Stromberg (2004–2012): Season 4, Episode 9 - Herr Nehring - full transcript

Your junior torches with his
new favorite sheep

burns down the barn with a cigarette afterwards
and we should pay it?

I don't see that!

- What?
- So, Gunther, here you have coffee,

I've already put sugar in it for you.

I don't want coffee,
I want money for my barn...

If I were you, I would
I would take the coffee,

because that is the only thing
makes CAPITOL liquid for you...

Güntherchen, wait a minute...

- What?
- Nehring is an important man here,

he was two times king of marksmen.

Here such things are just important.
You just don't understand.

Exactly I have no idea. That's why
the head office sends me wine!

Here! For my good degrees!

This is a very nice one.
This is a sh... sh...


A Frenchman... n' red one even!

If your gunnery officer sends me something like this
we can talk again.

I think we should approach the matter
in a completely different way...

Anyone could come...

That means, we book the special service
into the new system?

Of course! All operations!
As complete as possible.

They want to make a real comparison
to be able! I already said that!

But Becker said

that we can't write any additional overtime
can write down.

Now let's do that. And we'll see,
whether there is any overtime at all.

Ah, he was always
a bit stubborn... in the back.

You have to keep an eye on him...

What are you doing here again?

I actually wanted to have a glass of vino
with Jennifer

but now she is not here...

This one was sent to me by the head office...
because of the good numbers,

that I have... in Finsdorf...

Yes, I have to move on now....

The Riedel from the two
also got wine once,

and bang! Was promoted.

I take it as a good omen.

I just heard, we should also
all the special services?

Is everybody coming in here one by one
and asks, or what?

I got from the head office
because of the good deals...

All operations are all operations,
that's not so hard to understand.

I have to continue working here now...

When the snow has melted
you'll see where the dog poop is...

First, everything is white and slippery
and fine,

but that is just
only a very thin layer!

When it is gone you will see
where the old shit lies

and Tanja is in that phase now.
Now it's everyday life.

Should we also
open the special services?

You can't be serious...
Yes, also the special services.

I announced loudly twice!

And in everyday life a woman loses
loses her charm,

you know that from marriage.

In contrast there are 52 new completions
in Finsdorf...

If you like
it's 52 to zero for me.

Here! From the center!!

A red one!

Mrs. Bultmann, if I were you I would
to think about a dismissal again...

So, just accident insurance...

How soon did you
or your husband had an accident...

And then...

Ah, your husband is dead...

Yes, you can see
how fast it goes!

And the...

Yes, I understand...

yes... I'll finish...

yes, yes, goodbye.

- The Ingeborg too?
- Hmmm...

Hansi Borchers too...

There are already more than forty cancellations...
is not good...

Is not good, is not good...
It's total shit!

If the head office gets a hold of this,
then it's immediately vinegar with wine and everything...

I told you that you should solve
with Nehring in a different way...

You talk a lot when the day is long.

That's the king of marksmen,
that's what you told me!

And is singing club and home club
and local council...

Yes, I did not know that
the Nehring with the whole shitty Kaff

shoots and drinks and sings and fucks!

Because you never really listen!

And because you are not interested at all
what is happening here!

What you still want is to get back
back to the city as quickly as possible,

and you all think we are silly anyway...

Tell me, missy...

Oh, look... Horst Bruchkamp...

He has also quit...


What do we do now?

As I said, the barn of the Nehring,

so, if you want to change this...
that's where I would start again.

Why should I
with the Peukert n' process

for you?

An important customer of mine
burnt down the barn,

and my stupid trainee
wrote in negligence.

"We do not pay"
writes the idiot!

Now I have to make sure that
from the refusal ne approval make.

You come in here,
supposedly want to know

how I'm doing and
then it's all about you again...

It's not about you at all! About the Nehring
and his shitty barn!

You do not care,
how I am!

Peukert does not like me,
and you're so in tune with the...

Even if I wanted to,

the Becker must release the process
release the process first...

or at least Tanja,
you know that!

But Tanja is still there, maybe
ask her how she is...

Yes, but...I...

I wanted to check off the professional
and then the private...

How are you doing?

Are you trying to blackmail me now,
or what?

If you can get
at Peukert for me,

I will make myself strong with the colleagues
for you!

And if not,
you start a mutiny.

If you only focus on
the negative aspects...

You call Peukert,
make a check mark,

whoosh, new process, ready!

This is illegal!

If this comes out, what do you think
what kind of trouble that would be...

I have talked to several people

The mood of most of them goes
in the direction of "last days of the Führerbunker",

I say honestly...

