Station 19 (2018–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - Episode #6.1 - full transcript


Previously, on
"Station 19"...

I wasn't adopted. I grew up
with our parents.

I was demoted.

I made a decision on a call

that went against
what my chief had ordered.

So, insubordination.

I want my job back. I know
you two are sleeping together.

I want my job back,
or I'm going to report you.

You're not really gonna run
Republican, are you?

I found a loophole...

- Ooh!
- Yes!

I didn't run
right into the fire

when I was
specifically told not to.

It was all because of this woman
and the family

who I so desperately
want to stick around for.

I don't have to go to trial.
It's over.

- What?
- Wow.

A lieutenant spot
just opened up.

Jack! Where the hell
are you going?!

♪ 2, 1, 2, 3, oh! ♪

And then throw it like that.

When we get there,
it'll be amazing.

Alright, let's take it
from the top with a jab cross.

Here we go. Jab, jab-cross.

Jab. Alternate.
Left-right, left-right.


Yeah! Here we go.
Jab, jab-cross.

And another jab.
And jab, jab-cross.

Nice! Really
get your hip in there.

Hey! Our volunteers are here.

It's time for choke holds.

♪ Ohh, I feel my feet a ♪

♪ Moving to this beat, I'm ♪

♪ Dancing in these streets ♪

♪ I'm on my brand-new
beam of light ♪

♪ I tiptoe through the sky, oh ♪

♪ Look, Mama, I can fly ♪

♪ Take a step back
just to love yourself ♪

♪ You gonna feel good, too,
life's too short ♪

Alright, let's pair up.
Ben, Carina.

♪ And rock a brand-new attitude,
ooh, you gotta get up ♪

That's right. Alright,
now we're gonna squeeze.

Yep, right there.
Nice and tight. Good job.

Don't look at me like that,

If you have time
to run for mayor,

you have time
to clean the truck.

I hate you.

What's that?
I said thank you

for the time off
today, Captain.

♪ Take a step back
just to love yourself ♪

♪ You gonna feel good, too ♪

Like that.
Alright, good job.

Oh, it's time.

Alright, who's next?
It's time.

Ah. Okay. Crap.

Uh, Ruiz, can you...
Can you cover for me? Thanks.

Uh, good work, everyone.
Nice job.

Maya, it's time.

♪ Good night ♪

Uh, Maya?

Lieutenant Bishop.

It's time.
Right now.

- Yeah? Yeah.
- Yeah. Okay.

You can stop now.
You won.

I always do.

Did you lock the door?

Uh, if by "locked,"
you mean Herrera, then yes.

This is the
least-romantic setting.

Well, when it's time,
it's time.

Um, should I shower first?

Do you want
to shower first?

I mean, I didn't
think this through,

but I don't want to make a baby
smelling like pig sweat.

It's our fifth try.

The sperm is $700 a unit.

You are ovulating.
I'm on shift.

It's not perfect timing,
but it is what it is.

My love. Okay.

Let's get you
showered, okay?

Let's both shower.

Hey, come on.

Let's do this right.


Let's see.

Hey. Everything okay?

Hi. No, not okay.
'Cause I miss you, man.

When are you...
When are you coming back?

You know, I gave you my job.
You could just say "thank you."

Hey, I did not ask
for your job.

Hey, where are you now?

Um, Kansas City.
Can't really talk.

What? Come on.
I'm guarding the door

while Maya sticks another
turkey baster in her wife.

You can't... keep me company
for like five more minutes?

Nope. I, uh...

I got my foster sister's
last known address.

What? Really?

Mm-hmm. Headed there now.
Wish me luck.

Oh, good luck. I miss...

I know. That's what he said.

He's like,
"You choked me out."

What's up? Hey! What's up?

Just need a shower.

Not as bad as he needs a shower,
but still.

Well, I win every contest.

That is a dubious contest
to win, Sullivan.


Smells like a nice sea breeze.
You're disgusting.

Yeah, well, you were married
to this man.

"Were" being
the operative word.

Are you gonna let us
in the shower?



Like, seriously?
There is...

It's currently occupied,

so just come back
in like 10 minutes?

Go ahead.
Get out of here. Go.

- That's weird.
- Yeah.

Don't forget to smile.
Yeah, but not too much,

'cause then you look
like a catalog model.

Thank you?

And if anyone asks
your stance

on gun control
or women's issues...

It's the Northeast Seattle
Homeowner's Association.

