Street Fighter: The Animated Series (1995–1997): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Strongest Woman in the World - full transcript

- [Narrator] Colonel
William Guile,

one of the greatest martial
artists in the world,

travels the global
tournament circuit

using it to conceal
his top secret mission

as leader of an elite group

of international crime fighters

known only by their code
name, Street Fighter!

The heroic man-beast,


Hard-kicking fighting
machine, Chun-Li!

[energetic rock music]

And a team of the most
amazing warriors ever seen

have joined forces with Guile

to combat the criminal
empire of Shadaloo

and its superhuman
leader, Bison!

They have their
own code of honor.

Discipline, justice, commitment!

And together, they will triumph

against the forces of evil.

Street Fighter!

[crow caws]

[clandestine jungle music]

[clandestine music]




[ceramic shatters]


[explosion booms]


[tense music]

[aggressive rock music]

[dramatic music]
[police siren wails]

[traffic honks]

[Guile sighs]

militaristic music]

[audience shouting]



[audience shouting]

[audience shouting]


- [Guile] Who is it?

[running footsteps]

Must be the room
service I ordered.

[door creaks]

[foreboding music]



- [chuckles] These boy
scouts were serious

about not being seen.

The Asian Heat Imaging Satellite
Relay almost missed 'em.

Ha, the little
darlings did everything

except bathe in ice cream.

- Mm, thank you for
the insight, Cammy.

The terrorists are demanding

10 million dollars
by tomorrow night.

Officially, the Chinese
government is attempting

to meet the demand.


- Uh, lemme guess,

I'm going to China.

- Your orders are
to get in there,

secure the reactor, and
take out the terrorists.

Local officials are
working as fast as they can

to evacuate the
surrounding area,

but if the reactor goes--

- We know what's at stake, sir.

- I know you know.

It's just--

this one scares me.

Go assemble your team.

- Let's jet!

- Given the location,

I imagine you'll want to
use Chun-Li for this one.

[electronic dance music]


- Spinning Bird Kick!


I am the strongest
woman in the world!

- So I've heard.

It's showtime.

[Chun-Li panting]

- So Wuhan's in trouble.

Good riddance.

- Chun-Li--

- I won't go back there.

- [Guile] You're the
best person for the job.

- Because I know the area?

Go get a map.

- [Guile] [scoffs] Your call.

- Wait, wait!

What about all these people?

- [Guile] I'm getting
a map, remember?

- Guile!

When do we leave?

[jet soars]

[foreboding music]

[explosions boom]

- [Man] This way!

[explosions boom]

[guns fire]

- Stay!

You must fight!

This is our home!

This is our village!

[Bison laughs]


[energy crackles]



[electronic music]

[energy crackles]

[menacing electronic music]

- Energy burst!

- No!

[energy crackles]

- It's time.

We'll drop in here
across this bridge

and move to the
reactor from here.

- No, there's no bridge there.

The bridge is here.

- [chuckles] Chun-Li, you're
already worth your freight.

Well, we'll cross here then.

This is the floor
plan for the reactor.

We'll enter from these
access areas and meet here.

The reactor is there, isn't it?

- It's there.

- Closing in on the
drop site, Colonel.

- Set radio transmitters
for frequency five.

- And don't do
anything I wouldn't do!

In other words, flatten 'em!

- [Guile] Let 'er rip!

[wind whips]

[crickets chirp]

[leaves rustle]

- Uh, up here.

- Blanka?

Enjoying the view?

- Just help me down!


- I don't know,
we're on a schedule.

- Hey!

[gentle music]

- I can't take you anywhere.

Going down.


Time to move out.

If you're all through
sightseeing, that is.

- This way?

- No, this way.

[machinery whirs]

[foreboding music]



- [Chun-Li] Hi-yah!



- [Thug] Huh?

- Happy landing.




Take out any
surveillance equipment.

Cameras, monitors, whatever.

- Uh, maybe a little
late for that.

- Maybe a lot late!

[robot whirs]

- Evasive pattern J!


[lasers firing]


Sonic boom!

- Fireball!

[explosion booms]

[rock music]

[fire crackles]

- Sonic boom!

[explosion booms]

[robot whirs]

[lasers fire]

[stone crumbles]

[gasps] No!

[worrying rock music]





- No!

[urgent, foreboding music]


[lasers fire]

- Hey!


[explosion booms]




[machinery struggles]

Chun-Li, Blanka, now!

Sonic boom!

- Fireball!

[electricity crackles]



[electricity crackles]

[explosion booms]


[static crackles]


- Let's move.

[static crackles]




[gas hisses]

[electricity crackles]

No, Blanka, it could blow!

Chun-Li, use your
whirlwind kick.

- But I can't sustain it.

- What happened to the
strongest woman in the world?

- Spinning Bird Kick!

[wind whips]

[wind howls]


- Sonic boom!

