Superman and Lois (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

Subtitles by SilverStark

My most vivid memories

are of the days when my life changed.

I remember coming to this Earth,

feeling the sun on my
face for the first time.

Oh, my God, Jonathan.

It's a baby boy.

Hold on, Martha.

Hearing the voices of my parents.

Are you gonna join us?

My mother called me
their greatest surprise.

And boy, there sure were lots of them.


I remember loving Smallville...

the people, the community,

how the small things
were the big things.

And I thought I'd live there forever.

- Dad?
- Jonathan?

- Dad! Dad!
- Jonathan!

Dad, wake up! Somebody call 911!

But my father's death
set me on a different path.

Eventually, I moved to Metropolis

to become who I was meant to be.

There you go, friend.

Thanks. Cool costume.

Thanks. My mom made it for me.

But my most vivid memory of all

was the day I met her.

Everyone in here, we're the most

dependable friends the
people of Metropolis have.

- You remember that.
- Uh, yes, sir.

Stick with Lane. She'll
show you the ropes.

Uh, Lane, sir?

Who told you to wear a tie?

Let me guess. Lombard? Ignore him.

Though he can get box
seats to the Meteors.

- You like baseball?
- Uh, uh, of course.

I mean, who doesn't like
America's pastime, Miss Lane?

It's Lois.

What'd you say your name was again?

Uh, Kent. Clark. Clark Kent.


Hmm. Never met a Clark before.

Oh, uh, I've never met a Lois before.

- Thanks.
- Actually, there was

my first-grade teacher, Lois Hannigan,

so I guess technically...
oh, tech... technically,

you'd be the second.

We fell in love.

I told Lois who I really was,

where I came from.

We married,

got our first place together...

The twins came.

They were as different as brothers get.

Look out!

Jonathan was easy.

Always happy, always smiling.


Good job, babe!

And things with Jordan
were more... challenging.

- Jordan? Stop it.
- Tantrums, night terrors.

A year ago, he was diagnosed
with social anxiety disorder.




And suddenly, here I am,

living in Metropolis,
raising two teenage boys,

married to the most famous
journalist in the world...

Trying to make the world
safer for the people I love.


Here, here. Here!

Hey! Hey, hey!

How long we got before
this thing pops its top?

- A few minutes, tops.
- The fallout?

As far as Metropolis.

Come on, Superman.

The heat exchanger's offline.

Where's the damn water tanker?

His cold breath isn't gonna fix it.

We need water back
in the reactor vessel,

or we're gonna have a
meltdown the size of Fukushima.

- It's out of water!
- Tanks!



It's cooling down.

It's just like Oyster Creek.

Same kind of crack in the cooling tower.

How is it no one at
either plant saw anything?

I don't know yet.

But you can't get
equipment in here unnoticed.

Both cracks were man-made.

That's what concerns me.

You've been putting
in a lot of OT lately.

My daughter okay with that?

She's not the one I
have to worry about.

Bass are gonna
start biting again soon.

Was thinking I'd take Jonathan fishing.

Maybe even get Jordan to come this time.

I'll talk to Lois about some dates.

Night, General.

And the delivery truck
crashed into your car?

It was an unmarked box truck?

Can you hold on one sec?

I gotta get Foswell copy
first thing in the morning.


Your plate's in the fridge,

Jonathan's got some news,

and apologize to Jordan;

You missed therapy today.

Sorry about that. Yeah...

Well, how do you know who she is?

- Come in.
- You've never met her.

- Hey.
- Hey!

What's up? Mom said you had news.

Uh, Eliza, one second.

Yeah, um, yeah.

I'm... I'm actually starting QB.

- For varsity?
- Yep.

Yeah, um.

Think... think I'm the
first freshman to ever do it,

and some of the upperclassmen
are pretty ticked off.

Oh, don't worry about them.

Worry? Nah, it's awesome.
You should've seen their faces.

Um, Dad.

Oh, right, yeah. Okay. Okay.

- Hi, Eliza!
- Hi.

- Hey, congrats.
- Thanks, Dad.

- Proud of you.
- Th... okay, thanks.

- Sorry. I'm out of here.
- All right.


Wow, you, uh, you make
a pretty good Superman.

Superman's boring. I'm Raiden.

Sorry I...

I missed our therapy today.

Um, I was in Wichita for a story...

