Succession (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - The Summer Palace - full transcript

Still addled from the events in England, Kendall tries to make amends with his dad; Logan receives some unvarnished advice from his financial banker; Tom maneuvers for a new position in the company.

Kids, I changed my mind.
I'm staying on.

- As CEO. Head of the firm.
-You fucked me.

Three years ago, you were still
in the nuthouse.

Dad, it's called rehab.

And I'm in recovery.


-Dad? Dad?
-Dad? Dad?!

While Dad is ill,
the family proposes

that Kendall run the company
with Roman as COO.

Yes. Very serious.

I'm not saying I would make
a better CEO. That's unsaid.

It's not unsaid when you say it.

-You know that he gave me a job?
-Why would I know?

'Cause I thought everybody
might be talking about me.

Yeah, no. Everyone was only
talking about you, Cousin Greg.

Come in and see me,
and I'll look after you.

There's a huge debt problem.
Three billion. Don't jump.

I've had an idea. You give me
four billion dollars.

I stay boss. You invest...

I didn't know
you were coming in.

Just making sure
you're not selling

any more of the company
from under me.

Dad's not well.
If he's not careful,

he's gonna destroy the company.

The only way he'll respect you
is if you try to destroy him.

I love my father,
but he is currently unfit

to run this company,
and I'm calling for a vote

of no confidence in him
as CEO and chairman.

Bullshit. No.

All in favor.

You better be smelling
your fucking armpit, Romulus.


-Where you been? -Meeting
about a perspective job.

With your father's enemy?

You want this enough
to go to war with your family?

he wants your piece of pie.

Bring me in.
We do this properly.

Takeover, leverage buyout.

-What's your end?

I wanna talk about you properly.

Come in. I always thought
you were the smartest.

Oh, so that's why you tried
Kendall and Roman first?

Why are you so jumpy
about this, Ken?

Why am I jumpy?
Fucking Rome.

Fucking Shiv and Connor.

About taking the company
out of family control?

Is this a fucking bear hug?

Fuck off.

You don't have a connection
for some powder?


Look out!

This could be the
defining moment of your life.

A rich kid kills a boy.
You'll never be anything else.

Or you could be nothing at all

My boy.
My number one boy.

Excuse me, sir?
Mr. Roy?

Um, could you come with me,

What is it?

We were asked... There's, um,
a gentleman here for you.

For me? W...

W... What is this?
What do you mean?

This came as an instruction
to me,

so could you just
come with me please?

Hey. Hi, Kendall.
I'm Ragnar Magnusson.

- Oh... Hi.
- How are you?

Hi, uh... what is this?

Uh... Do you want to get dressed
and we can talk?

We might need to pull you out.

Pull me out?

I'm sorry, who...
wh... who is "we"?

-Who are you?
-It's fine, Kendall. I'm Ragnar.

I have relationship
with Pinks in London

and your father has asked us

to manage getting you on
television as soon as possible.

Uh-huh. Okay.

I've only been here like
48 hours and, uh...

I'm meant to have a silica, uh,
mud treatment. Can I just, uh...

Uh... No.

I'm sorry.
It's not going to work.


it was felt Sandy, Stewy
and Maesbury Capital

wouldn't proceed with their bid
without you,

but they have gone public
with the bear hug,

and the advice was we should
get you on TV this morning

as New York opens. Okay?

Okay. Right.

Um, but will... will that help?

A public and personal
declaration of withdrawal

could be really helpful.

You okay, mate?


Yeah, you could do this.

You could stop it.

Okay, yeah.

I mean,
if my dad wants me to do it,

uh, I'll... I'll do it.

I saw their plan;
Dad's plan is better.

How are you feeling?

You look good.

Yeah, I feel, uh,
I feel good.




Hi, Karolina. Good to see you.

- Hey, Ken.
- Hey.

So, we've got a flash studio
with an affiliate.

We have hair and make-up
and a suit for you.

You okay, Ken?

Uh, yep. Okay.


They will wanna go for
the tough one, so let's run it.

Okay? "So, um, you allied

with one of your father's
bitterest business rivals

in a maneuver that could
see him lose the firm.

Why did you do that?

and why did you
change your mind...

...and pull out?"

Okay, so then,

Kendall: "I saw their plan,
but Dad's plan was better."


Right, Kendall?

-Uh-huh. Yeah. I got it.

I'm pulling this.

-Uh-huh. No, I got it. I got it.
-Maybe we'll do something

-with friendly print on arrival.
-I got it. I'm good.

Um, Ken? Excuse me,
can we get a tissue, please?

He needs a tissue.

Just watch the shirt.

I can do this, okay?

Karolina, I'm okay.

Karolina, I'm okay.

Hi, Kendall? Ten seconds.

I'll red-light you once
you're on with Sacha, okay?

Okay. Thank you.

We're joined now
by Kendall Roy,

who was recently allied
to a proposed bid

by private equity fund Maesbury

to take control
of Waystar Royco

out of the hands
of his own father,

media legend Logan Roy.