I doubt they're gonna be
asking us anything

but our stance on taxes.
Okay, well, definitely

don't tell them
your stance on taxes.

So he's supposed
to shake hands,

eat cheese, look pretty,
and say nothing?

Uh, yeah, he's a politician now.
No, he's a firefighter.

He has to be a straight shooter.
He can't just smile and nod.

Okay, it is early days.
We're not gonna do...

Guys, I-I'm panicking here.

See? Okay, Travis, you...

You have the...
soul of a warrior

and the mind of a philosopher

and the heart
of a... of a lion

and the... the body
of a hot damn firefighter, okay?

No, no, no. Stop.
You will impress them

because you are impressive.

And because you are
on the side of the righteous.

The righteous being that
I take no position on anything.

No, the righteous being that
you make Dixon look bad, man.

Just keep your eyes
on the prize.

It's just
harder than I thought.

No, running as an independent,

biting my tongue,
taking no position on anything.

Okay, talk less.

♪ Smile more ♪

♪ Don't let them know
what you're against ♪

♪ Or what you're for ♪

Aaron Burr is the villain
in that show.

No, okay, well, he won the Tony,
so I don't...

Hey, hey. You're doing great,
man, alright?

You got this. Just shoot
straight when cornered

and eat
all the damn cheese.

You look like a car salesman.

No, you got this.
You have two hours.

After that,
I'm calling in a sub.

Engine 19, Ladder 19,

and Aid Car 19 requested to Holmsby
Avenue. Okay. No. You got this.

That's right around the corner
from where I'm going.

Good. Once your two hours is up,
you can come join us.

Bishop, we got to go!

- I'm sorry! I love you!
- It's okay!

- Let's go, let's go. Grab those.
- Okay, I'm right behind you.

Unh, unh.
Hey, that's me.

Senior man sits there.

Yeah, I was captain
most recently.

I was battalion chief.

you're senior man.

You two have a slap fight later.
We have lives to save.

Speaking Italian...

Okay, oh.

Wow. Um,

uh, you alright?

I'm fine.

Did you not
go on the call?

I'm... I'm...
I'm on desk duty. Um...

I was...
I was gonna take a shower.

I just need
a few more minutes

to... to let the sp...
The sperm penetrate the egg.

Okay. Wow.

Listen, I know
this is a firehouse.

I know this is

I know this is inappropriate
and also unscientific,

but I just hope
you're not gonna report my wife,

because Captain Beckett
already hates her

for no good reason
that I can see.

And if she gets
another demotion,

I am not sure

our marriage
could survive it.

You know, I'm just gonna
shower later.


Are you kidding me?
I'm speeding? You're the one

who's not even looking
to see where you're going.

Did you see the stop sign?
You have the stop sign.

What are you talking about?
I had the right of way.

What happened?

This idiot hit this other idiot
because he ran a stop sign,

and then they both hit me.
She was turning

- when she wasn't supposed to.
- "She" being the driver

of the middle car?
She still in there?

And you two are out here
yelling at each other.

That's nice.
That's very nice.

Medical, take a look
at these two local heroes.

Ladder and engine...
Want to step over here with me?

- I'm fine.
- Let's go.

Sir, right this way.
I'm alright.

Okay, that's fine.
Let's just take a look, alright?

Hey, there.
We're with the fire department.

Don't worry. We got you.

Uh, I was g-going
to the doctor.

I-I have an appointment.

Ugh, great.

Oh. We'll check you out
inside the aid car.

Hey. Okay.
What's your name?

W-We just got this car.

This... This is a new car.

Lie back.
Oh, my God.

Adam is going to be
so mad.

Who's Adam?

My husband.

We just got this car.

We're gonna get you out.
Tell us your name.

Hallie w-with an I-E,

not with, like, a "G" and an "H"
and all that. Alright. Alright, Hallie.

Listen, can you tell me
if you feel everything...

Your hands, your legs,
your toes?

My... My hand really hurts.

It's probably air-bag burn.

What about the other one?

Um, yeah, it... it hurts.

I think.
But, actually, I'm not sure.

Sorry. Sorry. That was just...

That was just really scary,
and I can't think. I know. I know.

I'm sure it was scary.
Hey, can you do me a favor

and turn your car off?

Alright, see if you
can turn your...

What is that?

Oh, my God.

Is that a...



Everybody take cover!

I think that is the problem
with owning a boat, yeah.

