Street Fighter: The Animated Series (1995–1997): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Adventure Begins - full transcript

- [Narrator] Colonel William
Guile, one of the greatest

martial artists in the world
travels the global tournament

circuit, using it to conceal
his top secret mission

as leader of an elite group of
international crime fighters

known only by their code
name, Street Fighter.

The heroic man beast, Blanka.

Hard kicking fighting
machine, Chun-Li.

[intense music]

And a team of the most
amazing warriors ever seen

have joined forces with Guile
to combat the criminal empire

of Shadaloo and its super
human leader, Bison.

They have their
own code of honor.

Discipline, justice, commitment.

And together they will triumph
against the forces of evil.

Street Fighter!

[ominous music]

- [Announcer] Welcome for our
own local freestyle champion,

the Crimson Crawdad!

[crowd cheering]

And in this corner
is challenger,

the man who put the chicken
into chicken colonel,

the golden ego,
Colonel William Guile.


- Come on, come on big shot.


I hear you used to be somebody.

- That's right,
punk, I used to be.

- Pincer grip!

- Traitor, deserter!

- Now why'd you have
to go and do that?

- Coward!

[loud thudding]

- [Crimson Crawdad] On TV it
said when you were in Shadaloo

with the international
peace keeping forces,

you ran out on your own troops.


- Sonic boom!

[loud thudding]

- Don't believe
everything you hear.

[ominous music]

You wanted me, sir?

- [Escher] I hear
you weren't very

popular down at
that club, Colonel.

How are you holding up?

- Well playing a lowlife
isn't my idea of a good time.

- We both know your deep
cover story is vital

to the entire Street
Fighter operation.

The world needs us again.

It's a little more complicated
than your usual assignment.

No high tech bombs to diffuse,
no terrorist army to stop.

This time your enemy is a virus.

- I hate colds.

I take it this is worse?

- It'll take you out in a day.

It could wipe out
the planet in a week.

Special operations sent in a
team of doctors to contain it,

but they're missing.

- Sick?

- Kidnapped.

We need you to assemble
a street fighter team.

Find the medics, find out
who took them, and why.

- And not get the
sniffles doing it.

- Right.

Guile, the public
can't know about this.

It must be a Street
Fighter operation.

At whatever cost to
you and your team,

the virus must not
be allowed to spread.

- So what do I do when
I find this virus,

give it plenty of liquids
and put it to bed?

- That's up to the medical team.

This is our last
contact with them.

A phone relay to
our security base

in San Paulo about
either hours ago.

I think you'll have
some personal interest.

- [Cindy] We are under attack.

Repeat, we are...

- We'll issue whatever
fire power you want.

- You know I hate guns,
guns are for wimps.

- Alright.

But the clock's ticking, Guile,

no time to assemble
the full team.

- Well, let's see what other
operatives we have in the area.

- [Escher] Chun-Li.

- [Guile] Good.

- [Escher] Though
there are a couple

of freelancers in the area.

- Not them.

- [Escher] Good luck, Colonel.

- With Ken and Ryu,
thanks, I'm gonna need it.

[birds chirping]

- Diamonds, rubies, aw man

the Temple of Lost
Treasure awaits.

- It wouldn't be waiting if some

bonehead hadn't lost the map.

- Well lucky for you I've
got a photographic memory.

That temple's right over,
over there someplace.

- That's what you
said two days ago.

[loud thudding]

- Ryu, are you, are you okay?


- Aw man, I've been
slimmed by Arnold the pig.

Okay that's it, I'm outta here.

- But what about
all that treasure?

Cars, boats, babes.

Come on man, just one more day.

If we don't find that
temple today, we head home.

- One day, sundown,
temple or no temple.

[speaking in foreign language]

Colonel Guile.

- What are you doing here?

- Meeting a friend.

Ah ah ah, these are for my team.

- Uh, you uh, need
some more players?


- I'm gonna regret this.

- It's okay, I'll
handle the rest myself.

- [Man] Give us your money.

- I didn't hear the magic word.

