Steins;Gate (2011–2015): Season 1, Episode 22 - Being Meltdown - full transcript

In order to continue his work against SERN, Okabe must finally choose between saving Kurisu or Mayuri.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
If we return to the beta world line...

If we undo that first D-mail...

Being Meltdown
If we undo that first D-mail...

Being Meltdown

You will die.
Being Meltdown

So, there you are.

If you keep lying there, you'll get heatstroke.

You sleep on the roof of the lab
all the time, don't you?

Besides, it's cloudy now.

Did you see Mayuri?

Hashida said he couldn't find her at Comima...


I met up with her after that.

I see.

Hey, Okabe...


All right.


It's raining.


Why didn't you warn me earlier?

I'm soaked, down to my underwear...

I did tell you.

It's your fault, Christina, for not listen—

Y-You pervert!

I wasn't trying to look...

And it's your fault for wearing such thin clothes.

I'd forgotten you were such a pervert.

Who'd want to see your stick figure in the nude...

One more word, and I turn
your neocortex into a flower pot!

What kind of threat is that?

Stay away from me!

What's that?

I got scratched somewhere,
when I was looking for you...


I'm classified as a "mad scientist"...

Right, right!

You're so much trouble...

Hand that over.

I have a sewing kit on me.

I'll fix it up.

A sewing kit?

I consider myself more family-oriented

than most people.

Take it off.

Just to be clear,

it's dark, so don't expect too much.

And you can look forward to finding out,
after we leave, what color thread I used.

Black, red, pink...

You have a 33% chance of each one.

I'll just pray it isn't pink.

Stay back.

Don't worry.

I'm not interested in that stick figure of yours...

I told you... A flower pot!


Where did you have to go,
to rip your clothes like this?

Today, I went to the lab,

the laundry,

a walk.

And then to your hotel.

The hotel? You stopped by?

It's your fault.

You wouldn't answer my messages.

You weren't picking up your phone.

Were you worried about me...

As head of the lab,
it's my job to keep track of my assistant.

It isn't done yet?



That's cold. Hey!

Just put it on.

I'm not interested in the stick figure
of a nude mad scientist.

It was probably around here, right?

The place I was stabbed...

How did you know?

The pain and despair were too real for a dream.

Kurisu. You can't mean...

I have hazy memories inside.

Weak, almost nonexistent memories...

Not just of being stabbed.

I remember you, too... hazily...

How desperate you were to save Mayuri.

How you kept pressing forward,

even hurt and all alone.

You haven't made it back to your original world,

but you've kept going,

kept calling her name,

kept crying...

Kept trying to save her.

Every time I see that face,

I think about how important she is to you...

And about whether it's possible for someone

to truly care for another person that much...

That's why I wanted to work with you.

That's why I wanted to help you.

Okabe, save Mayuri.

You must save her.

If we go to the beta world line, you'll die!

But it's the only way...

You know that better than anyone, right?

There's only one option.


You're telling me to abandon you?

Is there another way?

I've been thinking about the following since yesterday...

"Isn't there some other way?"

"Isn't there something else we can do?"

But this time, I can't come up with anything...

Except going to the beta world line.


I refuse to accept this...

I won't give up!

I can't...

I can't abandon Kurisu.

I can't let her die and then keep living.

What would the point of that be?



You can run away...

You can run away, but that'll just make it worse!

Shut up!

No matter how many times you time leap,

you can't get past the 1% barrier!

We don't know until we try!

You'll just see Mayuri die!


It'll destroy you.

It won't...

How many times do you think I've watched her die?

I've seen it again...

And again and again and again

and again and again...

It won't destroy me...
The number of times I see it doesn't matter!

Do you hear what you're saying?

Mayuri's going to suffer and die...

How can you say it doesn't matter?

If that doesn't affect you,

then your heart's already broken...

Just stop...

Or it really will break you.

I know.

I noticed it long ago.

No matter how many times Mayuri died,
I stopped being surprised.

I'd gone numb without even knowing it.

Sometimes, I even waited before time leaping,
just to see when she'd die.

At some point,

it just stopped affecting me.

Somewhere inside, I was calmly telling myself
that I could do it over...

Save her...

If you don't, it will destroy you.

If you let her die, you'll regret it... I'm certain!

You and I have come this far,
from the single wish to save her!

If we stop, we'll always regret it.

But if we save her...


I'll just go back!

To the first world line, before the D-mail was sent!

That's what's best for me...

And it's what's best for you!

How many times have we fought,
over these past twenty days?

We've made fun of each other.

We've talked about our problems.

When my back was against the wall,
I turned to Kurisu.

