Stealer: The Treasure Keeper (2023–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
My gosh.

(Silla's gilt-bronze maitreya,
Stolen treasure number 412)

(Going price is up to the seller)

You don't lobby with cash these days.

If he were to keep this safe,

then sell it on retirement,
he'll make a fortune.

The price will skyrocket
in just five years.

By then, the statute of limitations
for theft will have expired.


The guy already has so much money.

Yes, he is loaded.

But all men who'll do
anything to get to the top...

will just love to have something like this.

Very well. I'll buy it.


You took your sweet
time to test my patience.

Why do you have so many guards?

I think the triad's here too.

Naturally. This is theirs.

I'm just a broker, a middleman.

We don't usually go all out,

but there's a little rat of a thief.

We're trying to be careful.

You want the transaction
to go well, don't you?


Let's finish the deal.

Wrap it up nicely for him.

You came to the right place.

This maitreya...

isn't something money can buy.

Who was that Choi guy last time?

Yes, Choi Choong...

He'll be the luckiest man in Korea.

- Shoot, what's that?
- My gosh.

Who's that?

How did he find us?

What is that?

This is a special event.

Excuse me.

Darn it.

What's he doing?

Get the tools.

- And the triad!
- Okay.

It's nothing, so...

Where are you going? Mr. Im!

Kit up. You! Get over here!

Give me that.

Does he think this is a joke?

What? Hey!

Get onto the roof and cut the rope.

Yes, sir.

What are you doing?

Get the maitreya. Move it!

Darn it.

- Kill him!
- Shoot.

Darn you.

Open the door!

Get the master key now.

You little...



Wait. Give me a moment.

I got the key!

At last.

What happened?

Your rope got cut.

You're a dead meat, thief.

Darn it.

- Get him!
- Go!

Careful. Don't push.

Do we have anyone down there?

All our men are up here.

(Stealer: The Treasure Keeper)

- Hey, it's her.
- Who?

I heard she was coming. She's really here.

(Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency)

You know full well that
you're in a bad situation now.

When you were working at the substation,

you caught the leader of
the Steel Gang all by yourself.

But that all went down the drain...

when you took down the chief
who got drunk and did nasty things.

Just hold out for a little while,

and you can be transferred
to the violent crimes unit.

So stay out of trouble and
be on your best behavior.


Answer my question, will you?

I already took care of this. Anything else?

Darn you. Come on!

- What?
- We should get it done.

It's called "Cultural Heritage Team."

The Seoul Metropolitan Police
Agency launched the team in 2006.

It investigates cases involving
a wide range of cultural artifacts.

Although I know a top graduate from
the police academy deserves better.

(Man of Merit for Cultural
Heritage Protection)

(Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency)


Nice, looking cool.


Senior Officer Shin Chang Hoon?


Who are you? What do you need?


Oh, well...

I've been transferred to
the Cultural Heritage Team.

What? No one told me.

My, this is great.

I finally have someone under me.

Hey, go stand over there.

Wait quietly. I'm almost done.


Ten? I lost count. Hey, do you remember?

Well, whatever. One!


I'm your superior, you punk.

(Senior Officer, Inspector)


Hold on.

- Hello, ma'am.
- Shouldn't you be working now?

I am... I was working out.

- Without permission?
- No, ma'am.

Captain told me to do it.

He told me to work out
three hours a day to stay fit.

Where's Captain now?

Yes, Captain.


Do you know Captain Jang?

No, I don't.

He is Senior Inspector Jang Tae In.

He now manages the Cultural Heritage Team,

but he successfully managed
the drug squad in the past.

The drug squad?

Even just hearing his name was enough...

to make all the junkies in
the country crawl in fear.

He seized truckloads of drugs...

and received several awards.

Then what's he doing here?

Some stuff happened.

Was it ten years ago already?

Look at this.

Those scumbags have
been using fake artifacts...

to smuggle large
amounts of illegal drugs...

to be distributed countrywide.

Look, these are all illegal drugs.

You see, this is easily worth
tens of millions of dollars.

Should I break a few more?

Okay! There!

My, look at this. Take
some pictures of this.

The problem was that it was all real.

He's a seasoned drug squad
captain. Of course, it wasn't flour.

All the ceramics too.

What happened was...

antique smugglers were
using drug distribution routes...

to smuggle illegal
artifacts into the country too.