It would be clever from your side,
if you at least once

had a strong ally...

I don't believe it now!

The water is up to here
and the tide is still out...

But if I stand in front of you
as a dam,

then you can dry yourself behind my
wide ass again dry in peace!

So, ass now in the sense of back....

Everywhere is closing time... everywhere?

No, in a small office
in the CAPITOL...

there is only one light burning.

Ulf, not now...

- What'n here again?
- Nothing.

What did you promise the man
at the registry office?

For better or for worse...

Not now!
Man, give me a break!!!

Yes, Ulf, now is really bad!



Shitty mood at breakfast,

crappy mood in the evening,

and in the office I can
it anyway lately...

So not that I regret it
or anything... Really not.



So, if marriage would be on Ebay now,

I say, from me
there would be no purchase recommendation...

I can not paint so well,
I have here...

"Herring salad, damage-2-forms,


Things that I don't think are good.

Mrs Löppke said yes,
we don't have to paint that,

we can also write it down...

"Big dogs, scratchy pants....


I don't like.

So, if others are always like this...

When they say
"oh, it's fun!" and so....

- I usually don't find...
- I don't either.

Ernie, have you
finished the Helmholtz story?

No, I haven't.
I have to go now, too.

Mia, she is in the group
of Mrs. Löppke also

and she can take me now.

He also can't drive his car again
since he has been in it...

and for me the CAPITOL
on the way.

Man, Ernie, I told you,
that this is urgent!

And to be honest, your course
with Mrs. Löppke is your private pleasure,

and now it is still regular working time...

Full of sound
like at my mother's, that's real...

You, always with your "Must finish!"

Like my father...
he also always...

Oh, shit!

It's all over again with her now....
come, let's go.

Ernie, what is going on
with Helmholtz?

Stromberg is right after all.
I didn't think so, Tanja!

Yes, he said,
that you can't do that, here...

and that we must not always
have to put up with everything from you.

And quite a lot of people see it like this!

Come, Mia, we drive better now.

It is really bad here
from the atmosphere...

Hello, Mrs. Peukert,
Tanja Steinke here.

I would need a process again,
which is actually already filed.

The name is Günther Nehring.

[Barking in the distance]

Here, watch out!

Mr. Nehrig! Mr. Nehring!

Well, how are you?

Everything good?

Is the harvest in the bag yet?

Turn it off.

Yeah...which is why I....

I thought I would tell you

I have been thinking about the whole

and one of my strengths is :
I am very self-critical,

also towards myself
and I asked myself

"Bernd, weren't you a bit strict with Mr. Nehring?
perhaps a bit strict?"

And then I went back and forth....

So can I charge a new barn
charge for it now?

- Yes! Punched through at the top....
- Good.

Yes, "good" means now... Bygones,
over all the unpleasant...

"Good" means,
I'm building a new barn.

There was just...
in the wake of this barn

there was once such an avalanche
of solidarity dismissals...

And I thought... I mean, you have
a lot to report here in the place

And when you tell people,

"well, the Stromberg
is n' quite fine guy!",

then they could recover...

- I don't know about that.
- Huh?

They pay me the barn,
otherwise I don't know.

I don't know you at all.
What am I supposed to tell people?

I have to go on now, too.

Uh... For me it would be pretty good,

if you would talk to the people
talk to them again...

Mr. Nehring...

That would be a bit
downright right...


For me, if you...

What is this peasant chief imagining?
is actually imagining?

I'm risking my job for the...

and... respectively Tanja's job...

I told her right away...

A shit you have!

I should approve the Nehring's barn
the barn, that's what you said,

and now he has the thing and what is?
Flute beeping is!...

If the Nehring remains so stubborn,
I can dilute wine with nitroglycerine.

and Buena Notte Charlotte...

Do you want me to make sausage salad? Yum...

Food is comfort...

Nehring knows very well that you
have only approved the barn,

because of all the dismissals!

So what? Shall I order him
order him a new tractor?

Or buy a bag of marbles?

The Horst man,
what had been here before you,

He went to the shooting club.
Had many friends here...

Yes, when was still missing Schützenverein!

Children, you do not have
all the bars on the fence!

Go at least once
to community meeting

and say that you will donate draught beer
for the village festival.

That always comes out well. Without support in the village
it will not work in the long run anyway.

Achim is right, you have to
participate, it is not bad at all.

When is that,
this community mumbo jumbo?

[Magdalena] Ah!

And you do have girlfriend...
from CAPITOL...

Best to bring along.

- The Jennifer?
- Yes!

Man your age,
what has no woman, there talk people.

Is gay, is funny.

