Stealer: The Treasure Keeper (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Episode #1.11 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(All history, incidents,
cultural assets, people, )

(organizations, and
locations are work of fiction.)

(If anything is true, it's a coincidence, )

(and use of some real names
are only to add a touch of reality.)

(They are completely unrelated.)

It looks like a drawing.

You don't know "Dream Journey
to the Peach Blossom Land?"

This one fits!

Why are you here?

I'll explain everything later.

The writings aren't in the right order.


Mr. Hwang!

Put Baekje king's treasures...

on a doll wearing a kimono?

Then pull it out and hand it to me.

I'll pin it on the doll.

I don't think it's the suit.

Could something have happened outside?

I wonder whose room this is.

"Kanemoto Hiroshi."

It was the name Kim Young Soo used
when Korea was under Japanese rule.


"If you risk your life, you shall survive."

We can get out of here
only if we don't break this.

What are you waiting for?

Hurry up and go inside!

Hurry up and get in.

What the... What are you doing?

We did it!

It's not over yet, so stay focused.

There's only one person
who managed to get in here.

A long time ago,

only Shimada Ryosuke made it this far.

Turn around slowly.

Turn around!

(Mugunghwa Foundation)

I believed that you
people would get it done.

Why are you here instead of Skunk?

- What...
- It wasn't a secret.

We just found out separately
but never shared that we knew.

Did you get the Joseon Tongbo coins?

We got had.

All this was Kim Young Soo's plan.

Why did you reappear?

When I realized someone
I knew was on your team.

The secret storage is empty.

Please tell me where they are.

Finally, it's done!

We meet again.

I was hoping to invite you over.

(Episode 11)

It's raining cats and dogs.

Why won't he pick up?


- What?
- Are you all right?

Yes, I'm fine.

Mr. Hwang won't pick up.

Should I go upstairs?

He said he'd wait outside.

He might be in the shower. Let's wait.

He knows we're coming for him.

He'll be out soon.

What happens now?

If Kim Young Soo got his wings,

that would change everything.

There will be a way.

We must find it.

Oh, well...



Die, you scumbag!


My job was to kill you too.

Who was it?

Who sent you?

Who do you think?

Kim Young Soo?

Kill me.

Are you wavering?

You've never killed before, have you?

Shut it. Shut your mouth!

Don't waver.

The moment you do,

it's over.

What was that?

Get out.

Chang Hoon, go round the back!

- I'll go upstairs.
- Okay.

Mr. Hwang. Are you okay?

- Wait. Hang on.
- I'll kill him.

He killed my parents. I'll kill him!

You're too worked up.

Get out of the way!

- Mr. Hwang.
- Move!

Mr. Hwang!

Mr. Hwang!

Chang Hoon!

Are you really okay?

I am, don't worry.

You should've stayed a bit longer.

I can't rest when there's so much to do.

The inspectors are around.

It's best to avoid them.

What? Oh, dear.

Then bring him over here.

Yes. Most of Dae Myeong's
medication and equipment are here.


Stay safe, then. Bye.

Medication and equipment?

Is Mr. Hwang hurt?

Yes. Viper paid him a visit.

- What?
- Fortunately though,

I don't think he's badly hurt.

I'd say the thunder and lightning...

shocked him into passing out.

Do thunder and lightning cause a shock?

I'll explain later.

Doctor Ko. What is Viper's name?

- Cho Hwa Seong.
- "Cho Hwa Seong?"

But he's better known as Cho Huin Dal.

"Cho Huin Dal?"

There's a white spot on his wrist.

Shaped like a half-moon.

How will you find him?

Did you see his face?

I can recognize him.

There was a tattoo of sorts on his wrist.

A white half-moon tattoo.

My goodness.

What's wrong?

What is it?

Ms. Lee. Are you all right?

I see.


I understand. Stay safe yourself.


What is it?

I'll explain on the way.

- Drive to Ms. Lee's.
- Okay.

Let's go.

What a twist of fate.

What's wrong?

(Hwang Dae Myeong)


We need to kill his whole family.

Remember that.

If you leave any loose ends,

you'll eventually regret it.

Dae Myeong.

No matter what you do,

your will is the most important.

I want you to let us go...

and do what you need to do...

and want to do.

- Hey.
- Ms. Lee.

The wound isn't deep,

so it should be fine as
long as we stop the bleeding.

