Station 19 (2018–…): Season 5, Episode 14 - Alone in the Dark - full transcript

The crew at Station 23 faces a difficult goodbye. Meanwhile, Andy meets a charming firefighter and Emmett invites Travis to have dinner with his parents.

Sarah Proctor's
"The Breaks" plays...

♪ Maybe I'll sink
to the bottom ♪

It's the end of an era,

♪ I see hope in the shallows

I'm the king
of unemployment!

♪ And if I go down with the devil ♪

♪ Well, that would be her mistake ♪
- 23!


Hey, let's get one
with the cap.

- Yeah, let's do it.
- Come on.


Be like Jordan, baby.

Come on, come on.

Can you snap me
with them real quick?

Oh, yeah. Oh.

♪ Waiting for the breaks

♪ I could be lost here forever

♪ If I didn't have my faith

♪ And if I don't keep it
together ♪

♪ I'll never take
a breath again ♪

♪ But I see hope
in the shallows ♪

♪ In the rush of blood
in my veins ♪

♪ And if I go down
with the devil ♪

♪ Well, that would be
my mistake ♪

♪ Waiting for the breaks

♪ I'm stuck in the middle
of the waves ♪

♪ I'm lost in the current

♪ Need a break

♪ I'm stuck in the middle

♪ Waiting for the breaks

It was my first house.

It was my only house.

It was the house that took me in
after I lost it all.


It was a good house.

Hear, hear.

who wants a drink?

- Oh.
- Yeah, yeah.


I better hit the road
before my wife comes

- and drags me home, so...
- Aw!


I know. I know. I know.

Come on, man.



I know that was tough,

but you handled it
with grace.

I can't make you any promises,
but I'm doing everything

that I can to make sure
you land back at 19.

Thanks, Chief.


See you.

Season 05 Episode 14

Episode Title: "Alone in the Dark"
Aired on: March 31, 2022.

It was a good clinic day,
I thought.

Twice the volume
as the first day.

Yeah, you know, and, uh,
Chief Ross wasn't here

to see my big comeback, either,

Well, probably too busy shutting
down stations

and denying promotions.

I'm still working on it.

Almost there, I swear.

And have you thought about it

Oh, about the fact that you are
actually entertaining

the idea of my ex-boyfriend
being our sperm donor?

Yeah, it's all I can think about.

Okay, okay.

I prefer to think of him
as my friend,

not as your ex-boyfriend,
and I know,

he's the last person I thought
I'd want as our sperm donor,

but we've been looking
at options for months,

and nothing has felt right,
and then he offered,

and it got into my brain

and I can't seem to
shake it out of it.

It's just that,
a couple months ago,

you didn't want me to be
in the same room with him,

and now you want him to
potentially be in our family.

I know. I know.
It sounds crazy.

But the thought of
the two of you together

used to make me want
to smash dishes.

But now, honestly?

I can't imagine it.
It makes me laugh.

He's a doofus.
Come on.

I've been spending
so much time with him

because of the clinic,
and he's a little awkward,

but he's also kind
and humble and smart.

And handsome. Whatever.

Do I need to be concerned
about you two?

I'm only saying maybe we think
about the future

and not about the past.

Well, it's just that I
thought I was supposed to

have an interview
with that Tabitha woman,

and then I heard nothing.

You take me off the list?

No, no.
You're still on the list.

Oh, God, are the Millers pulling
some crap again?

I swear, I don't know how Dean
came out of those two ass...

No, they are very
fine people, okay?

They just, uh...

We might be settling
out of court.

They want us to have
full custody.

What? Are you serious?

We have to celebrate.

We got her? We got Pru?

K-Keep your voice down.

- We got... mm-hm-mm.
- Keep your voice down.

- But we have her, yes. For now.
- Mm-hmm.

- It's looking promising, but, uh...
- Okay.

They've, uh...
They've got one request.

They've got
one final request,

and I don't know
if I can give it to them.

Okay, well, whatever it is,
you got to do it

'cause it's Pru, so... I am aware.

Okay, so stop being Mr.

and start celebrating.

Cause we got Pru.
We got Pru!

- What?
- Shh!

Uh, n-nothing. Nothing.

She's just being silly.