You couldn't catch a flight back.

Mom said.

So, uh, high... high
school starts tomorrow.

You, uh, you nervous?

'Cause you know, it's
okay if you're nervous.

Um, I know freshman year
was pretty tough for me.

Did I... did I ever tell you

about the time I was the
team manager of the...

Yeah, everyone duct
taped you to a tractor.

Yeah, life's a little
different in Smallville

than it is in Metropolis.

Okay, well, yeah. You know.

If you... if you need
anything, if you wanna talk...

I'm here.

- Hey, Dad?
- Yeah?

The music?



I saw you on the news.

Are you just getting home now?

Yeah, a little bit ago.

Honey, I know you've
got a lot on your plate,

but you really do need
to be around more.

Mom, I, uh, you know,

I do have a responsibility to the world

as you-know-who.

Well, you've got a
bigger responsibility

to your family as a father.

The boys need to see
what a strong and loving

and vulnerable man looks like...

what your father was to you.

You only have them
for a short while longer

before they go off into the world.

You gotta be present.

I'm trying.

I really am.

I don't wanna let anybody down.

Was it, um...

Was it always this hard for you and Dad?

Your lives are so
much more complicated

than ours ever were.


life's a little different in
Smallville, remember?

You okay?

I just need to lie down, that's all.

Get some sleep, Mom.

I love you.

Good night, honey.


- Get 'em while they're hot.
- Thanks.

- More juice?
- Uh, I think I'm good.

Thank you.

Little help?

Your mom called while you
were in the shower about a visit.

- Are we going to Grandma's?
- I think we're overdue.

Great. Smallville.

A place where you can spend
a full year in one afternoon.

It's not that bad.


Is that how you're going dressed today?

Somebody got the
punch-me-in-the-face memo.

Yeah, I should dress like you?

Like some sort of human
participation trophy?

No, but you could watch a, like,

"HowToBasic" video on style.

Enough. Both of you, go.

Your ride's here.


- Love you guys.
- Love you.

- Good luck today, guys.
- Thanks, Dad.


You're worried about Jordan.

I tried talking to him last night,

but he was pretty upset.

Well, if he knew
where you really were...

your parents told you

about your real heritage
when you were six.

That was... that was different.

I lived on a farm. I had powers.

You don't think
Jonathan's got something?

Test at the fortress
said it was unlikely.

He's about to be starting quarterback

at one of the most competitive
high schools in the nation...

as a freshman.

Yeah. Doesn't mean he has powers.

Have you seen him throw a deep route?

And what about Jordan?

All it's gonna do is
make him feel more alien

than he already does.

Trust me, I've been there.

We're late.

It's too dangerous for them to know.

It's more dangerous if they don't.

But Lois, they slip up once,

say the wrong thing to one person,

the whole world knows who I am.


Your father agrees with me.

Oh, now we care what my dad thinks?

I'm just saying, they're 14.

They don't need to know yet.

Maxy, what's going on?

Whit... fired.

More layoffs?

I knew when Morgan
Edge bought the "Planet,"

there'd be cuts, but
this is unbelievable.


You got a minute?

Foswell fired you?

It's better me than
somebody else, okay?

- I do have another day job.
- That's not the point!

Foswell's no editor;
He's a patsy for Edge.

All these billionaires
that buy media outlets

use this "moving to digital" crap

as an excuse to destroy journalism,

and they don't care about
human interest stories

or facts.

All they care about is click-throughs.

You're gonna need a new excuse

for being gone all the time now.


We're not telling the boys.

Hey, Mom, sorry. This
morning's just been...

Dr. Frye?


How did you...

The stroke...


Faithful God,

Lord of all creation,

you desire that nothing
redeemed by your Son

will ever be lost,

as we return the ashes
of our sister to the earth

to live with you and all your children

forever and ever.



- What's that?
- It's 1:00.

Don't you need to take
your pill with something?

Who are you? Mom?

Someone's gotta watch out for you.

Now, Clark here and his dad?

They could harvest crops
faster than any farm in the area.

How's your place, Mr. Branden?

We had to sell to
Oberlee Foods last year.

I'm really sorry to hear that.

It's hard for family farmers

to make it around here nowadays.

What are you doing?

Come on, sweetie. Keep up.

Remember that girl from
that summer we stayed here?