Well, you can't really put
price tags on such artifacts.

But I heard the cheapest
one was 1.3 million dollars.

The most expensive
one was 30 million dollars.

But he did such a good job
in the drug squad before that,

so he didn't get fired.

But they took all kinds of
disciplinary actions against him.

Ten years ago?

Oh, I remember that incident.

He ruthlessly smashed such
precious historical treasures...

and made a complete fool
of himself in front of everyone.

His face was all over the news.

They said this foolish incident...

would be included in
the history textbooks...

Hold on.

So this fool is...

the Captain of the Cultural Heritage Team?



Just why?

Darn it!

I'll explain everything later.

Anyway, never use the
word, "fool," in front of him.

Don't even eat fruits.

I suggest you refrain...

from using other words that start
with F, such as "fresh," "fine"...

All right. This is the
first item of the day.

This earthenware from
Goguryeo has been priced...

at three million dollars.

Three million dollars!

My gosh!

Oh, my.

My goodness.


All right. "Looking for Treasures."

Let's now meet our second guests.

Come on out.

Welcome. My gosh.

They're such adorable children.

Please introduce yourselves first.


Hello, I'm An Yeon Ji. I'm 12 years old.

I see.

And you?

I am Yeon Ji's little brother.

I'm seven years old, and
my name is An Yeon Seok.

Good. You're both so adorable.

All right. They brought...

this tiny old coin.

How did you come into
possession of this coin?

Oh, this coin...

belonged to our grandmother,

- who raised us.
- I see.

But she passed away recently.

- Since she was a wonderful person,
- Right.

we believe this coin that
she left behind for us...

- must be something precious too.
- I see.

My, I'm so proud of them.

Since their grandmother
was a wonderful person,

they believe she left behind
something precious for them.

That's why they're here today.

All right.

First, I have to ask them
how much they're expecting.

Let's find out.

They expect it'll be worth 100 dollars.

You wrote 100 dollars.

Could you tell us why?

- Well, this is very old.
- Right.

The older it is, the more
valuable it becomes.

- Right, so you wrote 100 dollars.
- Yes.

What will you do with the 100 dollars?

It's my brother's birthday today,

so I'd like to buy him a birthday gift...

and take him out for jjajangmyeon.

The two of us live alone,
so our cupboards are empty.

I'd like to buy some ramyeon too.

That's what I'll do with the money.

All right. These adorable
kids brought this coin today.

Personally, I hope it's worth
a little more than 100 dollars.

Let's find out.

Show us!

("Looking for Treasures")

How much is it worth?

- Gosh.
- Oh, no.

- I see, five dollars.
- Goodness.

I am very disappointed.

- Oh, no.
- This isn't good.

It's only worth five dollars, sir?

That's right. It is
worth about five dollars.

Does it mean it's a fake?

No, it's not.

It is a 1,400-year-old coin.

However, there are many of them
already circulating in the market,

so it's not worth much.

In addition, this coin
is not in good condition.

There's a hole,

and it's seriously damaged.

So, unfortunately, this Joseon Tongbo...

is only worth five dollars.

He must be somewhere here.

Excuse me. Hello!


- Can I get your autograph?
- What is your name?

I'm Jang Tae In.

What is happening here?

Thank you.

I wrote, "I wish you prosperity."

My gosh! Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you!


I can't believe this!

- Are you Choi Min Woo?
- Yes, sir. I'll do my best...

Follow me quietly.

You see, this show always
attracts all sorts of flies.

See that man over there?

The one in that dowdy suit, carrying a bag.

The item he brought received
the highest price today.

In that bag he's holding, there's
an earthenware jar from Goguryeo,

which was valued at three million dollars.

Hello, sir.

- I buy cultural artifacts...
- Yes.

Here's one fly.

I buy cultural artifacts.

My office is across the street.

- What?
- It's my own business.

Isn't he Bat?


Yes. There's a man named Kim Young Chan.

He's a very famous artifact
thief. That guy works for him.

What? "Artifact thief?"

Goodness. Look at him roaming
freely when he's a wanted man.

What? We should catch him if he's wanted.

Just wait.

With those guys, we
aim to catch two at a time.

- Sorry?
- Let me take care of it for you.

I'll pay you well.

No, I'm not interested.

If you take it elsewhere...

He's trying to persuade
him to let him sell it for him,

but he won't buy it.