Would you shut up?

Come on, Trav.

Mom, Dad, we're here.

Whose birthday is it?

Uh, Dad's.

You didn't tell me it was
your dad's birthday.

Yeah, I didn't want to give you
a reason to skip it.

I didn't bring a gift.

Trust me, he won't care.

I care.

I mean, it's bad enough
showing up empty-handed.

I told you to.

But showing up empty-handed
to a birthday?

I mean, not even a card or
flowers or a bottle of wine.

Believe me,
my mom will have wine.

I can feel my mother's
red-hot laser beam of shame

- roasting me from way across town.
- Hi, Mom.

Trav, I'm telling you,
it's fine.


- Hi.
- Hey.

Hi. Mwah.

Mm, nice to see my boy
on time for once.

Kitty Dixon. So lovely to
finally meet you, Trevor.

It's Travis, Mom.

Oh! Right.

Uh, Trevor's the surgeon
who did my neck lift.

- He's a genius. I look 30.
- Yes.

Uh, Birthday Boy,
our guests are here.

Don't be rude.

Oh, tell him he looks nice,

I'm trying to upgrade his look
a bit.


- Welcome. Hey.
- Hey.

- Nice sweater.
- Really great sweater.

- It looks very warm.
- Mm-hmm.

- I look like a cupcake.
- Oh, God.

Your mother's doing.


Nice to see you,

Happy birthday, Chief...
Sir... Dixon.

- No, just call him Dick.
- I don't think I can.

Kitty, do these boys
need drinks?

Oh, yeah, just wine for me,

- please, yeah.
- Ah, come on, Emmett.

Be a man.
Have a Scotch.

Travis, what's your poison?

- I make a mean Manhattan.
- Oh, I got it, honey.

Trust me, mine are better.

He shakes his Manhattans
like a heathen.

He also likes his steaks
well done.

Yes, sir, you can bring it in

We'd be glad to check out
your fire extinguisher

to make sure
it works alright.

Yes, sir.
Have a good night.

Chief Ross,
how can I help you?

Lieutenant Sullivan,
this is Captain Henderson,

a representative from
the Professional Standards Unit.

I've heard good things.

Wish I could say
the same.

Uh, Captain, why don't you go
ahead in and say hello

to Captain Beckett and I'll join
you in a moment, okay?

Come in.

You're doing this now?
In the middle of a shift?

Hey, it took me a couple of days
to get the department behind me,

but I didn't want to wait any
longer if he's a danger to 19.

Sully, you better be right
about this.

'Cause if you're wrong...

I'm not wrong.


Captain Beckett.

Chief Ross.

So, the department
just has a few questions

- about your recent performance.
- Uh-huh.

The pipeline explosion
which resulted in the death

of two firefighters...

Is still under investigation
by the city.

But you made the call
to leave your post

and go on foot,
is that correct?

I left Incident Command
to Chief McCallister,

as more hands
were needed,

just like any good firefighter
would do.

And the incident with the engine
at the Phoenix fair?

Do you have eyes in the back

of your head at all times,

What about
the candy factory fire?

You had
the schematics wrong.

I was working off
of a hand-drawn map.

Respectfully, Chief,
you say you're direct,

so, please, be direct.

I recently had an anonymous tip
with concern

that you have been drinking
on the job.

- Hmm.
- After asking you a few questions,

I don't think that's
an unfounded concern.

Thank you.

You will need to submit
a urine sample.

Captain Henderson will escort
you to the restroom

to witness the sample, and then
he will escort you home,

where you will remain
until the results come in.

Permitting you're clean, you can
come back to your shift.

Is this clear, Captain?

Is that how we're gonna
play this?

The department takes accusations
of this nature very seriously.

Are we clear, Captain?

I'm not leaving
my team mid-shift

and having them
wonder why.

I'll stay here. You can even
send in a babysitter.


But once you give us the sample,
you're not to leave this room

until the results come in.

Please escort Captain Beckett
to the restroom.

first round's on me.

10 beers, please.

Hey, what's up,

You okay?


You know it's okay not to be,

You were at 23
a long time.

I was, uh... I was sent to 23
after Michael...

It felt like exile.

And then it kinda became
a-a haven.