- Sarah Cushing?
- Yeah.

She's here.

Really? Where?

50 yards and approaching.

If you hurry,

you'll have time to go
inside and change into...

A completely different person.

Clark, I'm so sorry.

She was always so kind to me.

To all of us.

- It's good to see you, Lana.
- Same.

Lois, it's great to see you.

I'm sorry it's under
these circumstances.

It's nice to see you too.

You remember our boys,
Jonathan and Jordan.

- Hi.
- Hey.

These are our girls.

The littlest one here is Sophie.

And, uh,

well, the one with the
perma-scowl over there,

that's Sarah.


I'm really sorry about your grandma.

She was really special.

Even my dad liked her,
and he hates everyone, so.

House full of girls.

Someone's always pissed at you.

- Mommy.
- Mm-hmm?

That's him.

Well, your daddy and I

went to high school with Mr. Kent.

You dated him.

That's why Daddy got mad

when he saw you on his Facebook page.

Okay, sweets, why don't you go play?

How are you holding up?

I could really use a drink, actually.

See, now you're talking.

Lead the way.

Be good.

I didn't think you guys
would've remembered me

from that summer.

Of course we would, I mean, y...

but you changed your everything.

What my brother's trying to say is

that whatever you're doing is...

it's totally working for you.

Well, we still get
puberty in Smallville.

Although cell service sucks, so.

Yeah, no, I've been
trying to get on all morning.

I think there's something
wrong with the router.

Just probably needs to be reset.

Jon, it's in the barn.

Ooh, mysterious. What's in the barn?

Our dad doesn't like us in there.

He says it's full of
stuff that can kill us.

Yeah, when we were, like, eight.

Well, as a member of the FFA,

I think I can keep you guys safe.

What's the FFA?

I don't know.

Your daughters are so gorgeous.

Aw, thank you.

You look exactly the same
as you did in high school.

He... he doesn't age.

It's, uh, good genes, I guess.

And Lois, I read all your stories.

I mean, it's so impressive.

'Cause of you, I tell my
girls they can do anything.

Thank you. Are you still at the bank?

Yep, and Kyle's
still at the firehouse,

made fire chief last year,

and everybody else we knew moved away.

She means "bailed."

- Lueck?
- Twin Cities.

- Sippy?
- St. Louis.

Maybe you'll see
them at the next reunion.

Kent didn't make it to
the last one, now, did he?

Ah, I was supposed to, but we, uh...

You know, it used to be
that when folks move away

to get their degrees, well,

they bring their skills back home,

take care of the community's
help raised them, you know?

That ain't happening anymore.

Well, hey, we'll at least get a lifeline

if this whole Edge proposal
goes through, right?

What does Morgan
Edge want with Smallville?

Oh, boy.

He's retrofitting the coal mines

to produce alternative energies.

It's gonna put a lot of folks
back to work around here.

- Until it doesn't.
- Lois.

Morgan Edge ruins
everything he touches.

What's he ruined?

He is single-handedly
destroying the "Daily Planet."

People quit reading that paper

'cause, uh, you reporters

can't keep your politics to yourselves.

Edge's companies prey
on struggling communities.

He busts up unions. He
barely pays a living wage.

I don't understand how
he can keep fooling people.

Oh, you mean us dumb,
backwards, small-town folk?

No, no, that is not what I meant.

I know what you meant.

See, people like you,
you look at Smallville,

and you think of the past,

and you feel a little bad for us, right?

People like Morgan Edge, though,

now, see, he looks at Smallville,

and he sees the future.

It's not a future I
would wanna live in.

It's a good thing
we don't have to worry

about that anymore, now, do we?

We haven't made any
decisions about the farm yet, Kyle.

But your mother has.

What does that mean?

Kyle, go get the girls.

I'm sorry for your loss, Kent.

Lana? What's he talking about?

Your mother had some
business with us, that's all.

Come by the bank tomorrow.

Martha was a great lady.

The heart of Smallville, really.

I'm sorry she's gone.

Yeah, your dad's right.

Pretty much everything
here can kill you.

- What's that thing?
- Oh, that's a hay raker.

I guess you guys don't see
much of this in Metropolis.

No, but our dad
told us all these stories

about growing up here.

Tell you it sucks?

Actually, I think he kinda loved it.

Can't be that bad.

I mean, it's more the people
that make up a place, right?