[intense rock music]


[loud splashing]

[air swooshing rapidly]


- Good morning Chun-Li.

What took you so long?

- I had a little
trouble with my bags.

- Not much to go on Colonel.

No trails out of
here that I can see.

- Keep looking.

- So, when do we
ditch for the temple?

- Discipline,
justice, commitment.

You forget the Street
Fighter code of honor?

- We have done the code already.

- For an hour.

- Cross your fingers.

I found a surveillance
unit that didn't melt.

- This is Dr. Davila,
Operation Amber.

This is a mayday,
we have a mayday.

We are under attack.

Repeat, we are...

- Hear that?

Sounds like high
frequency masa-rays.

Whoever captured the medics
wanted them to function.

But they'll have hefty
headaches when they come to.


You know her?

A little personal history?

- A lot, in my old life.

- Sorry, Guile, I didn't know.

- Hey, you weren't supposed to.

Come on.

- She must be something special.

- Those scrapes on the branches

indicate military hovercraft,
and more than one.

- Where'd they get 'em,
village Rent A Tank?

- This wasn't done by locals.

It's Bison.

- [Chung-Li Voiceover] The
man who killed my father.

Father's spirit will never rest

until Bison pays for his crimes.

[group chanting]

[loud growling]

- Welcome, welcome, welcome,

so good of you to
accept my invitation.

I am Bison, and I am most
curious about your work.

- What do you know
about our work?

- I know your Operation
Amber has been looking

for a cure for a virus so
deadly that it could wipe out

every living human were
to escape this dark place.

- Then why did you
disrupt our work?

- Because you weren't
working fast enough.

This virus simply
hadn't infected

enough people for you to study.

Oh yes, a few boars,
a few monkeys,

but you just didn't have the
tools you need to succeed.

- Tools?

- People.

You need a pool of people
to examine, to work on.

- This virus is terminal.

We're close but we
still don't have a cure.

Infecting innocent people
is not going to change that.

- Oh but I think it will.

Necessity is the mother of
invention, and all that.

In 12 hours at sunrise
the hatch will open,

the balloon containing
the virus will explode,

it's contents will coat
everything in the room.

You may escort our latest guests

into their accommodations now.

Your friends receiving
direct physical contact

with the viral agents,
will become infected and.

- No, stop it.

- It's up to you to save them.

And when you've succeeded,
you let me know.

- Looks like there was
some kind of struggle.

But whoever was here, is gone.

- Guile!


- [Blanka] What have
you done with them?



- Sonic boom!

[loud thudding]

Okay jungle boy, let's.


- Guile.

What are you doing here?

And what have you
done with my brothers?

- Your brothers?

- Blanka?

Aren't you supposed to
be dead or something.


- Blanka, it's just that we're
all surprised to see you.

- After Bison turned me
into this, this thing,

I came here so no one would
ever have to look at me again.

I can't be with people.

I get angry.

- Then who are these brothers
you were talking about?

- The Inca mystics
of the temple.

I lived like an animal
in the rainforest,

until they found
me and healed me.

- Did he say temple?

- They've lived here for
1,000 years, peaceful, wise.

They had left for meditations
when I heard them,

and now they're gone,
and you're here.

Where are they!?

- I don't know, Blanka, but
I think I know who took them.

It's Bison.

- But, he can't be alive.

It's impossible.

- Come with us, Blanka,
we'll fight Bison together.

It'll be like old times.

- I'll fight with you, Guile,

this one time until
my brothers are safe.

- [Bison] Well Doctor,
how goes the good fight?

- Get away from me, Bison.

Every second you
distract me cuts

the chances for
saving these people.

- I take it then that
you're closing in

on a vaccine for my volunteers?

- We're close to a treatment.

Now go away!

- Ken, Ryu?

- What is it?

- Ken and Ryu are gone.

- Hmm, they lasted
longer than I thought.

Come on.

- Then why'd you
bother bringing them

on this mission in
the first place?

- Because they could
be the best if they'd

quit flaking off for a
minute and concentrate.

