Stumptown (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 18 - All Hands on Dex - full transcript

To get justice, Dex takes matters into her own hands after finding herself at the forefront of a murder investigation where she's the prime suspect. Meanwhile, Hoffman struggles to remain ...

Previously on "Stumptown"...

They're made for each other.
Yeah. Truly.

You got him wrapped
around your finger?

Who says I'm not wrapped
around his?

Grey: My dad's son has a
baseball tournament in Seattle,

and he wants to see me.

Is he coming?
I don't think so.

You have information
about the IED

that killed Benjamin Blackbird?

You understand the file
is classified, Top Secret.

Okay, I just need help, though.

I-I... Look, I wish I could,
but, Dex, it's D.O.D.

Benny was the whistleblower.

He was gonna expose
his entire squad.

That's what got him killed.



[ Grunting ]


♪ For so long ♪

♪ You and me been finding
each other for so long ♪

♪ And the feeling that I feel ♪

♪ For you is more than strong,
girl ♪

♪ Take it from me ♪

♪ If you give a little more
than you're asking for ♪

♪ Your love will turn the key ♪

♪ Darling, mine ♪

♪ I would wait forever
for those lips of wine ♪

♪ Build my world around you,
darling ♪

♪ This love will shine, girl ♪

♪ Watch it and see ♪

♪ If you give a little more than
you're asking for ♪

♪ Your love will turn the key ♪

[ Humming ]

♪ I just want
to be your everything ♪

Fruit cup?

Excuse me?
Fruit cup.

Care for it much?

No. Not much.

[ Grunts ]


So, what'd you do, sunshine?

I'm not sure.

Oh, this is just all
a big mistake.

Yeah, I'll bet.
[ Buzzer ]

Excuse me, Officer, w-why am I
handcuffed to this bed?

'Cause you're under arrest?

For what?

What... No. No, no, no.

There's gotta be
some kind of mistake.

[ Laughs ]
I'll bet.

Woman on P.A.:
Dr. Richman to room 118.

It went down last night.

Victim is Thomas "TJ" Junes.

Does that ring a bell?

No. He's a 35-year-old Army vet.

Shot to death at close range.

The guys found Dex
passed out at the scene.

Okay, Dex would never
kill anyone.

Trust me, I didn't want
to believe it either.

But you and I have both
seen a lot of things

we wouldn't want to believe.

There's got to be
an explanation.

We'll get it straightened out.

"We"? You can't possibly
be objective about this.

Lieutenant, come on, now.

You just said there was no way
Dex could have done this.

I was speaking figuratively. Oh,

Well, then,
figuratively speaking,

you're staying
the hell away from this case.

Who's gonna run second in there?

Hey. Just heard.

Crazy, right?



[ Door closes ]

Why don't you walk us
through last night?

Yeah, of course.

I have, uh, nothing to hide,

That is always comforting.

Where's Hoffman?

Tied up on another case.

She's a terrible liar.

How do you know Thomas Junes?

TJ. Yes.

So, um, TJ

and Benjamin Blackbird
were friends.

They were in the Army together.

Uh, Sue Lynn's son?

So, you went there to...

To talk to him.

Um, and when I got there,
uh, there he was,

lying dead on the floor.

You know, I don't...
I don't quite remember...

You remember how you
got into the house?

The door?

Is that a question?

I think we all know how...
How I got into the house.

Better we hear
about the crowbar from you, Dex.

[ Scoffs ] You guys think
that I killed him.

No, we're just trying
to establish the facts.

You broke into his house...

I was... I was agitated.

And drunk, apparently.

I had a few, okay?

So what?
So what?

You were found unconscious
at the scene of a homicide.

So, until you give us
some explanation...

Okay, I was framed.

Stop talking, Dex.
Lee: Framed? By who?

By the person who killed TJ,

Do I have to do your job?

Angry enough to break
into someone's house

and say whatever it is
you said to the guy.

No, he was dead
when I got there.

But why were you there?

What did you want
with Thomas Junes?

Oh. Okay.

She's done talking.

Aren't you...

Your lawyer.

Lionel Hoffman.

My client is under suspicion.

Are you pressing charges?

Well, we are trying
to ascertain that right now.

Well, you'll have to ascertain
that without her help.

If charges are forthcoming,
you will call my office.

I will surrender her promptly.