Metropolis boys are really
starting to lose their game.

Relax. I'm... I'm taken.

I didn't mean it like
that. I'm just saying...

well, I guess I'm trying to say that

we're only here for a few days,

and I figure that we kinda need

someone to show us around.

Okay. Uh, phone.

Oh, no, not you.


Thank you. Uh...

There's a bonfire tomorrow

at the old Shuster Mine.

Hit me up if you wanna
go, but I can't guarantee

I won't get you into
a little bit of trouble.

Guys. Found the router.

What the hell was Grandma
thinking, putting it up there?

I got it.

Oh, Jordan, be careful.

"Come by the bank"?

I wonder what that was all about.

I shouldn't have lost my cool with Kyle.

You think he's right?

Should I have come back
to Smallville more often?

No, Clark, he's not right.

Your mom knew where
you were and who you were.

Right before she died, I...

I heard her say something
as I was flying here.

It's time.

Come home.

She wanted me to come home.

I just don't know why yet.


- Still not working.
- Got it.

Oh, my God.

Help! Somebody help!

Help! The boys! They're hurt!

Go get medical supplies.

It was his idea.

It's okay.

You're saying all we
have are mild concussions?

You're both really lucky.

Little rest, should be fine.

- Thanks, Benny.
- Yeah.

- It's good to see you.
- No worries. Thank you.

- Best to the family.
- Thank you.

I'm sorry for your loss.


Come on, boys. Let's get upstairs.

You've had a long day.

Great, Engstrom just said
that I might not be starting

anymore 'cause I
missed practice all week.


Football's what you're
worried about right now?

How are we fine, Jon?

Jordan, look, if you wanna
fixate on something weird,

maybe you should start
thinking about how Sarah Cushing

gave you her digits and not me.

You texted her already, didn't you?

I don't know. Wha...

I just wanted her to know
we were okay, all right?

What is this? You sent
a waving hand emoji?

Okay, no, that is a Vulcan salute.

I gotta say, that's even worse.

You're kind of a freak.

You know what?

Something a lot freakier than me

happened to us in that barn.

Something we're not being told about.

And it's up to us to
find out what that is.


Whatever, weirdo.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Jonathan must have
somehow shielded them both?

You saw how confused they are.

They need to know the truth.

What is the truth gonna do to Jordan?

It's hard enough on him having a brother

that everything comes easy to,
but having one that has powers?

Like Superman?

We don't know what
he can or can't do yet.

And yes, it will be hard for him,

but he will have his family there

to help him figure things out

like he does right now.

I can't lose him, Lois.

I can't.

He's pulled so far away from me already.

When we were dreaming
about having a family,

it didn't look like this, did it?

Didn't have lost jobs or...

Teens with severe anxiety or...

Parents gone too soon.

No one ever dreams about the problems,

but every life has them.

Even the extraordinary ones.

Your dad's back.

That's not good.

Had my team analyze
security camera footage

from both nuclear plants
where the ruptures occurred,

and this is the only commonality.

Whatever did this, it's moving fast.

That's not all.

We also discovered a
sub-microscopic etching

at both sites.

Thought maybe it
was a fingerprint at first.

It wasn't.

It's Kryptonian.

"You are not a hero, Kal-El."

Whoever did this knows who I am.

He's studying you, Clark.

Now, I'm sure there's a phone booth

in this Podunk town
where you can suit up.

Now? No.


I get it.

There is a powerful something out there

that doesn't like Superman
or nuclear power plants,

and that is a bad combo.

But now is not a moment
Clark can just take off.

His mom just died.

I mean it, Clark.

The world will always need Superman,

and when there is a problem,
you will be there for them,

but right now, this
family needs you more.

She's right, Sam.

- I tried to warn you, Lois.
- Come on, Dad.

When you wanted to get married,

I tried warning you.

You may have fallen
in love with Clark Kent,

but you married Superman.

And Superman doesn't
get to have a normal life,

no matter how much you want one for him.

Or yourself.

So how are the boys doing?

They're fine, they're
just a little shaken up.

Ah, it seems luck runs in the family.

Did Clark ever tell
you about our accident

coming home from the
Soul Asylum concert?

Oh, I try not to talk

about my Soul Asylum days too much.

So Pete was at the wheel.

Fell asleep, drove off the road.