Now, Kendall, you know
I'm gonna ask you this,

how are things
between you and your dad?

Uh, pretty good.

You know, we're... we're, uh,
we're... we're pretty close, so,

you know,
that's how we are.

Oh, well, that's a...

-We take the... Sorry.
-...great attitude.

-Sorry. Go ahead.
-No... O... Okay.

So, let's dive in.
Tell us what happened.

- Right.
-Why did you get involved?

Why did you back out?

Right. Um...

I mean, there's a, uh...

myriad, uh, factors
in a decision.

A whole lifetime
can lead to a moment,

and, uh, when I... when I
sat down and really looked...

God, he looks terrible.

He's like a... sweaty corpse.


He looks waxy,
like an unshaven candle.

Uh, but I mean, um...

You know, the long
and the short of it is, I...

saw their plan,
and my dad's plan was better.

Look, this is, uh, this is
tough for me and my family.

But I made an assessment
looking at the sector

and the firm's trajectory

that, you know,
shareholders were being ignored.

But the fact is, those concerns
are being addressed,

and, uh, you know, it... it... it
comes down to shareholder value.

Um, and, you know...

...frankly, uh, what also
sort of become obvious,

was there were some
unstable personalities involved

uh, with this deal.

"Ooh, I'm Kendall
and I'm a sassy little bitch."

-What do you think?
-What's going on?

I thought he was benched.

Ah, what the... What's he saying?
We got shitty Wi-Fi.

He looks weird, right?

He looks demented.
Why is he so shiny?

Why do you have shitty Wi-Fi?

We wanted a place without Wi-Fi.

I mean, to me
he looks like a fucking joke,

but what would
an average Joe think?

Hey, I'll call you back.

So, once upon a time,

word was that
you were in pole position

to take over, right?

And, uh, God forbid your dad
was hit by a bus tomorrow,

is there a plan?

Uh, well, um...
I would say...

uh, the plan would be for
the Municipality of New York

to, uh, find another bus,

because if my dad gets hit
by a bus tomorrow,

the city will be down one bus,

not one CEO.

Fair enough. Fair enough, Ken...

Ladies and gentlemen,

the first fucking thing

my son's ever done right
in his life.

♪ ♪

Ah, how the mighty
are fallen.

He was a king once.
Now look at him.

Eating shit with feet of clay,
a fucking neutered hound-dog.

I think he did okay.

Oh, yes, he did great.
He did just fine.

But, Jesus!
Elvis on the fucking toilet!

Like, he doesn't come back
from this,


Like, he just walked around
the New York Stock Exchange

with his severed dick
in his hand

asking where was good
for free soup.

He just ate the big dog dick.
Sucked that pooch bone dry!

Honey, what's the reaction?
What happened to the price?

Uh, dropped down, shot back up.

I think Sandy and Stewy offer
Dad a way out, asset swap.

Right? I mean,
that's what the next move is.

Yeah, I would think so, right?

-If they're going to proceed.

-they can't go hostile.

Especially without
Kendall's equity.

Shit. No.

You wanna abandon honeymoon?

No, I mean...
No, I don't want to. Do you?

No. I don't want to. No.

Do you?

♪ ♪

Did you get the bike?

Yeah, your dad didn't want you
to ride all alone, Ken.

We got a guy.

Oh, here he is!
Mr. Potato Head!

My plastic adversary.

Welcome to the bunker.

Say hello to the grunts.

-No offense, Karl.
-None taken.

Yeah, well, a bit of offense,

because a smarter CFO
might have seen

this fucking disaster coming.

Got it. Yep. Offense now taken.

Thank you for the TV thing.

I mean... You know,
the least I could do.

Price is up a little, so I don't
think it's done anything for us.

Well, at least he tried.

Okay, Karl, I need to
de-brief the double agent.

The ground pounders
can fuck off.

All right,
I'll get the investor call list

for later, and...

I'll, uh, update you in,
what, 20, on the...

No, no, no.
You're staying.


Okay. Now you.
Step up onto the rack.

I'm gonna pull you limb
from limb like a piñata,

see what falls out.

Okay, so, you want... what?

I want their game plan.
What their timetable is,

the capital structure. Endgame.
What they might accept.

What their weak points are.
But we'll start at the start.

When did they approach you?

Um, when did they approach me?

Mm-hmm. Did it take long

or did you open your legs
on the first date?

Well, no, they took a fair time

to persuade me to, uh...

Betray me.

-Well, that's nice.

Look, do you want
the psychodrama

of the whole thing, or...?

What do they think I'll do?

Well, uh, Stewy thinks you might
come to the table.

Sandy thinks it will be hostile.

They think they'll win?

Yeah. We... They...
They think, uh...

I guess when I talked about
inside the firm...


...uh, they got the impression

that there was some erratic

They think you're emotional,

not necessarily logic driven,

getting weaker and you'll crack
under pressure.


And who are they hitting?

Obviously, major shareholders.

