Superman and Lois (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events - full transcript

In the past, Clark travels to Metropolis, meets Lois, and they marry and have children. However, he discovers that his reminiscences are a ploy by his worst enemy to learn his weakness and force him to submit. Meanwhile, the Kent and Cushing families recover after it is revealed that Morgan used Smallville as a base for his operation.

Previously on
Superman & Lois...

Let's just focus on
what we came here for. Family.

I came here with one purpose.
To further our Kryptonian heritage.

Krypton will finally be resurrected
and we'll have our mother with us.

Help me do that, brother.

Not like this.

I have to bring back everyone Edge has
implanted with Kryptonian consciousness.

I'll release all my energy at once,
it will be enough.

And you'll be out
of commission for days.

- Dad?
- Sarah.

No, no, no.

What am I supposed to do now?

The day has finally come.

It gives me such joy to see you here.

Who are you?

I am Jor-El.

And you...

You are my son.

What is all this?


This is a place where you can learn,
away from the prying eyes of the world

lessons about who you really are
and why you were sent here.

Sent here from where?

You were born on the planet Krypton.

Your true name is Kal.

The last son from the house of El.

Why am I so different?

The Earth's sun...

Your cells absorb its radiation
in ways humans cannot,

creating nearly endless energy.

Your skin, bones, muscles,
all capable of unimaginable power.

Over time,

I will teach you how
to use that power...

That speed...

That strength...

You will learn to do things

you never thought possible
on this Earth.


I'm ready, Father.

- I can feel it.
- In body and spirit, yes.

But there is something else
you need to learn.

Something which I cannot teach you here.

What is it?

Why you wish to help them.


Reconnect with the world.

Open your heart to them,

find out why
you wish to be their champion.

Did you find what you were looking for?


Yeah, I think so.

I found out who I really am.

I met my Kryptonian father.


Krypton is my home planet.

Where I'm really from.

I know why I can do
the things I can do, Mom.

I know why I was sent to Earth.

To be its champion.

Is that why you came back home?

To be a hero?


But not yet.

There's someone I need to see first.

Kyle is supposed to be here any moment.


- Hi.
- Hey.

- I got some good news.
- What?

There's an opening at the fire station.


Oh, that's amazing.

Oh, I'm so happy.

- Oh, that's awesome.
- It's gonna be huge.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

- Let's go.
- Okay.

I'm sorry, Clark.

But you were gone a long time.

People move on with their lives.


Yeah, I guess so.

Come with me.

There's something I want to show you.

What is this?

After you left,
I had a dream of you flying.

Only it wasn't the boy that I knew,
it was you now.

So I made this.


Leaving you after Dad died...


Honey, it's what you needed to do then.

And this is what you need to do now.

It's time for you
to go save the world, Clark.

Still needs something
on the chest, I think.

Uh, pardon me, ma'am.
Do you know where Milledge Avenue is?

Milledge Avenue, Milledge Avenue...

Excuse me, sir. Excuse me.
Do you know where Milledge Avenue is?

The brakes are out! I can't stop.

- There are people...
- Watch out!

There you go, friend.

Thanks. Cool costume.

Thanks. My mom made it for me.

- Oh, my God.
- Did you see that?

Did you see that?

- See what?
- Some guy just saved a kid

from getting killed by a car,
and then he flew up into the sky.

- What, he flew?
- Flew, you know?

Like a bird or a plane or whatever.
It was crazy.

Did you see what he looked like?

He looked like a guy in a cape
that was flying.

Someone at the Planet's
gotta hear about this.

This isn't a resume.
It's a cry for help.

Oh, oh...

Sorry. See, actually I did some pretty
top-notch reporting for my school paper.

Look, this is Metropolis.
I need cub reporters. Not lost puppies.

You come find me when you get
some real world experience.

No, no. Mr. White, please look,

I'm a really quick learner,
and I'll do whatever you ask.

I just... I just need a chance.

Okay. There's no health insurance
or overtime.

Not a problem.

And you have to pick up
my dry-cleaning every Thursday.

Yeah, absolutely. Yes, sir.

