Stumptown (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Family Ties - full transcript

Dax faces off against Artie Banks to take down a wealthy real estate mogul named Randall Tapper. Meanwhile, Detective Cosgrove leads an investigation to find a prisoner on the loose named Wallace Kane.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
my 1,500 hours
of apprenticeship

so I can be certified
here in Oregon.

I'll grab my pants,
and let's go.

Friend of mine was killed
some years back.

His widow.
I help her when I can.

I put Wallace Kane away,
you know.

I know him. Well.

Killed one of my C.I.s
a few years back.

If I was under his thumb,
I'd be afraid.

I can pay.
I just need time.

But Kane's
in jail for life,

and I'm not going anywhere,
you know?

My life is here.

That's insane.
That is what you owe.

Candace is
in the middle

of a nasty divorce battle
with Randall Tapper.

My final
custody hearing is next week,

and the deck is
completely stacked against me.

We can help.

If you were to dig up dirt
on Randall,

where would you start?

I'll handle it
from here.

You sold the tape
to Tapper?

She is gonna lose her kid.

Artie sold me out,
and...Randall's gonna pay,

and Artie's gonna pay
for what he did.

And I...

...I won't lose again.

Hey, hey, hey!

No, no, no, no, no!

Not my all-time
favorite booty call!

Oh, but it is
damn satisfying.

I am unfazeable, Doll.

That's not a word.


I can't believe
you're working for Tapper.

First rule
of king crabbing

don't stop
when the fishing's hot.

I'm the fisherman, and Tapper's
an ocean floor of crabs.

You know, I'm curious.

Have you always been
a soulless leech,

or did you just
grow into it?

You are mad. I get it.
I'd be mad, too.

Don't hate the player.
Tapper's gonna pay.

Not as long as he continues to
employ me as your shadow, babe.

So, I guess it's war.

No! Ah, damn it!

Ladies and gentlemen,

we have a serious situation
on our hands.

A few hours ago, there was
a two-vehicle collision on I-84,

just outside of Baker City.

A lone SUV driver
collided head-on

with an Oregon Department of
Corrections transport vehicle.

When the State Police

they found two correctional
officers dead from the crash...

Please! Please! Please!

...and one...
Please! Please!

...dead from two gunshots
to the head.

The Corrections vehicle
was transporting an inmate

from Sheridan to USP Thompson.

That inmate is Wallace Kane.

I need a whiskey...

and a good chiropractor.

I'd say it's time
we move, brother.

When the authorities arrived,

the driver of the SUV
was nowhere to be found,

and Kane was missing
from the bus.

As you all know,
Detective Hoffman sent Kane up

after he killed
one of our informants.

He is considered to be
armed and very dangerous

and was last seen
in Washington state.

So this is a fugitive case
moving forward,

and that is why the
United States Marshals are here.

We are to assist them
in their manhunt.

Nothing more.

If you see something,
if you hear something,

you tell these folks.


Yes, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am.


Oh! Uh, no, I don't think
that I should be

Mila can't sleep
unless she's in my arms,

so I haven't had
a free hand in a week.

Oh. Okay.

I'll just...


It's okay.

What's okay?

If you're here to tell me
that you're giving up.

I've heard it
from just about everybody

that has offered
to help.

I'm not giving up.

I appreciate
your passion,

but Randall has the entire town
in his pocket.

Yeah, I just
I-I need a lead

to point me
in the right direction.

I-Is Randall involved
in any kind of illegal activity?

Uh, I don't
I don't know.

I-It's the only way
you'll keep custody of Mila.

He built a children's hospital
a couple years ago

on a different

St. Aaron's.

I overheard him
talking about it,

and it sounded
a little shady.

Okay. So, there's got to be
records of that somewhere.

Well, if you're gonna
find records,

they'd be
in the West Linn office,

but that place
is a fortress.

I'm scared.

It's normal to be
a little scared.

No, man,
I'm scared a lot.

shake that off, man.

Okay? You got to
shake that off.

Kane can smell it if something
is up with you, man.

I think he knows.