Most institutional are,
as you'd expect, risk averse

and there's a big degree
of sort of legacy trust in you

as a kind of one-shot voodoo guy

who holds the whole thing

That it?


Look, let me, uh...

I'm going to, uh...

get those call lists, huh?

Yeah, I talked to their PR team
and, uh...

I gave them
what medications you're on.

And they have for background
you hitting Iverson.

And they have you pissing
on the floor of my office.


Listen, Dad,
obviously, I'm, uh...

I... I feel awful,
and I just wanna say...

Fine. Well, fuck off.
They'll put you somewhere.

Investor calls.

Pour me some buckets of cold
shit on the bid, all right?


Paul has the list of the top ten

that we'd like you to hit

and he'll talk you through
all the lines and...


-All right.
-Yup. Okay.

Um, listen, Karolina.
Is Jess back?

Uh, no,
but we can reach out to Jess.

Yeah, just normally on, uh,
on some matters,

Jess speaks to, um,
my friend Nick for me.

And, uh, he sources for me.



Yeah, I... I... I need, um...

I... Look, I'm... I'm going
to be cleaning up my act.

-You know, I have been.

But, honestly, right now,
I need a straightener.

Thank you.

You know, I, um...

I was quite disappointed
I didn't get any advance warning

of this attack, Jamie.
That's quite disappointing.

How does my banker not know?

Sandy's tough,
and his operation's a steel box.

Nobody knew.


So, uh, what's your move?

What's my move?

Look at the fucking wine
I'm serving you.

I'm fucking wining
and dining you.

What's my move?
I mean, I don't know. I guess...

the obvious, uh,
I'll say I'm thinking,

and, uh, drag it out,
hope that it dies, uh...

Name a successor.


That could be good.


Well, that's a bit complicated.

What else I got?
On the defense.

Well, that's, uh, difficult.

How much do I have to fucking
pay you to say something?

Look, you don't want to sell,

you don't wanna sell,
you don't wanna sell.

So where's my margin to tell you
something you don't wanna hear?

Well, try to think of it
as a long-term investment

in my trust in you.

All right. In all honesty,
on the business fundamentals,

you should make a deal and sell.

If you don't, it's going to be
a vicious fight.

It could extend to months,

Perhaps you win. Perhaps.

But till then,
nothing will get done.

It'll soak up
all of your resources,

all of your attention,

beating them away with
every regulatory,

financial and political weapon
that you have at your disposal.

There's blood in the water,

and your price
is edging down.

Tech is coming. Tech is here.

Tech has its hands
around your throat.

There's maybe one,
two legacy media operations

that will make themselves
big enough to survive.

The price that Sandy's offering
is inflated.

It's inflated by bitterness,
ego and spite.

You choose not to sell,

well, what's going to be
different in two, four years?

Are things gonna change?

More people gonna read
your newspapers?

Watch TV?

Culturally, structurally
and financially,

you're in the toilet.

In five years, you'll be
in the mega toilet.

The wise thing to do
is to sell.

Now, generally,
you do the wise thing.

But no, no,
obviously not this time.

This time you'll... you'll call
me something disgusting

and throw a decanter
at the wall.

In terms
of this investigation...

...we will explore how and why
this occurred.

and we plan for the most
thorough internal investigation

ever seen.

Uh, one for Roman Roy.

When will the investigation

and any issues that are
looking like likely causes?


Well, on, uh, on the timing?
Right away.

We take this
incredibly seriously.

Um, and as for, um...

Uh, as for determination
of the cause,

we just don't wanna speculate.

And I don't wanna be facetious,

but, Sarah, on that point,
I'm not a rocket scientist.

All right then. Director
Sato, one more question:

Is Waystar Royco ready... accept liability?

Will there be
a financial settlement

to the victims' families?

I'm very sorry for this.

For example...

Holy shit. did you get the call?
Did you get this?

-Is this for real?
-Yeah, I got it.

-He wouldn't, would he?


Holy shit.
He's saying he's selling?

- That's...

He would never sell, would he?
Do we go?

Uh, I guess?

But, fuck! The wedding
and the honeymoon fucked?

What a nutty bastard!

What a fucking egocentric
great white!


Nice abode, man.

You okay?

Uh, what's... what's the news?

What's... what's going on?

How you doin'?

Yeah, all good.
What's good, dude?

This place is sick!

Oh, yeah. It's fashion week; all
the good penthouses are gone.

Yeah, no, I mean I'm sure...
It... Yeah, could be way better.

I just... don't... know how.


What, uh... What's uh...
What happened with your house?

Oh, I'm... I'm, uh,
I got rid of it.

It smelt of Rava.

Oh, dude, yeah.

Did you bring, uh...

-Oh, yeah, yeah.

Uh, did this come from Coach?

Oh, no, uh, he's out of town.
That is from another source.

Eww. Dude.
W... Where did you get this?

Uh, that?
It... It's from a connection.

In the park.

-Park coke?