Okay, kid, you're hired.

Now try to keep up.

Okay. Do you want... Should I...

Yeah, that's...

Everyone in here,
we're the most dependable friends

the people of Metropolis have.

- You remember that.
- Uh, yes, sir.

Stick with Lane.
She'll show you the ropes.

Uh, Lane, sir?

Who told you to wear a tie?

Let me guess. Lombard?

Ignore him.

Though he can get box seats
to the Meteors.

You like baseball?

Uh, of course.

I mean, who doesn't like
America's pastime, Miss Lane.

It's Lois. What do you say
your name was, again?

Kent. Clark. Clark Kent.

Oh. Oh.


Hmm. Never met a Clark before.

Oh. Um...

I've never met a Lois before.

Actually, there was
my first-grade teacher, Lois Hannigan.

So, I guess, technically...
Technically, you'd be the second.

You know, Miss Hannigan
was actually my favorite teacher.

She taught me about fractions
and cursive...

Mystery man strikes again.

- Third time this month.
- Where was he?

Saved a boat sinking off Hob's River.
Jimmy even got a photo.

This is my Pulitzer, Lane.
I can feel it.

Seems like a pretty big story.

Yeah, which every reporter here
is tripping over themselves to cover.

Boys and their heroes.

Aren't, uh,
heroes a good thing?

Yeah, of course.
And I know that we need this guy.

It's just ever since he showed up,
he's been dominating the conversation.

Metropolis has so many problems
that aren't just rescue operations,

they're systemic.

Here. Look at this.

These lightning bolts?

Nazi symbols.

They've been popping up
all over lower Metropolis,

along with a rash of arson attacks
against minority-owned businesses.

Do you have any idea who's responsible?

By all accounts, some psycho
in a metal mask, in a trench coat.

I didn't know about this.

That's my point exactly.
I have been covering this for months,

only my reporting
keeps getting drowned out

by everyone's favorite Miracle Man.

How can I help?

...metal mask and trench coat.
That sounds... Sir...

Clark, I got to show you something.

I gotta get these to Perry
before he goes...

Okay. Guess who was just arrested.

You don't need that.

No, I got...


One of these dirtbags is our guy,
I can feel it.

You're really good at this.


I, um...

I should get going.

What's the hurry?

You got a big date?

No, no,
nothing like that, just...

You know, some Seinfeld reruns.

Heat up some
frozen chicken nuggets. Yeah.

You've been a really big help, Clark.

If you want,

I can probably talk to Perry
about you getting a beat of your own.

Local politics or something.

Oh. Um...

No, that's... It's okay.

I'd rather be here.

For the story or the company.


I feel like that's a trick question?

Good night, Clark.

Good night, Lois.

Yes, I would definitely
appreciate a call back.

You seen Lois?

Her contact at the library called back

about some guy who works
at a hardware store.

Henry Miller?


You can't do this, Henry.

They've done nothing wrong.

They don't belong here.

This isn't track and field, Kent.

These people have stolen
my neighborhood,

and you're spinning it
like I'm the bad guy.

I'm the damn hero!

Even you can't save all of them.

Who's the hero now?

How did you know about this?

I've been reading your reports
in the Planet,

but also my, uh, hearing.

Your hearing?

Oh. My, um, super hearing.

We haven't formally met. I'm Lois Lane.

It's nice to meet you, Miss Lane.

And you are who, exactly?

Mr. Metropolis?

Red-and-Blue Man?

I'm sure you'll come up with something.

Who was that?


Welcome to the Daily Planet Today.

I'm Lois Lane, and with me,
for his first on-camera interview,

is Superman.

- I appreciate you agreeing to be here.
- Thanks for having me.

Now, as you know,
the world has been captivated by you

ever since your first appearance
in Metropolis over a year ago.

And one of the big questions that always
gets asked regarding Superman is,

how long you were on Earth before that.

Well, essentially my whole life.

- After my planet was destroyed.
- Krypton?

Right. When Krypton was destroyed,

the pod that allowed me
to escape crashed here, on Earth.