We came to. The car was a pretzel.

Nobody was hurt. Not a scratch.

It was the strangest thing.

Again, lots of strange things
happened here back then.


Mortgage papers?

My mom paid hers off years ago.

Her first.

About five years ago,

at the peak of the farming crisis,

banks here were offering
reverse mortgages to seniors.

Pay now for the
opportunity to let the bank

purchase the remainder
of the farm upon their death

if the landowner's heirs

couldn't repay the balance of the loan.

She... she didn't
need that kind of money.



the Gordons were gonna
be evicted from their farm

that had been in their
family for generations.

Margie Kelton's lung surgery made it

so she could hardly
put food on the table.

I have dozens of stories.

Everyone in town knew
that if you were in trouble,

Martha would be there.

She was like your friend
you always write about, Lois.

She was like this town's Superman.

Or Superwoman.

Sounds like they had a lot in common.

She still protected
half the farm's value.

She wanted there to be enough money

to send the boys to college.

So you can either repay the loan,

or you can accept a healthy buyout

for the remaining value of the property.

You really think Dad's
hiding something from us?

We had all those poles land on us.

Besides, how did he get them
up off of us so fast, anyway?

I don't know. Adrenaline, maybe?

Like a soccer mom
lifting a car kind of thing.

Dad can't put up a Christmas tree

without falling off the ladder.

And what's the thing he says
every single time we come here?

"Don't put your finger in that"?

I don't know.

"Stay out of the barn," dumb-ass.

Jordan, what are we
looking for, anyways?

Just something unusual.
Something out of place.

- What?
- You hear that?

The poles, they must
have shifted the floor.

I think it's a door.

Look. Right there.

- Three, two, one.
- Three, two, one.

- Get the flashlight.
- Yeah.

What are you doing?

This is literally just an old cellar.

It's probably Grandpa's old
tool storage or something.



What is that thing?

What are you doing? Do not touch that!

Oh, my God.

Did you see that?

Did you see that?
What the hell was that?

No. No, no, no.

What was that? Jordan, what was that?

Jordan, what are you...

What the hell is that thing?

Whatever it is...

It's not from Kansas.

All my memories,

my childhood, my parents...

They're all here.

Why would my mom want me to come home

just to sell the farm?

I don't think she
wanted you to sell it.

I think she wanted you to save it.


You know, we're not
exactly flush with cash,

especially after getting fired.

I don't know yet.

But those reverse
mortgages weren't because

the bank was feeling generous.

You may have super
strength and super hearing,

but I have super smell,

and those loans don't smell right.

I do have super smell, by the way.

I just don't use it
very often, you know.

Not with two teenage boys in the house.

Kinda gross.

Two very upset teenage boys.

So that's why?

Why you never wanted us in the barn?

'Cause you keep a
freakin' alien ship in there?

- Look, I can explain.
- Yeah, can you?

Can you explain how I fell
30 feet and nothing happened?

- Just give him...
- All you said

- is that we got lucky.
- Just give him a chance.

But that was a lie, wasn't it?

Yes. Yes, okay?

It was a lie.


That ship... brought me to Earth.

Landed here in Smallville,

right in those cornfields over there.

I was sent here when my planet...

Krypton, was destroyed.

- Krypton?
- Yes.

Because I wasn't from here,

I had certain powers.

Your grandparents, they took me in.

They raised me.

They taught me how
to control my abilities,

how to blend in

until the day I was ready to leave

and become who I was sent here to be.

You're saying you're Superman?

No, I've seen Superman before.

We've seen him.

When your father first told me,

I didn't understand either.

I understand.

I understand all the excuses.

All the times you were
gone, you lied to us.

You both did.

He was saving lives, Jordan.

That doesn't make it less true!

You lied to protect his secret.

All the things I've been feeling.

You made me think I was
crazy. They put me on pills!

Your mental health has
nothing to do with who your...

And how do you know that?

I'm half human, half
whatever the hell he is!

Do not yell at your mother, okay?

This is not her fault.

I'm the one that didn't
want you to know.


Because I knew what
kind of burden it would be

if you both had powers.

Or worse, if one of you had them,

and the other one didn't.

You think he's the reason
we survived yesterday.

- What are you talking about?
- Go on, Dad.

Go tell Superboy here
why he's really so perfect.

