Superman and Lois (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Man of Steel - full transcript

The man known as "Captain Luthor" has his true identity revealed, as well as his connection to Lois and Superman. Lana chooses subjects for Morgan's new program, and Lois confronts"Luthor" about who he really is. Meanwhile, Jordan tries to deal with his new super-hearing.

Previously on
Superman & Lois...

Let's just focus on
what we came here for. Family.

Smallville team needs a strong leader,

and I'd like to
fill that role with you, Lana.

Something sinister is going on here.

Edge is giving people
Kryptonian powers,

at the same time
some armored lunatic arrives

who knows Superman's real name?

We need to stop Kal-El before he does
to this world what he did to mine.

Your abilities are evolving.

You can heal faster,
but you can still get hurt.


I have to get him
to the Fortress.

The quiet in here should help.

I think Jordan's hearing kicked in.

Yes, his mechanosensations
have become significantly enhanced.

How do we stop the pain?

His auditory perception's causing
an allodynic response.

Until he can control what he hears,

every sound will be accompanied by pain.

- I have to help him.
- Teach him how to focus.

Share what you know.

But it will take
much practice on his part,

the same as it did for you, Kal-El.

How long till the super-hearing
levels out?

My father said
he has to adapt on his own.

How long were you out of commission for?

A couple weeks.

So now let me guess, I have to come up
with another B.S. excuse

as to why he's not going to school?

I'll call Principal Balcomb
first thing in the morning, okay?

You two should get to bed.


We'll work on this tomorrow.

Hey, hey.

- He was in so much pain.
- I know. I know.

Once it settles in, he'll be fine.


Listen, I know
we already went over this,

but is there anything in particular
I should be looking out for?

If Edge is making people with powers,
he's not doing it out in the open.

So kind of just anything
out of the ordinary?

Buildings, machines, invoices even...

Okay. And is there a way to tell
if someone already has powers?

Not really.

But we do know
that Leslie Larr has powers,

so it's safe to assume
that other people do, too.

Lana, I don't want you doing anything

that makes you feel
even remotely unsafe.

No, I want to help.
I'll call you if I find anything.

Thanks. Bye.

Who is this?

The real Marcus Bridgewater.

- So the guy from the mines...
- Lied.

Even tried to cover his tracks
by scrubbing

all images of Marcus Bridgewater
from the Internet.

Luckily, Maxy still has a friend
at Reuters who had a photo.

- So why is he lying about his identity?
- I don't know.

I mean, it probably has something to do

with the fact that
he knows so much about Edge.

So two people working for Edge
have attacked you

and both have had powers.

Yeah, I'm sure there are others.

Yeah. Which is why I think
we should tell the boys what's going on.

Well, that's a pretty big departure

from not wanting them
to know anything about Superman.

Well, hindsight,
maybe that wasn't the best choice.

This feels different.

The whole point of moving to Smallville

was to give them a shot at
a normal life, not terrify them.

I know, I know, but...

Plus Jordan has this stuff
going on with the hearing.

And Jonathan hasn't made any friends.

Doesn't feel fair to give them
one more thing to worry about.

I think they can handle this.

I still think that we need to know more

about what we're dealing with,
and then we can discuss it.


- Where you going?
- To confront the former Mr. Bridgewater.

Will you stay close by today?

I have a feeling
I'm gonna need your help.


Why have you not ID'd
Lane's friend from the mines?

Believe me, I've looked.

We have no matches
from the security footage.

The guy's a ghost.

A very well-armed ghost.

Between him, Lane and Superman,

how are we supposed to get
the X-Kryptonite out of the mines?

Maybe we use that to our advantage.

Send out a small shipment,
see who comes for it.

The intel we get in return
could prove invaluable.

A small fragment only. And Leslie...

No more failures.

Oh, sorry, I was just about to knock.

Don't mind her. Shall we walk?

So you want me to create
what kind of program?

A leadership program.

I'm looking for people with passion
who, like you, have untapped potential

and are ready to take that first step.

First step towards what, exactly?

Achieving their best selves.

Thought you'd have known that by now.

Okay. And how many candidates
were you looking for?

Why don't we start with five
and go from there.

I'm expecting
great things from you, Lana.

You can do this.

It hurts.

