Street Fighter: The Animated Series (1995–1997): Season 1, Episode 4 - No Way Out - full transcript

[dynamic music]

- [Narrator] Colonel
William Guile,

one of the greatest martial
artists in the world

travels the global
tournament circuit using it

to conceal his top-secret
mission as leader

of an elite group of
international crime fighters

known only by their code
name, Street Fighter.

The heroic man-beast


Hard-kicking fighting machine


["Street Fighter" theme music]

And a team of the most
amazing warriors ever seen

have joined forces with Guile
to combat the criminal empire

of Shadaloo and it's
superhuman leader, Bison.

They have their
own code of honor:

discipline, justice, commitment,

and together they will triumph
against the forces of evil.

Street Fighter!

[snakes hissing and
crickets chirping]

[dramatic music]

[women screaming]

[tanks rolling]

- Man, Sagat's gonna
nail someone, hard!

I wanna watch.

- Yeah, and your
folks will ground you

if you don't get back.

- Look, it's steak dinner
drama-rama tonight.

They get bent if the
fork's too far apart.

I've got time,
we'll just go watch

the tank for a couple minutes.

I can be back in
my room before they

start losing their minds.

Bet their goin' after
that big tanker I saw

getting into the dock yesterday.

It's gotta have some
really awesome stuff on it.

- No, bet it's airport.

Those cargo jets from Argentina
are just sitting there.

- Sagat is so boss.

If I were in charge
of Shadaloo, like him,

I'd do everything like he does,
except I'd use more tanks.

[tanks rolling]

Airport's back that way,
ha-ha, you lose, Lin.

- Yeah, well, the
docks down that way

so you lose, too, Mr. Doof.

- So where are they going?
[tanks rolling]

[wall crumbles]

- Whoah!

- Where are they going?

- I don't know, but I
wouldn't wanna get in the way.

This is weird, the only
thing over here is--

Lin, they're going
after the embassy!

Go home, get outta
here, now, go!

- But, Kip!

- Go, please, just go.


[soldiers grunting]

- Get out!
[dramatic music]

[car beeping]

[tires turning]

[jeep explodes]

[crickets chirping]

[dramatic music]

- Mayday, mayday, this is
the US Embassy in Shadaloo.

We're under attack.

Mayday, mayday.

[staff chattering]

- Kip?
- Where are you, son?

- Man, those gates are nothin'

- We need to get the
embassy staff out, now.

- Then why am I still
standing here talking to you.

- I'm going to miss
you, too, Guile.

Good luck.

- We land the choppers,
sweep through the embassy

and get everybody out of there.

Blanka, you've got
the red chopper.

Chun-Li, you've got the
white, I'll be in the blue.

We're got about four
minutes when we land.

Don't miss the bus,
anyone left behind

gets left for good, got it!
[jets soar]

[staff chattering]

- Quiet, listen!
[jets soar]


- Sector one.

Sector two.

- Oh no, stop them!

[rocket fires]

- Whoa!

[helicopter explodes]

- Hold it, wait here!

[upbeat rock music]

- Spinning bird kick!
[men groan]

- We'll have to load everybody
into the white and blue

choppers, people only.

Dump everything else.

- Move to the choppers now!

[crowd chattering]

- Kip, stay here,
I'll get your father.

- But, Mom, the
gate's not gonna hold!

- Honey, I have to
find your father.

He doesn't know we
can't bring those files.

Please stay here.

- I can get to the file room
faster, through the vents!

- Oh, wrong way, lady.

- I'm the ambassador's wife.

- I can't leave without
the files on Sagat.

- Oh yes you can.

[helicopters propelling]

Only two chapters left, get in!

- [Soldier] Come on.
- Where's Kip?

- I put him on the
other chopper myself.

- Well, at least
he can't complain

about how boring
things are here.

- There's still someone
inside, I'm going back down.

Blanka, you've got
the blue chopper now.

In two minutes leave,
sooner if Sagat

gets through the gates.

- We're not leaving without you.

- Guile, surely a
few more minutes.