Can I grab a
photo of you two? Oh.

Great. Just one shot.

There's a seat
on the school board

with your name on it, Norton.
Oh, wow.

And, yet, I-I do think we need
to remember that, uh, most...

What the hell is that?

That's a tornado warning.

In Seattle?
That's got to be a mistake.

Let's act like it's not.

Alright, everybody,
calm down.

Enjoy the party.
We're gonna call the city

and make sure...
Everyone, we are moving inside!

If there is a basement,
that is where you are headed!

Please start moving in
right now.

This is absurd, Montgomery.
It's just a little windy.

Sir, film later.
Move now.

Dixon, you, too. Go!

Nice and orderly.
Let's move, everybody!

Let's go!

Let's go, ma'am.
You got the shot.

Let's go.
Let's go.

Everyone stay calm!

- Grab the kids!
- Everyone calm down!

That's not gonna happen!

- I can't find her!
- Inside! Inside!

Everybody, inside your homes!

Get inside!

Go home! Go inside!

- Chief, take cover!
- Come on, come on,

come on, come on!

- Ruiz, now!
- Alright, guys.

Get me out of here!

Get me out of here.
Hallie. Hallie, I need you

to protect your head, okay?

Cover your head.

Alright, Hallie?
Cover your head.

Oh, God! I'm trapped!

I'll come back for you!
Cover your head!

We can't help her.
You need to take cover.


Stay low. Follow me.
Let's move.

Ruiz, hurry! Come on!
Come on!


Come on, come on,
come on, come on!

Get down, get down!

Oh, hey, hey!
No, don't go that way!

Theo, come on!

Head down!

I'm getting out of here!


19, take cover!

Ruiz, now!

Alright, come on!

Get down!

No, ma'am, I don't know
if it's real.

But, look, you should
get in your basement

and stay away from windows
until the alarm stops.

W-What's happening?
It's a tornado warning.

What? In Seattle?

Is it... Is it a drill?
I don't know.

Well, I might be pregnant.

You can't... No, no. No...

We'll be fine. We'll be fine.

It's crazy.
I don't even understand this.

Just come behind me.

Honey, let's go outside.
Come on.

Okay, well,
if there's no basement,

can we at least get
another round of drinks?

Alright, everyone go
to the center of the house.

Everybody go to the center
of the house right now

and get down.

Stop grandstanding,

The sun is out.
Okay, under an archway,

a bathroom, a closet.

Okay, this is ridiculous.
Let's go, Kitty.

Come on.
I want to see what happens.

Cover your heads with your hands
and get down.


Get down.


It's really a tornado.

It is.
It really is.

Wow. You know, I have three kids
and a wife.

I have a beautiful 3-year-old
who already lost her dad.

And I am following
the rules.

I-I am on desk duty
most of the time

because I didn't want her
to lose another dad.

I might get taken out
by an act of God anyway.

Life is terrifying
and cruel.

And... And why do we
bring children into it?

Oh, my God! Aah!

No! What's happening?

Everybody keep
their heads down. Hold tight.

- Cover your head.
- Keep breathing.

Stay low, stay low, stay low.

No, no, no, no, no.

Herrera, head down!

We shouldn't have left her
in the car.

Oh, my God. There it is.

I can see it. It's real.

- What?
- The tornado.

And it's headed this way.

So what do we do?
Right about now, you pray.

Everybody stay down!

I think that was it.

I think we're alright.

- You okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.

- You alright?
- You okay?

- Come on.
- Here! Over here!

I think I got hit
by something.

- I can't find him.
- Oh, Hughes, give me a hand.

Give me a hand.

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We need more aid cars.

I'm coming.
Hang on, Hallie. I'm coming.

- Are you okay, honey?
- Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

- We need some help.
- Hallie.

- Where the hell did she go?
- We got it stabilized.

- Yep, yep.
- Where the hell did she go?

Her arm was crushed.
She... She couldn't drive.

We need to tape this up!

You think?

Alright, back up.

Follow me.

I think it passed us.

How do we know for sure?

Everybody stay down.



I-Is someone there?

Hey! Are you okay?

- Hey.
- Hello?

Where am I?

Don't move.

Where did that come from?


What's your name?


With an I-E.

Warren, if you hear anything
over the comms, let me know.

It's a yellow coupe. She's about
mid-30s, average build.


He's leaking brain.

Organ donor at best.

Captain, we're out.