I'm doing park coke?
Are you fucking kidding me?

That is just perfect.

I'll be lucky if I have
any fucking nostrils left

after this.

If my septum falls out, I'm
gonna make you eat my septum.

Yeah, this guy's... this guy's
got... got the good shit.


How is it? Is it...

Is it not...

Mm, yeah, no, that's the worst
coke I've ever had.

No, dude...

Dude, I'm so sorry.

Like, he promised me.

Oh, he promised you?

I swear. I mean, I... Do you
want me to take it back?

Yeah, take it back
for a refund, Greg!

You know, did you...
did you keep the receipt?

Go get... go... Go take it back
for a refund.

He's opening the summer palace

to keep the summit out of view.
It's the full fuckin' number.

Okay. Yeah, well, I'll
see you at the hellhole, bro.

See you at the shitpit, sis.

♪ ♪

Oh, welcome! Apologies.

We'll have everything straight

-just as soon as...
-Oh, no, I'm early.

It's good. don't worry. Just,
uh, carry on. I'm not here.

What is the...?

Sorry about the smell.
We're working on that.

God, that's... bad.

What the fuck is that?

We can't exactly
keep the windows open.

Have you tried scented candles?

-Hey, what up sex pot?
-Hey, Rome.

-What is that stink?
-I know.

Dead kid shallow grave
somewhere or what?

Hey, do you wanna
get some air?


-You got a haircut.

-I hate it.
-That's because it's stylish.

I'm worried slash excited

in case he actually
fucking kills Kendall.

I mean, he might kill him.

Could go for him.
He could kill him.

Man, it'd be so weird
if he killed him.

So this is good for you, right?

What, if he sells?

He's not gonna sell.

Hmm, I don't know about that.

Kendall's out for good, right?

Best case for him is

Dad keeps him on for like a week
to kill the deal,

then he's pure carcass.


I'm with Gil.


I mean, fuck, Connor's gonna be
in the White House.

Yeah, sure...

I guess. I mean,
I hadn't considered it, but...

Oh, you hadn't considered?

Well, no, I...
I guess, theoretically, yeah.

It's a cool moment.
Hm? Good luck.


- Wha...
- I know what you're doing.

I... I'm just saying
it's exciting. It's all set.


You're fucking with me.

-But I'm impervious.
-Rome, I'm not fucking with you.

-I'm just saying good luck.
-Great. Well, thanks a lot.


You're trying to get inside
my head, but that's cool,

I can cope.

What, maybe I'm fuckin'
ready for it.

-You are.

I mean, there's always
room for you to blow up.

I mean...

nobody mentioned blowing up,

and then suddenly
you mention blowing up?

And now what? I'm supposed to
worry about fucking blowing up?

I don't think
you're gonna blow up.


Rome, I think you're
a super-talented superstar,

and I... I love you.

Oh, you're such a fucking bitch.

So you don't know what it is?

We're looking absolutely
everywhere once again.

And all is well now
with the renovation?

Yes, all that was resolved.

Open the doors.

It smells like
the cheesemonger died

and left his dick in the brie.

I need to breathe.


Come on! Let's hunt this out!

You know, you...
you get used to it, actually.

Yeah, 200 million...

and I need a clip on my nose
to stop me fucking retching.

You wanna talk about
Laird's idea?

Nah. Later.

So, listen.

- Hm?
- You all right?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm um, pretty good.


I... I could use some downtime
at... at some point, to...

Yeah, sure, sure.
Just don't, um, you know...

You know, uh,
thinking's natural...

can't be helped, but,
you know... in limits.

Right. Exactly. Right.

Well, good.
Good to have it all out.


You should have to
with Colin.

Everything is good?

- Mm.
- Yeah?

-Hi, Marcia.

Ça va?

How was your trip?

It was good. It was fine.

No accidents? No hiccups?

Uh, no. No hiccups.

Je sais. You've been
through difficult times.

You're a nice boy.

But out of difficult times
come strong men, right?

Marianne, come up
with the candles, please.


Got a minute?



So, I don't know how much
you know or care to know,

but your dad wanted me to offer
to talk you through things.

Oh, okay.

So, I'll just lay it out
for you?

Oh, yeah, okay. I mean...

I don't need...

Yeah? Well, shall I,
just so you know?

So, the site of the crash was
discovered around 4:00 a.m.

by two of our guys who saw
the busted fence

-and followed that up.

And they informed local police.

And as you know,

an entry keycard was found
and passed to me.

So, that's one individual
outside of our loop,

but who is known to me
and who I consider secure.


And the UK police
sent divers in that morning.

Right. Right.

And the kid, uh, Andrew Dodds,
well, he was dead obviously.

He'd unclipped his seatbelt,
so he had survived the impact

to do that.

Oh, okay.

So, the initial determination
was that he was travelling solo

and that hasn't been challenged.

And the riverbank was also
heavily compromised

by rain and our guys
and the salvage operation,

so there were no indicators
of another individual.

So, that's where we are.