Until then, we need to get you
out of that orange thing.

Ladies, we outie.

We outie.


Thank you so much. Whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

You are done talking to cops,

Come on.

You called your dad?

He just happened to be upstairs

having coffee
with Judge Reynolds.

I didn't know
he was gonna bust in there...


Table four. Their tacos are coming,

You said that ten minutes ago.

No, ten minutes ago, I said
check back in ten minutes.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

There. Happy?
[ Bell dings ]

Hold on.
Can't hear you.

I'm not mad at you.

Know why they call it an IPA?

'Cause when the British navy
was traveling to, uh...

Riveting story.
Edge of your seat kinda stuff.

Some place you got here.



So, what do you want from me?

A do over.

But I know that's not possible.

No, it... it isn't possible.

We don't get those.

I'm trying to make amends.

You blew me off with a text.

I was afraid!

A man is supposed to go
to the nth,

to protect his family.

Make any sacrifice, right?


I didn't do that with you.

Look, I... I know this may
sound hollow,

but if there's anything...
that you need from me,

anything I can do,
I just want you to know...

that I'm...

I'll let you know.

I'll go.


Wait, Mike.

[ Breathes deeply ]

How'd they do?

Mikey Jr.'s team?
The little league?

They did great.
They got third place.

Flew home with his mom
and the team.

And what about you?
When do you head back?

Few days.

You got a place to stay?

I got a loft upstairs
if you want to crash.


Dex called.
She's on her way here.

She's always on her way here.

From jail!


Have a seat.

Can we, um...

can we speak alone?

Uh, he's family.
He stays.

So, look, I-I didn't do this.

The only thing that matters
is what they can prove.

From the looks of things,
it could go either way.

So, what bad facts
are the cops gonna find

that I need to get ahead of?

I-I may have had motive.

That's a bad fact.

Um, I-I had this friend...
Uh, Benjamin Blackbird...

And 12 years ago,
he was serving in Afghanistan.

Some of the guys
in his squad were dirty.

Benny was gonna blow
the whistle on them,

but they killed him
before he could.

Dirty how?
I don't know.

Um, Thomas Junes was one
of the men in his unit,

and I found out that
when he got back from the war,

he bought this very
expensive house,

and he's been living
like a trust fund kid.

So, you think he was involved?

No, the whole squad
was under investigation...

according to the classified
D.O.D. file

I may or may not have.

But it doesn't name names.

You know, I had a case
just like this back in '98.


You kidding me?

Uh, one more thing.

[ Chuckles ]
I'm gonna need one of those.

I'm way ahead of you, bud.

That D.O.D. file.
Your son helped me get it.

He knows that I have a motive,

and obviously,
he hasn't told the cops.


Okay, I'm gonna need you
to stay here.

Do not talk to anyone.

Do not make this worse
for yourself.

If you remember anything,
call me.

If there's anyone you want
to talk to, call me.

If you want to get a slice
of pizza, call me.


Capisce. Yeah.


[ Sighs ]

Thank you.
Lionel: Yeah.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

He doesn't know you at all.

This one doesn't look good.

Yeah. I think whoever
killed Benny also killed TJ.

But the report
doesn't name names.

Well, I have an idea
of how to find them.

And what are you gonna do then?


[ Sighs ]


You got a good lawyer?

[ Sighs ]

The best, apparently.

But you're taking matters
into your own hands.

They killed Benny.

I'm not gonna do nothing.

Funny how the past
keeps on reinventing itself.

Always when you think
you've made peace with it.

Tell me how I can help.

I, um... I need to look
at the letters

that Benny sent you
from Afghanistan.

I'm... I'm trying to identify
the other guys in his squad.

Sorry, I destroyed them.

W-Why... Why would you do that?

It's our way.

A ritual to help
our loved ones change worlds

and the...
And the grieving to let go.

Surely the Army
has the records...

No, the Army sealed
the investigation,

so they're not gonna help me.

What do you think you're doing?

Burning ritual?

White people always fall
for that hocus pocus.

[ Exhales sharply ]

There's things
in there I'm not proud of.

Benny was angry with me
for splitting you two up.

I never got a chance
to make amends.



♪ All I wanna do... ♪

I'm only saying
it goes against nature.

A chef as skinny as yourself...

It's like a dentist
with bad teeth.

People do not trust
what they do not understand.