Gosh, I'm not interested.



He's checked the item...

and confirmed that he's alone.

Now, the second step.

He'll put a tracker on his truck.

Now, he'll call his colleague.

Then Thunderbolt will...

Yes, there he is.

We should chase them.

- Go.
- Yes, sir.

My gosh.

What are you waiting for?
Shouldn't you be going after Bat?

Of course, sir.

Wait. Take him seriously.
He's not your average con man.

Got it.



Look at you.

Is that a fillet knife?

Bulls aren't usually filleted though.

Out of the way. Move!


Darn it!

Darn it.


Are you kidding me?


What the...


Little girl, don't come near
me if you wish to stay alive.

- Little girl?
- What?

Let me tell you this.

I will legally beat the
daylights out of you...

the second you swing that around.

What a psycho.

I surrender! Stop hurting me.

You can take me.

Darn it.

Why that little...


- What the...
- What are you doing?

- What on earth?
- What's going on?

Darn it!

- Gosh.
- Shoot.


Let's go.

That was fun.

Come on!

You startled me!

Hey there, Bat.

Why did you get beaten up like this?

Aren't you too old...

to be flying off rooftops?

Your bones will deteriorate at this rate.

Anyway, it's good to see you.

What the...

- Hey.
- Darn it.

- What?
- Darn.

It's all yours.

You passed the first test.

- Sorry?
- Escort him down the building.

Right. Of course.

I'm Catfish, not Bat.

- Really?
- Did you catch them?

Director, my gosh. Thank you so much.

Of course we should help.

Please tell the appraisers
that I appreciate...

- their cooperation.
- Sure thing.

The part I scripted
shouldn't air on TV though.

Of course not. That would be a disaster.

- Have a good evening, then.
- Sure.

- Thank you.
- Have a nice evening.

Tae In!

- Hey.
- He's...

- Congratulations.
- You did well.

I heard you're now a father of three.

- Gosh.
- Call me jealous.

Take this and buy some fried
chicken on your way home.

- That isn't necessary.
- Take it.

You had to close up
shop to be the bait today.

Then I will accept it with gratitude.

Before I go, this...

Right. The item that is
worth 30 million dollars.

Gosh, that...

You can keep it.

- As a souvenir.
- What?


We have a lot of these
lying around. Check this out.

Try planting a cactus in there.

It'll grow well.

Just look at him.

He has better skin now that he's off drugs.

- You're right.
- I owe it all to you, Tae In.

- Anyway, I wish you luck.
- Good night.

- Good night.
- Have a pleasant night.

You did great today.

- Keep in touch!
- Sure.

Sir, what on earth...

You should take our car
at the broadcasting station.

Chang Hoon, we'll ride in this.

Sure thing. Here you go.

Should I meet you at the station?

Enjoy a sauna and head home for the night.

This is all I have left though.

Sir, it's fine. I can shower at home.

Take it.

You're supposed to let your
senior pay for your bath...

on your first day rolling with the team.

I'll gladly accept it, then.

Get a good night's rest and
report for duty tomorrow...

at the Cultural Heritage Administration.

I'm sure you know...

that Jikji Volume One recently surfaced.

Choi Song Chul revealed it...

as soon as the statute
of limitations expired.

You'll be working the case.

I'll inform you the details over the phone.


- Have a good night.
- Drive home safely.

(Bus route home)

(Bus App has stopped.)

Will we not be eating jjajangmyeon today?


But I wanted to eat it.

(tvS Broadcasting Station)

Hey, kids.

Who are you?

I saw you on that show earlier today.

What are you doing here though?

My phone's not working,

and I can't tell which
bus will take us home.

Is that so?

Why don't I drive you, then?


Because I am someone
who helps those in need.

I'm a police officer.

(Choi Min Woo, Seoul
Metropolitan Police Agency)

But I'm starving right now.

Would you like to join me
for some jjajangmyeon?

I'd like that!

But we don't have any money.

The police these days...

buy jjajangmyeon for the citizens to enjoy.

No way!

Shall we?

Take your time, guys.

- Sure.
- Sure.


- Have a good night.
- Bye.

By the way, what you
brought with you earlier...

The coin, I mean.

- The Joseon Tongbo?
- Yes, that one.

- What about it?
- I'll buy it from you.


For how much?

One hundred dollars.

- Really?
- Yes.


Are you...

buying this out of pity?