You know, there were no
expectations to promote again...


...make big splashes,
or be anything

other than a dutiful

You know, and yeah, 23 had its
problems, but, you know,

being there let me be okay,

I'm mad as hell that some
new brass from San Diego

can just show up and decide
it's closed like that.

Actually, can I get a shot
of tequila, too?

And, yeah,
we're all here drinking,

'cause our station's
closed down.

You're staring.

Shut up.

Whoo! Alright.

Warren, how's it going with
the Millers

and Pru and all that?

Oh, well, you know...
You know, it's a whole...

I don't think Travis
has missed a shift

since he started at 19.

Mm, that's not true.
You know, he missed them

three weeks when the...

Well, give a guy a pass
for penetrating trauma.

Okay, but, you know,
it just speaks to his work ethic

is all I'm saying.

I wonder what Dixon's house
looks like.

Uh, well, he probably
has a sex dungeon

even his wife doesn't know


No, sit, sit.
Keep eating.

I just wanted to
update you all.

There's, um...
There's been a situation,

and Captain Beckett will not be
on duty until further notice.

Lieutenant Sullivan,

you are acting captain
for the rest of the shift.

Enjoy your dinner.

Did you know that Chief

Engine 19, Ladder 19,
and Aid Car 19

requested to 8214 Crabb Way.

What the hell's
going on?

No idea.

Let's go, 19!

Uh, you're welcome.

But you should tell them.

We need a win around here,
and Pru is ours.

And she might be living
in your house,

but she's
our firehouse baby,

and we deserve a little bit
of happy...

They want me to quit

Th-That's their request.

- They don't want Pru to lose another dad.
- Yeah.

That's why
we're not celebrating.

But you can't quit.


But you have
to raise Pru.


Here we go.

Alright, reports are a car fire
four floors down.

Gibson, Bishop,
you're on fire attack on S4.

Warren, Hughes, search
and rescue, S1 down to S4.

Let's go.

Dispatch, requesting
additional aid cars.

Cutler, Klyne, assist Warren
and Hughes on evac.

Nice and clean tonight, 19.

Nice and clean.

Three people down!

Seattle Fire!

Seattle Fire!
Seattle Fire!

Is anybody in here?!

Seattle Fire!
Holler if you can hear me!

Hello?! Seattle Fire!

Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am,
no, no, no.

- You cannot be in here.
- My kids are down there.

No! What are you doing?
I have to get back down there!

No, no, ma'am... Let go of me!

We cannot let you go
back down there.

- The smoke is too thick.
- I don't give a damn about the smoke.

My kids are still
in the car.

Okay, okay, ma'am.
What are their names?

Abby and Jonny.

I just had to run
into the store.

This is Incident Command,
maintenance says

the fire's coming from a hybrid
car that may be plugged in.

Gonna cut power.

Okay, ma'am, it's about to get
really dark in here.

If you can't help me,
then get out of my way!

Ma'am, ma'am,
we can find your children.

You're just wasting time!

We cannot do that
with you in here.

Cutler, Cutler,

can you take her outside
so we can continue evac?

I am not leaving!

Ma'am, listen...
Listen to me!

You need to let us do our job
so we can bring

your kids back to you

The longer you fight us, the
longer it takes us to find them.

Alright, great.
Now, go with them.

They'll take care of you.

- Okay.
- Thanks, fellas.

- Abby! Jonny!
- Hello?!

- A toy gun? Yep. That's my boy.
- Mm-hmm.

He used to love playing
cops and robbers.

No, he loved
playing dress-up.

Oh, I had this pair
of high-heeled leather boots

that he was obsessed with.

I always found him
in my closet.

Okay, no more photos.
Thanks, Mom. We know...

Oh, no, no, no.

- Please, please keep them coming.
- Ah.

Montgomery, did you play
any sports in school?

I wrestled for four years
in high school,

varsity for three.

Yeah, I mean, I only joined
the team freshman year

because I had a crush
on this guy,

but then I ended up
really liking it.

Oh, so you were gay
even back then? Trendsetter.

- Mom.
- What'd I say?

Montgomery, how's that new, uh,
lady fire chief working out?

I heard she closed
Station 23.