Dude, stop.
Enough already.

Ansel: I don't know.
Please come back.

But I miss you.

What's up with Ansel?

Sounds like trouble in paradise.

He and Lila just started dating.

Oh. First break-up.
That's rough.

When will I see you again?

- [ Exhales sharply ]
- Okay.


[ Door opens ]



I threw out some apples.

Or tomatoes.
A little hard to tell.

Hey, do you remember
when you said if there was

ever anything that I needed?

I meant it.


When I was growing up,
you used to talk about

this guy who could get us new
identities, make us disappear.

Oh, yeah.
Jimmy Mac.

Jimmy Mac. Right.

Can you hook me up with him?

Grey, that was 20 years ago.

Well, my friend's
in real trouble.


she's more than a friend.

And she's on the hook
for murder.

Whoa. Okay.

It's not what you think.
I don't know what to think.

Well, she didn't do it,

but the deck is stacked
against her

and she could go away for this.

Whoa. Hold on.
And she wants to run?

No, she doesn't want to run,

but we could be getting
to a point soon

where she doesn't have a choice.

Okay, running is the worst
advice you could give her.

Coming from you?

Wasn't that always your plan B?

And I was always
drunk. And guilty. What?

No one's ever gone to jail
for a crime they didn't commit?

I got to do something.

But not something that makes you

an accessory to a crime.

And then she's looking
over her shoulder

for the rest of her life
and you go back to prison.

Yeah, but what about... you know,
the thing you said

about... you know,
protecting your family?

Yeah, and sometimes that means
protecting them from themselves.


[ Exhales sharply ]

Yeah, Dad,
this isn't at all shady.

Dex told me about
the D.O.D. files

and how you helped her get them.

You want to know if I'm gonna
tell the department.

No. I want to understand what's
going on in your damn head.

Aren't you violating client
privilege by talking to me?

You could lose your license.

Son, you could lose your badge.
Or worse.

You have put me in a position
where I'm protecting my client

at the expense of my own son.

And this is for some girl
you barely even know.

Oh, hell.
You slept with her.

It's more than that.

Funny how you left that out.

I knew if I told you, you
wouldn't have taken the case.

You're right!

Because I have a brain
that prevents me

from doing things that will
come back to bite me in my ass.

She didn't do it.

Oh, you're more sure
of that than I am,

and I'm the one
who's gotta defend her.

It's... It's a catch-22.

Yeah, well, sometimes
there is no good choice, son,

but you have to make one

or sooner or later,
it will be made for you.


♪ Keep on dancing
to the rock and roll ♪

[ Knock on door ]

♪ On Saturday night,
Saturday night ♪

♪ Dancin' to the rhythm
in our heart and soul ♪

♪ On Saturday night... ♪

Hey, I knocked.

Yeah, I know.
I heard.

You been up all night?

Been going over Benny's letters.

I've I.D.'d some of the guys
from his squad.

One is in, uh, Jersey,
two are overseas,

but, um... this guy.

Yeah, Sergeant Robert Wolfe.

He lives in Scappoose.

Oh, so he's a local.

Benny was with National Guard.

Oregon residents
got deployed together.

Wolfe was the Staff Sergeant.

So either he is involved
or he knows who is,

so I'm gonna go talk to him.

Or you could take
the advice of your lawyer.

And just sit on my ass?

And not make things
worse for yourself.

Okay, whoever framed me
knew that I was close.

Okay, close to what?

To finding who killed Benny.

So, if... if I slow down
or if I stop,

that means that the trail
runs cold, okay?

And they're gonna get
away with it,

and I'm not gonna
let that happen.


I gotta go.

Hey, if this guy's involved,
then I'm coming.

I can handle myself, okay?

That's not...
That's not what I'm afraid of.


You know, a-a couple weeks ago,
when I came here,

you had trashed the place,
and if I hadn't...

You know what?
Don't... Don't do that.

Don't bring that up.

What do you want, Dex?

Justice for Benny.

And what does that look like?

I don't know. And that's what scares me,
'cause if we get pushed,

we're all capable
of doing things.

And Ansel really needs you.

And I need you.

And, come on, you need us.

So, if you're going today,
then I'm coming with you.


♪ I-I-I-I'm... ♪
[ Chuckles ]

What the hell is so funny?

It was a great dad speech.

You did well.