[explosion booms]

[stone crumbles]

[triumphant music]


[static crackles]


The containment chamber's
been wired to blow!

- Well, Colonel!

- Bison!

- Chun-Li.

I wish I could say it's a
pleasure to see you all again.


[explosion booms]

[energy crackles]

[worrying music]

- If Bison's transmitting
from somewhere in here,

we can get to him
before he detonates.

- It's a bluff.

He blows the reactor,
he gets nothing!

And if he's here,
he goes up with us!

- Either way, we've got to
defuse those explosives!

- Uh-uh.

We've got to find Bison!

- We're here to keep that
reactor from blowing.

A lot of lives are at stake.

- I want Bison.

He'll pay for his crimes.

- We all want to get Bison.

Don't let your anger
cloud your judgment.


Cammy, are you picking up
anything from up there?

- Uh, it looks like
some of our little pals

are still inside.

Could be wiring the whole
place even as we chat.

- Let's get to work!

[urgent, pressing music]

Guile clear.

So far.

- Blanka clear.



- Chun-Li


- Chun-Li, do you
see the chamber yet?


Chun-Li, respond!

Ugh, don't do this, kid!

Chun-Li's not responding.

I think she's found something!

- Or someone.

I'll meet you there.



[foreboding music]

[Chun-Li gasps]

- [Chun-Li] Bison.

- [grunts] Everything's armed!

I have only to touch
a button, and boom.

- Not if I get you first.


- You're just like your father!

Foolish and weak!


[energy crackles]

- Fireball!

[explosion booms]

[stone crumbles]

[triumphant music]


I am the strongest
woman in the world!



- A hologram.

- No!

[wind whips]



He was a hologram!



- It's not good.

The explosives are armed,

and anything we try
doing to shut them down

will only set them off.

- Cammy, I need
the jet hovercraft

equipped with the signal
tracking gear, now!

- It's a date, Colonel,
I'll be there in two ticks!

- So we're going after him.

- And this time, follow orders.

Don't ever go off radio again.

Remember the Street
Fighter code of honor.

Discipline, justice, commitment.

You can't abandon your
team for personal motives.

- Yes, sir.

- We've got something.

Gimme half a sec.

- Bison must be close enough
to trigger that detonator,

but far enough away so that
the fallout won't effect him.

- [Cammy] When it's
locked on the source

of the hologram's
signal, we'll have him.

- You with us, Chun-Li?

We've got to get that detonator,

the whole area could blow!

- Good riddance.

My father's the only one
who cared about the village.

Everyone abandoned him
when bison showed up.

[thunder cracks]

- Chun-Li, get your
head on straight.

- Coordinates, 32 degrees west,

latitude 47 degrees,

longitude five.

Clear out, you slackers.

There's a bison to bust!

[lasers fire]

[explosion booms]

Oh, bloody hell!


The left engine's whacked!

All right, time to
punch out, kiddies!

[energetic rock music]

[explosion booms]

[laser fires]

- Cammy, what're you doing?

Are you nuts?

- [Cammy] Cannon Drill!


[explosion booms]


- Zangief.


Mister pretty is mine.

- So you want to play?

- Flash Kick!


Tag, you're it!


- Bison, you're mine now!

- Chun-Li!

- [grunts] This way!

[explosion booms]

[urgent rock music]

- Come up short, Bison?

It'll be the last time.



- Remember the reactor!

One button sends it up in smoke,

and everything around it.

- You've already taken
the most important thing

in my life from me.



- You may be the strongest
woman in the world,

but I am the strongest man!

[foreboding music]

- Fireball!





- I've destroyed countries
for less than that!

Just as I destroyed your father.

[energy crackles]


You're just like your father.


[explosion booms]

[stones fall]

- I will not fail.


[tense music]

[Bison laughs]

- [Bison] Fools!

- Stop!

You're mine.

- What does it take to stop you?

- I wonder if I hit
your plane's fuel tank

with my fireball,

could even you
survive the blast?

[tense music]
[energy crackles]

- Think, fool!

How many will die so
you can have revenge?

- [Chun-Li] Give me

the detonator.

[Bison laughs]

- [Bison] You're weak, Chun-Li!

Very weak!


[engines charge]

[jet soars]

- I think your father
would have been proud

of his daughter today.

[gentle music]

The detonation device was
successfully recovered,

and the reactor was secured

well before the
terrorists' deadline.

While Bison himself
was not captured,

thousands of people who
were otherwise at risk

were not harmed in this action.

I consider this
mission a success.

- I'm sorry, father.

I had Bison,

but I chose to let him go.

Bison was right.

When I took the detonator,

when I let him escape,

he said I was weak.

[compassionate music]

- He was wrong, Chun-Li!

By giving up a
chance for revenge

to save the lives of others,

you honored your
father's memory,

and you proved you are the
strongest woman in the world.

[inspiring rock music]