Chief Ross is impressive.

You know, she's smart.
Direct. Decisive.

And the right fit
for the moment we're in...

and a double minority...

- Black and Asian.
- Ah.

- Isn't she gay, too?
- Who isn't nowadays?

Uh, I'm not quite sure
about her personal life.

The department needs
more conservatism.

Get too many people in there
with liberal ideas

and, well, you get 19.

- What's wrong with 19?
- What isn't wrong with 19?

- Dad.
- Another Manhattan, dear?

- No, thank you.
- Okay.

I think it all stems
from Pruitt Herrera.

Frankly, he let his house
run rampant.

And now what you have is
a bunch of entitled millennials.

I'll take another, Kit.

Could I get
a please on that?

Pretty please,
pretty Kitty.

Oh, see?
That's not so hard.

At least McCallister came up
through the ranks.

He respected the history,

although he had
his own problems.

If I'm being honest,
the whole department

has been flailing
since I retired.

Retired? Oh.

I thought you left because
of the charges against you.

Trav. D-Dad,
I think what Trav means...

Oh, I-I-I know
what he's trying to do.

But the charges were dropped
and my pension was reinstated,

so it's just as though
I had retired.

Yes, of course.

The old boys' club working
just the way

it's supposed to,

Okay, uh, Mom, yeah,
I think dinner must be ready.

Yeah, right, right.
I think the potatoes

should be ready, honey.

- Great, yeah.
- Potatoes.

Yeah, so...

Sullivan, place is like
a maze with low visibility.

Where is
the stairwell located?

East wall,
side of the hall,

through the double doors.

We need to get water
on that vehicle

and keep water on it
until it cools.

We don't want
the lithium batteries

or the fuel tank
to catch fire.


That way.

Got it.

- I got it, I got it.
- What?

I got it.
O-Okay, okay.

Come on.
Pretend it's Chief Ross.

I'm not...

Chief Ross.

Screw you!

I should be captain
of 19!

Yeah, whoo!

So... So, he's all amped up
after we knocked down the fire,

right, and he's all...
He starts strutting around,

walking around like...
like he won a Super Bowl

or something, right?

- You know what saying?
- Flexing.

Flexing. Flexing.

And out of nowhere...

Maddox disappears
into the open septic...

which had not been
emptied yet.


Oh, what are
we talking about?

Hey, guys, uh, Cap, Ruiz,
this is Jeremy.

We were in the...
The academy together,

but now he's a big shot at 42
in Oregon.

Hey, man.

Yeah, thanks for letting me
crash the commiserating.

Hey, uh, Herrera's buying

so you picked
a good one.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

It's the first round.
The first round.

Oh, my God.
This is my song.

Come on.


♪ Hoy el mundo es mío ♪

♪ Let it go, let it go,
aquí 'toy contigo ♪

♪ Somo' un equipo ♪

♪ Ready, set, ready, set

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

♪ Push it back, swing it back

Ooh, sorry.




Nice to meet you.
You, too.


I love you, man!

- I love you, too!
- I love you, John!

I love you!



Incident Command
to search and rescue...

Any word
on your primary search?

second floor's clear.

We're still searching for
the two missing civilians.

If you don't find them soon,
I need you on fire attack.

Unh-unh. No, we are not gonna
go back up there

to that broken mother
without her kids.

Okay, keep you posted.

♪ I'm bold like a lion,
hear me roar ♪


It's just dancing.

Uh-huh, yeah.
It's never just dancing.

Oh, "it's never just dancing."

♪ Bold like a lion,
like a lion ♪

Ugh, this stupid no-sex pact.

Yell, well, you realize
you only have yourself

- to blame for that.
- Well, you know what?

Sadly, it's actually given me
so much clarity.

Like, without any entanglements
and complications,

I see what I want and need
so much more clearly now.

Like, if I had tried talking
to Chief Ross before the pact,

it would've been even more

Even more disastrous?

Oh. No, I meant, like,
if I had tried talking

to Chief Ross about my future
before the pact,

it would've gone badly.

When did you talk to her?

After you told me to go after
what I wanted.

What did you say?

♪ Don't you wanna live loud? ♪

I just... I

I was... I was honest.