Just need a minute to change,

Why don't you grab a beer?

Yeah, alright.

♪ Gonna rock it up, roll it up ♪

♪ Do it all, have a ball ♪

♪ Saturday night,
Saturday night ♪

♪ S-S-S-Saturday night ♪

♪ S-S-S-Saturday night ♪

♪ S-S-S-Saturday night ♪

♪ S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night ♪

[ Knock on door ]

Dex: Robert Wolfe?

I'm a private investigator.

Can I talk to you for a minute?


[ Scoffs ]

Two tours in Afghanistan,

he buys it
in his own living room.

When was the last time
you spoke to TJ?

Plane ride home was the last
time I saw any of them.

Sorry, who do you work for?

The Blackbird family.

I'm trying to find
a connection between

TJ's death and Benny's murder.


I guess that's all war is,
isn't it?

Depends if it's friend or foe.

It was an enemy IED.
You don't believe that.

How do you know what I believe?

Benny was killed
by someone in your squad,

and you know who it is.

I don't.
Yes, you do.

Who killed Benny?
I told you.

How many times
do I have to say it?

I don't know. A hundred times,
a thousand times.

Until I hear the truth.
Who killed him?

I did!

He knew about
what some of the guys had done.

He wanted me to make a report.

Did you?


You were their sergeant.

You were supposed
to protect your men.

I tried to get him
transferred out,

but he thought
he had protection.

Okay, protection from who?

From fate.

Benny... there was
this girl that he lost.

Nothing could keep him
from getting her back.

That's how they got him.
He was on his way to see her.

But I killed him.

I killed him by doing nothing,

and I can't stop
thinking about it.

I can't...

But you can do something now.

You can tell me
who was involved.

So I can end up like Benny?

They find out you were here,
I'm dead.



Where was this taken?

It was in a village
outside Kandahar.

Do you mind if I take a picture?

I think Benny's mom
would really like to see it.


[ Clears throat ]

[ Click ]

[ Extreme's "Boom Boom" plays ]


You want to tell me what's up
before your soup congeals?


What is this?

What is what?

This. Us.

Are we something real?

The kind of real where if I were
to say something,

that something
would stay between us?

Are you asking me to go steady,

I'm asking you
if I can trust you.

♪ Come and do the boom boom ♪


♪ Step into the party ♪

♪ Callin' everybody ♪

♪ Come and move your body ♪

Dex called me the night

she went over to Junes' house.

She thinks he had a hand
in Benny's death.

Benny was murdered?

According to a classified

D.O.D. report that,
uh... I helped her get.

♪ Come and do the boom boom ♪

♪ Step into the party ♪

So, you think Dex killed Junes?

I never said that.

You're saying
she had a reason to.

♪ Come and move your body ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Come and do the boom boom ♪

♪ Boom boom ♪

[ Bells tolling ]

Uh, excuse me.

I'm looking for someone.

Uh, Kale Murphy?

The V.A.
gave me this address.

Here's a photo of him.

Oh, Father Murphy.


Yeah, he's taking confession.

Ah. Thanks.

[ Indistinct talking ]

[ Screen opens ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

Do I start?

[ Chuckles ]
I'll start.

Tell me your sins.

Oh, boy.


Well, I stole something
that I shouldn't have seen.

A file.

Can it be returned?

Well, not exactly.

You know... I also, uh,
broke into a man's house.

One sin often begets another.


That's always my problem.

You see, I'd...
I'd had a few too many

and I woke up
at this guy's house.

That's not unusual for me.
[ Chuckles ]

But this time, the guy was dead.

Are you saying
you killed this man?

No, I did not.

But his death
is linked to another one,

which is why I'm here.

To make a confession?

No, Private Murphy, to hear one.

What can you tell me
about Benjamin Blackbird?

[ Screen breaks ]

♪ "Fire on the Mountain,"
run, boys, run ♪

♪ The devil's in the
"House of the Rising Sun" ♪

♪ Chicken in a bread pan
pickin' out dough ♪

♪ "Granny, Does Your Dog Bite?"
No, child no ♪



[ Both grunting ]


Who sent you? Murphy,
just tell me who's involved, okay?

We can make this right.


♪ He played ♪

♪ "Fire on the Mountain,"
run, boys, run ♪

♪ The devil's in the
"House of the Rising Sun" ♪

♪ Chicken in the bread pan
pickin' out dough ♪


[ Breathing heavily ]

- Praise Jesus!
- Oh, my God, look!