With woman is solid, is better...

She is right, the Magda.

[Stromberg] I thought that we
something together again tonight.

could do.

So just,
if you don't have anything planned yet.

First and foremost, I am concerned about you,
about the whole...

Yes, sure!

You are the Robin Hood of CAPITOL,
totally selfless.

I have nothing
anything tonight. Satisfied?

Actually wanted to meet with Helge
and my ex...

He's getting me so worked up again!

First the weekend,
where everything is great and he says

we want to do again
do more with the three of us,

and now I hear again
nothing more from him!

This guy will never change!

You see... I call reliably,
I stand here reliably...

I could practically work in an insurance company
as reliable as I am...

We can go to the cinema...

Yes, that is good.

Or we will go to Finsdorf
to the ox.


Nah, seriously. There is tonight
such a horny community meeting.

With beer and have-you-not-seen.

- From the mood super...
- A community meeting?

Yes, for sure!

This is something
like the Oscars of Finsdorf!

- Are you kidding me?
- Nah, no bullshit.

Must be quite super, and...

yes, honestly, I must
there also times let me look,

because of this stupid story
with the burned down barn of Nehring.

Didn't I tell you...

And my people in Finsdorf say
that, first... is supposed to be quite super,

And secondly, um...

Yes, from the outer impression
it would be good...

If you come with a woman,

so that they don't think
that you are gay.


Yes, I come from the village,

I know how it goes!

Uh, yeah... good....

And it's all about me, ne?


[convulsive laughter]

- Does that mean you're coming, right?
- Mmmm... yes.

[convulsive laughter.]


I don't believe it...

Twelve percent of 160,000 is 91,200?


Are these first estimates or is your
your calculator with biogas or what?

Tell me, are you still
quite fresh?

That should be out today and
I can do everything again now!

Can you go in there for a moment
and see if there is one sitting there,

that looks like you,
but doesn't have a full tit?

Because I married her the other day.

Don't you get it?
I had to risk my neck,

so that Stromberg doesn't start a mutiny
and then you come up with something like...

[She is not in a good mood right now,

Not you either, Ulf?
Yes, him neither.

[Mia] You should have come along
in the group,

we were all not in such a good mood.

- That's really great.
- It was really good.

It is really nice when
everyone is in a bad mood together.

I think so too...

Last time we were even
drink something.

A pharmacy...

This is with peppermint liqueur,
and vermouth and ice and so...


Exactly. This is going to be
on my list of things that I like...

I don't think he's going anymore.

[Mia] You, he also suffers
in the mood here...

Of course it's legitimate,

that the Schlentzer dog school
erects a fence on the B 341.

But the fence must be
from the appearance

the standard of our community
correspond, dear friends.

Very good! Exactly my opinion.

[Nehring] What else?
Yes, of course, our May festival.

There we need a replacement baritone
in the male choral society,

because our Fritz Kornmeyer
has to go to the spa with his gall bladder.

So, who of you wants to
and especially has a voice?

I also wanted to share something :

the Capitol Versicherungen AG
will be, for this year's May Festival,

donate something,
namely a 20-liter barrel...

Oh, come on, let's say
a 50-liter barrel of beer!

We all don't want to die of thirst!
[scattered applause]

[Mr. Stromberg will be known to some of you already.
some of you already know.

But certainly not all of you.

Bernd Stormberg.

Dear Finsdorfers
dear Finsdorfers,

for four months now I have

the great joy
and also honor that I...

yes, here I am...

And many of my friends
in the city have said :

how can you voluntarily
to Finsdorf!

Then I always say : no, but there lies
crookedly and crookedly wound!

For example,
the Christophkirche...

- [Nehring] Christ Church.
- Right.

It is so gothic...
or historic...

I really have to say,
Finsdorf is for me in the meantime

become something
like a second home,

maybe even already
the first home,

and surely soon for my wife
my second wife...

so first home for the second wife....
the Jennifer...

- [Jennifer] Hello.
- Hello.

And since I
work at an insurance company,

I would like to
also insure something...

and that is that,
in the next few years here,

much more, will contribute,

to your village community!

If you also get
contribute more to us,

because then we all have something from it.

Thank you...

Yes, and a triple
thundering Finsdorf live... HIGH!

Finsdorf is neither really a city
nor really nature,

neither fish nor flesh,
neither man nor woman,

Finsdorf is a tranny.

Such towns like this one are
the trannies among the German cities.

I do and do, but do you think,
one of the tranny dwellers

was once
withdraw his resignation? Nope!

They don't even think about it!

[Magdalena] Is everything
a little slower here!