I know, but you're going to
have to work through it.

Okay? One sound at a time.

Come on.

I can't do it. I'm sorry.

Jordan, Jordan.

We'll just try tomorrow or something.

Audio is fully operational.

It's good to be back, sir.

You're still only at 30%.

Perhaps you'll consider that next time
before crushing me to smithereens.

Lois Lane.

Hello, guy who is not
Marcus Bridgewater.

How about you come inside
and we talk about it?

Yeah. That's a hard pass on me
entering your creeper-mobile.

That's unfair, and pretty hurtful.

Meet me at Victoria May's in an hour.

And get ready to tell the truth.

Otherwise, this little
team-up of ours is done.

What are you thinking about this early?

Same thing as last night.

You are playing with fire.

Ugh! Childhood ruined!
Therapy needed.

Thanks a lot, Mom and Dad.

Hey, Nat-bug.

Look, I'm not gonna be tardy

just because you two
can't stop being disgusting.

Whoa. It's not disgusting, though.
This is a loving display of affection...

"Affection," yeah, I know.

You know why I know? Because you two are
the most affectionate people

I've ever seen in my life.

What's Superman doing?

And who's he with?

Oh, my God.

Yo, Cushing, hey...

I didn't see you at lunch today.
Is everything all right?

Maybe you should tell me.
Why isn't Jordan at school today?

He's not really feeling well.

- Great.
- Hey, hold on, hold on.

What's going on?

- You're lying to me.
- About Jordan being sick?

You know what happened last night
with Tag and you're acting as though

Jordan not coming to school is...
It's kind of weird.

Yeah. Sarah. Sarah. Hey, look,
I know what happened with Tag, okay?

And I'm sorry. It's really messed up.

But Jordan had nothing to do with that.

- That's not what Tag said.
- What, because of some stupid video?

Did you even watch it?

Seriously, look, I mean,
there's absolutely no way

that Jordan gave Tag powers or whatever.

And also, truth be told,
the reason that Jordan's not at school

is because Tag jumped him the other day.

And it totally messed him up.

And now he's having
these terrible headaches.

That's why he had bruises on his face.

Why didn't he just tell me?

I don't know.
I guess he didn't want you to worry.

See? He's not such a bad guy.

- Yeah.
- And also, yeah, I broke my wrist.

Thanks for asking. It really sucks.



I got to say I don't love the idea
of leaving you alone with him.

Well, get used to it because he's here.

- What exactly am I looking for?
- You'll know it when you see it.

Here. Wish me luck.

Good luck

I ordered you a trenta green tea
with a splash of almond milk.

It's what you got last time.

I think it's time we moved
past favorite drinks

and actually got to know each other.


Great. I'll go first. You've been
lying to me ever since we first met.

You're wrong about that.

I mean, obviously, not the name part,
but everything else is true.

Then who are you?

It's complicated.

You better start boiling it down.

Welcome back, Captain.

How was your conversation
with Lois Lane?

Captain Luthor?

Telling you who I am
will only confuse things.

What's important is you understand
what Edge is really planning.

I know he's making people with powers.

Not people. An army.

- An army to do what?
- Take over the world.

Metropolis will be
the first city to fall.

- You seem awfully sure of that.
- Because it's the truth.

And why should I believe you?

- Hey.
- Okay.

So, I have a contact
in shipping at Edge's mines.

Well, not really a contact,

more like an ex
who really never got over me.


Edge is about to send
a shipment out.

Do you think it's X-Kryptonite?

Only one way to find out.
Thanks, boss.

We'll have to pick this up some
other time. Something came up.

Lois, this is serious.
I need to speak with Superman.

Maybe when we're on
a first name basis.

That was fast.

Chrissy called.
Looks like Edge is on the move.

Any luck with the RV?

You were right about knowing it
when I found it.

It seems we have a problem.

Lois will come around.

I was referring to the intruder.

Intruder? In here?

Yes, Captain. I managed to capture
an image in front of the monitors.

That's her husband.

Is he a threat?

No, he's not important.

There's also been
a development at the mines.

Satellite imaging
is showing increased activity.

That's what her call was about.

Pull it up.

Emily? Hi! Take a seat.

But, what are you doing here?