We gave him a stabilizer,
and he's sleeping now.

Don't worry too much.

I'm glad he's physically fine,

but I'm worried whether
he'll heal emotionally.

He saw the person who killed
his parents right before his eyes.

It's reasonable that he'd lose it.

Could I go up and check on him?

What? Sure.


I got a call too.

I was told to bring Inspector Choi in...

as they're conducting
an internal investigation.

It's okay. Just ignore them.

Yes, sir.

If it's certain that Kim Young
Soo got his power back,

that puts us at a disadvantage.

Do you have a plan?

We don't have time right now.

All we can do is take care of
things as quickly as we can.

Where is this?

Ms. Lee's house.

Where is that bastard?

Where is he?

I heard...

all about your parents.

- I need to catch that bastard.
- What?

That bastard...

- Wait.
- Move. I need to go.

No. Wait.

I won't stop you,

but can you hear me out before you go?

We almost died together before.

We came back from the dead.

Just hear me out. Please?

You can't understand me.

You're right.

I grew up without my parents' love.

My mom died right when I was born.

My dad...

left me and ran away
when I was two years old.

So my grandma raised me.

I could feel something similar then,

but since my grandma died when I was 12,

I couldn't even feel that.

I became a police officer...

because of my grandma.

The gangsters who used to ruin
my grandma's store every day.

The hit-and-run driver...

who left my grandma
disabled for the rest of her life.

Those evil guys...

that no one cared about...

or tried to catch.

I wanted...

to catch them and punish them myself.

That's why I became a police officer.

That was the only way...

I could get revenge.

I know it's a bit different from yours,

but my revenge isn't that shallow.

That's why...

I can understand you just a bit.

At first, I tried to leave
the Cultural Heritage Team.

I could never get the revenge
I dreamed of on this team.


I changed my mind.

I got a family.

- Happy birthday!
- Happy birthday!

We protect each other
and cheer for each other.

We laugh together and cry together.

We're a family.

I'm sure everyone would risk their lives...

to help you get revenge.

But before that,

there's something everyone wants.

Shouldn't we...

finish that first?

Let's get revenge...

after that.

All together.

We're a family.

I want you to let us go...

and do what you need to do...

and want to do.

Go downstairs first.

Can we just stay here like this?

He could leave without us knowing.

No. I trust Mr. Hwang.

- I trust him too, but...
- Let's wait.

There's nothing we can
force him to do right now.




(There is no future for the nation...)

(who has forgotten their history.)

(There is no past for the nation...)

(who has lost their cultural assets.)

(There is no future for the nation
who has forgotten their history.)

(There is no past for the nation
who has lost their cultural assets.)


Shall we get started?

Okay! Let's get started!

- Ms. Lee.
- Yes.

The police have been investigating
the cultural heritage case...

and announced that the culprit
was a cultural heritage robber...

called Skunk.

As a result,

Hwatong Construction's CEO Baek Yul Ho,

Assemblymen Joo Hwi Kwan and Lee Chang Soo,

and Mr. Kim Yong Seok have
been released from prison...

and will be questioned as witnesses.

(Restricted Area)

Hello, Director Kim.

(A better tomorrow, correction with hope)

You gave me such a precious gift.

I am so touched.

From now on,

whatever you need...

will be delivered to your doorstep,

so just say the word.

As if an old man like
me needs a lot of things.

Anyway, since we're now a family,

we should get together for drinks sometime.


Right. Have you heard from Huin Dal?

No, that's not necessary.

Give it some time.

Why do you still have that
washed up geezer by your side?

What's of value still
remains so even when rotten.

I still have use for him, you see.

You always need a fall guy...

for when projects go south.

Kim Young Soo now has a pair of wings...

and came into a new type of power.

It's safe to assume...

that the last Joseon Tongbo
coin is in his possession.

We don't have the coin anymore
or any leads for that matter.

Our hands are also tied,

so what can we do?

We should just head to Gyeongju.

Kim Young Soo and his
men across the nation...

are headed there anyway.

- Yes, that's right.
- Exactly.

We won't get any answers here,

so let's go to Gyeongju.

We'll either interrogate him or die trying,

but I say we tackle it head-on.

I agree with him.

Dae Myeong, what do you think?

Going there without any leads...

seems reckless to me.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

So all you'll need is a lead
before heading to Gyeongju.

