Superman and Lois (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Broken Trust - full transcript

Tag tries to find out how he got his powers, and suspects Jordan is involved. Meanwhile, Jordan gets a chance to play football against the bullies that tormented him when he was in Metropolis, Jonathan breaks his arm, and Lois sneaks into Morgan's mines with some help.

Previously on
Superman & Lois...

Your mom wanted us
to move to Smallville.

This family needs Smallville.

I think I did this to him.

The bonfire, I think
my heat vision caused an explosion

and it affected him somehow.

- So, where's Tag now?
- He's with the doctors at the DOD.

So what exactly brings a Reuters
tech reporter to Smallville, Kansas?

Just want to be on Team Lois.

I think I may have found
a way to get a look inside the mines.

I don't think it was Derek.

His powers were erratic,
like Tag Harris.

Well, whatever Edge and Leslie
are doing with that machine,

it has something to do with the mines.

We now own the rights to this land,

which holds enough X-Kryptonite
to resurrect an army.

- Tag?
- What did you do to me?

Try and outrun me? Not anymore.

Tag, I don't know what...

I want the truth, Kent.

At the bonfire party,
when you broke my arm...

what did you do to me?

I don't know what you're talking about...


Ever since that night,
I've been different.

I can move so fast.

And I saw Teague's video.
Something caused that explosion.

You were right there.
And I know you're different, too.

You better tell me how to fix it.

- Superman?
- I'm not gonna hurt you. Wait!

Are you okay? Are you okay?

Tag, don't!

He got you pretty good, kid.

It's... It's all right.

Yeah, I thought you had, like,
super-durability or whatever?

I don't know what I have.

I... I tried to fight back,
but he was stronger and faster.

My head is pounding.

Your abilities are evolving.

You can heal faster,
but you can still get hurt.

What did Tag want, anyways?


He wanted to know how he got powers.
Why he's at the DOD.

- He thinks I did this to him.
- Why would he think that?

Because he saw the video
of the explosion I caused at the mines.

I know. Look,
he doesn't know everything,

but he knows something's up.

What if he says something? I mean...

Guys, will you just give me and your mom
a second to talk about this, please?

I hate the Internet.

Your dad called.

Assured me that he's on this.

Apparently, Tag escaped
the DOD by some fluke.

His abilities accelerated,
they didn't know what he was capable of,

and now they're putting together
some plan

to track him and
get him back in custody.

- And if he gets to Jordan first?
- I'll keep an eye out.

This wouldn't be happening
if it wasn't for Morgan Edge.

Whatever gave Tag those powers
came from those mines.

And now he wants to extract more of it
and make more Derek Powells.

What if you went there?

I flew over the mines. I scanned
the tunnels. I can't see inside.

They've lined them with lead fiber.

So, I need to investigate.

Find proof of wrongdoing,

hand it over to the authorities
and get a proper warrant.

Slow down. Okay, I can find out...

No, I want you focused on the boys
until Tag is back in custody.

In the meantime,
I got to break this case open.

Think about it. Edge is
giving people Kryptonian powers,

and all of this at the same time
some armored lunatic arrives

who knows Superman's real name?

You think Morgan Edge is the Stranger?

Maybe. I don't know.

I'm gonna find out.

Dude, Jamie Cutter's literally been
talking smack about the game all week.

That guy is such a dick.

Hey, hey, language.

- You okay?
- Yeah. Yeah, it's just a headache.

Jordan, how would you feel
about sitting out tomorrow's game?


Well, for one, you might still
be affected by what happened with Tag.

What does that have to do with football?

Yeah, Dad. I mean, look,
it's Metropolis, okay?

This is literally
the biggest game of the season.

- It's our old school. I mean, I...
- No, I get that.

But until we have this under control,
we've got to be careful.

Dad, I have to play in this game.

This is really important to me.


You promise you're
a hundred percent healthy?


- Totally good to go?
- Totally good to go.

Okay. All right. Then, after school,
you're gonna prove it.