[ Indistinct talking ]

That psycho priest
could have killed you.

Yeah. [ Sighs ]

He must have had
a couple hundred grand.

[ Knock on door ]


Hey, what's up, bud?

Your dad gave me a message.

Okay, shoot.

He had to run out.

Thanks, pal.

For shampoo.
Got it.


Dex, can we talk?

Uh, yeah, in a little bit.

We're just in the middle
of something.

What's behind her back?


Okay. I'll see you.

Your dad showed up?

20 years, nothing,

and now the man's
crashing on my couch.

But I gotta say,
I kinda like him.

That's cool, actually.

I'm actually kinda jealous.

You look like you ate a canary.

Do I?
[ Sighs ]

You think Dex did it?

I think things
aren't always as they seem.

But sometimes
they're exactly that.


I just find myself asking

why Dex was at Junes' house
to begin with.

Detective, when they were
teaching you how to pull teeth

in dental school,
was it anything like this?

I don't know what you mean.

What I mean is, if you have
something to say,

you should say it now
before this blows back on you.


What if Dex's motive
was revenge?


[ Knife chopping ]


[ Sighs ]

I know what's going on with you.

You do?

Ansel... [ Chuckles ]

I have love letters
older than you.

I know a broken heart
when I see one, and it sucks.

I heard your phone call.


I tried to tell Dex.

Dex kinda has a full plate
right now,

but she'd want you
to do what makes you happy.

You want her back?

Here's what you do.


I don't know what it is you
think you're gonna find, Dex.

[ Sighs ]



These are all 2006.

What is?

The dates on these bills.

I mean, that's weird, right?


[ Vehicle approaches,
siren chirps ]


2006, 2006.

Yeah, 2006.
So, what does that mean?

Where was Murphy in 2006?


[ Knock on door ]

Well... Yeah.

Just [sighs]

It's your brother.


Out front.

[ Cellphone ringing, buzzing ]

It's your lawyer.
Don't answer it.

[ Cellphone beeps ]
Cops, out back.

Okay, what do we do?

Take the money and run.
[ Exhales sharply ]

♪ Hoo hoo ♪

[ Police radio chatter ]

Check the back.

♪ This here's a story 'bout
Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue ♪

♪ Two young lovers ♪


♪ With nothing better to do ♪

♪ Than sit around the house,
get high, and watch the tube ♪


Lieutenant Cosgrove. You sh...
You should have called.

I was gonna,
but then I thought...

why not make it a surprise?

It's always a pleasant one.

You seen Dex?


Tookie, look, I don't want
to be doing this either,

so let's not make it harder
than it needs to be,

and just... open up
the cooler.

♪ Bobbie Sue
took the money and run ♪

♪ Hoo hoo hoo ♪

♪ Go on,
take the money and run ♪

Surplus perishables
go in the truck.

Keeps the kitchen clean...

[ Knock on door ]

Mr. McConnell?

We're looking for Dex Parios.

Haven't seen her.

Funny, her car's parked out
front, yet no one's seen her.

Officer, what's going on?

I got this, Dad.

Shut up, son.

We are looking for this woman.

Oh, yeah.
I saw her down in the bar.


She left a couple hours ago
with a guy in a pick-up.

Green, I think.

She's not here.

I appreciate your help.

♪ He makes his living off
of the people's taxes ♪

♪ Bobbie Sue, whoa, whoa,
she slipped away ♪

♪ Billy Joe caught up to her
the very next day ♪

♪ They got the money, hey ♪

♪ You know they got away ♪

♪ They headed down south, and
they're still running today ♪

♪ Singing ♪

♪ Go on, take the money
and run ♪

♪ Go on,
take the money and run ♪ Okay, let's go.

[ Engine sputtering ]

♪ Hoo hoo hoo ♪

♪ Go on,
take the money and run ♪

[ Engine starts ]
♪ Oh, Lord ♪

♪ Go on, take the money
and run ♪

We've been through
the whole building.

♪ Hoo hoo hoo ♪


How 'bout we stop the truck?

- Guys, let's go.
- Come on!


[ Police sirens wailing ]


Dex: Rear view?





Okay, buddy, let's go.