That I'm working
with you guys.

Why would you say that?

'Cause I know him.

I can feel it.


No, nothing has come across
the wire like that.

We would have heard something
if Kane was suspicious.


I promise you.

Now, look,
you came for my help.

I gave it to you.

I sold this to my bosses.

I got 10 cops
and 2,000 man-hours

devoted to this thing

We got you covered.

If anything even looks
like it's gonna go sideways,

we're moving in.


Come on. Let's go.

Look, maybe we do this tomorrow,
man, you know?

When my
When my nerves settle a bit.

Darius, we got to go.

Come on. Let's go.
We got to go now.

Trust me.

Come on. I got you.


You hungry? I can make you
a little something.

I just put on
some coffee.

Maybe we should...sit.


Kane is out.

He escaped from
a prison transport last night.

I'm sorry.

Denise, say something,

If I tell you
that I'm pissed

or that I'm scared
or that I'm angry,

you get to deliver
some speech

about how you're not
gonna go to sleep every night

until you have my husband's
killer behind bars again.

You need me
to be scared, Miles,

because you need to be
the hero.

This is
No, no, no. Stop!


Look, you were right.
I need to move on.

And that's
that's what I'm doing.

I hope you guys get Kane,

but Darius is dead,

and there's nothing
that can change that.

Just let it go, Miles.

Don't you think
it's a little over the top,

trashing Artie's car?

Eh, he had it coming.

I know what it feels like
to be abandoned.

I don't want
Candace or her baby

to ever have to
go through that.

Well, you got a plan?
Yeah, I got a plan.

'Cause this Tapper guy's
gonna come after you
with all his ammo.

I got a plan.
It's airtight.

Who's got two thumbs
and is ready to spy?

I think you and I have different
definitions of "airtight."

What are you wearing?

Feel good, look good.

Okay, well, I appreciate,
uh, the effort,

but, um...

you're gonna have to change
into this, okay?

You want me to go undercover
as a janitor?

Don't you think
that's racially sensitive?

It's not a good look.

But it's the right look.

I mean, you're gonna
have to blend in

so you can break into
Tapper's office

and steal
the St. Aaron's files.


My mother worked
her entire life

so I didn't have to be
a janitor.

You're not actually
gonna be a janitor.

I thought you said
this Tapper dude

was a rich business type.

I look the part, Dex.

Why don't we
play against type?

Let me roll in there
"Shark Tank" style,

pretend I want
to build something.

Okay. Go.
Like what?



Okay, look,
I think you know

that this is
just not gonna work,

so how about you pretend
you're a janitor

who is gonna own the whole
damn building one day?

I can do that.

Amigo, someone did a serious
number in the men's head.

Massive cleanup.



Come on. Come on, baby.
Come on.

I'm so good.


Hang on a minute.

Hey, buddy,
I said

Stop right there!

I said "Stop"!

Get back here!

Hey, buddy.

Hey, buddy.

What are you doing?




You can get arrested
for Dex's suicide mission

or you can hand over that file
and be on your jolly way.

Clock's ticking, brother.


Tell Dex she's gonna pay
for my Mustang.

Bad news.

I got the goods,
then Artie halted my escape.

I had to hand over
the documents.

Now ask me
what's in my pants.

I took the duplicate files
and the originals,

knowing if I got caught
with originals,

they would never suspect
I also took the duplicates.


Well, these numbers
must mean something.

Aren't you an entrepreneur?

A taco costs 78 cents to make.
I charge $4.

That's the level of accounting
I can handle.

What do you want?

Interesting move,
sending Rico Suave in.

You're not funny.

The crowd at Gentry's Books'
open-mic Sundays

would beg to differ.

Listen, Dex,
you got me, okay?

I can admit
when someone makes a nice move.

I know that your guy swiped
duplicates of the documents.

I slipped. I played down
to the competition.

How much longer
is this gonna go on?

Let me spare you
the trouble.

You got nothing.

But you're a nuisance, and you
get more flies with honey,

so Tapper
wants a sit-down.

How do you feel about
napping with the enemy?