I told her that Aquino
was coming back

and that means I would've been
bumped to lieutenant

and if I'm gonna be
a lieutenant anywhere,

I'd rather it be at 19.

No, I-I told her

I was proud of the changes
I made at 23,

but it would've been hard
to see it revert back

to a boys' club.

So you told her that 23
was a lost cause?

I didn't sa... No, Theo,
I was just honest. I...

So you wanting to go back to
your precious 19

is the reason 23
got shut down?


So you're the one
who got us shut down?

- No, that is not what I said.
- Okay, then what did you say?

'Cause if Ruiz
is calling you out, then...

- Duval...
- Hey, ladies,

we are commiserating here.

We are not fighting.

Unless it's with Jell-o.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Okay, what's happening?

- Nothing. - Nothing.
- Stop it.

We all deserve to know
the truth.

So you can tell them
or I will.

Look, okay, I-I-I talked
to Chief Ross

before the station shut down,
and I asked her if...

I asked her to transfer me back
to 19 as a lieutenant,


Aquino was coming back anyway,
and I decided

McCallister's punishment
had gone on long enough.

Look, I didn't ask
to be at 23.

I didn't ask to be in charge
of changing decades

of toxicity and misogyny,

- Whoa.
- I-I-I had done my part,

and I was ready to go home.

But you were supposed to be
our... our captain.

I-I didn't tell her
to close it.

And after she decided to,
I tried to fight...

You sold us out to leverage your
way back to the Girl Scouts.

That is...

You know, you constantly preach
that we are a team.

- That...
- We have each other's backs, right?

But the first chance you get,
you just stab us in ours.

That is not... Some freaking captain
you are.

Hey, 23,
let's go somewhere else.

Come on.

Hey, Jer, you coming?

Dude, she just said she tried to
protect you all.

You think an interim captain
really has the power to...

To shut down
an entire station?

I'm gonna finish
my beer, man.


Hey, Theo,
hey, you know that...

♪ Count your lucky stars

♪ And just remember your name

Jonny?! Abby?!


Call out
if you can hear me!


That poor woman.

The guilt she must feel.

- Abby! Jonny!
- No, d-do you hear that?

- Do you hear that?
- I hear a fire alarm.

No, no no. This way.

Abby! Jonny!


Well, of course,
we all loved Alicia.

I was so looking forward

to those gorgeous grand babies,

Gay couples can have kids,
too, Mom.

You know, one of our lieutenants
and her wife

are about to start
a family.

Is that Bishop? See?

Lesbians everywhere.

Well, I do suppose
it's a little easier for them,

uterus and all.

Kitty, not at the table.

Dick, the word uterus
is not a provocative word.

Uterus. Uterus. Uterus.

You know, I still want
to have kids one day.

Yeah, I'm open to it
with the right person.

B... Um, I mean, we've... we've
never talked about it, so...

We don't talk
about a lot of things.

Leave it to you, Kit,
to find the sore spot.

What? All I said was
that I'm pro-grandchildren.

But by all means, save us
from this awkward silence.

I was sorry to hear
about Miller.

Thank you, sir.
It's been tough.

I can imagine.
Down a member,

and then you have to pilot
a program

that wasn't even
your baby.

Well, I mean,
actually, I'm...

I'm pretty grateful
Crisis One is thriving.

It's Dean's legacy.

Oh, sure.
I was skeptical at first,

but PD's overall call volume
is down, which is nice.

Oh, honey, you're gonna have to
fake it much better than that

when you're stumping
for mayor.

I'm sorry. What?

You're running
for mayor?

Did you know about this?

Uh, h-he's joking, right?

No, he's not. No.
Tell 'em, honey.

And tell the truth,
about how your first order

of business is to eliminate
this, um,

Crisis One program that
you're pretending to like.


Oh, see, there I go again,

touching on the sore spot.

Why would you kill a program
that's working?

You are unbelievable.

Trav, just stop.

You're a founding member
of Crisis One.

Well, I think it's time
we have cake.

- I heard it that time.
- Yeah, yeah,
I think it's this way.

- Think it's this way.
- Jonny, get up.

We have to find Mom.

Abby?! Abby?!
Hey. Hey, hey.

- Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey.
- Hey.