We thought your athletic talents

could be latent abilities
starting to emerge,

and then yesterday...

The only way that both
of you survived that accident

is for at least one
of you to be like me.

You wouldn't have it any
other way, would you, Dad?


Don't try to talk to me, all right?

You may have been
sent here to be some hero,

but you sure as hell weren't
sent here to be a father.

Just leave us alone.

Everything I do with the boys just...

seems like it blows up in my face.

Is Jordan right?

A... am I a bad father?

- Clark.
- 'Cause right now, I...

It feels like it's my fault
that this is all falling apart.

Your life falling apart
doesn't mean you're special.

It means you're human.

Another breach in progress.

It's another nuclear facility.


We're gonna be all right, okay?


I found your message.

I know you're here.

And I know you can't see me.

Lead encasements.

You can't see through lead.

One of your few weaknesses.

That's why you're
choosing nuclear facilities.

You can watch me without me knowing.

And see how good
you really are, Kal-El.

Hey, Sarah.

Hey, you made it.

See you guys later.

I still don't understand
how you guys didn't get hurt.

Still figuring that one out.

Well, I'm just glad that you made it.

You promised me trouble.

Well, I will definitely do my best.

I don't really know how
you guys party in Metropolis,

but here in Smallville,
we do it a little different.

How do you know my name?

I know everything there is to know

about the Last Son of Krypton.

Where I come from,

let's just say the two
of us have history.

And where is that, exactly?

Nowhere now.

My world was destroyed.

But somehow, I managed to survive.

I eventually arrived
here, where I learned

you were here too.

Not as fast as I thought.

Maybe you shouldn't.

Beer and benzos don't really mix well.

How'd you know?

I saw you take one back
at the funeral reception.

But you're not the only one,

you know, on something, so.

You? For what?

Are we really gonna do this now?

Go full "Euphoria" on each other?

We don't have to. I...

You're just kinda

the only person I know around here.

No, it's cool.

Up until I was...

11 or 12, I had a pretty awesome life.

I mean, it wasn't perfect,

but it was nice.

Dolls and dance classes.

But then something changed.

People around here,
they get this sadness,

and they act like it's
something you can catch

like the flu, but...

I never thought it was
gonna hit my house

till it did.

Now half the nights, my
dad sleeps on the couch,

and my mom gets really mad
at him for being checked out,

but honestly, I can't blame him.

He's a firefighter, and
being a firefighter here,

you see all the really bad stuff.

I mean, stuff that no one
really wants to talk about.

Like what?

Like parents cooking meth

and the whole house catching on fire

with the kids inside.


About a year ago,

I took a bunch of my mom's pills.

I still don't understand why I did it.

I've never done
anything like that before,

and my mom, she made
a really big drama out of it.

Lots of therapy and whatever.

I know, for a... for a
sad story, it's really basic.

No. It's not.

- What are you doing?
- What?

- Hey!
- Sean!

That's my girlfriend!

Sean, what the hell is your problem?

The hell you doing with this guy?

It doesn't even matter. Relax. Relax.


I would've gotten around to it,

but you sorta kissed me first.

It's not that big of a deal!

Back off!

What the hell are you doing?

You know how many
townies I had to randomly DM

to find out where this party was?

Out of the way.

Back off!

You really don't want to
get in my face right now.

Hey, hey, hey!

Get off of him!

What's wrong with you?!

Aren't you curious how I
know so much about you, Kal-El?

Like me, your home was destroyed.

You were sent here as an infant

to a world where you'd
spend your whole life

trying to prove your worth,

convince yourself you were one of them,

but you're not!

You're still that scared, lost child,

desperate for the love of people

that will never accept you!

And the only remnants
of your real home...


make you sick.

Dust to dust.


Yeah, have you still got
those contacts at HUD?

I need you to check
Smallville Community Bank

for any unusual activity
in the last five or...

reporter: Injuries are a concern.

Six years.

This is a volatile
situation for firefighters.

Maxy, I gotta go.


Who told you to wear a tie?

Clark. Come home.



The other one's pretty shook up.

Twice in two days, Kent.

Luckiest family I know.


Thank you.

- Are you okay? What happened?
- Dad. Dad.

I... I don't know what
happened. Jordan...

So you saved your brother.

I wasn't sure what happened.

That's why I didn't say anything.

All I knew is, when I fell, I
felt something come over me.