Ruiz, 88 is sending an aid car
but don't know how long.

Alright, Eduardo, I'm not
gonna take this thing out of you

'cause I don't want to cause
any further damage.

We're gonna get you
to the hospital,

and they're gonna
figure it out, alright?

I ran the stop sign.
It was me.

It happens.
I ran the stop sign,

and the lady got blown away
by a tornado.

Hey, it's not
cause and effect, man.

You ran a stop sign,
and you hit her, yeah,

but no one saw
a tornado coming today, huh?

There wasn't even
a warning siren

till after the tornado
touched down.

this is Engine 19.

Any word
on a yellow coupe

with a 35-year-old
woman inside of it?

Herrera, this is Chief Ross.
We have your vehicle.

It dropped out of the sky
on Hawkins Street.

Are you serious?

Strangest day I ever had
on this job.

Is... Is the driver...

Alive and stable, yeah.

How? Uh... Uh... What?

Strangest day ever.

Oh, my God.

Hallie? An ambulance is gonna
come as soon as it can, okay?

Are you gonna get me out?

I-I can't do that
without equipment,

but I'm gonna stay
right here with you

until they show up, okay?

I have to call Adam.

I hope he's not mad
about the car.

I'm sure all he cares about
is that you're okay.

Was I in a tornado?
In... In my car?

You were.
And you survived.

You're some kind
of miracle woman.

Oh, my God.
I-I have to get out of here.

I-I can't stay in here. What if
the tornado comes back?

Hallie, Hallie, look, look.
If you move,

you could make it worse,

So look at me. I need you
to stay calm, alright?


Okay. You alright?

No, I need to call Adam!

Okay. Hey, can someone
get me a crowbar

and just any other tools
that you may have?

Alright, hey, Hallie, Hallie...

Hey, listen.
Are you and Adam married?


When'd you get married?

A year ago.
Just a year?

Yeah, but we've been
together for five.

Oh, yeah?

Where'd you get married?

My parents' backyard.
Oh, really?

Yeah. It was...
It was really small,

but, uh, it was
the best day of my life.

God, I always hated it

when women said that
about their wedding day.

Like, nothing better
has ever happened to you

except landing a husband?

But being there
with everyone I love

and everyone he loves,

telling them about our love,
it was...

I don't know. It was just really
the best day of my life.

I just... I need...
I need to call him.

I know.
I-I need to get out of here.

Hey, hey...
What if the tornado comes back?!

Hallie, it's not coming back.
I have a crowbar here.

And I brought my toolbox
and first-aid kit.

And for what it's worth, son,
you have my vote.

Thank you, sir. Will you go
grab a table from over there?

Alright? We need to keep
her spine straight.

I need a pair of hands,
somebody strong!

Go, Trevor.

I got you.
You shouldn't try and move her

until the paramedics arrive.

I am a paramedic.

You don't have
the proper equipment.

Please get me out!

Okay, okay.

Please get me out.

Alright. Pull this table
all the way in.

Yep, as far as it will go.

Alright, great.

Hey, hey.
Go out to the street,

flag them down,
show them where we are.

On it.
Alright, Hallie.

I'm gonna very, very carefully
lift you onto this table.

Alright. Nice and easy.

Okay. Right over here. Okay.

We're gonna carry her
on 3. Ready?

1, 2, 3.

Easy. Easy.

Be careful, now.

Hallie, I'm gonna find
that phone now.


Nice work.

- He was here, right?
- I mean, he's been a...

You're very brave, miss.

Okay, I found it!

It's impressive,
what you just survived.

Alright, dialing.

Where you from, Hallie?

Beautiful place.

Hey, Adam.

Hey, listen to me.

Hallie is just fine.

She and her car did have
a small run-in with a tornado.

I'm okay, babe.
Yep, she's... Adam, she's okay.

She's right here.
She wants to talk to you.


Hi, babe.

I'm okay.

No, no. I think I'm...
I'm really okay.

Yeah, but the car isn't.

No, I-I love you, too.

Nice trick.
What are you talking about?

Helping someone in crisis? You
should try it once in a while.

No, playing the hero

It's my job. I'm not
as manipulative as you are.

No, your job was
to keep her calm inside there

until the aid car arrived.

You pulled her out for
the cameras, and you know it.

Is he a firefighter?

Guess we're more alike
than you think.

Yeah, okay, alright. Uh, call us
back if you need anything.