Discipline, justice, commitment.

Ken thinks it just means
less time to party.

Besides, I thought
you liked them.

- [Ken] So, now
do you believe me?

- I'm uh, still not
sure we should be here.

- Oh come to papa.

- It's not right, Ken.

These things don't belong to us.

What about our code, huh?

- Wake up and smell
the silver polish, man.

If Bison's got
Blanka's brothers,

they won't be needing
this stuff anymore.

Am I right?

- Ken, we don't.

[loud thudding]

- Ryu!

[intense music]

- Stop.


- Uh uh uh, guns are a no no.

- No!

[alarm blaring]

- I hate when that happens.

Sonic boom!


[electricity zapping]

[glass shattering]

- What's going on out there?

Come, you may prove useful yet.

- [Chun-Li] Cavalry's
here, everybody out.

- No sign of our guests yet.

- What are you doing?

- [Bison] Terminating
the experiment.

[explosions booming]

- The supplies, stop it!

- [Blanka] Bison!

- Why Blanka, is that you?

I was sick to think I'd
lost you at Shadaloo.



- Demon!


- Your ingratitude
leaves me no choice.

Your friends had over
11 hours left to live.

My how time flies.

- The virus.


- Quickly, get out of here.

[timer beeping]


- No!

- Cindy, Cindy, are you alright?

- William?

Why are you here?

Do you work for
this Bison creature?

- Whatever you may
think of me, Cindy,

I haven't fallen that low.

- The old William
Guile never would have.

But since the court marshal,

I feel like I don't
know you anymore.

Why are you here?

- I can't tell you.

I want to, but I can't.

- We used to trust
each other, William.

I used to think I
meant something to you.

- You still do.

[loud thudding]

- Blanka.

- Careful, he's been exposed.

I don't know if I can help him.

- Bison!

- [Bison] He who
fights then runs away.

- [Guile] Is a cowardly scum.

- Guile!

Normally I wouldn't miss a
chance to fight you, Colonel.

Magnetic pulse!


But something in the night
air soon won't agree with me.

- [Cindy] William, no!

- That meddling fool.

Happy landing.

Magnetic pulse!

[electricity zapping]



[loud thudding]

- Ken.

What's wrong, scam
didn't pan out?

- Colonel, I mean
Guile, Ryu reminded me

what our Street Fighter
code really stands for.

Help him, please,
he's real sick.

- [Cindy] I'm sorry, we can make

him comfortable, but
that's about all.

- Ah come on, man, you doctors
have a pill for everything.

- Dr. Davila, come
quickly, it's Blanka.

- Probably time to
say your goodbyes.

I'm sorry, William.

- I'm, I'm thirsty.

- Should he be thirsty?

- He shouldn't be alive.

I don't believe it, this is it.

Whatever Bison did to
Blanka to transform him

into this, has altered
his immune system.

He's producing anti-bodies
that are fighting the virus.

Don't you understand?

His blood can cure anyone who
gets sick from this, like Ryu.

It can be the basis
for a vaccine.

- The Street Fighters
need you, friend.

I need you.

We work in secret, no
glory but no interference.

Discipline, justice, commitment.

We make a difference,
think about it.

- You realize you're
asking him to leave

his life here where
he's found peace?

You can't know what
that will cost him,

giving up the one thing he
loves most in this life.

[dramatic music]

[helicopter engine buzzing]

- I have some idea.

- Hey Street Fighter.

- I want to thank you, Blanka.

- We wanna thank
you, all of you,

for what you did for Ryu here.

Now I'm stuck with this joker.

Are you sure you
don't wanna hang out?

I hear Tierra del Fuego's
got some killer waves.

- Waves?

Wait a minute, you
said there was work.

- Guile?

- Yeah pal.

- For 10 years I
got into nothing

but trouble hanging
around with you.

Any sane person would
stay 1,000 miles away.

Count me in.

- Alright!

- Now about that $30
bucks you owe me.

- Oh wait a minute.

[upbeat music]