Where exactly on Earth?

That's not something
I'm ready to reveal yet.

The assumption is that
it was somewhere in the US.

Don't assume that
just because I'm speaking English.

You speak multiple languages.
Is that also a superpower?


Just curiosity about the world.

I wanted to know more
about different people,

different regions.

So, I studied their languages.

How many languages?

All of them.

What would you say
to the people of the world

when asked what you stand for?

I'd like to think
everything good and decent.



The American way?

I think someone is just trying
to get me to admit I was raised here.


Can someone
please take a look at Lois's mic.

All right, everybody,
let's stand by for sound check.

Stand by, please.

I feel like we're not getting anywhere.

Can't believe it.

I know,
he's like giving me the runaround.

No, not that.

I think Superman is into you.

Don't be ridiculous.

The way he keeps smiling at you.

I dream of having someone
look at me like that.

It's, basically, how
all my favorite movies end.

Janet, he's Superman.
It's part of his whole shtick.

He looks at people in a nice way.

Okay, listen,

I'm not talking to you as your producer,

I'm talking to you
as one of your best friends

- and I am telling you...
- Janet.

There is some
serious chemistry happening.

Listen to me...

And you need to bring your A-game
if you wanna go out

with the world's most eligible bachelor.

I am not interested. Okay?

I'm in love with someone else.

Clark from the paper.

We've been dating for a couple months.
I know he's dorky, but I love him.

Right. The guy with the glasses.

- Yup.
- He's so sweet.


That's great, Lois.
I had no idea you were in love.

That's because I haven't told
anyone yet. Not even him.

Hey, random Superman question.

He wouldn't happen
to have super hearing?

- Can we just go?
- Yep. Yeah.

I apologize. That was unprofessional.

That's okay.

He's a lucky man.

Don't think this means
I'm gonna take it easy on you.

I'd be offended if you did.

Okay. Ready?

I'm nervous.

Didn't think you got nervous.

It's your mom, Clark.
What if she doesn't like me?

That's not possible.

Maybe you haven't seen the reader mail
section of the newspaper, but trust me.

It's very possible. Hi!

Oh, I'm so glad you could make it.

Oh, look at you.

Ever since Clark told me
about the two of you,

I couldn't wait to have you
out to the farm.

Told you.

Well, I'm happy to finally make it.

Thank you.

Lots of folks in Smallville
are dying to meet you, too.

Mom, you promised.

Oh, Clark, it's just the neighbors
and Edelsteins,

and you know,
girls from bridge club. So...

Well, I'm very excited to meet everyone.

Well, come on inside.
I've got lunch waiting.

She's wonderful.

Yeah, I know.

So, what took you so long
to bring her here?

Oh, because I needed to be ready.

To meet me?

That's not what I meant.

I brought her here to tell her
who I really am.

Are you sure? Once you tell her,
there's no going back.

Yeah, well...

There was no going back
after the first time I saw her.

I'm so happy for you, honey.

Everything okay?

Everything is perfect, dear.
Just perfect.

You follow me.

I want to show you something.

I can't believe
I married Lois Lane.

I'm all yours, babe.

For better or for worse.

You know...

I kept my secret from everyone
for so long.

And now I know why.

It's for you.

So we could have this life together.

There's no one I'd rather share it with.

This might be a weird time
to say it, but...

Can't wait to tell my dad
about the wedding.

He's going to be so excited.

I mean, as excited
as a hologram can get, I guess.

He's going to have to wait
till after the honeymoon.

How was your marriage ceremony, son?

It was the perfect day.

Lois looked beautiful.

Wish you could've been there.

I need you to get out of here now, son.

- Father, what's happening?
- Go.

Get out of here now!

Hey, babe.

There's something I need to tell you.

Lois, what day is it?

I'm pregnant.

You're pregnant?


I know. We weren't even trying.
We didn't even know this was possible.

But there are three pregnancy tests
in the bathroom,

and they all say the same thing.

We're gonna be parents.

Okay, Lois,
something really strange happened

right before you came out.

I can't believe it either.