- You've got your orders.

[radio beeping]

- Anyone here!

[radio beeping]

[twisting door knob]

[radio beeping]

- Back off, you hairy jerk!

- My reputation proceeds me.

- Hey, what do you
think you're doing!

I haven't surrendered
to you, put me down!

- Soon as you're
on a chopper kid.

I'm one of the good guys, okay?

[helicopters propelling]

[soldiers grunting]

[rocket firing]

[ground exploding]

- Not yet, not without Guile.

- Hey!

[guns firing]

Okay, take us out.

[guns firing]

[soldiers grunting]

- Some good guy you are, Mister.

- Zip it, kid, you've
got a chopper waiting.

- Chopper, yeah, like where?

- I'd say gone.
[dramatic music]

[helicopters propelling]

- They wouldn't have
just left me here, man.

- Listen, kid, if you hadn't
decided to play hide and

go seek back there we'd
both be on a chopper by now.

- Like I was supposed to
know you're a good guy.

Next time, wear an ID
badge or something.

[banging door]

[soldiers grunting]

Now what do we do?

- Put up a fight.

- Yeah right, you and
what army, Mister?

- Kid, armies are for amateurs.

- [Kip] You're loony.

Listen, you can
put me down, now.

I can take care of myself.
[guns firing]

[soldiers grunting]

- Sonic boom!

Sonic boom!

Sonic boom!

- Awesome, teach me that.

- Not now kid, we've
gotta get out of here.

We're on enemy ground now.

- We're in my house, smart guy.

Can you get us down to
the garage over there?

- Rip this place apart!

Whoever finds the
embassy files on me

will be a very wealthy man.

Seems their walls have
ears and eyes, as well.

Who says there's nothing worth
watching on TV these days?

That's Street
Fighter, I want him!

Bring him to me and you
can name your reward.

- How'd you know about this?

- I made it.

- Nice work, kid.

How fast can you run, kid?

- [Kip] Just try and catch me.

- Take a breather.

- Now what, you got a Plan B?

- Kid, I've always got a Plan B.

We head over to an
emergency evac point

by the river, over here.

- That's your Plan B?

That's way over on the
other side of Shadaloo!

How are we supposed to
get there from here, walk?

- Uh huh.

- Walking's good.

[helicopters flying]

- [Ambassador's Wife] Our
son is still in Shadaloo.

- Mrs. Foster, rest
assured that we're using

all the diplomatic
channels at our disposal.

- We were the
diplomatic channels!

[bangs window]

- You thinking
what I'm thinking?

- Yeah, say hello to
Ambassador Blanka.

[snakes hissing]

- Yo, butt-kick master,
I'm totally starved!

- Grubs, worms, leaves,
well, not bad kid.

We're not exactly near a
drive-through, you know.

- Here, Lin and I suck
these down all the time.

They're gross, just don't chew.

- Here, I'm not hungry,
better than worms any day.

- You sure, Mister?

- Well sure, I'm sure.

I don't want you fainting on me.

[diving into bushes]

- Sagat must really
want this guy

for him to offer such a reward.

- There's a price on my head
kid, let's make 'em earn it.

[snake hissing]
Freeze, kid!

- Listen, we can't hang
out here, they'll nail us!

- Never panic, kid.

- Course not.

[snake hissing]
[soldiers screaming]

- Never waste a snake.

- I'll remember that, Mister.

- And my name's Guile
not Mister, kid.

- Name's Kip not kid, Mister.

I was born here, Guile,
Shadaloo is my home.

- And Sagat's own
little terror-ville.

- Blame me, like
I voted for him.

- Kip, home is where
your family is,

if you're lucky enough
to have one, trust me.

Yeah, let's get you
back to yours, okay?

We've got less
than an hour to get

to the backup evac point.

- Diane, we have a problem,
we have a new problem.

Bison and Sagat's forces have
overrun the evac checkpoint.

- But what about
Guile, the child?

- Get me Blanka and Chun-Li.