You're a little too deeply
involved in a personal matter

that has
nothing to do with you.

I don't know what lies
Candace is telling you.


Didn't I see
a video of you

attacking a woman
in an elevator?

You don't know what it's like
to build something

like I've built...

...and have someone
you brought along for the ride

try and take it
from you.

I want to laugh.

Can I laugh?


You can't pay me off.

It's for Candace.

It's a fair offer,
but it's final.

And Mila?
She's my daughter.

Candace can't give her
what I can give her.

You didn't even want her
to keep the baby.

Take it or leave
Leave it.


I'm leaving.

Ms. Parios, you can't know
what it is to be me.


Candace with her past,

she can't be
the mother of my child.

That's not
how my world works.

No, I think I get it.

It's not enough
for you to win.

When someone crosses you,
you have to destroy them.

Sounds like you know
what you're up against.

Sure do.

The answers
are in here somewhere.

Tapper wouldn't offer
a settlement

unless we were holding
something incriminating.

Look, the reason
you can't understand this deal

is 'cause it's not meant
to be understood.

These costs are way off.

It says "concrete
for the hospital," right?


It says
it costs $7.4 million.

That's way too high.

That is way too low.

Low. Low.
That's what I meant.

So, look, you find the person
who conjured up this trash,

and you're gonna get
all your answers.

Looks like
we're on the right track.

I'd offer you a beer,
but you wouldn't drink it.

Tapper's threatening to pull out
of the school project.

And that's my fault?

Tapper's a brand.

A school like that
goes up on the reservation

with his name attached,

politicians get involved,

amplifies our voice.

So it's about image.

It's about justice.

It's funny.
We're both after the same thing.

one of us has to lose.

You still owe the casino

You cleared that debt.

Did I?

Unpaid markers
are Class D felonies

with jail time
of about four years

in state penitentiary.

The world is gray, Dex.

Are we done here?

You have 10 days.

Or back off Tapper.


It's been a long time.

Do you remember me?

You're Benny's mom.

I was in on this
long before you guys got here.

And we have people
following it up.


Your people lost him once.
Let me find him.

Is there a problem?

Lieutenant, Feeney was in prison
with Grey McConnell.

Guess who else
was on his tier.

Wallace Kane.

Feeney ends up dead.
A week later, Kane breaks out.

Somehow, these very fine
federal officers

don't see the connection.

We've taken your specious
evidence under consideration.

You know what, man? You could be
just a tad less condescending.

Yeah. I could be
way more, too.

Okay. I'm sorry.

You see that office
over there?

It's big.

That's because
I'm in charge.

And you, sir, are our guest
in need of our assistance,

so please act like it.

What the hell
is going on?

Look, I'm sorry.

Darius was my friend.

He was an informant.
He knew the risk.

And now he's dead.

I'm giving the Feeney murder
to Kent.

Kent sucks!

No disrespect.

Oh, I think he would find that
pretty disrespectful.

That's not what's best
for the case.

But it's what's best
for you.

Hey! That's my car!


What's up?!

Loading zones really are
one of the great life hacks.

That five-minute time limit
is rarely enforced,

except, of course, when
someone in this case, me

decides to be
a concerned citizen

and help the authorities
enforce the laws

that keep Stumptown safe.

You talk so much.

Bend that's where I had them
tow your car.

And if you go to the top
of the block and hang a Louie,

you should get there in...

...two days
and seven hours.

Except I don't think
you're gonna be able
to leave right away.

What do you mean?


Hey, I took care of those
unpaid parking tickets, okay?

You can look into it.

Ma'am, you're under arrest
for vandalism.

Wait. Why?!

First rule of Artie

do not screw
with Artie's Mustang.

Suck it, Artie.

How sweet it is
to be loved by you.

Alright. Okay.

Should we just
get you a desk here?

Would that be easier?

I want to file a police report
against Artie Banks.

Well, actually,
we would file a report,

and you would fill out something
that we call a complaint.

But you're gonna learn
all about that

when you become
a licensed private investigator.

What's the charge?