This is proof my suspicions
were correct.

Smallville is the community that's going
to help me change the world.

So, without further ado,
I'll hand over to my wonderful staff

who can assist in getting you
all back to work.

- Yeah! Whoo! Yeah!
- Thank you very much.

Oh, Mr. Edge, this is, uh...

It's gonna put
a lot of people back on their feet.

I cannot thank you enough.

No, no. I'm the one
who should be thanking you.

All this is possible
because of your advocacy.

Persuading people to give me a shot.

In fact, I'd like to
capitalize on our momentum.

Hey, whatever you need,
you say the word.

Well, the Smallville team
needs a strong leader.

And I'd like to
fill that role with you, Lana.

With me?

The work you did
at the bank with reverse mortgages

shows me you're not
just highly competent,

you also have the people's trust.

And I want to use that trust
to revitalize Smallville,

starting with the community center.


I'm grateful.

I don't know what to say.

Well, when you see your new
starting salary, you'll say yes.

Should I deal with her?

Why bother?

What can she do?

Figured out how to get in there yet?

Doing about as well as you, Marcus.

May the best reporter win.

He's just worried about you, man.
You need to cut Dad a little slack.

Yeah, I know
he's just looking out for me, but...

He thinks I'm made of glass.

This is my shot to finally show
these Metropolis d-bags who's boss.

Come on. I'm not gonna sit that out.

I get that. But I'm just saying...


You don't have to slam it every time.

- Dude, I didn't even slam it at all.
- Oh, hey, guys.

- Oh, my God. What happened to your face?
- Um...

You get beat up
on your way home or something?

Uh, we were running plays
this morning in the front yard

and then I juked him
and he tripped and fell.

Well, I hope you do better
tomorrow at the game

'cause I'd hate to go all the way
to Metropolis

just to see you eat it.

You're coming?

Uh, yeah, friends can root for friends.

I think I'm starting to see
why you're so hyped for this game.

- Mmm.
- Huh?

What? Hey, Jordan, Jordan.
What's going on? Hey.


Jordan. Jordan.

Just breathe. Just breathe.

Hey. Hey.

What the hell was that, okay?
That was not a panic attack.

It's my head.

Since Tag jumped me,

I've been hearing this really loud,
high-pitched noise.

Jordan, if this has to do with your
superpowers, then you need to tell Dad.

You might need to go to the Fortress
to figure out what's wrong.

- We can't tell Dad, all right?
- Jordan, you need to tell him.

Look, if we tell Dad, he won't let me
play football tomorrow.

- Jordan.
- Jon, let me have this.

Those Metropolis guys,
Woodrum, Cutter, Campana,

they made my life hell.

Just let me shut 'em up. Just this once.

All right, bye. That was Bill Hastings.

Starts work next week.

Hadn't heard him this excited
since Junior was born.

You're changing lives, babe.

- Yeah.
- Hey, are you okay?


Silly, but... I don't know.

I just thought that Edge
might have had something for me.

You know, some managerial work
or something like that.

I know, but do you really want that?

I mean, you love being a fireman,

and if I'm getting this promotion,
isn't that a win for both of us?

I'll be right back, baby.

Lois. I'm gonna go grab Lana.

Actually, Kyle, I was hoping
that I could talk to you, too.

Come on in.

This may sound bizarre,
but I have reason to believe

that Morgan Edge is engaged
in both illegal and dangerous activity

and I'm asking for your help to get
into the mines so that I can prove it.

So let me get this straight.

Even though Edge just gave Lana
this massive promotion,

you want us to go behind his back
and help you with a news story?

- I know it's a big ask.
- It's pretty big, yeah.

Listen, I'm not alone in my suspicions.

You both know that I know Superman.

- He's looking into Edge, too.
- Superman? What for?

I can't tell you that yet.

- Of course you can't.
- Does Clark know about this?

He doesn't know I'm here. No.
I'm just trying to explain...