My parents died when I was young,

and I was raised by my grandma too.

My grandma died...

when I was about your age.

Life will be real hard,


you'll get through
it fine, just like I did.


Can we stay in touch?

Thank you.


Give it to her.

Give me your hand.


It's your birthday present.

Keep it safe and don't ever lose it.

Your grandma left it
to you, so it's precious.


Take it.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Eat before it gets cold.


Tell me whenever you want to eat something.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Shall we have a party later?

- Yes!
- Yes!

You can take your time.

Please help, sir.

I'm in urgent need of cash.

I heard.

You lost the triad's goods
from under your nose.

- Get him!
- Go!

The great Kim Young Chan...

fell victim to that little rat...

a few too many times, no?

One day,

I swear to slit his throat.

What you do to him is none of my concern.

How many inlaid celadon do you have?

I have about 30.

They're all A-plus grade.

We got a few gray-blue-powdered celadon...

and Kim Hong Do's paintings.

Would you like a look?

I see.

Do you have...

any old coins?


Oh, the Joseon Tongbo?


No, we don't...

- have any yet.
- Okay.

How strange.

Is the Joseon Tongbo trending?

What do you mean?


not long ago, a nerdy guy came to see me.

He said he'd give me a
million dollars if I got him...

the one he wanted.

"The one he wanted?"

One with a hole.

Who was that?

I don't know.

He seemed awfully rich.

That guy.

Do you have his number?

Here you go.

(Joseon Tongbo with
hole, a million dollars)

Mr. Hwang went to a
temple to survey treasures.

Choi Song Chul's a famous treasure thief,

and he tried to sell...

Jikji Volume One to the
government for 500 million dollars.

As soon as the Supreme Court
ruled it belonged to the country,

he said he lost it.

The statutes have expired,
so he can't be charged.

We can't find the book if
we don't get him to talk.

The Cultural Heritage Administration
has been working on him,

but let's see if we can help.

I asked for cooperation, so
go meet the guy in charge.

- Hello.
- Hello.

You're from Seoul
Metropolitan Police Agency?

Yes. It's no big deal.
I'm looking for someone.

Who are you looking for?

Hwang Dae Myung from the
Cultural Heritage Administration.

I was told he's here on a survey.

I know him well. He's here often.

Today, he got here early and ate with us.

I wonder where he is now.

Whenever he visits,

he stays until dinnertime.

I see.

I'll look for him, then.


Thank you.

Thank you.

What civil servant never picks up?

What's this?

I heard something.

My gosh.


Who are you?


Who are you?

Oh, I'm...

I'm from Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.


What does a cop want with me?

I'm looking for someone...


Hwang Dae Myung, aren't you?

Aren't you?

I looked for you everywhere.

For me? Why?


Were you...

in some kind of trouble?

What trouble? I was just napping.

Then what's this blood?

Oh, this?

I had ramyeon earlier
and I spilled the kimchi.

I spilled too much on my new shirt.

My gosh.

Is this all you?

(30 missed calls)

- Yes.
- Are you the obsessive type?

Whatever. Get changed and meet me outside.

Darn it. What's this about?


Why should we cooperate?

My name is Choi Min Woo, not "Hey,"

and we're cooperating to
retrieve Jikji Volume One.

And you're in charge, Mr. Hwang.

I'm ruined.

What did you say?

Nothing, but something's really wrong.

I'll call my office and sort it out.

Okay. Will you please do that?

Oh, really?

How considerate of you.

Your will is the will of the heavens.

Yes, of course. Don't worry.

Yes. Sure.

Dinner later?

I'm prepped and ready to go. Of course.

Salute. Lots of love.

I'm screwed.

Will they switch?

Switch what?

The project manager.


- Let's go.
- Where are we going?

To meet Choi Song Chul.

Aren't you looking for Jikji?

All right. Let's go. Let's get going, then.



(Choi Song Chul History
and Culture Research Lab)

My goodness. He's a thief. This is nuts.

Gosh, seriously!

What? What are you doing?

Watch what you say!
What if Mr. Choi hears you?

Gosh. What? "Mr. Choi?"

Must you address that jerk so respectfully?

You can call him a nutcase
or a thief, whatever you want!

But if he gets angry and
sells it abroad in secret,

it's all on you.

Look. In life, there are times when...

Fine, I heard you. Let's
just go meet him then.