Well, I was just told that
you're the one I'm supposed to talk to

about the Young Executive program.


Yeah, I'm actually just starting
to get into all that now.

Well, listen, I know I've been out
of the workforce for a while

but, you know,
we couldn't afford child care,

and now that Avery's in high school...

Oh, no, no, no. You do not need
to defend being a mother to me.

Good, because I really want this, Lana.

This is a chance for me
to make a better life for my family.

Just like what you're doing.

There are trade-offs.

I mean, there are things
you might not be aware of.

Oh, you don't have to pretend
like this job isn't a big deal.

It's obvious.

I'm just asking for someone to take
a chance on me like they did with you.

I appreciate that.

Let me see what I can do.

But no promises.

Thank you, Lana.
Thank you so much.

Of course.

Nice to see you.

- Good to see you.
- Bye.

Could he actually be Lex Luthor?

I don't know, but with everything
we know about the Multiverse now,

I'd say anything's possible.

Like what?
He's related to Lex somehow?

Maybe his son we don't know about.

Well, he said he worked for LuthorCorp,
that can't just be a coincidence.

Yeah, and Lex wouldn't be
the first public figure

trying to keep his family
hidden from the world.

I'll have Chrissy look into it.
Are they still up ahead?

Yeah, about two miles up.

It looks like they've got an escort.

It's a panel van with four guys
with guns inside, couple cars back.

It seems on brand for Edge.

- What do you wanna do?
- Just keep following.

I'm gonna see where they're
taking the X-Kryptonite.

I don't think that's gonna happen.

What is it?

Definitely starting to think
your new friend is a Luthor.

Hey, guys.
We've got someone in the road up here.

Be ready.

Locked and loaded boys.
It's go-time.

Things are gonna get ugly
if I don't do something.

Out of the truck.
Get out of the truck!

Turn around. Get on your knees.

What the hell?

We have a problem.

Don't move.

What are you doing?

I assume the same thing you are.

No, we were following the truck
hoping to find out where it was headed,

which now we'll never know
since you decided to go full-on Rambo.

Couldn't risk letting this get
to where it was going.

Because that's what Edge
is going to use to build his army.

- So you believe me now?
- Enough games.

Tell us what you know.

Fine. Follow me.

You sure showed that locker.


Had it coming.

Uh, hi.

If the zipper gets stuck,

maybe you should try
talking to it first.

Nothing good ever comes from anger.

Right. Yeah, yeah, sure.

I mean, I'm not gonna, like,
talk to my backpack.

That's... That's weird.

- Right.
- Yeah.

I'll see you around, new guy.

No, no, no, no.

Jonathan, no! Not Tegan Wickhem.

She's way out of your league.

That's a bit presumptuous.

And besides,
how do you know what my league is?

I know it's not her.

Look, I came over here to apologize.

I didn't mean to accuse you
of lying or Jordan of...

I don't know.

It's cool.

No, it's not.
I'm really worried about Tag.

He's my friend.

And you and Jordan are the only people
who know what really happened, so.

Yeah, I know. It's a lot.
Keeping a secret like that.

I know.

...not being the only one
who knows about this helps.

Guess I'm pretty lucky to have you.

I guess I've been in Smallville
long enough to know that

you're different than everyone else.

Really? How so?

I don't know. Just...

Just like more real, I guess.

I can tell you hold a lot
of stuff inside and I get that.

I get how hard that can be.

So, I guess what I'm saying is
that if you ever need someone

to share that with,

I'm always here.

Wow, you're kind of
in a better league than I thought.

If Edge is using X-Kryptonite
to build an army,

why would he send
such a small shipment?

Probably wanted to see
who'd come for it.

Well, now that he knows,
what's his next move?

It's hard to say.
But we need to be ready.

Ready how?

That's what I was trying
to tell you earlier.

You want to meet Superman.

It's the only way to stop this.

Dad, wake up! Dad?

Dad wake up. Dad?


Where's your mom?

Coming to you live
from downtown Metropolis

reporting on the scene,
here's Lois Lane.

You want answers?

I'm willing to tell Superman everything.

I am not in the habit of just
connecting him with people.

I'm thinking the possible end of
the world might warrant an exception.

Okay. But I want something from you.


The Kryptonians want you to think
that they're indestructible.

