Story of Yanxi Palace (2018): Season 1, Episode 36 - Episode #1.36 - full transcript

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Watching the person in the mirror's countenance pale and grow haggard,

Examining love together with regret, both new and old.
Keeping watch still by a lantern though it is daybreak, drenched with tears,

Watching others meet as promised, as twilight falls.

Story of Yanxi Palace Episode 36

When I said these before, maybe you didn't care to listen.

But now . . .

Did I hurt you?

Remember. Pain can awaken you.


You have been dreaming for years.

It's time to wake up now.

Your looks stand out.

Your talents are known.

If you're willing, you can still salvage everything.

Your Highness.

Isn't this from my sister? This is my matter. I won't trouble you.


Remember. Pain can awaken you.

If you don't have a child,

your final days will be so bleak.

You have been dreaming for years. It's time to wake up.

Fuheng. In three months, it's your wedding.

You really don't regret?

I don't regret.

Li Yu.

Your Majesty.

Tell me, how do I treat Wei Yingluo?
This . . .

Tell me. Tell me the truth.

Half a word of deception and it's the crime of deceiving your king.

Your Majesty. Well . . .


Your Majesty.

He doesn't dare to say it so you say it.

How do I treat Wei Yingluo?

Your Majesty, you treat Miss Wei very well, naturally.

What did you say?

Your Majesty, in this forbidden . . . no.

In this entire Qing Dynasty, you are the only master.
So everyone is your servant.

However the master says is what the servant does.

How can anyone speak against you in the palace?
This Wei Yingluo has offended it so many times.

But her head is still there.

It's because you're merciful.


Your Majesty. Where are you going?
Take it.

Look how you speak so unruly!

But I only said the truth.

It's because it's the truth that you can't just say it. Wait till I get back and take care of you.

Eunuch Li, what about Consort Chun? You took her western . . .

Hurry and go to Zhongcui Palace. Got it?

Go to Changchun Palace.

Escort the royal sedan to Changchun Palace.

No. Don't go to Changchun Palace.

Your Majesty, um . . . how about we stroll through Imperial Garden to get some fresh air?

Change to Imperial Garden. Hurry.

Your Majesty, let's find a place to shelter from rain.

Such a faint rain that doesn't even get your hair wet. What shelter? Go away.

Your Majesty, you must preserve your royal health.

Your Majesty. I greet Your Majesty.

- Get on up. - Thank you, Your Majesty.

It's already so chilly and you keep a fan.

This is . . .

This is the grand view of Western Lake.

When I was young, I resided in Hangzhou with my grandmother.

This fan was left for me by my late grandmother as well.

I've never heard you mention it.

But Hangzhou has beautiful scenery of mountain and water. A majestic place on earth.
No wonder you are so soulful and talented.

My grandmother was an open-minded person.

She would take me to look for cinnamon under the moonlight up in the mountain temples.

Watch tide from pitched pavilion.

Such leisure and freedom.

I never thought my father would send me into Prince Bao's manor.
And be bound forever in the forbidden city.

Forgive me, Your Majesty, for my momentary lapse in speech.

You are speaking your mind.

What fault is there in that?

I am always frowning and unhappy.

It's because I miss the scenery of my hometown.

I miss my late grandmother and I miss even more,
the happiness and freedom that I lost, never to return to me.

Your Majesty. Do you still blame me?

I never blamed you.

Just that your words now,

why didn't you tell me sooner?

I was afraid.

Afraid of what?

The palace if full of glamour and beautiful people.

A momentary favor, how long can that last?

Like Consort Mei of Tang Dynasty's Emperor Ming. She was once favored.

But later the palace had Consort Yang.
Suddenly she was cast to the back.

Hence, I . . .

I don't dare to go near you.

And I don't dare to lose my heart.

You made up your mind to get what you want.

Why do you shed tears over it?

The past six months, you never came to Zhongcui Palace once.

You never came, and I also never obtained,

the freedom and happiness I imagined.

What's left is only loneliness and regret.

Now I finally realize.

Rather than never seeing the sky,

it's better,

to rile up courage,

to beg for a bit of tender pity from you.

Your Majesty. Do you still want me?

Never seeing the sky?

The sky.

If you look up, you will see the sky though.


You're laughing at me?

I'm glad you're smiling.

Your Majesty.

Are you still angry at me?

Let's go. I'll escort you back.


I don't want to return to Zhongcui Palace.

When did I say I'd take you to Zhongcui Palace?

I'll come and visit you at Zhongcui Palace when I'm done with work.

Your Majesty.

Tremella and lotus seed porridge.

Li Yu. Last time Empress Dowager already gifted

the Pingfu Letter to me. Find it and deliver it to Zhongcui Palace.

Consort Chun will certainly like Lu Ji's writing.


Also, deliver the jade chess board I usually use as well.

Tell Consort Chun, I will play a game with her in the afternoon when I have a break.


Summon Fuheng right away.


Greetings to Your Majesty.

Fuheng. I have kept you by my side.