Okay, hold on tight, Dex.


[ Engine starts ]

♪ They got the money, hey ♪

♪ You know they got away ♪

♪ They headed down south, and
they're still running today ♪

Figured it out.
This cash.

A guy named Kale Murphy had it.

I was told we weren't
supposed to talk.

Murphy and TJ
were both in Benny's squad.

I went to go talk to Murphy.
He bolted.

But he left this cash.

Each one of these bills
are from 2006.

In '06, Murphy was in Kandahar.

You shouldn't be here, Dex.

I think that Murphy
stole this money.

TJ was involved somehow.

He knew that I was onto him,
so he must have started

freaking out, and they...
They... they killed him

to silence him, just like Benny.

Who's they?

Well, if we find Murphy,
we can get him

to roll on
everyone else involved.

Yeah, I need your help.

You need help?
Like... Like...

Like you needed my help
getting that D.O.D. file?

[ Scoffs ] I am handing you
the key to the whole case.


No, you are a murder suspect
asking a cop

to put his career
on the line. Again.

So, you're gonna do nothing?

Do nothing?
Do nothing?

You got me caught up
in the middle of all this

for helping you.

Dex, every day you call me.

Every night you call me,
like I'm your partner.

I have my own life,
and I have my own job.

Now I could lose it all!

I could lose it all
because of you!

I'm sorry. I got you
the best lawyer in town.

You need help?
Call him.

All I need is... Please.

[ Door opens, closes ]

I'm sorry. We, uh,
we had nowhere else to go.

Cosgrove called
asking if you were here.

What'd you say?

I told her you weren't.

But if you were,
that I wouldn't tell her.

Not in those words, of course.

You came to the right place.
Hey, Dex.

- Hi.
- How are you, Ansel?

Fine. Thank you.

Let's get you settled
for the night.

Thank you.


You doing okay?




Love you, buddy.

Love you, too.

[ Chuckles ]


He's asleep.

You want me to send
Hollis with you?

No. No.

It's better if I go by myself.

I'll be back before morning.

This Kale Murphy...
Did he kill Benny?

He was involved.

I don't know how many others.

How are you gonna find them?

I know who their next target is.

I'm gonna go protect him.

Protect him?

Or use him for bait?


When my father went away to war,

a man broke into our house,

and our mother hid us
in the closet.

All four of us.

I could see through
the key hole,

as he pushed her down
to have his way with her.

But he never got that far.


I only used it once.



Lee: Prints came back
from Forensics.

I got something for you
on Thomas Junes' murder.


Still not your case.

Feds printed pallets of cash
to help rebuild Afghanistan...

Pay off warlords, politicians,

and in 2006,
ten million was sent

to a provincial bank
outside Kandahar.

Let me just repeat myself.

This is not your case.

the money never got there.

The armored truck was hit
by three assailants

in a military style ambush.

Your point?

This money came from that heist.


Look, this belonged to a guy
in Benjamin Blackbird's squad.

You're saying this money
was stolen

by US soldiers in Afghanistan?

Three rogue soldiers
in his squad.

This is what Benny Blackbird was
going to blow the whistle on.

I'll bite.

Who had the cash?

His name is Kale Murphy.

I believe he and Junes
were two of the three robbers.

Now Junes is dead
and Murphy's on the run.


What? How do you
know he's on the run?

You get this information
from Dex?

She didn't kill Junes.

Murphy is the guy
with the motive.

So, you're happy
to disclose motive

when it isn't about your friend?

Miles, I'm sorry.

Don't apologize
for doing your job.

You compromised
this investigation.

If we find Murphy...

I'm really not interested
in listening

to your instincts on this one.

Lieutenant, this is...


I would choose your next words
very carefully.



[ Knock on door ]

What are you doing here?
Kale Murphy was in on it.

The heist, Benny's murder, TJ...

Wait, these guys are killers.

If they... If they find out
I talked, I'm done.

My guess is they're already
on their way.

Maybe we should leave.

They're gonna
find you eventually.

Should we call the police?

Benny was gonna stop them.

This is our chance to finish
what he started.

[ Gun cocks ]

Miles. Miles!

Let me explain.
Don't bother.

I didn't know
what you were gonna tell me.

Think about the position
you put me in.

You were struggling with it,

And I guess we both
made our choices.

For what it's worth, you were
wrong about Kale Murphy.