- But Esher, sir, Chun-Li
and Blanka aren't here.

They checked out their own
jump chopper over an hour ago.

Here's the transportation log.

- The evac point
doesn't exist anymore.

Those mounties are flying
right into an ambush.

[upbeat music]

- Change of plans, Kip.

- I know a way out, come on.
[fire raging]

- Run for it, Kip,
I'll hold 'em off.

Go, go!
- No.

[soldier groaning]
- Go!

- [Soldier] Surrender!

- I think you got things
turned around, buddy.

You're gonna surrender to me.

- Let go, buttface!

- Think again, street fighter!

[dramatic music]

- Now that the embassy's
mine, I find myself

in need of a little

And since going to the
happiest place on Earth

is out of the question,
you can help me.

- I don't think so, Sagat.

- Oh I think so, I have grand
plans for you, street fighter.

Imagine, a continuous street
fight against all those

in Shadaloo who would
love to challenge you

one after another,
endlessly, hmm.

- Oh, I could use
a little exercise.

- Ah, yes, the
clever, heroic reply.

Of course, if you
have some information

that could be traded, say, oh,

a file on me and my
goings on or even better,

the file on Bison.

- Oh, no, no, I
prefer the exercise.

- I kept an eye on you, Guile.

You always manage somehow to
interrupt Bison's big plans.

I need such information.

You're wasting your time, Sagat.

I'm just a street fighting
bum who got himself

court-martialed, remember?

- Bum, perhaps, but
I think you know

more than you're letting on.

Oh, Guile, tsk-tsk, now
the silent treatment?

There are ways to
loosen that tongue.

I have an idea, this
young one will be my,

what's the word, mascot, yes.

Show the boy back
to his old room.

There he can rest,
maybe have a snack.

You like some cornflakes?

- I thought you
were cool, Sagat,

but you're just a thug!

- A thug, my how he
underestimates me.


- Hai-ya!

[soldiers groaning]

- Deep meditation is
good for the spirit.

- So much for the
emergency evac point.

Where's Guile?

- Hm, I was just going to
ask you the same thing.

- I can send an SOS,
I know how to do this.

I can send an SOS.

That's where I left it.

[crowd cheering]

- Flash kick!

[crowd booing]

[bell dinging]

- That's six for six,
you gutless wonder.

- Still not talking
about that file?

Well, no matter, bring in
the next three opponents.

Let's make this
really interesting.

- Sonic boom!


- Guile grows weak, but
he's still not talking.

Bring me the boy.

- Blanka, I've got something.

- [Kip] This is mayday,
I'm in big trouble.

We're at the US embassy, hurry.

- Blanka, they're still
inside the embassy.

- Let's go!

- Madyday, mayday, US
embassy in Shadaloo, mayday.

[circuits sparking]


Let go of me!


[electric shocks firing]

- Come on, everybody, group hug.

[soldiers groaning]

- Spinning bird kick!

[soldiers groaning]

- Seems our guest has
put up quite a fight,

but look he's wearing out.

Perhaps someone's mother would
like to take him on next!

[crowd cheering]

- The kid was using
the radio before

we were able to stop him.

- No matter,
eliminate this pest.


Guile, you tire me.

[Guile groaning]

- Then take a nap!
["Street Fighter" theme music]

Sonic boom!

I thought I ordered
you to leave?

- You did, you just didn't
order us not to come back.

- Jump chopper's waiting.

Get ready for a
fight getting there.

- I've got a better way.

- Trust him, he does.

[soldiers grunting]

- Ambassador and Mrs. Foster,
somebody wants to see you.

- Son!

- Mr. Ambassador, I'm
afraid we weren't able

to retrieve the files
on Sagat or Bison.

- Oh, you mean these?

- Oh, well, guess who's
going to have my job someday?

- Hey, Guile, can you teach me

that cool Sonic
Boom thing you do?

- Kid, I mean, Kip, you have
moves of your own, find them.

Besides, I'll bet you be
teaching me moves someday.

- Yup, watch this.

["Street Fighter" theme music]