It's to cultivate you well.

Now, you are able to stand alone firmly.

After your marriage, you will report to post at Ministry of Revenue.

As Assistant Minster of Revenue.

Your Majesty, I am still young in age.

To take on such a high post suddenly, I fear . . .


My aspirations for you don't end at Ministry of Revenue.

I know your ambition doesn't end there either.

A journey of a thousand miles begin with first step.

You need to establish your contributions and success to prove to everyone.

That my discernment was right. Now, the Ministry of Revenue,

it's your starting point.

I bow to thank Your Majesty for the heavy grace.

Get on up.

How's the wedding preparation going?
It's in the process.


Elevating your name in government and having a nuptial night.
They are happy events in life.

Today I've given you a post and granted you a wife.

But how is it that there's no sign of happiness on your face at all?

Your Majesty's grace, I shall never forget in life.

But your expression clearly states otherwise.

What is it?

There's nothing to explain either?

I don't wish to deceive Your Majesty.

Get lost.

I take my leave.

Your Majesty, is it this board? I will deliver it now.

Deliver what?

Has everyone in Sinzheku die off?

Your Majesty, every year at this time, we do the charcoal cleaning. The coal house only has 25 eunuchs.

When we don't have enough hands, we send over Sinzheku personnel.

Greetings to Your Majesty.

How are you here?

They should be sending an eunuch to do this dirty and hard chore.

Why did they send a maid?

You've been at Sinzheku for so long.

You don't wish to return to Changchun Palace?

I am with offense. I don't dare to aspire.

You can come and beg me.

I am not so brazen.

Miss Yingluo.
His Majesty is given you a chance so go soft.

Empress is awaken.

She's been sick in bed for long and can't go around.

Now she's in very bad mood and won't see anyone.

Wei Yingluo, you have received great mercy from Empress.

Don't you wish to return to serve her?

I beg Your Majesty to be lenient.

Allow me to return to Changchun Palace to serve Empress.

You can go back.

But I can't disallow you to go unpunished for defying me multiple times.

I am very willing to be punished.

First, do it.
Whatever Your Majesty says, I will see to it for certain.

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It's your wedding today. How are you standing here alone?

I don't know.

Has the happiness gone to your head?

The bride is still waiting. Hurry and go in.

Let's go. Let's go.


Groom, come and unveil her now.

May all things be pleasing and may each step be success.

Groom, you sit there.

Groom, sit.

Wish you two for prosperity and happiness.

Lucky and long life. Children abound.
Harmony for a hundred years. Blessed with lots of children.

Bring the pastry.


Is it raw (birth)?

Raw (birth).





You . . .

Do you regret?

I am so worried about you.


- I don't regret. - I don't regret either.

Even if I know you still behold her in your heart.

As long as I can marry you and be your wife,

I am willing to do anything.

I am willing to endear any hardship.

Erqing. From the moment I married you,

I made up my mind to forget her.


You're really willing to forget her?

I married you and I must be responsible for you.

You are my wife.

The one I will grow old with.

After today, I will always remember this day.
But . . .

She is still in my heart.

Please give me time.

Let me forget her slowly.


I still can't.

I understand. I understand it all.

It's alright.

As long as I have these words from you

I am willing to wait.

No matter how long it takes.

Thank you.

Your servant deserves death for her offense.

Your servant deserves death for her offense.

Your servant deserves death for her offense.

Your servant deserves death for her offense.

Your servant deserves death for her offense.

Your servant deserves death for her offense.

Your servant deserves death for her offense.

Eunuch Desheng. What's this?

His Majesty said at the first snow in the forbidden city,

Wei Yingluo is to walk from Qianqing Palace all arond the six palaces.

A bow for every three steps, and walk for 24 hours.

Then he will forgive her indiscretion and allow her to return to Changchun Palace for service.

Fuheng. Let's go.

Your servant deserves death for her offense.

Sir Fuheng, go.

You should go thank His Majesty for his graces.

Your servant deserves death for her offense.

Did you forget your words to me?

Did you forget?

Sir Fuca, go.

Your servant deserves death for her offense.

Is she still bowing?


How many hours has she walked?

Your Majesty, she's walked for 6 hours.

Your Majesty, this Wei Yingluo is a woman after all.

Such a big snow storm.
A bow for every three steps and walking for 24 hours.

I fear she would be frozen by then.

Your servant deserves death for her offense.

I gave her a choice.
It was she who was didn't know to appreciate my goodwill.

I give you two choices.

First, you go tell Fuca Fuheng.
That you never liked him sincerely.

That everything was because you wanted wealth and status.

So you deceived him.

Second. When the first winter snow falls

in Forbidden City,

a bow for every three steps and shout out your offense.

Until you fulfill 24 hours of walking. You choose between the two.

Your servant deserves death for her offense.

Your Majesty, Sir Fu and Madam of Hitara Clan is here.

Your servant deserves death for her offense.

Sir Fu, His Majesty said he won't see you today.