He's not on the run.

Unis fished him out of
the Willamette a few hours ago.


[ Vehicle approaching ]

They're here.

What do you want me to do?

Kill the lights.
Stay away from the windows.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Click, ringing stops ]


[ Footsteps approach ]



[ Gun cocks ]

Whoa, Dex.

What the hell
are you doing here?

Ansel called.
He was worried.

How'd you find me?

How many Robert Wolfes
can there be in Scappoose?

[ Exhales sharply ]
[ Cellphone rings ]

It's Hoffman.
[ Cellphone beeps ]


Yeah, I'm with her.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Murphy's dead.


[ Gun cocks ]

[ Gunshot ]
[ Grunts ]

[ Grunting ]


Oh, no. No. Oh, no.

Oh, my God.
Your head.

Alright, just go.
I'll call Hoffman. Go.

You sure?
Yes. Just go.






Wolfe! Stop!



[ Breathing heavily ]

You knew who I was.

The whole time

you were telling me about Benny!

Doesn't mean
the whole thing was a lie.

[ Breathing heavily ]
He was a good man.

And you killed him.

It was him or me.
That's war.

No, war had nothing
to do with it.

[ Breathing heavily ]


I want this to be over.

[ Breathing shakily ]


Benny: Benjamin Blackbird.

Call me "Benny."


Call me "Benny."

Ansel: I miss Benny.

Dex: I miss him, too.

You're a life saver.
God, I love you.

I'm not taking it back.


[ Both grunting ]






[ Grunting continues ]



[ Gunshot ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

You okay?

Cosgrove: It is not gonna
be painless, Miles.

They are recommending
some disciplinary action.

Suspension without pay,
and a review.

I'll save them the trouble.

Don't do that.
I almost lost a friend.

You did what you had to do,

You knew that she was innocent
the entire time.

No. No.

I just didn't want her
to go down

after all she had been through.

So, I helped her.
By not helping you.

And in the process, I betrayed
my badge and I betrayed Dex.

Do you see where
I'm having trouble here?

You are a good cop.

I wasn't on this one.

Hold onto that for me.

I need some time
to figure out what I am.


[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Ocie Elliott's "Run To You"
plays ]

♪ And I'll run to you ♪

Explains the beer cans
I've been finding here.

[ Chuckles ]
Want one?

I don't drink it.

♪ And I'll run to you
if the bombs ignite ♪

♪ I'll still call to you
if I lose my sight ♪

Remember the first time
I met you.

Benny was so excited
about bringing you over,

and so nervous.

Well, he had every right
to be... nervous.

I did break
your grandmother's vase.

That was Crate and Barrel.

Sure put the fear of God
in you, though.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Scoffs ]

♪ Don't know what it's all for ♪

You know, if you'd never
picked up this line of work,

you never would have
uncovered all this.

I thought I'd feel vindicated,
or at peace or something.

[ Sighs ] For 12 years,
this whole thing defined me,

and now, I don't know...
who I am.

Well, when the hole's big
enough, there's no filling it.

It just becomes a part of you.

♪ And I'll fall for you ♪

So, what now?

We go on.


♪ Using all that we can ♪


♪ Dominating all the land ♪

Your father's here to see you.

Oh, great.

♪ Terrified it's gonna end ♪


♪ How do we come back again? ♪

♪ And we know
the whole while... ♪

Where's my dad?

Good question.

We've been looking for him.


Because he was in town.

He did a job for us,
and he took some things

that did not belong to him.

And now he's...
He's in the wind.

I don't know anything about
that, and that's the truth.

Yeah, well, maybe, maybe not.

But you're gonna
help us find him.

♪ And I'll run to you
when the waters rise ♪

[ Vacuum whirring ]

♪ And I'll run to you
if the bombs ignite ♪

♪ I'll still call to you... ♪

Dex: What is going on here?

What is all this?

What are you doing?

Why is everything so suspiciously
clean? [ Vacuum turns off ]

Ansel broke up with Lila.

He didn't tell me that.

You had a lot on your plate.
But don't worry.

I told him to invite
her for dinner,

so try to make
a good impression, huh?

[ Knock on door ]

She's here, guys.

♪ ...if the bombs ignite ♪

She's here.


♪ And I'll be all for you ♪

Okay, go ahead.

♪ If you lose the fight ♪