We expect the UK coroner
to deliver a ruling

of death by misadventure,

and that will be it
as far as we see.

Any questions or concerns?

Um... I do not think so, no.

Thank you, Colin.



Oh, my God.

Look at him.

No. No thanks.

I don't think I can do this.

Well, shall we just hit him?
With a stick or rocks?



Dead man walking.
The fucking cadaver awakens.


When did you crawl in?

Yesterday. You?

So, you spoken to him?
Is this real? Is he gonna do it?

Is he gonna sell?

Uh, I dunno.

Oh, you don't know.


What the fuck happened?
Why'd you pull out?

I guess I, uh...

I saw their plan.

You know, Dad's plan is better.

Mm. Mm-hmm. Okay.

Bullshit. Um, what happened?

I changed my mind, I guess.

Fuck you. And you couldn't have
changed your mind

before my wedding?

You do realize how fucked you're
going to be

as soon as you're no longer
any use to him, right?

He's got you eating fucking
humiliation gumbo

on TV, and then what?

Yeah, Dad's gonna play
a merry tune on you

and then throw you out
the fucking window,

and you know that, right?

He's like a sex robot
for Dad to fuck.

He's like an old beaten dog.

Well, he's both of those things
and also a piece of shit.

You know, he's a pathetic
little fucking narcissist

who repeatedly puts
his own self-interest

above everything else

and then tries to justify it
with half-assed appeals

of the rigors
of the fucking market.

You're a fucking prick.

Uh-huh. Maybe I am.

Oh, come on, fuck-bag,
fight back.

I... guys, I... I just...

I can't get into it.

Oh, you can't get into it?
Uh-huh. Shucks.

Fuck you, man. Come on.
Treat us.

Why did you actually back out?

I'm sorry, Shiv,
about the wedding.

How dare you apologize to me?

You look like shit, by the way.

Why can't we
keep it in-house?

It's costing me an arm
and a fucking leg.

They have located the source
of the smell. You should come.

So, are you going to tell me
what you're actually thinking?

Lot of moving parts.

The selling, is it real?

We'll see how it goes.

What do you think?

What? I have to dance
for the Daddy too?

I've had strong advice
to accept the offer.

What if I didn't know
what I think?


Maybe you should sell.

You're old.
You've not been well.

Okay. Very well. Thank you.

- What?
-Putain de merde...

Oh, what the fuck is that?

Oh, I need to see
that contractor.

Get 'em down here. Are they
here? Come on, we're starting.

And I don't want all this shit.

It's sat around in the stink!
Pizza! We'll have pizza!

♪ ♪

So, what's
the game do you reckon, Shiv?

I dunno. Say he's selling
and see who squeals loudest?

Kind of loyalty test?
Or productivity brainstorm?

Or we kill and eat Kendall
as a pizza topping.


Hey, Dad.

Willa, hi!

So! Afternoon.

Thank you all for,
uh, making it.

We need to discuss
this bear hug.

Obviously, I have obligations
to the shareholders

to seriously consider it.

Now Kendall's row-back may
have hurt them, we'll see.

It may kill the bid,
it may not.

But I guess the question that
that's been put to me is

do we really want this fight?

Or is now the moment to cash in
and fuck off out of the casino?

Because if we do fight,

I need to tell the board
who I want to take over.

So, please.
I want you to speak freely.


Anything you say can and will
be used against you

in a court of law.

Oh, come on.
We're all pals here.

- Oh, yeah.
- Let's fuckin' have it out.

I think you should fight,
but, uh...

I mean, you're the one
who built it all.

You're the man,
the myth, the legend.

Oh, that is adorable.

You're always looking out
for Pops, aren't you, right?

But is he saying
Dad should stay on

because that's what Sandy
and Stewy want?

How do we know
he's not a double agent?

Nice to see you, Con.

Hey, Ken, I'm just saying what
others are thinking.

It's possible.

Should we frisk him for a wire?
Burn him? See if he's a witch?

He has taken his medicine.

He's taken his medicine?
Is that it?

Dad, you beat Roman
with a fucking slipper

in Gustav till he cried for
ordering lobster, remember?

And Kendall tries to kill you

and he's five minutes
out in the cold?

It is not polite to order the
most expensive item on the menu

when you're not paying, Siobhan.

We're not doing
memory lane here.

Come on, spit it out.
What do you all think?

Stick or sell?

Well, I for one think you're in
the prime of your life

and I think another decade
is just what the doctor ordered.

That's one stick.

You want me to go?
I mean, sell seems cool...

Hey, Dad, Willa thinks
selling seems cool.


Dad, I think it is possible
that you have sometimes

somewhat chilled the atmosphere
of free-flowing debate.

You know, Kodak was trading at
about a hundred dollars a share

back in '97.

Yesterday, you could pick it up
at about three bucks.

That could be us.

If we cash out, we could
walk away with ten billion.


What do you think?