U-Uh, whatever
the legal pronunciation is.

Okay, and is
this alleged harassment

captured on high def

on a magic
doorbell security system?

'Cause this is.

Not my all-time
favorite booty call!

Easily explained.

You see, the thing is,
I also own a Mustang.

You can look that up.

And I confused his
with mine.

You thought you were attacking
your own vehicle.

Yeah, I, uh I read online,
actually, that, um...

my Mustang is
the only model year

where they built a piñata
inside the car.

It turns out
that that was a hoax

cooked up by one of those
weirdo deep-Web guys.

So, that is the last time

that I ever believe
anything I read on the Internet.

Lesson learned.

Ms. Parios,
acts of vandalism

involving more than $500
in damages

are deemed to be
a felony.

It is punishable
by up to a year in prison

and significant fines.

But you're in luck,

because Artie Banks
is a thieving ex-cop

who is not in good standing
with this department.

So if you said you got
your Mustang mixed up with his,

well, then...

case is closed.

Justice has prevailed,
and you are free to go.

Seriously. Go.

Yeah. Okay.

w-what did Artie steal?

from the property room.

The union brokered him
a deal

for him to resign
with no charges.

You know, time rolls on.
People forget.

I have not.

just one other thing -

Yeah, we had your car
towed back up.

You're welcome.



Dex, they're here for my baby!

Okay. Candace,
I-I'll be right there, alright?

Are we dating?

'Cause it definitely feels
like we're dating.

Courtesy call.

Okay. What's up?

Look, man,
this case is personal to me,

and I know you've been
lying to me about something.

I just don't know
what it is or why.

I think
you're a decent guy.

Oh, okay.

we're definitely dating.

Kane escaped from prison
last night.

Well, that is
really unfortunate news.

The feds think
he's headed to Canada.

What do you think?

I think we should both
keep our eyes open,

protect the people around us
that don't know what we know.




It's okay. It's okay.
Don't make a scene.

Not in front
of my daughter.

Candace, it's time.

I love you.

Good baby.

Oh, God.

It's alright.

Oh, God.

People don't change.

Right, Artie?

Life lesson number one.

I can't believe
I spent so much time

wondering where
it went wrong for you.

You're a dirtbag, Artie.
You know that?

Because only a lifelong dirtbag
would take an oath

as a police officer

and then turn around
and steal from the department.


But thank you.

Thank you for taking me
under your wing,

because now I know

exactly the type of person
I never want to be.

What now?

I don't know.

You okay?


Yeah, I'm fine, bud.

No, you're not.

That lady and her baby?

My job is
to help people.

I, uh I made a promise
I couldn't keep.

They took me away.


The people
in the black car.

You remember that?

I wasn't scared.

You promised
you would find a way.

I knew you would.


Just a sec, okay?

You do not know a thing
about me.

Uh, or do I know

Consider that possibility

when you're driving away
from my house, okay?

No, no. Hey.


You can't judge a man

until you walk a damn mile
in his shoes!

Then and only then

I have to say something.

May I please come in?

Because I really...
need to talk to someone.

Ugh. You've got to be
kidding me.


You help people,

I had a case...

Witness Protection-type

12 hours on, 12 hours off...
for a week.

In the off hours,

I frequented a tavern
two blocks from the hotel.

I met a waitress.

Nine months later,
I got a call.

She'd gone home
to Tacoma.

Baby girl.

Child was born with...

serious medical problems.

They call it a neonatal
intraventricular hemorrhage.

An experimental treatment
was floated to the mom,

not covered by insurance.

That's why I stole the $30,000
from the job.

Procedure didn't take.

And for the longest time,

I thought I cared too much
about other people,

so maybe I should just...


Make a lot of money,
have fun,

hold everyone
at arm's length.

But the truth was,
I didn't care enough.

Not the right way.

The baby passed,

the mother grieved,

and I wasn't there
for either one of them.

I should have been.

I'm sorry.

If that even happened.

But a world where I believe
anything you say does not exist.

Look, I know
I've made misstatements.

Yeah. A few.