My name is Ben.
This is my friend, Vic.

We're here to help you.

Sullivan, we found
the two civilians.

We're bringing them
up now.

Copy, Hughes.

I tried to get us away
from the fire,

but I couldn't see anything
and then Jonny wouldn't wake up

and I didn't know what
to do.

You did great.
You did so, so great.

Will my brother be okay?

Let's get you out of here, okay?

Hey, Sullivan.
This is Gibson.

We've arrived
at the vehicle.

We're gonna need an extra set
of hands down here.

Okay, okay.


- Abby?
- You okay?

Let me see. A-Ab... A-Abby.

- Jonny!
- Abby.

Jonny, you're awake.
I'm here.

No, you're hurt. We got to get
you guys outside, okay?

19, report, what happened?

Yeah, this is Gibson.

Bishop and I were thrown
by the car exploding...

Sending in help.

Sullivan this is Warren.

I'm one floor up
from the explosion.

- I can help.
- No, no, no, no, no.

Sullivan, this is Hughes,

Warren is evac-ing
two civilian minors.

I'll go down to help Gibson
and Bishop.

You can't let the Millers
be right.


Hey, Abby,
how's your head?

You okay?

Hey, you guys good?
What happened?

The fire must have reached
the hybrid's gas tank.

So much for saving
the planet.

Abby! Jonny!
Oh, my God.

Oh, you're okay. Oh.
You're okay.

Oh. What happened?

My babies.

Mom, I'm so sorry.

No, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have left you.

You didn't know there was gonna
be an accident, Mom.

The man is right about that.

Now, here. Take a few breaths
of oxygen for me.

He carried us both out
like we weighed nothing.

- It was so cool.
- Yeah, I was just doing my job.

Your job is really cool.

I can't thank you enough.

I just had to grab
some chocolate milk.

Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am,
I promise you.

They are not gonna remember that
Mom left them in the car.

They're gonna remember
that Mom was exhausted

but made time to still get
the chocolate milk.

Thank you.

But, yeah, don't ever leave
your kids in the car.

Back it up, back it up.


Bishop, Gibson,
we're all done.

You made me look good
in there.

You look happy.
I guess you got what you wanted.

It's just temporary.

Until it's not.

And then,
"Oops, sorry, Bishop,

guess I was the better man
for the job."

I'm sorry Chief Ross
isn't reinstating you, Bishop.

You're sorry?

You're the reason I got demoted
in the first place.

Are we rehashing this now,

Sorry, Lieutenant.

It's Captain today.

Sorry, Captain.


Uh, dude,
I know you're hurting.

Like, you feel like you got
something taken away from you...

Something you love.

I mean, trust me, I get it.
I mean, this pact with Andy...

Okay, not letting yourself
have sex is not the same thing

as losing your career,

Uh, we are both giving up
things we love, huh?

Sex and winning.

Look, all I'm saying is,
don't let your frustrations

get you in even more trouble
than you're already in, okay?

You know,
it doesn't matter.

Chief hates me.

There's no way
I'm gonna rise again.



If there's anyone I know
who can get knocked down

and then get back up again,
it's you.

I know 'cause
I just saw it happen.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

♪ At the end of the day ♪

So, my first station
down in Oregon

got shut down two months
into my gig there.

It sucks,
but it happens.

And they will get over it and
they will land on their feet

- somewhere else.
- Yeah, right, no, I get...

I get that they're mad.
I was mad.

But I

- I don't think I did anything wrong.
- Mnh-mnh.

Like, all I did was advocate
for myself,

which, by they way, Ruiz was
the one who told me to do that.


Knowing what you want
and fighting for yourself,

I like that in a woman.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.


What else... What else
do you like in a woman?

A lot of what I'm seeing
right now.

Sorry. Sorry.

I'm sorry.

Does that... Does that line
normally work for you?

Yeah, it d... No.

Not really.

Two more shots, please.

Oh, God, no, I don't think
I can do another one.

Oh, no, these are for me.
Got some erasing to do.

Ah, right.

Um, so wait.
Thank you.

So wait. So wait.
So wait. So wait.

Um, there's one thing
I can't get past.

What? Oh, I know.

Some people like conventionally
attractive men.