Explain what? You've got no proof.

- You got no evidence.
- Kyle, I would tell you if I could.

I am asking you to trust me.

Oh, you want me to trust you?
You know what I should do

is I should call Edge
and we should get a restraining order...

Okay. Kyle, please.

Listen, I just got off the phone
with a buddy of mine

who hadn't worked in eight months.

He's got mouths to feed, Lois.

And right now, Edge is the only person

that's given his family
a chance to survive.

I know it seems like he's helping,
but he hasn't...

No, he is helping.

A lot more than you are.

I came to you guys because you're
my friends and I need help.

I know I may be biased,
but you don't know

what it's like to see this town dry up.

The things I've seen,
foreclosing on people...

This is our chance to help.

I'm sorry, Lois.

Lana, you know that I respect you.

So I am telling you
something sinister is going on here,

and you might not find out what it is
until it's too late.

So just be careful.

- So why are we down here?
- Training.

The stuff your grandfather used
to teach me how to control my strength.

Now it's my turn
to give you a few pointers.

Why? So he can, like, protect himself
from Tag or something?

Well, there's that.

And given your raw power,
we want to make sure you can control it.

Yeah, I mean, a random super freak-out
would really suck.


Anyway, let's start with this.

Am I somehow supposed
to crack this in half?

Nope, just punch it.

Don't I need gloves or something?

Do you trust me?


- Thanks, Dad.
- Yep, yep, okay.

I thought we'd try going on instinct,

but obviously that was the wrong
approach. Uh, right foot back.

Put your hand up and make a fist.
Curl your thumb.

Bring it back.

Transfer the weight.

- Follow through.
- Okay.


Jordan, imagine...

Imagine this big log is Cutter's face.

- He's just laughing at you.
- Pop him.

- You got it.
- Come on.

Believe you can do this and you will.
You're stronger than you think you are.

Got it.



- Yes!
- Yo, that's what I'm talking about.

Yes, sir!

- Oh, my God!
- See? Line it up again.

Okay, wait, wait. Hold on, wait.

- Hey, Sam.
- Harris was spotted in Metropolis.

In Metropolis?

- Are you sure?
- He's fast. Hard to track.

Why? Something I need to know about?

That's where
the boys' football game is tomorrow.

You stay with the boys.
I'll have my guys on site.

We have a plan
to put this monster back in his cage.

He's not a monster, Sam. He's a kid.

- Nobody's helping him. He's scared.
- Helping?

He attacked my grandson.

No, I underestimated him once.

He broke out of
a state-of-the-art facility.

His speed rivals yours.

There's no telling
what damage he could do.

I don't have time to worry
about feelings.

I need to incapacitate a threat.

That's what I'm gonna do.

Getting a sitter?

I'm trying, but nobody we know
is available for tomorrow.

- What's tomorrow?
- Your dad's taking me to dinner.

We're celebrating my new promotion.


Dad finally got over himself
long enough to think,

"Maybe I should congratulate my wife."

Were you listening to our conversation?

It's not that big of a house.


Your dad, he's trying.

I can watch Sophie.

But what about the game?

There's other games.

- Sarah.
- Mom...

Your new job,
it's kind of like a really big deal

and you absolutely deserve
to go and celebrate.

I guess.

I guess it's a big deal.

Yeah, you work really hard
and you give back to the community,

so you do deserve
all the karma you're getting.


Who knows? Maybe this is just the start.

We're now in the second
quarter of a surprisingly close game.

Let's go! It's all done
if we don't show them.

- Hey, you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

Hey, short stuff.

You see that linebacker, 55, out there?
He's been killing us all day.

Now, look, I want you to go in there
and you knock him on his backside.

You got that?

Let's go. Let's go!

Gonna stick your ass, Jojo.
Just like grade school.

Here we go. Keep an eye up!

Come on now!


Ooh, looks like
the Crows' quarterback is hurt.

So he's got a sprained elbow.

I tried telling Jordan
it's not really his fault.