What kind of lead?

There was a man by the
name of Yoo Kyung Hwan.

He was a crooked fellow who
was involved in various crimes,

regarding cultural assets.

But on the other hand,

he was a prominent
historian and archaeologist.

For a long time, he and Kim Young Soo...

excavated archaeological sites together.

What about him?


he deciphered the coded
message written by the captain...

of the old Japanese
cultural asset looting unit.

- I see.
- As you know,

Kim Young Soo isn't one...

to share information that he deems as his.

Exactly. Look at what happened to Shimada.

He must've killed the man.

While in disguise, I saved
him from the brink of death.

And together, we fled to China.

Slow down. Here, have some water.

I believed that saving his life...

would earn me his knowledge of everything.

But that old man...

He truly was relentless.

He never shared any information...

up until his last moments on Earth.

So right before he died,

he told you about the coded
message that he had deciphered.

- That is incorrect.
- What the...

I could smack you right now
not caring that you're my senior.

Should I get my way with him?

As in how? Sit back down, will you?

- It should be done properly.
- What?

How about it? Should I don my suit?

If Skunk's willing, then I also...

Hold your horses, everyone.

I know the location of the old document...

where the coded message lies.

That's what Professor Yoo told me...

before passing away.

Where is it, then?

The safe under Kim Young Soo's bedroom.

- Captain.
- Yes?

Can... Gosh.

Can we really believe what he's saying?

Put your trust in me and head out for now.

Even if Doctor Ko's telling the truth,

wouldn't Kim Young Soo have
taken the document to Gyeongju?

We should head there for now
since we have nothing to lose.

Sure. Let's roll.


Has it been handled?

No, not yet.

What have you been up to, then?

You know your sister will pay the price...

if you keep dragging this out.

I'm aware of it.

Ms. Han, may I ask where you are?

(Good products, low prices, Bareun Meats)

I have to ask. Must you join us out there?

It's like I said.

I have put in a lot of
effort for about ten years.

But you still weren't
able to steal what's inside.


You'll need me for this operation.

I can't say I agree.

- Anyway, Ms. Lee...
- Right.

There's the main residence and the annex.

The annex is where his
live-in employees stay.

Twenty of them are his security guards.

Only Kim Young Soo resides at the annex,

so it'll be unoccupied.

The night watch crew
takes turns in teams of two...

checking the complex every 30 minutes.

There are 30 security cameras
installed all around the complex,

and the footage is monitored
by the night watch crew.

It'll be a challenge to slip
past the front gate undetected,

so our best bet is to jump the wall.

However, there is a camera
pointed at every wall and fence...

which are secured by high-voltage wires.

Actually, they've been cut down.

How do you know that?

A few months ago,

I worked here disguised as a gardener.

Birds that flew into his garden...

kept dying while sitting on them.

He felt bad and had the wires taken down.

- What?
- But yet, he kills people...

as if they're less than insects.

Anyway, that's all I was able to find out.

There wasn't time for
me to get any details...

or hack into his system.

Don't you worry.

While working there under a false identity,

I even figured out where the back door was.

I'm also aware...

of the camera blind spots
that will lead us there.

How could you know that when
you can't operate computers?

Gosh. What do you take me for?

I can tell all that by the
camera model, its location,

and the angle it's facing.

Don't you dare laugh.

I was known as a field expert...

way before computers became the norm.

Don't you know who I am?

I'm Doctor Ko, the nation's best thief...

who ran operations all across the nation.

Is that you bragging?

Don't you know we're all cops?

I can't believe you just told us that.

Do you want to be arrested?

You darn thief.


So thieves like the two of you...

are now helping the police,

- and that's...
- It's ridiculous.

- Exactly, so...
- Whatever.

- Let's get going.
- Yes, let's.

Captain, I thought about
it, and this isn't right.

I should go instead.

- Chang Hoon.
- Yes?

Didn't you tell her how I
infiltrated the basement...

of the Mugunghwa Training
Institute and blew it up?

I heard about it, but still.

Lock your hands behind your back.

- My hands?
- Do it.

One, two, three. Failed.
Now, check this out.

Thanks to practicing yoga,

I'm quite flexible.

I can't manage it right now
due to being in a coverall.

- Let's go.
- But...

We're off.

- Stay safe.
- Stay safe.

Not this wall, but the one at the far end.