- Oh, hilarious. No.
- What are you gonna do?

Um, are you... are you
really friends with Maddox?

That douche bag? No.

I was gonna leave,
pretend I didn't see him,

then I saw
who he was with.



♪ At the end of the day ♪

You did it again.
You did it again.

Okay, I swear
that wasn't a line.

- Sure, sure, sure, sure.
- It just happened.

♪ All your talk ♪

♪ About how I walk ♪


Pretty good, right?

Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yep.
Two more?

Well, sure. Why not?

Why not?

The voters of Seattle
are not going to elect a man

who has a record
of public corruption.

leeding hearts only
bleed until crime shows up

on their doorstep or
the homeless set up

camp on their street.

Then they clamor for
law and order, and that's me.

Good luck winning votes by
attacking the fire department.

I'll show them that
it's out of control,

that it's cowed
to the woke mob.

Instead of focusing
on fire safety,

it's treating
homeless crazies,

paying for
a roving knife-mobile,

and operating
a free clinic.

You know,
those programs save lives.

We show up and provide
quality care to the community,

and we do it unarmed
and without a threat.

So, you guys gonna have
some cake, or...

That money could be
better used

to increase public safety.

Talking about PD, right?

Because you guys need
more money?

Whereas we could use the money
for mental health services

or making the streets safer or
expanding public transportation.

- Please, spare me
- What else do you guys need?

Your "defund the police" propaganda.

What are you missing?
A couple of tanks

and a battle ship?

Since when do you care
about saving lives?

Didn't you just let a guy
light himself on fire

during one of
your crisis calls?

Actually, we saved that man
from killing himself.

Yeah, and humiliated my son
in the process.

Trav, just stop, okay?
It's not worth it.

Come on, Montgomery.

You've been in FD for what,
a decade?

You're clearly
a career firefighter

who lacks any ambition
to climb to the top,

which seems to stem
from some lack of commitment

to something or someone
other than himself.


Or maybe you just prefer
to stay in the shallow end,

where nobody expects
anything of you.


As opposed to you,

who continually fails
his way upward.

You are not a leader.

You are a mediocre
company man

who thinks power is gained
by grinding down

everyone around him.

Even your own son
hates you.


My son was on a path,
and you took him off that path.

He wasn't even gay
till he met you...

What? No.
Travis didn't make me gay.

Nobody makes anybody gay.

...and now
he's a laughingstock.

The only laughingstock
in this room is you.

If I'm a laughingstock,
it's 'cause you're my father.

- What?
- No. Do it.

Look, Trav, I don't need you
to fight this fight

- for me, okay?
- Clearly you do

because it's
the first time tonight

that you've actually stood up
to him.

Oh, wow.
Oh, wow.

See? There it is.

That's how you think of me.

No. That's not...

- Mmm.
- Oh, you're not even

gonna heat it up?

You're not worried about,
like, salmonella?

I just inhaled smoke
from a lithium battery fire.

You think I'm worried
about salmonella?

Sullivan, I'm...

We're good, Bishop.

We're cool.

You know what? No.

No, they... they... they
do not get to steal my joy.


Miranda always says no one
can steal your joy,

but all I do is let people
steal my joy.

We got Pru.

- What?
- Yeah. Full custody.

- Congrats.
- Yeah.

Yeah, the Millers
get to visit on holidays.


Yeah, baby.

So, wait, does this...

Oh. No catch. No catch.

They're not gonna...

I'm calling their bluff.

Yeah, and they're just gonna
have to deal with it.

Yeah, firehouse baby!

They do not get to
steal my joy.

I feel I owe you all
an explanation.

I wasn't on the call
because earlier this evening,

I was accused of drinking
on the job.

They were baseless accusations,
of course,

and I came out clean, because
I do not drink on the job.

However, I have it
on pretty good authority

that it was someone in this
firehouse... not saying who...

That submitted the tip.

And while I thank you

While I thank you for your
concern, I can't help but think,

how can I expect my team
to follow me into a fire

if they don't even think I can
get through a puny 24-hour shift

without taking to the bottle?

in order to ensure your safety

and the safety
of your community,

I think it's best for all of us
that you get in fighting shape.