Yeah, I'm sure that helped.

What about our other problem?
Any sign of our friend Tag?

No. There's a pretty big DOD presence.

Guess I should thank your dad for that.

Well, the sooner we find that kid,
the sooner this will all be over.


It's the "how" that worries me.

Clark, with everything that's going on,
are you sure Jordan's okay?

I don't know.

Something's going on,
but he won't talk to me.

Keep an eye on him. On both of them.

This can't be easy for them,
playing their old school

and seeing all the kids they knew.



Come on!

We gotta do our jobs.

Pick it up now! Let's go!

- Focus!
- Coach. We need to throw that ball.

I don't got a quarterback, Kent.

You do, Coach. You got me.

I know our plays. I know their defense.

I got this, okay?

All right, Kent.

- Strong right slot, Z Panther on three.
- Got it.

Let's go!

Go get 'em, 12.

What a game
this has been so far.

There's no love lost
between these two teams.

Whoo-hoo, Big boy Kent.

Hey, you know
I'm with your girl Eliza now, right?

She wanted you to know.

Blue 72.


Touchdown, Smallville.

Yeah, attaboy! Whoo-hoo!

You liked that, Cutter?

Hey, Jordan, get over here.

- You reign it in or you're done.
- I was just making a block.

That's not what I'm talking about,
and you know it.

You understand me?

- Yeah.
- Good. Go sit down.

Hell, use me as your unnamed source.

All I need is a press pass
from the Post.

I'll call you back.

No, I'm not mad. Just find me a pass.

Who is it?

Your new best friend.

What are you doing here, Marcus?

Still open to sharing a byline?

Friend of mine got hands on
a couple inspector badges.

One's for you... if you want it.

You somehow get not one
but two inspector badges

and you're just going to give me
one of them to be nice?

They're working around the clock
to get those mines ready.

Right now, the tunnels
are packed with inspectors.

Security is stretched thin.
A lone Black guy might look suspicious,

but the two of us together,
it'll seem more legit.

So, are you in...

or out?

Are you kidding me?
This is your idea of a disguise?

- It's kind of a clown show.
- Let me do the talking, okay?

You just try to look inspector-y.


- Mine safety.
- That team checked in hours ago.

Had to grab more equipment.

Between you and me,
Sullivan is an idiot.

- He can't plan a survey.
- All right, go ahead.

All right, cool. Thanks, man.

Wanna watch a classic?
There's Wizard of Oz...

But I like animation.

We can get a new one on streaming.

No, I'm not going to buy...

Look, Soph, I'm fine with the whole
Saturday sister bonding time.

I kind of embrace it.

But, dude, seriously,
we're going to have

to find something we both want to watch.


Okay, that's the pizza guy. Get up.

Okay, go get your stuffies
and your blankets

and then you can pick
whatever movie you want.

Just... I'll be back after
I'm done emotionally preparing.

- Love you, too. Little brat.
- Love you.

- Tag.
- Hey, Sarah.

Thought you went to go live with
your dad. Are you back in town?

The truth is... complicated.

You've always been my friend.

You stick up for people when you know...


Sarah. Sarah.

The Crows lead 35-13
in the fourth quarter

with only seconds left on the clock.

Nobody saw this coming,
least of all the Metropolis players.

And they look absolutely stunned.

Blue 72. Hut!

Touchdown, Crows.

Yeah, attaboy!

The Crows win. What an upset.

Looks like a fight
has broken out midfield.

I don't think I have ever seen
anything like this.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Hey! Hey!

Hey! Wait, get back!

Hey! Hey, Jordan, are you okay?

I can't hold it in.

Here, let it out, right now.

I had a really good time tonight.

Well, good,
'cause that dinner wasn't cheap.

Listen, um,
we didn't talk about logistics.

With my new hours,
how that might affect the kids

or how you feel about it.

Whatever we got to do,
we're going to do. Okay?

- I know, but...
- No, there's no buts.