I dunno.
Uh, I fucking love money,

but I'm really scared of you,

Uh, honestly, um,

I'm not sure I'm willing to
give my strategic advice

in a public forum
when I could be

a player in any
future moves.


Um... Dad?


-Is he in there?

Yeah, he went in there.

One by one, come in.
One by one.

One by one?

Seriously, what the fuck?

I'm not going in there.

So, now that there's
no one here

to hear
your wonderful insights,

what do you say?

Um... Okay, um...

I actually do have a pitch
on this, Dad.


Float hot. I mean,
keep news for political power,

for market manipulation

But the rest,
we play the markets with.

You and me up in a little pod
above the city,

fucking start ups
and shitting on pension funds.

Highly maneuverable,
highly mobile.

And in terms of getting rid of
Sandy and Stewy?

Oh, fuck 'em. Scare 'em off.

As in?

As in, you know...
Scooby Doo it, Dad.

You just dress up as ghosts
in the theme park.

Um, you know,
we just use the lawyers,

the PIs,
the honey-trap hookers,

all the unpleasant people
at our disposal.

Call in all the favors.

Fucking President Raisin,

all the Senate cock sucks
who owe us.

Fucking kill, kill, kill.

Jesus, Shiv,
might he actually sell?

You know,
it's really happening in there.

It's like playing fucking
Gin Rummy with Zeus.

I don't buy the selling.
It's a test, no?

Whoever tell Solomon not to
asset-strip the baby

gets to keep the baby.

But it... it can't be Kendall,

-can it?

No, it's not gonna be Roman.

Just take it easy, Tom.

I know, I ju... I just think
the least that we want for me

is to get me out
of parks and cruises, right?


Into something like
heartland media. LA.

One of the key divisions,
you know? Or do we ask?

Do we just ask?
Do we accelerate the plan?

You know, could I consider
the big trousers?

Could I fill them out?

You know, 'cause I've been
eating a lot of shit from the...

from the kids' menu. You know?

-I really have.
-I know, honey.

He's dying. Riddled with cancer.


What? It's a funny joke.

"Dad's got cancer."
What's not funny about that?

Sick puppy.

No, but, um,
he asked me to run the company.

I'm kidding. Am I?


-So... The studio? CFO?

Kill Karl.

Shiv, dentist is ready.


So, what are you,
best pals with him now?

Have you done a deal?

Come on, Shiv. Talk to me.


All right.

Fine, from my perspective,
truth be told, yeah.

Selling would be great.
No more blowback with my career.

I'll take my money.
Five years' time,

I'd like to be free of
this company and the Roy name.

This company means a lot to me.

Yeah, sure, Dad. So, fine.
Keep it. It's a toy shop.

Keep running it
for sentimental reasons

until you nod out.

- That's it?
- Mm-hmm.

No hope?

Well, if you wanted
to get into it...

Look, you'd have to forget
everything, IBM it.

I haven't really thought,
but what's obvious is,

shutter the businesses
that burn cash,

or someone else does better.

We make video games consoles.
Hm? Why?

We make indie
fucking movies! Why?

Do we get a theme park ride
out of it?

No? We have an arm

that launches fucking telecoms
satellites that blow up.

No. Restructure for the future.
Maybe merge with a distributor,

expand parks, expand cruises,
lose news. Paper and TV.

News is trouble. Ten new parks
in China, Russia, Middle East.

You don't need the feedback
from fucking news.


But you haven't really
thought about it?

Well, those are just
the obvious moves.

Well obviously, I always wanted
one of you kids to take over.


Well, what about it?

Yeah, we've done that.
What about Tom?



If I keep going, if we fight...

I have to name Kendall.

Yeah. Yeah, I see what this is.
I see it.

You know, I fucking see it.
You've done a little dirty deal.

What, so, you keep Kendall on
to kill the bid and then he...

he takes over
when you step down in a year?

What a squalid little fucking
backroom deal.

- He blackmailed you, didn't he?
- Oh, Shiv.

No. No! I... I...
If he takes over,

I'll sell my shares. Yeah,
I'll join Sandy and Stewy.

I'll get Gil to go for you.

I... I... I mean, I'll kill him.
I'll fucking kill him!

Shiv, why so angry?

I... I haven't done a deal
with Kendall.

I do what I want.


And what I've decided
I'd like to do

is to formally ask you
to come in

and be the next chief executive
of this company.

I don't think
I'm the right person.

Well, you know, I'm pretty smart
and I think you are.

You are, Shiv.

You're the one.

Are we actually
having this conversation?

Yes, we are actually having
this conversation.

And selling? Yeah? That's...
What is that? Is that real?

Of course.
If you don't come in, yeah.

I mean, Roman? No.

Connor? Ha!
I might as well sell, right?


You know,
I didn't build all this up

to have some fucking
rockstar CEO

waltz in and take over.

Dad, I don't think so.

Really? Because if there's
really no hope

of you coming in,
I'd rather cash out.

Look, if this is the way we're
having this conversation anyway,

then yeah, fine, sell.

Fine, I'll do it.