Kurisu was the one who listened to me,

who believed me...

At eighteen, a genius with a
published academic paper.

Always calm, always strong-willed.

Always so proud and nosy.

But always so kind and honest.

Her theories continually amazed me.

And I remembered everything she said.

Watched everything she did...

She wasn't just another lab member.

To me, Makise Kurisu was...

I can't save you...

I'm sorry.

Thank you.

For suffering so much for me...

Why was it you?

Why you?!

Hey, what does it mean to change world lines?

Maybe the second you go to the beta world line,

you'll just disappear from this world.

Or maybe you trade places with another Okabe.

That doesn't matter...

That's not true.

I'm not dead.

Even if I'm dead in the beta world line,

there's no guarantee that I'm going to die here!

There could be another me,

amidst all the other, infinite world lines.

And our minds are connected and comprise "me."

Don't you think that'd be wonderful?

You'd be everywhere, in every time, at once.

A great love for someone,

a great belief in something,

a great desire to pass on something...

If all those things surpass time itself and create "you,"

wouldn't that be wonderful?

So don't think of it as abandoning me.

Even if the world line changes,

as long as you don't forget me, I'm there.


I will never forget you.

I won't forget the person I care for most.

Does that mean...

It's the truth.

H-How... It's so sudden...

I'm in love with you.

What about you?

What do you mean?

I want to hear your response.

How do you feel about me?

You want to know?


Your face... Close your eyes.


Just do it!

I-I didn't want to do that, okay?

But experiences, such as your first kiss,

that are stored in the hippocampus with your
strong memories are harder to forget.


Too bad.

That wasn't my first kiss.

You bratty virgin!

Shut up, virgin.

My first kiss wasn't at all romantic.


That last one only left a weak impression.

Once more.

I don't want to forget, not ever.

So I'll take extra care.

Well, I guess that's okay.

Just a kiss, right?

Time is passing so quickly...

Right now, I feel like complaining to Einstein.

You know, Okabe...

Whether time is slow or fast

depends on perception.

Relativity theory is so romantic.

And so sad.

Goodbye, then.

Sure about not saying it to Mayuri and Daru?

Everyone seeing me off would just make it worse.

If it's only you,

I can leave Japan without any hesitation.

That was a joke.

It's a present.

Take it.

I don't want this...

I upgraded it to version 2.67.

What a pain.

But I'll take it anyway.




This is for you!

Where were you throwing that?

Go get it.



I'm sure, whatever happens, you're going to suffer.

Only you will remember me,

in a world where no one else does.

More than anyone else, you care for your friends,

so that'll be painful for you.

I'm sorry.

But somehow, I'm glad you'll have that pain.

Those times when you're sitting around the lab...

When you drink a can of juice...

When you walk around town...

And someday, when you kiss someone.

It doesn't have to be every time...

It can be one time out of a hundred...

But I'd like you to remember me.

Because I'll be there...

I'll be there, beyond the 1% barrier!




Oh, man.

Okarin, I found it.

This is it...

This is totally it!

If we delete this...

Mission complete.


are you okay?

I'm fine...

We now begin the final phase of Operation Verdandi!

Our victory is nigh!

We have overcome all conspiracies...

Upholding our ideals to the last.

And finally, we have fought through
the battle of Ragnarok!

I thank those who have worked so hard for me,

to ensure this victory!

I am grateful to all those I have had to sacrifice...

What comes now is the world I wished for!

This is all the choice of Steins Gate!

The world...

...will be rebuilt!


I'm sorry.



I'm also...


I'm also in...


Who is Lab Member 004?


There isn't an 004.

Now the battle of Ragnarok has ended!

I, the mad scientist, Hououin Kyouma,
have controlled time itself,

foiling the Organization and SERN's schemes,

and bringing about complete victory!

The world's ruling structure has been reset!

And a future of chaos awaits!

This is the choice of Steins Gate!

Okarin, it's all right.

What are you saying?

I've just issued a declaration of victory...

You don't have to talk like that anymore.

Mayushii is okay now.

So you can cry for yourself, Okarin.

We no longer need the Phone Microwave.

Because of it, I met Kurisu.

But because of it, so many were hurt...

Just as Hououin Kyouma has died,

the Phone Microwave should die, as well.

Living should mean no do-overs...

This is for the best. Right, Kurisu?


Huh? Wh-Who's this?




Okarin, there's a mysterious girl
who wants to talk to you!

Who is this?

Please come to the Radio Building's roof immediately!

Who are you?

I've come from the year 2036.

I'm Hashida Itaru's daughter, Amane Suzuha!



What are you doing here?

Please believe what I'm about to tell you.

You must stop World War III.