It's like you said on our honeymoon.
This is why you kept your secret.

So we could share a life together.

And now we can have a family.

I didn't even realize I wanted one
this badly until now.


Yeah, me, too.

Okay, be honest.
You want a boy or a girl?

Ah, I... I just want
the baby to be healthy.

- Come on, Clark. That's so predictable.
- But it's true.

All right, well, I'm just gonna say it.
I want a girl.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Oh, my.
- Is everything okay?


It's just more okay.

Looks like you two are gonna have twins.

What? Are you sure?

Whoa. Is that a... You know?

Very. And I can't say for certain,
but, yes, they do appear to be boys.

This is what I get for wanting a girl.

I can't believe
I'm gonna be a dad twice. All at once.

Can you give me some water, please?

Do you think
this is because of Superman?

My father assured me
everything's gonna be fine.

But he also didn't know
we were having twins,

and that is a pretty big curve ball.

Hey, it's going to be okay, I promise.

Yes, says the guy who doesn't have
to give birth

to two babies at the same time.

Clark, I'm not delivering the babies
at the fortress.

This isn't real.

In a lifetime full of memories,

there is none more special
than becoming a father.

What have you done?

Easy, Kal-El.
I'd hate for you to miss the big moment.

You're doing great.
We're almost there.

Yeah, 27 hours later.

Edge is here somehow.

I love you, too.

Just one more push, Lois,
and baby Jonathan can meet Jordan.

He knows everything.

You did it.

We have a family, Clark.

Yes, you do.

Jordan and Jonathan Kent.

The twin sons of Lois and Superman.

No, please, please, they're just babies.

How little you know me, brother.

I would never harm a newborn.

Teenage boys, on the other hand...

That's a different matter entirely.

It's good you're awake, Kal-El.

Now you and I can discuss
the terms of your surrender.

My sons...

are not bargaining chips.

This device was created by Ter-Loc,
one of Krypton's greatest scientists.

It allows the user to navigate
the resting mind of another.

You knew I'd be weak
from my solar flare.

So, I followed you here,

where I could sift
through your most precious memories.

To extort me.

No, Kal.

To understand you.

To understand what possible reason
you could have to betray your heritage.

To think it was all for a human family.

You know nothing about them.

I know enough.

A human wife and twin boys,
how woefully pedestrian.

And you,
stumbling through your daily life

like some village idiot,
instead of a true son of Krypton.

I'm not the only one who kept
my Kryptonian side hidden.

I did so out of strategy, not shame.

To be a man of greatness,
and choose to be less...

speaks to the mediocrity of this world.

Whatever it is you want,

threatening my family
is not how you'll get it.

It's not a threat, Kal.

I will destroy their lives,

by taking that thing
you hold so dear, your secret,

and shouting it
for all the world to hear.

Superman has a family.


Then tell me another way.

I appealed to you as a brother
and you attacked me,

a Kryptonian, and you stole from me,

a friend, and you destroyed
everything I'd built.

He is none of those things.
Do not listen to him.

It's this man who has corrupted you.

Just as he corrupted our mother.

I spoke with her.


She believes there is still good in you.

Was this as she helped you plot
to destroy Kryptonian lives?

The same lives that occupied
innocent human beings?


I will not debate morality
with this whisper.

Here I stand, brother.

Flesh and bone and beating heart.
Your true family.

Join me.

Of your own free will.

I can't let you do this.

Then I will make you suffer.

I love you, son.

You are my life's
greatest disappointment, Kal-El.

All my life,
I dreamt of having a brother...

A family.

Only to have you reject me!

It didn't have to be this way.

Head's pounding worse
than after 10 whisky chasers.

From everything we can tell,
it should go away in a day or two.

How's Emily doing?



What does she know, exactly?

Just the broad strokes,
same as everyone else.

Edge was giving people powers,

messing with their minds
to control them.

Nothing about alien consciousness?

DOD felt that would be better
kept off the record.

Still a lot to process.

People in this town
are gonna want answers.

Yeah, at which point,

they're gonna be
looking for somebody to blame,

and, uh, pretty sure
I'm gonna be at the top of that list.