But what's hap...
What's happening?

What's happening
is intervals.

In the barn. Right now.


But, sir, it's...
It's almost midnight.

- Been going all day.
- We haven't even finished dinner yet.

You don't want to be
the last one out, Bishop,

if your captain's a drunk.

Sir, um, none of us accused you
of drinking on the job.

No, you don't know that
to be true, Warren.

One of you did.
Until that one of you

comes forward and admits
you made false claims,

then intervals.


There goes my joy.

I'll give you two
a moment, okay?


I'm really sorry.

I should've let you stand up
for yourself.

You said I reminded you
of your dad.

Well, it turns out,
you remind me of mine.

I think we both know that
we shouldn't be together, Trav.

But, uh, I think we're both
just so afraid of letting go.

I mean, you... you told everyone
in a two-block radius

that you didn't want to be with
me and I just...

came running right back to you
like a sad little puppy.

Just like I do
with my dad.

I, uh...
I applied to an art program.

In Florence.

I didn't tell you 'cause I
didn't think I'd get in,

and... and things were weird
between us at that time,

but, uh... I got in.

That's amazing.

Yeah, yeah.
I honestly can't believe it.

Your work's incredible.

You don't have to be nice
to me now.

I guess, um, I can't believe
I even applied.

You know,
it's so unlike me.

Emmett, you are one
of the most beautiful,

amazing, generous,
bravest souls

I've ever been lucky enough
to know.

I wish you treated me
like it.

But I wouldn't have
got this far

if you hadn't been
in my life, so...

I guess
I have to thank you.

I am so sorry
for so much.

You should go.


Will you tell
your parents I said...

I won't.

I really do care
about you.

Yeah, I know.

Bye, Trav.

Jeffrey Amor's "Best
Intentions " plays...

♪ Days that were spent
suspended in my head ♪

♪ Moving so fast,
close to the collapse ♪

♪ I never saw it coming

Hughes, are you good?

Hughes? Hughes?

Bishop, I thought you were
an Olympian. Keep it moving.

Okay, Beckett, stop it.
They're getting sick.

They're not even
wearing turnouts,

they can't be tired yet.

Alright, fine, it was me.

- What's that, Sullivan?
- It was me!

I accused you of drinking

because I found booze
in your office,

which I was looking for

because I thought
you were getting sloppy.

And I was right.

No, in fact, you were wrong.
I'm clean. Wow.

The new chief takes a chance on
you, gives you a promotion.

This is how
you repay her?

Can't be very good for
your rapport, now, can it?

Thank you for your honesty,

I appreciate it.

I'm sorry.
Sorry you doubted me.

Hit the showers,

I knew you were ruthless,
but I didn't know

you were that ruthless,


♪ Even in spite
of our best intentions ♪

Come on.

♪ You can never be ready

♪ You can never be ready

Totally. Oop.

Watch your step.
Watch your step.

Okay, I definitely
cannot drive.

I'll get you an Uber.

No, it's okay.
I-I can get my own.

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

Or... Or we could share one.


Okay, I-I have a pact.

- Oh, yeah? Like a pinky promise?
- Mm-hmm.

- Ooh!
- Um yeah.

A-A pinky promise to a friend
that I won't sleep with anyone.

Well, is this friend
a boyfriend?

No, just a friend
who has my back.


And we... we've decided
to try celibacy.


Okay, well, then you really
shouldn't be kissing me

in a parking lot.

♪ You can never be ready

Okay, sorry. No.

I'm gonna...
I'm gonna stay strong.

As cute as you are.

But if you give me your number,
I mean, we...

When the pact is over,
I, you know...

Okay, why... why... why would
you kiss me in a parking lot

if you have this...
This "pact"?

Well, um,
because you're hot.

And I like you.

And you forced me
to have fun

when I was having
a really crappy night.

But, um, now
I got to get home.

Wow. Okay.

Yeah, alright.
It was fun hanging out.

Come on, Andy.
We were having a good time.

Come here.

And now it's time
to go home.

Why are you being
such a bitch?

Why are you being
such an ass?

- Come on, you can stop the game.
- What are you doing?

I'm not playing a game.
What are you doing?

I said get... Come on.

No. Stop it.