Station 19.

Yes... Yes, ma'am, it was
a tornado. Are you hurt?

Just your feelings. Okay.
Alright, take care.

Hel... Hello?

Hel... Yes, sir.
I can hear you.

Well, congratulations. Your
bunker has great cell service.

You got Maya Bishop.
Leave it at the beep.

Okay, Maya, can you please

let me know
you've survived the tornado

and... and call
your possibly pregnant wife?

Please? Thank you.

Hey, you're doing
the right thing.

Staying safe
for your family.


Station 19.

Hello, sir.
Hi, there. Uh, can you help?

Uh, that's what we're here for.
What's up?

Glass fell out of the sky.

That's what I said.

Please hold.
Yes, I'll take this.

Yeah, right this way, sir.
Follow me.

At least he was
an organ donor.


You seen a tornado before?

In Seattle? Never.

You've seen one before
somewhere else?

Yeah, when I was down South
for basic training,

I saw a bad one.

Almost destroyed a town.

That where you met Chief Ross?
Bishop, what are you doing?

Just making conversation.

Oh, okay.

Look, I know you're still mad
at me, but it's been six months,

and you would have done
the same thing.

And we're on the same team...

I'm not Anti-Beckett.

You reported him
for drinking on the job.

Because I believed
he was drinking on the job.

Yeah, just like I believed

that you and Chief Ross
were sleeping together.

Even if we were,
it's not the same thing, okay?

Beckett was running the team
into the ground.

Thank God I reported him,
because now he's dry.

Yeah, which makes him
even more of a douche.

Well, because he's doing it
without a program.

He's white-knuckling.

It's like giving up
your painkillers

without doing anything about the
disease that's causing the pain.

Look at you.
So much wisdom,

so much empathy for Beckett
and not an ounce for me.

Why is that?
Aww! Mm!

Why am I still being punished
for my ambition

by you, by Ross,
by Beckett?

Blackmailing the chief
of the Fire Department

is not ambition, okay?
It's a crime.

Now, reporting a suspicion

that you consider to be
out of bounds, that's valid.

But threatening to report
that suspicion

in exchange for a promotion?

Come on. You're lucky
you still have a job at all.

Yeah, I...

It was an impulse.

Yep, an impulse
that didn't go your way,

and now you have
to live with it.

Engine 19 and Aid Car
19 requested to Elmhurst Drive.

Copy, Dispatch.

Engine 19 en route.

Spin cycle today, 19. Let's go.

You did this to yourself,
Bishop, okay?

You burned
your own bridges.

And nobody's punishing you
but you.

Okay, thanks. So, apparently,
Hallie landed in one piece

not too far away.
She's stable.

That's unbelievable. Hell of
a day she's having, though.

We know if anyone's inside?

Yeah, neighbor says a woman
and her boyfriend live here.

God, why do I know
this house?

Yeah, I was thinking
the same thing.

Ooh. Ouch.

He's inside!
He's... He's in the bedroom.

- Eva?
- Oh, my God.

- Eva.
- He's... He's inside.

Oh, damn,
this is Vasquez's house.

Widow of a fallen brother.

Rigo Vasquez, I remember.

You have to get him out.
Eva, Eva, slow down.

Who's inside?
Jack. Ja-Jack's in there.


No. No, no, no, no.

He's in Kansas City.

Uh, no, he's not.
He's been in my bed

the last three months.


Are you inside?!

Oh, hell.

Jack? Are you in there?

Aw, damn it.

Are you kidding me?

Oh, my God.

I'm out on my afternoon walk

when all this trash
just rains down out of the sky.

I'm so busy cleaning the dust
out of my eyes,

it takes four blocks for me
to realize that my arm hurts.

I look down and see this.
Guess a tornado touched down

just north of Holmsby.
And that's what we call

a man-made climate catastrophe.
That's why my wife says

I should take my mobile with me
when I go walking.

But that's the opposite
of why I go for walks.

I'm with you on that.

Uh, I'm gonna grab
a few supplies.

Just a second.

Uh, and by
"grab a few supplies,"

you mean that you're gonna
call an aid car

to get him
to Grey-Sloan, right?

It's only four
or five stitches, Ben.

You don't want
to waste gas on that.

Look, we've already
destroyed the planet.

There is wind tunnels

where there should not
be wind tunnels.

There is trash
falling from the sky.