Yeah, maybe I'm a little disappointed.
But it's fine.

You saw Morgan Edge
as an opportunity before anybody.

Of course you should
be rewarded for that.

- He's an idiot if he can't see...
- He is not an idiot, okay?

He promoted you after all, right?

Listen, babe,
you got to know I'm real proud of you.

I mean, you are the brains
of this family, after all.

We all know that.
You deserve to be happy.

I'm happy.

Well, good. And whatever comes next...

- I think we will handle... together.
- Mmm-hmm.

Did you get me dessert?

Oh, sweets. It's way past your bedtime.

- Where is your sister?
- I think she's in her room.

Yeah, go check.

Come here.


It's not like Sarah to just leave.

I'm gonna check the security
cam footage.

For the hundredth time,
I'm fine.

No, you're not.

You just detonated like a bomb

in the middle of
a high school football game

in front of a crowd full of people.

I could have controlled it, all right?
I let it go 'cause you were there.

Yeah, but what if I wasn't?

Jordan, sit up and look at me.

Do you understand
how dangerous this could be?

Tell me exactly what happened.
Were there any symptoms?

Any signs? Something that would have
made you think that this was coming?

Dad, you're thinking about this too
much. I just had a moment. All right?

- Jordan, that's not 100% true.
- Jon.

- What?
- Jordan, he needs to know.

Look, the first time that he had
one of these episodes or whatever,

- it stopped. It seemed fine.
- The first time?

I had a migraine at school.
It wasn't a big deal.

And you didn't tell me.

I didn't tell you
'cause I knew you'd overreact.

I knew you'd stop me
from playing the game.

Yeah, and I would have been right.

So I'm just supposed to be punished
for something that isn't my fault?

This was my shot, Dad.

This was my chance to show the d-bags
at Metropolis who I am.

You remember how they treated me, right?

Jordan, I know. I know.
And I get it. Okay?

I know what it's like to be picked on.

Yeah, but you get to grow up
and you get to be Superman.

Who am I?

I'm a weird kid with headaches.

I just wanted to be good at something.
That was all.

That's not what your powers
are for, Jordan.

I'm not you, okay?

Hey, Lana. Sorry, can I call you back?

Clark, real quick.
Did Sarah come to the game?


No, I didn't see her.
Why? Is everything okay?

She was supposed to be here with Sophie,
and she's not.

I knew she'd cancel plans about coming
to the game. I just thought...

- Is that that Harris kid?
- Oh, my God. Yeah, it is.

Clark, we gotta go.

What was that?

- Stay here.
- Everything okay?

Stay here.

- You sure about this?
- No point playing it cautious now.

- And you know what to look for?
- Got my hands on some schematics.

What we want is just up ahead.

And how, may I ask,
did you manage to just take a peek

at Edge EnerCorp's top-secret

A friend of mine helped out
with some surgically precise hacking.

Well, points to you and your friend.

- And the grand prize is...
- It should be right here.

You came prepared.

Tag, what the hell? Where are we?

It's okay.

- We're in Metropolis.
- How are we in Metropolis?

That's the thing.

Sarah, I can move pretty fast now.

So a high-tech gadget guy

works for Luther Corp,
the top tech company in the world,

only to quit
and pursue a career in journalism.

Did I get that right?

Feels like I should be
focusing my story on you.

No, the, uh, story...

is on what's in these walls.

- What is that?
- X-K.

- Otherwise known as X-Kryptonite.
- "X-Kryptonite"?

Rarest form of Kryptonite.

And if my hunch is right,

these mines have
the largest supply of it anywhere.

There's your story, Miss Lane.

Too bad no one's gonna read it.

Still scanning Metropolis, General.

Find this kid now.

Nothing about Dad on the news.

Can't find anything
on the Internet, either.

Jordan, you're not, like,
mad at me or something, are you?


I'm just a little tired
of being told what to do, that's all.


It's the boys.

What's good, boys?

- What's good?
- How you doing?