The camera won't catch us jumping over it.

What will we do with the
cameras along the way there?

Ms. Lee came prepared.

I'll handle the cameras, so wait here.

- Ms. Lee, you're up.
- Okay.

The photo has been sent.

Wait. I think the camera
just blinked for a second.

Did it? It seems fine.

Ms. Lee, this is incredible.

Let's add this to our playbook.

Ms. Lee, you're a genius.

Tell me about it. How
does one get that idea?

To be honest,

I upgraded it to something
I saw in a TV show.


We should share ideas, shouldn't we?

Yes, of course...

That's right...


what is "Macgyver?"

Wait. You don't know Macgyver?

I'm feeling a huge generation gap.

Hey, look.


Let's go.

Come this way. That's the last camera.

Stay close to the wall.

- Duck.
- My gosh.


Oh, jeez. It's higher than I thought.

Go on.




Darn you.


My gosh.

Was that...

a martial arts move? A safe fall?

Are you serious?

I think I brought along the wrong guys.

I landed on a rock.

There were rocks. Lots of them.


Can you open this?

What's that?

That'll work?

Technology has come a long way.


That's it.

I don't know the insides.

This is where I got stuck.

Why are you telling us this now?

I never got inside.

Shall we just go inside?

You should've told us sooner.

My gosh.

This is where everything is.

My word.

Look at that.

Look at the whole setup.

He lied about donating everything.

What a thieving scoundrel.

Look at all this.

The old fool...


(Age Lock 3.3)

(Technology to reverse-age cells)

(Turns old cells to divisible state)

You could report by phone.

Why come here yourself?

Did you take care of it?

- Let's hurry.
- Okay.

Check that side.


Over here.

As you thought, Ms. Lee, we need his print.

It's similar to the system
from Mugunghwa Foundation.

Use the thing I gave you.

It worked.

(Tensho 20, Joseon Conquest War Record)

We got it.

"Joseon Conquest War Record."

There are flash drives.

Take a look at them.

There was a laptop in the living room.


What's that?

I don't know.

If it's in the safe,

wouldn't it be related to...

the Joseon Tongbo coins
or finding the treasure?

The hole.


The Joseon Tongbo coins have holes in them.

Do you think he put that needle
into the holes to do something?

Wait. If he made a map with the coins,

I think he'd have done so on a surface.

You have a point.


Scan the bedroom with your goggle-cam.

Focus on flat surfaces
like a table or the floor.

Wait. Turn around.

There are pen marks on the table.

(Joseon Tongbo)

What's that?

You go that way.

Search the area.

- They went by.
- Did they?

(Test Shot)

"Test shot?"

Is he testing something with
the Joseon Tongbo coins?

(Test Shot)

Did you take care of it?

You didn't just give up, did you?

Intruders in Sector 12!

Don't just stand there.

Get the intruders!


Someone broke into your mansion.


Who would dare do that?

We're searching for them now.

Yes, the safe. Check my safe first.

Yes, sir.

My goodness.

Darn it.

Darn it!

(Joseon Tongbo)

You can see it, right?
The drill marks on the table.

I'm sure they were made with
Joseon Tongbo on the table.

I compared it with Yeon Ji and
Jang Chun Peong's Joseon Tongbo.

I think this is enough for now.

I'll get out now.

(Tensho 20, Joseon Conquest War Record)

Don't let anyone leave the house.

- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.

- Oh, no.
- Hello.

- The weather's nice.
- What is all of this?

- Hello.
- I don't think...

- it's related to us.
- Hello. The weather's nice.

- Oh, no.
- Hello. The weather's nice.

We got caught.


- Let's get out.
- Yes. Good work.

Okay. Let's go.

I'm Cho Hwa Yeon.

Isn't the face too different?

Let's keep looking for now.

I'm Cho Hwa Yeon.

I'm doing well.

I'll go and take care of
it, so come right after me.

Oh, my.

Technology has advanced so much.

They don't even have to look similar.

That's why deepfake is
such scary technology.

I can change the
background however you want.

This is Cho Hwa Yeon.

This is quite impressive.

Now you won't have to be
stressed about the Yuki case.

With that, not even Huin Dal will notice.

We can't have him notice.

That'll be a headache.

Of course.

If he finds out that his
only sister died like that,

he won't follow any orders.

This is Cho Hwa Yeon.

