh, no.

But, um,
I'll--I'll go look for her.

- Oh, not without me.

That was definitely
the low point of the evening.

Thanks for saving me
back there.

- Why didn't you tell me
you were going to see Ally?

- Because I needed
to be objective.

- So you had to keep it
a secret?

- Please.

Don't lecture me about
keeping secrets.

Not after all the ones
you've kept from me, okay?

- I'm sorry.

- Good.

Because you and I need to
seriously talk about

what went down back there.

Lois, she drugged me.

- What? Ally did?

- She put something in my tea

and had me cross over
to this other world

where I saw another version
of myself.

It was a really intense trip,
and trust me, I've had a few.

My junior year
was pretty wild--

jam bands, mushrooms,
Birkenstock Kevin--

- Chrissy.

- But this was
something else entirely.

It was everything
your sister said--

a different dimension,
a parallel universe--

whatever you wanna call it,
it's real.

- So you're saying
Ally was right.

- Yes, but more importantly,
she's scary.

My other dad in that world,
he's terrified of her.

Everyone is.
And the thing is,

over there, she's taken over.

- Taken over what exactly?

- The country--
maybe even the world.

- Hello, everybody,
and good evening.

We're about to start
the father-daughter dance.

- Bottom line?

You weren't wrong about Ally.

That woman is dangerous.

We have to do something.

- Clark.

- Hey.
- Hey.


Thank you so much
for letting us have this here.

- Of course.
Happy to.

- You are always there
when it matters.


Look at my baby girl.

She is all grown up.
- Yeah.

Happens fast.

Being a parent--

it's like the hardest thing
in the world,

and then there's moments
like this.

- Hey.

- Oh, crap.

- I think she's having
a panic attack.

- Hey, what's wrong?


- How could you do that?

I heard you.


- Mija,
just please calm down, okay?

- No!

- Honey.

What is going on?
- Tell her.

Tell her what I saw.

- It's not--
it's not what you think.

- Don't lie to me.
I--I know what I saw.

You--you--you and some woman.

- The girl from the bar?

- Just, Lana, just--
just let me explain.

- God, I believed you.

You were just blowing off steam
after work.

- Can we just talk?

- No, not here and not now.

- Lana, please.
- I said not now.

Sweetheart, listen to me.

This is your night.

Everybody is here
celebrating you

because they love you.

- Can't we just call it off?

I--I don't wanna pretend--

- Oh, no.
We're not gonna pretend.

We're gonna deal with this
as a family.

I promise.

But right now,
we're gonna walk in there

and we're gonna celebrate
this wonderful occasion

with our family and friends.

- I don't think--

I don't think I can do it.

- Sweetheart, we've got this.

- Wait.

- Thank you all
for coming tonight.

It means so much to us
to be surrounded

by our family and friends--

all of you who have
watched Sarah grow

into the woman
that she is today.

So often when we think
about our kids,

we go back to the moments
when they were little

and they needed us
to pick them up

and kiss away their tears.

I miss those days.

I won't lie.

I miss them.

They were some of the best
of my life.

But I'd rather be here
right now because of this

unbelievable young woman

that's standing
before you tonight.

Sarah is someone who will
always fight for what's right,

even when it's hard.

She is a daughter strong enough

to pick me up

and wipe away my tears and...

There sure are a lot of those


you are my inspiration.

You're my heart.

You're my best friend.

And there's nothing
I would change

if I can just keep you
by my side.

Te quiero mucho.

- I love you, Mom.

- Kal-El.
He is awake.

- Your mom?

- He's awake.

- Just make sure
no one sees you go.

- I've never seen
anything like it.

He's your opposite
in so many ways,

yet still you.

- And his speech?

- You'll be able
to understand him now.

- I should've killed you.

- You tried more than once.

- Why are you here, Kal-El?

- To save my world...

And yours.

- Hey.

I just, um,

I just wanted to say

I'm sorry about
what happened with Sarah.

Really sucks.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- John, what--
what's going on, man?

- Can we just not
get into this right now?

- Come on, keeping secrets
never works out.

Says the guy

literally keeping
a massive secret.

Dude, can you just--
can you just for once, like,

just quit acting like
you know everything.

- Yeah, well,
can you quit lying to my face?

- I'm not lying!

- You have powers?
- Jordan--

- No wonder you were so much
stronger this morning.

Why didn't you just
tell me, man?

- Okay, I just--

they just started come in
like a couple days ago,

and I just--

like, I wanted
to get a feel for them.

- Come on, come on.
We gotta go tell Mom and Dad.

- No, no, wait.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Can you just--look.

Can I just have
a little bit longer?

- Yeah, they're gonna
find out anyway.

- I get that, but...

my powers have barely started
coming in,

and you know that Dad's gonna
pull me off the team

as soon as he finds out,

- Yeah, probably.
- Exactly, okay?

So can I just get a couple days

just to figure this out
before he gets involved?

It's Sarah.
I gotta take this.

- Okay--hey.
Can we talk about this later?

- Yeah, man.

- Okay.

- You're a murderer.
- I'm a soldier.

And there are casualties
in war,

whether you want
to admit it or not.

- We're not at war.

- Not yet.

But you will be.

- At war with who, Kal-El?

- The woman whose life
he just saved.

Ally Allston will destroy
everything you love.

Your friends...

Your family.

You'll lose it all.

Unless you kill her first.

- Greg, move your head.