- How you feeling, rock star? Better?
- I'm all right. Yeah.

- All right. Good. Let's go.
- Yeah.

- Going where?
- To pay some millennial

to get us a few sixers
so we can celebrate properly.

That'd be tight, guys,

but honestly, my pop said
we gotta stay here, so...

He did.

- All right.
- It's not like we're going clubbing.

Liquor store's just up the street.

You know what? We won a big game.
Come on, let's go.

Come on.


- You coming?
- Yeah.

All right.

What are you doing?

Get ready to run.

Come on.

Come on, let's go.

Narrowing in on his power signature.

Are you ready to move?

Sorry, I bumped your head.
It's cause of my powers...

Tag, slow down.

I think it was caught on camera.

All I want is just to show you.

You see that flare?

It's coming from Jordan.
I think he did... something.

That's what made me this way.

It's crazy, Sarah, but it's true.

I had to tell someone I trust, you know?

Plus, you know him. And I wondered...

if he told you something.
Maybe you could help me.

I don't know anything.

Don't run.

I'm here to help you.

You got it.

- Hands like feet.
- There they are.

The Crows.

You look pretty good, Jojo,

for a guy who was dragged off the field.

Yo, Cutter.

Seriously, man? Come on. Step off.

Are you sore about Eliza, Kent?

Look, I know we used to be friends,
but I guess that's over now.

So, what, you came here
to talk about how it feels to lose?


Look who found his voice.

Dorky kid since forever,
cried if he was breathed on.

What, now you're like the best guy
on the football team?

You juicing or something there, Jojo?

Is that what's going on?
You juicing, Jojo, huh?

Suspect is dangerous.

Use whatever means necessary.

- I need you both to come with me.
- No. No way.

- You took me to that place.
- I was only trying to help.

- They didn't help me.
- Tag, I give you my word.

I will make sure that you are safe

and that you get
the answers that you want,

but right now we need to leave.

The DOD is coming for you.

I need you to trust me.

Bishop Six, stand down.

Oh, look at those eyes, man.
Tell me the truth, Jojo.

- Cutter! Cutter!
- Let him shut me up. Right here, baby.

Jordan, Jordan, breathe. Relax. Relax.

- Down on the ground, now.
- No, don't!

- Tag, stop.
- Engage!

You can't do this. You can't do this.

- Stop!
- Take him out!

Stand down.

No. No, he didn't try to hurt me.

Those won't be necessary.

You're not gonna be alone anymore. Okay?

I promise.

I don't know
what you're upset about.

The girl's safe and on her way home,
subject's back in custody.

Let's take this as a win.

His name is Tag.

I wish I had your trust in people.
I really do.

- So do I.
- You put me in a bad position tonight.

You know, I thought about all the ways
you might try to stop that boy.

It never occurred to me
you would actually use live rounds,

let alone ones fitted with Kryptonite.

My job is to protect the American people
by any means necessary.

And now I know.

- Dad, Jon's hurt.
- Superman.


Hey! Are we going to talk about
what happened back there?

What's to talk about?
You saw what I saw. That's your story.

You are armed to the teeth
with the kind of weapons

that would put you high on the FBI's
most wanted list.

And the security badge?

I sent a photo to a friend of mine

and she said it's one of the best
forgeries she has ever seen.

So why don't you tell me
who you really are

and why you are in Smallville.

'Cause I don't buy
that you came to write a story.

I can't tell you why I'm really here.

But I can promise you, like you,

I am trying to prevent
something bad from happening.

Hey, babe, can I call...

How bad?

I'm on my way.

- You okay?
- To be continued.

Doctor said the cast comes off
in six to eight weeks.

It could have been worse.

Yeah, and he also said that
"maybe" I get full range of motion back.


- Jon, I'm so sorry...
- Just shut up, please.

- You know I never meant...
- Okay, but you did.

You did, Jordan.

You got emotional and then I try to
step in the middle of it like an idiot

and now I have a broke-ass arm

and I'm probably never gonna
play quarterback again.