Your heart was in the right place, babe.

Heart's not the problem.

It's this stubborn head of mine
refusing to listen.

I should've never gone
to see Edge behind your back.

Speaking of Edge,

any idea where he went?

Superman and the DOD
are looking for him.

I'm sure he'll turn up soon.

It's like a war zone downtown,
with all of the military patrolling.

It's very end of days.

Think Grandpa said
they're gonna be leaving soon.

They just have to check in
with everybody

that was mind-swapped or whatever.

My dad has his good side
and his not-so-good side,

but seeing him become
a whole different person was...

- Must have been strange.
- Super weird.

I just instantly assumed
the worst about him,

even though my mom told me
that it wasn't all his fault.

Well, sometimes it's hard to tell
when parents are telling you the truth.

It's probably the same for them,
you know, with us.

Seems like families
are always lying to each other,

which is pretty messed up.

So, thank you for being honest
with me about everything.

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Just... I'm sorry. It was...

Sorry it was such
a traumatic experience.

At least it was the truth.

Is it cool if I have
a moment alone with Jordan?


Yeah, sure.


Sarah, I... I'm so sorry.

I didn't tell you everything
that was happening.

Jon even wanted me to tell you
and I said no.

I was really scared. I...

I don't want
to be just friends, anymore.

Me neither.

Uh, Lois.

Hold up. Just a...

Just a second. Um...

Listen, I just...
I wanted to apologize to you.

For the way I've treated you
this whole time.

- It's okay, Kyle.
- No, no, it's not.

Look, I was wrong about...

About damn near everything, but...

Mostly, I was wrong about you.

You're good people, Lois.

I'm really happy
you're part of this town.

Thank you.

So, it's, like, really
official-official now, or what?

- Yeah, I guess so.
- Yeah?

Well, I'm happy for you, sweetie.

But now that you have a girlfriend,
your dad and I are gonna have to

have a little chit-chat with you
about what we expect.

I guess Dad's home.

Your father won't be returning
any time soon.

Which is why Uncle Morgan
decided to come pay a visit.

So, this is the life Kal-El chose.

It's even more disappointing up-close.

You're not welcome here.

That's no way to speak to family, Lois.

- Especially with young boys around.
- Where's our dad?

When I left him, he was a crumpled heap
in his little ice castle.

Peculiar place to build a fortress.
I chose the desert.

Like to feel the sun on my face.

Leave now.

Jordan, Stop.

I see your sons inherited
your false bravado.


Stay away from my sons!

This is all your doing.

It was your influence that made him
turn his back on his own people.

Let them go.
This is between you and me.

I'm afraid we've passed
that point, Miss Lane.

But I will let them live long enough...

to watch you die.

Impressive, Kal-El.

But this changes nothing.

I'll do whatever you ask.

Just leave my family alone.

Pledge to me that you will submit

and I promise to let them live unharmed.

Clark, please don't do this.

I submit.

Take a good look at the man you knew

because it will be your last.

I'm sorry.

We needed more time.

He was right.

This is?

My home.

I'm ready, Father.


My son.

What year is it on this Earth?

By their measurements, 1987.

And the Eradicator, you possess it?

Not yet.

Did I birth a fool for a son?

Your mission was simple!

I've spent years searching,
but it is still yet to arrive.

I see.

Well, we must prepare in the interim.

I will train you myself.

Thank you, Father.

We must root out all weakness,

so that you can gain power
in this world.

Were there any other Kryptonians
sent to join me?

There's that weakness.

You need no one, son.

Only me.

- Is that understood?
- Yes, sir.

The first lesson is the measure of pain.

Its application being a tool
of great strategic value.

Although, in your case,

it is necessary that
you be able to withstand it.

Here he is, Father.

Son of Jor-El.

The worst of Krypton.

You don't have to do this.

See how he begs.

His own weakness never stamped out.

He has vowed his submission, Father.

And the Eradicator?

Taken from his possession.

Then let us begin.

John, it's happening.

Just like you said it would.

I think Superman has been turned.