Oh, wait.

(Choi Song Chul, legal
owner of Jikji Volume One)

My, this is nice.

This is why I made an exception
for you and granted you an audience.

I can see that you truly care.

Like you did last time, just text
me and let me know how it tastes.

If you like it, I'll know it's a keeper.

Okay, I'll try it tomorrow night.

I'll text you right away.

Yes, sir! Oh, there's something else.

- Here.
- What is it?

What is this?

It's been very sunny these days, you see.

I must protect your eyes too, sir.

Oh, my. I'm so touched.

My eyes have been very sensitive lately.

Oh, that. Press this
button, and it'll open.

- I see.
- It's very expensive, you see.

My gosh. This looks very nice.

Oh, my.

- My gosh.
- Because you're so handsome,

it suits you perfectly. Doesn't it?

Oh, my. Thank you very much, Mr. Hwang.

- Hold on.
- What is it?


It's scratched up right here.

- It is?
- Yes.

Gosh, this was expensive. I can't
believe they didn't even check.

I'll go and get it exchanged
for you right away.

All right.

Anyway, thanks a bunch.

Hey. Who is she?

Oh, I see. The Cultural Heritage Team.

- I know that team very well.
- Yes.

- Of course, you do.
- Oh, sir!

Does this watch work well?

Yes, of course!

You're the best.

The TV, the vacuum cleaner,
the washer, and even the fridge.

You got me everything I needed!

Well, you live alone,

and you take care of
everything on your own.

So of course, I wanted to help out.

I heard the prosecutors
took apart all your furniture...

and appliances when they were
conducting the search and seizure.

Gosh, those jerks.

If we manage to find Jikji,

I will only talk to you.

- So don't you worry.
- I trust you, sir.

We live in a free, democratic,
and capitalist country.

Why can't I sell what I own?

Do we live in a communist country or what?

I heard you lost it.

Well, you see...

I own it, but I wasn't allowed to sell it.

So out of bad luck... Pure bad luck.

I lost it, unfortunately.

- What did you say?
- Oh, sir.

- Yes.
- You know,

I pleaded with the
Commissioner for one last time.

Oh, what did you tell him?

If you help us...

- find the Jikji,
- Yes.

the government can pay you...

up to 1.5 million dollars
to thank you for your help.

- Are you out of your mind?
- In addition,

they will erect a big statue
with your name on it...

as a generous donor...

Are you kidding me?

Let me make this very clear to you.

I am doing this to help you out.

I asked for 100 million
dollars. Give me 100 million,

and I'll do whatever it
takes to find the Jikji.

That's enough. Mr. Choi.

Where did you lose it?

Tell me exactly where
you were when it happened.

Gosh, I can't believe
this. What's her problem?

Just a moment, please.

I'm sorry, sir. She's inexperienced...

Mr. Choi Song Chul.
You cannot sell that thing.

We are closely watching
every smuggling route.

The whole world knows that Korea owns it.

Who'd buy it and take part in such a crime?

Many people would do it.

Sir, I'll explain it to her.

Come on.

If you buy it and wait ten years,

the value will skyrocket.

It's even better than the
best-performing stocks.

What? Mr. Hwang.

What is your deal?

Are you really a civil servant?

Of course. I'm a
grade-five civil servant...

Hold on. If you're an inspector,
that means you're grade six.


You're being awfully disrespectful to me.

I'm above you.

Mr. Hwang.

When you move up to grade five,

you get a certificate of
appointment signed by the President.


Captain, he's a total psycho. He's crazy!

- Choi Song Chul is...
- No! Hwang Dae Myung.

Hwang Dae Myung? Why?

In any case, I can't work with him.

I'll investigate on my own.

(Chairman Yang's private villa)

I'm sorry. It must've been
uncomfortable coming here like that.

Oh, no.

Only a selected few
can enter this building.

I hope you understand.

Yes, of course. I totally understand.

When I'm curious about
something, I must find out what it is.

Let's find out what that
old man is looking for.

(Joseon Tongbo)

This must be...

what you have been looking for.


can I now see yours...

as promised?

Of course.

I'm truly impressed.

How did you collect all of these?


Even with mine,

you'll still be missing two.

I will...

find the others no matter what.

I have no doubt about it.


You should look for them in the afterlife.


What on earth are you saying?

Judging by how you came
here without a weapon...

tells me you aren't a named collector.