If we want to save
what's left,

if we want it at all
to be habitable

for the little baby
that might be growing in me,

we all need
to do our part.

Okay, except that
this is not a hospital.

This is a firehouse.

And today's not a clinic day.
You don't work here!

Look, I-I told you,
I am trying to be good,

color inside the lines,
you know, follow the rules.

Okay, but I did not make
such a promise, so...

Listen, Beckett has been
on everyone's asses

enough as it is
around here.

I'm not afraid
of angry men.

I was raised by one.
Carina, Carina, Carina,

this isn't about
just an angry man.

This is medical licenses
and liability.

A tornado
just touched down.

The phones are ringing
off the hook.

There are aid cars
scattered all over the city.

He needs our help now.

Okay, Stu, let's get
that glass out of there.

I mean, we could get the ladder,
lift it off.

That would require
cutting a bigger hole.

If we wanted your opinion,
we'd ask for it.

Oh, wait.
You'd probably lie to us anyway.

Of all the engine companies,
why did it have to be 19?

Well, you're the genius
who chose to hide out

four blocks from our station.
I'm not hiding out.

The longer this tree
sits on his arm,

the longer his blood flow
is decreased.

Nice beard, Gibson.

So, are we, uh,
lifting or cutting?

No, cutting's gonna take
too long. This is massive.

The four of us could lift it
quicker. We need medical ready.

Look, I-I can feel
my fingers just fine.

We need medical on standby.
Pain's not too bad.

I don't think I have
compartment syndrome.

Just cut the damn tree
and spare the roof.

I just said cutting
could take too long.

Plus, it would
jostle your arm,

which could do more damage
to the tissue.

My arm is fine.
Your arm is crushed.

If it wasn't crushed,
chances are

you could pull it out
from under the damn tree.

Would you just... just shut up
so we can do our job?

I can't pull it
out 'cause it's handcuffed.

Be... Because what?

- What was that?
- What'd he say?

I said it's handcuffed, alright?

I can't get my arm out
from under there

because it's handcuffed
to the bed.

So let's just cut
the damn tree, okay?

Alright, your vitals look good.
Ruiz, I told you,

I was in the kitchen
when it happened.

It's just protocol.
I have to clear you.

Captain, we need Eva Vasquez

to give us the keys
to the handcuffs.

Keys to what?

Oh, crap.
Forgot he was still cuffed.

Oh, Gibson.

Oh, wow. Okay, this is deeper
than I thought.

Never felt much
in that arm since 'Nam.

You were a soldier?
15 years, till the shrapnel.

Funny coincidence
I'd take some again, same arm.

Oh, my God. Oh.

Oh, geez,
that doesn't look good.

Uh, um...
What happened?

Uh, the... the... the wound
was deeper than I thought.

Here, well, just put pressure.
I know.

We don't keep blood here.

I know.

Okay, uh, I'm gonna release
pressure, inject Lidocaine.

Yep. And then I will
put in a stitch

that will stop
the bleeding vessel.

Guess I really should have
gone to the hospital, huh?

No. No. No. You're okay.
We got you.

Are you a doctor?

Yes. We both are.

I'm feeling woozy.

Well, just hang on.
Hang on.

Done in just a second.

We're gonna get you
closed up.

Okay. Okay.

Hell of a day
to leave my phone at home.

Oh, God.

Look, Gibson, I don't know
what has happened to you

in the past six months or why
you've been lying to me...

To all of us.

But what I do know is,

you still have a family
here who loves you.


It's just... It's just,
you think you can't go lower.

Then there's always lower,
you know?

You learn that your family, uh,
basically threw you away

and raised your siblings, and...
And so you quit your job

because nothing feels real,

Nothing feels like
it matters.

So you start sleeping...

With the wife of the man
you basically killed,

'cause, you know,
misery loves company.

And then, you know,
she brings home handcuffs,

and you think,
"Hey, that sounds like fun."

And then somehow, you end up
pinned under a tree

with all the people you've been
trying to avoid

standing around you,
judging you.

Jack, Jack,
we're not judging you.

You can't go lower.
We... We love you.

Alright, everyone in position?
Here we go.

Straight through.

And up.

Slow down, slow down.



I got you. Sorry.

Let us clean that up
for you, Jack.

Please don't.
I'm a grown man.

I can walk myself
to the doctor.

Thank you
for your time, though.

What about
the rest of the tree?

I think you should probably
call a handyman for that.

You should, uh,
take him to the hospital.