It was a strength I've never had before.

I felt... control.

I... I don't know. It's hard to explain.

What's gonna happen to him?

I'm not sure yet.

Jordan's power are manifesting

very differently than mine did.

But we're gonna help
you get through this, okay?

Yeah, it's probably like learning

to drive a car, you know?

If cars were indestructible

and had giant death
lasers as headlights.



Apologize to your brother.

I know. Too soon. I know.

You were right.

I should've told them a long time ago.

Jordan could've killed someone tonight.

We just gotta be on the
same page going forward.

- These are the important years, Clark.

Life's a little different in Smallville.

I think I know what my mom meant

when she said to come home.

She knew how busy we are in Metropolis,

how absent I've been.

I've tried convincing myself
that the boys would be fine

and that it was okay for me
to be gone so much, but...

I was wrong.

You think your mom wanted us to move

to Smallville and live on the farm?

It's a simpler life.

More time with each other,
be part of a community,

and now this?

I think she felt like this
family needs Smallville.

As much as the world needs Superman?

Look, I know.

I know it would be a huge, huge change.

Yeah, it would.

But I think she was right.


You know, I think about my dad a lot.

How he was just heading
off to church one day

when a meteor crashed in his front yard.

And just like that...

He was a father.

I didn't know it back then, but...

but he had no idea what he was doing.

Ah, it didn't matter.

'Cause he was always there.

You were right.

I haven't always been there for you.

But I promise you, from now on,

I will be.

I pulled some strings,
got you $2,100 an acre,

which is well above
market value in Rice County.

Wow, that... that's very generous.

But we decided
we're... we're not selling.

You're not?

We're thinking of reopening the farm.

Run it the way my folks
and I used to back in the day.

So you're staying.

Well, we're talking it over,

but a change might
be good for this family.


Then let's go over the
pre-negotiated terms

for taking over the loan.

Before we do, Lana, I was wondering

if you knew that

a couple months before those
reverse mortgages were offered,

a company had secretly
acquired your bank.

No, I didn't know that.

Galaxy Holdings,

whose majority
shareholder is Morgan Edge.

Why would someone like Morgan Edge

be interested in a bunch of family farms

in Smallville, Kansas?

That's a very good question.

How's everyone doing after last night?

Tag Harris broke his arm.

Other than that, nobody else got hurt.

Anyone say what caused the explosion?

My dad said it was probably
just a methane pocket.

Look, I should've never
kissed you last night.

Wow. That is awkward.

Good luck.

It's not your fault.

You didn't know about Sean,

and I'm just really sorry

about how it all went down.

I just wanted to hang out with you.

You were so sweet that summer
that we met, and then yeah,

I saw you take that
pill at the funeral...

I just thought that if
someone like you had issues,

then someone like me
wasn't so messed up.

I think maybe it means we're both

just a little messed up.

Yeah, maybe you're right.

Do you think that you
can keep it a secret?

Uh, one person finds out,
and then everybody knows,

- and it's just...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Your secret's safe with me.



- I'm sorry...
- It's... it's all right.

- See you around.
- Yeah.

Well, that didn't look
like a total disaster.

- All right?
- Yeah, yeah, look.

Um, Jon, about the powers, uh...

It's all good.

- Huh?
- Yeah.

Powers are overrated anyways.

Plus this just confirms

what I've known to be true all along.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

My skills on the field are legit.

Come on.

Still cannot believe
that you said that to her.

Hey, boys.

What would you guys
think about staying here

a little longer than any of us planned?

Like a couple days or something?

More like permanently.

Uh, I mean, I... I have school.

Practice, the team.

We know, we know.
It's a big conversation.

Yeah, we'll have it
tonight at family dinner.

We just wanted to
give you both some time

to process what this
would really be like

before we do.


Well, until then, you two,
follow me out to the barn.

I wanna show you a few things.

Like Superman things?

Like how to attach
a plow to a tractor.

- What?
- Seriously?

Those fields aren't
gonna plow themselves.

Okay, but Dad, we have questions.

We just found out our dad's Superman.

Yeah, like, thousands

and thousands of questions...

We need to improve
tactile function and speed

if I'm gonna end this.

We also need Kryptonite.

That was the last of your supply.

Then we'll have to go get some.

I'll install the upgrades
to your armor right away.

Captain Luthor.