They're not.

They have a weakness, it is a rock from
their home planet called Kryptonite.

Find it, so that we can defeat them.

I told her not to do this.

And we must defeat them
if we are to save humanity.

For that is what separates us from them.

Our humanity.



But I need to know one thing first.

Do you trust him?

With my life.

I love you both.

I thought you'd say that.

Set up the meet.

All right, I'm gonna meet Chrissy.

See if I can establish any connection
between our guy and Lex.

Yeah. I guess
it's still our only lead.

Maybe not.

You said the voice in the RV
called him Captain.

Right. So he's military.

Which is why I want you
to take that to the DOD for processing.

- What?
- Nothing. Just... It has his prints.

You know, you're really good at this.

You better get moving, Superman.

We don't have much time
before your meeting.


Do you believe
Kal-El will come?

I do.

And we need to be ready.

It's smaller than I imagined.

Couldn't have done it
without you, Nat-bug.

So I can be out there with you
when you're kicking ass.

You really think
it can take one of 'em out?

Only one way to know for sure.


What were you talking
to Sarah about earlier?

What? Are you...
Are you spying on me?


Just answer the question.

I was talking to her
like a normal human being.

But that's not what it sounded like.

Are you being serious right now?

I've been covering your ass all day
and now what,

now you think I'm trying
to move in on your not girlfriend?

It's not a denial.

I have had your back.

Every time someone has called you dumb,
or weird, or stupid, or awkward,

and guess what, Jordan,
I never believed any of it.

I never believed any of it
because it's not true.

You're just a terrible person.
Don't ever spy on me again.

Impressive bunch
you've assembled.

Well, there's no shortage of
good people in Smallville.

And yet one spot remains.

One spot...

Just getting through
the last of the resumes.

Is that it, or...

Is there something
you're not telling me?


I don't understand.

I just thought perhaps you were hoping

I'd select someone
a little closer to home.

You mean Kyle?

I believe he'd be more than interested.

Of course, but he's the chief
of the Fire Department.

Arrangements could be made.

I'm sure.

And it would be an amazing opportunity.

But it would be a lot
to juggle with our girls.

I understand, but we are short on time.

I look forward to hearing your decision.

Luthor's biographer says
there is no way he has a son.

Maybe a cousin or distant relative.

She walked me through every branch
of the Luthor family tree.

Our guy is definitely not on it.

Interesting place for a meet.

I'm a builder.

Always felt comfortable
in places like this,

surrounded by scraps and parts.

Building's a noble profession.

Been a while since
anyone's paid me to do it.

Any chance one of those
people was Lex Luthor?

It was a different life.

Why are we really here?

Because the world's about
to be destroyed unless I save it.

It's the DOD.

Hey, Rosetti. What'd you find?

You say this guy's been
creeping around Smallville?

How exactly are you
planning on saving the world?

By eliminating the threat.

You think that threat is Morgan Edge?

Edge is involved.

But he won't be
the main source of destruction.

Then who will it be?

Thing is,
the prints you had us pull

are from a guy who died six years ago.

And his name's not Luthor.
It's John Henry Irons.

Give me your keys,
I need your car.

You're the Stranger.

I had a feeling you might try that.

So I set these solar flares

to a motion detector.

Why are you doing this?

Like I said,
I'm here to save the world.

You see, Kal-El,
you're not the Man of Steel.

I am.

That looks like it hurt.

This hammer harnesses kinetic energy.

The further it travels,
the more energy it creates.

From 20 feet, it can stop a car
in its tracks.

Thirty? A truck.

From 60, it can destroy a tank.

Anything beyond that
rivals a blow from Superman.


- Miss Larr?
- Superman's gonna be busy for a while.

Send the shipment.

Is that
all you have, Kal-El?


Hey, Jordan, Jordan, hey.

Jon, I think someone's
trying to kill Dad.

What? Where?

Clark, his name is
John Henry Irons.

I think he's the Stranger.


Hey, you're gonna have to go faster,
all right? Dad doesn't have much time.

Jordan, I've only driven
Mom's car before.

Please, just tell me
which way to go.

It's so loud.

Whenever you were listening
to me and Sarah at school earlier,

whatever it was,
just please do that, please.