May you go straight to greet Empress.

Fuheng. Fuheng!

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Fuca Fuheng.
I won't consent to the first condition.

Because I don't wish to go against my heart.

I, Wei Yingluo,

have once loved you truly.

However, starting today,

you and I are have no more emotional ties.

We will be strangers.

Greetings to Empress.

Hurry and get up.

Erqing, come.

I wish you two harmony and grow old together.

Thank you, Your Highness.


You are a noble lady now, but will you still keep me as a sister?

Mingyu, what are you talking about?

You and I served Empress together.

We are sisters. How can I not?

Good then. I have lots to ask you. Come.

Go on.


Don't forget what you said.

Sister. What did you say?

Since you already made your choice,

the wood has already been made into a boat. Do not regret.

Sister. I . . .

There are lots of grand choices in life.
They don't allow you the chance to turn back.

You knew it was irrevocable.

But if you insist on a longing, that is most painful.

Since you made your choice,

why not be wrong all the way?

Yes. I understand now.

But Sister, it's snowing so hard outside.

Those inside the rooms aren't cold at all.

But she's alone in the massive snow.

She must be so cold.

So cold.




I know I can't persuade you.

It's alright. This road,

I will accompany you.

Yingluo. Come.

Your servant deserves to die.

Your servant deserves to die.

Yingluo, you rest a bit.

The royal decree didn't say you can't drink water.

I'll get you some water.

Erqing, are you happy?

Why do you ask me that?

You and I entered the palace together to serve Her Highness.

You're intelligent and prudent and understanding.

I always admired you.
- Her Highness always also said . . .- Mingyu.

What do you really want to say?

I saw you today, and you seemed like a different person.

Completely like a noble woman.
I can't recognize you.

My status has changed.

Naturally I am different from before.

But no matter what, you and my ties. I will not forget.

From now on, you are by Her Highness's side.
You must look after her well for me too.

Erqing. Is this really good?

Didn't you say before that my grandfather is a minister of punishment bureau.

Now, I can marry someone I like.

The entire family has raised our banner.

We are a true official's family.

Prominent clan. Only through marrying Fuheng,
can it be a suitable match made by heaven.

Isn't it so?

Being under others.
I have endured it for six years.

Now there's joy after suffering.

Aren't you happy for me?

I am happy. So happy.

In this palace, you are always just a servant.

Bowing and cowering.

You should make some plans for yourself too.

No. I won't go anywhere.

I will be by Empress.

You don't wish to,
and I won't force you.

In the past, in the palace, I feared snowing the most.

Fearing the snow will ruin the flowers and Her Highness would be upset.

Fearing I might run into some palace mistress.
Kneeling on command and that bone-piercing chill.

Now, I can finally admire the snow.

Your servant deserves death.

♫ The willow by the palace wall follows the wind ♫

♫ Kowtowing once for every step ♫

♫ Love is long-lasting, hate is long-lasting ♫

♫ Make a cocoon and imprison myself ♫

♫ Who said that love endures for all of eternity? ♫

♫ Having torn apart the fur coat worth a thousand in gold, ♫

♫ Dreaming of intoxicated at the River Viewing Pavilion ♫

♫ Who cares about those lasting worries ♫

Isn't it because Your Majesty has a selfish motive?

Perhaps Your Majesty is fond of Wei Yingluo.

And you wish to make her your own.

Hurry and take her away and clean her up.

Supervisor Li, what does His Majesty mean by cleaning up?

Can the words of the master be easily understood by you?

Figure it out yourself.

Figure it out myself?
Supervisor Li, I really don't dare to figure this time.

Whatever you say is what I will do.

Take her there.

Got it?

I got it.

What are you doing?

Miss Yingluo, you walked in the big snow for 8 hours.

His Majesty was lenient and pardoned you.


- Where are you going? - I'm going to Changchun Palace.

Even if you want to return to Changchun Palace, you can't go like this.

You will startle the empress.

What does this mean?

Congratulations, Miss Yingluo.


Open the door.

You open up.

What is this?

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♫Softly falling into the hollow of my palm,♫

♫Resting frozen in the center of my palm.♫

♫Our meeting across past incarnations was inevitable,♫

♫Joined together, deeply experiencing and holding onto the end of happiness.♫

♫Though plainly given words of discouragement,♫

♫Pretending to hear nothing but exhortation.♫

♫ Endless tears, believing it cannot be true,♫

♫ In this life, being born under an unlucky star♫

♫I hear the sound of the snow slowly falling♫

♫ Though I close my eyes, it's impossible to stop the vision.♫

♫ Nothing you can do about being approached, not being inconsistent in love,♫

♫ Though merely holding onto it from the outside, prone to this sort of circumstance.♫

♫ I hear the sound of the snow slowly falling♫

♫ As though you are holding me closely, and speaking sweetly.♫

♫ Opening your eyes to a sky filled with merciless snow falling,♫

♫ Who, after suffering this loss for a lifetime, is fond of this scene?♫