His wrist is not okay.


Yeah, I don't have
any more sperm for you, Bishop.

You know, the sperm bank's,
uh, run dry, so...


Good luck with all this.

Okay, you know, Jack,

it is not gonna
feel this way forever,

unless you let it kill you.


Did we not
save the guy's life?

No, you... Oh, my God.
That is not the point.

What... Then what is the point?
That is not the point!

You're overreacting. Why...
I'm overreacting?

Yes, you're overreacting.
Car fell out of the sky today.

Did you hear?
Okay, I'm sorry, okay?

You were right, and I was wrong.
No, he could have bled out.

You would have lost
your medical license.

And... Oh, my God.
I sound like my wife.

Is this how you all feel

when I break the rules
and you warned me not to?

How do you feel?
You know those dreams

where you're driving the car
but the brakes don't work?

Yep, that's
how we always feel.

What did she do?

Ohh. Performed surgery.

In the barn.

God, this is a horrible feeling.
I-I owe so many apologies.

Well, I'm glad you could
learn something today, Ben.

You... Those hormones
make you so much meaner

than you usually are.

I-I know!
I know. Don't you think I know?

And it's not...
It's not just the hormones.

I'm 38, which,
in the fertility world,

is considered "geriatric."
And this is my fifth try.

And I've always wanted
to give birth.

Not just have a baby,
give birth.

And I might not get to,

and this makes me
a little meaner, too.

And, please,
somebody change the subject.

Did you say a car fell out
of the sky? It was bananas.

Have you heard from my wife?
Uh, yeah. She... She's fine.

They're on their way back.
Uh, apparently, they found Jack.

What do you mean
they found him?

Something about handcuffs
and a tree.

Jack is dead to me.

She's so much meaner.

I-I feel for her, but...

yeah. So much.

Bishop, you're
on engine cleanup.

I was on that last week.

Well, grunt work suits you.

And make sure you get that
little pile of mints over there.

Yes, sir.

You... You have no right
to be a dick to Maya.

What is it?
You're such a small man

that you feel
threatened by her,

because she's a woman
who had your job before you?

What is it?
Okay. You know,

I'm actually, uh...
I'm into women with power.

Oh, God. Oh, God. Disgusting.
It's my thing.

Yeah, what I'm not into
is my employees

committing crimes, blackmailing
my chief into firing me,

or just, you know,
general insubordination.

It's basic physics, Italy.

You push me, I push you.

Your wife blackmailed the chief,
had no proof of anything,

and that brings us to today.

Okay, that's not
what I'm saying.

You are not listening to me.
You blackmailed your boss, Maya.

Okay, I just need you
to be on my side.

God, everyone is against me.
For the last six months,

I've been eating crap
from everybody.

Please just be on my side.

For the last six months, you've
been keeping this from me.

For the last six months,

you come home miserable,
and I don't know why.

And when I ask, you deny
that anything is wrong with you,

and it's been
making me crazy.

And now the truth is out,

and you are not even
the one who told me.

And you need me
to be on your side?

You need me to be
on your side?

This is emotional
blackmail, Maya,

which is not entirely dissimilar
to what you did to Chief Ross.

Hey, you know, I was trying
to get my job back, okay?

For us, for our family.

Do not give me that crap.
This was for you, and...

You know what? Fine.
So what if it was?

Okay? I want my job back.
Is that a crime?

But blackmail is a crime.

And it's not even
about your job.

It's... It's about the chaos.

You're constantly
in the middle of chaos.

It's... I don't think you know
how to live a normal life.

It's constantly up and down
and up and down,

and it reminds me
of my childhood,

and it's crazy-making.

Do you know how impossible
you are these days?

And it's the hormones,
and I get it, and I am patient,

but now I'm the one
that's acting crazy?

That's really pot-kettle,

Yes. The hormones
make me emotional.

And, yes, when I am angry,
I feel angrier.

When I'm sad, I feel sadder.
But what you did,

there is no hormones
to blame, my love.

We were happy,
and you created chaos.

We... We were making a baby.
I had just gotten my green card.

We had happiness,
and you needed to wreck it.

You need to look into that.

You need to do something.
I need to what?

To fix it. You... I can't...
I can't live like that.

I can't make a baby
with that. I...

Oh, w-with "that"?

Yes, with you, like that.

If we're going
to have a baby together,

you need to get help.

♪ About a poet
before our time ♪

Carina, you could be pregnant
right now.