Right now.

I'll tweet, the markets
will move, and that'll be that.


You don't care if I sell?

Don't be a fucking jerk, Dad.

You wanna do it?


Yes, of course, I'd
be interested. If it's real.

This is real.

Yes, of course.
Dad, I can do it.

I could... I would...

Why did you never ask me,

I would kill this.
I'd fucking destroy it!


This is wonderful, Siobhan.

This is real?

This is real.

Remember this,
this slant of light.

Remember this.

This is it.

Well, we're gonna need
to talk about it.

For now, we need to keep this
between us.

I gotta think about Tom,

Of course. We have to think
about the choreography anyway.

I mean, get you up to speed,
you know, fast track you.

And as soon as you have
the experience...

we name you.




Yes. All right.




Ah, it's just my dealer.



Um, there's a package of
items my bidder is in for.

Ah, hell, why not.

- Like what?
- Uh, Napoleonica.

Just some items.

In... Including Napoleon's

That's not the central item.

It's... just a package,

with some letters and some
other artifacts, but yes,

that has come to market.

Napoleon's penis?

Mm. It's obviously
not an item of interest

to serious scholars,
but as a curio, sure.

A British surgeon
snipped it off.

Connor's trying to buy
Napoleon's dick.

Hmm. Naturally.
Is it pickled in a jar, or...?

It's dried. Yeah, really not
much to see nowadays.

Yeah, it's kinda like, what,
like a strip of beef jerky?

Yeah, it's a mere trifle,
historically speaking.

So, what are you gonna do?
Get that and Hitler's nutsack?

Blend it into
a take-over-Europe smoothie?

Hey, how'd it go?

Yeah, cool.
He offered me the company.

I told him to, uh,

send you to look at pineapple
production in Honduras.

Hey. So? How'd it go?
What did he say?

-Uh, yes.
-Where am I going?

-How's the plan?
-Lot of options.

Jesus, Shiv!

What have you fucking landed
me? Is it huge?

Yeah. No, I had some leverage.

-And, uh...

I got you into the belly
of the beast.

Chair of Global Broadcast News.
ATN, baby.


Holy shit!
Oh, my God!

Wait, is there a...
What about... What's, uh...

Does it fit with Cyd, Peach?

Is that an overlap?

-Yeah, no. Dad likes that.

You know, two contenders,
one chair, that's his favorite.

-It's an invitation to step up.

You gotta eat the Peach, baby!

-Fuck! Global Broadcast News.


So, what did you...
What did you say?

Is he not s...
He's not selling?

Did he offer you more stock?

No, he, uh...
Bunch of mind games.


Um, you know, classic Dad.




What is it?

I see you.


We spoke on the telephone,
isn't that right?


You were chiseling me a little,
on the stable works.

Rich old fucking guy!

We'll pad it 30 percent,
cream for the fucking cat.

No, sir, it was a time
and material job straight up.

So you got a bit disappointed
when I set a 200K ceiling

so you stuffed a fucking bag
of live raccoons

-to rot in my chimney?
-No, sir.

"No, sir, no, sir,
three bags full, sir."

Fuck off! Look at me.

No, sir. Don't know about that.

Yeah? Well, I'll pay you
100 grand all in

and we're done.

That... That that won't even
cover the materials, sir.

I can't do that.

Try to stink me out?
I won't fucking have it!

That was a 300-grand job, sir.
That was the price...

Yeah? Well, sue me. Good luck.


My lawyer used to work for
the Justice Department.

Who's your lawyer?
Mr. fucking Magoo?

Oh, God.

Folks, uh,
before we break up.

Can I say a word?

Yes, sir, captain, sir!

Listen, after taking soundings
from all of you,

my nearest and dearest,

it seems my friend Laird
had a good point.

In three- or four-years' time,
I think...

there will only be one legacy
media operation left.

Well, I say...

let that be us.

- Whoo! Yes!
- Fuck yeah.

- One firm...
- All right! stand up to tech.

One firm left,
last man standing.

We're gonna be the number-one
media conglomerate in the world.

That's great, Dad. That's great.

Here, here.

Where can I get some
of the Kool-Aid?

I want some of that.

Kendall and Roman will act as
co-chief operating officers

while I personally
devote my time

to the fight against
this take-over.

Excuse me, did...
did you just co-chief?

N... No, he's coming back?

We need to stick tight.
Tighter than ever now.

But he... No, sorry.
Excuse me. Um...

He... He tried to help
your oldest enemy to take over

and he gets a promotion,
is that what's happening?

That's my decision.

Well, it's bullshit.

And are you gonna name
a successor?

After some consideration,

I think we just need a name
to flag privately

to big investors for now.
I mean, could be anyone.

I'm not going anywhere.

I mean,
it could be a stuffed shirt.

Gerri. It could be Gerri.

Now, you might just as well
say Gerri.


Well, okay. Thank you.

It won't be Gerri,
but Gerri's fine.

Thank you very much.

No, just so we're clear.