But when I saw Randall
take the baby from Candace

She was your client,

S-She trusted you.

I know.
And I'm sorry.

"sorry" is meaningless.

"Sorry" won't get Candace
her kid back.

You want to feel better
about yourself,

give me something
I can use.

The only person
who can decipher any of this

is Tapper's ex-accountant,
Homer Miller-McManus.

Mr. McManus?

Ms. Parios.

How'd you know
it was me?

Wild guess.

Not used to meeting
prospective clients at bars.

Who referred you,

Oh, uh, uh,
Mr. and Mrs. Langdon.

The Langdons.

I was talking to them
about how I needed some help

with my taxes, so...

doesn't sound familiar.


Uh, you want a beer,
Mr. McManus?

Um, no, thank you.

Why don't we just
have a look at your returns?

Oh, great.

Here they are.

I think
I'll be leaving now.

We're gonna have
a little chat first.

Tapper threatened me.
He made me sign an NDA.

And yet here you are,

discussing sensitive details
about his fraudulent business

with a private investigator
hired by his wife?

Whew! You got
some cojones, bro.

I haven't told you

Well, Tapper won't know that
when he sees the photo of us,

will he?

What photo?

Thanks, bro.

That does not look good.

So, listen.

Either you can get
on the first plane out of town

or you can help me
take Tapper down.

But I I

Tapper approached the tribe
to build a school.

He lowballed the offer,
ensuring he'd win the contract,

but also ensuring
his margins would be tight.

He knew he was gonna lose money
on the project?

Why would he do that?

Ms. Parios,
if you'd read the RFP,

you'd know that Tapper oversold
at a reduced cost.

Now, knowing that reservations
are loosely regulated

Okay, okay, okay,
okay, okay.

Homer, no offense to you
or your chosen profession,

but let's let's get to
what Tapper was hiding, okay?

Oh, wow.


He's moving something

in and out of that school
he's taking forever to build.



I, um, reached out to
the warden, like you asked.

You're not gonna believe
who visited Kane

two days
before he escaped.


Can you explain this?

I was approached
at a market,

and this man says to me,
"Kane wants to see you."

And he threatened me and Molly
if I didn't go.

Did you help him?

Did you help him?
No! What? No

Then what were you
doing there?

He said that Darius had
something that was his,

plans or something for a job
that they were working on.

He said
he wanted them back.

All I said was, "I don't know
what you're talking about."

What job?

What job?!
He He didn't say!

Was it here in Portland?
I don't know!

Why didn't you just come to me?
I could have protected you.

Like you protected Darius?


Hey, buddy.
What's up?

They need you
at the bar.

Okay. Well,
I'll be right out.

Are you okay?

Yeah. I'm great.

Never thought
I'd say this,

but I'm beginning to like
the feel of this team.

So, now we're a team.

The gristled, storied P.I.
who regained his humanity

and his trusted sidekick...

How am I the sidekick?

...riding like cowboy avengers
into the night.

'Course, you're gonna
have to change your name.

What's wrong
with my name?

It's un-letterhead-able.
Banks and Parios?

Come on. No one's gonna hire
an outfit like that.

You might want
to kill your lights.



No. Should I be?

It's Stumptown, Dexedrine.
Nothing good happens after dark.

Don't call me that.

You think
I wouldn't find out?

Using a colleague to get Kane's
prison surveillance video?

Just let me do my job.

I'm trying
to save your job, Miles.

I'm telling you, Kane
is planning something
here in Portland.

He's got
some unfinished business.

How do you know this?

Because I'm in his head!

Maybe he's in your head.

Look, I have got to take you
off this thing.

It's not coming from me anymore.
I answer to people, too.

You got to just step back.
This does not look good.

Is that
what this is about?

You're losing it, Miles.

You're way too close.

And I'm starting
to worry about you.

Do you remember
that trip to Hawaii

that you wouldn't shut up about
a while back?

Take it.

Forget about Kane.

You know
I can't do that.

That's exactly
why you got to go.

This is odd, right,

all this activity here
happening so late?