(Incoming call, Secretary
Han, Mobile phone)

Did you take care of it?

Did you?

Director Kim's very angry right now.

Okay. Let's go.

Good work.

(Tensho 20, Joseon Conquest War Record)

- Nice!
- Nice!

This precious thing.

Chang Hoon. Step on it!

We have a lot to analyze.

Yes, sir!

Did you take care of it?

What are you doing right now?

Who killed Hwa Yeon?

What are you talking about?

Who was it?

Who was the bastard...

who got orders...

from Kim Young Soo...

and killed Hwa Yeon?

Let me live.

Let me live, please.


ask you one last time.

Who was it?


It was Shota.

From now on,

I'll be on your side and help you.

I'll do everything you ask,

so don't worry about a thing.

What is that?

First, please translate
the Japanese, Mr. Hwang.

That's Japanese from 1,500 years ago.

It's a bit different from
now. I don't know either.

What? What are we supposed to do, then?

- Okay. Time for Jin Ae Ri.
- Okay.

Oh, really?

There was no 1,500-year-old
Japanese dictionary,

so I had to do a lot of
searching on the internet.

Okay. Look carefully.

"The gugi head stands tall..."

"and the handle dips in a big
well. In that fateful moment,"

"seven particularly
bright stars will appear."

"Each shape of that constellation..."

"is hiding in seven small wells."

"The tail of that constellation..."

"will have a large rock attached."

"That is where I will
find the tomb of the soul."

Why isn't anyone clapping?

I worked so hard to translate this.

Let's clap first.

I know you worked hard to do this,

but I don't understand what it means.

What's a "gugi?"

That's why Professor Yoo
said this had to be decoded.

The Chinese characters "gugi" means ladle.

It's not common, but
it's another word used...

to refer to the Big
Dipper in the ancient East.

Also, I think the big well
refers to Cheomseongdae.

- One moment.
- Okay.

As you can see,

the top part of Cheomseongdae
is called Jungjaseok.

The "jung" in Jungjaseok...

means well.

Cheomseongdae's well means...

the birth of a holy progenitor.

There's also a theory that it's seen...

as a pathway that connects
this world to the next...

by connecting the earth and the sky.

What about the small wells, then?

Joseon Tongbo?


That's it.

The seven Joseon Tongbo.

Okay. "The gugi head stands tall..."

"and the handle dips in a big well."

"In that fateful moment..."

The person who hid the treasure...

decided that the moment the
Big Dipper reaches this point...

would be the fated hour.

But that doesn't look...

like the Big Dipper.

Of course, it looks different.

The Big Dipper...

only tells us when that
constellation will appear.

That's when we must be
at the Cheomseongdae...

looking for this constellation.
How could you not get that?

That's right. And the
constellation's tail...

is that location Kim
Young Soo is searching for.

We must hurry.

Kim Young Soo is already
headed to Gyeongju...

which means that the fated hour is nigh.

Huin Dal.

That darn punk...

has ruined all of my plans!

Should I deal with him?

No, don't. That's not necessary.


we must deal with the
more pressing objective.

Because the fated day...

that I have awaited...

is today!

The Big Dipper constantly moves...

every second of every day.

So it always looks different...

and is always at a different location.

The time specified...

in the coded message...

is today from 10:27pm...

to 10:45pm.

No way.

Things would've been
bad if we had been late.

Let's get ready and hit the road.

- Sure.
- Okay.

If I'm understanding this correctly...

No, don't try to understand
it. Just memorize it instead.

- Should I not?
- Exactly.

- Mr. Hwang.
- Yes?

This part seems strange.

How so?

"When the fated hour approaches,"

"only the seven perforated
Joseon Tongbo coins..."

"will lead the way."

That's what we already know.

But hear this. "Inside
the Saroguk shrine..."

"is the red transparent stone..."

"we took from the old
basement temple of Baekje."

"The sages of Baekje..."

"called this mysterious
stone of mystic energy..."

"the Bead of Eternal Life."

How did it go from a historic
tale to a fantasy story?

It's why I went back a few pages...

and found that the bead was
taken from a basement storage...

in the main hall of
Seonghak Temple in Haenam.

Right here.

"It is the size of one's fist..."

"that emits a vibrant glimmer..."

"and mystic energy."

"Under heat and light,"

"a red light will shine from it."

"Legend has it..."