♪ He spoke of shells falling ♪

Yes, I could be.

And that's why
you need to get help.

For us. Right now.

♪ And five nines
dropping behind ♪

♪ If we can place us
in his story ♪

♪ As young men
in a desperate time ♪

♪ Some of us would run
in glory ♪

Ooh. That felt good.

You've been filthy all day.

And, uh,
whose fault was that?

You alright?
Sort of.

We survived a twister,

so I'm trying
to be grateful,

but, honestly,

I'm scared as hell for Jack.

Yeah, he's, uh...
He's in a bad way.

But you know you can't
fix him, Andy, right?

All you can do is, uh...

You just have to be there

if he, uh...
If he asks for help.

You believe in signs?

What do you mean?

I mean a woman and her car
were lifted into the sky today,

and somehow, miraculously,
she landed wheels-down

right by the party
where Travis was,

and he was able
to save her.

She lived.

My dad would say
that's a sign.

Because, you know, he believed
in guardian angels.

He didn't believe
in coincidence.

He would say coincidence
was divine intervention.


So you think
he sent you a sign?

No, I-I-I don't know.

I just...

My dad's been
on my mind lately.

And you know what
he would say about Jack?

He would say, "He's family,
and he's in trouble,

and we don't wait

for him to ask for help.
We just help."

that's gonna go well for you.

I was in a bad way
for a long time,

and a lot of people
helped me.

You helped me.

Jack helped me.


now it's time for me
to return the favor.

Whether he likes it or not?

I'm helping whether he likes it
or not.

And maybe I'll ask my dad
for some help.

♪ Poets of our time ♪

You know, uh,
you should ask him

not to send
any more tornados.

♪ Before we say goodbye ♪

Oh, my God.


Wow. What?

♪ Before we say goodbye ♪

We got it. We got it.
Did you get it? Yes!

Uh, put on the news. Put on
the news. Guys, come here.

You got to... Travis,
you got to see this. Come.

Come, come, come.

Oh, no, no!
No, please don't.

No, don't.

- Oh!
- No.

- Whoo! You were a hero.
- Wow.

- You're a hero.
- Wow!

Your hair looks good, too, man,
even after a tornado.

If you don't need it, don't bring it!
Does it? I guess it does, doesn't it?

"Does it? Like, I only spent
like 45 minutes on it

this morning,
but does it? It looks...

I guess it looks okay."
It looks like someone's

the new Fire Zaddy.

I mean...

No, no. No, thank you.
No, I'm good.

Oh, no, no, no. At ease,
everyone. At ease.

I-I came to say good work,

You gave us some great press,
and we really need it right now,

'cause I'm in serious
budget wars with the city.

One more reason
why Dixon can't win.

You were
grace under pressure.

And you look good in a suit.

It's gonna be a real pull
with the... with the union.

Thank you, Chief.
Thank you...

I also heard that in the midst
of a city-wide crisis,

y'all had to deal with
the rescue of one of your own.

That's never easy.
Glad Gibson's okay.

Well, at least physically.

If and when he decides
to come back,

we'll make sure
he gets there mentally, too.

Thanks, Chief.

- Beckett's in his office?
- Yes.

- Alright.
- Yeah.

Good work, y'all.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, Chief.

...bring it! Let's go!

Mayor Zaddy.
Oh, no.

- We're not doing Mayor Zaddy.
- Mayor Zaddy. That's amazing.

Mayor Zaddy. Mayor Zaddy.

Mayor Zaddy.

"Mayor Zaddy!
I'm Mayor Zaddy!"

Chief, I am still working
on an incident report, uh,

but I can
talk you through it.

I'm having a little trouble
putting that twister into words.

It was, um, wild.
Yeah. I can only imagine.

It was terrifying
listening to it on the radio.

Hey, listen, I'm gonna be, um,
rotating offices,

spending a day a week
at 19.

Is that gonna be
a problem for you?

You, here? No problem.

No. It is a problem for me
that I still work with Bishop...

No problem, Chief.



It's been six months.

Can't we be friends?

No. We can't.


Engine 19, Ladder 19,

and Aid Car 19
requested to Turner Pass.

Mass-casualty event.
Tour bus went over a cliff.

♪ My bones don't lie ♪

Warren, you're on the desk.

♪ They still got fight ♪

I was having
such a good dream.

♪ I'm only getting ♪

Let's go, 19!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!