So where did you find all of these?

Has fear fried your brain?


Please don't kill me.


Please don't kill me.

Here. You can have them all.

I'll even give you money.

So please spare my life.

As if you have many years to live.

What is it that you want?

Tell me.

Tell me what you want.


Huin Dal?

Cho Huin Dal?

Didn't you die a long time ago?

What I was looking for...

wasn't in the afterlife.

(Joseon Tongbo with
hole, a million dollars)

(Disaster prevention for cultural assets)

(Hwang Dae Myung)

Mr. Hwang.

Yes? What is it?

Is there something there?

The screen seems to be turned off.

This? I was conducting what
is known as image training.

What did you want?

Right. The one who
made the complaint is back.

Which one?

Ms. Lee Chun Ja.

Tell her I'm not in!

But I already told her you were here.

Are you kidding me?

Let's smile.

Goodness. Ms. Lee, you're back.

I'm busy today, so take a seat.


Is this some kind of joke?

You designated private land
as an archaeological site...

but that's the compensation I get?

Gosh. Tell me about it.

Yes, tell me about it.

Aren't you the one in
charge of this project?

I am, but...

Since that's the case, you
should be held responsible!

She's back.

She's a relentless one.

It's why I looked up legal
grounds that favor you and...

There's no need for that.

These are the regulations
my lawyer put together for you.

If your team doesn't move out in a month,

I will make you all pay for
intruding on private property.

You first dug up the
land under the pretense...

of fixing the water pipes,

and I will speak of it to the press.

Ms. Lee, please.

That all happened back
when I was immature...

- and a newbie at this job.
- Forget it.

You should also know that
I'm staying at a hotel nearby.

I will visit you whenever I can...

and whenever I'm reminded of you.

Ms. Lee, wait.

- You're here.
- Hey.

- I heard that Bat talked.
- He did.

Then we should arrest Kim Young Chan.

- That we should.
- Right.

How did it go with Choi Song Chul?

I learned first-hand...

that you can't get
through to him with words.

Can't we kick the life out of him?

A democratic society is governed by law,

and there is what's called human rights.

If only they didn't also
protect scumbags and animals.

I'm pretty sure he has the book.

And what did you say about Hwang Dae Myung?

Don't get me started.
He's a piece of trash.

How could someone
like him be a civil servant?

I just don't get it.



Kim Young Chan turned himself in.


I doubt you turned yourself in
because you're right in the head.

Have you been doing drugs lately?

You're high, aren't you?

Why did you suddenly turn yourself in?

Was it to turn over a new leaf?

Okay, sorry for the lame joke.

But anyway, thanks a lot.

I have so many questions to ask.


go ahead.

Hey. You waltzed in here.

It's time to talk.

Hey! Punk!

I'm talking to you. Why
are you looking around?

Am I safe in here?

Just send me to prison.

Right now.

What got into you? Get a grip.

Right now.

I don't want to stay here.
I want to be in prison.

Is it the triad?

They must be looking everywhere for you,

to chop you to pieces.

Why wouldn't they be?

Okay. If you tell me what I want to know,

I'll guarantee your safety in here,

and sort things out as soon as possible.

Okay. What is it you want to know?

My gosh.

Take a seat.

Oh, my gosh.

He studied hard.


- Oh, well.
- Seoul National University...

His parents must be so pleased.

Oh, how nice this is.

Who's this?

Mr. Park. Why are you calling this late?

I told you not to worry.

I'm expecting a huge sum soon.

You're not the only one.

Don't you know people
are lining up to invest?

I'll give you a refund!

No, forget about that.

Since we're on the topic,
lend me two million more.

The sooner the better.

Okay, so good.

What a moron.

This smells lovely.

Oh, yes, nice.

I feel so sleepy.

Why am I so sleepy?

Oh, I feel so good.

(Jung Ji Woong)

These are the regulations
my lawyer put together for you.

Should I have given him a
stronger dose of sleeping pills?

He's lasting quite a while.

Let's do it.

(Special thanks to Jang
Gwang, Wang Jong Geun, )

(Jung Eun Pyo, Jeon Jin Oh, Lee Sang Jun.)

(Stealer: The Treasure Keeper)

Skunk is our primary target.

He must be the worst.


Would he kill someone like that...

over a few old coins with holes?


We won't get another chance.

How would he think of
entering the agency building?