"that receiving it will
grant you eternal life."

That's what it says.

That sounds too unrealistic to me.

Don't let it bother you, Ae Ri.

She's right.

No, we shouldn't brush it off.


Cho Huin Dal said...

that out of all the treasure,

Kim Young Soo only seeks one item.

Which is what?

I believe...

that Kim Young Soo is
after the Bead of Eternal Life.

He owns everything the
world can already offer,

so there is only one thing he could desire.

Hold on.

Are you saying that the
great Kim Young Soo...

is after that preposterous
Bead of Eternal Life?

Judging by how it's written in here,

it may be more than just a fantasy.

Whether it exists in
real life doesn't matter.

What matters is that Kim
Young Soo believes it exists.

Take Qin Shi Huang, for example.

He went to great lengths
to obtain eternal life.

It must be painful to leave behind...

all that he has accomplished,

so I get how one can be obsessed.


My dad...

was aware...

of the Bead of Eternal Life.


Where are you going this time around?

Oh, Seonghak Temple.

I'm off to meet the chief monk.

It's in regard to something important.

You say that about everything.

(From Seoul to Haenam)

Do you remember the story I told
you back when you were young?

It was about how the
looting unit failed to steal...

our cultural assets during
the 1592 Japanese Invasion...

and hid the treasure on our land.

- I do.
- I think...

one of them...

is among the treasure at Seonghak Temple.

What exactly is it?


The Eternal Rock.

The Eternal Rock?

It's also known as the
Rock of Eternal Life...

or the Bead of Eternal Life.

Anyway, legend has it...

that it can grant someone eternal life.

It seems to have been
described in a historical book...

that was found at a temple.

The bead was stolen by the looting unit...

during the 1592 Japanese Invasion of Korea.

Dae Myeong,

the chief monk...

wants me to find it.

Who was it?

Who sent you?

Who do you think?

Kim Young Soo?

My parents didn't die...

because of the list.

The Bead of Eternal Life.

That's what got them killed.


Go ahead without me.

I'd like to stop by Seonghak Temple.

- Dae Myeong...
- I'll meet you there on time,

so don't worry.


Sure thing.


- Captain.
- Come on. Let's go.

Darn it.


They're here.

Of course.

(Seoul Police Commissioner)

They're on their way to Gyeongju.

Did you plant a tracker on their car?

Why would I bother with one...

when the police are
giving me real-time reports?

Right. I see.

That's right.

There's nothing you can do...

even though you get here.

Because in the end, victory will be mine.

Yes, this is Kim Young Soo.

(Commissioner Han Ki Hwan)

Yes, of course.

I'll do just that, Director Kim.

Yes, Chief.


Right, of course.

A state of emergency
might be issued tonight.

That's out of the blue.

There has been intel on
a bomb being planted...

in Cheomseongdae tonight.

Of course.

I'd appreciate you looking out for me.

Thank you.

Still, you can't suddenly...

issue containment of a 1km
radius around Cheomseongdae.

That will be followed by
numerous civil complaints.

- On top of that, today...
- Hey!


Do you not know who these men are?

I'm Lee Chang Soo.

It's been a while.

That's right.

I have handled...

all that you requested.

Don't worry...

and enjoy a restful trip.

I will. Sure.

(No Entry)

- I'm sorry.
- Please turn around.

- The site is off-limits.
- Please head back.

- Please turn around.
- What?

- Entry isn't allowed.
- I see.

The site is off-limits.

- I'm sorry.
- Please turn around.

- I'm afraid the site is off-limits.
- There you go.

- Unbelievable.
- Please turn around.




Welcome, all.

It won't matter that you're here...

because there is nothing
you can do, you punks.

This is it.

I did it!

(We thank Kim Young Jae
for his special appearance.)

(There is no future for the nation
who has forgotten their history.)

(There is no past for the nation
who has lost their cultural assets.)

(Stealer: The Treasure Keeper)

Before Skunk arrives,

we must secure a route to Cheomseongdae.

If Skunk is late,

we must stop Kim Young Soo.

We must get through the barricades...

and see Cheomseongdae from all sides.

Min Woo, you go with Doctor Ko.


It's between exactly 10:27 and 10:45pm.

Stop anyone...

from coming close to Cheomseongdae.

If Kim Young Soo gets
the Bead of Eternal Life,

not just him,

but everyone there will die.