So, thanks.

Thanks a lot.

I'm going to bed.

You guys know that I would never mean
to actually hurt him.

Jordan, that has nothing to do with it.

He's upset, and he has a right to be.

I told you, your powers
come with responsibility,

and I need you to get that.

Honey, we know it was an accident.
We know you're sorry.

Jon knows, too. He just needs a second.

But your dad is right.
Things are different now.

Yeah, I know. I know they're different.

Do you?

Because you made a big point
at the hotel

of saying you're different from me.

But you're not.

That anger you felt that
made you want to

use your powers the way you did tonight,

I have those feelings, too.

- You do?
- Yes, but I keep them in check.

Otherwise, I risk losing the trust of
the very people I've sworn to protect.

When I first showed up in Metropolis
as Superman, there was a lot of talk

about what the world should do
with someone who had powers like mine.

And it took me a minute to realize
that other people

were more afraid of what I could do
than I was.

So what I had to do more than anything
was earn their trust,

prove to them that no matter what,

I would never use my powers
to hurt them.

Twenty years later,
and every time I use my powers,

that trust is tested.

Every time.

Just today, in fact.

Look, the thing about trust, Jordan,
once you break it,

it takes a lot longer to heal
than a wrist.

It's late.

Go get some sleep.
We can talk about this more tomorrow.

He's just confused. He's so young.
He's not ready for this.

I know. Neither was I, but...

Probably not the best time to tell you
I almost got killed tonight.


I got into the mine with the help
of this supposed journalist,

Marcus Bridgewater, and he led me
to something called X-Kryptonite.

- Have you ever heard of that?
- No, no, wait. Back up.

- What do you mean you almost got killed?
- Leslie Larr came after us.

Turns out she has powers, too.

She tried to heat-vision us,

and then Marcus zapped her
with this, like, high-tech ray gun.

Why does a journalist have a ray gun?

- That makes no sense.
- He's no journalist.

We need to figure out who he is
and what he has on Morgan Edge.

Sarah, are you okay?

It's just crazy.

I've known Tag my entire life
and now he has powers or whatever.

I was really scared,
but I knew that he would never hurt me.

He was just really confused,
and he was really focused on you.

He showed me this video
from the night of the bonfire.

He had this whole theory
that whatever happened,

whatever gave him his powers
had something to do with you.

I don't know why he said that.

You know, even if there was something,

you could tell me, right?

Yeah, of course.


How are you doing?

I just keep thinking about
what could have happened.

Sarah told me
that Tag has these special abilities.

He's not sure how he got them,
but clearly

this has something to do
with those mines.

Lois, what aren't you telling me?

I haven't put it all together yet.

But, yes, it does involve Tag
and two other people,

both of whom have been linked to Edge.

He's up to something.

I just don't know exactly what.

I could help you figure out if, in fact,

he was up to something
dangerous or illegal.

Are you sure you want to do that?
He is very dangerous.

Look, if it's going to keep him
from hurting other people,

- yes, I'm in.
- And Kyle's okay with this?

No. No, it's just best
to keep this between us for now.


I happen to know that we have a ton
of Rocky Road in the freezer

and I can't handle it all by myself.

You think I'm six?


But I will say that I have
as recently as this morning

kind of wished that you were.

I don't know how to fix this.
I don't know what to do.

I hurt Jon... bad.

I can still hear his bone snapping.

He's my brother, and I did that to him.

- It was an accident.
- And Tag?

That was an accident, too, right?

It's not your fault.

Mom, I just had to look Sarah in the eye

and all she wanted was the truth
and I just had to lie to her.

To the one friend I even have.

You know, I think...

I think some stupid part of me
actually thought that

the powers would bring me
closer to people,

but all they really do
is bring me farther away.

Come here, kid.

- I just want it to end.
- I know.


Clark! Clark!

Jordan. Jordan.

I have to get him to the Fortress.