N... No, I... I think we're clear.

In the meantime, Kendall and I
will be back later.

-Okay. Yeah?

We need to stuff some fucking
raccoons up some guy's chimney.

♪ ♪

Okay, son.
I'll hang back.

Ah, just, uh, tell 'em
I'm in the middle of a call

and I'll be right in.


Okay, sure, Dad.

Thank you.

Okay. Hello, Kendall.

Uh, my dad's on his way.
He... he had to make a call.

He had to make
an important call?

That's like a 1987 power move,

That's... exciting. What,
are you like his sherpa now?

You're like the skull,
like, tied to his belt?

'Cause I'm fuckin' scared.

Yeah, well.

So you're gonna come in here
with "Yeah, well," hmm?

With your whole face
and everything.

And you're saying no
to all my calls?

No, Ken, you're gonna
have to give me something.

Tell me what the fuck

Yeah, just, um, I'm not sure
our visions aligned in the end.

Yeah. Fuck you too.

That doesn't even mean anything.

How did he get at you?

I just reassessed.

There's a friend card here
if you want to play it.

You know that, right?

There's a human thing
standing in front of you.

You can talk to me.

We had the whole world
in our hands

and you fucking walked, man.

Yeah, I... I...
I saw your plan and, uh...

my dad's plan is better.

Uh-huh, fuck you too,

you pusillanimous piece
of fucking fool's gold,

fucking silver-spoon
fucking... asshole.

Yeah, take that fucking call.

Hey, Dad.


Oh, okay. Yep. Yep, I got it.

Uh, he's not gonna make it.

He's got
another pressing matter.

Oh, he's got
a more pressing matter

than us taking his empire
off his hands?

Sir Sandy,
look what the cat dragged in.


Yup, so I guess, um,
my Dad wanted me to ask

is there any way through this,

you know, uh, an asset-swap?

Something else, uh,
an arrangement that leaves you

happy and him in control?

As you know,

our position is that we're
really after the whole thing.

Right, then, uh,
he wanted me to tell you

to say, yeah, obviously
our public line will be

that we are considering
the offer

but it doesn't matter
what you offer;

he'll never recommend this
to the board.

You're gonna bleed cash.
He's gonna bleed cash.

It will never end.

And maybe you'll kill him,

but if you don't,
he aims to kill you.

He will go bankrupt
or go to jail

before he lets you beat him.

He will kill you on the business
and if that doesn't work,

he will send people around.

He will send men to kill
your pets and fuck your wives,

and it will never be over,
so that's the message.


Well, let's move ahead with
that process, shall we?

- ♪ ♪
- Yeah?

I'm ready. Let's get started.

It smells wrong,
and they're hiding shit.

- Oh... yeah?
- Dad.

This isn't the time to retreat.

I mean, it makes us look weak.

No, it makes us look ruthless.

Dad announces tomorrow,
he announces me.

Unless... there is one other.

The compass points
to Pennsylvania Avenue.

I have to start thinking
about appointments.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

So, it was felt Sandy, Stewie,
and Masbury Capital

wouldn't proceed with their bid
without you,

but they have gone public
with a bear hug.

- You could stop it.
- Okay, yeah.

My dad wants me to do it.

Uh, I'll do it.

The first
episode of this second season,

it follows on like 36, 48 hours

after the events
of the first season.

And we were interested,
how does it feel to wake up

after what Kendall's
gone through?

What does his face look like,
what's his body look like?

What's he gonna say to people?

Now, Kendall,
tell us what happened.

Why did you get involved?
Why did you back out?

The long and the short
of it is, I... saw their plan.

And my dad's plan was better.

The interest of the show

is seeing these people
go through their stuff.

And they go through
quite a bit of stuff.

Ladies and gentlemen...

the first fucking thing my son's
ever done right in his life.

In the scene where...

Logan talks about
the future of the company...

We need to discuss
this bear hug.

Stick, or sell?

People will have
to decide whether they think

he is setting the table

for the discussion he has
with his kids

in a frank way.

Or if he's loading the dice.

I want you to speak freely.

Anything you say

can and will be used against you
in a court of law? Like?

Come on, we're all pals here.

- Oh, yeah.
- Let's fucking have it out.

I fucking love money,
but I'm really scared of you.


Logan wants a family legacy.

When he looks at Roman, I don't
think he sees it there tomorrow.

And his son has
both betrayed him

and also been in circumstances
which make him seem

like not a good candidate
right now.

And Connor,
I think he would laugh about.

So Shiv feels like, "Well that's
what he's gonna do, right?"

It seemed obvious to us.

What I've decided
I'd like to do,

is to formally ask you

to come in...

and be the next chief executive
of this company.

It nearly made my cry seeing
Shiv sort of finally say

what she has always wanted.

I think there's some things
in life that you don't

almost even know you want
until you say it.

And then it can be
quite powerful and overwhelming,

the acceptance of it.

You wanna do it?

- Yes?
- Yes!


All right.


♪ ♪