Now the first
questions from the head office.

"What's going on with you"...?

[Achim] Günter told me,
that he only gets 70 percent,

Of the barn... So of his costs.

Gunther... the...
The absolute top tranny...

But if he gets more, then he says
also times what accordingly with the people.

More than 70?

He thinks you could
certainly turn something.

- Am I a turner or what?
- I'm just saying what he means....

Blackmail, is that!

Even if I wanted to,
I couldn't get to it.

They think I'm stupid,
if I take out the process again.

Ah, there's always something to spin....

Nah, I don't...


This is even more illegal
than the first time!

Yes, well, but remember,
I can also do otherwise.

I will not be blackmailed

Nobody wants that.

But I would' in your place
think about it again...

Can you give me a hug?

Nah, I'm just trying to figure out
what five plus two is.

Not that I have to
have to do detention again.

Say, Tanja, she is
a real broom, isn't she?

And this is getting worse.
I just came from her,

and don't ask me about pollen,
what she is up to...

I said,
I wouldn't be surprised,

if such top performers as Ernie,
if they start to mutiny at some point...

The Tanjia, she doesn't think so far.
So people like you,

who just from the psychological-mental...
Would you like?

... not so one hundred and ten percent
Are on track...

At the moment it is not so bad.
I met the Mia...

with Mrs. Löppke.

Yes, and since then,
so what's here at work....

I don't care...

Should I take it also not at all so important
Mrs. Löppke said.

Only as said,
Tanja, who...

With me is just so'n inner
Christmas tree glowing.

Yes, and what Tanja is doing there,
I don't care...

[Stromberg stammers]
[Ernie] Mmhh...

[phone, printer]
[one types, one stamps]

[Stromberg] I've levered all the levers.
all the levers,

but are just not more
than 70 percent in...

Yes, then nothing can be done.

Just, even I cannot possibly
make the impossible possible...

But I still wanted to
just ask again,

if you could still talk to the people
maybe talk to them!

Mr. Nehring...

You have said that you want to get
a little bit more involved here.

Yes. Absolutely, I want to,
I do too.

As long as it is professionally
as tight as this...

Can you sing?

- Huh?
- Yes, we need another baritone.

In the singing club,
because of the May festival.

That would be an opportunity
to get involved a bit.

Now singing is not exactly my strength...

Too bad...

On the other hand, of course, I already...

- Yes?
- Hm.

Good! Come for a rehearsal one evening.

There are also a lot of clients
of you, I mean ex-clients.

At half past six in the ox.

Oh, careful with the feet.

[Choir rehearsal]

[Choir director] Hold out !

And set down !


You could do it a bit more

so on Finsdorf
related, right?

Kinda... I don't know.

[singing loudly.]
Finsdorf, I come from you.

Finsdorf I hang on you


[Nehring] Yes, yes!

A few lines nailed together
and you have a nice anthem, right?

Finsdorf, I come from you.

Finsdorf, I hang on you


[they are satisfied]

- To Finsdorf!
- [all] To Finsdorf!

[Stromberg] I'm making
a little schnapps for Ernie...

What about you Karl-Heinz?
Dryer gullet is not healthy...

We wanted to talk
to talk about your insurance...

It's up to you, Finsdorf

And with you, I'll knock out
right conditions out, with the household goods,

you should see! But only,
if you sign with us again.

[he laughs]

[he hums New York, New York]

With people, can I just...

You can also
with the Eskimos,

a week later I eat
otter noses and seal feet

and am a guest in every igloo.

And that sense, you just have it,
or don't you have it,

and I have it....

Uh! I'll be right there.

You are going to the shooting club?

[Stromberg] Yes, but there only so, I have
to Günter... Nehring, I promised him...

And on Friday you have choir practice?

Yes, singing and drinking!
Now I have people on the hook,

who in the past were not
were at CAPITOL!

But you really go over corpses
for your job!

Well, that's nonsense now!

about liquor corpses maybe...

But... no, seriously,
the human

always has priority with me...

Just not this week...

I just can't do it...

The Becker has just...

The Peukert has caught my eye,

that I have pulled the process from the barn
pulled again.

- That is of course stupid!
- Stupid?

Because of you I have now...

The Becker said that I should never have
never been allowed to get involved!

That is de facto seen
of course correct...

Now don't run away.
She always runs away!

Of course, from a human point of view this is
not so creamy for the thing, but...

[Tanja cries]

I say so, if I now
get my degrees back in

and Barbie Steinke
is already on the decline,

then it would have to
go with the devil,

if there is not soon the dad
comes home again!

[romantic music]

[he sighs]