Sovereign land,
no government oversight.

Whatever they're cooking out
here, it is not a kosher meal.

Let's check out
the truck.

It's just
building materials.

But is it?

Can you gimme a hand?

Chinese labels.

What do you think?

Ain't Jujubes.

I guess this means
your client is a drug smuggler.


Question is,
does Sue Lynn know about it?

Come on!
I heard something in the truck!

Artie, get back here!
Wait up!

Let me see your hands.


Yeah. Okay.


I spent two years
in a Shaolin monastery

in the Henan Province.


Let's just take the evidence
and get out of here, okay?

Oh, no.
Come on. Come on!

Uh, they're coming!

Dying to this song
suddenly makes so much sense.


I think we lost them.

This is not good.

Funny. We were
just talking about you.

So, you wanted
to discuss the school.

I've been looking
at the projections.

I know we're a tad
behind schedule.

Does two years
qualify as a tad?

Mrs. Blackbird,
the federal permitting process

is extremely arduous

When I started
this casino,

we were 10 slot machines,
a gas station, and a diner.

I'm well aware of
the federal permitting process.

Well, you should also be aware
that I share your frustrations.

Every delay
costs me money.

Personally, this project may be
more trouble than it's worth.

How smooth
is the tongue

that can make right
look like wrong

and wrong
look like right.

I have no idea
what that is.


It came off a truck
with your name on it.

You're using this school
as cover

to distribute
counterfeit pills.

Lucky for you, I am, above
all else, a businesswoman.

So you can make a deal
with me

or you can make a deal
with the DEA.

I'm guessing my terms
will be a tad more favorable.

I'll give you
a 15% stake.


You're a tough negotiator,
Mrs. Blackbird.

You have a deal.

Howdy, howdy!

I'm so sorry I'm late.

Traffic was bananas.

What did I miss?
What's this?

Well, the last time we were
here, you made me an offer.

Now here's ours.

You're gonna close down
this little pharma company.

You're gonna finish construction
on the school.

at your own expense,

a basketball gym,
athletic field.


Oh, for sure a pool, yeah.

And you're gonna give
full custody

of the daughter
you never wanted

back to your ex-wife.

Or what?

Or video
of this riveting luncheon

goes to the authorities.

Just look right back here.

Surf or turf?

I'm on the fence.

Get 'em both.
He's paying.

You're paying, right?

Doing a great job,


You're welcome.

Can I talk to you
for a sec?


How would you feel about
taking a couple days off?


Oh, I don't know.
Look at how hard you're working.

Hell, practically
everybody here

thinks that
you're running this place.

I like it.

I know you do, and I love
having you here, okay?

I love it.

But it's not about that.

Did I mess up?

Did you mess up?


It's actually
the opposite of that.

You know, when an employee
does a a good job, Ansel

You know what?
Scratch that.

When an employee does
a great job,

that employee
needs to be rewarded.

I mean, that's
that's how capitalism works.

That's the whole thing,

So, I'd like you to go home,
take a couple of days,

and just chill,
play video games.

And you want to know
what the best part is?

You get paid
paid time off.

You're getting paid
not to be here.


Don't get sad.

You've earned this.


Hi, angel.
Hi, baby Mila.

Yes. Ohh!

I don't know what to say.

I'm happy I could help.

Cute kid.

Mrs. Tapper


Of course.

I just wanted to say...

I'm sorry.

I forgive you.

We forgive you.

Hey, baby.


You okay?

I've got
this strange sensation.

Can't describe it. All over.
It's like, uh...

You give a crap?

So that's
what it feels like.


You are now
a licensed private investigator

in the state
of Oregon.

Don't I need
my 1,500 hours?

Didn't it feel
like 1,500 hours?

So, did you learn

People change.

Does that count?

If you ever need
a sidekick...

You will be
my third call.

See you around out there.



What was
your daughter's name?






Sorry for the theatrics,

Yeah, I would have been cool
with a pop-in.

You owe me
a half a million dollars.

I understand, and I got a plan
to pay that

I'll handle the plans
from now, Greyson.