Jordan, please focus, please.

You're wrong about me.

That way!
That way, that way, that way!

This hero act of yours,
it's all propaganda.

A way to soften up the masses
before you turn on them.

I made a promise to kill you once.

I wasn't able to keep that promise
on my Earth,

but I will here.


- What?
- The lights!


It's over. It's over.

So, this guy came back
from the dead to try and kill you?

Wouldn't be the first time.

Want Trask to take a run at him?
Try and loosen him up.

Nobody talks to him until General Lane
gets here in the morning.

And when he does,
I'm going in first.

- I'll get it.
- Thanks, sweets.

- Hey, Sophie.
- My mom's right in here.

Hey, Emily.

I got the job.

Morgan Edge called me himself.

I am starting tomorrow.

Emily, I didn't...

Oh, no, you don't
have to take credit.

I totally know it was you.

Mr. Edge even said,
seeing you and I together

is what convinced him to choose me.

Listen, Avery and Duke are in the car.

I just wanted to come by
and say thank you.

Thank you so much.

You have changed my life, Lana.

This better be good news.

The X-Kryptonite
just arrived at the facility.

Everything's ready to move forward.

So your plan worked.

Even better than I anticipated.

Lucky you.

Were you able to find enough subjekts?

Yes, but there's no guarantee
they'll be receptive hosts.

You're still the only one
who hasn't shown any signs of rejection.

Guess you have to break a few eggs
to make an omelette.


And now we have our eggs.

DOD has John Irons on lockdown.

We'll start the interrogations tomorrow.

I should have figured it out sooner.

Lois, come on,
you can't be that hard on yourself.

Supposed to be this incredible reporter,

but I got fooled tonight,
and someone almost murdered my husband.

It's not that simple.

I mean, the guy's
from another world.

I still think there's more
he's not telling us.

So do I.

Which is why John Henry Irons
isn't going anywhere

until we find out everything he knows.

If it wasn't for the boys,

you might have died tonight.

I got lucky Jordan's hearing
clicked when it did.

With everything this family is facing,
we can't rely on luck.

You're right, Clark.

We're not protecting the boys
by keeping secrets from them.

So what do you wanna tell them?


Hey, I just wanted to apologize
for spying on you and Sarah earlier.


I'm really sorry you have to
lie for me like that all the time.

Actually, this time
I kinda told the truth.

I mean, not like, not all of it,
obviously, but somehow

it almost felt worse this way
because it was like,

it's like, I don't know,
like intentional.

Feels like everything since we got here
has just been a big secret.

I just, I want it to go back
to normal so bad.

To be fair Jordan, I mean,

pretty sure all normal people
have stuff that they're hiding, too.

Tonight's probably been the
most scared I've ever been in my life.


I gotta say,

it was also pretty awesome.

- You did total Dad's truck.
- Yeah, pretty sick.

Bro, I don't even have
a learner's permit.

Or know how to drive.

I know! I was like...

Which was incredibly reckless

and dangerous and irresponsible.

And absolutely necessary.

You both saved my life tonight,

so I think I owe you
a pretty big thank you.

Listen, we know that you two
must have a lot of questions

about what's been going on around here.

We've taught you
not to keep secrets from us.

So we're not gonna keep
secrets from you anymore.

Isn't most of that stuff,
like, classified, though?


Which is why none of what we tell you
can ever leave this house.

Is that understood?

Definitely. Yeah.

All right, who wants to go first?

What was that deal
with the guy tonight?

I just doubled the output
on the reflex modules, which means...

We found Kal-El.

It's time.

Right now?

But the tracking inlay's still glitchy.

And we haven't
finished the hammer yet.

And the AI is still set for Lex Luthor.

It doesn't matter
who the AI thinks is in the suit.

It has to be now, Bug.

My ship will be here in two minutes.

Look, this is what
we've been preparing for.

Our one chance to end it.

I just...

I don't want anything to happen to you.

I'm going to go out there and kill him.

And then I'm coming right back.

Say it with me.

Forged in fire. Strong as steel.

I love you, Dad.

I love you too, Nat-Bug.

More than anything in this world.

I'm gonna be right back.

I promise.

I'm gonna be right back.

I promise.

I'm gonna be right back.

I promise.